Chapter 31


Written by Trevor

Edited by Jack

(Life after School) Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further. This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved. This story is not to be published, or reprinted, without the express permission of the author.

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter


I began to soften and pulled off the road bringing the car to a stop.

“Wow that some experience lover thank you very much.” I pulled him to me kissing and transferring some of my juice from my mouth to his.

After a while, he said that it was about time he had a drive so we changed places and once he got used to the car, I repeated the favour taking all his cum and not spilling a drop at almost hundred miles an hour.

“Well that’s the car christened; I wonder what it smells like now? A mixture of leather, polish and cum.”

We both burst out laughing cuddling each other at the side of the road as traffic sped past.

A little bit more slowly and sedately, we drove back to the hotel. As the day progressed, it got colder and colder and there were patches of black ice on the road, which you may remember was what killed Robert’s parents. Robert is Michael’s boyfriend you may recall.

With two days off before Christmas, we began making plans to travel back to London and do our Christmas shopping. Because we were currently homeless we would have to spend a couple of nights in a hotel, but Ian and Roland told us we could stay at their place, after all, they wouldn’t be using it for a while.

Leading up to the break we played once more to full house’s with extra performances thrown in to catch up on the shows cancelled during the snow and power failures.

We went shopping for little gifts to give to the cast and crew, which surprised everyone. They still look down upon me even though I’m keeping them in work. There’re finding it hard to get past the fact that a barley nineteen year old is better than they are and gay to boot. Personally I don’t give a fuck what they think we are in a great play earning incredible money. We didn’t give Roland and Ian their presents telling them that they would have to wait until we met up in Brighton.

A bit of information about Brighton, which is about two hours’ drive from London, on the South coast? Nowadays it is the gay capital of England, a bit like San Francisco in the US.

Back in the late 60’s it was a more staid and stately holiday resort filled mainly by elderly people with money who retired there. It was also where a lot of Londoners went on day trips, either Brighton or Margate.

Derek and I had never been to Brighton and certainly had no wish to go back there ever again. Still I’m getting ahead of myself. A couple of days before we went on our Christmas break Peter called. He wanted to know if Steve and him could join us in London and then go with us to Brighton.

“Why do you want to join us know and not wait till Steve’s parents come down right after Christmas?” I asked.

“No real reason, well yes there is I miss you both very much and want to be with my two fathers.”

I relayed this to Derek and we both began to feel a bit emotional.

“Well if you really want to, you haven’t been into any mischief or troubles have you?”

“No DAD, we haven’t I just miss you terribly.”

We made arrangements to meet them off the train in London before finding a hotel for a couple of nights.

Our final night in Oxford we had a little mini Christmas party on the stage after the show, handing out presents and having, in my case anyway a bit too much to drink. Next morning I was feeling a bit hung-over and we slept a bit later than we intended which meant we would have to get a move on to meet the boys train in London. We kissed Ian and Roland goodbye and Derek gave Ian his final instructions for breaking down the set after the final Oxford performance. We also presented some of the staff who had looked after us so well with little parting gifts.

Derek announced that I was in no fit state and he would drive and for once I didn’t argue. Anyway, he is a much safer driver than I am keeping within the speed limits and obeying traffic signs and rules, which I’m inclined to ignore.

Driving in London for the first time was a nightmare and it required both of us to be on our toes and work out were to go avoiding the many one-way streets. We made it to the station with just twenty minutes to spare.

The boys with Peter in the lead came running up the platform to greet us, throwing his arms around me he kissed me on the lips before telling me how much he missed me. He then did the same to Derek. Steven wasn’t quite as flamboyant but he did give both of us a big hug.

We went out to the car, which the boys were seeing for the first time.

“Wow dads what a great looking car, how soon before I can drive it.” He asked with that cheeky grin of his.

“Not till your old enough to drive and get a licence.”

The boys piled in the back asking where we were. On the way down to London from Oxford, we decided that we would give the boys and us a treat and stay in five star luxury at the Savoy. We hadn’t booked so we hoped they had room for us being Christmas time and people travelling to London for holiday shopping the city was busy. After only two wrong turns, we found ourselves outside the Savoy. The doorman greeted us and a lackey took our car away to be parked. As soon as we entered reception Peter shouted, “Look dad it’s still there.”

And sure enough my picture was still on the wall between Marylyn Monroe and Bob Hope. The duty manager came forward to greet us and welcome us back. We’d only been there once and that was just for afternoon tea, still it was nice to be remembered.

We asked for a couple of rooms for two nights and he told us that we could have one of the suites if we wished. I looked at Derek and he nodded so we took it even thought it was costing us a fortune. We were escorted to our suite, which had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one massive sitting room, overlooking the river Thames. After tipping the staff who escorted us up to the suite I headed for the bar in the lounge room. Derek looked at me saying, “Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be drinking darling?” I felt my temper rising and counted to ten. “I wish you wouldn’t keep nagging me about my drinking, ok I know I’m inclined to drink too much and I’m sorry after I have overindulged because I know you are the one that suffers but there are times when I need a drink to keep me going. As an actor I have to be pretending all the time I’m in the public eye, whether it be out shopping or eating in a restaurant and it gets to me. I could scream sometimes when someone asks me for an autograph just as I’m sitting down to a lovely meal.

There are times when it becomes very difficult not to say, Fuck off and leave me in fucking peace to enjoy my fucking meal.”

Peter walked over to me guiding me to an easy chair, “Dad, when the time comes that I have my degree in psychology you will be my first patient, not because you’re crazy but because you are right now having a problem dealing with fame and fortune. Well maybe not the fortune bit but Fame anyway.” I looked at him and knew he was right. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, “And if you’re not careful you’ll lose the man you love and you don’t want that do you.”

I nodded my head, thinking at the same time, we adopted a very intelligent young boy.

Derek meanwhile hadn’t said another word letting Peter do all the talking for him. Smiling he said, “I think we should dine in private in our suite tonight so we have no interruptions and then we can enjoy each other’s company.”

We all agreed wholeheartedly except possibly Steve who hadn’t said much since he got off the train and I sensed something may be amiss with our two young lovers. I didn’t say anything but made a mental note to speak with Peter later alone and find out what was happening.”

We spent the rest of the day lazing around watched a bit of TV, snoozed in the chair with Derek on my lap while Peter snuggled up to Steve. Both boys looked happy and contented kissing and cuddling without appearing to have a care in the world, so I stopped worrying about Steve’s silence earlier.

When we started to get a bit hungry we called down for our meal which included Oysters, Steak and dessert followed by brandy and coffee. A young waiter, who looked after us very well, served the meal. I must admit I was eyeing him up and down because he looked decidedly cute and dishy, but it was Peter and Steve who kept chatting him up and discovering his name was Jake and he was seventeen years old. He came off duty at midnight, and I noticed both of our boys whispering something to him and he nodded.

I pointed this out to Derek who said, “Jealous?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied with a laugh. “It’s getting pretty bad when your son steals your prospective sex partner.”

The meal was fabulous and was a fabulous price but for tonight, we didn’t care. I had a few drinks but no way near to what I usually have. We sat back down in our comfortable armchair, making out with the boys doing the same. It was starting to get late, and Peter kept looking at his watch, Derek and I began laughing because we knew he wanted us out of the way before our waiter Jake returned.

“What’s the matter Peter frightened we’ll steal your midnight date off you?”

Both Steve and him went a bright red, “How did you know?”

“It was so obvious son that you were both making a play for him, but don’t worry we won’t cramp your style and we’ll see you in the morning.”

Laughing we kissed them goodnight heading for our own bedroom, which had a spa bath in it so we relaxed, letting the bubbles and jets of water do there trick before drying each and heading for bed and our own love-in which lasted for about three hours.

Next morning we called down for breakfast at about nine thirty. Both Steve and Peter looked tired and worn out, and we teased them unmercifully about their night with Jake.

“Dad, he was incredible, very experienced, we both learnt a lot of new tricks and I hope you don’t mind but I tipped him fifty pound out of your wallet.”

“You did what?”

He repeated what he had said, “That guys a prostitute if you paid him that much I certainly hope he was worth it.”

Both of them in unison said, “Oh yes dad he certainly was.”

“By the way how was your night dads?”

“Mind your own business.” Derek replied.

After breakfast we headed out to do some last minute shopping, leaving the car were it was preferring to take a taxi. We headed for Oxford street, calling in at Harrods and few more up market stores. I had no idea what to buy Derek and took Peter to one side asking his advice.

“I don’t know dad, you have each other and don’t really need anything else.”

I agreed with him but that didn’t help me any. I later found out that Derek did exactly the same thing asking the same question.

We entered a very stylish jewellery store and I quietly asked Pater to distract Derek so that I could buy him an eighteen-carat gold chain with a gold cross set with diamonds. It set me back almost all my Pantomime salary but was worth it. I had it gift wrapped before slipping it into my pocket. Peter and Steve came up and took me to look at some very expensive watches and I told them I would buy them when they got their degrees from university.

“But that year’s away dad, can I have it now on account?”

“On account of what?”

“On account I want it now.”

I moved back to join my lover leaving Peter and Steve standing there.

Back at the Savoy, we had dinner that night in the dining room and true to form, I was asked six times for my autograph or to have my picture taken with someone’s wife, grandma or aunty. The staff were obviously used to celebrities dining there because as soon as the first person came up my meal was whisked away and when everyone had gone and we were left alone a fresh hot meal was brought out. This hotel had certainly earned its reputation over the years and deservedly so.

After dinner we headed out again heading towards Trafalgar Square were a giant Christmas tree festooned with lights had been set up. At the base of the tree was a group of about hundred carol singers and it was lovely to stand there feeling at peace with the world as Christmas approaches. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and both Derek and I were feeling a bit down because this would be the first time we had celebrated on our own and not with our parents. We stood in the freezing cold our arms around each other. While taking a break someone spoke to the choir master pointing in my direction and I thought, here we go again.

The choirmaster came across to us, introducing himself, asking if I would care to sing a Christmas Carol with them. I had no option but to say yes and in fact I thought it might be a good idea and bring us both out of our sad mood.

We moved across to the stage area where I met the choir and musicians. I decided that I would sing, ‘Oh Holy Night’ one of my favourites. I was introduced to the crowd, and sang my song with the whole choir joining in the chorus with perfect harmony.

I looked across at my lover and the two boys noticing the love and adoration they were showing on their faces. Those looks made it all worthwhile.

Of course cries for more meant that I had to sing a couple more and I loved doing it, because my singing made me feel at peace with the world. Here I was on the way to being a famous entertainer, alongside the most beautiful man in the world who I loved dearly, a son I had saved from certain death. My or should I say our world was close to perfect as it could be.

When I had finished I had to stand around freezing to death posing for pictures signing autographs. It began to snow, at first soft gentle flakes like feathers falling gracefully to earth, but gradually the snowfall increased and a wind began blowing. Before we knew it a raging blizzard was coming down.

We had trouble hailing a cab but eventually got one to take us back to the Savoy. As soon as the doorman let us in we were met by waiters with mugs of mulled ginger wine to warm us up. Later in bed with my arms around my lover I said,

“Tonight was a beautiful one. Out singing carols alongside my lover and my son and his lover who could ask for anything more.”

Snuggling up close to me, Derek kissed me gently on the lips whispering with a hoarse sound in his voice indicating that he was close to tears, “I love you so much my darling, we haven’t been saying this to each other quite as often lately but nothing has changed, I love you and I will to my dying day.”

We lay there for a while before making gentle quite love, and then sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms.

When we woke and looked out of the window the whole of London was covered in a blanket of white. Sometime earlier, the hotel staff had come in a lit a fire in the lounge, which was crackling away sending a lovely warm glow. We all donned dressing gowns, ordered breakfast and sat around the fire eating. Unfortunately, we had to leave because on Christmas day I had a rehearsal in Brighton for the pantomime.

After breakfast, we packed and went down to check out. Our car had been brought to the front of the hotel and reception told us that the road to Brighton was clear of snow so should have no problems travelling. As we were leaving the duty manager presented us with big boxes of liquor chocolates as a Christmas gift.

The drive down to Brighton was no problem, with not that much traffic on the road. Derek earlier had phoned Ian and he told us that while a lot of snow had fallen the roads were open and they hoped to see us in a couple of days.

We checked into our hotel where we had booked ten rooms for us and all the family and friends joining us over the Christmas Holidays. Being on the coast there was no snow in Brighton and after a wander around the place we went and checked out the theatre which believe it or not was on the end of a long pier, so we were performing over water. The place itself had been there for quite a few years and was antiquated to say the least back stage. After looking the place over and meeting the cast who were in rehearsal I was thankful that I was only singing a couple of songs and helping one of the other characters from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ sing a stupid song with the audience.

“I think I’ll get ready at the hotel so I won’t have to worry about a dressing room.” I told Derek and the boys. The pantomime dame was a legendary actor in pantomime dame parts, Jack Storey and it was a pleasure meeting up with him. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of my time.

Being Christmas Eve we joined most of the other hotel guests in the bar for drinks before the two of us and the boys attended church for midnight mass. I always get a strange feeling attending this particular service celebrating the birth of Jesus, but we all felt sad because it was the first midnight mass we had been to without our parents. I must admit and I think Derek did as well miss our parents. After mass, we went back to the hotel and even though it was late we exchanged gifts because I would be fairly busy tomorrow.

First we gave the boys their presents and they were most surprised that they both got the watches they had been admiring in the store, but it was pure coincidence because we had bought those watches in Oxford a couple of weeks earlier.

The boys gave us rather expensive after shave lotion, which we paid for anyway, plus a new shirt each.

The big surprise came when I gave Derek his gift and he gave me mine. You’d never believe it but we’d bought each other the self-same present an eighteen carat gold chain with a gold cross with diamonds set into it.

We all collapsed on the floor laughing at the fact that both of us bought each other the exact same present. We made a big thing of putting them around each other’s necks complete with a lot of kisses and love. The boys too had given each chains and gold hearts, but they didn’t cost anywhere near what ours did.

Seeing that we had already swapped presents, we were able to stay in bed a bit longer on Christmas Morning before going down for a late breakfast, and because I had to head off to the theatre soon, we spent some time phoning our friends and relatives starting with our mothers then Steve’s folks and a few other people. Before I left I called the boys into our room for a chat.

Now Brighton in this modern day and age is very much on the way to becoming the gay capital of England. Back in the late sixties, it was a different matter. The average age of residents was about sixty because Brighton was the place to go when you retire. Homosexuality was frowned upon, and not spoken about in Brighton social circles.

With this in mind I made sure the boys were fully aware of the situation advising them to not display their emotions or love for each other outside the confines of their bedroom.

The boys accepted this and promised they would be careful.

I headed down to the end of the pier for my rehearsal. After I had been introduced to all the cast and the music director I practised my couple of songs with them and then did the comic song with not Jack as I thought but a young man who was sort of jack’s friend, I think. It’s funny how something’s stick in your mind and all these years later I can still remember that silly little song. It was performed, in front of the curtain with the words written on a sheet, which came down from the loft and we led the audience in singing it before dividing them up for a singing competition.

Why does a red cow give white milk when it always eats green grass?

That’s the burning question burns like indigestion,

You don’t know I don’t know but it really is a fact,

Why does a red cow give white milk when it always eats green grass?


That was the song I sang, eight times a week, for ten weeks, and I was being paid for it as well.

After rehearsals, we all gathered for a Christmas drink on the stage before heading back to our hotels or lodgings. Derek and the boys were waiting for me in our room and we went down to dinner, which was a traditional Christmas meal with Turkey and all the trimmings followed by Christmas pudding and Brandy sauce. They even had the age-old tradition of pouring brandy over the pudding and setting it alight before bringing it to the table. Another tradition was putting threepenny bits (a coin of the realm back then) into the pudding while it was being cooked and if you found a coin it was supposed to lucky or something, anyway Steve was over the moon when he bit into something hard and discovered it was a coin.

It was quite late when we headed up stairs to bed. We kissed the boys goodnight before heading for our own room. It was bitterly cold outside but the hotel had a wonderful central heating system so we stripped off and got under the covers, the sheets had been warmed through with hot water bottles so it was very cosy indeed. Coming back from the theatre, I had decided that I was going to make love to Derek. Not rushed and rough sex but kind gentle love. I began by gently kissing him all over before slowly making my way down his body, licking and teasing his nipples making them stand erect before taking his balls in my mouth and gently swirling them around. Finally, I began working on his hard solid as a rock dick running my lips up and down the shaft lapping up the copious precum leaking out of his slit. My lover was gently moaning, loving every minute.

Finally, I took his shaft in my mouth going down on him all the way, until his pubic hairs tickled my nostrils. My mouth slowly began to make love to his dick and Derek began humping his body in time with my movements. None of this was rushed as my darling man slowly moved his body around until my dick was level with his face. I think you can all guess what came next as both of us began satisfying each other with our mouths, slowly and gently we came up to a climax making sure that we both finished at the same time and filling each other’s throats with our juice.

Once our dicks began to soften, we moved to face each other kissing deeply sharing some of the residue of love juice left in our mouths. Declaring our love for each other over and over again, we finally went to sleep both contented and so very much in love.

Next Morning which in Britain is called Boxing Day we went down to breakfast and just as we had finished a waiter came to tell me there was a phone call. I went through to reception to take the call and it was my mother.

“Hello mum, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas son to you, Derek and the boys. I missed you dearly yesterday being the first Christmas without you. Did you get some nice presents?”

I told her how Derek and I bought each other the same presents, which tickled her funny bone.

“Err, son?”

“Yes mum what is it?”

“I don’t really know how to tell you this, but err…”

She began to stammer and stutter and I wondered what it was she wanted to tell me and it didn’t sound like good news.

“Come on mum tell me what’s on your mind get it off your chest.”

“Well I got a big shock yesterday when there was a knock on the door, you sister went to answer it and.” Again she paused,

“Well it was your father.” There was silence as I tried to take in what my mother had just told me.

“How can he be when he’s in jail?”

“Apparently he got time off for good behaviour.”

“Well, I hope you’re going to send him packing right now.”

“Son, I hope you’ll understand that he is still my husband the man I married. I still love him, and while I’m sure you will find that very hard to understand but I do. He is still your father and I know what he did to you and Derek was very, very wrong, but he swears the time spent in prison has made him see and understand what a fool he was and how he went out of his way to hurt his own flesh and blood.”

Tears were beginning to form in my eyes and I just couldn’t grasp what my mother had just told me.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to take him back after all he did not only to me but you, all those affairs behind your back one even with an underage girl, surely you’re not going to have him back in your bed mum?”

“Not into my bed, but I have told him he can stay with me and we’ll see how things go.”

Once again, I was silent finding it hard to believe that my mother was actually going to take that bastard back after all he’d done to us.

“Are you still there son?”

“Yes mum I’m still here.”

“The thing is with dad here I won’t be able to come down to Brighton, unless…, unless you agree to allow your dad to come down with me.” I could hear her sobbing after she said those words.

“Please don’t cry mum.” I was beginning to get tears as well.

“We really want to see you because it’s been a while and Derek and I worry about you, bring my father along with you, but don’t expect either of us to welcome him with open arms. That is something we will never be able to do.”

“Thank you son, you are my first born and I love you dearly.”

“I love you too mum.” Tears were streaming down my cheeks as Derek came out to see what was taking so long. When he saw the tears, he panicked and I handed him the phone. Having no idea who was on the other end, he tentatively said hello.

He listened to my mother telling him what was happening and I could see the colour slowly leaving his face. Finally, with a stunned look on his face he handed the phone back to me and I spoke to mum once more.

“Mum, for your sake I will be as civil as I can be to him but that’s as far as I will go and he can stay with you at the hotel but the less I have to do with him the better. I’m sorry mum but I can’t bring myself to be as forgiving as you are. Maybe after a while things might change but I don’t think they will. Goodbye mum and we’ll see you all being well tomorrow, we love you dearly mum and don’t want to see you hurt.”

I hung up the phone resting my head on Derek’s shoulder; the boys had come out of the dining room looking for us and couldn’t make head nor tail of what was happening. We didn’t say a word except to tell them to follow us up to our room.

In our bedroom, I told them everything my mother had said, and all three looked devastated at the news.

“What are you going to do dad?”

“I don’t really know right now, I’ve got to try and think straight and sort my mind out. This man she is taking back did try very hard to kill both Derek and myself, and we can never forgive him for that. Another thing I’ve just thought of is the fact that the courts still have an injunction against him which means he can’t approach us or contact us in any shape way or form. All well and good but if we want my mother to visit us and have a holiday in Brighton with us then we have to have that order rescinded. If I tell mum he can’t come with her I don’t think she’ll come either.”

“So Cliff, we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He’s told mum that he is a reformed man, maybe he is but do we take that chance?”

We sat in silence for quite a while thinking things through before Steve surprised us by speaking up.

“Dad, he’s still your father he had a hand in creating you and if your mother can forgive him then I think we should all try and do the same.”

Peter looked at his lover in amazement before giving him a hug and kiss.

“Wise words my darling, and I think what you say our dads should try and do.”

He came over sitting between us with his arms around us both.

“It’s not going to be easy dads but I agree you should give it a go for the sake of your mum, it would make her very happy, plus maybe his time in prison has shown him the error of his ways.”

“What do think Derek?” I asked my lover,

“The boys are probably right. It’s not going to be easy and I don’t think I can greet him like a long lost relative but, for mum’s sake let’s give it a go. Don’t forget my parents were caught up at the time with his and Michael’s father’s attempts to harm us so I think I should let them know what is happening. They may decide not to join us here, although I don’t think that will happen.”

What looked like being a happy time with family and friends could be turning out to be a difficult time. We went back down to the morning room as they called it, for coffee and cakes and Derek went to call his parents. When he came back, he told us what had transpired,

“My mum and dad were shocked with the news but said for ours and your mothers’ sake they will come and join us but like we all pointed out it will be difficult to make him welcome.”

“That’s all we can do, make sure everyone is happy and try to keep the peace for mum’s sake.

I went to call her and tell her what we had discussed and she was happy that we were willing to try. In fact, she was crying tears of joy when we hung up.

It was just about time for me to go to the theatre for a full dress rehearsal before the first performance tonight, Derek and the boys decided they would walk down to the end of the pier with me.

The rehearsal was a bit boring but the pit orchestra played my two songs very well plus we did that silly song as well. I was expected to come out and take a bow during the final scene, but I’m hoping that I might get away with not appearing some nights and have time with our family and of course my lover.

The gang was waiting for me when I left the theatre and we walked back for an early dinner, for me anyway. Over dinner we got back to talking about my father and we told Peter and Steve the full story of everything that happened during our last year at school when we told the whole school of our love for each other. Telling them both how my father and Michaels dad tried to have us killed.

Both boys knew something had happened but were not aware of the full calendar of events.

Derek and I went up to our room for a kiss and a cuddle before I got ready for the show and I think the boys did the same. They were going to join us to watch my performance on the opening night. For some reason I was having trouble getting enthusiastic about this job. This was the first time I had ever felt this way about my work and couldn’t understand it.

All too soon, it was time for me to go and we met the boys downstairs in the foyer before walking down to the theatre. It was bitterly cold so we caught the funny little tram, which ran from the pier head down to the end. I still couldn’t fathom how the audience could brave the arctic conditions just to see a pantomime but they did.

Everything went well with the audience loving every minute so I felt a bit better in myself going back to the hotel. We walked this time because there were a lot of people waiting for the tram.

Back at the hotel, we went into the bar where I had a couple of brandies to calm me down and also warm me up. We then headed for a hot shower and bed.

Once we were in bed cuddling up to each other, making out before we went to sleep.

“Well, my darling our visitors begin arriving tomorrow including my mother along with my father. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t worried because I’m terrified of how the next couple of weeks are going to go.”

Derek kissed me long and deep and I could feel the love and affection flowing from him to me.

“Don’t worry darling just remember you’ll have the boys, me and don’t forget Ian, because he was involved as well to support and help you.”

I returned the kiss saying,

“Thank you for being you and being my strength I could never cope with my current career and life without you by my side. I love you dearly Derek Driscoll.”

“And I love you Clifford Steele.” He whispered as we dropped off to sleep, both wondering with some fear and trepidation what was going to happen in our lives.


I had to stop there so you could think about what was going to happen with Cliff’s father when he arrives tomorrow. The next chapter sounds as if it might be a troubled one or if his father has changed then it will be a peaceful happy one. Please come back in three weeks and find out.

Also let me know what you think of this and all my stories.

My next posting will be next Wednesday and will be chapter four of Rebirth. When poor Davey hopefully gets some blood from a donor, who will it be? Check out the polls and let us know who you think it should be.

Hugs Trevor


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  • Mike says:

    Hi Trevor, I really love your stories! I hope you have not set us up for a bloody Christmas massacre. Cliff’s Dad’s quest to murder his son has been ongoing for quite some time now. I hope some precautions are arranged before his arrival. I am sure if Cliff and Derek’s agent knew about this danger he would insist on having some security in place. I guess we will have to wait on the edge of our seats for the next chapter. Thanks again, Mike

  • George Thoele says:

    Ok Trevor I finally made it to chapter 31 and it is super awesome. Whoever the actual parties are, that the story is about, they had an adventurous life. Again I say this is an awesome story. I will definitely be back tomorrow for the next chapter. And everyone after that till the end. God be with you and yours and thank you for this wonderful story.


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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy