Chapter 22


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

Authors note. Recently a reader e mailed me asking for more intimate
details of our cocks and I think this is as good a time as any to describe

Derek is uncut, but he did not have a lot of foreskin which may be why he
wasn’t circumcised like I was. His cock is a bit bigger than mine being
about 7 inches while mine is 6 ½ inches but with a big helmet at the end
and also thicker than my lovers. We both have a lot of pubic hair in fact
my lovers is thick and curly like the hair on his head.

The first stop was at my place were we found my mother packing boxes ready
for the move to the new house which goes with my fathers new job. I still
had some reservations about this move and hoped that mum would not get hurt
again by my arsehole of a father.

When I asked mum about dad she said “that had been very good since he moved
back in and the new house is a beautiful old stone cottage high on a hill
overlooking a lovely valley”.

“I’m sorry we won’t be able to help with the move mum” I said.

“That’s OK son you have your royal trip this weekend haven’t you?”

“Yes and Derek and I really looking forward to it but if you wanted us to
help with the move we could cancel”.

“Oh no we’ll manage plus I’m still not sure if your father would like you
around. He never mentions your name”.

“Will there be somewhere for us to sleep when we come and visit”. I asked .

“Yes all your furniture and bed will be moved into what will be yours , and
Derek’s room .” She added.

With a quick kiss and a cuddle from both of us we said goodbye and headed
for Derek’s place.

His dad was home being a shift worker and they were keen to know how our
unofficial honeymoon went.

Derek answered. “it was quite good but I take it you don’t want all the
details of what happened do you?”. while saying this he had is usual cheeky

“definitely not “. his mother replied. .

Derek then went on to tell them all about the suicide of Peter and how we
looked after Damien.

We also told them what the arrangements were for the weekend at Windsor and
how we were a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry about a thing”. Derek’s dad told us. “Just roll with the flow
and enjoy yourselves. Just remember if you do get into trouble you could
end up in the tower of London”. We all laughed at this said our goodbyes
and headed back to the apartment to start cleaning the place up and getting
it ready for Janice and Steve who were due back either tonight or tomorrow.

On the way we decided to call in at John and Bruce’s place because we had
not seen either of them for quite a while as well.

They both greeted us with a kiss and a cuddle.

John asked about Damien because news at the school had been hushed up.

“Well Mr Garth and the school have both been warned by Damien’s parents
that legal action was going to be taken”. I said.

“Damien has been sent to his grandparents and somehow we don’t think he is
coming back”. Added Derek.

“This is a terrible state of affairs”. Bruce remarked and John gave us an
extra bit of news. “At the end of the year Mr Garth is leaving to take up a
position as headmaster of a private school in the south of England”

Quietly I remarked “I feel guilty that I was in some way responsible for
all this. If we hadn’t declared our love publicly I don’t think any of this
would have happened”. Derek nodded his head in agreement.

Please don’t beat yourselves up over this what happened, happened. You did
what you thought was right and Bruce and I still think that was the right
thing to do”.

I looked at Derek and he looked at me with that grin and I knew he was
thinking the same as me and that was to get these two in to bed again.

John must have been reading our minds because he then said.

“Oh no you don’t we have to go out and don’t have time for what is going
through your sexy little minds”.

We all laughed and Bruce said. “it would have been nice but not right now

We said our goodbyes with a couple of passionate kisses and went on our

We where surprised to see Janice and Steve already back home and apologized
for not having time to clean up before they came home.

“That’s ok said Janice it’s not that bad you boys have kept things pretty

“I’ll go up and change the sheets” I said heading for the stairs.

Steve laughed and said.” Are they that bad?”

Both Derek and I blushed and both of them burst out laughing.

“I think their honeymoon was similar to ours darling”. Steve said and this
time Janice blushed .

Janice told us not worry about cleaning up she would do it tomorrow. “Just
sit down and I’ll get a cup of tea made and something to eat”.

We sat down to tea and scones and then proceeded to tell them all about

” I hope you didn’t mind us having him here overnight”.

“No” Steve remarked. “I think it was good of both of you to take him under
your wing. I hope that in time he will recover.”

We also told them that this weekend we were headed for Windsor castle, and
they both wished us luck.

We both stood up and said we had better be going.

Janice spoke up. “You don’t have to go just because we are back you might
has well finish off your honeymoon, which will of course be in the spare
bedroom”. she added with a laugh.

Derek and I both stood up and went round the table to hug both of them.

“Thank you for everything you have done for us you are two very special
people and we love you for it”.

“Thank you for looking after our abode” Steve replied.

Derek and I washed up despite Janice protesting that she would do that.

Alone on the kitchen I said to Derek. “They are lovely people and I wish we
could find someway to repay their kindness”.

My lover agreed and added. “Not sure what we can do but I’m sure we will
think of something”.

We went into the lounge room where our two benefactors were sat on the
lounge watching television and cuddling each other.

“I think we’d better go to our room and leave these two alone” Derek said

Steve replied with a grin. “No need, we won’t do anything to embarrass

We laughed and sat on the floor close to each other watching a movie which
had just started. Derek put his arm around me turned to face me and gave me
a kiss whispering, “I love you Cliff Steele”.

I nuzzled my face into his neck kissing him and holding him tight. “I love
and worship you too my darling”.

Steve and Janice were laughing and Steve said “I think you too had better
go to bed before you make us both jealous.

“Yes I think we had better”. I stood up went over to them and kissed them
both adding that we loved the both of them dearly. Derek followed suit and
we headed for the stairs and the spare bedroom.

We stripped off quickly and laid on the bed facing each other. Derek
started to cry and I held him saying. “What’s the matter, have I done
something wrong?”

“No” Derek said between sobs. “I can’t help it I’m, so in love with you, so
happy that I can’t help but cry with happiness”.

I held my lover tight and kissed away his tears. “I do so love you my
sweetheart”. Tears coming into my eyes by this time.

We fell silent holding on to each other until Derek broke the spell when he
started laughing.

“What”. I asked.

“We’re a pair of soppy buggers aren’t we “.

I laughed and hugged him some more. My hands sort of took on a mind of
there own and started to wander all over my lovers body caressing and
exploring every part of him. Derek meanwhile moved down my body after
giving my nipples a work out until he reached my belly button were he ran
his tongue around it before plunging it into middle of it.

That as you may recall is one of my erogenous zones which really gets me
going sex wise. I got an instant erection which Derek took control of with
his hand slowly rubbing up and down.

“Tonight I want to totally satisfy my husband”. Derek whispered.

I was puzzled by this remark. “But you always totally satisfy me”. I

“Tonight is going to be extra special”.


“Because I love you and don’t want to lose you to some fuckin poncy

I sat up straight looking in amazement at my lover. Derek continued. “I
know in my own mind this weekend HRH is going to do everything in his power
to take you away from me and I want to make sure that does not happen”.

I was annoyed at this statement and replied. “Don’t you trust me or
something? I was under the impression that our love was so strong nothing
could or ever would come between us, then you come out with this ridiculous

Derek said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. “We all have a breaking
point and I believe the prince will work his charm on you and I have no
intentions of losing you. If that looked like happening I’d kill you and
then myself.

I could feel the colour draining from my face and I was at a loss for
words. Then my emotions got the better of me and I laid back down on the
bed with my head buried in the pillow sobbing my heart out.

At first Derek did nothing but just sat there. I think he realized that he
had said the wrong thing and allowed his jealousy to say things he did not

Derek put his arm around me and whispered in my ear. “I’m sorry darling I
didn’t mean to upset you the words just came out all wrong. I lifted my
head off the pillow and noticed tears running down his face .

“Darling you should know by now that I love you dearly and nothing or
nobody will come between us ever”

We held on to each other for a while longer until our tears had stopped

I broke the silence. “If you are really worried about the Prince let’s
forget the whole trip and stay home, but believe me he will not get me away
from you ever. He can try whatever he likes it won’t work and I think I
should make that clear to him right off before the weekend gets underway”.

All this time Derek had been very quite letting me do all the talking.

” I still feel very uneasy about this weekend but for Ian’s sake we should

Another round of silence then another thought flashed through my head.

“You don’t think he has been leading Ian on all this time so he can stay in
contact with me do you”.

Derek replied. “I thought of that too, if it was so Ian would be
devastated, because he truly is in love with him”.

“We will have to be very careful this weekend”. I remarked.

Derek after several minutes of silence with the two of clinging to each
other spoke. “Please forgive me for carrying on like I did but I suddenly
had what I suppose is a premonition that our relationship was going to
suffer this weekend, and I said a lot of things that I shouldn’t “.

I reached over and kissed my lovers lips then slowly and tenderly allowed
my tongue to caress the inside of his mouth rubbing against his tongue.

“Baby, I won’t let anything come between us and halt the wonderful love and
feeling we have for each other” I said.

Derek responded by kissing me more forcefully and with added passion making
sure that I got the message that he loved me just as much.

He broke out of our clinch and said. “Now can this wife seduce his husband
and give him the time of his life before we go to sleep”.

I laughed and said quite nonchalantly. “Oh I suppose so”.

We both laughed and hugged before Derek went back down to concentrate on my
belly button while his hands went to work on my cock. I began moaning and
jerking around the bed as he took me higher and higher into ecstasy land.

“please stop”. I begged. “I can’t take much more I’m going to cum”.

“Oh no your not” Derek replied. “Not yet”. and he slowed down moving away
from my navel and kissing my body all the way down to my pubic hairs which
he ran his tongue through. I thought at last he’s going to suck my rock
hard cock. But no he by passed that and went down to my feet and began
kissing and licking my toes which made me giggle because I have very
sensitive feet. He moved up my legs kissing and licking all the way until
he finally found my cock with his mouth. He licked around the top of it
putting his tongue into my slit taking all my precum into his mouth, before
licking my shaft all the way down to it’s base then he took my ball sac
into his mouth slowly rolling my balls around his willing mouth. I was
going so crazy with lust and desire that my head was spinning.

“For fucks sake finish me off”. I begged. He looked up at me with that sexy
grin of his and nodded no.

“Oh please”. I said and it came out sounding like a pitiful whine.

I thought it was about time I tried to speed things along and I went to put
a finger into his anus but he pulled that away and gave me a dark look.

I was so far gone by now that I was sobbing and between sobs begging him to
finish me off bring me to a climax which I knew would be intense.

Finally he slowly lowered his mouth over the top of my cock taking only the
helmet in. He paused pulled his mouth away and with that grin which was
driving me crazy said. “Would you like me to take it all into my mouth”.

“Of course I fucking do” I retorted.

“Oh alright” he said very matter of fact and pushed my cock into his mouth
right up to the hilt. The feeling was sensational. He then began fucking
his face with my cock and I knew it would not take long before I blew.

“I’M CUMMING, OH GOD YES I’M CUMMING BABY” I yelled as wave after wave of
spunk flowed out of my cock into his mouth. He tried hard to swallow it all
but there was so much that it was dribbling out of the corners of his mouth
and even down his nose. It was the biggest and best cum flow I had ever had
in my life.

He continued sucking me dry and my cock got so sensitive that I had to beg
him to stop.

Finally my softening dick came out of his mouth and Derek reached up to
kiss me and push some of my juice into my mouth.

Finally totally spent I laid back on the pillow to recover and get my
breath back.

“Now let any fucking prince or anyone else for that matter give you that
experience”. Derek remarked and we both lay in each others arms laughing
and cuddling.

” Baby, baby I love you so dearly, and you have nothing to fear from the
prince. Now it’s my turn to satisfy you”.

Derek shook his head and said. “No that can wait till the morning. Tonight
was wholly for my husband”.

I kissed him tenderly on the forehead, cheeks, ears and anywhere else I

“You are the nicest thing that could ever happen to me and no one and I
mean NO ONE will ever come between us”. I said before kissing him once
again, wishing him goodnight before falling asleep to dream of my lover and
how I must be the luckiest man in the world to have a lover like him.

Next morning we awoke to the smell of freshly cooked bacon which stirred up
my taste buds. My lover opened his eyes gave me a kiss and said.

“Good morning my darling, I love you”.

I kissed him back and said. “Ditto”.

I had an urge to pee which was getting desperate so I dashed off to the
bathroom, forgetting that we now had a lady in the house and I was
naked. Luckily I only bumped into Steve coming out of the bathroom but I
still blushed and so did Derek who raced out of the bedroom after me.

Steve laughed and said. “don’t you two ever wear clothes?’ Derek answered,
“No, It saves time taking them off all the time”.

Steve answered, “Don’t forget we now have a lady here, luckily she’s down
stairs cooking breakfast which should be about ready so hurry up and don’t
forget you both have to go to school today.

We rushed to perform our ablutions, get dressed and hurry downstairs.

We had to rush breakfast a bit which was a pity because it was delicious.

We got all our gear together thanking Janice and Steve for all they have
done for us, kissed them goodbye and Steve drove us to school.

School dragged along but soon it was time to head off on the midterm

Ian was waiting for us looking a bit anxious. “Guys HRH has asked if you
two would please remove your wedding rings before we get to Windsor

“No way” I answered straight away. “I’m not taking the ring which my lover
placed on my finger for anyone”

“Me too”. Said Derek.

“He’s a bit worried that his mum and dad might spot them and ask about

“Let them ask”. I said “if they do I will tell them the truth that Derek
and I are partners and married, and if they don’t like it too bad “.

Derek grabbed hold of my hand squeezing it in agreement. Just then a
chauffer driven Rolls Royce arrived, which caused quite a stir among the
kids leaving school.

The uniformed driver got out and opened the door for us and we got in to be
greeted with a kiss from HRH.

As we drove away from school I thought well her we go on an adventure which
will be either very good or very bad.

Which do you think it will be?

Let me know what you think, will the prince try to split the up our lovers?

Your comments are most welcome

2 Responses to Chapter 22

  • jono b says:

    HRH ! tricky buggers of old yer royals. for that matter anyone who lords it over others for any reason – no one here is more or less than human – well most of us anyway. Always going to be that odd few who are well and truly peculiar!
    Enjoying the tale with much relish! jono

    • Stories says:

      Hi Jono,
      Thanks for your nice words and I’m happy you like my stories, The Royal bit did happen but not quite in that timeline but all that bit is true.
      Keep raeding my friend
      Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy