Chapter 29

Part 29
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story is not to be published, or reprinted, without the express permission of the author.

I was awakened by a soft kiss on the lips. I opened my eyes to see my lover leaning over me,
“Good morning darling, do you know I love you?”
“I did hear a rumour to that effect.”
I replied grinning and then returning the kiss. Our passion became more insistent as our lips parted allowing our tongues to meld together in our mouths. By know we were both rigid and ready so Derek slowly moved down my body kissing and nipping my skin on the way down. He continued until we were in the sixty-nine position poised ready to take each other’s hot cock into our mouths. In tandem, we began licking up and down the shaft before slowly going down on each other. Our ministrations became more and more intense so that it didn’t take long for our juices to rise and flow filling our mouths dribbling down our throats until at last we went soft.
Laughing Derek said,
“Is that what they call an intense quickie?”
“Something like that but it will have to do because we have a busy day ahead and not a lot of time before it starts.
After a quick shower together, we dressed and headed for our private dining room and breakfast.
I was feeling a bit apprehensive so only had a light meal. I have found before a big important performance I can’t eat much.
The rest of the gang were already there tucking in except for Alex who also only had a glass of orange juice, some fruit and a cup of coffee.
“Nerves getting to you as well Alex?” I asked.
“Yes, I do get a bit on edge especially when a lot of my money is tied up in it as well.”
Just then, Bob my manager/agent and his secretary Shirley arrived. After introductions and handshakes all round he said,
“I wish I hadn’t booked you into that Pantomime now Cliff, I have so much work for you and the play is already selling in the west end before we’ve opened here. We could have started weeks earlier, because the theatre is available. I tried to get out of the contract but they won’t budge.”
That’s Bob all over straight into business no hello how are you and so on.
“Did Alex tell you the three weeks here are almost totally sold out just a few matinee seats left and that’s before the critics put the boot in.”
All this talk was making me even more nervous, thinking that all these people are spending money to come and see me. I always begin to doubt my own ability about this time.
Derek took hold of my hand gently squeezing it whispering,
“Don’t worry you are going to be sensational.”
Peter, my adopted son sitting on the other side of me grabbed my other hand saying more or less the same things.
Alex looked at his watch and said,
“Come on its time we got going if we want to have a full run through followed by a bit of a rest.”
We all trooped downstairs to be met by our publicity agent, Jackie.
“Cliff before you rush off can we very quickly drop by the local radio station for one more quick chat on air about tonight?”
I groaned but agreed, kissed my lover goodbye and heading off in her car.
The interview was boring but we got through it pretty quick and then it was back to the theatre for a full dress rehearsal.
Everyone was just about ready so I had to rush my makeup and get dressed far too quickly with nowhere near enough time to compose myself. I only caught a quick glimpse of Derek as he dashed about getting the set and props ready. He came dashing in gave me a quick peck on the lips saying break a leg before he was off again.
Once the curtain went up, I could see Peter and Steve sitting about halfway back in the stalls right bang in the middle.
Then we were off. I tried to make it as near perfect as it would be tonight, even if it took a lot physically and mentally out of me. Every show should be great was my motto and I tried to stick to it.
The rest of the cast also worked well and as soon as the curtain went down, I collapsed into a chair.
Derek and Ian came over to congratulate me and I thanked them reminding them that it all depends on what the lord and Master, Alex thinks.
The curtain went up and he called us all down to the stalls to sit down I looked up to see Peter and Steve giving me the thumbs up and grinning like mad.
Alex had written copious notes and he started,
“Firstly, congratulations Cliff if you perform like that every night we are on a winner, I always knew Bob and I made the right choice for the lead role when we picked you. Your performance was absolutely brilliant.”
He began to applaud and the rest of the crew joined in some of them a bit reluctantly.
He then went through his notes nothing dramatically wrong or critical; he suggested a few prop and set changes, which Derek didn’t argue over realizing that Alex was right. We had finished by lunchtime and I headed down to my dressing room to change while Derek and Ian made the changes.
No sooner had I sat down to take off my make-up when Peter and Steve walked in.
“It’s customary to knock.”
“We know dad but thought if we barged in we might find you in the nude and have a perve.”
Both of them laughed loudly at that remark.
“Cheeky buggers.”
Peter got serious saying,
“Yes son.”
“You were absolutely brilliant, you are so talented, far more than I ever imagined.”
He leant down giving me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
“You really are the star of this show, no doubt about it. This play wouldn’t get off the ground without you playing the lead.”
“Roland is just as good as I am playing the lead you wait and see.”
I sent them off to see how long Derek was going to be so I could get changed without any rude or smart remarks.
Walking back on stage, I saw everyone waiting for me and we headed back to the hotel for lunch.
After a very light lunch Derek and I headed back to our room, locking the door and drawing the curtains closed, not for a sexy romp either but to just lie back in each other’s arms and rest.
Nothing was said we just drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up again until Ian knocked on the door telling us it was time to get ready.
We showered separately which was a rarity and Derek left me alone to my own thoughts, knowing that I needed to prepare myself mentally for tonight’s performance.
Neither ate anything, just a cup of coffee, I think we would both have been sick if we ate. Derek told me that he too was feeling very nervous because this was the first time he would be featured prominently in the program as the artistic director. We all decided to walk to the theatre; while it was cold, it was also a beautiful evening. Unbeknown to me Peter and Steve had hired dress suits for the evening and they looked splendid in white shirts black bow ties and perfectly tailored jackets and trousers, along with shiny black patent leather shoes.
Derek whispered to me as we strolled along,
“It makes one proud to be their parents doesn’t it?”
I nodded being too choked up with emotion to speak.
We all stopped walking looking across the street at the theatre with my name up in lights and once again, I got emotional. Derek put his arm around me guiding me across the street down the alleyway to the stage door.
He kissed me at the top of the stairs on the way down to my dressing room, because he had some last minute checking to do and I slowly walked down with Peter and Steve behind me. I opened the dressing room door to find it filled with beautiful bouquets of flowers. This is a theatrical tradition but I never imagined there would be so many. I stood in the middle of the room in a daze when there was a knock on the door and the stage door keeper came in with more.
Meanwhile the boys did the rounds reading all the cards from well-wishers.
There were flowers from my mum and sisters, Derek and Steve’s parents along with Ian’s. From our local police station would you believe, of course Alex and Bob, even Arthur Askey my dear old friend we helped me get started. My old headmaster Mr Garth, a gigantic bunch of roses from my old girlfriend Gwen and her husband saying that they would catch up next year in the west end. The list was endless. I noticed a single red rose in a vase and the card read,
‘To my darling partner, the most talented man in the world. I love you and will do forever. Derek’.
That did it the tears began falling and the boys did the right thing by not saying anything. Finally, they said they would leave me to get ready, telling me to break a leg.
I finished looking at the flowers spotting a couple sitting in the corner that I hadn’t seen, one was from my old music teacher and his partner John Waddington and Bruce and the other was from Michael, Robert and the three boys.
I began to undress slipping on a robe before putting on my make-up. Being a French period play the make-up was put on pretty thick. I then slowly started to get dressed before sitting quietly for about fifteen minutes with my eyes closed completely clearing my mind of everything except the character I was going to play.
A knock came on the door and a voice said,” five minutes to curtain up Mr Steele”.
I got up checking my costume in the full-length mirror before climbing the stairs to the stage.
Everyone was telling everyone else to break a leg. Alex came up to hug me saying go out there and slay them or words to that effect.
I got into position in the wings to wait for the curtain to go up, so I could make my grand entrance and then we were on the way.
The performance itself was a blur, as I became not Cliff Steele but my character. During the interval, Cliff and Ian came down to the dressing room briefly kissing me assuring me that I was going great.
Finally, the curtain came down and we got ready for our curtain calls. I couldn’t believe the encores and standing ovation we got from an audience consisting mainly of critics and free loaders. I counted twelve curtain calls for me alone and in the end, I shouted in the wings to Derek, “That’s it no more.”
Everyone including the unfriendly ones shook my hand or gave me a hug, while Derek stood back looking like the proud spouse. Peter was in tears when he finally made it up to me,
“I love you so much dad that was incredible, you are so talented.”
I finally made it to my dressing room which became crowded with people half of which I had no idea who they were. Someone put a glass of champagne into my hand and then another and so on.
Finally, Derek pushed everyone out until there were only us and the two boys. My lover and I hugged and kissed until a discreet cough reminded us that the boys were in the room.
“How about you boys make your way back to the hotel for the party? Which Alex and Bob have organized, while I get ready?”
With sly grins on their faces, they agreed and left.
Derek held me close and we stayed like that for a while not doing anything sexy just being close to each other.
Finally, I broke free and started to take off my costume and then my make-up. Once I was dressed, we headed towards the stage door.
The doorkeeper congratulated me and I asked him if he could take all the flowers out except for the special ones on my dressing table and arrange for them to go to the local hospital.
“I think my boys took all the cards off but just check and make sure please.”
He nodded telling me not to worry; I slipped a five-pound note into his hand, which made his face light up. We left the theatre heading for the hotel.
The hotel ballroom had been taken over by Alex and Bob and as we walked in, we were greeted by tumultuous applause. A small band was set up and they broke into ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’.
Once again, a glass of champagne was placed in my hand as Derek and I walked around the room hand in hand being greeted as long lost friends by people I had never met.
Ian and Roland came up kissing us both, then I noticed Peter and Steve with champagne glasses in their hands so we walked over to them,
“No more of that stuff boys, understand?”
“Yes dad we just wanted to drink a toast to you like everyone else.”
They hugged me before Bob pulled me away to meet somebody else.
It was all a whirl and I could feel myself getting drunk and being just a bit too loud. A couple of times Derek came up whispering in my ear to go easy and not drink anymore but I just shrugged him off.
The night wore on and Derek stayed close to me as always, not drinking, finally he came up to me and said,
“Come on darling I think we’d better go you’re a bit under the weather.”
“Why don’t you fuck off and leave me alone.”
I whirled around saying those words and the minute I’d said them I knew I’d done wrong. Derek with tears forming in his eyes turned around and walked away. I was going to follow him when someone grabbed me wanting to talk. After getting rid of him I looked around and couldn’t see Derek anywhere.
Peter came up to and whispered,
“I think you’d better leave dad and go talk to your partner, before you do any more damage to your relationship.”
I put my glass down heading for the door with several people trying to stop me to talk but I brushed them aside stumbling out into the elevator up to our room.
I quietly opened the door to find my lover lying on the bed sobbing into the pillow.
I thought oh my God what have I done.
I moved over to the bed and just stood there not knowing what to do or say, finally,
“My darling Derek I’m so sorry, so very sorry, I love you dearly and never ever intended to hurt or upset you.”
I got onto the bed next to him putting my arm around him at the same time I began kissing the nape of his neck.
“I’m so sorry Derek, I should never have said what I did, I love you too much to say something stupid like that please forgive me baby.”
I rambled on and on until Derek turned to face looking so sad and upset.
“That was the most hurtful thing you could ever say to me. I love you and try to protect you and that is the way you treat me.”
“Oh darling I’ll do anything you ask to keep your love please forgive me.”
I was sobbing uncontrollably by now tears streaming down my cheeks.
Derek reached up to wipe away the tears,
“Please Cliff promise me that you will never speak to me like that again, you have no idea how much you hurt me, I thought my heart was going to break.”
We held each other tight neither of us wanting to let go.
Gradually we both stopped crying and dried each other’s tears.
“Do realize Cliff this is the first big break up we’ve ever had?”
“Yes, and I hope it will be the last.”
We hugged and kissed some more before I continued,
“I was so wound up after the performance, I got so high on the applause and then all the champagne that followed, plus neither of us have eaten today I just lost it and I’m truly sorry my darling.”
Derek suggested that we go find something to eat even though it was now about two am in the morning and the party was still in full swing downstairs.
We headed down the corridor for our private dining room not wanting to go back to the party downstairs.
We found not only some food laid out for us to eat in private but Peter, Steve, Ian and Roland sitting around drinking coffee and chatting.
All four looked anxious as we walked but smiled when they noticed that we were holding hands.
“I’m sorry guys for my behaviour downstairs before, but the drink and lack of food was my downfall, and I’m the luckiest man in the world because I have a kind forgiving partner.”
I turned around facing Derek giving him a gentle loving kiss on the lips.
“Thank goodness that’s sorted.” Peter said as we joined them for coffee and sandwiches.
It was about three in the morning when we finally all decided to go to bed. It sounded like the festivities downstairs were finishing and people were going home or to wherever their beds were.
In our own room, we decided we’d both better have a shower because we reeked of perspiration and greasepaint.
In the shower we clung to each other allowing the hot water to pour over us bringing us back to earth.
After drying each other off we got into bed making out for a while before going into a deep sleep.
It was about eight thirty when a banging on the door woke us up and startled we woke up wondering what was happening. It was Alex yelling for us to get up and read what the critics had to say.
We told him we’d be there in a minute as we slowly came back to earth.
We got out of bed threw on some clothes and a dressing gown before making our way to our dining room.
The whole gang we’re sat at the table with newspapers spread everywhere. Peter spoke first,
“Dads listen to this, Congratulations to Alex Guinness for discovering Cliff Steele and having the good sense to star him in what is bound to be the play of the year. Mr Steele is a great actor and that’s an understatement he is destined for stardom and this play is on its way to break all records in Oxford and later the West End.”
Someone else then spoke up and continued the story out of another newspaper. The accolades were endless and humbling.
Alex said,
“The phones have been ringing all morning with congratulations, so much so that we have Jackie downstairs vetting them.”
Just then, a waiter walked up to tell me that my mother was on the phone.
When I answered she was crying tears of happiness for me, I too started to well up so I put Derek on. The next personal call was from Derek’s mum and dad once again congratulating us on the play.
That was our morning as all our relatives and friends called to congratulate us.

Just before lunch Bob stormed in saying,
“We’ve changed theatres in London, The Mermaid is just a bit too far from the west end so we are now going into the Garrick Theatre which is also a bit bigger, we can get an extra hundred or so in for each performance.”

We all took the news in but didn’t rave on like Bob did, after all one theatres much the same as another.

Derek wasn’t too pleased about the change because the Mermaid had a very deep stage and his sets were designed for it, so he would have to do a bit of changing around and make some alterations.

We wandered back to our room to change into some more presentable clothing before heading back for lunch. After lunch, we decided to take a walk because it was a bright sunny winter’s day. We needed overcoats but that was all. Peter and Steve joined us, while Ian and Roland decided to go back to their room for a rest.
Peter as always made some smart remark and both of them blushed so everyone knew what they were up to.
We strolled past some of the colleges remarking that Peter would be studying in one those before too long.
I reminded him that we had to make an appointment to meet some professor which is headmaster had arranged. He would be able to tell us a bit more about this special exam that Peter could take which would get him into university earlier.
We strolled by the river finding this very café with tables and chairs set up on the riverbank. While it was too cold to sit outside, we chose a table near the window so we could admire the view see the swans gracefully swimming by and the ducks preening themselves on the bank.
The waitress smiled, taking our order and I could see her chatting and pointing us out to the other staff.
When she brought out our order of coffee and scones, she had an autograph book that she asked me to sign. With a smile, I obliged, then several patrons in the café came up asking for autographs and photos taken and so on, which I agreed with a smile although I wished they would go away because my coffee was getting cold. The waitress must have realized this because she brought me a fresh cup when everything had settled down.
Peter said,
“That’s going to take some getting used to dad isn’t it?”
“Yes son but it’s all part of the job I’m afraid.”
We stayed their just a bit too long and had to rush back to the hotel for a light evening meal before heading to the theatre.
When we arrived we noticed that Alex had everyone assembled on stage and wondered what was happening.
“Now that you’re all here I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we are doing an extra week here in Oxford, which brings me to the bad news because that will take us right up to Christmas Eve. Cliff on the Wednesday of that fourth week you have to travel down to Brighton for a pantomime rehearsal so Roland you will be playing Cliff’s part for the matinee and the evening performance.”
I groaned whispering to Derek, that means no Christmas at home for us. He nodded before suggesting that we book extra days at the hotel in Brighton and spend Christmas day there, because the Panto opens on Boxing Day.
I would have loved a bit of a break but wasn’t going to get it.
I headed to my dressing room to get ready with Peter and Steve in tow. They had their own seats for every performance but I was sure they would get tired of seeing the play day after day.
I got changed and did my makeup with no smart remarks from the boys who then excused themselves so I could get ready in my mind for tonight.
Once again, the play went off extremely well with the usual curtain calls and standing ovation. I had told Derek that after ten curtain calls he was to bring the curtain down and leave it down. Several minor players complained after the show that we could have taken more calls but I stopped them. Alex agreed with me telling those concerned the best way to get on in this business was to always leave them wanting more.
At least there was no party tonight although quite a few VIP’s did make it into my dressing room and it took about an hour to get rid of them. Alex explained that these people were important for various reasons so we should be nice and polite to them.
Back at the hotel, supper was waiting for us in the dining room and a few drinks, but tonight I only had a couple just to settle me down, plus I had food with them.
Not long after we had eaten we all headed off towards our bedrooms. We kissed the boys goodnight and at the same time I said,
Surely you boys are getting tired of seeing the play by now?”
“No dad, we just love watching you perform and I don’t know if you do it on purpose or not but quite often tonight you ad-libbed making this up and you put some of the others off their words.”
Grinning I said,
“I know I love doing that, I always did it at school didn’t I Derek? It just makes the performance more interesting and stops me getting bored. They’ll get used to it after a while. I learnt that from Arthur Askey when he was doing his radio show.”
The boys laughed understanding now what I was up to,
“We thought you might have forgotten your lines and making it up.”
I grinned, winked at them saying,
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”
We kissed them both good night heading for our own bedroom.
I could see Derek was looking a bit weary but I was still on a high from that evenings show. After we’d undressed and got into the shower I began making out with him which soon got us both very hard and ready, but we didn’t get into anything heavy just washed each other including all the vital parts which are dear to our hearts, before drying each other off and getting into bed.
I whispered to my lover,
“I know your tired so you just lay there relax and let me do all the work tonight.”
He smiled nodding his head in agreement, as I moved down his body kissing, nipping and licking until I reached his private parts of which don’t forget I had part ownership.
I took his hot dick deep into my throat getting him hot and ready before moving my tongue further down to his pink rosebud, which I began to tease pushing my tongue each time further and further in until I reached his prostrate. Moaning softly Derek asked for my cock and I obliged slowly entering him and pushing gently all the way, until I was fully immersed inside my lover. I began to slowly make love to him trying my hardest to satisfy him fully along with myself of course.
After about thirty minutes of gentle pushing and shoving, I increased the tempo so I could fill him with my baby making juice.
As I became limp, I moved to his side as he turned and kissed me he said,
“I wish more than anything else in the world that I could have your baby.”
“Darling that would be wonderful but I’m afraid we will have to be content with Peter.”
He smiled saying,
“And he’s a wonderful too, I love him so much, but he’s not our flesh and blood.”
While we agreed on that fact, we also agreed we would never ever swop him for anything in the world.
Next morning over breakfast, I suggested to Derek that we go to the local driver’s licence testing centre and see about taking our tests or at least getting a learners permit.
We caused quite a stir when we arrived because my face was becoming well known around the town so we didn’t have to join the queue, and our learners permits were issued on the spot. The lady looking after us of course asked for my autograph and then said,
“Would you like to book for your driving test straight away?”
I looked at Derek and he shrugged his shoulders,
“We haven’t done much driving but I suppose we could.”
“We can fit you in a week from today at ten am if that’s all right with you two.”
We agreed, then she gave us the contact details for a driving school, which she said, was the best in Oxford. It transpired later that her husband ran the school.
We said ok and she rang him there and then making an appointment for the next morning for a lesson.
Back at the hotel I said to Derek,
“I have a feeling this drivers test thing is rigged.”
He nodded in agreement saying,
“I’d say by this time next week we’ll have our licences.”
We spent the rest of the day resting up, but before going back to our room I phoned Peter’s headmasters contact at the university making an appointment for us to see him in a couple of days’ time.
Once again that evening the play went off very well to a packed house followed by our ten curtain calls.
No well-wishers or important people came into my dressing room so we were back at the hotel for supper nice and early. I was getting into the routine of just having a light snack before going to the theatre and a more substantial meal afterwards.
Mind you, we were still exhausted by the time we went to bed and slept soundly in each other’s arms.
Next morning after breakfast, we went downstairs to be met by our driving instructor, Ron.
The first hour I drove with Ron taking us into heavy traffic, steep hill starts kerbside parking and that sort of thing before Derek took the wheel for the next hour.
When we got back to the hotel he told us we did very well suggesting that we have another lesson just before our test next week and we should be ok. We should have realized something was up because when he said that he gave us a sly wink.
After a quick light lunch, it was off to the theatre because we had a matinee today plus the evening performance. Matinee audiences are usually made up of the ‘blue rinse set’, dear elderly ladies who are a most endearing audience who love young actors.
When we left by the stage door that afternoon there was about twenty of these dear ladies waiting patiently for autographs and pictures. Jackie our publicist had hundreds of postcard size pictures printed of Alex and myself to give away to our ‘adoring ‘public.
Once we could get away, it was back to the hotel for a quick sleep before heading back for the evening performance.
I think the boys were getting a bit bored finally of the play and I suggested they might enjoy a trip to the movies while at the same time warning them to be very careful and no making out in the dark just in case.
They assured me they would, arranging to meet us at the theatre afterwards.
The evening performance was a repeat of all our previous ones except I was exhausted after having a driving lesson and two shows.
Instead of walking back to the hotel, which we have been, doing Derek organized a taxi for us, which I was thankful for. After supper, it was straight into bed I didn’t even have a shower just thankful to fall into bed and a deep sleep. It was midmorning before Derek and I woke and I felt quite refreshed after a shower and sex with my wonderful lover. I won’t go into the gory details except to say it was great.
Over lunch we commandeered the phone calling my mother first, explaining that we wouldn’t be home before Christmas as planned, but would celebrate New Year with her in Brighton. Derek called his parent’s with the same news, followed by Ian and Roland and finally Steve’s parents. It looks like while we missed out on Christmas we would all be together including Roland’s folks as well for the New Year.
That night after the show we had a big surprise because unbeknown to Derek, Ian, Roland and myself the boys had sneaked off during the interval and came back with fish and chips from our favourite shop, which we devoured while sitting around in my dressing room.
The doorkeeper came along doing his rounds wondering what was happening so we invited him to join us because we had plenty. This along with the big tip I gave him on opening night made his happy to do anything for us that he could.
The following morning we had to be up a little bit earlier because we had an appointment with the professor at the university.
A gatekeeper welcomed us and led us through a maze of corridors and up and down endless flights of stairs before he knocked on a large oak door. A voice told us to enter so in we trooped. We left Steve back at the hotel because he had no plans to go to Oxford when he finished school and of course, he would be a few years behind Peter anyway.
We had letters of recommendation from his school plus the results of his exams and IQ test. Which this elderly gentleman read from cover to cover taking ages to do so. He wore thick-lensed glasses but still held the papers close to his face. I remarked afterwards that the suit and ties he wore looked to be as old as he was.
A couple of times he was heard to mutter, well done, goodness me but finished up with an oh dear.
When he had finished he put down the papers spent another five minutes polishing his glasses before finally addressing us,
“We were under the impression that Peter Johnson was older than he actually is.”
He paused to allow those words to sink before continuing,
“His he really only fifteen years old?”
He looked over his glasses, which had slipped down his nose, at us.
“Yes I thought that had been made clear right from the start by his headmaster why does that pose a problem?”
“Oh yes, indeed it is a problem a big problem oh yes indeed.”
Once more, he paused using his tie this time to polish his glasses again.
“While Peter Johnson is obviously a highly intelligent young boy he is far too young to be accepted into Oxford.”
“We were led to believe that his age was no problem if he passed the necessary examinations.”
“Yes, quite so, quite so, but he cannot take them until he is sixteen and a half, which I believe is eighteen months from now.”
“And there is no way around this, even though you admit he is intelligent enough to take and more than likely pass the exam.”
“No doubt, no doubt he will pass the examination but we are not equipped to look after someone so young, I’m terribly sorry but your journey all the way from London to see me has been in vain.”
He obviously had no idea what was happening in Oxford outside of his own little domain. We thanked him for his time and tried to remember what route we had taken coming in to see him.
After a few wrong turns, we finally made it to the entrance and headed back to the hotel.
Over dinner I spoke quietly to Peter,
“Disappointed son?”
“Yes dad, I hoped to be in Oxford sooner than that, school is so boring we have to go at the same pace as the slowest learner and I get so bored and then I get into trouble. Can I spend the next year on the road with you dad?”
“I think you should have some schooling if only to keep your mind active, but what about Steve he will be all on his own.”
Peter looked so dejected and down.
“I love Steve so very much but I must also think of my career as well.”
He grabbed hold of Steve’s hand before continuing,
“Steve will more than likely be going to another university than me anyway and it is going to be so difficult to keep in touch, I don’t know what Steve and I should do.”
Both had tears forming because they knew that before long their life of living together would be over, and a long distance love affair could and will have its problems.

The first week of my debut major play came to an end and what a week it had been. Neither Derek nor myself had actually seen a contract from Bob and Alex, it finally turned up a bit late but never mind. We trusted both these guys to do the right thing.
When we looked at the money figures on the contracts we were amazed at just how much and I especially was being paid.
“We won’t have to worry about money for a while darling.”
I said to my lifetime partner and he agreed that we were just about set up for life.

To Be Continued.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, which, on the whole was a happy one, apart from my little indiscretion when I had too much to drink, and my ego got the better of me.
Please let me know what you think. Hopefully a new chapter of Michael & Robert will be published next Wednesday.
Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy