Chapter 20

Adventures of Cliff Part 20

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

After school we returned to Steve and Janice apartment. As soon as we
closed the front door Derek said “While we are living here lets get naked”.

I smiled and remarked what a horny bugger he was but I still took off all
my clothes and gave my lover a kiss and a hug. Derek said that he would get
tea ready for his husband. Once again this puzzled me because neither of us
had any preference for being on top or underneath we could both give and

“Why have you decided that I’m the husband in this relationship?” I asked.

“No real reason.” He replied. “I just like the sound of it and after all
you were the one who bought the wedding rings”.

I accepted his reasoning and while he was cooking tea I sat down on the
lounge to watch television which was of course a brand new novelty for
us. I must admit Derek proved that he was a good cook and we both enjoyed
our first meal together cooked by my “wife”. Referring to my lover as a
wife sounded strange and I decided then and there that I would not use the
name again. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know but it sounded strange to

We cleared the dishes and I helped my darling to wash up before heading up
stairs to bed.

After doing all the usual hygiene things we slipped between the sheets and
I drew my lover into my arms and kissed him long and deep. Our hands
wandered down our bodies caressing and stroking as we went before reaching
our cocks which had immediately began to respond.

” I love you Derek”. I whispered into his ear and he responded by kissing
me harder than ever with his tongue exploring my mouth with an urgency
which told me the feeling was mutual. I moved my hands around to the cheeks
of his bum and began gently kneading them while I pushed up close. Derek
did the same and I could feel our cocks rubbing against each other as we
began humping and rubbing our bodies together slowly at first and then more
fiercely while our fingers began exploring our always willing holes. I
inserted two fingers straight away pushing in up to the knuckle and my
lover began moaning and moving his body so that more of my digits could
enter him. All this time our cocks were moving up and down in harmony
pressed closely to each other and I knew it would not be long before I blew
my load. By now Derek had three fingers inserted in me so I followed suit
and began fingering him moving my fingers in and out of his willing arse
and rotating them at the same time bringing us closer and closer to a
climax. We were jumping and jerking around the bed by this time completely
out of control thinking only of the love we had for each other and the fact
that we were both close to Cumming together, and cum we did wave after wave
of our love juice flowed out of our dicks to be meshed between our
bodies. The feeling was breathtaking and we were both gasping for air. As
our euphoria died down we came apart and laid on our backs on the bed. We
laid there

with our eyes closed savouring the occasion until Derek spoke.

” I think we’d better clean our selves up otherwise these sheets will be
stiff as boards”. I laughed and agreed with him as we moved to the
bathroom. After cleaning ourselves up I took my lovers hand and led him
back to the bedroom were we both got back into bed with our arms around
each other.

“My darling Derek I love you so much, I never ever thought I could love
anyone as much as I love you”.

He replied. “oh darling Cliff I agree with you without you in my arms at
least once a day I might as well be dead”.

That scared me a bit but then I thought life wouldn’t be worth living
without my lover. I got up and turned off the light before getting back
into bed and cuddling my baby before we both drifted off to sleep so deeply
in love and contented in each other arms.

It was just beginning to get light when I was wakened by a soft gentle
mouth licking and teasing my cock. I thought what a lovely way to be woke
up, then I realised that a hard erect cock was just inches away from my
mouth. I slowly took it into my mouth and began sucking it and at the same
time I caressed my lovers ball sac and the sensitive area just
underneath. Meanwhile my lover was mirroring everything I was doing to him.

He took my cock deep into his mouth and then began humming which he knew
got me wild and horny. His sucking got more and more intense and mine did
too until we both stiffened and blew our loads down both our throats. Derek
let go of my cock first and I heard him say. “What a delicious breakfast
darling can I have seconds?”

I laughed and said “Not just yet give me about an hour and I’ll see what I
can do”.

We lay kissing and cuddling in each others arms for a while longer before
getting out of bed and dressing for school. We just had time for a quick
cup of coffee and toast before racing off to school.

We hurried into the assembly hall to find our headmaster waiting for us.

“thank goodness you’re here boys something terrible has happened.” he
continued, “Your friend Damien is in my office in a terrible state. I know
that he was considering coming out like you two did, and he told his
parents yesterday and his friend Peter’s parent as well”.

Tears began forming in his eyes as he continued. “As you are possibly aware
Peter was not sure about telling anyone about their relationship.”

He paused trying to keep his voice and emotions under control.

“What happened sir what’s the problem?” I asked.

“Peter was found early this morning hanging from a beam in his fathers

I could feel the colour going out of my face and Derek too looked very

“Oh my god, he’s dead isn’t he?” I asked.

“Yes, and he left a note saying how confused he was not knowing if he was
gay or not and how ashamed he was that it was being made public. He decided
according to the note to end his life so his parents would not be ashamed
of him anymore.”

Derek began sobbing and I was trying so hard not to cry as well.

Mr Garth continued, “Will you please go to my office and talk to Damien
because I’m afraid that he might follow suit”.

We both nodded and went to his office were his secretary was sitting with
Damien who looked like death warmed up.

Mr Garth’s secretary said that she would go and make a cup of tea for us
all while we sat either side of Damien with our arms around him.

Nothing happened for a while and then Damien suddenly realised we where
there. “Cliff, Derek, what have I done, by declaring what I am I’ve killed
the only person I truly loved”.

I soothed him and said. “Damien you did what you thought was right. Sadly
while it may have been right for you poor Peter wasn’t ready”.

He burst into tears again while we just held on to him willing him to stop
and think.

Derek spoke next, “Peter was obviously confused in mind and body and it is
possible that he would have taken some drastic action with or without your
help. Anyway his parents should have seen the signs”. He added this
statement with anger in his voice.

“What brought this to a head?” I asked him.

“I told my parents I was a homosexual and they both got very angry calling
me all sorts of nasty names and blaming Peter for making me what I am. I
tried to reason with them but got no where. They went round to Peters house
and said some terrible things to Peter and his parents blaming him and his
parents for seducing me. They refused to listen when I said I was the
instigator, Peters parents in turn blamed me and said some wicked things
and my parents threw me out of the house and told me not to come back home
because I was not welcome anymore”.

“What did you do all night?” Derek asked. “Just sat in the park doing
nothing” he told us.

“the police found me this morning and told me what had happened and I broke
down. They contacted Mr Garth who came to the police station and brought me
here. He burst into tears again and between the sobs said, “I’ve ruined two
families lives just because I wanted to tell the world I was different”.

Just then Mr Garth and his secretary came in the latter with a tray of tea
and biscuits.

Mr Garth spoke first. “Cliff, Derek, what I am about to suggest to you both
will be very hard on you and if you say you cannot do it I will

“What is it sir, If we can help we will” I said.

“I would be grateful if you two could take Damien to were you are staying
and keep him there for now. The school chaplain and I are going to see his
parents and hopefully they will have calmed down and we will be able to
convince them to take their son back”

We both nodded and said yes.

“I will arrange for someone to drive you home and after we have been to see
his parents I will contact you if I have any news.”

We drank our tea and waited until one of the teachers came to take us home
in their car.

On the way I was thinking what on earth are we going to do with Damien
neither of us had any experience in this kind of thing and who knows he
could be there for a few days.

I also got to thinking that deep down this was our fault because if we had
not declared our love for each other I’m sure Damien would not have made
his relationship public..

Once we got to the apartment we took Damien inside almost having to carry
him he was in such a state. We sat him on the lounge and Derek went into
the kitchen coming back with a bottle of brandy and three glasses.

“I think we all need this.” he said, “For medicinal purposes, and after
this I think Damien you should have a rest, after all you have been up all

Damien gulped his brandy in one hit while Derek and I sipped ours
slowly. Derek poured another glass for him and he drank that down as
well. Not long after his eyelids began drooping so we walked and half
carried him up stairs and into the spare room were we took off his shoes,
socks, and the rest of his clothes leaving him in his underwear.

Damien fell into a deep sleep so I covered him with a sheet and followed my
lover down stairs.

We sat on the lounge and I put my arm around him saying.

“What have we done, I never thought that us two declaring our love would
effect so many people and take someone’s life”. After saying this I burst
into tears, sobbing my heart out on my lovers shoulder.

We stayed in that position for what seemed many hours but was only about
two, when we heard a knocking on the door.

I answered the knock and found Mr Garth and our school chaplain on the

They came in and sat down with us. Mr Garth spoke first.

“We spoke with Damien’s parents and I think they will come round in time,
but in the meantime would Damien be able to stay with you two?”

“Of course” I said. “For as long as is necessary”.

Derek spoke up, “We both feel responsible. After all we started it by
coming out and declaring what we where”.

The chaplain spoke up next. “Don’t beat yourself up over this boys what you
did was right for you but sadly was not right for everyone”.

Just then we heard a noise up stairs and dashed up to find Damien still
asleep sat up in bed screaming and yelling.

We both comforted him and he opened his eyes looking around not sure were
he was. He looked at the two of us and began sobbing quietly.

“What have I done”. He sobbed. “My best friend and lover is dead because of
me” and that set him off again.

I laid down on the bed next to him and took him in my arms holding him like
a mother would a baby. He put his head on my shoulder sobbing so much that
my shirt was soon soaking wet with his tears. I stroked his hair and gently
kissed him on the cheek whispering words of comfort until he finally
dropped off to sleep again.

Mr Garth said they had better be going and Derek went down stairs with them
to show them out.

When he came back up stairs Derek said that they would call back later
today to see how he was getting on.

Derek got on the bed the other side of Damien and we both hugged and
consoled him until all three of us drifted off to sleep.

It was beginning to get dark when I woke up and heard some one knocking on
the door. I went downstairs and found Mr Garth standing there with a couple
of bags of food.

“I thought I’d bring round some Indian for tea to save one of you having to
cook ”

He came in and set down the food in the kitchen while I went upstairs to
wake my lover and Damien.

Derek was just getting out of bed while Damien was lying there staring into
space. I explained that tea was ready thanks to Mr Garth and we all went
back downstairs.

I suddenly realised just how hungry I was and Derek and I got stuck into
the food while Damien just pecked at his.

“Come on Damien you’ve got eat something .” I said.

“Why” He answered “I might as well starve myself to death I’ve got nothing
to live for”.

“Cut that sort of talk out right now”. I replied raising my voice a bit.

“Ok, you’ve lost your best friend and lover and at the moment your parents
are a bit confused as well, but life goes on and while you will never ever
forget Peter you must keep going”.

Mr Garth and Derek both nodded in agreement at that statement.

“I don’t think in fact I’m sure my life will never be the same again”.

“I agree but you must try hard to put these things behind you and carry on
with your life. We don’t want anymore lives to be lost and remember we are
all here to help you get over this tragic part of your life.”

Mr Garth said that he should be heading home and if Damien felt up to it we
should try and make it to school tomorrow. We agreed to this and after he
had gone we turned on the television and all three of us sat on the lounge
watching a movie. Damien was seated in the middle and he turned to me first
and then Derek saying. “Thank you both for being here for me I don’t think
I could have managed to get through this day without your help, you’re both
wonderful people”.

We cuddled him and he started to kiss us both in turn, I looked at Derek
with a surprised look on my face and he did too.

Damien’s actions got more sexy and urgent with his hand brushing against my
cock and then my lovers. He suddenly stopped sat upright and said. “What am
I doing? I’ve just lost the boy I truly loved and I’m trying to seduce you
two”. at that he burst into tears again. We tried to console him and it
took a long time before he settled down again. Derek said he would make us
some cocoa before we headed off to bed.

While Derek was in the kitchen Damien turned to me and said. “I suppose you
think I’m a slut and a tramp for what I just did?”

“No” I replied. “You are so confused that you are not responsible for your
actions. Don’t worry we understand”.

Damien spoke again after a while. “I would still like you both to make love
to me. I desperately need to be loved for my arse to be abused by the both
of you.” I was lost for words at this statement unable to fathom why and
what brought this on.

Just then Derek came in with our cocoa which we drank in silence.

When we had finished our drink we went up stairs putting Damien into the
spare room and when he was settled we retired to our own room.

After undressing we got into bed talking about all the events which had
unfolded during the day. I related to my lover what had occurred while he
was in the kitchen and like me he couldn’t fathom out what made Damien want
to make love to the both of us.

We heard a knock on the door and then it opened Damien stood there naked
with his cock hard and erect. He came in towards the bed. “I’m sorry but
can I sleep with you guys tonight I don’t want to be on my own and like I
told Cliff I want the both of you to abuse my body, do whatever you like to

Neither of us spoke because we where at a loss for words. He climbed into
our bed without saying anything else. He snuggled down between us. “you
must both think this is strange but I want to be well and truly fucked and
want you both to hurt me punish me with your cocks for what I have done”.

I spoke first. “We can’t do this Damien it won’t be right. Do you realise
what you are saying?”

“I don’t fuckin care I want the both of you to rape me, if you don’t then
I’ll go out and find someone who will. I’ll pick up someone in the toilets
at the park and I don’t care if he’s a dirty old man I need to be fucked
and hurt. I need to be punished so are you two going to do me or do I go
and find someone who will?”

These words stunned the both of us and I said. “Are you sure this is what
you want?”

“Yes do it and do it NOW” By this time he was shouting. I looked across at
Derek and he shrugged his shoulders and said. “Oh what the hell”.

Damien reached down and grabbed my cock rubbing up and down the shaft until
I was hard. I tried not to make it happen but it did. He then did the same
to Derek after instructing me to kiss him. I started to kiss him gently but
he rammed his face against mine and forced my lips apart with his tongue.

He then got to work on Derek, after a while he broke off and demanded that
we both fuck him long and hard but at the same time.

“I want two big cocks in me fucking me hard and long hurting me punishing
me for what I have done”.

We both protested and he started to get out of bed saying if we didn’t he

would find someone who would.

Derek muttered almost to himself. “We’d better do as he says”.

Damien ordered me to lay on my back while he positioned his arse over my
stiff dick and lowered himself down with my cock going all the way inside
him. It must have hurt because no lubrication of any kind was used. He
screamed in pain but didn’t stop he then instructed Derek to sit over my
legs and also enter him.

I hate to admit it but feeling my lovers cock inside someone else rubbing
not only Damien’s inside but against my cock as well was a big turn on.

We both began fucking him slowly and gently but Damien demanded that we
went harder and faster. He increased his movements on my cock and Derek had
no option but to speed up as well. It felt great with my lovers cock going
faster and faster against my cock.

I hate to admit it but if Damien had said no more I would have had to keep
going. I was really getting turned on. Derek muttered “This is fucking
incredible”. I could feel myself coming close to a climax and I sensed
Damien was too.

He suddenly started yelling and screaming at the top of his voice.


He started to spurt his love juice everywhere and that set me and also
Derek off and we filled his arse with our juices.

My lover pulled out and Damien fell off me sobbing and crying asking Peter
to forgive him and asking why did he do it.

My lover and I put our arms around him comforting him and trying to quieten
him down because I’m sure the neighbours would have heard.

After a while his sobs got quieter and he drifted off to sleep, although he
still continued to moan and groan and say Peters name in his sleep.

Derek and I slipped out of bed and went downstairs where my lover made more
cocoa and we sat on the lounge trying to understand what prompted Damien to
do what he just did.

“Did we do the right thing up there tonight?” I asked. Derek thought for a
while and said. “If we hadn’t I’m sure he would have gone somewhere else
for his punishment”.

We both agreed that tomorrow at school we would tell Mr Garth what happened
and suggest that Damien get professional help.

“We’d better get back up stairs and stay with him in case he wakes up and
does something stupid. Derek suggested.

Back up stairs Damien was sleeping a lot more peaceful now and we crawled
into bed next to him and with our arms round each other drifted off to

The next morning Damien appeared to be a bit better and at the breakfast
table he hung his head down and said. “You guys must think I’m a terrible
person for doing what I did last night and I’m sorry that I forced you to
do something which you didn’t want to do. I was desperate and felt I had to
be punished for what I had done to my lover”.

“That’s ok” I replied. “We are going to suggest to Mr Garth that he seeks
expert help to see you through this rotten time.”

He nodded his head but I don’t think he heard all I had said.

When we got to school the headmaster was waiting for us.

“Thank you boys for what you have done to help Damien and think both of are
very caring people”.

We both nodded our heads not saying anything.

He continued. “His parents are in my office with the chaplain. I will take
Damien in to them and hopefully a compromise will be reached. Would you
boys hang around not go too far away in case we need you.”

We went and sat in the dining room were Ian found us. We explained to him
all that had taken place and he started to cry. Derek and I comforted him
and we all remained seated in silence with our own thoughts.

The headmasters secretary found us and said the head wanted to see us in
his office.

Leaving Ian to his own thoughts we went into the office and found that Mr
Garth was on his own.

“His parents don’t believe they could cope with him right now so he is
going to live with his grandparents in Cornwall for a while. Damien was
upset that he wouldn’t be at the funeral and I explained that Peter’s
parents would not appreciate him being there”.

We sat in silence for a while .

“Boys I would like to thank you both for helping Damien through this time
and he also asked me to thank you both for being so kind and

We both started to get a bit teary as we left his office, thinking wow what
a terrible couple of days. We don’t want anymore incidents like that in our

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy