Chapter 36

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

Turning to face Derek, I said, “You’ll never in a million years guess who Michael’s parents are.”
I paused still unable to believe myself what I had just been told.
“Well come on don’t keep me in suspense any longer, who is he?”
“Michael’s parents are ……

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“You’ll never guess in a million years.”
“Come on dad for goodness sake tell us who it is.”
“Well for starters we were right when we said he came from a wealthy well to do family and by the way is name isn’t French.” The others by now were getting very frustrated by Cliff deliberately making them wait for the answer, and just as he was going to say the name. One of the security guys came in and up to Derek whispering something to him.

“My lord, the very man I was about to tell these guys about. We’re is Michael right now?”
“He’s in his bedroom I think getting dressed.”
“Ok, would you boys go upstairs and keep him occupied and don’t let him come down stairs just yet, because I believe his father his coming down the driveway right now.”
The boys headed upstairs while Cliff headed for the door to greet their special guest.

“Welcome sir and what brings you to our humble abode as if I didn’t know?”
He shook the distinguished man’s hand before introducing him to the rest of the gang. “Gentlemen please let me introduce Sir Anthony Eden ex- Prime Minister and the father of Michael our young guest.”
After handshaking all round he was offered something to drink and being early in the morning he chose a cup of coffee.

After he had sat and drank most of his coffee, Sir Anthony spoke up, “Let’s not beat about the bush you have been making discreet enquiries about my son Michael who if I’m not mistaken is living here at the moment.”
“Yes he is here right now but only because he had been living on the streets for six weeks and had nowhere else to go.”
“Let me say right now that he left home of his own free will and is welcome back any time which is what I want to tell him right now so could I please see my son?”

“I’m right here dad and if you think I’m going home with you then your very much mistaken. I am very happy here with Peter, Steve, their parents and friends. Why you ask? Because they are queer like me, as you put it when you threw me out.”

“Now son we didn’t throw you out. You had the option of staying if you so desired, but you chose to leave.”
“And the option was, if I said I was no longer a homosexual and that I was straight, which you know perfectly well I can never ever be. This you know but won’t accept dad, and with you and my brothers tormenting me all the time how can I live with the great Sir Anthony Eden, ex- Prime Minister, Baron and Grand Lord of the manor, who threw his youngest son out into the street because he was a queer as you Mr. public speaker so eloquently put it.”

The rest of us gazed open mouthed at the way Michael so aptly put his father in his place. “Son I’m sure that Mr. Steele and his colleagues have no desire to hear all about our family misunderstandings and if you would only come home with me we can sort everything out and get you back to school.”

“I am NOT going back to that school to be bullied and ridiculed by not only fellow pupils but my own brothers who are the ringleaders acting on your instructions. I would be better off staying here with my friends who saved me from the gutter and who don’t care if I am different because they’re different as well.”

I looked at Derek who shook his head with a look of exasperation on his face. “This is getting us nowhere, if Michael wants to stay with us he is quite welcome, plus he can go to school with Peter and Steve, who are accepted at their school for what they are, gay.”

“May I remind you that he is my son, fourteen years of age and still under my guardianship until he is twenty one and I say which school he goes to and what he does?”

“May I remind you sir that it was you who threw him out into the streets with no food, no money, wearing only the clothes on his back. Now I am sure the tabloid newspapers would love to hear about this and it wouldn’t do your political career a bit of good, now would it?”

Sir Anthony turned quite pale when I mentioned the publicity, becoming very thoughtful.
“If my son said that he would like to remain here would you be prepared to look after him and give him a proper education? I would of course cover all his costs and reimburse you for your trouble.”

“Let’s get this straight sir, we would be happy to have him stay with us, attend school with my son and his boyfriend. Plus we would clothe and feed him and bring him up as if he was our own.”

“And there would be no mention of this in the press?”

Cliff replied “I see no reason why there should be, I wouldn’t have done that anyway because of the bad publicity Michael would receive.”

“Michael, please come here son.” Michael tentatively moved towards his father who took him in his arms.
“I do love you son it’s just that I don’t understand why you are so different than your brothers. I feel that I have failed you as a father by making you what you are.”

“Father when will you realize this is the way I have been made. The way god created me and nothing can change it. It isn’t yours or anyone else’s fault and the sooner you realize this, the better.”

He hugged his son and tears began to appear in both of their eyes. “Is it alright if I come and visit my son from time to time that’s if he wants me to?”

“You will be most welcome any time you like Sir Anthony.”
With one last kiss and a hug between son and father, he took his leave, looking ten years older as he slowly walked up the driveway to his car.

Peter and Steve took Michael in their arms holding him tight, while Derek remarked, “Well that certainly brightened up breakfast time.
Over breakfast Derek asked Michael the all-important question, “Why did you pick the name French, instead of using your real name?”

“French is my mother’s maiden name and while they are now divorced and my father has remarried, I still see my mother from time to time; except she moved to America and now works at the United Nations.” Michael told us.

“Next question then, what name would like us to enroll you at school under?”

“French I think if I am allowed to officially use that name?”

“We might have to contact your mother on that and also my lawyer to make sure we’re not breaking any laws, mind you if you were to hyphenate your name that might be ok.” Derek said.

All three boys looked puzzled so Derek explained more fully what he meant, “By hyphenating your surnames you could call yourself French-Eden and in general conversation just use the word French.”

Peter laughing said, “That’s cool can I do that with my name. Driscoll-Steele sounds nice.”

Laughing I pointed out that I should have top billing so it should be Steele-Driscoll.” I was shouted down and the subject changed. “Only three days to the wine auction is everyone getting excited?”

“I still have a feeling something is going to go wrong at the last minute.” Derek remarked.

“Think positive.” Peter told him.

“Ok, I’m positive something is going to go wrong at the last minute.” Derek replied.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around doing very little being a Saturday morning. There was a matinee but Roland was playing the lead part so I didn’t have to go in until late. Derek asked Ian if he would be all right managing the play without him, then he could take the evening off and spend it with Roland. Once it was all agreed and worked out, I reminded Derek that I had a cabaret show to do after the play at a nightclub on the outskirts of London. We would have to move it along after the play to make it by eleven thirty which was the scheduled time for my spot.

The boys were planning to stay home because we didn’t like them going into nightclubs. The ever cheeky Peter asked, “And what are you two horny guys going to do this afternoon as if I didn’t know?”

Michael looked shocked saying, “Do you always talk to your father like that? If I spoke to mine in that way there would be big trouble. My brothers and I were always expected to call him Sir.”

“Never in a million years and both our dads would hate to be called Sir, unless it’s spelt CUR.” Once again we all laughed, followed by cheers as I grabbed my lover’s hand heading up stairs to the privacy of our own room. We quickly got undressed and into bed for a couple of hours of…… Well you get the message.

I very rarely eat before a performance so after a quick cup of coffee and couple of chocolate biscuits my favorites, it was off to the theatre. Roland and Ian were just getting ready to leave when we arrived, telling us that the afternoon performance went well. A quick kiss goodbye before we all parted to go our separate ways; Roland and Ian for a night on the town while I headed for my dressing room and Derek to get the set ready for tonight.

As always the performance went off without a hitch followed by the usual curtain calls etc. Quickly I got changed into my dinner jacket and black bow tie ready for the cabaret show. With Derek meeting me just inside the stage door, we got a shock when we got outside because a larger than usual crowd had gathered for pictures and autographs. Sticking to my rule, to never ignore a fan and always chat to them like old friends, took almost forty five minutes to clear the lineup.

Our regular taxi driver was patiently waiting for us. When I told him how long we had before I was on stage he was off like a bat out of hell. Mind you he was a brilliant driver and knew all the little back streets which cut off a lot of the traffic jams which occur in the middle of London even at this late hour. On the way with Derek’s help I got my music scores in order for the show and we arrived with five minutes to spare.

Bob, my manager, true to his word, had the band which backed me a few nights ago so we didn’t have to do much of a talk through regarding the music. I went on stage only three minutes late which was pretty good considering.
As always the performance went off without a hitch except for one drunk and there’s one in every audience and they always sit at the front tables. If they persist I always have a series of comebacks which I can use and this guy was really obnoxious so I finished my song and when he started up again I said “Sir, when God gave you teeth he ruined a perfect ass hole.”

That remark always brings cheers and applause because although drunks think they are the star of the show, audiences hate them. Once the door staff heard that, they came and removed him so the rest of my performance could go off smoothly.

Looking to the side where Derek was patiently sitting and watching, I noticed a couple of young guys approach the table sitting down and chatting to him. I didn’t think anything of it until one kept trying to grab Derek’s hand while the other was trying to put his arm around him. Being on stage there was nothing I could do to help him and I tried to catch one of the waiters eyes to alerted security but couldn’t. I could see Derek was getting very annoyed and deliberately cut short my show missing one song and only doing one encore much to the band confusion.

As quickly as I could, I raced over to our table pushing the guy who had his arm around Derek so hard that he fell on the floor. I grabbed Derek and we raced backstage to the dressing room, which in this particular club we shared with the band and any other acts. The band was taking its mandatory musicians union break so I couldn’t do very much to pacify my lover who appeared to be very shaken. “They wanted me to go back to their place for a bit of fun and when I explained that I was with you they said don’t worry about him he’ll find someone else to take home.”

I was absolutely livid and wanted to go out there and knock both guys into the middle of next week, but Derek held me back with the help of a couple of the band guys. Then quite unexpectedly these two guys appeared at the dressing room door. They looked me and then at Derek saying, “You’re passing up a night with us for a fucking wimp like that. Come on we’ll show you a good time, mind you your ass will be sore tomorrow.” They both burst out laughing as I hit the one closest to me so hard that he fell back against his companion, knocking him down as well. One of the band members jumped over them racing to get the front door bouncers to throw them out.

They struggled to their feet cursing and swearing as they were manhandled out through the kitchen and the back door. The club owner came rushing in full of apologies, promising that an episode like that would never happen again.

“Too darn right it won’t because I won’t be performing here again. First I had to put up with a first class drunk who should have been put out long ago. Even the band complained about him and nothing was done. If this is the way you run your nightclub then you can stick it.”

Derek came over to my side to put his arm around in an attempt to calm me down while the owner was trying to think of things to say which would help me change my mind. “This is the biggest crowd we have ever had and it is all because of you. You’re the attraction and I would dearly love to have you back soon.” He stopped obviously searching for the right words, “I would be happy to double your fee to two thousand pounds if you agree.”

I looked at Derek who smiled and nodded, we had this knack of being able to read each other’s minds which was uncanny. I tell you what, you contact Bob and book me back at the old price, but spend the extra grand on beefing up your security and crowd control. In addition, I want the same band and I think they all should get at least another one hundred pound bonus each.”

The band guys were all smiles as the owner agreed to my terms. We all shook hands as the band went back on stage to play some dance music and Derek and I left by the backdoor.
On the way home cuddling in the back of our usual taxi, I asked him for more details about those two guys, “It was strange the way they picked on me the minute I sat down almost as if they were waiting for us to arrive.”
“And what did they say?”

They kept going on that “if I wanted a good time I should go with them and they’d show me what having sex is all about and make it ten times more enjoyable than I ever have had with you”. Believe me it was freaky.

I must admit I wasn’t very happy about the whole thing and later when we finally got to bed and were lying in each other’s arms I remarked, “I think we should seriously consider hiring ourselves a personal bodyguard, not while we’re here but whenever we go mixing with the general public, because I’m sure its only a matter of time before we get some smart ass at the stage door giving us a hard time.”

Derek agreed as sleep overtook us. Next morning, well just a bit after midday, we finally made it downstairs for a late breakfast or lunch; we’re never sure after a busy Saturday night. Sunday being the only day off a week we get is usually spent doing nothing, so it is quite a surprise when the younger guys suggested a day or at least an afternoon on the river Thames.

“We could drive out into the country a bit, hire a boat and then have dinner in some nice riverside pub” said Peter, the usual spokesman for the group.

“And I suppose you have it all arranged anyway?”

“Yes, but we’ll have to get a move on because you guys slept longer than was planned.”

We had to take two cars because everyone was going including John and Bruce which was good because those guys needed to get out of the house. The only one that stayed behind was David our helper because his boyfriend Brian was arriving after working several months up north and secretly I think he was happy that we were all going out, so he could have some alone time with his lover.

It was a beautiful spot the guys had picked and the boat they hired turned out to be a massive cabin cruiser so there was plenty of room for everyone. The refrigerator was also packed with smoked salmon, pate and other goodies including champagne.

The boys took over the wheel once we were underway. I said to Derek, “I wonder who’s paying for all this?”

“I’d say we are, seeing how Peter organized it and has access to our credit cards.” I grinned agreeing with him.

Peter called out to us, “Hey Dads, wouldn’t you like a boat like this moored in a lovely place like we just left?”

“Yes I suppose a boat would be nice, maybe we should start looking around after the wine auction.”

“What about this boat dad?”

“It would be ideal but this is a hire boat.”

Peter laughed and the others laughed, “No it isn’t Dads, this one’s for sale and we didn’t hire it we told the owner you were thinking of buying it and would like a trial run to see what it was like.”

Neither Derek nor I could resist joining in laughing as I remarked, “You cunning devious bugger Peter.”

“I know I am, but are you going to buy it?”

“Your other father and I will talk to the owner and see if we can negotiate a reasonable deal.” All three of the young guys punched the air yelling YES!
Bruce came up on top saying, “You give in to those kids far too much.”

“And we wouldn’t want it any other way.” Derek said before asking how John was.

“He’s getting a bit tired but loving every minute of it, but he’s a bit nervous about going to the pub for dinner tonight because of his disfigurement.”

“That’s ok we’ll find a nice quite little corner to sit in although it won’t be very quiet once we get there.”

The pub was an old sixteenth century inn full of “Olde Worlde” charm and fairly quiet for a Sunday evening on the banks of the river Thames. There was a piano player in the corner who was good and the whole evening was very pleasant. Of course it didn’t take long before I was recognized and the never ending requests for autographs and picture taking took place, but as I told the others without those people we wouldn’t be able to afford the lifestyle we are currently enjoying.

One couple even recognized Roland from a matinee when he stood in for me and that made his day. Ian was beaming like a proud husband, wife or whatever. During his break, the piano player came over and introduced himself before asking if I would like to sing a couple of songs with him? Of course the kids egged me on. So much to the delight of the proprietor and the diners I sang a total of four songs. After that, the owner said the meals and drinks were on him with Peter remarking, “I knew that would happen.”

Everything was quiet when we got home so we all guessed that David and Brian were as Peter put it “Re-consummating their relationship.”
On the kitchen bench was a message asking John and Bruce to contact Doctor Marius Fielding, John’s plastic surgeon first thing tomorrow morning.
We all hoped it was good news, as we headed to bed. Having our usual pillow talk at the end of the day I asked Derek, “Do we really want to buy a boat?”

“It would be nice to have somewhere like that to relax when we get the opportunity, and of course the boys would love it.”

“I suppose we can afford it?” I asked because Derek has been more or less looking after our finances.

“Oh yes, no problem at all. I’ll check with our accountant but I think we can write it off on our tax as well.”

With that settled, a quick kiss and cuddle, which as far as we’re concerned there is no such thing. So about forty five minutes later we went to sleep.

We were up surprisingly early the next morning and when we went down to breakfast only David and his boyfriend Brian were there. While David was cooking breakfast we asked where all the others were and David said, “John and Bruce phoned their doctor as soon as they got up and after a quick breakfast were off to Dr. Fielding’s private hospital because apparently the new skin from America had arrived and must be used within so many days or it is no good.

“I hope it works for poor John.” Derek said with the four of us agreeing. Also today the armored security van would be arriving to transport the wine to the auction rooms in time for the sale in three days’ time

John and Bruce arrived at the hospital and once more were shown into the same private room that John was in last time that he was there. Both of them looking decidedly nervous. John was soon undressed and in a hospital gown, one of those silly things which tied at the back and showed your ass to everybody. Bruce got the giggles followed by John when Bruce told him. Both of them were laughing when Dr. Fielding walked in with about six other people.
“It’s good to see my patients in a happy mood today and by the time I have finished; I think you will be even happier.”

He then introduced the six other plastic surgeons who had flown in from all over Europe to observe the new skin grown in a laboratory in America. “I spent last week in America discovering how this skin was grown and also watched several operations and it really is quite a simple procedure. Now John before we get you ready for the operating room, do you have any questions?”

“Yes doctor, how long will the operation take?”

“Because I will be showing everyone here what is involved it may take a bit longer than normal, plus I hope to do the whole face in one hit, so I would say about six hours.”

“And when will I be allowed back home?”

“Because of the amount of time you will be under I would like you to stay overnight. Now if there are no more questions lets go get ready gentlemen.”

They all trooped out and Bruce kissed John gently and tenderly on the lips just before a nurse arrived with his pre-med needle and then the orderly to take him down to operating room. Their parting words were, “I love you.” And Bruce a little bit teary eyed watched as his partner went through the double doors marked no admittance, theatre staff only.

Back at the house David and Brian said that they would take Peter, Steve and Michael to get everything they needed for the next school year, while Derek and I waited for the van to pick up the wine. I put a call through to Bob our manager and the conversation went like this, “Bob.”

“Hi Bob, had a bit of trouble with some night club patrons Friday night. What are your thoughts on a bodyguard?”

“Sounds good I’ll get the company we normally use to contact you ok?”

“Yes Bob that would be…” But he had already rung off.

The armored van arrived followed by the auctioneer and a couple of his assistants. I have never known such excitement for a wine auction before. We have several big buyers flying in from America, several dozen from the continent and even a couple of experts from Australia, plus we have had to put in dozens of extra phone lines to deal with the phone bidders.

The removal of the wine from the cellar was a slow and tedious process with Derek, Ian, Roland and I keeping an eagle eye as the stock came up and into the van. Once it was loaded, the convoy left for the auction rooms in the center of London. The front vehicle with Ian and Roland in it, followed by the van, then the auction people and finally Derek and I. The move went off without a hitch and it didn’t take long for the wine to be off loaded and taken into the rooms were the auction would be held. The wine would be on view to potential buyers and the public all day tomorrow.

It was too late to go back home so we went straight onto the theatre. I was relaxing in my dressing room when there was a knock on the door and the stage door guy announced someone to see me. “Show them in” I said, and in came this six foot four Neanderthal, with long black hair, a beard to match and his shoulders were almost as wide as he was tall. Yet he was dressed very smart in a Saville Row dark brown suit, white shirt and a matching tie.

“How can I help you?” I asked

“I’m Gordon, Bob sent me.”

“Bob sent you to me why?”

“Bob said you wanted a security guy so here I am.”

It then dawned on me that this was my bodyguard who was sure to scare off horses, small children and everything else in between. “Welcome Gordon, can I offer you a drink I said wandering over to the bar I had in my dressing room.

“A cup of jasmine tea with a lemon slice would be nice” he said. Which sounded totally out of character, but the only drink he appeared to have and like. I explained his duties also emphasizing that we must never push bona fide fans away because they paid our wages. I asked him if he was a theater goer. And once again his answer surprised me, “Well I prefer the ballet, or a nice classical concert but plays are also nice. Some of them.”

I arranged for him to have a seat out front for tonight’s performance. Which he accepted with delight and I agreed to meet him back in my dressing room after the performance.

A couple of mysterious events took place during that evening’s performance. No sooner had we began, in fact about five minutes into the play, when all of a sudden several of the main flood lights on stage went off for no apparent reason putting half of the stage into semi darkness. Of course we continued to carry on as if nothing had happened until the stage electrician could get them working again.

During the interval I asked Derek what happened and he said, “Not completely sure but it looks as if someone deliberately turned them off, yet no one was seen near them at the time.”

The second strange event was when the main curtain suddenly began to close in the middle of a scene; again for no apparent reason. Derek and Ian along with several stage hands were able to manually wind it back up because the power mechanism refused to work. Derek asked for everyone to remain on stage at the end of the performance and once the audience had left the cast and crew were all assembled.

I could tell that Derek was in a decidedly bad mood. “I would like everyone to go and stand first of all exactly where they were when the lights went out off.”

Everyone did and it was obvious that no one was anywhere near the switches. He asked the same question when the curtain began to fall and the same no one was near. Thanking everyone for helping him not solve the problem, we all started to get ready to go home.

During our usual pillow talk once we got to bed, the only subject was these mysterious mishaps. Derek decided that he would go in early tomorrow and check everything carefully. On that note we fell asleep with no thought at all of hanky panky.

Back to earlier in the day; Bruce was getting more and more stressed as the hours ticked away while John was in the operating theatre. Finally as he did the last time he was there, he fell asleep. It was dark when he woke and switching on the light he realized it had now been eight hours since his beloved John had gone through those doors to be operated on.

A nurse came in with a tray of food for him saying that they kept it warm when they noticed he was asleep and didn’t want to disturb him. He didn’t think he would be able to eat anything being so worried but surprisingly he ate every bit of it. Sitting on his bed watching television he was almost asleep again when the door burst open and an orderly along with a nurse brought John back in.

It was a bit of a shock to see every part of his face covered in bandages with just his eyes and mouth showing. The only difference this time was that no spots of blood were showing on the dressings. The nurse explained that John was still asleep but should start to come round very soon.

Sitting by John’s side he began talking to him and holding his hand and that was how Dr. Fielding and his followers found them when they came in about thirty minutes later.

“Everything went well, except that it took a lot longer than I expected mainly because it was the first time I had used this procedure. It is a slow tedious operation but the end result is that the recovery is much quicker and with less chance of scarring.”

“Thank you doctor and will I be able to take him home tomorrow?”

“I don’t see why not. He had a lot of anesthetic and that may slow him down, especially with John only having one lung. But I would say by noon tomorrow he should be heading home. I will need him to come back in a week’s time when I will remove the dressings. They may have to go back on if the healing process is still ongoing, plus the more minor burns to his chest will have to be fixed up once he has gets over the trauma of this operation.”

On that note the doctor and his followers departed leaving John and Bruce together holding hands.

The wine auction was still hitting the headlines of the next morning’s papers. Straight after breakfast Derek and Ian left for the theatre while I headed for the boys school taking all three of them with me.

In the car on the way across London, Michael was strangely silent, which I put down to nerves at attending a new school, but when we stopped for something to eat and drink, Peter spoke to me quietly about Michael.

“Michael has a problem dad, but he’s a bit too embarrassed to talk to you about it.”

“What is the problem perhaps you can tell me which will ease the situation?”

“Well you may remember when Michael was talking about his life that he had a boyfriend at his old school, Jason?”
I nodded and he continued, “Well he told Steve and I that he was missing Jason but didn’t know how to get in touch with him because of the school holidays. He wondered if something could be done so that he can at least meet up with Jason and explain what is happening.”

“I see no problem with that if he could give us as many details as possible, I’ll see what I can do.”

The headmaster at the boy’s school was pleased to see us and congratulated me on my performance which his wife and he enjoyed immensely. Michael was enrolled with no problems at all, in fact I think the headmaster was happy to see yet another son of a famous person going to his school. We also discussed the problem of Peter’s super IQ and the headmaster told me he was preparing some special lessons for Peter which he hoped would tax his brain and stop him getting bored in class.

That settled, we headed on over to the theatre to find Derek and Ian no closer to solving the problem of the lights and curtain from last night. “We have checked and double checked everything finding nothing wrong.”

Alec Guinness our producer called in, something he does a couple of times a week and Derek spoke to him about last night’s incidents.

“Very strange.” Was his only comment until after thinking for a while, “We have two new actors who came in this week for the first time have you looked at them?”

I might explain here that plays or shows that run for long periods of time have several cast changes over the years.

Derek explained that he never thought of the new people and would check up on them tonight. Alec spoke to Roland and I, asking if we were happy with the way the play was going and were we still looking to see the whole project through.

Well I certainly am and I’m sure Roland is as well.” I said with Roland nodding his head in agreement.

“That’s good I don’t care how many times the other cast members change but you two are crucial for the success of the whole production.”

I thought wow what a compliment, while Roland blushed a deep red. Later just as I began to dress for the evening performance Bob my manager arrived, “How are you getting on with your bodyguard?”

“A strange guy, big and ugly enough to scare small children and horses but he’ll do the job I’m sure.”

“By special request you have been invited to perform once again at this year’s Royal Command performance in front of Her Majesty and I take it you want to do that?”

“Of course I would it’s a great honor. Do they want a scene from the play?”

“No they want you and Tom Jones, you know him, the Welsh singer who went to America. Anyway, they want you both to sing the same song which the producers will pick and then finish up as a duet.”

“Wow.” Was all I could get out. This was a great honor to sing with a guy who was turning out to be an international superstar.

“Also I think you should go into the studio to record an album. We are getting a lot of requests and I already have a record company willing to sign you up.”

“I never thought about that. What about a record producer?”

“John Barry the guy who wrote the James Bond theme says he would love to record you so that’s settled. I suggest you meet with him and talk about what songs you’re going to record. I’ll set up a meeting.”

Then he was gone as usual. I went back up to tell Derek about the Royal show and also the record deal. Both of us were so happy that we hugged and kissed each other on the lips, until we noticed one of the new actors passing by and sneering at us. “Looks like someone doesn’t approve of our relationship “Derek remarked.

“I don’t care just as long as they can act.” I went back to my dressing room to get ready and before I knew it was curtain up time. The Play was going along smoothly until it came time for my somersault over the big couch at the back of the stage, because I fall over backwards I always assume the couch in the correct position so I don’t have to look back.

As I was going backwards the couch somehow moved on its own and I fell flat on my back with the wind totally knocked out of me. The audience thought it was all part of the show, but I had trouble getting up and ad libbing. Roland who was on stage in his minor part at the time came to help me.

“What the fuck happened?” I hissed at him trying to regain my breath with intense pain going up and down my spine.

“I don’t know the couch moved, that’s all I know.”

I continued until the interval and as soon as the curtain came down I collapsed on the floor, in agony. Derek and Ian rushed onstage along with the first aid officer which every theatre has, not that he could do much to help me. Derek called Alec as soon as it happened who in turn called a doctor and he arrived with about five minutes to go before curtain up.

All he could do was give me a shot to deaden the pain and I went back on stage for the second act. By the end of the play the injection was beginning to wear off and I was finding it hard to stand upright. Derek worried sick about me cut the curtain calls down by half so he could help me back to my dressing room.

“What happened Derek why did that couch move?” I demanded to know before taking a couple of pain killers which the doctor had left for me.

“It looks like it was attached to a rope which someone in the wings pulled at the crucial time making you fall flat on your back. We were so busy worrying about you that by the time we got around to the other side of the stage they were gone.”

Just as Derek was speaking Alec walked in and said, “I think we should call the police in because this is deliberate sabotage and you were lucky Cliff not to receive more disastrous injuries, in fact I want you to go and get an x-ray right away just to make sure.”

Both Derek and Ian were upset at what happened blaming themselves for all that had happened.

“It’s not your fault someone is out to get either me or the play and that’s not on your heads at all.”

The X rays showed nothing broken or slipped and the doctor who examined me suggested it was just bruising and possibly some damaged muscle tissue. “The ideal fix would be a few days bed rest lying on your back but I suppose I’m wasting my time telling you that?”

“Yes doctor in my profession we can’t take time off like that I’m afraid and anyway I’d be bored to tears.”

He gave me a prescription for some pain killers and a muscle relaxant, before once again asking me to take things easy.

I must admit the pain was terrible and I had to be helped into bed with sex being well and truly out of the question. I took the pills the doctor prescribed and that was the only way I could get some sleep.

Next day I was so sore and stiff I could hardly walk. Thank goodness Roland was doing both performances today because of the wine auction. Derek suggested that I stay home and he along with the boys would go to the auction but I wouldn’t have anything to do with that idea.

When we got to the auction room my bodyguard Gordon was waiting and helped me to my seat at the front of the room which had been reserved for us. Looking around the room I noticed people of all shapes, sizes, gender and nationality waiting for the auction to start.

The first lots were some of the cheaper vintages and because of the competition there, they also attracted record prices. About fifteen minutes into the auction an attractive young lady walked up to the auctioneer accompanied by a couple of guys in neat suits. She interrupted proceedings by giving the auctioneer an important looking document.

Turning a whiter shade of pale the auctioneer announced a break in the sale and motioned for Derek and I to follow him into his office. The young lady and her cohorts also followed him and once were settled with the door closed behind us he introduced the lady and her two lawyers that were with her.

“This lady as a document which she claims proves that she is rightful owner of the wines.”

“I looked at Derek worried sick but he just smiled and said, “We were expecting something like this to happen and our own lawyers are waiting outside to examine any documents which might turn up today.”

He went to the door and motioned for a couple of guys to come in, introducing them as part of our team of lawyers. They examined the document presented to the auctioneer, smiling all the time. One of them asked if they could use the TV and video player, before placing a tape into the machine. The screen came alive showing the lady who was in the office with two other guys. It wasn’t the scene but the words which attracted our attention.

The whole scene was filmed by a hidden camera and microphone and it was obvious after listening for about five minutes that the thing was a con to get the proceeds from the sale. The lady began to look decidedly uncomfortable while Derek left the room and on his return informed them that the police were on their way.

The three culprits immediately began to protest saying that it was only meant as a joke and they had no intention of taking the profits away from us. I couldn’t get over the fact that Derek had everything under control and was totally prepared for something like this to happen. I thought to myself, I really love this guy.

The police arrived took the three of them away and the auctioneer went back out apologizing to the crowd and getting things under way again.

When I went to ask Derek how he knew this was going to happen he whispered, “I’ll tell you later lover.”

Eventually the rare vintage wine and port came up for auction and the bidding was brisk with more than twenty staff manning phones with overseas bidders on the line. The rare red wine which we had consumed one bottle of went for a staggering half a million pounds and was bought by a phone bidder in America.

The rarest vintage port started at one hundred thousand pounds and within thirty seconds had reached a million before being sold finally for one and a quarter million pounds. Derek the boys and of course myself all had big smiles on our faces. Derek leaned over whispering in my ear and in answer to his question I nodded. There were a lot of media and TV reporters in the room so after agreeing with Derek, I asked the auctioneer if I could use the microphone. He agreed and before the crowd dispersed I asked for quiet.

“Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for attending the auction here today and I have an announcement to make. By our rough calculations we have made in excess of three million pounds today and in view of that staggering figure Derek and I are donating one million pounds to the Artists Benevolent fund, which helps retired and out of work actors and their families survive the hard times.”

This announcement brought loud applause and cheers from the crowd. Of course we were one of the main stories that night on the TV news so the publicity did us good as well. By the time the auction was over my back was killing me and I took an extra couple of pills to deaden the pain.

Ian and Roland had already left the auction for the matinee performance and Derek phoned to tell them the news. Peter, Steve and Michael came up to give us both a kiss and cuddle. The auctioneer took us all to lunch because after all he also made a couple of million profit on the sale.

John and Bruce had been listening and watching the progress of the auction on television as John’s breathing after the operation returned to normal. Dr. Fielding came in to remove the bandages after warning them that they may have to go back on. Slowly the dressings were removed and Bruce looked on with baited breath.

The transformation was incredible and even the Doctors in attendance looked surprised. Tears formed in John’s eyes and he tried so hard not to cry but as the old John he used to know and dearly love appeared before his eyes he couldn’t help but burst out crying. John began to Panic because he was sure Bruce was crying because the skin graft didn’t work.

When all the bandages had been removed he was handed a mirror and he too burst into tears which the nurse in attendance stopped from flowing onto the new skin in case it caused complications. Apart from a few red marks here and there he was as good as new.

“Those scars will eventually fade and no one will guess you have been burnt.” Doctor Fielding told him while one of the doctors began taking photographs of John’s face.

“I think you can get dressed John and go home, but I would like to see you in a week’s time at my room in Harley Street and then we’ll arrange for the more minor burns on your chest to be fixed up.”

Getting control of his emotions Bruce shook the doctor’s hand saying, “Thank you so very much for all you have done, we never imagined the end result would be so remarkable.”

“It was my pleasure and this new procedure will help millions of people all over the world have a better life.”

With handshakes all-round the doctors left and finally John and Bruce could hold onto and kiss each other. Both were so very happy that John was slowly becoming his old self again. Not that Bruce’s love would wane any for his partner.

After lunch Derek took me home making me go to bed to lay flat on my back, and the relief was incredible. Along with the effects of the pills I was soon asleep.
It was dark when I finally awoke noticing that Derek wasn’t with me yet; the house was in darkness. I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed right away that my back while still a bit sore was much better. I used the bathroom then went back into the bedroom noticing that it was three am in the morning and I was missing my lover. I began to panic and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. Turning on the light I noticed a body sleeping on the couch and when I got closer I could see it was Derek. Worried I moved over to kneel down beside him kissing him lightly on the lips.

At first there was no reaction then he began kissing me back opening his eyes. “Why are you sleeping down here and not in our bed?” I asked anxiously.

“I thought it best to leave you alone and let your back have a chance to heal.”

“Oh Derek there was no need for that, we’ve slept together since we were fourteen and never missed a night even when I was in hospital.”

“I must admit it took me ages to get to sleep without you by my side.” Derek said kissing me once more. I stood up feeling some twinges of pain as I did but hid that fact from my lover. Pulling him up I whispered, “Come on lets go to bed.”

Arm in arm we headed up the stairs and into our room. Derek gave me another pain killer and muscle relaxing pill and we fell asleep again, but this time in each other’s arms like we always do.

Next morning it was raining and very cold with snow forecast by the weekend which we weren’t looking forward to because on the Saturday I had a big concert to do in Devon. This meant a long car journey of about four hours. Derek was coming with me so Ian and Roland would be doing two shows all on their own.

We’d just settled down to eat breakfast when Bruce and John joined us and we were all amazed at the great job Dr. Fielding had done on John’s face. Apart from a few red marks he looked as good as ever and both his and Bruce’s sense of humor had returned.

We had to relate to them everything that happened at the wine auction, plus, I also wanted to know how Derek trapped the three con artists.

“The head of the auction house got suspicious when the girl kept calling him asking all sorts of questions regarding the auction. When they asked if they could view the wine the same day it arrived instead of waiting for the official viewing day. He contacted me at the theater, (you Cliff was on stage) and I called our favorite detective agency who set up the camera and microphone in the office they had rented for a few days.”

He paused to drink some coffee, “Just before the auction started they arrived with the tapes of their conversations and camera footage and you know the rest.”

Peter said, “Well done daddy Derek without you, my inheritance would have gone out of the window.”

“We intend to spend it all before we go so you don’t get anything. Anyway the way you’re using our credit card there’ll be nothing left.”

After breakfast I suggested to Derek that we ask Michael to join us in the front lounge where we wouldn’t be disturbed. Looking quite worried he followed us with Derek and I sitting on the sofa and Michael in an armchair opposite. “Don’t worry Michael you’re not in trouble, it’s just that Peter mentioned to us that you were worried about your boyfriend Jason.”

“Yes, I miss him and by going to a different school I might never see him again.” He told us.

I asked him for some details and they were a bit vague because he only ever saw him at school because both of them were picked up each day by a chauffeur driven car, “Well for a start, what’s Jason’s full name?”

“I don’t think he used his real name because his father is a famous person. He did once tell me that his father was Oswald Mosley and he was the third of four children.”

As soon as he mentioned the father’s name, I looked at Derek and he also had recognized the name. Oswald Mosley was the founder of the British Fascist party and had also been a member of parliament.

“Wow, no wonder he uses a different name. His father isn’t the most popular person in Britain. At least knowing that we can get our detective agency to check out the address, and then we can make contact for you.”

No one was any closer to solving the problem of the mystery incidents which had been happening at the theatre and it was also strange that nothing untoward happens when I’m not there, which points to the fact someone is trying to do me harm.

That evening we had people stationed or hidden away in every possible nook and cranny backstage including up high in the flies which is above the stage. Even Gordon my bodyguard had been co-opted to keep watch.

The play began on time as usual to a sellout house and was going very well until a heavy weight which is used to balance scenery when it is being pulled up into the flies crashed down on stage missing me by about a foot. If it had hit anyone it would have been death instantly.

The audience let out a gasp, but we kept on as if nothing had happened except the four of us on stage at that time were in a panic and trying not to show it. We heard a lot of clattering and banging back stage but kept going. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Ian and Derek running off somewhere. The worst thing was, not knowing what was going on.

Just before the interval when most of us were on stage I noticed one of the more minor actors, a new one was missing. He had a couple of lines to say but we ad-libbed over them and kept going. While out of the corner of my eye I noticed a couple of policemen talking to Derek and Ian.

Once the curtain for interval came down we all dashed off stage to try and find out what was happening. Derek took me to one side and told me what had transpired, “it appears that one of our new actors belongs to some radical organization which is dedicated to eliminating gays from this world.”

I stared at him in amazement, “Good heavens do such organizations exist?”

“Apparently; anyway the police have taken him away and he will be charged with attempted murder and possible other charges.”

“He certainly almost succeeded before. I felt the wind from that counterweight as it flew past my head.”

For the rest of the evening we got by without his character and the rest of the evening was incident free. On the way home I felt some twinges in my back but otherwise I was feeling much better, plus, we had skipped the somersault part of the play and it will remain out until I am fit and well again.

That night after a hot drink and a chat with all the guys which was our norm when we got home, it was off to bed with me feeling much better after David our resident male nurse gave me a very relaxing and professional back massage.

Derek and I climbed into the shower together with my lover washing my back before concentrating on other vital parts of my anatomy. Our love making had been on the backburner for a few days and being a couple of guys barely out of our teens, we were hot and horny.

After drying each other off, Derek hung up the towels before taking me by the hand leading me into the bedroom. He invited me to lie on my back on the bed before positioning himself next to me in the traditional sixty-nine position. His dick was poised just above my mouth and looked very inviting as he took my own hard solid cock into his mouth. We both began sucking and licking vigorously after all it had been a few days and within minutes we both filled each others mouths with copious quantities of sperm.

I laid back quite satisfied but my lover had other plans. When he presented his beautiful bubble butt close to my face, he began to make my cock rise once more. My tongue began to probe his pink hole followed by my finger and then another one, which sent him into a frenzy.

All this time he was licking and sucking my dick and balls which he swirled gently around in his mouth while he did his humming bit which he hadn’t done for a couple of years. When I reached the point that I was going to blow again and waste it, I went to push him onto his back but instead he climbed on board me inserting my dick into his hole and slowly moving down on it. All the time he was slowly being fucked by my cock he had a dreamy smile on his face and his eyes closed for most of the time. Every time I tried to take control and use my hands to control the motion he would brush them away wanting to be in complete control.

Finally he began to increase the tempo and I could see beads of perspiration forming on his body. The speed increased until I was really pounding all the way into my lover’s body making him shudder in delight. While we shared top and bottom he really adored my cock pounding into his guts.

“I want you to come darling, fill my guts, give me a baby.”

Those words spurred me on to burst a great load of juice right inside him as he kept my cock as tight as he could using his anal muscles to milk every bit of juice out of my body. Totally spent I began to relax and my back began to hurt like hell but it was worth all the pain for both of us to achieve such fulfilling love with each other.

Falling onto my body, allowing my softening cock to come out, he began to cover my face and lips with kisses telling me over and over how much he loved me. After another shower and a couple of pain killers for me we got back into bed and kissed and kissed each other until sleep overtook us. I can truly say we are both so in love with each other and even after more than six years of being together nothing had changed from the first day we met at school and it was love at first sight.

Friday was just a normal day with the two of us sleeping in till almost midday. The only difference was at lunch. John and Bruce announced that they had contacted their old school and the principal was happy for the both of them to go back to their old teaching jobs. By the time they got there, the new school year would be about two weeks old but that didn’t matter, plus the old cottage they lived in was also ready for them to move back in.

“How about a farewell party Dads?” Peter suggested.

“Of course we’ll have to give them a big send off and invite all our old friends and maybe my mother would like to come along as well. Make it a sort of Brighton hotel fire re-union.”

Derek went on to suggest that we might also invite Michael and Robert and their adopted Spanish boys. This suggestion was also greeted with cheers.

The other news was from our private detective who called me to say that he had taken the liberty to contact Michael’s boyfriend and he was going to pick him up from a café near where the boy lived and would bring him around early tomorrow. I told Derek and we decided to keep it a secret from everyone until Jason arrived.

The rest of the day before leaving for the theatre was taken up with organizing the party, getting caterers in and calling everyone we knew who would love to be there including our gay doctor friend and his partner from Brighton who contributed so much in saving John.

My mom said she would love to come and we suggested she stay a couple of days, plus my younger sister and her boyfriend would bring her and stay also, while my older sister couldn’t come because of work commitments.

That evening the play went off without a hitch and we all managed to cover up for the missing character with Alec assuring us that there would be rehearsals Monday to introduce a new actor for the part. Alec told me that I didn’t need to be at the rehearsal but Roland will have to.

We were up early the next day because Jason was being brought round after breakfast. With some reluctance we got the boys out of bed so we could all sit around the table together. Derek and I would have to leave for Devon before lunch because it was a four hour drive on a good day and with snow forecast in the hills between us and our destination we would need to add extra travel time.

The boys were eager to go and watch television but we insisted that they remain at the table. When there was a knock on the front door I told them I would go answer it and the rest were just to remain were they are. Everyone had a puzzled look in their eyes but did as I asked.

Standing at the door was the most gorgeous looking kid I have ever seen and could understand why Michael fell for him. He was about five foot eight with green eyes, and hair which changed color in different light but I would say was a blonde ginger color. He had an enchanting smile as he stuck his hand out saying, “Hi, I’m Jason.”

I thanked the detective for bringing him round telling him that we would arrange for him to go home. Inviting him in, I led him to the kitchen asking him to remain outside the door for minute. He nodded in agreement as I went in.

“Guys I have a big surprise for someone and I want all of you to close your eyes and keep them closed until I say open, understood?” They all agreed and once all eyes were closed I brought Jason in standing him behind Michael’s chair.

“You can open your eyes now and turn around looking behind you.”

The expression on Michael’s face when he turned round and saw his boyfriend standing there brought tears to all of our eyes. He stood up putting his arms around his boyfriend and kissed him long and deep. Jason looked a bit uncomfortable doing that in front of all of us, but when they broke off Michael said, “Don’t worry everyone here is the same as us.”

We all sat back at the table with Jason sitting on Michael’s lap mainly to hide the big bulge in both of their pants.

“Why don’t you two go up to your room Michael and talk things over?”

Without saying another word Michael lifted Jason off his lap standing up and grabbing his lovers hand almost ran out of the room and up the stairs.

It was almost time for us to go, so we packed up the car with my stage gear and music charts because I was working with a new band. We’d asked the boys if they wanted to go but they said no, the car journey was too long and boring.

Ian and Roland also had to leave, so I took David on one side telling him to keep an eye on our two young lovers and take Jason home when he was ready. I would have liked to have had a word with him before we left but time was against us. Kissing everyone goodbye we climbed into our car with me driving for the first couple of hours and then Derek.

Both of us admitted that we had a strange feeling in the pit of our stomachs about this trip, but as they say the show must go on. On the way we picked up Gordon our security guard.

The journey down was very pleasant until we got closer to higher ground which separated Somerset from Devon. It began snowing a blizzard which slowed all traffic down to a crawl. We finally pulled off at a roadhouse for lunch, but there was no sign of the storm abating.

Back on the road we finally made it to Exeter our destination with only a couple of hours to spare. We toyed with the idea of staying the night but decided against it wanting to get back home so we could relax on Sunday, plus the weather was closing in and according to forecasts it was going to get worse and the highway might be closed for up to three or four days.

Meanwhile as soon as they got to Michael’s room he and Jason began kissing and caressing each other, “I’ve missed you so much and thought I would never see you again.” Michael said with Jason voicing the same sentiments. The pair of them had never been able to take their relationship all the way because the only time they could get together was in school during the lunch break and that was in one of the more quieter boys restrooms. They had only managed to blow each other and then not every time they met.

Michael explained about the school that he would be going to next week and how difficult it would be for them to see each other. Jason also explained that he only had no more than three hours today before his family would come looking for him, “While your father has at last come to terms with your sexuality, mine would never agree to me leaving home right now or changing schools.”

They continued making out and exploring each other’s bodies but there was that feeling that this could be the last time. “Maybe you could come here every Saturday or Sunday?” Michael suggested.

“My father checks up all the time on where I am. Today he thinks I’m getting ready for school on Monday and checking on all my books and things with a guy from my class, but if he checks up and finds out I’m not there boy will there be trouble.”

“He won’t hit you though will he?”

With his head hanging down Jason said, “Yes he gets angry and violent with us all the time, especially if the other parties in Parliament give him a hard time. Believe me it’s not easy living in a fascist’s house.”

Still uncertain how far to take their shaky relationship they finally got down to a hot sixty-nine both swallowing each other’s juice and then sharing it during a passionate kiss. Declaring their love for each other and lying in each other’s arms until Jason couldn’t delay his leaving any longer.

Going back downstairs they found David the only one around and he explained that he would take Jason home inviting Michael to come with him. On the way home they sat in the back kissing and holding on to each other, tears in their eyes not knowing what to do from here on in.

On Jason’s instructions they dropped him a couple of streets away from his home and it was a tearful goodbye which even brought tears to David’s eyes.

Michael sat very quiet all the way home occasionally wiping a tear from his eyes. David decided to have a word with Cliff and Derek to see what could be done regarding this relationship because he could see these two young guys loved each dearly.

In Exeter it was almost show time and the run through with the local band went well. This was a big concert in the local municipal theatre with several local acts and bands, with me as the big name act. The concert was a sell out and the local promoter was delighted.

Some of the other acts that I got to see were also very good and just before I went on stage Derek kissed me as he usually does before heading for the sound and lighting box to supervise the production part of my performance.

The whole show was a great success with a couple of encores and a standing ovation. It then took us almost an hour to leave the theatre because of the line-up for pictures and autographs. It was after midnight when we got back on the road and once away from the city the roads were treacherous with snow drifts and black ice covering the surface. There was virtually no one else on the road which was understandable considering the conditions. The first hour wasn’t too bad but the higher we got the more difficult the driving became.

No one spoke at all but helped the driver, me, concentrate on the road. We approached a particular sharp corner when suddenly the car began sliding sideways on the black ice covering the road and I struggled to keep control with a cliff face on one side and a big drop on the other.

“HOLD ON.” I yelled as ……

To Be Continued

Writers Corner.

Welcome back. A lot happened in this chapter and bear in mind a fair amount of what I write about in this story is based on Derek and my life and several incidents in this particular chapter did happen including the cliff hanger.

You may also note that several prominent members of Parliament are mentioned and once more although I have changed a couple of names both of those gentlemen had problems with gay children. I would also like to remind you once more that the time is nineteen sixty, and Derek and I were among just a handful of homosexuals out in public. It was a difficult time for gay people.

Now to the story. We found out Michael’s true identity and frankly I felt sorry for Anthony Eden. As a prominent public servant always in the public eye, it would have been difficult having to come to terms with his son’s sexuality.

Next we come to the incidents in the theatre and they really did happen to Cliff because such an organization did exist in the sixties in Britain. I also hope that you are not confused by some of the theatrical terms I use in this story.

The wine auction was also an exciting event and goodness me the money that was raised was incredible. A wine expert pointed out to the guys that by us drinking one of the bottles it made the other bottle even more of a collector’s item. Whenever a big event like this happens there is always someone keen to try and cash in to the event.

One story line still very much open and not solved so far is the relationship between Michael and Jason. What will happen to these two young lovers is anybody’s guess so far and if any of you out there have a suggestion to get these together I’d be happy to hear from you.

I included a sex scene in this chapter. I moved away from sex scenes in every chapter because some of you suggested there was too much sex. Please bear in mind we were just out of our teens and our hormones were running riot so sex was first and foremost always on our minds. Cliff could catch sight of Derek across the other side of a crowded room and get an instant erection and vice versa.

I left the good news to last and that was the resounding success of John’s facial surgery and the fact that both him and Bruce are returning to teaching. In fact the growing of skin began in an experimental basis in the sixties and of course has developed much more in the present time.

I have been writing this story for almost two years now and it still has a long way to go, but the numbers on Jacobmillertex site have dwindled a bit although I still get comments and e–mails from other sites on which this story is published.

Please write and tell me if I should bring this story to a conclusion or not along with your comments and thoughts on this chapter.



Editors Corner:

To be honest, I guessed that Michael came from a prominent family, but did not have any notion at all just how prominent the family would be. Being a Prime Minister’s son is probably just a bit less stressful than being royal, and on top of that, being gay only adds to the stress. I am very pleased that Michael will be living with the Steele family, but am concerned about Jason and their relationship. In particular, I am concerned about the horrible situations that could develop for Cliff and Derek considering the identity of Jason’s father.

Now John’s surgery was a great success and I am certain that everyone is breathing much easier that the most critical of surgeries is now over. It is also good news that both Bruce and John will be returning to teaching.

I just can’t imagine any bottle of wine being worth such outrageous sums of money, but there are those who will pay such sums to possess these rare vintages.
It is good that those responsible for the mishaps on stage were caught and handled, but these types of things happen all too frequently in all sectors of our society. Trevor’s inclusion in this story only serve to remind us all that sometimes, the inmates try to run the asylum.

As I was reading through the story and learned that Cliff and Derek were going to Exeter for a performance, requiring a long drive, I thought to myself, here is a potential plot development just begging for a cliffhanger. I was right, it was. So we will just have to wait a few weeks to see what has happened on that dark cold road.

Until then, write to us and let us know what you are thinking and in particular, respond to Trevor’s question about continuing with Cliff’s and Derek’s adventures.



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  • jono b says:

    Damn! Another cliff hanger ending – literally this time!

    Splendid continuation of the story. And NO, we definitely are not bored with the story, more fascinated actually to see where and how the “loose ends” work out.
    {{ To Trevor; Please write and tell me if I should bring this story to a conclusion or not along with your comments and thoughts on this chapter}}

    Truly, one can agree, after 2 years on this story it may be getting a bit stale for the writer = BUT, we readers – or this one at least – are hanging out for the next installment.

    Can see a whole gamut of interesting ideas via the facist leader’s gay son … look forward to THAT one!

    Love & Hugs – and PLEASE keep on writing and expanding this story. jono b

  • George Thoele says:

    Super awesome chapter. John got his face back which will make him feel better about himself. The Wine auction going off without any “Major” hang ups. Michael getting to see his old boy friend. Maybe Cliff & Derek can help them out somehow. Then there is the cliffhanger. Well I guess I will have to wait 3 weeks to see how That turns out. Keep up the awesome writing and thanks for your stories.


  • BowoThorny says:

    Wow, how do you do it??? A great chapter filled with many different events and “edge of seat” happenings! Thanks so very much, Trevor, for the wonderful job and for sharing your talent. Please do continue the story.

    So glad that the future is working so well for John and Bruce. Peter is quite an interesting young man. I can hardly wait to see what he does next. Sad, but true, that so many, even in today’s “free society” feel the need to eliminate or persecute gays. Now, let’s get Jason and Michael together. Perhaps something could happen to Jason’s father/parents that would make Jason eligible for placement in a foster or adoptive situation. I would hate to see Jason abused or beaten to the point of being legally removed from his home, but that would also allow him to come under the protection of Cliff and Derek.

    Thanks for the cliffhanger. I was beginning to think you had grown soft.

    Again, thanks so very much for sharing with us and for the fantastic writing.

  • James says:

    Hey Trevor

    Talking about a real cliff hanger!! Leaving it at where you are potentially driving off a cliff is a real calif hanger, yes I guess there was a pun intended in that last one. I for one love the current story and I hope you do continue to write tales of your life. Thanks keep up the good work.

  • Richie says:

    Loved the story. Definitely not bored at all, in fact, I think it has gotten better over time. So for me, keep up the great work. I truly believe that will be the majority of your readers who strongly desire to see this story continue.

  • trevor says:

    Hi guys, Thank you for your kind comments. A fair bit of this story is still based on my life with Derek including the up coming Cliff Hanger.
    I will be keeping this story going for a while longer because I still have a lot to tell.


  • steve says:

    Please! Please! Please! Continue writing of your expereiences and life. The sequels don’t come qickly ejnough for me. Please continue!

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy