Chapter 21

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 21

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

While Peter’s suicide and Damien’s state of mind remained in our memories
we settled down to a more orderly and routine life,

School became the usual drudge and drag it always was except that by now
rehearsals for our next school play began in earnest, and once again
playing the lead part was demanding on me. Derek was also busy helping to
make the sets ready and looking after the props. Unlike the last play when
I only had one romantic scene at the end I had a couple of scenes which
involved kissing the leading lady who just happened to be my ex-girlfriend

This didn’t worry me too much, but I felt that Gwen wasn’t too happy plus I
was sure my lover was just a bit jealous. He didn’t say anything but I got
this feeling.

Our apartment sitting duties were also coming to an end with Steve and
Janice due back from their honeymoon in a couple of days. We had a postcard
from them telling us how happy and what a great time they were having and
they hoped we were too. After all this was also our honeymoon as well even
if it had been interrupted by Peter’s suicide. Both of us wanted to attend
his funeral but Mr Garth thought that may not be a wise thing to do, in
case Peter’s parents turned on us. Apparently they were very angry and anti
gay, plus an official complaint had been made against Mr Garth and the
school because he condoned homosexuality in his school. We all thought this
was very harsh but our headmaster told us not to worry everything would
work out ok.

Each evening when we got home to Steve and Janice apartment we got naked
only putting on clothes if someone came to the door.

Our love life settled down into a nice regular loving pattern. Mind you the
foreplay often started in the lounge, dining room and even the kitchen, but
usually finished in the bedroom. A hot session every morning also had us
running to get to school on time.

One day we didn’t make it to school at all. That was when we had settled
down for the night in front of the television with our arms around each
other watching what was on the screen only moving for a hot kiss now and

A knock on the door had us diving for pants and shirts only to find that it
was Ian and his lover the royal prince (HRH).

They decided to come round to talk about next weekend, which you may recall
was going to be spent at Windsor castle. Both Derek and I were worried
about the trip while Ian was absolutely terrified.

“Don’t worry” HRH told us. “everything will be alright, I think my father
already suspects that I am a bit different to my brothers, after all he is
a navy man”. he laughed at that.

“Will we actually meet your parents?” I asked nervously.

“Possibly, I’m sure we’re having dinner with them on Friday evening and
then they will be at Buckingham palace for the rest of time because mummy
has some official engagements”.

It sounded odd hearing someone referring to the Queen of England as mummy.

Derek then wanted to know how do we address her.

“Oh just maam and my father just call him sir”. HRH replied.

Ian was shaking in his boots and wanted to know what knives and forks do we
use at dinner and all that stuff.

HRH just laughed and said .

“Don’t worry, if your confused just follow what I do”.

The questioning continued for quite a while and we also learnt that a car
would call and collect us all on the Friday afternoon.

During this conversation I was sat next to Derek while HRH and Ian were sat
opposite holding hands. HRH suddenly turned and began kissing Ian with an
urgency which suggested that he was getting horny. I turned to Derek and
asked him if he would like to copy what they were doing. He grinned that
sexy grin of his and said “What do you think?”. At that he grabbed me and
opened my mouth with his tongue while his hands began roaming over my body.

I came up for air and asked the other two if they wanted to use the spare
room or join us in our bedroom.

“Let’s make it a foursome”. His royal highness said .

All four of us were so eager we almost ran up the stairs and by the time we
reached the bedroom all of us were naked.

If you recall this was not the first time we had been with these two. After
all the prince wanted me as a lover before we introduced him to Ian.

Luckily the bed was big enough for us all and I found myself face to face
with Ian while Derek was paired off with HRH.

“Is this a trial run for the weekend”. I asked.

“Something like that” His highness muttered his mouth full of my lovers

I kissed Ian and moved my cock against his rubbing them both together,
while Ian responded with his tongue trying to go right down my throat. I
began fingering his hole which opened with ease taking two and then three
of my digits all the way in.

Ian broke off tonguing me and whispered. “Fuck me please Cliff, it’s been a
long time since I’ve felt your cock inside me”. I laid him on his side and
slowly pushed all the way in his pink hole which accepted my pushing with
no trouble at all. Meanwhile my lover had entered HRH who had moved round
so that his cock could be sucked by Ian. This way we were all joined

Derek and I both started off slowly fucking our two eager buddy’s while HRH
was gently sucked by Ian and at the same time he reached down to wank his
lovers rampant tool.

All four of us revelled in the joy of slowly satisfying each other. We must
have been at it for over 30 minutes before Derek began increasing his pace
and his breathing became more ragged a sure sign that he was almost ready
to blow. I followed suit and very quickly reached the point of no
return. My juice burst into Ian’s hole and he clamped down on my cock
making sure that every drop was milked out of me into his arse.

My actions in turn brought Ian to blast his seed into his lovers royal
mouth and for Derek to let out a fearsome yell before his spunk flew into a
royal arsehole.

We all lay there slowly recovering before moving off each other and falling
back onto the bed.

Derek spoke first “if that’s what this weekend is going to like I won’t be
able to walk for a week”.

We all laughed and began cuddling and caressing our respective partners.

Just then there was a knocking at the front door and HRH said “Fuck that’ll
be my minder it must be time for me to get back to boarding school before
I’m missed”. he dressed quickly, kissed Derek and I goodbye, before going
into a more loving and eager embrace with his loving partner Ian.

“I’ll let myself out guys so don’t bother coming downstairs” HRH said “See
you on Friday” were his parting words.

After we heard the front door close Derek spoke first. “He really loves you
Ian Doesn’t he?’

“Yes, but I think I love him more than he does me”.

“What’s going to happen to you both when he leaves school at the end of
this year, it’s going to be difficult for you both to keep seeing each

Ian’s face took on a sad wistful look. “Yes we have talked about this at
length, but so far we don’t have a solution.”

Derek took Ian into his arms kissing him gently. “Don’t worry something
will turn up as I’m sure it will for Cliff and I”.

Ian continued kissing Derek while reaching round to find my cock which was
once again beginning to harden.

“Would you like to fuck me again” Ian asked “No I think Derek should have
the privilege this time, after all he was your lover before I came along”.

Derek looked at me and was about to say something but didn’t, instead he
rolled Ian onto his back put his legs in the air and began entering his
ex’s well lubricated hole. He slowly began ramming his cock into Ian right
up to the hilt before pulling almost completely out. I reached over to kiss
my lover and he whispered in my ear. “Would you please fuck me right now”

“With pleasure” I replied and moved behind him while my lover bent over Ian
a bit more so I could reach his lovely pink hole. Slowly I entered him and
he paused so that we could get the rhythm right for the both of us.

Ian began moaning in ecstasy as Derek fucked him and I fucked Derek.

All three of us began pushing and pulling in earnest and loving every
minute of it. I leant forward nuzzling my lovers neck and nibbling his
earlobes which I had learnt was a big turn on for my man. Meanwhile Derek
also leaned forward to kiss Ian and suckle his nipples. All three of us
were slowly building up the pace and I knew I could not hold on for much
longer. I must admit I was usually the first to blow not having the same
self control that Derek had.

“I’m Cumming” I panted as my cock and balls stiffened. Soon my love juice
went deep into my lover and just a few seconds after he did the same to
Ian. As soon as Derek moved off of Ian I put my mouth over Ian’s dick and
began sucking him long and hard till he shot his load into my mouth and
down my throat.

We all then laid back revelling in the afterglow of a loving and intense

Derek spoke first. “Anyone want a cup of cocoa?” he asked. Both of us said
yes. Derek then added. “It’s very late Ian. why don’t you stay the night”.

“All right” he said “Mum and dad are used to HRH and I spending the night
at John Waddington’s so they won’t be worried”.

Ian and I followed Derek down stairs and into the kitchen where we sat
around the kitchen table silently drinking our cocoa.

Ian once again brought up the subject of life after school. “Have you guys
thought about what’s going to happen after we leave school”.

“Yes” I replied, “We are worried about what is going to happen to us , but
I think you will face a bigger problem than us after all HRH moves in a
different circle to us and sadly there is nothing he can do about it”.

Ian nodded his head and a sadness came over him.

“HRH has already argued with his parents because it is traditional that
Royal princes automatically go into the armed forces and he is refusing to
do that, his wish is to go into theatre production or something like that
which would mean that we would be able to keep in touch”.

“That’s what I hope Cliff will be able to do not so much in production but
certainly as an actor or entertainer”. Remarked Derek.

All three of us went silent lost in our own thought about life after

Derek broke into our thoughts with a big yawn. “It’s about time we headed
for bed”.

Ian laughed and said .” Yes, to sleep.” he laughed. “I can honestly say I
am well and truly fucked”.

We headed up the stairs and Ian went to go into the spare room.

“Oh no you don’t”. Derek said “Tonight we all sleep together”.

Ian and I laughed at this remark and we got into bed with Derek in the
middle. We kissed and hugged each other before dropping off to sleep.

The alarm clock, I think went off but I don’t believe anyone heard it and
by the time we all stirred it was after 9 am far too late to go to school.

I suspect that Derek had not set the alarm at all and had no intension of
going to school anyway. I can read him like a book and he had that sexy
grin on his face which gave him away.

“What” he said trying to look innocent after he caught me looking at him.

“Nothing” I answered with a non-committal look on my face.

I moved closer to him and kissed him parting his lips to allow my tongue to
do it’s job. His cock was already stiff like mine and he began moaning and
humping his cock against mine. I then realised what he was moaning
about. Ian had his cock hard up my lovers bum. Derek’s hand moved round my
body so that he could insert a couple of fingers inside me while our
humping together increased in pace while Ian began fucking the daylight out
of him. All three of us began jerking and jumping around the bed as we
moved closer to an almighty climax. My lover now had three fingers in side
me as far as they could go and I was rotating my arse to get even deeper

Meanwhile our two cocks were being pushed against each other in time with
Ian’s assault on my darlings rear end, plus our lips were locked together.

I felt Derek begin to stiffen and guessed he was about to cum and this
spurred me on to shoot my load. The Ian cried out “oh fuck I’m cumming”.

We all blew more or less at the same time and the feeling (for me anyway)
was incredible as wave after wave of all our juices went everywhere.

We all fell apart and I ordered Derek to roll over with his back to me. He
did and then I did something that I had never done before. I went down
between my lovers legs and began lapping up Ian’s juice which was flowing
from between his cheeks. When I had stopped the flow I opened up his pink
orifice and began cleaning him out so that there was no more juice left
inside him.

When I had finished I moved up and began kissing both of them with my arms
wrapped around them both.

Derek spoke first. “Wow, that was one of the best sessions we have ever
had, but what made you lick me out like that Cliff, that is something you
have always avoided “.

I thought about this for a minute before replying. “I don’t know I just
felt that it was something I had to do”.

“Well don’t make it the first and last time will you”. Derek said laughing.

He continued on a more serious note. “Cliff I love you so much words can’t
describe the feelings I have for you, Promise you’ll never ever leave me or
stop loving me”.

I was stunned at first because although he has declared his love many times
before it was never in such strong words as those”.

I kissed him long and tenderly our hands roaming over each others body. I
thought if this is true love I like it.

We heard a discrete cough and broke apart looking across at Ian who we both
had forgotten about.

“Sorry baby, we got carried away a bit just then”. I said.

Derek spoke next. “Ian we both love you dearly as well but in a different
way if you get my meaning”.

“I think I do guys and it’s wonderful to see you two so much in love, I
hope that my lover and I get to be like that”.

“I thought you were both deeply in love” I said surprised at his last

“I think we are pretty close but”, He paused as if deciding what to say

“But what” Derek asked.

“Well, a couple of times when we have been making love he has climaxed and
muttered your name Cliff”. I looked across at Derek a surprised look on my
face and he also looked bewildered.

Ian continued. “Cliff I really think that he still loves you more than you
think. OK he loves me I’m sure of that as well but you’re the one
Cliff. Have you noticed how he looks at you with that adoring look in his

Whenever your around, plus he talks about you a lot when your not there”.

I was stunned to say the least and Derek had a puzzled sad look.

“You do realise guys that he only invited you two so he could spend a
weekend close to you Cliff”.

I glanced over at Derek who had a look on his face which told all was not
well. I took him my arms and hugged him close.

Ian spoke up. “If it’s alright with you two I’ll go down and start

Neither of us spoke, we just laid there looking at each other.

Ian got up got dressed and went downstairs.

I spoke first. “Believe me darling there is nothing to worry about he will
never take me away from you I promise that with all my heart”.

Derek began to quietly sob and I began kissing away his tears.

“please don’t ever leave me baby, if he took you away from me life would
not be worth living” he sobbed.

Tears formed in my eyes as I held him even tighter never wanting to let go.

“Would you rather we cancelled this weekend?” I asked.

“No, for Ian’s sake we should go and support him”.

I nodded, Derek continued “I trust you and love you but don’t give in to
him just because of who he his”.

“I won’t I promise, just make sure we are never left alone together because
I’m sure he will try very hard to split us up”.

Derek surprised me with his next question. “Do you love him?”

“Yes but not in the same way as I love you baby. I look upon him as a nice
guy a sex object nothing more plus the fact that because of his position in
life he is like err forbidden fruit, can you understand what I’m trying to

“Yes I think so”.

We remained silent for several minutes enjoy the time being spent in each
others arms.

“Come on you two sex kittens, breakfast is ready” shouted Ian from the
kitchen and that broke the spell.

We kissed before getting dressed and heading downstairs for Brunch because
by know it was far too late for breakfast.

After we had eaten Ian said that he should head for home because his
parents might be wondering where he was and we decided that we should go
visit our parents who we haven’t seen for over a week.

I hope you are enjoying my story. Please drop me a line your comments are
appreciated. While Derek and Cliff are having a fairy tale relationship
there is trouble brewing on the horizon so stay tuned.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy