Chapter 34

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

The rest of the day was spent generally getting the house into shape and how we wanted it.
It was about midnight and we had just gone to bed when the phone rang.
It was Bruce sounding dreadful and in tears, “What is it Bruce what’s happened?”

Now read on.

On the other end of the phone, Bruce was sobbing his heart out and we couldn’t get any sense out of him. Then Roland came on the line, he too sounded as if he was quite emotional.
“What’s happening Roland? For goodness sake someone tell us what’s happening.”
There was a long pause and we could hear voices in the background then Ian came on line.
“For fucks sake Ian what’s going on?”
“It’s John, he’s had another massive heart attack. The Doctor tried three times to bring him back but didn’t succeed and we thought he was gone, all that talk you heard just now was when one of the nurses told Bruce that the doctor, when he tried a fourth time got a faint heartbeat and his heart is beating but very erratically and faint.”
We heard more talking and then Ian came back on, “His heart beat is almost back to normal again and the doctor is trying to slowly bring him round.”
“That’s good news Ian; we all hope and pray that he’s on the road to recovery.”
There was another pause and we couldn’t hear anything at all.
“You still there Ian?”
“Yes I was just getting my breath back it’s been a difficult couple of hours not only with John but Bruce is just about out of it, I don’t think he can cope with much more.”
Just a minute the doctor wants to have a word, “Hello Cliff, I assume Ian explained what just happened?”
“Yes, it didn’t sound too good.”
“His heart is quite steady now and I’m slowly going to bring him round and maybe try him breathing on his own. He’s reached the stage I believe when he wants to give up so we have to try hard to make sure that he has plenty to live for, so I was hoping that you might be able to come down and help by talking and singing. He appears to respond to you and Bruce more than the others and at the moment Bruce is in such a state that he is finding it difficult to talk to John, in fact he needs just as much care right now as John does.”

I didn’t bother asking the others but just said, “Yes we’ll be there first thing in the morning.”
The doctor thanked me and we rang off. I then had to relate all this to the others who agreed we should head down there first thing. We headed back to bed setting the alarm clock for five hours’ time that would be six am.

Right on six am, we were up, showered, had a quick breakfast and on the road to Brighton. Luckily there was little traffic and we made good time. We were allowed straight into intensive care arriving just as the doctor came out from checking up on John.
“He’s had a much better night since the last attack. I think being out of it helped. In the coma he was beginning to get distressed. When he wakes, I think his remaining lung will be able to cope on its own, but I will shut down the lung machine gradually just to make sure. His wounds especially those in his throat are healing up nicely so he won’t get so upset about that.”
He paused but we could all see that what he had to say next was troubling him.
“He still has no idea regarding his facial and body scars which will I’m sure affect him emotionally. He will have to be looked after almost round the clock for a few weeks when he leaves the hospital and after that time, he will still require a lot of attention. Right now Bruce isn’t up to it and his recovery is going to take just as long. What I’m getting at is someone will have to look after them until they are able to manage on their own.”
“Leave that with us doctor, we’ll work something out and most definitely won’t leave them to work things out by themselves.”
He thanked us sincerely before heading off on his rounds. Derek and I hand in hand entered John’s room and we were surprised to see a bit more colour in his face and his eyes not quite as sunken in.
His eyes were closed and he looked quite peaceful. We moved close to him and I sat next to him and began talking. I told him all about the new house, the wine cellar explaining that was a secret and not to tell anyone. I chatted away for about an hour staying in there while the others came in and out in turn. I also sang to him starting with some of the old songs he taught us at school, then Oliver and finally some of the songs from my band play list. I also told him what Michael & Robert were up to and the kidnapping with the happy ending telling him that he’d better hurry up and get well so we could all go to Disneyworld.

I took a break, grabbing a drink and something to eat while Derek took over talking to our patient. Bruce joined me and he needed just as much work on him as John did.
Leaning on my shoulder he said, “If John doesn’t survive I don’t think I want to Cliff. I love him so very much, do you know we’ve been together for almost thirty years and we’ve never had a major argument.”
“That’s great; I hope Derek and I continue like that for life. Don’t worry about John, he’s a fighter and I’m sure he’ll pull through; the only worry will be his facial looks, which I know, will worry him. Have you contacted the school and told them?”
“Yes, and both of us are on indefinite leave until we’re ready to go back.”
“That’s good news, Derek and I were thinking that the both of you should think about coming to live with us for a while, we have plenty of room and if John requires nursing care maybe we could arrange that as well.”
“We wouldn’t be able to pay you much right now.”
“Who mentioned money?”
“Well no one, but we would like to be able to pay our way.”
“If it wasn’t for John I would never be in the position I am now, he encouraged me, taught me and got me started in this industry.”
We chatted for a while longer and Bruce started to be a bit more relaxed with everything.
Finally, we decided to head back and check on John, as we stood up Bruce took me in his arms, kissing me on the lips. When he broke off, I had a puzzled look on my face so he said,
“That’s from the both of us, thanking you for being here for us.”
I smiled not saying anything as we made our way back to intensive care.

Derek and the boys sat outside in the waiting room while Ian and Roland were sitting with John. The boys looked bored so I gave them some money telling them to go find something nice to eat and not to talk to any strange men, “Does that mean we can never talk to you and Derek ever again?” Peter remarked with a grin on his face, “Go on get going you cheeky bugger before I ask for my money back.”
When they left I motioned for Derek to follow me and we went into John’s room to relieve the other two. Sitting in my usual spot I held John’s hand occasionally squeezing it and began singing to him again.
After several songs I began to go through my repertoire again, when I was suddenly interrupted by a croaky almost inaudible voice, “You’ve sang that three times already can we hear something different?’ I stopped singing looking at John who still had is eyes closed but had just the hint of a grin on his face. The nurse sitting with us immediately called the doctor and within minutes, he was there. Bruce came in with him all excited. “Did he really speak to you Cliff?” I nodded and the look of joy on his face said it all. His doctor began checking him over asking a couple of questions and getting croaky answers back.

“I want you to try opening your eyes please John.” The doctor asked. At first there was no response and then his eyelids fluttered and slowly opened, the first person he looked at was Bruce, “Darling, I need a kiss, one of your specials which will prove that I’m still alive.” Bruce looked at the doctor who nodded his head in agreement.
We all moved out of the way while Bruce moved down to kiss John on the mouth, which was a bit difficult because he still had a tube down his throat. They kissed and held it for some time until John got breathless.
Bruce started to get a bit emotional so the doctor moved him to one side while he continued his examination. Once he had finished and was happy with his patient he wrote up some notes giving the nurse some instructions before leaving and asking Derek and I to join him leaving Bruce with his semi-conscious lover.

Outside the door, the doctor spoke to both of us, “Were you serious when you said John and Bruce would be welcome at your home in London?”
“We certainly were, we’ll do anything we can to help them both get back on their feet.”
“Good, Now that John is coming round and his wounds are healing I think he can leave this hospital in a couple or so days. You live in London, which will be ideal. I will give you the name and address of a plastic surgeon who is one of the best there is and he will I’m sure work wonders on John’s scars. He is very expensive so I’m not sure about your financial situation, but it will be costly and take time.”
“Don’t worry about the money Doctor, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t worry those two in there about money either.”
“No that’s fine, the less they have to worry about the better for both of them in their state of mind right now. I will also give you the contact details for a psychiatrist who will help them both as well.”
Knowing he was gay, we both gave him a hug thanking him for all he has done, before going back in to tell the two guys the news.
It was a wonderful sight seeing both of them side by side holding hands looking at each other. John still had no idea how bad his face looked, and so far, no one had mentioned it.
We explained what was going to happen, which brought forth protests from both of them but we told them it was a done deal and that was that.

We said our goodbye’s telling them both that we would be back on Sunday hopefully to take them home. After kissing them both goodbye, we went outside to talk to Ian and Roland telling them of our plans and everything the doctor had said. They fully agreed. We said our goodbyes heading out the door just as Peter and Steve walked back in. They immediately turned around as we headed for the car and home.

Back home Derek cooked a lovely meal for us and I sneaked down to the cellar bringing up a bottle of vintage red, which I found out later was worth close to a thousand pounds.
We laid around after the dishes had been cleared and the washing up done, watching a bit of television before heading for bed.
Derek and I were so tired that once we’d showered and got into bed we dropped off to sleep straight away with nothing sexy happening which was to say the least unusual.

In Peter and Steve’s room, their sex romp began in the shower with both of the young guys making out as the water fell on them reviving them. Both were very hard and ready. Peter was about eight inches by now, cut with heavy balls hanging down low, while Steve was uncut and seven inches of solid dick. They traded suck for suck until both of them had filled the other with their seed before finishing off their shower.
No matter how cold it was or what the weather was, they always slept naked loving the feel of each other’s cock against their body.
By the time they got between the sheets both were hard and ready for round two. In the sixty nine position Steve began going down on Peter, while he was bypassing Steve’s cock to move his head between his partners legs to use his tongue on the lovely pink hole right in front of him. Steve was giving his all working on his lovers cock so Peter who wanted to save his love juice and put it somewhere else pulled away moving down so he could better get to his sweethearts hole. Steve always maintained that Peter had the longest tongue in the world. It was certainly giving him the rimming of his life right now.

Steve couldn’t stand it anymore, “Please Peter my darling, fuck me. I want all of your big cock inside me, please do it. Do it now.”
Withdrawing his tongue Peter moved up kissing his partners body on the way up reaching the lips he loved to kiss, going between them with his tongue before he positioned his cock at Steve’s entrance, slowly entering him. The look of heaven on both their faces said it all as the motions of both their bodies got into a hot sexual rhythm. Gradually the tempo increased as the pair began coupling faster and faster, both were by now familiar with each other’s likes and moves. Then with perspiration dripping from their bodies, they both yelled almost together, “I’m cumming.” And cum they did. Spurt after spurt went into Steve’s guts so much of it that it began to come out running down Peters still rigid cock.. Meanwhile Steve’s juice was splattered all over his body including his hair. Finally, they separated lying side by side shivering slightly as their bodies cooled off in the cool room.
Peter jumped up off the bed grabbing Steve’s hand pulling him and leading him into the bathroom and a shower that resulted in more sexplay, and another load of juice from both of them but this time down their throats.

Another early start the next morning, because it was the day of my father’s funeral, and we had a four hours’ drive ahead of us. It had been arranged that we would meet mom and the rest of the family at a local pub, which was all well and good except we had forgot the hotel opening times so we would be far too early. We made goodtime and parked in the pub car park to wait for the others. Peter was hungry and noticed a café across the road so he suggested we wait there and watch out for the others.

About thirty minutes later the rest of the family pulled up and joined us for a cuppa before heading to the cemetery. The café owner spotted me so I had to sign a picture to go on their wall, (We always carried a stock of them in the car). It was only a fifteen minute drive to the cemetery, where the funeral director had everything set up and ready. Our local priest the one who married Gwen and her husband officiated and it was good to catch up with him, and my father’s brother turned up as well. My uncle Ronnie was a great guy, only eight years older than I was. He was more of a big brother to me and I was sorry that we had lost contact when we moved away. Mom was a little upset as the coffin was being lowered into the ground but no one else shed a tear. When everything was over I invited everyone to the pub where I’d arranged for the wake to be held. While no one really liked my father, that was no reason not to have a get together with the whole family.
Just as we were getting back into our cars, I noticed a couple of photographers hiding in the tombstones and went running after them with Derek hot on my heels yelling for me to stop.

I was furious at the invasion of our privacy and was ready to smash their cameras and them.
They saw me coming and took off towards the cars parked just out of sight. I tried to cut them off but Derek caught up with me grabbing my arm and spinning me round, “Cliff, it’s not worth the bother, they’re only doing their job just like you do yours, so let it be darling.”
He got me in a hug kissing me on the lips and smiling that awesome smile which always makes me melt.
“It’s still wrong that they should prey on people in their grief. The next thing they’ll be doing is peeping into our bedroom taking pictures when we’re having sex.”
Laughing Derek replied, “Don’t say that, they might hear you and think that’s a good idea.”

By the time, we got back to the pub I had calmed down a bit, but told the hotel manager that anyone coming in with a camera, heading towards the room we were in was to be told to leave. He reluctantly agreed. After a few drinks and some food, it was a much happier crowd gathered together. Mom was smiling and chatting with my uncle who she hasn’t seen for a good many years. All too soon it was time to leave and as we trooped out into the car park a couple of reporters approached me.
Derek whispered in my ear, “Be calm they’re only doing a job just like we do.”
Once again that smile of made me melt and I even felt myself getting hard. I whispered back, ‘If you keep smiling at me like that I’ll fuck you right here in the middle of the car park.”
Laughing he replied; now that would make the front page.”
Of course, Peter overheard us, “Are you two talking dirty AGAIN?”
“Mind your own business young man.” Derek told him.
“Mr Steele, can we just ask you a couple of questions?”
“It depends on what the questions are.”
“Today you buried your father, are you saddened by his death?”
“I’m saddened by anyone’s death, but by the same token I think this is justice being done by a higher authority than us. He was after all an evil man who broke many laws with his own sexuality, yet tried to do away with my lover and I. In other words he had double standards one for him, one for everyone else. So at least with him gone, I can sleep easier at night knowing that at least one person who wants me dead is gone, and that’s all I am going to say gentlemen. Thank you and goodbye.”
They kept asking more questions, but I ignored them. They spotted my mother getting into one of my sisters cars and went to go after her.
“If you go and harass my mother I will make things very unpleasant for you. Now you’ve got an answer to your question and here’s another answer. We are travelling down to Brighton tomorrow to bring a couple of dear friends back to stay with us, one is badly scarred from burns he received in the fire my father started and will never be the same again. He will be disfigured for life, not only physically but mentally as well; so yes I’m delighted my father is dead, I’m just upset that he was killed in his own fire when he should have been in Jail and died there. “
By the time, I finished talking everyone else had gone so they had no one left to annoy.

Steve’s parents attended the funeral and Peter asked if they could spend a week with them because they were tired of travelling back and forth to Brighton. We agreed right away because both of us had been worried about what to do with the boys to keep them occupied.
“I’m sorry boys. It hasn’t been much of a holiday for you both with what happened.”
“That’s alright dad, you can’t foresee the future.”
When we arrived at Steve’s home his father took me to one side, “Are the boys happy with each other, Cliff?”
“Yes I think so and judging by the noises coming from their bedroom last night they are still very close.” I remarked with a laugh.
“Why do you ask, do you know something we don’t?”
“Well the last time Steve was home he said he was worried about what was going to happen when they both went to university, because they will be miles apart.”
“That has been mentioned but there’s still a few months to go before it happens. My honest opinion is that they will go their separate ways and find someone else.”
“I’m worried that might affect Steve and if he’s too upset he might do something silly, maybe harm himself.”
“I don’t think he will. He’s an intelligent sensible boy and good looking as well so he’ll soon find another boyfriend, and of course they may still remain friends and get together every so often.”
“I hope your right because I’d hate anything to happen to my boy.”
“I agree, but I think you’re worrying too much. They are both survivors and still very much in love.”
We went into the house joining the others. Steve’s mom invited us to stay for dinner which was delicious. Apart from the odd meal just lately, we’ve been eating out or having hospital food which leaves a lot to be desired.

Before we left, we called the hospital in Brighton to find that John was making a steady recovery at last and if all goes to plan we would be bringing him home with us on Sunday.
It was strange driving back to London and our new house to be alone the first time for a few days in fact since before Christmas. I told Derek about my conversation with Steve’s father and he thought like I did that he was a bit premature with his fears of a break up.

The first thing we did when we got home was to have a sexy shower together and also walk through the house naked. Not for any particular reason just because we could. Lying on the sofa with my lover’s body wrapped around me made it difficult to concentrate on television.
Needless to say, the fact that no one was home except the two of us we finished up having a fuck fest starting in the lounge room before moving to the kitchen then the bathroom and finally our bedroom. I won’t go into the gory details except to say that by the time we fell asleep we were both well and truly fucked.

We slept in the next day being a Saturday. After a leisurely breakfast we called the hospital to find out everything was going along great and we would be picking up our two patients on Sunday.
We spent the rest of the day getting the house ready for the invalid and then doing some shopping, before relaxing for the rest of the day.
During the afternoon I got my script out to refresh my memory and get ready for rehearsals on Monday and the first night the following Monday. In fact, it wouldn’t be the official first night because we are starting a week early due to the weather and cancellations in Oxford. Derek did a review of his stage settings and plans ready for set building on Monday as well. It was wonderful to relax with the man I love and have no interruptions or others to bother about. That evening we decided to go out on a date and do the full dating thing, something we haven’t done for a long time.
We both dressed in suits and ties with black patent leather shoes, looking like real gentlemen, we decided to take a cab to the Angus Steak house just off Piccadilly Circus. The steaks are big juicy and tender and they serve mushrooms cooked like no other. We ordered a nice bottle of red wine followed by pancakes soaked in brandy with cherries. Then we had Irish Coffee to finish. Feeling totally relaxed holding hands Derek leaned across saying, “You can take me home now and do dirty sexy things to me or you can take me to a nightclub and then do dirty sexy things to me.”
He had that sexy I know how to get you hard grin and it worked, but I suggested we make a night of it and go to a nightclub. We headed off walking to one not that far away that I sing at sometimes.

The place was packed but the owner spotted us and soon found us a table along with a bottle of champagne on the house. The band wasn’t bad but the singer, a female left a lot to be desired. Several patrons dropped by our table to say hello which took away the intimacy of the evening a bit. “Sorry about this darling the price of fame.”
“Don’t worry, I’m getting used to it by now.”
A second bottle of champagne came along with the bosses compliments and Derek pointed out that when I have too much of the bubbly stuff my performance in the bedroom wilts a bit.
I laughed telling him not to worry all it needs is one of those smiles and my dick has a mind of its own.
The owner came up and I could tell by the look that he wanted a favour and I had a good idea what it was.
“Cliff, how’s the champagne?”
“Great you know me I love the stuff.”
“Well, some of my customer’s want to know if you’ll sing a couple of songs for them, after all the girl singer is not much good.”
“Your right there, surely Bob didn’t send her along?”
“No another agent trying to do some booking with me got her in here but not for long.”
“Ok, this band is pretty good so I’ll do a couple just for you and the champagne.”
“He shook my hand walking away smiling. I turned to Derek grabbing hold of his hand, “Sorry darling, I hope you don’t mind, but business is business.”
Just then, the bandleader announced a special guest and a big cheer went up when I was announced. I gave my lover a quick kiss on the lips before walking down to the stage.
I greeted the bandleader apologized for not having any charts, told him the song and key and away we went.

I did two songs, went to leave the stage but the crowd went wild so I sang a couple more, before starting to leave again. This time it was a standing ovation and chants for more so I finished off my set with two more songs which technically was worth about a thousand pounds to me, because that was what Bob was charging for me these days for a thirty to forty minute guest spot. If I’d stayed up there the crowd would have kept me singing till the wee small hours but I wasn’t getting paid, that horrible girl singer was. Back at the table, Derek leant across and kissed me full on the lips whispering “That was great.”
Just then two ladies a bit more mature in years than we were made a remark as they walked by while we were kissing. My short fuse was immediately lit and I went to get up and follow them giving them a piece of my mind but a hand on mine and that killing, dick raising smile made me change my mind.
“Don’t worry darling it’s not worth it.” I nodded in agreement but was still seething and upset that people just will not accept us for what we are and the fact that we can’t help it.

The owner came up and sat at our table thanking me for helping him out, “That singer was driving them away and people were getting ready to go, but you saved the day.” He leaned over the table to shake my hand and in it were six crisp one hundred pound notes.
“Thank you but you didn’t have to do this, I did it as a favour for a friend, but you’re not getting it back either.” I said with a laugh.
I pointed the two ladies who made the nasty remarks and he said, “They were the first two who asked you to sing and kept on to me about it.”
“Yes, I’m the best when I am performing for them and the worst because of the way I live what fucking hypocrites.”
Not long after that, we decided to leave and as we walked past the ladies in question table I put my arm around Derek saying, “Come on darling lets go home and make passionate love.”
The club owner was walking out with us and he roared with laughter, which didn’t help as the ladies snorted and spluttered into their drinks.
“You’re a bastard Cliff Steele.” He said and Derek nodded his head in agreement.
We shook hands and he hinted that there was always a job here for me any time I liked as we headed towards the cab rank.

Once in the taxi we began kissing and cuddling and I could see the driver watching us in the rear view mirror. He didn’t say anything just had a silly grin on his face. It wasn’t till the next day later in one of the tabloids which specializes in sleaze, we discovered why he was grinning.
We’d just sat down to breakfast when the phone rang and it was Bob my manager and he didn’t sound too happy. He told me to go out and buy one of the more trashy Sunday newspapers. I hurried down to the store on the corner and picked up the paper but didn’t look at it. I did wonder why the lady behind the counter gave me a strange look.
I soon found out when I got back home and opened it up. Plastered right across the front was the headline ‘CELEBRITY FAG CAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME’.
Beneath that, was a slightly grainy picture of my lover and I kissing in the back seat of the cab and it was obvious that we both had hard dicks.
I flung the paper across the table to Derek, who the minute he saw the picture also turned red with anger.
I called Bob back, “Why can’t these fucking people leave us alone?”
“Calm down Cliff and let’s see what we can do to turn the tables on them.”
“Turn the fucking tables, I’ll kick that fuckin prick of a cabby under the fuckin table.”
I was so angry and upset I was shaking so much that Derek came and sat next to me holding me tight, trying to calm me down.
“We went out for a quite night out just the two of us alone to enjoy each other’s company and this is what happens. Can we sue the bastards?”
“We most likely could but that is what they want so they can get even more mileage out of the picture and sell more papers.”
“What do you suggest then?”
“That we totally ignore it, don’t react or say anything. If anyone contacts you about it just put them in touch with me, I’ll get a publicist to handle all their questions on your behalf.”
I had started to calm down a bit thanks to my lover at my side who was so good at bringing me down to earth. “Ok, but just remember just about all the population of Britain now know we’ve both got big dicks.”
Both Bob and my Derek laughed at that easing the tension. Bob rang off abruptly like he does and then the phone started ringing almost non-stop. TV stations, rival newspapers, radio they all wanted a piece of me but I kept calm and gave them Bob’s number. After a while I gave the phone to Derek who passed on the same message. Finally I’d had enough, “Come on it’s almost time for us to go to Brighton anyhow, so let’s go.”

We got ready quickly ignoring the ringing phone and were soon heading down to Brighton. It was still winter but a crystal clear day and quite warm so we drove with the hood down. Whenever we stopped at traffic lights we would be recognized; some people would sound the horn to grab our attention pointing and laughing while others would smile and give us the thumbs up. We always smiled back at them all. We parked the car outside the hospital and once again got stares and pointing as we walked through to intensive care.
John’s doctor met us on the way and suggested we go have a cup of coffee. We sat down as he came back with our drinks. “My boyfriend and I were nauseated when we saw the paper this morning, what a dirty low down sneaky trick just to sell a few more papers.”
We agreed of course with him. “Both of us really felt for you two this morning, and can’t begin to imagine how you must both feel.”
“Earlier this morning I was ready to kill someone but I feel better now thanks to my lover here.”
He got up giving us both a hug. “Oops I shouldn’t have done that in such a public place there might be camera’s around. We laughed but turned around looking anyway.
“How’s our patient today?”
“Remarkably well considering. He asked for a mirror a couple of hours ago and we showed him his face which freaked him out a bit, but he calmed down saying that at least he was alive. I left him and Bruce together to talk things over and when I returned he was much better.”
“Can we take him home today?”
“Yes, but he needs nursing care for his wounds I would say for a week. I took the liberty of contacting a colleague of mine and he will call in daily and more if needed. He is also arranging for a private nurse to come in to look after him. Do you have enough accommodation for him to stay at the house for say a week?”
“That’s no problem at all, you said he, err is he?”
“Yes I suggested one from our side of the fence might be better, I hope that’s ok with you?”
“No problem, in view of the publicity it might be for the best but make sure that he uses the back door of the house because I have a feeling the media are going to be camped outside our home when we get back.”

With all that agreed, we headed in to see the patient. It was a reasonably bright and cheerful pair we met when we walked in, and the first thing I noticed was that front-page picture on the bed. After kisses and hugs all round Bruce said, “I see you guys had a good night last night.”
“I don’t even want to talk about it thanks.”
Nobody said another word on the subject from then on.
“Your doctor tells me you are ready to go home?”
“Yes, they have to do a couple of things to me and take these fucking tubes out and then I can finally escape.”
He kissed his lover before continuing and it was great to see Bruce didn’t worry about the scarring on his partners face.
“I have one request to make on the way home.”
“And what’s that John?”
“That we stop by the cemetery so I can piss on your father’s grave.”
We all smiled but I could see John was deadly serious.
“Not this time my dear friend, it’s just a bit too far out of our way and you still need some nursing care. So we have a hot gay male nurse waiting to look after you.”
Bruce spoke up straight away after those words.
“That may be, but I’m the one doing the bed baths.”
We all laughed and it was great to see John joining in with a smile that a few days ago we thought we would never see again. We left the two of them alone telling them we’d be back later to take them home.

Ian, Roland, Derek and I both headed off for a quiet lunch somewhere, the problem was where. “Can I suggest that we get some fish and chips and go sit on the beach or something away from staring eyes? If we go to a restaurant, Derek and I will be made to feel uncomfortable and we are sick and tired of that today.”
The others agreed and we sat in the car while Ian and Roland went and bought them.
Driving along the sea front, we found a nice cosy little seating area were we could eat our meal while looking out to sea.
It was wonderful to have some peace and quiet with our friends, who naturally wanted to know all about our date last night, “They got those pictures into the paper so quick that they must have had a radio link or something to do it so quickly.”
“I was wondering guys if it was just co-incidence that we got that cab or was it a set-up?”
“It was certainly suspicious.” Derek said.
We headed back to the hospital deciding on the way that Bruce and John would travel with us, and the other two follow behind.

All was ready by the time we got back. Just as we were leaving, John’s doctor handed me a list of instruction and some names of contact doctors including the plastic surgeon.
“When you come up to London to see the play why don’t you and your boyfriend stay overnight with us?”
Grinning from ear to ear he thanked us saying they would love to do that.”
A discreet kiss and a cuddle from us all and we were on our way.
Once again, whenever we stopped at lights or stop signs people would stare and point but this time not just at me but also at John’s face as he sat in the back. Bruce tried his best to shield his lover but it was nigh on impossible. When we arrived true to form, the media had set up camp outside the gates and as soon as were spotted the cameras began flashing and reporters shouted questions. Derek and I just smiled and waved while Bruce hid John from view shielding his face so no one could get a picture of his burnt skin. We drove around to the back door away from prying eyes and found a strange car parked there with someone sitting in it. Bruce noticed this and said, “Who the fuck’s that?”
“It’s ok guys that will be John’s nurse.”
We all climbed out stiff from the drive, plus John had to be helped. The nurse, who introduced himself as David Jones, came to John’s aid and we all unashamedly eyed him up and down. He was six foot two, bright blue eyes, tanned, with blonde curly hair that was almost white.
He took a hold of John and almost carried him inside once Derek had unlocked the door. We showed him where the bedroom was and he took John inside with Bruce hot on his heels.
“Did you see that guy?” Derek asked.
“Yes, he’s fucking awesome, obviously works out at a gym and that bulge in his pants I was just yearning to get in my mouth right away.”
Laughing my lover remarked, “Easy lover, slow down and remember who you belong to.” With that, he gave me a passionate kiss his tongue making sure that he was the one.
A voice behind us spoke, “Can’t you guys wait till you’re in your bedroom? No wonder the press have a field day with you two flaunting yourselves like that.”
We spun around to find Ian and Roland laughing like crazy.
“Jealous?” Derek said.
“YES.” They yelled in unison.
Bruce and David, John’s nurse walked down the stairs from the bedroom and we had to laugh at the looks on Ian and Roland’s faces when they saw this Adonis walking towards them.
I introduced them both to David who shook their hands smiling with a dick hardening smile like Derek has.
“John’s resting right now, the journey took a fair bit out of him.” The voice was just as sexy as the person, and I knew living under the same roof as this guy for a week or so would make it difficult for all of us not make a play for him.

In an effort to break into everyone’s dirty thoughts I suggested we head for the kitchen and fix some dinner. On the way I showed David where everything was telling him to make himself at home. While Derek and the others were fixing dinner, I called Peter and Steve.
“Hi dad. How’s John?” He asked the minute he came to the phone. I told him what was happening including the male nurse. After I’d described him he said, “I think we’ll come home right now.”
“Typical son of mine letting his dick rule his head.” We both laughed.
“I noticed in today’s paper that I can’t let you two out on your own without you getting into trouble.”
“I’d rather not talk about that thank you son.”
“Yes well I can understand that.”
“Now you know why Derek and I are always on to you two to be very careful when you’re out in public, although I never expected a taxi cab in the middle of London to be a problem.”
We chatted some more before hanging up.
Derek was in the kitchen cooking and I walked up to him putting my arms around his waist telling him how much I loved him while turning him around to give him a kiss. We held the kiss for a while until a voice behind us spoke, “I’m sorry but something’s boiling over on the stove.”
We broke off quickly, Derek rushing to the stove while I turned to see it was David Jones the nurse. Smiling he said, “That was a lovely scene; I wish I had my boyfriend here.” We both blushed as he continued. “Ian tells me that your shower is bigger than the one for the other rooms, is it all right if I use it to bathe John?”
“Of course David, I think it’s pretty well clean and tidy and there are fresh towels in the cupboard, help yourself.”
“Thanks, Bruce is going to help John have a shower, which really is my job but John insisted and I can understand why.” He said with a laugh.
“You have a wonderful home here; very peaceful and just far enough back from the road to be away from prying eyes.”
We agreed with him, “Tell me David, what is your boyfriend’s name?”
“Yes his name’s Brian and he’s a nurse like I am, we met at nursing school and have been together for about ten years now.”
“That’s good, where’s he now?”
“Sitting at home alone right now, which means I won’t see much of him for a while. That’s the story of our life when he’s away working I’m at home and vice versa.”
I looked at Derek and he read my mind, “You have big double bed in your room why don’t you call your boyfriend and have come stay with you?”
“Would that be all right, I mean, well thank you that would be great, just as long as it’s all right?”
“We’d be delighted and we can’t let work interfere with a good relationship can we?”
He hurried off to make the phone call and Derek got back to cooking while I went into the dining room to set the table for dinner.

Just after dinner, Brian arrived, and he was just as hunky and good looking as his partner, the only difference was that he had dark hair while his partner was blonde.
I had brought four bottles of wine up from our top-secret cellar; this time choosing what I hoped was a less expensive brand and vintage.
Looking out the window, I could still see some of the press corps outside the gate but not quite as many as before.
John had come down and joined us for dinner, looking tired but with a bit more colour in his face. After our meal, I suggested we all relax and watch TV before having an early night. Derek and I, along with Ian and Roland had a big day tomorrow with rehearsals and set building.
It was a cosy group sitting there each with their respective partners, cuddling and watching television. Suddenly there was a flash from the direction of the window and everyone jumped. Derek and I ran to the window noticing a small gap in the curtains, we flung the curtains open just in time to see a guy with a camera running out the gate. That did it I picked up a cricket bat in the hallway on my way out, racing out the door down the driveway with the rest of the guys following me except for John.
By the time we got to the gate all we could see was cars vanishing at a great rate down the street and vanishing round the corner.

We were all mad as hell at the gross invasion of our privacy. As soon as I got back into the house, I called Bob telling him what happened.
“I don’t suppose you know which newspaper it was?”
“No Bob it was dark and we wouldn’t even recognize them anyway.”
“Pity we could threaten them with legal action but never mind, I’ll get a couple of security guards round there right away.”
It took about an hour for the knock on the door. Armed with my trusty cricket bat I opened it to find two burly guys in private security guards uniforms.
Grinning one of them said, “You won’t need to use that now that we are here.” Pointing to the bat. I put it down and welcomed them in. Derek and I explained the situation and described the layout of the house and grounds to them, “Don’t worry sir we’ll patrol all night, but I think it’s a bit like closing the door after the horse as gone and I don’t think they’ll be back again tonight. We thanked them leaving them to their duties while we prepared to get ready for bed.
John and Bruce had already gone on up to their room with David giving them their meds before making sure John was alright until morning. His room was next door so if a problem occurred during the night he would be there quick as a flash.

Back in what we hope is the security of our own room we showered and hopped into bed lying in each other’s arms. “Does this mean we are going to need twenty four hour protection from now on?”
“I don’t know Derek but I hope not. This is scandalous that we can’t even sit around watching television in the comfort of our own homes without being spied on.”
No wonder some of these big movie stars and entertainers spend millions on security so they can have some privacy. How does Cliff Richard manage with his boyfriend and not coming out? It must be nerve wracking for them. Remember Gwen’s wedding, his partner was terrified someone was going to catch them out.”
The conversation went on until we were both unable to keep our eyes open and we finally fell asleep.

Next morning we all assembled in the kitchen for breakfast with Ian and Roland offering to do the cooking this time. We had bacon, eggs and mushrooms that were my favourite.
Derek had already sent one of the security guys down to the newsagent to buy the newspapers and he was soon back with an armful, but we didn’t have to go far to see the one responsible for taking the pictures. Once again it was one of the cheap sleazy tabloids that always went for the sensational and their motto must have surely been, ‘don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story’.
Blazoned across the front page was a picture of everyone sitting with their partners cuddling, nobody was kissing or doing anything wrong which must have upset the editor. The headline meanwhile put the suggestion that more was to come. ‘ORGANIZING AN ORGY??? The story then went on to hint that we were all getting ready for wall-to-wall sex, and this was a regular occurrence.
“How we wish.” Was Roland’s remark with Ian his lover agreeing.
“I’ll check with Bob on what action we should take.” I told the rest of them. I also apologized to David and Brian for getting them into this. Grinning David said, “No worries, a bit of adventure in our lives makes a welcome change.”

We had to head off to work today, Roland and I for rehearsal, Derek, and Ian for set building. Because parking in the West end of London is nigh on impossible we took a cab into the city. We decided to keep the security going for now and Bob my manager agreed when I called him just before we left. He arranged to send a cab driver that we used a fair bit to pick us up knowing that he was safe. Regarding taking legal action against the paper Bob said he would think some more about it but certainly wouldn’t do anything until the interest had gone out of the story.

We arrived at the Garrick theatre with our cabby taking us right up to the stage door so we hopped out, straight into the door to avoid a few media guys hanging around already and I don’t think they were interested in the play either.
As is the tradition we were welcomed by the stage door keeper inviting us in and showing Roland and I where our dressing rooms were.
Alec met us inviting all of us to gather on the stage. As always when I entered a new theatre for the first time I got the strange eerie feeling come over me and it was very strong in this theatre. Derek and Ian rushed off to start work because they only had a week to get everything built and working. While Alec welcomed all of us and gave his usual speech that if we work hard at it we could be in gainful employment for a couple of years maybe more.
“Already advance tickets sales have us booked solid for the first three months so a long and happy run looks set to happen.”
There were a couple of new actors taking on two of the minor parts and we all made them welcome before we started a first reading run through with Alec stopping us now and then to point out how he would like the words said. This took most of the afternoon and was frequently interrupted by banging and hammering as Derek’s team worked on the sets.
We broke for afternoon tea that Alec had catered, and during the rest, quite a few comments were made about the recent headlines. Alec could see that I was getting a bit hot under the collar so he suggested that the conversation change and the headline subject wasn’t brought up again.
I moved to his side quietly saying, “Thank you for that Alec, that’s a subject I don’t want to talk about right now.”
With an evil grin on his face he said, “I was wondering if you should wear tighter pants instead of those loose fitting ones for the play so that the audience can see that the camera doesn’t lie.” He roared with laughter and I playfully tapped him on the shoulder.

He kept us rehearsing until quite late and it was four exhausted guys who caught the cab back home. Security opened the gates as soon as we arrived back home and we drove around the back. The same cabby arranged to pick us up the next morning. Our guards reported that it had been a fairly quiet day, “A couple of press guys turned up earlier, took one look at us and took off. We suggested they stay around for another couple of days.
Once inside the house we checked on John finding that he was looking remarkably well. He still gets breathless going up and down the stairs, which as David pointed out is understandable because he’s only got one lung and that’s only working at half capacity right now.
David also told us that Brian would be leaving in the morning, he has a job come up and will be in Manchester for a couple of weeks.
“So after tonight you won’t see him for a while?” I asked looking at Derek who nodded.
Giving a big sigh David replied, “Sadly no because of our profession, this happens frequently so who knows when we’ll meet again. All I can say is thank you for allowing us to be together for a couple of days anyway.”

Bruce called out that the evening meal is almost ready and we excused ourselves so we could get washed up and ready to eat. By the time, we walked into the dining room everyone was waiting for us and we apologized for being late.
Everyone could tell something was happening because both Derek and I had a smug look on our faces, but nothing was said.
After we had eaten, David went to take John up to have his shower change his dressing and give him his nightly pills.
“Don’t worry about that David, Bruce can take care of it, because it’s your last night here why don’t you and Brian use our shower and maybe have an early night. We’ll call you if something really nasty happens with John.”
“Are you sure I mean I’m not earning my money here you know?”
“Just do as we say.”
“Derek and I will show you where everything is.” We followed them upstairs and into our bedroom. They stopped and stared once they had opened the door.
“What the f.”
They both turned and looked at us a puzzled look in their eyes.
“You’re sleeping in here tonight seeing as it’s your last night together for a while.”
“But we couldn’t, we’re only the hired help and look what you’ve done to this room.”
All around the room there were lighted candles and the smell of incense burning, soft music was playing and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. They checked out the shower and rose petals had been spread everywhere.
Derek and I grabbed what clothes we might need tomorrow and said goodnight to the two guys who were bewildered and confused.
Both of them grabbed us hugging and kissing, tears in their eyes saying thank you, thank you over and over again.
“This is one of the happiest moments of our life guys, thank you. You are both so kind and thoughtful. We’ll never forget you.”
“Just make the most of the night together and name the baby after us.” Derek said with a laugh.
With their arms around each other, they once again thanked us as we closed the door leaving them to their honeymoon.
With my arm around my own lover I said, “You know that makes me feel all warm and nice inside that we can do something like that for those two lovely guys.”
“Me too.” Derek replied as he kissed me and then arms around each other walked slowly down stairs to join the others.

Rehearsals continued quite nicely, Derek was pleased at how the set was getting into shape, and it wasn’t long before we were heading off to pick up the boys and get them ready for going back to school.
Steve’s parents were just a little bit cool towards us, not so that anyone else would notice but we did. I asked Peter on the quiet and he told us, “They think you really were having an orgy when the guy took the picture and they were disgusted at the photo of you two in the cab with raging hard ones that even blind Freddy would have noticed.”
“Surely they don’t think all that was for real?”
“Yes and they’re not sure if their son should be brought up in that kind of a household. They know Steve and I have some hot moments, but they have no idea sometimes we have others join us for sessions. The thing is if they don’t allow Steve and I to be together, I don’t know what I would do. I love him dad and don’t want to lose him, it’s going to be tough enough when we go our separate ways to university, but I don’t want to lose him right now.”

“I understand that son and I’m puzzled that his parents would believe a trashy newspaper over us. I’ll have a quite word with them.”
“Thanks dad.”
Derek and I re-joined the conversation asking Steve’s parents if they would care to join the two of us in the living room.
“Ok we’ll talk to you but I might add that our minds are made up and we won’t change them.”
The look of devastation on Peter and Steve’s faces said it all.

To Be Continued …

Writers Corner,

Thank goodness John is all right and on the road to recovery. I was seriously considering killing poor John off, but in the end couldn’t because he was such a dear sweet man helping me a lot as I was growing up discovering myself.

Press photographers invading celebrities has been going on for a long time and thank goodness the News of the World newspaper has finally been shut down because of their shoddy tactics. It was the media who killed Princess Diana, of that I’m sure.
OK we should have been more careful in the taxi cab but after such a wonderful night out, well you know how it is?
Back to the hospital in Brighton and I wonder if we would have got the same treatment if the doctor hadn’t been gay?
Soon we will be into the play, my first starring role in the West end and things can get a little tense, but the big worry at the moment is the rather mild cliffhanger for me. What will the boys do if they are separated by Steve’s parents and how could they be swayed by a trashy newspaper?

Please let us know how we are doing and keep on reading mine and Jacob’s stories.

Jacks Jottings.

Trevor, I am sure I can speak for your readers when I say ‘Thank you’ for letting John live. I was very concerned that he would die and leave Bruce devastated. It will not be an easy road for John or for Bruce for that matter, because John will require lots of tender loving care. I know Bruce will definitely give John all of the TLC John needs and then some. It is great that Cliff and Derek have brought John and Bruce back to theirs and will help to look after them.

News-media whores are much like politicians, they never let the truth get in the way of accomplishing their goals. They will fabricate anything, if they have to. They will create hurtful lies just to make an innocent photo appear to be something it is not. I hope Bob finds some way of hitting them hard in their finances, because that will be the only way to get their attention.

I can’t understand what Steve’s parents could be thinking. Are their true colours now showing after all this time? or Are they just taking advantage of an opportunity presenting itself? They are concerned that the boys will soon have a difficult time when they go off their separate ways furthering their educations. Perhaps they are trying to use this situation to break the boys apart now rather than later. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Please write to us to share your thoughts and comments. Trevor and I love hearing from you.

Remember to keep up with the Adventures of Cliff and Derek when the next chapter is published as well as Michael and Robert, Davey in Rebirth, and all of Jacob’s stories too. I can’t recall ever being this entrenched in the lives of so many “fictional” characters, or are they really so fictional after all? Food for thought.

Luv you all.

Hugs and Kisses


5 Responses to Chapter 34

  • George Thoele says:

    Super chapter Trevor. Glad to see John doing so much better. I think the news mags. should be sued for slander and defamation of character along with trespassing. I hope Cliff and Derek can convince Steve’s parents that the newspapers were making every thing up.
    You’re the writer Trevor, You can keep Peter and Steve together. I will definitely be back for the next chapter.


    • trevor says:

      George, Sadly in Britain the gutter press was just as bad back then as it is now.
      Look what happened to Princess Diana and the recent debacle over the News Of The World. It was just as bad in 1960
      Hugs Trevor

  • BowoThorny says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Another fantastic chapter filled with great happenings!! It is good that John improved and was able to leave the hospital. What can one say about most of the media, other than that they are nothing more than crass, disrespectful, and mindless snoops. Needless to say, you have once again thrown another irritating cliffhanger at us. Please continue the great job you are doing. I enjoy the stories so very much. Thanks and thanks again!!!

  • Richie says:

    Trevor, Jack,
    Well first my thanks for another great chapter and for all your hard work to give us your readers such great entertainment.
    Now, I am looking forward to the day when John can piss on Cliffs fathers grave. I would love to join him. That should be lots of fun. I am curious if Uncle Ronnie is going to play some part in the future of this great story.
    I am thrilled that Bruce and John are living with Cliff and Derek. I think it will be extremely good for both of them as they go through all the emotional baggage they most certainly will as a result of the fire and the injuries to John. Cliff’s father not only damaged the outside of John but he definitely has damaged the mental side of both John and Bruce. Both will need professional help.
    I believe once John gets his face fixed (and I believe he will) things will begin to get better for them.
    Now as for Peter and Steve. I think Steve’s parents will try and seperate them thinking they are deep down helping Steve. But I think it will backfire against them. Think the love these two have for each other is for life. They will work out the school issues. Maybe find a school both can attend and meet their own goals.
    Again, I appreciate the whole Jacob team and Trevor’s team for providing us (your fans) with such great reading. Thanks a million.
    Your definite fan

  • Ric says:

    I have not posted on tis story before and must admit me bad. It has been wonderful to follow through with the charactors and watch how they are handeling things.
    I was pleased at this latest – wow so much going on at one tie and a plesant conclusion to the “fathers” demise.
    The way that the gus keep on going is a tibute to your values and much appreciated.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy