Chapter 18

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 18
This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

You may think we are being a bit soppy and sickening by continually calling
each other lover, darling and sweetheart. Plus we are forever telling each
other we love them. This is exactly how it was, we truly loved and adored
each other and told each other just that continually. If you’ve ever been
in love you’ll understand what I mean.

After school the next day we went to my place for tea and to spend some
time with my mother and sleep over in my bed for a change. Because of the
situation with my father we haven’t been staying at my place but we decided
to take the bull by the horns and my father can like it or not, but for the
sake of my mother we intend from now on to spend more time there.

When we walked into the kitchen mum as always was cooking tea and surprise,
surprise my father was there as well. You may remember that my mother told
him to leave home because he was caught screwing an underage girl, Sarah
who was known as the school bike (everybody rode her).

Mum had a worried look on her face when we walked in but ignoring dad both
Derek and myself gave mum a kiss and a cuddle and said hello mum.

My father looked most surprised when Derek also called her mum.

Putting on a brave face I said. “dad this is my boyfriend and lover Derek”.

Derek very politely said hello. While my father glared at us and
snorted. “What rot is this boyfriend and lover business as he turned you
into a poof”.

For a brief moment everything stopped then as calmly as I could I said.

“He who’s name happens to be Derek did not turn me into anything. I had
already realised that I was a homosexual. The first time I met Derek I knew
perfectly well that he was the only one for me and we fully intend to take
our relationship as far as we can. In fact for the rest of our lives”.

Derek reached over and squeezed my hand and continued to hold it.

“Yes” he said “I love your son dearly and nothing and I mean nothing will
ever come between us. Recently we took the brave move of declaring our love
in front of the whole school and most people have accepted what we
are. Plus we have the blessing of my parents and also your wife.

“Dad” I said “I don’t like you very much because of the way you have
treated my mother and the affairs you have had behind her back, but for her
sake I hope you will not make waves regarding our relationship. I don’t
think you are capable of truly loving anyone except yourself but other
people do have love in their hearts including my mother who you are tearing
apart with the way you are carrying on”.

I think that was the most I had ever said to my father and he looked
totally shocked at the way I had spoken to him.

Mum had been standing quietly by the stove and with tears in her eyes she
said to my father. “I love these two boys dearly, Cliff because he is my
son and first born and Derek because I know he truly loves Cliff. I admire
them both for taking the brave step of declaring their love, and they will
be sleeping with each other under our roof from time to time and if you
have trouble coping with that I suggest you leave right now.”

I gave mum a hug and whispered thank you before turning to look at dad.

It seemed like an eternity before he spoke. “I never thought a son of mine
would turn out to be an ‘homo’ especially after he appeared happy screwing
Gwen, but each to his own. It also looks as if everything as been worked
out anyway, but don’t expect me to talk to you and him”. I interrupted and
shouted “HIS NAME IS DEREK “.

“Well whatever his name is don’t expect me to condone whatever disgusting
antics you get up to. From now on your no son of mine and seeing as I
apparently have no say anymore what goes on under my own roof there’s not a
thing I can do about it. I could go to the police and report you for
practising sodomy and I might well do that.”

By now I was fuming and both mum and Derek gave me warning looks which said
calm down.

“if you do you will be in jail quicker than me for having underage sex with
a minor”.

That shook him to the core and he sneered. “For your mothers sake you
wouldn’t do that”.

“Just try me arsehole” I replied.

Mum true to form said “language Cliff”.

“Sorry mum but he makes me so mad with his high and mighty talk considering
the way he carries on”.

He stood up and said “I’ve said my piece I no longer have a son and I’m
going to the pub”.

With that he stormed out. Jenny my younger sister ever the comedian poked
her head round the door and said “Is it safe to come in for tea now, I’m
starving.” that broke the ice and we all laughed.

My mother still looked decidedly unhappy but said nothing and we sat down
to eat in silence.

After tea we all had homework to do so we settled down to do that with
Derek and I both helping my sisters.

By then it was time for bed and we kissed mum goodnight and headed for the

“Will you be OK when he comes home” I asked.

“Yes don’t worry about me I went out and bought single beds. He will never
ever sleep with me again, but I suggest you lock your bedroom door just in

I nodded and we said our goodnights before heading for my room. I did lock
the door and we undressed in silence and got into bed.

I reached over and took my lover in my arms kissing him deeply with my
tongue fencing with his. I broke off the kiss and said maybe just a little
bit tearfully “Why can’t he act like a decent human being and show some
responsibility towards his wife and family”.

Derek reached over and kissed away my tears. “Don’t worry darling I’m sure
he’ll come to his senses soon and realise just how much in love we
are. Don’t forget he has never come in contact with people like us in love
and it will take some time to get used to it”

“Don’t make excuses for the prick”. I said maybe a bit too abruptly “he’s
is a fucking arsehole who thinks only of himself and he will never change
believe me”.

“Cliff please don’t talk about your father like that after all he is your
flesh and blood without him you wouldn’t be here”.

“I can’t believe your sticking up for him Derek. Jesus do you really
support the fucker?”

“No I don’t he’s not a nice man but he is part of your family”.

I was losing my temper by his time and couldn’t understand why he was
sticking up for him. I turned over facing away from him and said “I’m going
to sleep Goodnight”.

Derek said “oh alright goodnight” with a puzzled note in his voice

It was deadly quite for what seemed an eternity until I couldn’t stand it
anymore. I turned to my lover who I noticed was quietly crying and held him
in my arms. “Oh baby I’m so sorry I love you so much and should never have
spoken to you like that. It’s just that my father makes me so mad at the
way he has split this family and his selfish attitude but that’s no excuse
for me talking to you and upsetting you like that. Please forgive me

Derek moved closer , kissed me and said “That’s ok my darling he puts you
under a lot of pressure but my love for you can’t be altered by a little
disagreement like that”.

I kissed him and very quietly said. “Make gentle love to me baby”.

Derek continued kissing me on the lips on the neck before going slowly down
kissing and nibbling at my chest and then nipples before moving down to my
stomach . He put his tongue into my belly button and slowly swirled it
around inside and I found that to be a big turn on. I moaned and said “Wow
that’s something new and I love it, don’t stop”.

He kept that up for while licking all around the edge of my navel and then
flicking his tongue inside. I felt myself getting hornier and hornier and
began wishing he’d hurry up and get to my very hard cock.

Derek had other ideas because he then moved down to my toes licking and
sucking them in turn. Big mistake because I am very sensitive and ticklish
on my feet so that spoilt the mood straight away.

My lover then went back to my navel and I was soon begging him to
concentrate on my cock. Very slowly he moved his lips down first to my ball
sac which he kissed and licked taking each ball in turn and rolling them
around in his mouth. I was leaking precum like crazy and he put his tongue
up to my slit and licked it up before licking around the top of my
circumcised cock. By now I was going crazy and trying so hard to stay quite
in case any of the family could hear me.

“You fucking bastard Derek. Suck my cock for goodness sake I’m going crazy

He smiled and very slowly in slow motion put his mouth over my cock head
and sucked just the tip not going beyond the helmet. I thrust forward with
my hips so more of me would go into his mouth but he just chuckled and
pulled away. “Naughty, naughty” he said and slowly went back to sucking the
tip of my dick.

I was so hot for his mouth that I was dizzy the room was spinning, then
slowly he moved his mouth down my hard staff deep throating me right down
to my pubic hairs. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever known. My
sweetheart began sucking my cock starting off slowly and gradually
increasing the momentum. I was so high that it took very little time before
I was shooting a big load of juice down his throat which he greedily
gobbled up not spilling a drop. I started to go soft and my cock slipped
out of his mouth as he moved up and kissed me pushing some of my juice left
in his mouth into mine, it tasted great.

“It’s my turn to make love to you now” I said.

“No, tonight was just for you baby. You can satisfy me some other time, all
I wanted to do tonight was to calm you down and I think I succeeded in
doing that”. He said with a chuckle.

With that he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep in my arms. I lay
awake a bit longer thinking on what was happening in our lives and how
lucky I was to have a beautiful kind lover lying in my arms.

Next morning we went down to breakfast and my father was there along with
mum and my two sisters, who since Derek and I had declared our love had
been much nicer and more pleasant towards me.

We said our good mornings and kissed mum on the cheek, my father just
ignored us and didn’t say anything which suited me fine. I told mum that we
would most likely be at Derek’s place tonight, before getting our books
together and heading for school.

On the way I said to Derek. “I think I prefer the stony silence from my
father than the nasty remarks”.

Derek agreed and added “I wish he could be a bit friendly to everyone
especially your mother who is a wonderful lady.” He added “You know I love
her almost as much as I do my own parents”.

That last remark cheered me up no end.

We went through the school gates and Ian was waiting for us.

“What did John say”. I asked.

“He reckons I should just come right out and tell mum and dad what is going
on, but I’m scared as anything”. Looking decidedly worried he then said. “I
would really appreciate if you two could be there when I tell them

Derek piped up and said “of course we will baby, you know we’ll help you
all we can”. He paused “Would it help if HRH came along as well”.

“No” Ian said decisively. “I think I’ll leave that for another day. IF all
goes well with them tonight”.

The bell sounded so we headed for assembly and then to classes. We met at
lunchtime and hung around the dining room not doing much just chatting
about everyday things. We agreed to meet after school and go to Ian’s place
straight away. His father worked shifts so he would be home.

The closer we got to his place Ian looked more and more petrified.

“Don’t worry baby”. Derek said (he always called him baby). “it will be OK
believe me. I know your parents and I’m sure they’ll accept what you are”.

“I think mum will be alright with it but dad”.

How wrong could he be.

His parents welcomed us and we all sat down to have a cuppa and something
to eat, which we thanked his mum for.

“We always make Derek welcome have done for a good few years now and you
too Cliff are always welcome in our house”.

I thanked them and looked across at Ian who was shaking like a leaf in a

Derek spoke up first. “Ian has something he wants to tell you but he’s a
bit worried how you will accept it. Can I suggest that you listen to
everything he has to say and perhaps not interrupt until he has finished “.

Both his parents started to look worried.

“Go on Ian” Derek then prompted him.

“Mum, dad, I don’t really know how to tell you this without shocking you,
but”. He faltered and stopped.

Derek leant over squeezed his hand and said “Go on it’s ok baby”.

Ian took a deep breath. “I’m a homosexual”.

I thought, he could have been a bit more subtle.

Both his parents looked stunned. “What did you just say” his father asked.

Ian repeated what he had said.

More silence. Then his father spoke up. “How do you know , how long have
you known and what brought this on”. You could tell there were many
thoughts going through his head right now.

“I’ve know for a few years now and nothings going to change the way I am”.

“His mother just stared at him and said nothing.

“Did you two know about this?” his father said addressing Derek and I.

“Yes” I replied and decided then and there to tell them about my lover and

“Derek and I are also the same way inclined and have declared our love for
each other not only to our parents but to our school friends as well and
most people are happy for us and we hope you will be happy and
understanding not just for us but Ian as well.” I paused to let that sink
in and then said.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this Ian. But your son is also in a
relationship but with someone very special and I believe they truly love
each other as much as we do”.

Both his parents looked stunned at these remarks. His mother had still not
spoken she just started without blinking at her son,

“Say something mum” Ian pleaded. She continued staring at her son and it
was Ian’s father who spoke .

“Are you sure that you are like what you say you are?’ He asked.

Ian by now was getting frustrated and angry.

“Why don’t you say it dad, I’m and homo a poofter, I like boys rather than
girls and I’m in love with a very special boy”.

Silence again.

“if that is what you are then so be it, but please give me time to come to
grips and get my head around this. While I am very disappointed in you I
realise that you can’t help being what you are a Homosexual. There I’ve
said it. I certainly won’t kick you out of house and home because I love
you as a son but I don’t think I can love you as a homosexual”.

Ian with tears in his eyes went over to give his dad a hug and I could see
his father also getting a bit teary as well. They hugged for quite a while
then they both looked at his mother who still had not said anything she
just kept staring at him.

“For goodness sake mum say something” Ian pleaded.

She finally spoke with a trembling voice she said “Why? Were did I go wrong
to make my son like that?”

Ian went round to his mother to hug her. “Don’t you touch me” she screamed.

“I can’t cope with this right now. I want all of you out of my house RIGHT

Ian pleading said. “But mum can’t we just discuss it”.

“Not right now just get out of my sight all of you” and she burst into

Ian’s father quietly and calmly said. “Come on boys lets leave your mother
alone to allow all this to sink in. I think it would be best if Ian went to
your place Derek tonight if that is ok.”.

Both Derek and I where also in shock at his mothers reaction.

“Of course “Derek said

“Just give your mum a little time, I’ll talk to her and try to make her
understand what is happening”.

Ian went to his room to put a few things into a bag and joined us at the
front door.

He hugged his father and said “Goodnight dad, I love you and I love mum,
please help her to understand and thank you for understanding dad”.

“ok son, just give it a bit of time. I’ll contact you tomorrow. love
you”. He kissed his son and we went on our way to Derek’s house.

On the way Derek spoke first. “oh Ian baby, I’m so sorry things didn’t go
as smooth as we expected but I’m sure your mum will come round eventually”.

Ian with tears in his eyes replied. “Thank you guys for your help. I love
you both dearly”.

We got to Derek’s place. His mum and dad were getting ready for tea and
Derek asked if we could feed an extra mouth.

“Of course we can you know as well as I do Ian is welcome any time”. his
mother said.

Ian thanked her and then burst in to tears. He sat down at the table and
sobbed his heart out.

Both of Derek’s parents looked concerned and said “Ian what is the matter”.

He continued crying unable to speak so Derek told his folk what had taken

“Oh dear” his mother said. “Barbara (Ian’s mums name) must be in a hell of
a state. I’ll give her a call and ask her to come around right now for a
chat and try and sort things out”.

She went to the phone and we heard her talking. When she came back in she
said. “I’ve spoke to Martin (Ian’s father) and he’s bringing your mum round

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door which Derek’s father
answered and he brought Ian’s parents into the room. They sat down at the
kitchen table and Ian’s mum turned her head away so she didn’t have to look
at her son.

Derek’s mother made a cup of tea and when we had all settled down around
the table she said. “Barbara I know it must have been a shock to find out
about Ian and his sexuality, but that is the way he is and nothing can be
done about it. It took me a little while to accept Derek when he told us,
but now his dad and I are happy because he is happy and he has found true

Derek’s dad spoke next. “Nothing as changed with your boy he is still the
same boy who you brought into the world and he still loves the both of you
just as much as he always did. Please try and accept what he has told you

Ian’s mum spoke for the first time. “I’m beginning to understand but I
can’t cope with the thought of all that dirty stuff he must be doing”.

“What dirty stuff mum”

“Well er putting it into that place were you do well poo’s out of”.

“oh mum you’ve got to understand that we keep ourselves clean and what we
do is an act of love and affection along with all the other stuff”.

His mum had a look of amazement on her face. “You mean to say that you do
other things as well?’.

I thought at this point that Ian’s mum must have had a very sheltered life.

Mum we kiss and love each other just as you and father do. Nothings
different except it’s boy with boy instead of boy and girl”.

“yes but girls have a you know, `thingy’ were babies come from, while your
sort have to stick in, well you know where”.

It was hard not to laugh at the ignorance of this poor lady. I spoke up for
the first time.

“Mrs Jenkins, please don’t worry or even think about things like that just
concentrate on the love and affection we have for each other. Your husband
is willing to try and understand and come to grips with what is happening
and all I have to say is why don’t you give it a chance as well”.

Derek’s turn to talk now.

“plus, Ian is deeply in love with a lovely young man and he loves your son
just as much in return.”

Derek then went on to explain just who Ian’s boyfriend was after asking
them to respect this persons privacy and not say a word to anyone outside
the family.

All four adults had a look of total amazement on their faces when Derek had

“Is this all true son” Ian’s father asked.

“yes dad, I don’t think either of us expected it to go this far but it has
and we both love each so much, plus he has invited me to his place for the
half term holidays”.

Complete silence from the `oldies’ greeted this last remark.

“is there anything else you are going to surprise us with Ian or is that
all”. His mother said speaking a little bit calmer now.

“Yes mum, and I dearly would like your blessing. I love this man and he
loves me so it’s not as if I’m sleeping around with anybody and everybody”.

He said looking a bit guiltily at Derek and I.

His mother said nothing for a while then finally spoke up. “It will take me
a while to get used to the idea of you sleeping with a male, especially
that particular male. I’m still worried that you might catch some disease
or something with what you are doing.”

Ian went over and this time was allowed to hug his mother and give her a
kiss on the cheek.

“Don’t worry mum everything will be alright I’m sure. I love you and dad
dearly and always will and I’m sure HRH will also”.

As an afterthought he said. “Would you like to meet him?”

What bring him home”

“Yes if you want me to I’m sure he would love to meet you all”.

She turned to Derek and I and said. “Have you boys met him?”

I replied “oh yes we know him very well”. I didn’t elaborate that we had
all fucked him and been fucked by him although knowing glances passed
between the two fathers.

“Give me plenty of notice before you bring him home, I’ll have to clean the
place up and what does he drink and eat”.

Ian laughed and said “The same as us mum, he’s just a boy and he’s my

We sat around the table for a bit longer chatting in general and putting
Ian’s mothers mind at ease the best we could. Finally it was decided that
Ian would still spend the night with us and his parents kissed us all
goodbye and headed home.

Ian’s mum spoke up and said.” I think Barbara will be alright from now on,
the news took her by surprise that’s all. Even I can’t believe who your boy
friend really is Ian”.

It was getting quite late so we said our goodnights and headed for bed.
Derek had a spare single bed in his room and that is where Ian slept but
not before we both gave him a good going over if you get what I mean. But
that’s another story.

Things are hotting up for Ian but wait there’s more to cum.

Comments and thoughts are most welcome and I will try and reply to them all

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  • Anthony (Tony) says:

    Terrific story, it is interupting my work, but who cares.
    I grew up in this period as well so it brings back many happy memories even though I am still in the closet to my family.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy