Chapter 19

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 19

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

I wasn’t going to tell you how we put Ian’s mind at rest when we went to
bed at Derek’s place after the drama with Ian’s mother, but then I thought
what the hell.

Derek has two beds in his room a double which my lover and I now share and
a single which was intended for Ian. We got undressed and Ian went to get
into the small bed but Derek looked at me and smiled that wicked one of
his. He walked over to Ian taking him by the hand leading him to our bed.

“Get into the middle of the bed” he ordered. Then I got one side and Derek
the other. Firstly my lover reached over and began kissing Ian his tongue
making it’s way into Ian’s mouth while I reached from behind him and began
caressing his cock and balls. Ian began moaning and getting very hard. My
cock was nestled between his ass cheeks and I slowly rubbed it up and down
between the cheeks, while slowly jacking his cock.

Meanwhile Derek began moving his lips slowly down his body pausing to suck
and harden his nipples, then he did the belly button thing with his tongue
which also sent Ian wild and finally he replaced my hand with his mouth
taking Ian’s six inch cock all the way down his throat. This left me with
nothing to do with my hands so I slowly inserted a finger into his arse
pushing in and rotating it at the same time. Ian was bucking, jerking and
going crazy with lust by this time. Two fingers followed and then three
while my lover increased his sucking on Ian’s cock.

All Ian could say over and over was “oh man that feels good keep sucking
and Cliff please fuck me”.

Always happy to oblige that kind of request I replaced my fingers with the
tip of my cock. There was enough precum that lubrication was not needed.

I pushed on slowly through the pain barrier and slowly and methodically
began fucking our best friend. The moaning continued and got a bit louder
and I was afraid Derek’s parents might hear us. I shushed Ian and began
making it more difficult for him to keep quite by speeding up my thrusting
in and out of his hot arse. Derek was also speeding up and Ian had found
Derek’s seven inches of solid prick and was pounding away with his fist
wrapped around it. Our breathing became more erratic as all three of us
headed for a mighty climax.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming” exclaimed Ian and that was all that was needed for
all three of us to shoot. Mine went up into Ian’s waiting hole, Ian’s into
Derek’s hot mouth while my lover made an unholy mess of the sheets.

Gasping for breath we lay there for several minutes before coming back to
earth, holding on to each other savouring the afterglow of some great sex.

“I love you two guys” Ian said. “Thank you for your help tonight and thank
you for that beautiful fuck and suck.”.

We took turns at kissing his soft tender lips. When Ian moved to get out of
bed and go to his own Derek said. “Don’t move there’s enough room for all
three of us if we cuddle up tight. Which we did kissing and cuddling until
we drifted off to sleep.

Next morning when we got to school my friendly policeman Steve was waiting
for us. “Hi guys”. he said. “Don’t have much time because I’m due on duty
soon but Janice and I would like you and Derek to join us for dinner
tonight our treat and to talk about the wedding” You may remember Steve
asked me to be best man and Derek his groomsman.

We both thanked him and made arrangements for when and were to meet.

Derek, Ian and myself met up again for lunch and sat around talking when
Damien who we met the other day at our secret hideout came and sat with us.

“Guys I’ve been thinking about this business of coming out and declaring
that I am gay. I’m sick and tired of trying to hide it from everyone even
my parents and have decided to tell them all”.

“What about your boyfriend Peter. Have you spoken to him about it?” I

“No, if he wants to he can join me in telling everyone or I can keep his
name out of it. That’s up to him”.

“Do you think it’s wise for you to make the big announcement when Peter is
still uncertain and a bit scared”.

“No” Damien said. “I won’t bring his name into it so no one will know about

I had mixed feelings about this and I told Damien so.

“Think and consider him, talk to him and make certain you are doing the
right thing. That’s my advice”.

Derek and Ian both agreed. The bell rang and we went to afternoon classes.

We went to my place after school and of course my father was there, but he
totally ignored us. Mum cooked tea and we went to my room to do our
homework. About half an hour later Cassandra my eldest sister knocked on
the door to tell us that Ian was here.

“Show him in please” I asked.

Ian came into the room with a big grin on his face and Derek said.

“You’ve got something to tell us haven’t you. I can always tell”.

Ian paused took a deep breath and said.

“Well I’ve just been talking to HRH about the half term holiday and so that
his parents don’t get too suspicious he wondered if you two guys would like
to go along to his place as well”.

Both our mouths dropped open and we stared at Ian hardly able to contain

“Are you for real” I asked. “Yes he thought a crowd of us would be a good
cover, what do you guys think”.

Derek said. “Wow a fuck fest at the castle” and we all burst out laughing.

“That would be great” I commented. “You ok with that my love”.

“Sure I can hardly wait”.

So that was that in a couple of weeks we were off to spend a few days at
Windsor Castle fucking ourselves stupid all being well.

Ian said he had to get going and go home. We asked how is mother was going.

“She’s getting more used to the idea I think, plus HRH is coming over for
tea on Friday and she’s busy panicking over that. I hope she doesn’t curtsy
or something when he comes in”. We all had a laugh over that.

When Ian had gone we discussed the whole set up with Ian and his highness,
hoping that he would make Ian happy and not dump him in the future.

When we went to bed that night we didn’t have sex or anything like that but
just laid in each others arms being totally and utterly in love with each

The next evening were where having dinner with Steve and his fiancé Janice.

They took us to a really swish Indian restaurant . We had a great meal
enjoying each others company. They discussed the wedding with us over
coffee the both of them holding hands so Derek took hold of my hand.

A couple of tables away were four guys who had been drinking and a bit
worse for wear. They began making nasty comments when they saw Derek and I
holding hands.

“Look at the two poofters over there, I wonder who’s on top and who’s on
the bottom”. one said

Another piped up and said. “I think it’s disgusting holding hands in public
they’ll be feeling each other up under table next” He sneered.

“Hey darling how about giving us a kiss and a cuddle as well. I could
satisfy you better than your girlfriend can” one of them said addressing

I went to take my hand away and Derek whispered “Don’t give in to them”.

I continued holding his hand, looking away and trying to ignore them. I
could see Steve and Janice were getting upset and some of the other diners
had stopped talking and were looking at the trouble makers.

“I don’t think we’ll be coming to this dump again if they allow poofters
in” was the next remark.

Derek was getting angry I could tell and he piped up.

“I don’t think we’ll be coming to this dump again if they allow deadbeat
drunks in”.

I thought shit were going to get beaten up for sure now. I noticed several
other diners laughing at Derek’s remark which upset the drunks.

Just then the manager went up to their table and politely asked them to
leave. A couple of them jumped up and grabbed the manager. “We don’t take
any orders from poncy curry eaters, why don’t you piss off back into the
kitchen were you belong”.

That did it Steve very quietly got up and went over to their table produced
his warrant card and very quietly said “Your all under arrest”. He then
spoke to the manager and asked him to phone the police station to arrange
transport for these four louts.

I thought shit he’s got guts taking on these guys single handed, but then
Janice got up producing a pair of handcuffs from her handbag and said to

“Which one shall I put these on constable?”

” I don’t think that will be needed sergeant these boys are going outside
to wait for the paddy wagon quietly and peacefully aren’t you”.

The four thought about this for a minute but decided they had better
because a couple of tough looking guys who where sat in the corner stood up
and said. “Do need any assistance constable”. If they got involved it could
turn into a big fight.

At that the four peacefully went out the door. In a matter of minutes the
police vehicle arrived and off they went. Steve and Janice came back in and
several diners cheered and applauded while the manager told us the meals
where on the house. Steve then insisted on paying because as he explained
that would amount to taking a bribe.

The two guys in the corner came over to Derek and Me and we both thought
there was going to be more trouble but they gave us both a hug saying that
they admired us for showing our affection for each other in public.

“It’s something we have not been game to do even though we have been living
together for over ten years”. We stared in amazement never thinking they
too were gay.

That night we made slow gentle love which turned into a long session that
went on for more than three hours so we where very tired and late for
school next day.

The wedding day soon came round and we both dressed in the tuxedo’s which
Steve had hired for us. My mum had gone over to Derek’s place to see us off
and our parents had tears in their eyes as we went off in the car Steve had
organised to his apartment. He too had tears in his eyes when he saw us and

“Thanks you both for making Janice and I very happy by being here for me

We hugged him and thanked him in return for asking us to do this.

I could hardly contain myself because I had a little surprise lined up for
Derek and I dearly hoped he was going to approve.

We arrived at the church and waited for the arrival of the bride who was
only about five minutes late. The ceremony proceeded without a hitch and
when the priest asked for the rings I produced them and while the priest
was instructing Steve to place the ring on her finger I produced two more
wedding bands and placed one on Derek’s finger mouthing the same words as
Steve “with this ring I thee wed to love honour and cherish for the rest of
my days”.

When it was Janice’ turn I slipped Derek the other ring and he placed it on
my finger saying the same words. It was very difficult not to burst into
tears and I could barely look Derek in the eyes for fear of breaking
down. Both Steve and Janice noticed what had taken place and tears began
rolling down Janice’s cheeks. The rest of the congregation must have
wondered what was going on because we had our backs to them and they
couldn’t see what was happening.

The priest noticed and he smiled and nodded at both of us.

When we went to sign the register in the little room at the side of the
church, and all the formalities had been taken care of the priest
said. “before we go out I would like to perform another ceremony. Would you
two young men hold hands and put them out please”. We did wondering what
was going to happen.

The priest holding both our hands said ” Dear God bless these rings which
have been placed with such tender and loving care by these two people. May
they share a happy and contended life together, Amen”.

Well that did it Steve was crying Janice was crying Derek and I were crying
even the bridesmaids where crying and the priest had tears in his eyes.

Derek and I gently kissed each other and hugged. I whispered.

“Darling did you mind what I did”.

“Never it was the most beautiful act of love that could ever happen, thank
you Cliff I love you dearly even more so now we are partners for life”.

It took a while for us all to compose ourselves before going back out to
make our way down the aisle.

At the reception I had the opportunity to talk to Steve on his own and I

“Steve I hope you didn’t mind what I did after all it was your wedding not

Steve looked like he was going to cry again. “Cliff that was the most
wonderful thing anyone could ever do. I hope the both of you are very happy

The reception speeches went off without a hitch and I didn’t tell too many
dirty jokes like the best man is inclined to do. Steve got up to do his
little speech and he paid tribute to Derek and I. “I would like to
sincerely thank my best man Cliff and groomsman Derek for helping me get
through this happiest day of my life. I first met these two while Cliff was
in hospital after a severe beating for coming out and declaring that he and
his partner Derek were different. While I am 100% heterosexual male (as
Janice will soon find out)”. That remark brought forth loud raucous
laughter. “Cliff and Derek have become true friends of mine and always will
be. I admire their bravery in declaring their love for each other and I
will respect them for it for the rest of my life. I would like to propose a
toast to two wonderful gentlemen, Cliff and Derek”. We looked at each other
grinning and mouthed a thank you to Steve and Janice. I also noticed that
several of the guests not taking part in the toast and I thought, well each
to their own.

When the dancing started we had to dance with the bridesmaids which was ok
because my lover and I decided a long time ago we would never dance
together in public.

During the course of the evening Steve took us to one side telling us that
they would soon be leaving on their honeymoon. Steve produced the keys to
his apartment and asked if we would like to stay there for a couple of
weeks and keep an eye on the place. “It could be your very own honeymoon”
he remarked with a grin.

We thanked him very much and Derek gave me a hug whispering in my ear “We
might not surface long enough to go to school” We both laughed at this
remark, but Steve was right this was just the place for a bit of privacy to
consummate our own wedding ceremony.

After they had left on their honeymoon Derek and I headed for my place
first to show my mother our rings and tell her about the wedding.

When we showed her our ring fingers she burst into tears and hugged us both
while my father snorted and stormed out in disgust.

Derek’s parents were next on the list but on the way Derek suggested we
call and see if Ian was home to show him. He was sat watching TV with his
parents and when we showed them our rings and told them about the priest
blessing them Ian also burst into tears hugging us tightly, so tight that I
could hardly breath. His father shook our hands and wished us all the best
but Ian’s mother was very quite not sure what to make of events.

“Will you and his highness be doing something like this as well son” she
asked Ian. “Don’t know mum we still have a lot further to go in our
relationship yet before we reach that stage”.

“I hope you don’t go that far son, I still hope and pray every night that
you will someday come to your senses realise it’s all a mistake and find a
nice girl instead”.

“oh mum I’m sorry but don’t build up your hopes because that will never
ever happen. I may not stay with the prince although I hope I do because I
love him dearly and he does me, but if circumstances make it impossible for
our relationship to continue then I will more than likely in time find
another guy”.

On that note we made our goodbyes and headed for home. Once more after
displaying our rings (The gold one’s that is LOL) more tears followed and
with hugs and kisses all round we headed for bed to consummate our

marriage by fucking and sucking each other all night finally getting to
sleep at about five in the morning.

The next day Sunday it was almost noon before we woke. I opened my eyes
first and looked across at my darling sleeping peacefully but still with
that wicked grin on his face. I moved closer and kissed him gently on the
lips my hands going down to slowly stroke his cock. Soon it was erect and
ready for action so throwing the sheets and blankets off I moved down to
take his cock in my mouth gently sucking and playing with his testiculi
rolling them around his sac with gentle loving fingers . Derek moaned
quietly and slowly opened his eyes. “I could be wakened with that kind of
action any time you like” He whispered kissing me and bringing his tongue
into play with mine. “I love you my husband” he continued, which took me by
surprise because neither of us thought about who was top and who was
bottom. It didn’t matter to either of us who did what to who. We were too
much in love with each other to care.

I didn’t say anything because at the time my mouth was full of a gorgeous
hunk of hot throbbing meat. I began humming at the same time speeding up my
sucking and Derek began bucking his hips and jerking around the bed
obviously getting ready to shoot a load down my eager throat. It got harder
and harder to hang on to his cock he moved around so much. I eased off and
he calmed down a bit moving his head down so that his mouth was level with
my dick. At last I thought he’s got into my favourite position as he took
my cock into his mouth and we sucked in harmony our fingers going behind
and doing there job as well. Once into a rhythm we settled down into
heavenly blow jobs on each other, both of us trying hard to delay the
shooting of our juices. I think it was about 30 minutes or more we carried
on like this and I don’t know about my lover but my jaw was beginning to
ache and get very tired. I was determined not to be the first to blow and I
could tell Derek had made up his mind that he was not going to cum first
either. We both had three fingers inserted and apart from pushing in and
out we were rotating them as well. I finally had to give in because my ribs
were beginning to hurt having not yet fully recovered from the bashing
which put me in hospital. I speeded up and so did my man until I reached
the point of no return and climaxed with an almighty rush of sperm which
was greedily swallowed up by my partner. That was just what he was waiting
for and I felt the hot salty but slightly sweet spunk blasting into my
mouth to be swallowed as he had done with me.

Our softening dicks came out of our mouths while we moved to kiss and swap
juices between us. We lay in each others arms for another couple of hours
dozing on and off and savouring each others bodies.

Hunger and the need to pee finally forced us out of bed and into the
bathroom were we decided to shower separately because together it would
take far too long.

When we finally went downstairs it was tea time and Derek’s mum had a meal
all ready for us. His father remarked with a big grin. “I hope this
honeymoon isn’t going to go on for too long otherwise you’ll never make it
to school for a week or so”.

I grinned back at him “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea”.

He laughed and said “You cheeky bugger Cliff. No matter what, you have both
GOT to go to school”.

We both nodded and said Ok.

We then told them about babysitting Steve’s apartment while him and Janice
were away and it was decided that Derek’s dad would take us over there with
a few things after tea.

“But don’t forget to go to school tomorrow” he added with a laugh.

Steve’s apartment was pretty close to the police station, not that that was
a problem and only about 15 minutes from school.

Derek’s father dropped us off and helped take in a few things we would need
for the week.

With that cheeky grin on his face Derek said. “I hope it’s ok with mum if
we bring our washing round every couple of days”.

His dad laughed and said “Oh I suppose not. Enjoy yourselves boys I love
you both”.

At that he kissed us both on the cheeks and left.

“You have two beautiful parents”. I said and Derek nodded in agreement. We
investigated the apartment which was quite large and well furnished. In the
kitchen was a note from Steve and Janice wishing us all the best and
telling us that they had bought in enough food for us for the week and not
to worry about buying anything. At the bottom of the note it said ” and
don’t bother getting your mothers to wash the stained sheets at the end of
the week. We’ll do that when we get back”. We both laughed at that and
Derek remarked that they had thought of everything.

They even had a TV which back then was a pretty new invention and not many
people had them so we sat together cuddling on the lounge and watched an
old and very corny movie in black and white. We both dozed off and I woke
to a blank TV screen. I kissed my lover awake and suggested we go to
bed. Steve had a beautiful double bed which was so soft and luxurious that
we both fell asleep in each others arms.

It was late when we woke next morning and had to rush around have a quick
breakfast and race off to school, just making it in time for assembly.

I asked our headmaster Mr Garth if we could speak to him and John
Waddington in his office before we went into class. He agreed and we made
our way to the administration section of the school.

The head and John were both in his office and we we’re invited to come
in. They both looked a bit puzzled and wondering what we where going to
tell them.

We showed them our golden bands on our fingers and told them all about the
wedding and everything. I noticed tears appearing on both their faces and
they gave us a hug and kiss wishing us all the best. Just then the head’s
secretary came in and told us that a gentleman was outside wanting to speak
with the Derek and I. We must both have looked panic stricken and Mr Garth
said “Would you like us to stay until you find out what he wants?”

“Yes please sirs” said Derek. “I can’t imagine who he is or what he wants”.

A middle aged man in a dark pinstripe suit holding a black briefcase came
in held out his hand introducing himself as being from the home secretaries

We then looked even more puzzled and Mr. Garth spoke up saying “What does
the home secretary want with these two boys”.

The man who said his name was Jenkins explained. “These two boys along with
another boy at this school have been invited by HRH to spend the half term
holidays at Windsor castle as his guests.”

If you could have seen the look on John Waddington’s and Mr. Garth’s faces.

“Before they can attend they have to sign the official secrets act and
undertake never to reveal any information about the royal family or the

I looked at Derek and grinned. “Don’t worry what happens over the those few
days will never be revealed”. and at that Derek burst out laughing while
John and Mr. Garth were trying so hard not to break down.

“Believe me young man visits to our sovereigns home is no laughing matter,
it is an object of national security”.

I coughed and straitened my face and Derek muttered sorry.

He produced a couple of pieces of paper from his briefcase and said “Read
and sign this document please”.

I spoke up. “if you don’t mind I would like my headmaster to read this
first to make sure we are doing the right thing”.

Mr Garth read through the paper slowly then said. “it all appears to be in
order to me boys, it just states that you must not talk to the media or
anybody about your visit”.

Mr. Pinstripe spoke again, “Believe me if the gutter press find out they
will try and get a story out of you even offer you big money. If you do
divulge anything about your visit you will be arrested under the act, your
friend has already signed”.

I looked at my lover and nodded. “That’s ok we will sign”.

After he had gone we all burst out laughing and Mr Garth said “if I know
you three boys what happens over those four days you will certainly not
wish to be public, but on a more cautious note take care and don’t talk to
anyone about your visit”.

“No sir we won’t” we both replied.

We then left for our classes or what remained of them before the lunchtime
bell sounded.

We discussed what had taken place with Ian over lunch all three of us
becoming very excited over our half term adventure.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy