Chapter 35

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter


“I understand that son and I’m puzzled that his parents would believe a trashy newspaper over us. I’ll have a quite word with them.”

“Thanks dad.”

Derek and I re-joined the conversation asking Steve’s parents if they would care to join the two of us in the living room.

“Ok we’ll talk to you but I might add that our minds are made up and we won’t change them.”

The look of devastation on Peter and Steve’s faces said it all.

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I looked at Derek with a look of desperation thinking how the hell can I convince these people that the rubbish they read and see in newspapers is often not the truth.

“I would like to explain something to you and would appreciate if you would listen and not say anything until I have finished. Ok?”

“Both of Steve’s parents nodded their heads in agreement, “Newspapers are only interested in one thing and that is selling newspapers. Some of the more flamboyant newspapers don’t worry too much about the truth and go for the sensational.

They didn’t care how much Derek and I and our reputations hurt when they used that taxi cab picture. I agree we shouldn’t have been doing what we were, but then in a taxi one would expect it to be a fairly private place. The picture taken through our curtains at a group of us sitting around talking with our respective partners was a blatant invasion of our privacy and the label attached to that picture was so far away from the truth to be almost laughable. Both Derek and I have gone to great pains to bring Peter and Steve up to be honest, law abiding citizens and I’m sure the boys will agree that at times we were fairly strict especially when it came to their relationship.”

Both boys nodded in agreement as I continued, “Surely a trashy piece of newspaper reporting shouldn’t put an end to a loving caring relationship which our two boys have?”

I sat next to Derek holding his hand allowing my words to sink in.

“Mum, dad, Peter and I love each other dearly and we both hope that our love will last when we leave school. It won’t be easy but we will try and make it together. What Cliff tells you is the truth that newspaper went out of its way to bring Daddy Cliff and Derek down. Everything they printed was rubbish.”

When he had finished talking Peter leaned over to kiss him on the lips.

For several minutes, nothing was said as everyone looked at each other trying to work out what each one was thinking.

“I’m still not sure that we are doing the right thing but Steve can go back with you to be close to Peter, it is obvious they are in love with each other and we hope that love continues, as long as it remains out of the public eye.”

“Thank you I’m sure you have made the right decision and don’t forget that Steve is receiving the best education possible in one of England’s better schools.”

They both agreed with that remark, they had obviously not thought everything out properly, with a lot at stake regarding their son’s life and education.

Both boys ran across the room to kiss, cuddle and thank Steve’s parents.

About thirty minutes later, we were saying goodbye to them as we headed back home.

Not much was said during the journey home and when I glanced in the rear view mirror, I realized why. Both boys were making out and getting very hard and hot into the process.

Giving Derek a nudge so he could see what was happening I said, “I think we’d better turn off the remote radio camera for the backseat so Steve’s parents can’t see him.”

Both boys jumped apart, looking very guilty until we both started laughing then they got mad at me for breaking them apart, but they did behave for the rest of the journey.

Back home John was getting ready for his first visit to the plastic surgeon recommended by his doctor in Brighton. Bruce went with him but his nurse David Jones at John’s request remained home.

“I don’t want the surgeon to see that I need medical help all the time which I really don’t anymore.” John explained before setting off.

Marius Fielding’s surgery was in Harley Street were all the top doctors and surgeons are and because of the address they also charge like a wounded bull.

They arrived about ten minutes early and were shown into a waiting room with leather armchairs and genuine paintings on the wall. While they were waiting they, we’re offered drinks and refreshments which both of them declined thinking that it was more than likely added to the bill.

It was only about five minutes after their appointment time, when they were shown into Dr. Fielding’s surgery. The doctor was a middle-aged man going slightly grey at the temples, he was about six foot and the suit he wore was in Bruce’s estimation about a thousand pounds worth of quality.

“Good afternoon I’m Doctor Marius Fielding.” They shook hands as John introduced himself and his partner Bruce. The word partner brought a raised eyebrow from the doctor but nothing else.

“I can see by your face John why you were referred to me; do you have burns on any other parts of your body?”

John explained he did have some minor burns on his chest and back but his face was the worst. He was asked to get onto the bed in the corner of the room and strip to the waist.

For the next thirty minutes or so, the doctor examined him in detail using a magnifying glass to check out his face.

He invited John to get dressed and sit back at his desk next to Bruce who immediately grabbed hold of his lover’s hand which again brought a raised eyebrow from the doctor.

“I can make all your burns disappear and have you looking like new at a cost. You will need to spend quite some time in my private hospital for a series of operations so we are looking at easily six to eight months work.”

“And what would be the cost doctor?”

“Roughly in round figures work like this will cost with the hospital and operating room plus my fees about $300,000 pounds.”

John looked at Bruce with a dazed look on his face totally speechless.

“I can see that came as a bit of a shock so I suggest you go away and think about it and get back to my office if you decide to go ahead.”

Still in shock, they went back into reception paying the three hundred pounds consultation fee to the receptionist before walking out of the building.

They hailed a cab saying nothing to each other all the way home. The cab dropped them at the gate, because security had strict instructions that no cabs were allowed through the gates. As they walked up to the front door John finally spoke up, “I don’t think we should tell Cliff and Derek the cost because they will offer to pay and that is far too much money to expect anyone to fork out for our benefit.”

“Yes, I agree John that much money will leave them poor and without any savings I’m sure.”

John’s nurse, David, asked how John was feeling ,as he met them at the door.

“A bit tired I think we’ll both go up to our room and take a rest David, no need for you to do anything.”

Once they were in their bedroom John turned to face his lover falling into his arms and sobbing, “I’m sorry Bruce but I’m too ugly for you now and I’ll always be like this by the look of it because we’ll never be able to afford to have all that work done. You would be better of leaving me and finding someone else who at least looks half human.”

“John my dear darling lover I would never ever leave you I love you and intend to stay with you all my life.”

They continued to cling to each other for quite a while until John began to feel tired from standing too long and Bruce guided him onto the bed. Were they laid side by side holding each other’s hands until sleep overtook them.

Once the boys and their two fathers arrived home, they unpacked before Derek and Cliff began preparing the evening meal for everyone. Cliff also went off and checked the mail.

He came back in all excited waving a letter around.

“What is it who’s that from?”

“Well, unbeknown to anyone else I contacted a private investigator asking him to make discreet enquiries about the wine in the secret cellar and he has checked everywhere he possibly could and has come up empty handed. He spoke to a solicitor friend of is who told him to all intents and purposes that all the wine downstairs is ours. He suggested that we approach a wine expert or a company that specializes in rare wine auctions to go through it make an inventory and work out its worth.”

Derek looked across at his lover and smiled, “We’d be better off selling it than you gradually drinking it all.”

“Ok, point taken.”

They went back preparing the meal and when it was ready, they called everyone down to eat. Unable to help himself Cliff did go down to the cellar and brought up a couple of fine French red wines.

“How did the trip to the specialist go John?” Asked Cliff once they were all sat around the table.

“Oh pretty good he’s looking into it to see what he can do, but he’s not too sure he can do much to help me.”

Everyone stopped eating and looked at John and Bruce who both went a deep red.

“Now that you both look redder than the wine we’re drinking why don’t you stop lying and tell us the truth.”

John and Bruce looked at each other both realizing that they can’t hide anything from these guys.

“You lot can see right through us can’t you?”

Every one smiled and nodded yes. So, Bruce explained in detail everything that happened with the plastic surgeon.

When the price was mentioned everyone looked horrified as Bruce continued, “So as you can tell we just can’t afford that kind of money.”

There was silence for a while and Peter looked at his two fathers and grinned, “You two will find a way won’t you?”

“How can you tell son?”

“The looks both of you have in your eyes.”

Laughing Derek said, “We can’t pull the wool over your eyes can we Peter?”


“Actually I have thought of a couple of things, firstly the hotel should pay for everything because it is their fault.”

Bruce piped up, “We agree but they told us we would have to sue them and they would hold us up in court for years.”

“The fucking ass holes.” Cliff muttered.

“They indicated to us that they in turn would have to sue your father’s estate, which would be a waste of time and money because there’s nothing in the kitty.”

“True but that would just delay things in the courts even longer.” Cliff said.

“I suggest that we hire a solicitor and begin proceedings against them and at the same time Derek and I will pay for the operations.”

John jumped up banging on the table, “No you can’t afford to lay out that kind of money, just like that.”

Very quietly, Derek said, “But we can.”

He continued, to explain that they did have that kind of money already in the bank, plus they had another little nest egg right under their feet. He then went on to explain about the wine and what it looks like being worth.

“You mean dads, all that wine is yours?”

“it certainly looks like it son, and if we get it catalogued and sold at auction there looks like being enough cash raised to pay for your operation John, mount a court action against the hotel and have enough money left to pay off the loan on this house. At least that’s what it looks like.”

Everyone at the table looked on in amazement.

“So my dear John and darling Bruce contact the good doctor tomorrow and tell him to weave his magic on your face as soon as possible.”

John and Bruce continued to protest but their words fell on deaf ears.

The weekend went by quickly with Roland and I learning our parts or at least polishing them up while Derek and Ian worked on the lighting and staging plot, fine-tuning it ready for Monday night’s opening in the West End of London.

Cliff could tell that Roland was nervous, after all this was his big performance having never played in the big city before. In fact this was his first acting job ever and he landed the big one.

“I still don’t feel confident replacing you Cliff when you have a night off.”

“What are you worried about you did very well in Oxford, you got the standing ovations just as I did.”

“Yes but this is the big one, the ultimate in acting to play the big time.”

“Listen I once mentioned that to Alec Guinness and he told me to just look out at the audience and imagine there’re all naked sitting on a toilet with a bad case of diarrhoea.”

Roland burst out laughing at the thought, “The thing is it works but don’t just concentrate on an overweight lady in the third row or someone like that otherwise you will burst out laughing when you shouldn’t”

“And does that work?”

“Yes unless her majesty is in the Royal box watching your performance and then you can’t stop laughing at the image in your mind.”

We both finished up rolling on the floor laughing has we conjured up different images usually of famous people.

Derek, Ian, Peter and Steve, were both attracted by the raucous laughter and came investigating.

Roland explained to them what I had said and soon everyone was joining in even Peter and Steve describing some of their teachers all stricken down with a case of the trots.

Finally, we calmed down and sat around chatting in general and surprisingly it was Derek, who suggested a couple of bottles of champagne from the cellar, “and make it some of our better vintage.”

While Peter and Steve went down to our secret cellar, I got the glasses and David Jones our friendly nurse went to get John and Bruce. While John no longer required the services of a nurse we still kept David on because we had all sort of got attached to him and as long as he didn’t have anywhere else to go we kept him on. His boyfriends’ job up north was finishing up in a couple of weeks and then they would be together again.

I noticed Peter chatting a lot to him and trying to be very friendly and guessed that he and Steve were trying to get into his pants. They were a couple of horny buggers; sex was all they appeared to think of morning noon and night.

We slept late Monday morning so we would be ready for the evening. We’d just had a late breakfast when security announced a couple of visitors. They were the auctioneers coming to take stock of our wine cellar. Derek and I showed them were the cellar was and the look on their faces when they saw what was stored in that tiny room said a lot.

We left them to it and were having a quite cup of coffee when they walked into the kitchen.

“Finished already?” I asked.

“Barely started and before we do I think we should have a word with you.”

They had a box with half a dozen different bottles in them and carefully sat them on the table.

“We had only just begun to make our list when we came across a couple of vintage which we just had to show you and explain.”

He pulled the first bottle out a red wine, Burgundy, I think.

“This vintage was a brilliant year but only six bottles were in existence, it was a good vintage but not much of it. One bottle came up for auction in the United States recently and fetched half a million dollars and you have two bottles.”

I looked at label then muttered, “Bloody hell.”

“What is it?” Derek asked,

“We drank a bottle of that for dinner the other night.”

“I thought the auctioneer guy was going to have a fit,” it was a bloody good drop as well.”

He continued although he was a bit green around the gills when he realized we’d drank a bottle worth half a million.

“A quick glance around down there and I believe you have close to ten million pounds of wine give or take a million.”

Well the looks on our faces said it all as the auctioneer went on to explain that to auction this cellar off he would have to advertise it worldwide because some of the vintages would attract buyers from all parts of the globe.

Before he left saying that he would be back tomorrow with a team of people to catalogue the wine and we’d better alert our security because once word gets out at what we have down stairs we could have a lot of unwanted felons trying to make a quick quid.

Before he left he took us down the cellar putting some of the more cheaper vintages on one side telling us that if we wanted to drink wine with our meals to use the cheaper ones.

I must admit the thought of all that wine and the money involved put me right off the performance I would be doing tonight.

We headed in to the theatre early because Ian and my Derek had a lot of work to do before curtain up. Peter and Steve came with us, as Peter pointed out they haven’t missed one of my opening nights yet.

Being early and going in the back way through the stage door we had no idea of what was happening out front until the theatre manager came rushing up to Alec whispering to him.

He looked across at the six of us saying, “The anti-gay brigade is having a field day out front, with banners, chanting and trying to put off theatre goers.”

We fell silent realizing that we could now hear the chants on stage, “The manager as called the police to move them on but there not having much luck as they move one lot another takes their place and when they are moved on the original mob are back.”

The manager then piped up, “and the media are having a field day.”

This type of demonstration makes me mad and is totally uncalled for. “I’d like to go out there and rip those banners off them and put them around their fucking heads.”

“Calm down Cliff this won’t help tonight’s performance if we all get uptight.”

“Your right Alec, let’s all just shut them out of our minds and concentrate on giving the paying customers the performance of their lives.”

I headed down to my dressing room for some quite time so I could be ready for the character I was playing. Just before curtain time, Peter and Steve came in to wish my luck. They both kissed and hugged me telling me that I was the best.

“Thank you boys, I love you both very much.”

Slowly I made my way into the wings ready for curtain up, noticing that the chants outside were still very loud. Derek came up to give me a kiss and a cuddle and the curtain went up just a few minutes late. We learnt afterwards that several of the protesters tried to storm the front doors and get into the theatre but the police and theatre staff kept them at bay.

As usual, the play went like clockwork and the standing ovations and curtain calls were just like we had in Oxford. Alec had the usual drinks and refreshments for us all after the show which went down very well as we tried to relax. Bob our manager arrived explaining that extra security would have to be mounted at the theatre if these ratbags were going to continue to protest.

“Cliff, I have so many venues who want to book you for singing spots after you’ve finished here, how many do you think you can fit in a week?”

“Bob, you’re a fucking money hungry slave driver.” I answered with a laugh.

“So what’s wrong with that?”

“Seriously Bob the most I can possibly do is perhaps one or two a week.”

“Ok then that’s it two a week.”

“I said one or two a week.”

“Yes I hear you; the first one is Friday at the club you got caught with your fly open on the way home the other night.”

They all burst out laughing at that remark. “What about a band, I liked the one I worked with at that club the other night they were good.”

“Ok I’ll fix it they’re one of mine anyway, by the way did you get paid the other night when you did that guest spot, I didn’t get any commission?”

Laughing I said, “And you’re not going to get any either, you money grabbing bugger. Ok, I’ll do two gigs a week but only if I can have that band.”

“Done deal, don’t you want to know how much I’m asking for you?”

“No that’s your job Bob it’s what I pay you all that commission for and you always get me the best deal.”

He grinned and was gone it was almost as if he had never been there.

When we finally got home all of us were exhausted and after a hot drink headed off to bed. Lying side by side gazing at the ceiling I said to Derek, “I hope those protests aren’t going to go on like that day after day.”

“I think if we ignore them they’ll get sick of it and judging by the lack of empty seats tonight it doesn’t look like we lost any customers.

“Do you realize the boys go back to school next week so one of us every weekday as got to get up early make them breakfast and drive them across London to school and then we have to pick them up later in the day.”

“We could get security to take them and pick them up.”

“NO, we’ve always done that and I’m not going to palm them off onto someone else, he’s our boy and that’s that.”

“Ok, darling there’s no need to shout at me, I get the message.”

Feeling really bad that I have upset my partner I leaned in kissing him passionately and naturally he responded just as eager.

To say one thing led to another would be an understatement. No matter how tired and exhausted we were we always managed to find more than enough energy for a hot loving session. Mind you, it was difficult to get out of bed the next morning.

We finally made it down to the kitchen for a very late breakfast. Everyone else was sat there thinking about lunch. The ever eagle eyed Peter who never misses anything said, Oh, oh, who had an hot session last night or maybe this morning?”

“What makes you think we did son?”

“The eyes have it dad, a dead giveaway.”

“I sometimes wish you weren’t so intelligent and smart Peter.”

“But you love me just the same don’t you dad?”

I nodded in agreement, because he was a lovable kid.

Just after lunch, the auctioneer arrived with five assistants and they set to work in the cellar cataloguing all our stock.

We were just about to leave for the theatre when they finished up for the day telling us that they would be back tomorrow to finish off.

“I can tell you right now that the stock we have checked so far comes to five million pounds and we still have a fair way to go.”

We thanked him and on the way to the theatre I mention to Derek, “I feel that this is all going to come crashing down on our heads and someone is going to come along claiming that wine is theirs and have proof.”

Derek always the calm one said, “If it is to be it is to be.”

There were still a few protesters outside the theatre that night but less than before, plus rope lines had been set up to keep them separated from our patrons.

As always, everything went of smoothly. On the way home, I had an idea that might help us with the boys and school.

“We are keeping David Jones at the house, yet, he has nothing to do. How do you feel if we ask him to stay on to look after John, who will need extra care between his operations and also do some odd work around the place for us like picking the boys up from school on matinee days when we can’t and things like that. We could put him permanently on the payroll and when his boyfriend is around he could stay with him so they don’t have to pay rent on an apartment which they are hardly ever there.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me darling what do you guys think?”

Smiling Roland said, “I think it’s great, they are both cute looking guys and this will give Ian and I more opportunity to try and get them both into bed.”

We all laughed and I said, “Be careful and quick because I think my son and Steve have the same idea.”

Next morning John was up and ready early looking nervous as he was due to have his first operation today and would be away for about three days in hospital. We all kissed him as he was leaving with Bruce, wishing him all the best. We had also contacted a lawyer to start proceedings against the hotel for the injuries John received. The Lawyer had indicated that he should go for at least three million pounds. (Authors note; Suing anybody and everybody as it is today was unheard of back then in 1959 so this action by John caused quite a stir)

John and Bruce arrived at the hospital and were shown into a private room that made even a five star hotel room look cheap and nasty.

“This is what you’re paying all that money for.” Bruce pointed out. There was even another bed set up so that Bruce could stay with his boyfriend if he wished.

The fridge in the corner of the room had a collection of beer, wine and spirits including a very fine vintage champagne.

“Wow lover how the other half live.”

Once he was undressed and in his hospital gown, the anaesthetist arrived to check him over and noted with a little bit of concern that he had only one lung.

“Is that a problem doctor?”

“Shouldn’t be but I’ll have to keep a close watch on it just the same and you’ll be on oxygen a lot longer than most patients once you come out of theatre.”

Doctor Fielding came in next had a quick look at his face saying that he would be going down to theatre in about ten minutes time.

Both of them sat holding hands tightly not game to speak in case they burst into tears until it was time for John to be taken away by two orderlies. They kissed as John left the room and Bruce although he wasn’t a religious man offered up a silent prayer.

Meanwhile back at the house the auctioneer and his team were busy checking the wine stock and making their catalogue list ready for the auction that we were told would be in three weeks’ time.

The auctioneer was a little bit upset that we insisted that one of our security people was in the cellar with them all the time.

A couple of days before the auction, which would be held in their rooms in central London the wine would be transported into their auction premises. Derek and I insisted that we hire an armoured truck to carry the wine.

The auctioneer had indicated that the news of the sale had aroused interest around the world especially the United States and the way things are going he estimated some top prices would be paid and the income could possibly exceed twenty million pounds.

That kind of figure put us both into a state of shock. Even taking off the auctioneers’ commission that’s still a lot of money left over.

“We could almost afford to retire if we had that sort of money.” Derek remarked as he kissed me quite passionately for midday. I looked at him and he winked. I mouthed the words. “What now?” He nodded so I grabbed his hand heading for the stairs. Peter and Steve spotted us and laughing Peter said, “What now?”

I gave him a dirty look then laughed and continued up stairs without answering him.

I won’t go into the sordid details except to say that by the time we had adequately satisfied each other we had to rush to get to the theatre in time.

Earlier in the day we had a talk with David about our proposition regarding keeping him on.

The look of surprise and thanks that appeared on his face spoke a lot.

“You mean you would like to employ me full time but there wouldn’t be enough work to keep going full time?”

“Oh I’m sure we will find enough to keep you out of mischief, unless my son and his partner manage to finally seduce you.”

We all laughed at that, “Your right they keep trying the horny buggers but I’m faithful to my man.”

“Anyway the deal is you look after John and the rest of us for that matter on the same money as you are now plus free room and board and when your boyfriend isn’t working he can stay here too cost free so you can give up your apartment to save money as well.”

“I don’t know how to thank you guys you are so kind and generous.” He began to have tears in his eyes so we broke up the meeting to head to the theatre.

On the way we told Ian and Roland about David and they were thrilled that we were keeping him on, “he’s a great guy and so his is partner, Brian and before you get ideas Ian and Roland he is faithful to his partner.”

“How do you know that have you already tried it on?”

“No, he told us.”

They both laughed not believing a word I was saying. At the theatre, we had by now slipped into a routine and the whole performance went like clockwork with the usual standing ovation and curtain calls. Next Monday would be the trial because that was the official first night when all the freeloaders and critics would be there.

Our parents and several close friends would also be in the audience as well for that night.

Bruce lay on the bed in the room waiting for his mate to return after the first operation on his face. He started to read a book but couldn’t concentrate. Getting up he wandered around the room at the window, he looked out at the view, which was a very pleasant typical English country scene of rolling meadows interspersed with stands of trees. He wondered why the doctor didn’t have his hospital closer to his surgery in Harley Street instead of miles away in the Hampshire countryside.

After staring out of the window for a while he headed for the bar fridge getting himself a beer, he took a couple of good swigs then put it down and began wandering again. Checking his watch, he noticed that John had been gone less than an hour yet it appeared to be more like four hours.

Why am I so uptight he asked himself? This doctor does this kind of work all the time there shouldn’t be any problems. He left the room to wander around the hospital but found that most of the doors had no entry written on them. With no were else to go he made his way back to lie back on the bed and wait for his lover to return.

He must have dozed off to sleep because the next thing he knew was the orderly bringing John back. You couldn’t see his face it was covered in bandages and some spots of blood were showing through.

The orderly told him that John was sleeping and it would be a while yet before he comes round. He sat down next to his sleeping partner holding his hand.

Dr Fielding came in not long after to check on his patient and he gave the nurse with him a whole heap of instructions. Turning his attention to Bruce, he began to explain what had taken place, “Your partners face was in a lot worse state than I first thought and we had a job reconstructing his face using skin from his inner thigh. We will have to keep the bandages on for at least a week maybe longer. I want to keep him in here for a week before even considering sending him home. Our biggest problem right now is the risk of infection and we will fill him full of antibiotics to stave any of those infections off. The other thing is that the skin we grafted on to his face might not take. Now there is a company in the United States, which is growing artificial skin, but this is very expensive. I haven’t used it yet but reports from colleagues overseas are good and it sounds encouraging.” He paused to allow all he had already told him to sink in.

“With John and your permission I would like to try and use some of this new artificial skin on John. Bearing in mind this is still in the experimental stage but if it works as they say it does then John’s recovery will be faster and better. When he fully regains his faculties, I would like you to explain it to him. I have some paperwork which I will leave with you.”

He then asked if I had any questions, “You said this skin was costly, just how costly?

“Don’t worry about this extra cost I will cover that after all it is purely experimental and if you are both happy for John to be my guinea pig then it’s only fair that I bear the cost.”

“That sounds fair to me Doctor I will talk to John and let you know.”

“Don’t rush waking him up, he will slowly come round and then be in a lot of pain, but the nurse will give him something for that.”

We shook hands has he left with the message that he would be back first thing in the morning. John slept on for quite some hours and Bruce was beginning to worry, while the nurse on duty said this was quite normal especially for someone with one lung.

We all called in making a big detour on the way to the theatre, were shocked, and surprised to see the bloody bandages on his face. We didn’t stay long telling Bruce that we would phone him later tonight to check on John’s condition.

All four of us were quite excited at the prospect of artificial skin being used and hoped that it worked.

Once again, the evening’s performance went well except during one of my more athletic times on stage I split the ass out of my baggy pants much to the mirth of the cast and crew while the audience had no idea except I kept my back to them more than I normally did.

Luckily, I had a spare pair while the wardrobe mistress set about to repair the torn ones.

As soon as we got home we rang the private hospital to talk to Bruce who said John came round not long after we had left and was in fine spirits, and was thrilled at being a guinea pig for the new skin.

After promising to call in the morning, we said goodnight.

Tomorrow would be a big day because we had a matinee and then the evening performance. The boys asked if they could come in with us and have a wander around the shops in Oxford Street. We agreed knowing full well that they were bored stupid right now and for once couldn’t wait to get back to school.

Once we had given Peter and Steve some spending money they were off exploring the shops and I mentioned to Derek that I hoped they would be safe on their own, “There sensible boys and we have to give them free rein eventually and I’m sure they’ll be ok.” He said kissing me lightly on the lips so as not to ruin my stage make-up.

I had decided to do this matinee but in the future Roland would do most of them. After the usual full house, standing ovations and curtain calls we had about three hours before the next performance. Derek asked if I wanted to go out for a bite to eat but I said no, I think I’ll just lay down in my dressing room and rest, plus I don’t want to take all this make-up off only to put it back on again in a few hours.”

There was a day bed in my dressing room and I stripped off down to my underwear and laid down on it falling asleep almost at once. I’d been asleep about an hour while Ian and Derek got the stage ready for tonight’s performance. I thought I was having a sexy dream and a beautiful erect cock was being placed in my mouth until I realized it was for real and judging by the size it wasn’t Derek’s.

“What the fuck.” I yelled becoming instantly awake and jumping up to grab whoever it was.

I grabbed them holding on tight yelling for help. Derek and Ian closely followed by Roland came rushing in to find me hanging on to a naked kid no more than fourteen years old.

His clothes were piled up near the door and looked pretty ragged anyway.

“How the fuck did you get in here and what were you doing.”

Looking scared this young kid who was a bit on the small side had jet black hair was very thin with a long skinny circumcised cock hanging down from a thick brush of black hair.

I let him go and he slumped to the ground crying. Derek bent down picking him up and placing him on the day bed. “I think you better get a grip of yourself young man and tell us what all this is about.” He said. The boy continued to sob looking terrified at me.

I walked over to put my hand around him but he cowered back looking scared, “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you it’s just that you took me by surprise that’s all.”

His sobbing slowly subsided and I finally finished up sitting next to him with my arm around him.

“Now, first of all let’s start by having your name shall we and don’t worry we just want to find out what all this is about ok?”

He nodded and in a quiet voice spoke for the first time, “My name is Michael, Michael French and I’m sorry if I upset you but I don’t know what came over me.”

“Well for a start what were you doing in my dressing room?”

“The man on the door had is back to me and I was hungry so I came in looking for something to eat, I saw you lying there asleep and recognized you from the papers and I noticed your cock was standing up straight and it got me well sort of you know excited as well.”

“So you decided to stick it in my mouth, why?”

“Well I knew you were well you know gay so I thought I’d try it.” I must admit we all laughed which we shouldn’t have, but it sounded so funny.

“Why were you looking for something to eat couldn’t you have gone home to get something?”

“I ain’t got a home sir,”

“Surely you must have what about your parents?”

“They threw me out sir, because I was gay.”

I looked across at Derek and said, “Sounds familiar doesn’t it?”

Derek nodded just as Peter and Steve returned standing in the doorway staring at their father, sitting in his underwear, on a bed, with his arm around a fourteen-year-old naked boy.

The looks on their faces said it all, “It’s not what you’re thinking boys.” I said and Derek took over explaining the situation.

Peter immediately came and sat on the other of the boy, putting his arm around him speaking quietly to Michael as if he and been a friend for years, “Michael my names Peter and I was in a similar situation like you a few years ago when Cliff, who is now my father and Derek, my other father found me just like you, I’d been thrown out and left to fend for myself just like you because my parents didn’t like the idea of my being gay, So you see you’re not alone.”

Michael looked at him unable to believe that there were others like him. “What did these two do?”

“They adopted me so instead of a mother and a father I have two wonderful fathers.”

He looked around spotting Michael’s clothing on the floor, “Now, for a start why don’t you get dressed and then we can talk some more.”

Ian and Roland said they would leave us on our own and discreetly left leaving Peter, who had taken command of the whole situation and making me very proud, Steve, who looked a bit stunned with Derek and me.

While Michael was getting dressed I went across to the fridge in my room getting out a bottle of milk and a bar of chocolate giving them to John who devoured them down so fast that it was obvious he hadn’t eaten for some time.

“How long have you been on the streets Michael?” I asked.

“Six days sir.” He replied stuffing more chocolate into his mouth. Derek left and came back a short while later with a packet of ham and cheese sandwiches, which followed the chocolate just as quickly.

“For a start let’s cut this sir bit out I’m Cliff, that’s Derek and this is as you know is Peter my son and his boyfriend Steve. So no more sir ok?”

He nodded still eating but a bit more slowly now. “The thing is Michael what are we going to do with you?”

Peter looked at me saying, “Can I have a quiet word with you in private dad?”

O nodded and we moved out into the passageway, “I hope you’re not going to feed him and then send him on his way are you?”

“You should know me better than that Peter by now there is no way I would throw him out. Mind you if he decides to leave on his own accord, then I have no option but to let him go but if he wants to stay, we can give him a room and board at our place. Is that all right with you?”

Giving me a big hug and kiss on the cheek he said, “I knew you wouldn’t throw him back out on the streets your two kind hearted for that, thank you dad.”

We went back into my dressing room to find Michael asleep on my day bed.

“He finished eating and just laid down falling asleep straight away he must have been exhausted as well as hungry.” Derek told us.

It was almost time for me to get ready but I was worried about leaving Michael on his own in my room when we were all on stage. This was a desperate young man, who would and could do anything like taking off with stuff he can sell or well you never know what he would be likely to do. “We need someone to sit with John until we have finished tonight’s show.” I said.

Without hesitating Peter said, Steve and I will stay with him dad.”

I thanked the boys as I continued getting ready while Derek gave me a quick kiss heading out to make sure his end was ready for tonight’s performance.

During the interval I went back down to my dressing to check on the boys, finding Peter and Steve together in an armchair making out big time and Michael was sleeping like a baby which really is all he was a young boy out alone in a cruel world.

Peter told me that he hadn’t moved all the time I’d been away. “Don’t worry dad I’ll look after him after all I know what he is going through having been down that road myself.”

“I just wonder Peter how many more young guys like Michael here, are out there with no food, shelter or money just because they were born different.

Peter only nodded because he was beginning to get emotional and knew if he talked more on this subject, he would lose it completely.

One of the stagehands knocked on the door to tell me that they were waiting for me to get back on stage for the second half. I looked at the time realizing I had been down here far too long. I rushed back up the stairs and the curtain went up the minute I was in place.

Once the curtain dropped for the last time both Derek and I headed downstairs to check on the boys. As soon as we opened the door, we saw that Michael was awake and smiling as he along with Peter and Steve were playing cards. I always kept a pack of cards in my dressing room because sometimes I sat playing Patience or some other single person game to relax me.

“Peter tells me that I can stay at your house if I want. Is that true?”

“It certainly is Michael if that is what you want to do.”

“Thank you I would like that and Peter tells me you’re all gay?”

“Yes that’s right, now if you don’t mind I’ll get changed and we’ll be on our way because I’m exhausted after doing two performances and would love to crawl into bed with my lover and go to sleep.”

Peter looked at saying, “yes sure.”

Michael looked puzzled at Peter, “Do you always talk to your father like that?”

“Were more like brothers than son and father.” He replied.

“Quite often Michael it feels as if he’s the father and I’m the son.” I added laughing.

I got changed in front of everyone because nobody made a move to leave, and true to form I heard Peter say, “There I told you he had a big one.”

I looked up and Michael blushed averting his head while Peter and Steve laughed.

“Do you tell everyone you meet the size of my dick?”

Casually he replied, “Yes, pretty much.” I had no answer so I continued getting changed,

Soon we were heading upstairs and out into the cold night air.

As we walked out of the stage door there were five older looking ladies waiting for me all with autograph books, which I quickly signed remarking, “Sorry ladies if I’d know you were out here in the cold I would have come out sooner.”

“That ok Mr Steele it was worth waiting for and thank you for a wonderful performance.”

“You’re welcome and ladies don’t forget my understudy here Roland who is well on his way to being a great actor.”

Roland gave me a dirty look as he blushed a deep red. Once the ladies were on their way we headed for home, all of us squeezing into a taxicab.

Once we were home we introduced Michael to David, who had made hot chocolate drinks all round for us and we sat around for a while talking.

Peter asked were was Michael going to sleep and I suggested the empty bedroom next to theirs so they could keep an eye on him, “And no funny stuff either.” I said as sternly as I could before bursting into laughter.

David said he would go and put some sheets on the bed and get the room ready.

“The clothes you’re wearing are they the only ones you have?”

“yes, and I’ve been wearing them for six weeks since dad threw me out so there a bit dirty and smelly right now.”

“That’s ok first thing in the morning we’ll do some shopping and get you some new gear to wear.”

Suddenly he burst into tears sobbing and crying bitterly. Peter went over putting his arm around him and hugging him tight, “What’s the matter Michael, you don’t have to worry your with friends now and we’ll look after you.”

Between sobs as he calmed down he said, “I never knew there were such kind people as you in this world. All my life I’ve tormented and bullied, at school and at home. You see my mother died just over two years ago, my father had always been short tempered and a bully but when he lost mom he got worse and worse and to make matters more worse I have two older brothers who are turning out just like dad.”

He wiped his tears away on his sleeve hanging on to Peter as he continued to cuddle him and I noticed Steve looking not too happy at the attention Peter was paying to our new edition to the family.

“What prompted your father to throw you out?”

“I had a boyfriend at school, Jason and we used to sneak off at lunchtime to the restroom to have a bit of fun. One day my older brother Fred followed us and caught me sucking Jason off. He told dad who flogged me and threw me out calling me lots of nasty names.”

“Have you been back to school since or seen Jason?”

“No I can’t go back to that school because my brothers are there.”

“All right we’ll talk about that some more tomorrow but right now I think we should all go to bed.”

Peter and Steve went round the room kissing us all goodnight, while Michael stood back not sure what to do, “You can wish us all goodnight as well like the boys do if you want Michael.”

He didn’t need to told again as he went round the room kissing everyone on the lips, when he got to Derek and me he whispered, “Thank you, can I call you both dad as well?”

Hugging him I said, “Of course you can son anytime you like and as many times you like.”

Tears came into not only his eyes but Derek and mine as well.

The three of them went up the stairs together, as the rest of us adults prepared for bed. It was quite late and we hadn’t had time to call and find out about John. We decided we would call first thing in the morning.

Lying in bed next to each other after a quick shower together, both too tired to get into any heavy stuff. We started to talk about Michael, “What do you think we should do Derek?”

“I don’t know. We could see about adopting him like we did with Peter.”

“I think first Cliff darling we should check out his story and his family to find out if everything he is saying is true.”

“Yes I suppose we should, he appears to be a nice kid, but, I don’t know there’s something about him I’m not sure of I can’t put my finger on it right now but maybe if we get the same private investigator who checked out the wine cellar for us also looks up Michaels past and his parents.”

By the time I had finished speaking Derek was almost asleep and my eyes were also getting very heavy.

We slept in which was understandable as did just about all of us. The only ones in the kitchen were Peter, Steve and Michael. It looks like Peter has already decided that Michael would be his kid brother and he was looking after him explaining were everything was kept and the general routine of the house. He had found some old clothes that he had grown out of and while they were a bit big on Michael they were better than the dirty old rags he had.

He first thing we did was call the hospital and were told that John was coming home today, and the head of nursing will be getting in touch with David to give him instructions on Johns care.

“He’s coming home to wait while this American company grow some skin for him, which should take about ten days, and then it will be flown to England. When the doctor came in this morning, he asked if it was all right for several other doctors to look at him and they will also observe the operation as well this being something completely new.”

We agreed this was ground breaking stuff and hoped that it worked.

After a late breakfast, we took Michael and the boys shopping to get our new arrival something to wear. We told him to pick what he wanted and I was surprised that he had some expensive tastes although he kept asking us if this was alright and not too expensive. He certainly knew how to dress and I mentioned to Derek, “I think our young friend comes from a fairly well to do family.”

Peter had been trying to get Michael to open up but didn’t have a lot of luck he wouldn’t even say were his family lived or what school he went to. Once we got home I contacted the private investigator I used before to find out about the wine. I had to arrange for Peter to take Michael into the garden so that the private eye could take a picture of him without him knowing because he shunned anything which might identify him.

Peter and Steve spent most of the afternoon with him and Peter opened up about his own family and the way they treated him but while Michael felt very sorry for what happened to Peter and how wonderful it was that Derek and I helped him he didn’t elaborate on his own identity one little bit.

By the time, we said goodbye to them, heading for the theatre, the boys had achieved nothing.

On the way

We decided that we would just have to wait until the detective agency came up with something.

John and Bruce arrived home not long after we had left and David came into his own helping John with whatever he wanted and making sure, he had enough bandages and medication for the time he would be home. The dressing on his face and on his thigh were the initial skin had been taken from had to be changed daily, plus he was on strong painkillers which had to be very carefully administered because they could become habit forming.

Peter introduced John and Bruce to the newest member of our extended family telling them the full story and mystery surrounding Michael.

Michael showed quite a lot of concern for John’s burns and was very interested in the whole skin graft procedure especially the growing of skin artificially. Once again, his knowledge and interest intrigued Peter and Steven. Since he tried to force, his dick into my sleeping mouth there had been no indication from Michael regarding his sexuality.

This also puzzled Peter because Steve and him usually talk about very little else but sex. Deciding to take the lead and come right out with it, just before they sat down for dinner Peter said, “Are you really gay Michael or maybe not sure or perhaps your Bi at your age sometimes you don’t really know.”

“Oh, I’m gay alright I have no interest in girls in fact even guys who sound and act like girls put me off as well. I prefer macho type guys like you and Steve.”

“Yet, when Steve and I are talking about gay sex, not once today did you join in the conversation, why is that?”

“I was much happier listening to you two and a couple of times the way you were carrying on did get me hot and horny so much so that I had to go to the restroom and pull my dick.”

This made Peter and Steve laugh which by the look on his face Michael didn’t appreciate.

“Sorry Michael we weren’t laughing at what you said it was just the way you came out with it.”

“Instead of just listening why don’t you join in and tell us some of your exploits sexually that is?”

Michael just smiled saying, “Yes maybe I will one day.”

Peter and Steve, especially Peter were getting very frustrated at Michael’s secretive ways and had run out of ideas on how to get him to open up.

The missing pieces of Michael’s background were also driving Derek and I crazy and a couple of time during that evenings performance I almost missed my cue’s because I was thinking about this kid.

I don’t think any of the audience noticed but Derek certainly did mentioning it as soon as he got down to my dressing room after the final curtain, “What happened tonight darling you looked as if you were in another world a couple of times tonight and almost missed your lines?”

“Yes that Michael was bugging me, because he won’t open up to us about who he really is and where he’s from. And I lost my concentration a couple of times.”

Derek sympathized with me because he was having the same problem and later on the way home Ian and Roland also confessed they were thinking about the same thing.

John was in bed and he was worried, worried because he wasn’t able to make love with Bruce. It had been the night of the fire when they last had a sexual encounter and John was sure it would be just a matter of time before Bruce found someone else to relieve his desires. He knew that Bruce was jacking off in the bathroom almost every day because he often heard him whacking his dick and giving that little yelp he always does when he cums.

John didn’t know if he should mention his worries to Bruce or even give him permission to get relief with someone else until he could do the job again. He kept thinking if only I could do something to satisfy his needs. Because of all the medication, he was on at the moment John had little sexual drive at all in fact, hardly any and hadn’t had an erection since the fire.

It was worrying and driving him crazy.

All day long behind those bandages had been a worried face. Because of the bandages, a blowjob was out of the question and the skin graft on his inner thigh meant that his ass was also out of commission. What to do he had no idea, but he didn’t want to lose his Bruce. He had been thinking about all day and had worked himself up so much that he was convinced that Bruce was getting relief from someone else.

When Bruce climbed into bed that night, he went to cuddle up to his lover and got the cold shoulder. Thinking that maybe his lover was tired or in pain he thought nothing of it turning over and going to sleep. This convinced John in his mind that what he was thinking was true and Bruce had someone else on the side. He began to cry and that hurt like hell as the salty tears went into his wounds. Bruce heard the sobbing turned the bedside light on before rolling over to face his mate. “Whatever’s the matter John are in pain can I get you something?”

“It’s the pain in my heart which is hurting, I told you right from the start to go out and find someone else that I would be no good to you and you promised you would stay by me for ever, that no on eels would ever replace me.”

“That’s right John and no one has you’re the only man for me and will be for the rest of our lives so what’s all the tears about?”

There was silence for a while as John thought things over, he had been so convinced in his own mind that Bruce had someone else, but now he wasn’t so sure, was his mind starting to play tricks on him, what was happening to him was he starting to go crazy. All the more reason for Bruce to find someone else.

“Please John tell me what the problem what’s bothering you, we’re partners for life so you can tell me. What’s the problem?”

“Tell me honestly and truthfully that you’re not taking your love to anyone else?”

“What on earth made you think that my darling, of course not, I love you and only you no one else. The only thing coming between us right now is my right hand and that’s only until you’re fit and able to replace it.”

They both laughed even though laughing hurt John something shocking, plus he felt such a feeling of relief go through his body.

“I’m sorry Bruce for thinking all those horrible thoughts of you but I had built myself up into such a state that I couldn’t think straight and was convinced you had someone else.”

“Oh, John, John, John, that will never happen believe me darling, oh how I wish I could kiss your lips right now to convince you that you are the one for me.”

He moved closer putting his arms around him trying not to hurt him.

“Maybe we should use my right hand instead of yours; it’s about the only thing that’s working right now.”

They both laughed but secretly both of them were yearning for each other’s arms and lips locked together something that wasn’t going to be for some time to come.

Cliff and Derek were back on the front pages of the morning newspapers the next day but it wasn’t anything scandalous ,but all about the forthcoming wine auction and what was on offer. Mind you neither of them were very happy about the publicity because it mean’s security had to be doubled because every crook, thief and con man in the country and even overseas would be testing their security to its limits.

“I don’t like all this publicity Derek; it might even bring someone out of the woodwork claiming the wine is theirs.”

“True, but without the publicity we wouldn’t have enough bidders to get a good price for what we have on offer.”

Once everyone in the house was assembled in the kitchen for breakfast. Derek showed them the newspapers asking that they all be extra cautious and if they see any strangers walking around to notify security immediately. It doesn’t matter who they are, even if it’s the local girl guides selling cookies make sure they’re checked out before the door is opened to them.

“We have asked for extra police patrols to come past the house as well and the local police have been very good.”

I looked around to make sure everyone one was sure that we were serious.

John and Bruce were the only ones not down for breakfast. David told us that they asked theirs to be brought up to their room.

“David are they both all right?”

“I think so, John had a bad night plus he’d been crying which didn’t do his injuries much good and must have been very painful, he is very depressed right now, and the pain medicine he’s on will not be helping him there.”

“is there anything we can do to help David?”

He thought for a moment before saying. “I don’t think so, both of them have to try and stick it out together, all we can do is be there for them.”

After breakfast, we headed up stairs to see the both of them. Knocking on the door we heard Bruce say to come in.

“Hey guys we thought we’d come up and see how you were doing.” I said trying to sound as cheerful as I could.

“We’re doing all right thanks, but it’s still nice to get visitors.”

“Why didn’t you both come down for breakfast it would have cheered you up because for once we were all there at the same time.”

“How would you be if David took you out for a drive John, then all three of you could find a nice country pub have a meal and a couple of drinks?”

“Oh I don’t know if I feel up to it today.” John remarked.

“Come on you two stop moping around feeling sorry , get out and enjoy yourselves, if you don’t want to take David just the two of you go out together.”

“Ok if it will stop you two nagging us we will.”

“Good we’ll leave you both to get dressed and see you downstairs for morning tea before you go.”

On the way back downstairs Derek remarked, “I think both of them need professional help, and if we don’t do it they won’t. I wonder if David knows any good shrinks around here?”

“Maybe he does but, didn’t the doctor in Brighton give a name and number of someone?”

“I think he did he gave it to Bruce. We’d better ask him about it when he comes down.”

We sat around drinking coffee and waiting for the pair of them to walk downstairs, meanwhile Peter had been trying so hard to get a bit more information out of Michael but no avail, so we tried, “Michael, Peter and Steve go back to school next week what about you and your school?”

“I don’t want to go back to school.”

“But you need to go back to school and complete your education.”

He paused for a moment thinking that one out before continuing, “What if I went to the same school as Peter and Steve? They’ve been telling me all about their school and it sounds real cool.”

“Well, I suppose we could arrange that but we would still have to have your records from your old school so that your new school knows what you are capable of.”

“I’m sorry dads but I want nothing to do with my old school so please don’t ask me again.”

We could see that he was beginning to get upset and teary so we left it at that.

All three boys asked if they could come in with us tonight to the theatre, which surprised us because after the first night they are usually bored silly. “What’s so special about tonight boys?’ I asked,

“Well dads, Michael as never been to a play before or seen you act so we thought it would be nice for us to come along and sit in the audience and watch you and then maybe you could take us to that lovely steak house we like so much.” Peter said grinning from ear to ear.

“So that’s the ulterior motive is it?”

“Well it would sort of round off the night.”

“Ok as soon as we get to the theatre Derek will make the booking for after the performance, but don’t forget tomorrow night I have a cabaret show to do so I don’t want to be too late getting home because the next day is a long one.”

They all indicated that they understood as we headed off to get ready.

Once again, the play was a big success with a very enthusiastic audience for once, which makes performing so much easier.

Just as I was getting changed the boys came back and Michael rushed up to me putting his arms around me saying, “That was the best play I have ever seen you are wonderful dad, I wish I could act like that.”

I thought to myself, the way you are evading questions you’re doing a pretty good job yourself young man.

“Well thank you Michael I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“But it would be no good without you.”

Laughing I replied, “Well don’t say that in front of Roland because Saturday afternoon he’s taking my part anyway and Michael he’s just as good as me.”

Just then, Roland, Ian and Derek walked in and Roland said, “Your dead right Michael I’m no way as good as the man there, he is the best.”

“Bullshit Roland, your just as good and you know it.”

Peter piped up, “Well there’s no need to fight over it I’m starved lets go eat.”

We casually walked around the corner to the Angus Steak house, were we all pigged out big time on giant rump steaks, chips and mushrooms.

Once again, I go the impression that Michael was at home in an up market restaurant like this. He knew which knife and fork to use and all that kind of thing, which once more got my mind working overtime trying to figure out exactly where he came from.

Still it was nice to see all the family enjoying a meal, laughing and joking together, we looked upon us all as family including Ian and Roland, and now it looked as if we had three sons. Even Steve we treated as one of our own especially right know because for some reason Steve had no desire to talk to his parents were he used to chat on the phone at least three times a week he hadn’t called them once since we brought them back. I think the newspaper business with them had upset him more than we thought.

Anyway, let’s get back to the restaurant and the good fun we had. We had a joke telling competition with some of the worst jokes imaginable and of course, Peter managed to come up with a sexy one.

On the way home in the cab Peter made a big thing of checking the whole interior looking for hidden cameras, while we all sang songs. No one was drunk we were just very happy in each other’s company. Michael especially one could tell had never experienced a night like this and his face was beaming when we arrived home.

Everyone was tired but happy as we slowly climbed the stairs to our bedrooms. After a shower, together Derek and I laid close to each other as we usually do discussing the day’s events and that evening’s performance.

Laughing Derek told me that some of the sets and props which I bound over during the play were already showing signs of wear and would have o be replaced all because you are such an enthusiastic actor. I kissed him fully and lovingly on the lips before telling him, I loved him dearly. Has soon as I had said that I don’t remember anything else because I was sound asleep.

It was after breakfast next morning; the boys including Michael were still in bed when my detective phoned with a report on Michael.

“How did you go, do we know a bit more about him?’

The detective told me everything he had found out leaving the juicy bit until the end, who is parents were. When he told me, I almost dropped the phone. “There who?”

I almost shouted down the line. He repeated the names and I thanked him telling him to send me the bill.

Turning to face Derek, I said, “You’ll never in a million years guess who Michael’s parents are.”

I paused still unable to believe myself what I had just been told.

“Well come on don’t keep me in suspense any longer, who is he?”

“Michael’s parents are ……

To Be Continued.

Writer Corner,

Ok I did a Jacob, a real doozy of a cliffhanger and it will be interesting what names you come up with. Please let me know who you think Michael’s parents are and I doubt if anyone will guess right.

Now this chapter had a fair bit happening we had anti-gay protests, and Bruce and John having their fair share of trouble right now.

Moreover, we had a new and unexpected character appear on the scene with young 14 year old Michael. A bit of a mystery boy, whose parents could well be revealed next time.

Or maybe I’ll keep you hanging on a bit longer. Plus we have the wine auction with maybe a few surprises there as well.

I feel so sorry for Bruce and John right now not being able to love each other as they have done in the past, it must be putting a strain on their relationship. We heard a lot more from Peter and Steve this time as Peter is growing up and becoming more and more an adult with more mature thoughts and actions.

Anyway stay tuned for the next big chapter in three weeks’ time and of course keep us informed on how we’re doing. If I’ve missed anything here Jack will I am sure cover it in his little corner.





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  • Mike says:

    Thank you Trevor for another wonderful chapter! The value of the wine cellar is an interesting turn of events. I was worried Michael (you called him John a few times in the chapter) was a crook trying to get at the wine. I am very happy to be wrong! I can’t imagine who Michael’s parents are, so I won’t bother trying to guess. I am glad John is making good progress with his skin grafts and plastic surgery and agree some psychological help is needed also. Cliff, Dereck and growing family are wonderful people and I can’t wait to read what the future holds for them. Yes, I am totally hooked on this story!

    Thank you again,

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy