Chapter 28

Part 28
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Straight from the railway station at Oxford, we caught a cab to our hotel, our home for the next four weeks. We had one week’s rehearsal before a short three-week season then it would be off to Brighton for the Pantomime season.
Alex, Derek and I had booked the whole of the top floor, in return for an endorsement, along with a commercial for cinemas and the new commercial television stations, which had commenced in 1955. Bob my fantastic manager/agent did this deal and all we had to pay for was Ian and Roland’s room because we booked that after the deal was done. I told Derek not to mention that to our two friends and just make them believe they were included in the deal. Our meals were included so all we had to pay for was drinks. Our suite was the bridal one, which caused many jokes to fly around especially when Peter and Steve arrived the following week.
We also had a separate suite in which we could all congregate, even have our meals if we didn’t want to go down to the public dining room. Alex was also part of the deal and had his own suite on the same floor.
After we had settled in and unpacked we headed down the street to the Playhouse theatre for a look around, plus Derek had to check on the sets, make sure they had arrived and were what he ordered. You may remember that made my stage debut in a play was in this theatre with Alex Guinness.
I have always found I get a tremendous feeling of belonging whenever I walk into a theatre. It doesn’t matter if the theatre is empty or alive and buzzing with people I still get that strange feeling running through my body and I feel as if I am home, this is where I belong. It is difficult to put into words how I feel.
I mentioned this to Alex, who said he gets the same feelings,
“Acting is in your blood, it is something which comes naturally to you, me and others so that is why we feel like we do.”
Roland and I sat down quietly out of the way reading our scripts and refreshing our memories, while Derek and Ian sorted through the scenery and checked the props list to see if they had to get anything else for the play.
About an hour later, Alex arrived followed by the rest of the cast. He gathered us all around.
“Welcome to Oxford everyone and the most critical audiences you will have. For the rest of today I think we should all relax and take things easy, but I would like everyone here by nine am tomorrow for rehearsal. On Wednesday we will have a full dress rehearsal and hopefully we will be able to have Friday and the weekend off ready for opening night next Monday.” He paused to allow all that information to sink in.
“I have high hopes that we will do well in Oxford, I believe several performances are already sold out, which bodes well for the future, I anticipate that we are set for a long run in the west end and we will all be gainfully employed for at least a couple of years.”
This statement brought forth a round of applause and few cheers from the cast.
“I know some of you are not happy that there is a young relatively unknown actor as the lead in this play. Moreover, this play depends on how the lead actor performs as to how long the run will be. Believe me this play is tailor made for young Cliff and I know he will do it justice. I don’t want to hear any more disparaging remarks regarding Cliff, his ability and especially his sexual preferences. He is a brilliant actor and should be accepted and treated as one. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.”
Looking around I could see one or two of the older actors didn’t look too happy at Alex’ comments and walked away muttering among themselves, while Roland had his usual adoring look on his face.
I walked over to Alex thanking him for the kind words adding that didn’t he go just a little bit overboard.
“I don’t think so, all right I upset a couple of them but if they don’t play ball and accept you as the star then they can always be replaced.”
I accepted what he said as Roland and I wandered around back stage looking for our two boyfriends.
We found them in the prop room checking lists. In this play we use a lot of props like swords, glasses, bottles of wine and fancy handkerchiefs and lot of stuff like that and it was important to make sure everything was all there otherwise Derek will have to tour the antique and junk shops looking for what he needs.
I walked up to Derek, wrapping my arms around him kissing his neck and as he turned around, I found his lips.
“I love you babe.” I muttered before inserting my tongue past his beautiful lips. He immediately responded with his tongue while grabbing my buttocks and pulling me close to him so I could feel his solid erection. He began moving his body against mine. Just as we were getting carried away, we heard a discreet cough and turned around to find Roland and Ian along with Alex and a couple of other cast members watching us. Blushing deeply we both tried to cover up our bulges and not succeeding.
“Sorry, we didn’t realize we had an audience and got a bit carried away.”
Roland, Ian and Alex both burst out laughing but the other two stormed out in disgust.
“Maybe we should sell tickets for the show backstage instead of the play.” Alex remarked.
By now, our bodies had shrunk back to normal so we left the theatre and walked back to the hotel for dinner.
In our room on our own we did think about carrying on were we left off but it was too close to meal time so we had a quick shower with no fooling around, well maybe a little bit, then we dressed for dinner. The rest of the gang were already sat down when we arrived. The meal was good except for the interruptions when other diners requested autographs and pictures.
By the time, we got through that Alex and my meal was cold.
“Thank goodness the management have given us our own dining room upstairs; I don’t think we’ll be eating down here too often.”
Alex agreed with me. After the meal, we relaxed with brandy and coffee. Alex told me that a publicist would be here tomorrow and for the rest of the week. She would be arranging press and photo sessions for not only me but also, photos will be needed of the rest of the crew, ready to go to the printers on Thursday for the programs.
“I’m running late on this because I forgot, I should have had them done in London a couple of weeks ago.”
“You won’t want Ian and me will you?” Derek asked.
“Yes, as artistic director you get a mention in the program and also on the posters.”
At that news, Derek looked as pleased as punch quite thrilled that his name was also going up in lights so to speak as well as mine.
Not that he was jealous of my fame, far from it, but as he said to me later, it would make his mum happy.
We all decided that if I didn’t have any press or radio on Friday we would head to mums for the weekend that way we could bring the boys back with us.
“You’ll only get Friday off if all the rehearsals go well, so don’t forget that.”
Not long after that, we all headed upstairs to bed. As soon as our bedroom door closed, Derek began devouring my lips forcing my mouth open so he could use his tongue to its fullest advantage. Not that I was complaining, far from it.
Just as we began, undressing each other there was a knock on the door. Both of us cursed under our breaths, then making sure our clothing was in order we opened the door to find Roland and Ian wearing dressing gowns and big grins.
“Is this a private party or can anyone join in?”
Ian asked, as we opened the door to let them in. As soon as the door was closed and locked, they took off their gowns to show us what they were wearing underneath, nothing!
Both of them were hard and ready and while Ian began to undress Derek, something he’s been doing since about the age of eight, Roland worked on me and before long all four of us were naked and ready for anything.
“Oh my lord what a beautiful sight, Cliff you are fantastic with a body I’d die for and what a cock.”
No sooner had he said that my dick was in his mouth being devoured at an intense pace.
Derek and I were side by side while Roland and Ian went to work on cocks, which made it easy for us to turn our heads slightly so we could kiss each other and heighten our passion. Neither of us had found time recently for a lot of sex so we were both hot and ready to blow maybe just a bit too quick. I was the first to shoot a massive load down Roland’s throat, which he tried to swallow down, but there was too much and it came back out through his lips and began running down my cock. He quickly lapped it all up again not wanting to waste any. Meanwhile I felt my lovers tongue, which was deeply embedded in my mouth stiffen as he too shot a heavy load into Ian’s willing mouth.
Both of them continued sucking us dry until we went soft and plopped out of their mouths.
They got up from the crouching position they were in and right in front of us began making out with each other before Roland pulled Ian over to the bed getting into a sixty-nine position so they could both go to work on each other. It was as if we were no longer in the room, except the sight of these two got us both hard and ready once more.
I looked at Derek and it was as if he could read my mind because he moved over lying on the bed with his cock positioned close to Ian’s bum and me on the other side ready to impale Roland with my solid as a rock spear. Both boys adjusted themselves so we could enter. We didn’t need any lubrication because our cocks were moist and slick from the workout we just had, so we slowly entered into our two bed mates stretching them both as we slowly entered them.
They groaned in unison, before relaxing enough to enjoy the fucking they were getting, while sucking on each other’s cocks.
Because we had already shot one load, this time both Derek and I were able to go a lot longer enjoying every minute of the pummelling we were giving these two. Every so often, we would lean across and kiss proclaiming as well how much we loved each other.
It was almost as if there was just the two of us together with no else. In fact, the other two were just an extension to our lovemaking.
After about thirty minutes or so, we both began to feel our juices rising once more, proclaiming that we were cumming; we tensed up shooting into these two lovely bubble butt arses. The other two lovers tiring of sucking each other non-stop all that time also blew.
It felt great that all four of us came more or less at the same time.
Totally spent we collapsed on the bed, waiting for our heart rate to slow and our breathing to return to normal.
Roland was the first to speak,
“Wow that was fucking incredible.”
We all agreed to that statement. I suggested we relax and have a drink, so Ian raided the bar fridge opening a bottle of wine.
We sat around still naked drinking and chatting, until Roland came out with a statement which upset Derek and me,
“Derek, you and Ian look so good together and have known each other for such a long time, and you all know I love Cliff dearly, why don’t we swap over for a while, you go back to Ian while I have the man I truly love?”
I blew my top and Derek came over to sit next to me putting his arms around me to stop me hitting Roland, which is what I felt like doing.
Derek spoke up before I had the chance,
“Roland, when will you realize that Cliff and I are partners for life? When we exchanged rings it bonded us together and no matter what happens we will always be together just like a married couple ‘until death do us part’. I’m sure Cliff will agree with me that nothing will ever come between us, ok we had a romp with you two just now and it was great, but since we got together as one we have never been with anyone else without our partners and that is how it will be for ever.”
I had calmed down by now and continued the conversation,
“What about poor Ian? You came out with that wild suggestion not caring for the feelings of someone you are supposed to be in love with. Both Derek and I love Ian dearly, he is a good man who has grown up with Derek but as also been around and remained a true friend even when I came on the scene. That is no way to treat someone you profess to love.”
I could see Roland beginning to regret what he had said with tears appearing in his eyes and slowly running down his cheeks. Ian too looked very unhappy and sad, not knowing where he stood with someone he loved.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what made me say that, I do love you Ian dearly, but my love for Cliff often clouds my judgment. I beg all three of you to forgive me?”
Ian moved to his lover’s side, taking him in his arms,
“As I said once before I don’t mind being second fiddle to Cliff, but you hurt me deeply tonight with that suggestion. Derek and I do love each other but as brothers, not lovers. We have had our flings in the past and may have them in the future but it will always be with the other partner as well, and as far as I’m concerned it will always be the same between you and me.”
Ian pulled his lover up from the bed kissing him gently and lovingly, before he grabbed their dressing gowns, putting Roland’s on him before putting his own on and then gently guiding him out of the room.
We sat on the bed holding onto each other for quite a while, before kissing and then heading for the shower. Allowing the water to flow gently over us we held each other allowing the love to pass between us, cementing our relationship. I knew that nothing ever would come between us.
Later in bed Derek nuzzled up to me kissing my throat and neck saying,
“I hate to say this but you are going to have trouble with Roland, because of his deep love he has for you.”
I thought long and hard before replying.
“I don’t think he loves me as such has he does who I am the actor, the character, the one he would like to be. I firmly believe he thinks if he loves me he will become me the actor, the entertainer, it’s difficult to explain, but that is what I think.”
“You could be right my darling but he is still going to be a worry that you or should I say we will have to deal with from time to time. Maybe you should talk to Alex about replacing him.”
“No that would break his heart and let’s face it he’s just as good an actor as I am, he lacks the confidence at the moment which is why he is modelling himself on me and why he wants to become part of me. In time he will realize how good he is and then he will begin to go ahead in leaps and bounds making a name for himself as a star in his chosen profession.”
We kissed some more before drifting off to sleep.
Next morning at breakfast, served in our own private suite.
Alex was already eating and Ian was sitting moodily staring into a cup of coffee.
“Good morning, Cliff we have a little problem which I think only you can fix.”
“What’s that Alex?”
I replied feeling that something terrible was about to hit me.
“Roland informed me that he can’t stay in the play and is intending to quit.”
I looked at Ian and saw that he had tears in his eyes.
“Were is he now?” I asked,
Ian answered with a sob,
“In our room packing.” I got up from the table walking straight out, up the corridor to his and Ian’s room. I knocked and soft voice said come in.
I walked in to see Roland sat on the bed with all his clothes scattered around him. It was obvious that he had been crying by the red eyes and tear stained cheeks.
“What’s this I hear from Alex that you are leaving the play?”
He nodded his head not saying anything.
“And you’re throwing your career away just because you have the hots for the leading man?”
He didn’t answer just looked down at the bed.
I moved over sitting next to him putting my arm around his shoulders.
“Roland, you are a very talented actor with a great future ahead of you in this industry, please don’t throw it away because of one small indiscretion which you committed last night. I’m very fond of you Roland and want nothing more than to see your name up in lights in the west end and it will be one day, believe me. I would like to be one of the people who helped you get up there, because I have faith in your ability. Both Derek and I love you dearly, not in a sexual way but as a friend and fellow homosexual, yes I pointed that bit out because we have to help each other on our journey through life. At the moment we are classed as social misfits, outcasts call us whatever you like. If you let us we can help you and be close friends, but I can never be your lover. I’m sorry but I love only Derek. In addition what about Ian? You caught him on the rebound after another one he loved was taken away from him by the royal system. We know that he has fallen for you in a big way and I just left him in the dining room looking as if his world was coming to an end for the second time in as many months. He doesn’t deserve the treatment you are giving him.
Now I am going to have my breakfast and then get ready for rehearsals. I’ll suggest to Ian that he comes in here to talk to you and then Alex and I will see you at the theatre, all right?”
He nodded putting his arms around my neck sobbing into my chest apologizing repeatedly.
I kissed him lightly on the lips telling him that no one will say any more about what happened last night and this morning.
I went back to our dining room leaning over the back of Derek’s chair giving him a big kiss, before quietly suggesting to Ian that he go to his lover.
Alex looked up and said,
“Yes all sorted.” I replied.
Over bacon and eggs, I explained to Derek what took place in the bedroom and he kissed me gently on the cheek whispering,
“Thank you darling, I love you.”
After breakfast we walked through the streets of Oxford to the theatre because it was a bright sunny day, a bit on the chilly side because of course winter was upon us. Anyway, the cold chill cleared our heads and made me ready for rehearsals. I think I have mentioned before this part for me is very demanding because during the two hours and fifteen minutes the play takes, I am on stage for all that time except eight minutes.
The rest of the cast and crew were already there when we arrived and Derek headed off to organize the sets and props while we all gathered around Alex. Just as he was, about to start Roland and Ian arrived apologizing for being late, with Ian heading off backstage to his job and Roland finding a seat next to me. Alex went into more detail about what was happening before we settled down for a verbal run through while the stage was being set. Unlike previous read throughs, this time Alex continually stopped us, pointing out how he wanted different lines said and so on, therefore the reading took about four hours by which time we were all getting weary and making more mistakes than we should so Alex called it a day. He told us that tomorrow would be the first walk through on the stage. Today Roland read his own small part but Alex told him that either Wednesday or Thursday during the full dress rehearsals he wanted him to take my part and I would take his.
While the others headed off for the day, I had a meeting with our publicity lady, who went by the name of Jacky. A big bouncy middle-aged woman with a lot of enthusiasm for her job.
We sat down going over my bio, before she handed me a schedule for my press. Radio and television interviews and of course a photo session, which was for eight, am the next day.
When she had finished with me it was Alex turn and she didn’t need quite as much from him because he already had an up-to-date bio and pictures.
Derek and Ian were also still working on the sets and props so Roland just sat around waiting for the rest of us to finish.
We all walked back towards the hotel for dinner, until I had a thought,
“Remember that great fish and chip shop when I was in Oxford before, I wonder if there open?”
Derek replied, “I hope so I fancy something different from hotel food, and I wonder if we’ll meet anyone we’ll know?”
“That’s right we met a couple of university guys the last time, but they’ll all be away for the Christmas holidays by now. I can’t remember their names can you?”
“No but I’m sure they will come to us. Those two were so much in love and great company.”
I explained to the other two so they would know what we were talking about.
We found the shop and it was open so we ordered cod and chips and because it was so cold, we sat at the tables inside and ate them out of paper like we used to.
Both Ian and Roland remarked that they were some of the best fish and chips they had ever tasted.
Back at the hotel, I suggested we have a drink at the bar, but being the only drinker in the group Derek took my hand guiding me upstairs to our room.
We said goodnight to the other two before heading for our room and a hot shower. We washed each other and fooled around a bit and after drying each other off headed for our bed. Both of us were tired but I needed a nightcap and raided the bar fridge. Sipping on a gin and tonic Derek came over and hugged me saying,
“I wish you didn’t drink darling but I know you need it sometimes to settle yourself down, it’s just that I’m worried you might start drinking just a bit too much.”
I felt my temper rising that he should question me on this but then realized he was only thinking of me and my health.”
“I’m sorry lover if I upset you with my drinking but there are times when I feel I need something to steady me up and this is far better than any drugs or pills the doctor might give me.”
Derek kissed me long and deep before continuing the conversation,
“I was thinking being here in Oxford and then Brighton maybe we should see about taking our drivers test and getting a car?”
“It might not be a bad idea, I get a bit tired hanging around waiting for taxis especially out of London were there aren’t as many available. Do you think we’ll have time to go get our learners permits this week and then maybe try and take our test before we leave Oxford?”
I agreed that would be a good idea. We kissed and cuddled some more before turning off the light and falling into a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.
Because I had an early photo shoot I was up, dressed before Derek, and had almost finished breakfast when he came into the dining room.
We kissed agreeing to meet up later at the theatre before I headed off to meet Jackie and the photographer.
They were waiting outside the theatre and she suggested a local park would be ideal for the pictures. For the next thirty minutes or so, I posed in a variety of positions attracting a bit of a crowd, who also took their own pictures. Alex arrived and we had several pictures taken of the two of us together before Jackie said she was finished with me but later this afternoon I had a series of interviews with the media. Before I could leave the park, I had to pose again with members of the public and sign autographs. I was still finding this task embarrassing, after all who wanted my signature?
A quick dash back to the theatre for a costume fitting and then dress rehearsal, which went very well I thought. Alex arrived back just as we were ready to start the play and he let us go all the way through without any interruptions but I noticed him making a lot of notes. This was also a testing time for Derek and Ian who had to make sure the sets changed smoothly and all the props were in place. It was after two by the time we had finished and Alex called us all together to go through what we did right and wrong.
He appeared to be very pleased with the way things went and I felt comfortable with my part.
No sooner, had he finished and I was in my dressing room getting changed when Jackie walked in telling me I had three minutes before my first interview.
One after another, journalists and radio presenters interviewed me and it was almost seven before we had finished and I was exhausted.
Derek and Ian had left about an hour earlier and I asked Derek to order dinner for me and tell them I’d be late.
Derek was still in our private dining room waiting for me and we ate together. He told me that they had a few teething problems with the sets and props so he would be going in tomorrow at about seven to sort things out before we had the next dress rehearsal.
“Jackie wants me at the local TV studio at eight anyway to make a couple of commercials one for the play and the one for the hotel.”
“I’m not sure Cliff when we’re going to get our learners permits. The way we’re going we’ll be flat out getting home this weekend.”
We headed straight for a shower and bed before falling asleep with yet another quick kiss and cuddle. To go more than two days without any sex was very unusual for the pair of us, which Derek pointed out to me early next morning when we overslept and had to dash like crazy get ready, gulp a quick breakfast down and head out.
Jackie was waiting in reception to take me to the studio so I asked if she could give Derek and Ian, who came rushing down just as we were leaving, a lift to the theatre.
A quick kiss and a see you later was all we had time for.
Believe me when I tell you making commercials no matter what for are boring and tedious. While they set up shots and adjust lighting and so on, you have to stand there and not move.
After an hour of not getting very far, Jackie came in with a welcome cup of coffee. Finally, after three hours both commercials were in the can as they say, and we dashed back to the theatre.
Today Roland was standing in for me and I would read his part. I didn’t need to get into costume, which was a relief.
Roland played my part brilliantly and I thought he was just as good as I was, but Alex had a fairly long list when he had finished.
When he had spoken at length to Roland, he called the rest of us around him telling us that he still wasn’t hundred per cent happy and called for a rehearsal early tomorrow, Friday. We all groaned hoping to get a full weekend off.
“If we start at eight am we should be through by lunch time giving us all ample time to go wherever we are going.”
One could tell that all of us were very tired, but the thought of the weekend spurred us on.
We all had an early night and still no sex between my lover and I.
“If your little soldier is as tired as mine is then it will be a couple of days before he recovers.”
I laughed at the way he put it but sadly had to agree with him.
We got up at six the next morning and at the theatre by seven to get into costume so we were ready by eight for the run through. Everyone was on time and I finally had a couple of spare minutes to ask Roland how he was going.
“Good, but Alex was very critical of my performance yesterday.”
“I don’t think it was criticism as such just thoughts on how you could play the part a bit better. Listen and learn because he is the master. Take is advice and you’ll do very well in this industry.”
He leaned over kissed me on the cheek-saying thank you.
“Does this mean you’ve got over me?” I asked
“I’ll never get over you Cliff, but now I realize that what I wish for can never be and I really do love Ian he is so kind and gentle.”
We left it at that as we made our way on stage for the final rehearsal before opening night.
All went well. Even Derek and Ian were satisfied with their part of proceedings.
Alex congratulated us all telling us to be back for a quick run through Monday morning before opening night.
Everyone dashed out of the theatre. We headed for the hotel to pick up a suitcase before racing to the station.
We hadn’t spoken to Ian and Roland on their weekend plans so we were surprised to see them rush into the station and onto our train.
“We decided that we’d go see mum and dad this weekend because we might not get up there again for a few weeks.” Ian told us,
“Over Christmas I’m taking Ian home to meet my folks.” Roland explained.
We had to change trains on the way but didn’t have long to wait for our connection, in the compartment snuggling up to Derek I said,
“I don’t know about you but I’ve missed the boys terribly, it will be good to see them again.”
Derek agreed with me then shot upright in his seat.
“Do you know what we’ve forgot?” I said I had no idea.
“We’re supposed to helping your mum move to Worthing this weekend so we won’t have time to relax it will be go, go, go.”
Groaning at the thought, I had to agree with him.
We parted from the other two at the station making out way to Steve’s parents place. No one knew when we would be home so everyone was surprised when we knocked on the door. Both boys hugged and kissed us saying how much they missed us.
We took the boys after dinner to mum’s and she too was thrilled to see the boys. She had been busy and had a lot of stuff packed. She told us that one of my sister’s boyfriends had a truck and would be coming round early tomorrow to load up and take her furniture and stuff to Worthing.
Mum looked much better; I think the thought of living close to her mother was making her feel happier in herself.
Because we would be working pretty hard next day, we had an early night. It was strange sleeping in a room with just a bed in it due to everything else being packed away.
It had been three days since Derek, and me I had made love, and as soon as were naked, we started to make up for lost time. Our lovemaking began in the shower and finally ended in bed about two
hours later.
We were wakened very early by mum knocking on the door and we noticed it was barely light outside. We dressed had a quick breakfast with the boys just before my sisters and their boyfriends arrived. After introductions, all round along with a request for an autograph for a younger sister we started to load up the van. Once just about everything was out of the cottage we went for a final look around. The only stuff left was some things belonging to Derek and myself that were being picked up and put into storage on Monday. Several neighbours and the local vicar called by to say goodbye to mum and a few tears and promises to keep in touch followed until finally it was time to go and then we suddenly realized we didn’t have any transport Mum was going with my two sisters in one small car while the guys went in the van.
Mum was panicking that we were being left in the lurch, but I told her not to worry, we’d hire a car and driver. Once again, she got in a flap about the cost but finally they set off and I called one of the companies we use when we’re in town and within ten minutes, we were on our way to Worthing.
The trip took about two hours and we arrived about the same time as mum and my sisters so we took them out to lunch. We’d just finished lunch when we saw the van drive down the street so off we went to unload the van. I had called the agent mum was renting from a few weeks earlier and arrange for them to meet me, so I could pay a year’s rent in advance.
It didn’t take long for everything to be unloaded and set up. The girls and their boyfriends were staying the night so we decided to head straight back to spend the night with Derek’s folks.
Of course, mum cried when we presented her with the receipt for twelve months rent. Kissing her goodbye and promising to meet her in Brighton just after Christmas we left for the long trip back.
It didn’t take long for all four of us to fall asleep and we didn’t wake again until we arrived at Derek’s parents place.
Naturally, they were surprised to see us because we didn’t let them know we were coming so we went out to our favourite steak house for a late dinner.
I think everyone slept soundly that night and tomorrow being Sunday we all slept in, finally getting out of bed in time for lunch.
We headed off to catch a train back to Oxford at about three and surprise, surprise we once again caught up with Ian and Roland also travelling back. It was quite late in the evening when we got back into Oxford, but managed to persuade the hotel kitchen to fix us up with a snack.
The boys were very excited with their suite, which was next to ours, because they were expecting a small hotel room and not much more, but not the luxury they had.
“You boys need to understand that you must be on your best behaviour all the time you are not in your room. What happens behind that door I prefer not to know.” I added with a grin.
“Yes dad don’t worry about us, we’ll be good we promise.”
Peter said with a big cheeky grin on his face. I explained what was happening tomorrow inviting them to join us for rehearsal and then be back for the big opening night.
That evening lying next to my lover in bed I said,
“Well this time tomorrow we’ll know if we are in full employment for a few years or on the streets.”
“I don’t think we have to worry love.” He replied as he kissed me goodnight.
To be continued.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Busy times ahead for our heroes and hopefully all will go smoothly.
Please let me know how I’m doing and what you think of the new site with the pictures. I’m not a hundred per cent happy yet so some of the pictures might change.. Anyway enjoy and next Wednesday another chapter about Michael and Robert will be posted. Don’t forget Jacobs stories as well. It’s all go these days and I hope it’s worth it.
Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy