Chapter 30


Written by Trevor

Edited by John

(Life after School) Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further. This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved. This story is not to be published, or reprinted, without the express permission of the author.

The day arrived when we would take our driving test and I think we were both a bit nervous. Everyone we spoke to about it said ‘They never pass you the first time,’ we had a quick drive around with the instructor before it was time for the test.

At the test center, I was the first to go. The driving test examiner came into the waiting room calling out my name. He was about sixty years of age, I suppose; with a stern looking face, which, didn’t crack a smile very often.

“Follow me.” He said and we walked out into the car park. “Which is your car?”

I pointed out the driving school car and he walked towards it, I opened the door for him before getting behind the wheel. I was shaking because this guy was making me feel sick with worry. He told me to start the car and drive out of the car park. He kept giving me directions before instructing me to pull up outside a small café. “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?” He asked this time with a smile on his face. I stammered yes and we went into the café where he ordered two coffees and a plate of cakes. “I always have my morning tea about this time.” He explained. I was a bit lost for words as we sat at a table chatting like old friends.

He produced some paperwork and said, “Sign here”. Which I did he then handed me a pink slip of paper. I didn’t look at it but asked him, “Does this mean I’ve failed?”

“Goodness me no, just take that slip to the counter and they’ll give you your license, by the way can you sign my autograph book as well please. My wife and I went to the theater last night and loved the play and especially your performance.”

“Well thank you very much for those kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed your night out.”

He looked at his watch saying, “We’d better get back so I can take your friend for a run around the block, before I give him his pink slip as well.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, thinking it’s not what you know but who you are, but I felt sorry for all those other drivers who get failed the first time and were more than likely a better driver than I was.

Derek was looking petrified when we got back and I walked into the waiting room. He whispered, “How was it?” “No problems I passed with flying colors.” I grinned but couldn’t keep a straight face and burst out laughing before telling him what happened. He was astounded that it was that easy. Just then, the same examiner came out calling out my lovers name and off he went.

While he was ‘driving around the block’, I went to the counter and got my photo taken and got my license. Derek was back within five minutes also with a pink slip in his hand. Once his paperwork was done and his new license in his hand we headed back out to the car and the instructor drove us back to the hotel.

Halfway through the following week Derek got word that he was needed in the West end to supervise some new sets to be installed in the theater of the long running play which he was still the artistic director.

“I’m sorry darling, I’ll miss you but I must go.”

“That’s all right; I’ll save up all my love juice for when you come back.”

“Steve and Peter are both getting bored silly, what if I take them with me and put them on the train to Steve’s parents. They can stay for a while and be back with us for Christmas.”

“That’s a good idea Derek, maybe they’d like to stay and come down to Brighton with everyone else, even if it does mean we won’t have Peter with us on Christmas day”

The boys were happy that they had the chance to visit Steve’s folks because they were bored but didn’t know how to tell me without offending. Ian was left in charge of the set that night and after I’d seen them off on the train I started to feel lonely right away. Back in the hotel, I laid on the bed resting until it was time for the theater.

Ian was feeling a bit nervous because this was his first time solo, but he did very well with no hitches or problems and as always the play ran smoothly. We didn’t see much of Alex these days because has he explained to me his part as director was finished and it was up to us to keep the play running.

After the show Ian, Roland and myself headed back to the hotel and a deep depression was setting in as far as I was concerned. The other two tried to cheer me up but they could see it wasn’t working. Always the optimist, Roland suggested that if I wanted company they would sleep with me tonight. Smiling I said, “Nice try Roland, but I will turn down your generous offer if you don’t mind.” Both of them laughed, in fact, we all laughed and that lightened up my mood a bit. I excused myself and headed off to bed early and just as I had undressed the phone rang, it was my lover and he was missing me just as much as I was missing him. We talked in general for a while, about what car we were going to buy and things like that then Derek said, “I’ve been thinking sweetheart, our apartment is looking tired and shabby and is really too small when we are all here. Maybe I should see the agent tomorrow and get them to look out for something a bit bigger and neater maybe more prestigious after all we can afford it.”

“To rent or buy?”

“Well we can afford to buy if you like; maybe we can put our stuff into storage, cancel the rent on this place, and look around after the pantomime and our stay in Brighton.”

I agreed that was a good idea, then our talk became a bit sexier and I discovered that he was naked like me. So we finished up having what they now call ‘phone sex’ we both shot a big load but it was no way as good as the real thing. After being on the phone for over an hour, we reluctantly said our goodbyes. I took a shower before climbing into bed thinking of my lover alone in a bed quite a long way off.

I was having breakfast on my own because Ian and Roland hadn’t surfaced yet (Lucky buggers) when the waiter brought the phone over to the table. It was Derek saying that he loved me (of course) and then telling me that the job was going to take all day but he would be back tonight. Being bored silly on my own I decided to have a look at a new shopping mall that just opened, after all these were a novelty in Britain and were only just coming onto the scene.

I took a taxicab and began wandering around looking at all the new shops thinking that I should buy Derek a gift or something. No sooner had I started walking around when I noticed people looking at me pointing and staring, and then a couple of people came up asking to have photographs taken with me. Soon quite a crowd had gathered and I realized that shopping was out of the question. A security guard came over to check out why there was such a big crowd gathering. When he recognized me, he made his way through the throng asking if I was all right. I whispered in his ear, “Can you get me out of here?”

He nodded saying, “Follow me.”

He began pushing his way back through the crowd with me in tow taking me into a small office behind the shops. “Would you like tea or coffee?”

“Coffee would be great thanks.”

I sat down and for the first time took notice of my rescuer, He was tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous. His dark pants fit tightly around his buttocks, which were among the cutest I had ever seen, while the front showed that he was sporting quite a package. He caught me staring and with a laugh said, “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, a nice bit of eye candy.” I replied laughing.

“Would you like to try the goods?” I must admit I thought he was being a bit forward seeing we had just met but then it was general knowledge that I was gay and it was obvious he was batting for the same team.

“Much as I would love to, I won’t” He had a most disappointed look on his face, “Don’t get me wrong it’s very tempting but Derek and I are very much in love and we promised each other a long time ago we would never get involved with someone else unless we were both in agreement.”

“Does this mean a threesome?” He said excitedly.

Laughing at his boldness I replied, “Who knows, my partner is in London today but will be back tonight give me your phone number and I’ll see what can be arranged.”

Thanking me, he wrote his details on a piece of paper that I placed in my wallet noticing that his name was David. I also noticed that his bulge had grown considerably in the past few seconds and boy was I tempted to get it into my mouth, but like the good, honest partner that I am I resisted the temptation but believe me it was close.

David took me out through a back entrance and put me in a cab and I went back to the hotel. I was beginning to realize that I could no longer just wander around in public because my face was becoming far too familiar and everyone wants to be your friend.

That evening it was curtain time and still no Derek and I was beginning to worry about where he was. It wasn’t until the interlude that he came dashing into my dressing room. “Sorry darling the job took a lot longer than I expected and then I just missed a train and had to wait around for another one.”

He hugged and kissed me, which messed up my makeup not that I cared at least we were together again. We didn’t have time for anything else because the call came for curtain up on the second half so I had to dash upstairs and onstage.

After the show, we decided to get fish and chips from our favorite shop and because it was bitterly cold with snow forecast, we dashed back to the hotel. Ian said he was glad Derek was back because it was hard work handling the set and props on his own.

He and Roland headed off to their room as soon as they had eaten, while Derek and I sat holding hands and talking.

“I’ve arranged for our furniture to go into storage next week so we both need to take a day off to go home and pack up what needs to go and what we might need over the next couple of months.”

I kissed him lightly on the lips telling him how much I loved and missed him before describing my trip to the shopping Mall.

Grinning he said, “And I suppose you want a threesome before we leave Oxford, is that it?”

“Well if you saw this guy you would agree with me he is hot looking and very cute.”

“We’ll have to see if we can fit him in then.”

“Oh don’t worry everything will fit in nicely.” We both laughed before going into another make out session. Taking a break Derek continued, “The boys were happy to be going home, plus I have also got an estate agent looking out for property for us. I told him it would have to be in London not too far from the west end but if we have a car we can always drive in anyway.”

I stood up taking Derek’s hand leading him down the corridor to our room. I decided that we had talked enough and it was time for some action. Once inside behind locked doors I sat my lover on the bed then I stood in front of him, not too close and proceeded to do a very slow, sensuous striptease. A couple of times Derek stood up to help but I pushed him back onto the bed telling him he was being naughty.

Even though I say this myself, I thought it was a very professional sexy strip and I could see my lover getting very excited.

When I was down to only my briefs, I motioned him over indicating that he should take them off, but made it clear that he had to use his teeth. He did just that at the same time making sure that his face brushed almost continuously against my solid cock.

As soon as I was naked, I hurriedly undressed my lover before laying him down on the bed and getting into the sixty-nine position, taking his cock in my mouth and slowly sucking up and down using my lips and tongue to make him groan in ecstasy. He began to mirror my action and we both got very hot and ready to blow. It had been more than a couple of days since we had seen any action so it didn’t take long for our dicks to explode into each others’ mouth.

Moving up the bed to face my lover we kissed as our hands roamed each other’s bodies and it didn’t take long for us to get hard once more. While nibbling at my ear Derek whispered, “I’d love that big thing between your legs inside me giving me a baby.”

Grinning I nonchalantly said, “OK.”

He spread his legs wide so I could move between them before raising them up allowing me to see that beautiful pink rosebud of his. I had enough precum already on my dick to slowly enter him and begin gently fucking him. The look of pleasure on his face told me that I was doing everything right as he wrapped his legs around my neck pulling me down to kiss him. We had both come a long way since our first episode while still at school and knew every part of each other’s bodies and what to do to turn one on.

I steadily kept up the pace for quite a while until my back began to ache and I could see my lovers legs were the same way. So I began to become more insistent with the movements and it didn’t take long for me to send my juices into him at the same time wishing, if only I was giving him a baby.

After a session like that, we both slept soundly in each other’s arms.

The next morning we slept late which we always appear to do after a hot session. While we were, having a late breakfast Peter rang just to say hello and tell us that Steve and him were going out shopping for Christmas Presents. He paused and I had a good idea what was coming next, “Dad, how much money can I take out of your bank account for presents?”

I laughed telling Derek what our son had just said, “How much are we going to let him have?”

“As much as he wants, within reason.”

“I heard that dad thank you very much.”

“You don’t miss much do you, but seriously don’t go overboard on presents, it’s the thought that counts.”

“Thanks dad, we’ll see you soon.”

Just as he was about to hang up the phone I thought of something and yelled for him not to hang up.

“What is it dad.”

“Well, I know Steve’s parents keep telling us they can afford his school fees and all that but I don’t think they are quite as well off as they say they are. So, what if you make the presents from both you and Steve and you pay for them?”

“Ok dad thanks for that. It also means he’ll be able to spend all his money on my present.”

He laughed before thanking me again.

We decided to go out today and look at cars. Outside the hotel it was bitterly cold with a howling wind and through the night it had been snowing, therefore the first thing we did was to go buy a couple of thick overcoats, gloves and scarves.

We had no idea what sort of car we wanted so the first car dealership we came to we went in to look around. They had some nice cars on display but nothing caught our eye and no one came out to help us either. We kept on looking but still no salesman appeared. Finally, we picked out one car we’d like to try, the keys were in it so Derek hopped into the driver’s seat and started up the engine, well three salesmen came running out from every direction. The first one there reached in turned off the engine and ripped the keys out of the ignition.

“What the hell do you two boys think you’re doing, hoping to get away with a brand new car? Well we’ll see about that when the police get here.”

“But we were only looking to see if we wanted to buy it and no one came out to help us.”

“What a bullshit story, we get this all the time young kids coming in trying to steal cars. Well it’s off to the police station for you two and we will be pressing charges.”

I was getting madder and madder at this guy’s attitude and Derek looked at me shaking his head, but that didn’t calm me down this time.

“Excuse me sir, but we were looking to buy a new care from you but if that is the way you treat potential customers then the other car yard down the road looks like it is getting our business.”

“Don’t come at me with all that highfalutin talk, because it won’t work with me. Now get out of that car or I’ll fucking drag you out.”

Derek got out of the car standing next to me.

“I think my friend David Walsh at channel nine might like to hear about this don’t you think Derek?”

Derek smiled at me and said yes.

“At the mention of one of the top news journalists in the country this guy began laughing.

“You can’t catch me with that old con trick, why would a top man like that want to have anything to do with you.”

We just stood there saying nothing waiting for the police to arrive. I was thinking a lot about how I was going to break this guy and put him out of business by contacting the right people. A police car drew up and I began laughing.

“You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face when they cart you off to jail my lad.”

Derek whispered to me, “What are you laughing at?”

“Just look, who one of the policemen is.”

Derek looked and started laughing. The two policemen approached us and before they had the chance to say anything our car salesman started, “I want these two arrested for trying to steal a car officers.”

One of them whispered to the other and they both began laughing.

With a puzzled look on his face the sales clerk said, “What’s so funny about that officer this is a serious matter and I want them prosecuted to the full extent of the law to set an example to others.”

That did it they both began laughing with Derek and I joining in.

Putting out his hand in greeting the one police officer said, “Hello Mr Steele good to see you again, having a bit of trouble I see.”

“Yes this fucking idiot should never be allowed to sell cars in this town considering his attitude.”

By now the car salesman, which we later found out was the owner of this car lot, was looking puzzled and worried.

“Do, do you know these two?” He asked.

“Yes, I was Mr Steele’s and Mr Driscoll’s bodyguard a while back, and you obviously have no idea who he is do you?”

The owner by now was looking very worried and I thought he was going to throw up any minute now. The policeman, who’s name I was frantically trying to remember said, This is Cliff Steele the famous actor who is packing them in every night at the Playhouse Theater and this is Derek Driscoll his partner and the play’s set designer. I think you’ve lost a very good cash sale if I’m not mistaken.”

I started to feel sorry for the man because he went deathly white and began shaking, “Oh dear, I’m so sorry gentlemen I do hope you’ll accept my apology, plus you can have the car at cost price whatever its costing me you can have it for that price and I hope you won’t call channel nine or any other media people over my indiscretion.”

I looked at Derek making a big thing of questioning him with my eyes. He looked back pretending to think and after a while, I turned to face him putting out my hand saying, “We accept your apology and won’t take the matter any further but as for your car, well you can go stick it up your arse because we will never ever do business with you.”

Our two policemen friends were trying so hard not to laugh but weren’t doing a very good job of it.

“Shall we put the handcuffs on them sir or just escort them off the premises?” The boys in blue asked with straight faces.

“I don’t care what you do just piss off the lot of you.” The owner then stormed off into his office while we walked out laughing.

“Sorry about that Cliff, not all Oxford business men are as bad as that one. So you’re looking to buy a car?”

We both nodded yes and he continued, “Go and see this bloke just down the road.” He gave me a business card with the car yards name and address on it.

“He’s a good guy and will do you a decent deal as well, in fact hop in the car and we’ll take you down there.”

We pulled into the yard and a smartly dressed young man came out to greet us, “Hello dad, don’t tell me you’ve arrested Cliff Steele?”

Everyone laughed except Derek and I who looked puzzled.

“Hi I’m Steven and this is my father Brian and he doesn’t make a habit of arresting people so that I can sell them a car.”

This time we all laughed as the penny dropped for Derek and I.

Brian shook our hands wishing us all the best before him and his partner headed off back on patrol.

Steve asked if we wanted a cup of coffee and as we sat in his office, we told him all about his rival down the road.

“Now I take it you’re in the market for a new car, what did you have in mind?”

We explained that we really had no idea but nothing too big, something medium size and comfortable.

He took us out to the showroom showing us several different models. We finally settled for a convertible not cheap but during the summer with the top down it would be great, while it had a solid looking hood, which would withstand the snow and the rain.

I excused Derek and I, pulling my lover to one side, “What do you think darling do you like it?”

“I love it and I like the car as well.” He replied laughing before kissing me on the cheek. Steven noticed this and smiled.

“We’ll take it.” I said and he invited us back into the office so the paperwork could be finalized and for us to hand over a check for the full amount.

“We’ll register it and do all that for you and get it ready for the road and you should have it in two days’ time.”

“No problem we don’t need it urgently just give the hotel a call and leave a message if we’re not there.”

We all shook hands, while he organized a car to take us back to the hotel.

Over lunch, we related to Ian and Roland our episode with the car yard owner and they laughed so much tears were rolling down their cheeks.

After lunch, we settled down in our private lounge to watch a bit of TV. Ian and Roland were cuddling on one chair while we were on the other. We started making out and both couples were beginning to get hot. Both of us were playing with each other’s cocks when there was a gentle knock and a discreet cough. All four of us jumped up with guilty looks on our faces to find out that we hadn’t closed the door and there was a red faced bell boy to tell us that there was a young gentleman downstairs asking for me.

Having no idea who it was I said, “Can you show him up please.”

A few moments later my handsome hunk from the shopping mall walked in, Derek whispered, “I see what you mean.”

While the jaws on the other two dropped. I introduced them to David and explained how we met. Ian and Roland I could see were ready to rock and roll with this guy right away, while Derek had that sexy cheeky grin on his face which I knew meant that he was interested as well.

The only problem was that it was getting a bit late in the afternoon and I for one had to go because my make-up took so long and Derek didn’t want to do anything without me being there. I explained this to David who once more looked most disappointed. Ian piped up and saying, “We don’t have to be at the theater quite as early so if you like Cliff we’ll entertain your guest for a while.” David looked to be quite happy with that arrangement so we went to get ready for the theater while the three of them got to know each other a bit more.

Just as we were leaving the three of them in an excited state by the look of the bulges in their pants were heading for their bedroom.

Derek indicated to Ian that he could come in a bit later and Roland too wasn’t on stage until about fifteen minutes in so he didn’t have to rush as much either.

“Lucky Buggers.” Derek muttered as we left the hotel heading for the theater. It had started to snow again and was developing into quite a blizzard. The stage door ‘johnnie’ greeted us with the news that more than likely we would have a power cut before the night was over because we always do in this kind of weather, “The snow brings the power lines down you see.”

“Don’t we have standby generators in case that happens?”

“We used to but it broke down and the theater has never been able to afford to replace it, we don’t always get a run of full houses like you’ve brought.”

We went down to my dressing room which was freezing cold and I turned on the tiny bar heater which was the only means of warmth available and got changed very quickly.

“That’s the quickest I’ve seen you get undressed and redressed ever.” Derek remarked with a laugh. I took him in my arms kissing his lips, “You know I feel so happy and contented when I’m with you darling, the greatest moment of my life was when you seduced me in the school greenhouse.”

Laughing my lover replied, “If I recall you didn’t need much seducing.” “No I was already in love with you.”

We clung together for a while longer until I really did have to get my make up on and Derek had to go upstairs to make sure everything was right for curtain up.

Just before curtain up I heard someone running down the corridor and looking out I saw Roland heading for the dressing room. I called out after him, “It must have been good.”

He stopped and turned with a great big grin on his face, “Believe me it wasn’t good it was incredible.”

Laughing I headed up to take my place, and bumped into Ian, “Someone didn’t have time for a shower and reeks of sex.”

“Yes and it was fucking great too, you and Derek really have to try this guy he is hot, hot, hot.”

He must have been because every time I looked at Ian or Roland they had big satisfied smiles on their faces.

It was just before the intermission that the power failed and the emergency battery power lit up the exit signs and a few other lights, just enough to vaguely see each other. Derek manually brought down the curtain and we all waited to see what was going to happen next. The theater manager came backstage and spoke to Derek who if the director wasn’t there was in charge.

The manager explained that they would just have to wait and see if the lights came back on, but if they are not back on soon he will have to give everyone tickets to come another day.

“Can you go out front and explain to the audience what is happening. I’m not very good at announcing things like that.”

I agreed asking Derek to light one of the candelabras we have on the set. Once I had that lit, I went in front of the curtains. Holding up the candelabra, I made the announcement much to the mirth of the audience and of course this helped to lighten up what looked like being bad news.

After about thirty minutes of darkness, the audience was getting restless so I instructed Derek to light as many candles as possible on stage and then open up the curtains. When this happened, everyone rushed back to their seats and I walked out holding my hands up for silence. Once the audience were quiet I suggested a singsong to pass the time and although we had no musical instruments I began singing all the old sing a long stuff with the audience joining in. The next thing I knew Derek and Ian were wheeling out a grand piano and Roland sat down and started to play.

I went over to him saying, “I didn’t think you knew how to play?”

He nodded saying, “Yes my parents made me learn when I was in school.”

For about thirty to forty minutes, we entertained the audience before the manager called me over to say that the electric company can’t guarantee to have the power restored until tomorrow so we need to refund the audience money or offer them alternative tickets.

“The problem is we don’t have any spare seats left in any of the shows remaining.”

“Take their names address and phone numbers. I will talk to Alex and see what we can do; we might even put on an extra performance somewhere.”

He nodded in agreement before going to the foyer box office and making arrangements for refunds, or whatever the audience required.

I made the announcement explaining everything before asking them to move out in an orderly fashion, while Roland and I continued singing and playing. We kept going until the auditorium was empty. Once we had finished I gave Roland a big hug and a kiss on the cheek thinking him for his help.

“That was great fun Cliff I enjoyed myself, you are so good at handling audiences.”

“And you’re very good at boosting my ego.” I replied with a laugh.

We felt our way down to our dressing rooms, getting changed with the help of candlelight. We left the theatre to find almost a foot of snow had fallen since we’d gone inside earlier, so we trudged through snow which in some places had drifted making it hard to get through and of course we had no street lights and no cabs on the road either.

We finally got back to the hotel, which thank goodness had an emergency generator and the staff had hot soup and cocoa ready for us.

We hung around for a while talking before heading for bed. The next morning the scene outside our bedroom window was amazing more snow had fallen during the night with a couple of feet covering the ground. No cars were to be seen anywhere and a deathly hush hung over the whole city.

The hotel manager came in while we were having breakfast to tell us that Alex had phoned to say that he wanted all the cast assembled here at eleven when he would have a phone conference with you all because he is snowed in and no trains are running.

We tried calling mum and Peter but couldn’t get through apparently most of southern and middle England was snowed in. The other cast members along with the theater manager started drifting in to the hotel and at eleven on the dot; Alex came on the phone to address us all.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, sorry I can’t get to you today but as you know the weather has turned bad. It looks like there will be no performance tonight and possibly tomorrow. I hope we don’t have to cancel too many. The problem is not many people last night asked for their money back and as you know, we are booked out for the rest of the season. I talked with Bill and the theater management and it has been decided that we will schedule extra matinees possibly on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. This will be hard on you Cliff but Roland can share some of the extra performances with you. We will also offer customers the opportunity of exchanging their tickets for the West end performances at no extra cost. We did consider taking the theater for a few extra days after Christmas but Cliff will be in pantomime and I understand several others also have Panto or Christmas holiday work so we can’t do that. I think that’s all for now, I hope to get up to see you all before Christmas.”

He broke the connection and we all began chatting in our own little groups, Derek said, “Thank goodness he isn’t coming back after Christmas that would have upset our plans. You would have been in Brighton and I would have been stuck here over the break.”

I agreed with him and as the other cast members drifted off to their lodgings, we tried calling our mum’s and Peter.

This time we had more luck and got my mum in Worthing first and she told us that while they haven’t had any snow being right on the coast it was bitterly cold. After telling her to take care, we tried Derek’s mum and also got through. They told us they were housebound unable to get the backdoor open at all but managed to get out through the front door out but getting to work was impossible. We finalized the Christmas arrangements with them before saying our goodbyes.

It took three or four tries before we got Steve’s parents on the line and then Peter. He told us that they got the Christmas shopping done just in time before they were snowed in. “We’ve been shoveling snow all morning dad and we’re exhausted, but it hasn’t snowed for about four hours now.”

Once again, after telling them we loved them all we hung up heading for our bedroom and a bit of a rest. Rest we did, both dropping off to sleep after about five minutes of making out.

We got up and showered together, to save hot water, that’s our story and where’re sticking to it. Once we were dressed, we headed for the dining room and dinner. It was very pleasant to sit down for a proper evening meal at a decent time. We decided to go down to the main dining room because we knew the hotel was having staff problems due to the weather and their generator was unable to cope with all the lights being on. Luckily, the hotel had only a few guests so we had our meal in peace.

We watched television for a while after dinner but got bored with that so headed off to bed for an early night that turned into a hot love making session, which went on for several hours. It didn’t snow overnight, although the snow on the ground hadn’t started to melt because it was still bitterly cold. About mid-morning the main power came on much to everyone’s relief and the theater manager called Derek to tell him that tonight’s performance could go on as scheduled.

Derek contacted the rest of the cast telling them the good news.

That night the theater was only about a quarter full due to the fact that most people could not get out of their homes or they couldn’t travel.

The next day Alex arrived to tell us that we would have at least four extra shows to do before Christmas. This wasn’t good news because it is a big strain on me. For a couple of weeks that means I will be doing ten shows. With only Christmas day off both Derek and I will be exhausted. Of course my darling boyfriend won’t have a lot to do while I’m in pantomime although he will be up in London for about a week at the end of January getting the Garrick theater ready for our west end debut. I sometimes wonder if all this hard work is worth it but then I look at our bank balance and think wow!

By the beginning of the following week the snow gradually began to melt but the weather forecasters were predicting a White Christmas which we hoped wasn’t as bad as it just was because for the first time we will be driving down to Brighton in our new car. We also had some Christmas shopping to do and had no idea what to get Peter and Steven.

Over breakfast one morning Derek said, “Do you realize because of the bad weather we still haven’t picked up our new car yet. I know Steven the car yard owner had rung a while back to say it was ready, but we couldn’t pick it up because of the snow, so maybe we should go and get it this morning now that the roads are clear.

“A good idea darling, then we should find a quiet place somewhere and try those reclining front seats out.” I remarked with a laugh.

“Why do we need to fool around in a small car when we’ve got a massive bed available whenever we want it?”

“Well, you never know we might be driving and get a bit horny.”

“Sex, is that all you ever think of?” “Yes, don’t you?”

Laughing he agreed with me before leaning in to give me a kiss on the lips much to Ian and Roland’s mirth. We were still in the middle of the kiss when Alex walked in saying, “is that all you two ever think of, sex?”

That did it everyone cracked up laughing, while Alex had a puzzled look on his face because he didn’t think his remark was all that funny.

Over a cup of coffee, he filled us in with more details of the final couple of weeks.

“Cliff I’ve been thinking you and Derek aren’t going to get much time off at Christmas so, two days before we close I suggest that Roland takesover your part and Ian do you think you could manage on your own and also break down the set the week after the break and send it up to London?”

“Yes I think I can handle that, just as long as Derek arranges with the carriers because he has had dealings with them before while I haven’t.”

That’s settled then, you two love birds can have a couple of days rest before you open in Pantomime.”

That was the best news we’d heard for a long time and I looked at Derek, winked and it’s as if he can read my mind we both got up going to Alex one on each side of him giving him a big kiss and hug much to his disgust.

We headed off to pick up the car, which had been polished and was gleaming, plus inside it had that lovely smell of new leather and polish.

Thanking Steven our car yard friend we decided to take it for a drive around the countryside just to see what it could do.

“Who’s going to be the first to drive it?” Steven asked.

“I am.” We both said in chorus. Laughing Steve said,” I can see a problem here, do you want to toss a coin or something?”

“No I passed my driving test first so I should go first.”

Laughing Derek replied, “You’d better give him the keys first otherwise he’ll sulk all day.”

Wishing him a merry Christmas, we headed out onto the road finding ourselves some quiet country roads were we could see what this little beauty could do. It might have been bitterly cold but we put the top down for a while before our teeth started chattering. With the top up and the heater on, we soon thawed out. Derek reached over to fondle my dick and of course, I instantly got hard. He unbuttoned my pants reaching in to release my rampant dick before sliding down in his seat and moving his head putting it between my legs. He licked up and down my shaft before moving his mouth over the tip and going all the way down on me. I gasped and moaned finding it difficult to stay on the road as he began sucking my cock. I thought to myself this is dangerous but didn’t attempt to stop him. Looking down at the speedometer, I could see we were doing about ninety miles an hour and my climax was coming up very quickly. I slowed down a bit as Derek speeded up a bit until I reached the point when I blew wave after wave of juice down his willing throat.

I began to soften and pulled off the road bringing the car to a stop.

“Wow that was some experience lover thank you very much.” I pulled him to me kissing and transferring some of my juice from my mouth to his.

After a while, he said that it was about time he had a drive so we changed places and once he got used to the car, I repeated the favor taking all his cum and not spilling a drop at almost hundred miles an hour.

“Well that’s the car christened; I wonder what it smells like now? With a mixture of leather, polish and cum.”

We both burst out laughing cuddling each other at the side of the road as traffic sped past.

To be continued……

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and as always, I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy