Chapter 37

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

No one spoke at all but helped the driver, me, concentrate on the road. We approached a particular sharp corner when suddenly the car began sliding sideways on the black ice covering the road and I struggled to keep control with a cliff face on one side and a big drop on the other.

“HOLD ON.” I yelled as ……

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The car continued to slide spinning right around so we we’re facing in the opposite direction moving closer and closer to the cliff edge which had quite a big drop down into some trees I spun the steering wheel and we began moving in the opposite direction. I had never had any experience at all driving in these types of conditions. The cliff face came closer and it was inevitable that our car was going to make contact, “Hang on.” I yelled as the driver’s side of the car slammed into the cliff sending us skimming over the ice towards the big drop. Everything appeared to be happening in slow motion when in fact the whole accident only took a few seconds.

They say that in situations like this your life flashes past you, but there was no time for that as the edge of the cliff and the big drop loomed closer and closer. I offered up a quick silent prayer and tried spinning the wheel again; it was then that I noticed the car going back the other way towards the cliff face with the other side of the car making contact this time with the rock face.

The car spun once more this time the front of the vehicle headed towards the cliff and made contact bringing the car to an abrupt halt. I couldn’t say what happened to Derek or Gordon but I felt a lot of pain in my left leg and blood began flowing from my mouth as we stopped. I banged my head on the windshield, the engine moved into the passenger cabin which trapped my leg and broke it.

Once everything stopped their was dead silence and with the car electrics out it was also pitch black as I sat there shaking like a leaf. Finally I heard a voice sounding almost as if it was in the distance; “Are you two ok in the front?” it was Gordon who appeared to be unscathed. I replied telling him that my leg was stuck and felt like it was broken and it was then I began to panic because Derek hadn’t answered. I began to yell trying to turn my head but finding that I couldn’t, “Derek, Derek are you ok speak to me please?” There was silence and then I heard a faint moan and knew that at least he was alive.

Headlights began to appear in both directions and soon we were being pulled out of the car as emergency services began to arrive. Out of all the injuries it appeared mine were the worse. Gordon had just a few cuts and bruises, while Derek was suffering from severe concussion and was taken to hospital but in a different ambulance than mine. We finished up in the local hospital in Newton Abbot.

I was breath tested and it proved to be clear so I was off the hook there, and then my leg was set in plaster before they got around to worrying about the blood pouring from my mouth. I thought they should have done things the other way around but I suppose they knew what they were doing.

The doctor looking after me explained that the break was a minor one but I would be in plaster for a month to six weeks as long as it healed properly and the blood in mouth was due to the fact that I bit into my tongue when the car impacted with the cliff and that he would have to stitch up the big hole I made in it, but it would heal and I would be as good as new.

I kept asking about Derek but he was more interested in fixing me up and finally I got the news I wanted from the young policeman who was taking my statement and that of Gordon.

“Don’t worry Derek is in the next cubicle still groggy and more unconscious than conscious. The doctors tell me you will both be taken up to the ward and kept overnight.”

I thanked him for looking after us and he whispered in my ear, “That’s ok I have admired you as an actor and also for your courage along with Derek for not hiding your sexuality.”

I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face and mouthed the word you? He nodded indicating that he too was gay. Gordon was hovering around looking worried about everything so I gave him instructions on who to call so that arrangements could be made for Roland to take my place in the play possibly for several months.

“Gordon, when you’ve done that take my credit card and find a nice hotel for yourself and also arrange first thing in the morning for a hire car to be available to take us home.” After Gordon was gone I was taken into a ward and put into a bed and not long after Derek arrived; still more out of it than in. He was put into the bed next to mine.

The ward held about twelve beds from what I could see in the gloom and most were occupied with sleeping males. Once the nurse and orderly left after making us comfortable I managed to get out of bed finding it difficult to stand but after a lot of effort I was able to push my bed closer to Derek’s. I climbed back into bed with both of us reaching out more or less at the same time to hold hands and that’s how we were when the nurse came round a couple of hours later just as it was getting light outside.

She complained bitterly but we refused to allow her to move my bed back to where it should be, “It will have to be moved by the day staff before Matron makes her rounds otherwise she will go berserk.”

Telling her not to worry and that hopefully we would be out of there before she came round. I turned to Derek noticing that he was awake, “how are you my darling?” I asked.

“Apart from a bit of a headache not too bad, but I would have been better if I was in the same bed as you.” He answered with a grin.

After a mediocre breakfast the doctor arrived and said that we could go but to take things easy. He wanted to know if we had someone who could drive us home and we assured him that our bodyguard was more than capable. He then grinned as it a light bulb had gone off in his head; “Of course I realize now who you are. Last night I was only interested in fixing you both up but now I know your Cliff Steele the famous actor.”

I nodded saying yes before he went on, “That also explains why there’s about a dozen reporters and TV cameras waiting outside the hospital.” I looked at Derek and groaned saying, “It doesn’t take long for the vultures to gather.”

Gordon arrived with a change of clothing because most of what we were wearing was ruined; mine especially because they cut my pants off me, but we always carry extra clothing just in case.

“I spoke to Peter. They had heard the news on the radio and were worried sick because details were sketchy, plus Alex had called them in a panic so I contacted him along with Bob your manager, who called me a silly fucking idiot for crashing the car.”

“Talking about the car, where is it and what state is it in?” I asked him. “It was taken to a holding yard and is a total write off I’m afraid.”

Derek took hold of my hand saying, “Don’t worry about the car, at least the three of us are alright.” I agreed and once we were dressed a couple of staff wanted to take my picture and sign autographs before I was put into a wheelchair, given some crutches and was wheeled out towards the car.

It looked like the press crowd had grown since the doctor spoke to us and as soon as the door opened they began shouting questions and asking Derek and I to pose for the photographers. A large group of locals were also on hand to stand and stare.

We waited patiently for the shouted questions to die down and then I spoke up, “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for turning out in such large numbers because this obviously means that you are worried about our welfare and we appreciate that.” This brought a few laughs from the media and the general public hanging around.

The questions began again and I held up my hand to stop them, “I’m not going to stand or should I say sit here for too long. We want to get back home and rest up after our ordeal. All I have to say right now is that at this time of the year if you are driving on dark isolated country roads beware of black ice, because it can do you harm and maybe even kill you. My management will be issuing a statement later today regarding which of my performances are likely to be cancelled and all I have to add right now is that both Derek, myself and our bodyguard Gordon are thankful that we are still alive talking to you today. Thank you.”

A few continued to yell out but we ignored them as Gordon pushed me towards the hire car. Several locals approached us for autographs and while Gordon went to tell them ‘not now’, I stopped him saying, “No matter what’s happening we never turn potential customers away.”

Signing these few autographs and chatting to people served a double purpose because several of the press photographers used the occasion to get some pictures which was all good publicity.

Once we had satisfied them all, Gordon and Derek helped me into the car finding that I was better off in the back seat, so Derek got in next to me with Gordon doing the driving. He had hired a big car so there was plenty of room.

We made it home in good time noting that all the ice on the road had been cleared away by the local authorities who had spread salt on the road to disperse it. The minute we pulled up at the house everyone came running out with worried looks on their faces.

Assuring them that we were alright we got into the house and had some lunch with all three of us feeling hungry. After we had eaten I took Gordon to one side, “We can’t thank you enough for your help Gordon, and also I’m sorry that you were involved in the accident and thank the Lord you were not badly hurt.” I took two hundred pounds out of my wallet handing it to him, “That’s a little thank you from Derek and me for all your help.”

He began to blush protesting that what he did was all part of his job and he tried to hand the money back but I refused to accept it. Reluctantly he finally took it. I then suggested that he take the car home because we had no intensions of going anywhere today and we would call him later to work out what was happening tomorrow.

After Gordon had left, the phone calls began, starting with Bob my manager, “How long are you going to be out of the play?”

“Four to six weeks, plus with these stitches in my tongue I don’t think I can sing for at least a week maybe a bit longer.” I told him.

“Good that means you can meet with your record producer John Barry and work out some songs for the album and once the stitches on your tongue have dissolved you can start recording.”

“You don’t give a guy chance to recuperate do you?” I told him.

“All you have is a broken leg and bit of a sore tongue, so stop bellyaching. Shirley will call you back with an appointment time for you to meet John Barry.” With that true to his style he was gone.

I explained everything he said to Derek and before I had finished Alex Guinness called and he was more concerned about my welfare than Bob was, Once more I went through everything and he asked to speak to Roland explaining to him that he would be playing the lead role for the next six weeks. Roland was excited at the prospect but was also feeling sorry for me at being out for such a long time.

Both Derek and I were feeling tired and bruised so we headed upstairs for a rest and slept through till we were called downstairs for supper. Getting up and down the stairs with a cast on my left leg was proving a bit difficult but between them David and Brian our resident male nurses helped to carry me up and down the stairs much to the mirth of Peter, Steve and Michael.

While all this was going on Michael’s boyfriend from his old school, Jason was at home with his parents. Oswald Mosley was at this time one of Britain’s most hated politicians; being an outspoken fascist, plus his name had been linked to the communist party and the IRA but that was never proven. He ruled his home and family with an iron fist and to be honest, Jason hated him.

Jason was never allowed out unless he had a very good excuse and even then strict time limits were laid on him. His father knew exactly how long it took from his school to home so if he spoke to anyone or dawdled on the way he had to have a good explanation ready.

To say that this bright young lad was pining for his boyfriend Michael would be an understatement to say the least. Admittedly the only time they did have together was in the school toilets during lunch and both wanted to take their relationship further but what to do was a big dilemma for these two young guys.

Therefore it was a big surprise that Sunday morning when his mother went to wake him up to come down to breakfast that she found his bed hadn’t been slept in. He had said goodnight to his mother before going to bed at his normal time of eight pm.

When she went downstairs to tell his father that he was missing he flew into a terrible rage blaming his wife for not keeping an eye on him and in fact she finished up with a black eye. He refused to go to the police believing that they were puppets of the Government and useless. He called in his own group of followers to try and track him down.

Poor Jason had slept through that night on the banks of the river Thames because he wasn’t sure were Michael actually lived and couldn’t remember the name of the private detective who contacted him in the first place and took him to Michael.

He had no money and just the clothes on his back because his wardrobe was very small thanks to his mean father. Feeling very miserable and down he knew that he couldn’t go back home because his father would beat him mercilessly. All he could do was hope to find his boyfriend

Michael and appeal to Cliff and Derek for help. That was his only hope. He picked up a newspaper he noticed lying on a bench and the headline was all about the accident involving Cliff and Derek. Luckily the report mentioned where they lived, not the exact address, but at least he knew which direction to move in.

Over supper several things were discussed in the Cliff and Derek household, including the going away party for John and Bruce, the car we should be bought next, bearing in mind that the wrecked car was fully insured, and of course Peter made sure that the subject of buying the boat came up in conversation. “Now would be the perfect time for you and Derek to go down to the boat moorings and do the deal. If the owner sees you in plaster he might feel sorry for you and drop the price.” He said laughing.

“Don’t forget Derek will still have to go to work, although Alex has given him a couple of days off to fully recover.” I told the boys. “But we will try and get down and see the guy in the next couple of days.” Upon hearing this, Peter and Steve high fived each other yelling YES.

The other subject was my Royal command performance with Tom Jones. Now living and making a big name for himself in American the young pub singer from Wales was also recently in the headlines because he appeared on television with Shirley Bassey singing a duet and he got an erection which stood out and was impossible to hide because of the tight pants he was wearing. During most of the song, the only view you had of him was from the waist up, but before that happened a million or more viewers in Britain found out what a big boy he was.

I’m getting ahead of myself right now, but on the evening of the Royal command show I shared a dressing room with him and happened to notice when he was getting changed just how big he was. He noticed me looking and said, “Believe me it’s a curse. Its fourteen inches and that’s on the slack.” I could feel my ass puckering up at the thought of it.

After supper we sat around for a while watching TV, each with their own partner and several of us were making out but nothing heavy. Security called on the intercom from the gate telling us there was a young man wanting to see us. I told them to bring him down to the house and we all got quite a shock when we discovered it was Jason looking very much the worse for wear.

Michael knocked a couple of us out of the way to get to his boyfriend, “What happened to you Jason you look terrible, are you alright?” Michael blurted out not making a great deal of sense. Out on his feet and totally exhausted he was laid on the couch while David got him a hot drink and something to eat.

He wolfed down the food reminding us of when we first came across Michael. Finally he finished eating and was able to talk to us. “I ran away from home. I just couldn’t stand the discipline and anarchy that my father enforces all the time. It’s like being in a Hitler youth camp or something, and I have no time to myself, and if I didn’t get out of there I would never see Michael again.” He was getting quite distressed and upset by now, so we arranged for him to stay the night with Michael suggesting that first he take a shower.

With him and Michael gone up stairs we discussed what we were going to do. “We should really inform the authorities on what happened, but I shudder to think what will happen to him when he gets returned to his father.” Derek said.

“At least let’s keep him here overnight so he can spend some time with Michael and tomorrow first thing I will contact our lawyer and see what can be done.” I said.

“Don’t forget dad, school goes back tomorrow, is Michael going or are you going to leave him with Jason till something is sorted out.” Peter said.

“I think it might be best if Michael stayed home and in the meantime because it is getting late I think you two boys should head off to bed anyway so that you’re ready for school.”

Reluctantly the boys did as they were told going round the room kissing everyone goodnight except when he got to Derek and I as usual Peter tried using his tongue.

After they had gone we got back to talking about Jason, “We could be breaking the law right now by having him staying under our roof.” Ian remarked. After a lot of conversation going to and fro it was decided to leave everything be for tonight and check out the situation tomorrow.

As the boys helped me up stairs and into the bedroom everyone else headed for their own rooms. Both Derek and I were feeling horny but still ached a bit and it was awkward with my plaster cast getting in the way and my lack of mobility.

So we settled for some heavy making out before going to sleep. Next morning over breakfast, well first of all John Barry rang to say that because I couldn’t get around too much he would come over to our place so I suggested lunch would be a good time.

David took the boys off to school even though Derek and I would have dearly loved to be there for their first day. Michael and Jason looking very sheepish came down after the boys had gone and joined us for breakfast. “What are we going to do with you Jason?” I asked

“I don’t know but I’m not going back home for anything not ever again, if need be I will live on the streets but I’m not going home.”

“Ok Jason, no need to get so agitated, if we can help you we will, but legally you are still under the care of your parents. But before you go off the deep end again, I have my lawyer joining us soon and maybe he will be able to help.”

Not long after I uttered those words our lawyer arrived and over a cup of coffee we explained in detail what had taken place. He questioned Jason at length about his home life and how he was treated, all the time making copious notes. Finally after studying what he had written for some time he explained.

“As you say he is under the jurisdiction of his parents but if we can obtain a signed statement from Jason here, we may have a case of cruelty and abuse against his father. If we could also get your mother do the same then we will have a really strong case but Cliff and Derek where do you want this to go? We both looked at him puzzled, “Let me explain, if I succeeded in making Jason here a ward of the court then he would be put into care and that could be with anyone anywhere.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere but here with Michael, Cliff, Derek and the boys.” Jason yelled out.

“Ok Jason lets discuss the pros and cons a bit more before it is decided which path you might be going down.” Derek said.

Our lawyer continued, “If Cliff and Derek ask for you to be taken into their care then it is possible that the court will agree, but I expect your father to contest this strongly especially when your homosexuality comes out and it will I’m afraid.”

The outcome was that our lawyer would get the ball rolling within the court system by first trying to bring an injunction against Jason’s father and then applying to the court for us to have Jason in our care temporarily and then maybe on a more permanent basis if that is what we wanted.

I looked across at Derek and he nodded his head in agreement with my look and I told our lawyer to get the wheels of justice into motion while Jason remained here. With that settled our legal eagle left and I explained to Michael and Jason what was going to happen and I also told them that tomorrow Jason would be enrolled in the same school as the three boys.

By the time all that was settled it was time for Roland and Ian to head for the theatre and I would have loved to have been going with them. I had six weeks ahead of me with no performances and the first day hadn’t gone by yet and I was already getting stir crazy.

My record producer John Barry arrived and I must say that I have always been in awe of this great musician, for his great film scores especially with the early James Bond movies, like “Goldfinger,” “To Russia with Love” and so on. He had also recorded many other well known singers whose albums went gold, so I think my recording career was in good hands.

Over lunch we discussed which songs should go on to the record, plus he brought several manuscripts with him of songs which he thought would be suitable for me. He sat down at the piano and ran through some of them and I even sang a couple that I really liked. We bonded so very well together and I felt really happy with the way things were going.

John Barry left about mid-afternoon giving Derek and I some alone time. The whole accident business was catching up with me and I felt really down. Derek sensing this gave me a kiss and a cuddle before suggesting that we begin organizing the forthcoming party and also make an appointment to see the guy who’s selling the boat.

We called David and Brian in to discuss the party, “Would you two guys like to take on the organization of the catering and also order the drinks?” Both agreed and I continued, “Get caterers in so you two can join in the party without being tied to the kitchen and make sure we have plenty of booze. What I mean is don’t skimp. We’ll leave our credit card here in the house so you can do what you have to without chasing us for money.”

“You’re far too trusting you know, one day someone’s going to take advantage and take you to the cleaners.” David remarked.

“Don’t worry we make sure that all those around us are trustworthy.” It was decided that Derek and I would look after the invitations telling the guys that the number of guests would more than likely be about the one hundred mark and if it got any higher we would let them know in advance so that they can let the caterers know.

That fixed up, I called the boat owner and arranged for us to meet him the next morning. I also called Gordon asking him to bring the rental car round in the morning, suggesting that for now he does all the driving if he’s happy with it.

What followed next was a big surprise which bought tears to our eyes. We got a phone call from Michael and Robert. We hadn’t heard from them since their knighthoods, when we met for a drink so we could add our congratulations, “It’s great to hear from you guys, it’s been a while.” I said.

“Yes, as soon as we heard about the accident we wanted to make sure you were all ok?”

We explained everything that happened and they were both relieved to hear that apart from my broken leg and tongue everything else was ok. We also took the opportunity of the call to invite them to the party for John and Bruce including the four boys in the invitation, “Can we also bring my brother Jason and his fiancée Sylvia along?”

“Of course you can, what about David’s parents. Those two guys are real cool?” Once all that was arranged Michael said that he had a special request for me and he then went on to explain that Serge and David were having a special exchange of rings ceremony with the same priest who blessed our rings agreeing to do the same for the two boys, “of course you two guys are on the guest list, but as a surprise would you Cliff, like to sing an appropriate song as they walk down the aisle and then maybe your band could play for the dancing during the reception. We’ll pay for you and your bands services of course.”

“No you won’t, look upon it as our gift to the happy couple, we would be delighted to do that and thank you for thinking of us.” We continued talking for a while longer catching up on old times along with the latest news. Michael finished off by asking us to make sure that Ian and Roland along with the rest of the gang in our house come along to the ‘wedding’ as well. We agreed to make sure everyone would be there before ending the call.

“I don’t know about you but for a day of rest I’m fucking exhausted.” I told Derek who agreed with me. Peter and Steve came dashing in after being picked up from school by David and Brian.

“Did you call the headmaster telling him about Jason joining us tomorrow?”
“Sorry Peter that’s one of the calls that we didn’t get around to doing so I’ll call him now. How was your first day back?”

“Great dad, they gave me my own set of lessons which they told me was for first year college students and that kept me pretty busy for most of the day, plus we have a brand new English teacher Mr. Edwards who is hot, hot, hot. He has the cutest bubble butt and wears these really tight pants, which both Steve and I agreed we would love to get into. The trouble is he wears a wedding ring.” Peter excitedly told us.

“You guys have got to learn to control those hormones.” Derek said with a laugh.

I called the headmaster and explained a little bit about Jason but not the full story. Laughing the headmaster said, “When are you going to stop collecting all the waifs and strays in London?”

Laughing along with him I replied, “We must be wearing the wrong deodorant because we appear to attract them like bees round a honey pot, but seriously if we can help these guys have a better life then it’s worthwhile.” He agreed before we ended the call.

We realized when everyone was at dinner that Michael and Jason had been most of day as soon as our lawyer left. Peter with his usual cheeky manner decided to stir things up a bit, “Did you two guys get out of your room at all today?”

Both of them blushed a deep red, and didn’t answer, so Peter stirred the pot a bit more, “I see that your silence means an admission of guilt, but guys you can only play so many games of Scrabble in one day.” We all laughed adding to the guy’s embarrassment because it was obvious they had been getting to know each other more intimately.

“Come on guys leave them alone they had a lot of catching up to do.” I said. I also pointed out that I hadn’t heard from our lawyer yet and hopefully we will tomorrow. The other news I had which thrilled the boys was that tomorrow Derek and I were going to see the boat owner, “oh dad can we take the day off and go with you?”

“The answer to that is simple, NO.”

Not long after dinner it was time for bed, so after the usual goodnights I was helped upstairs to bed. Having a shower was a problem but David wrapped kitchen wrap around it to stop it from getting wet. My tongue surprisingly was giving me no problem at all. Derek and I showered together with Derek holding me up and helping me to wash. In fact, he did most of the washing which of course caused a certain part of my anatomy to rise to the occasion.

Dried and back in the bedroom we began making out, followed by a hot session of incredible love making with Derek having to take the initiative with me just lying there enjoying myself.

Next Morning all four boys headed off to school, this time Derek and I going along with Gordon driving. It was a tight squeeze in the car and on the way we discussed what car we were going to buy. The general consensus was that we would buy a bigger car so we could all fit comfortable and decided on the very latest Mercedes Benz; a car which I had always wanted to own even when I was a little kid. From the school we headed straight to the boat moorings and were met by the boat’s owner.

At his invitation we went on board and headed onto the river Thames just cruising gently along, so relaxing and cool. After drinks and lunch on board we got down to business and by the time we tied up Derek and I were boat owners. The next thing we decided was that we must have a small launching party with everyone from the house christening our new boat.

Not long after we got back to the house Roland, Ian and Derek headed off to the theatre and I immediately got depressed. My lover was going to have another night off but a couple of things required his attention at the theatre so he decided to go in and maybe have Friday or Saturday off.

Our Lawyer arrived just after they had left so we sat down to discuss what was happening with Jason. “I got several of my colleagues on to this yesterday, but it is a tricky situation. We made enquiries and discovered Mr. Mosley had not notified the police of his son’s disappearance; preferring to use his fascist network to look for him. This will work in our favor due to the fact that he didn’t report it. We can say that he didn’t care anyway.”

That news cheered me up and I asked what the next move was. “We are going before a judge tomorrow to file a neglect suit against him and request that you be granted temporary custody of the child. The argument being that you took him in because he was on the street with nowhere to go. I will explain to the judge that you are prepared to take him in and look after him and pay for his education, his clothing, food and everything else concerned with his welfare.”

“Will you have to inform his parents of his whereabouts?”

“I believe so, but because of the brutal and cruel atmosphere of his home life, we will request that his parents only have access to him under the courts supervision. I will bring a separate injunction against him forbidding him to come within one hundred yards of your property, and include, Derek and all members of your household. This will apply not only to him but to members of his political party. We might be pushing things a bit too far but we will give it our best shot.”

While we were talking, the boys came home from school having been picked up by David. I left Jason with our lawyer to give him a statement regarding his life at home and the reason for leaving home omitting the bit about wanting to be with his lover.

Our Lawyer, Brian Jenkins called me back into the lounge room when he had finished writing down Jason’s statement. “Guys I have his statement but I think we’re going to have to take Jason and possibly you and Derek into court tomorrow before the judge.”

“Why is that? You said before that we wouldn’t have to do that.” I asked.

“After getting his statement down I don’t think there is enough meat in it so we will have to put Jason on the stand and possibly you as well Cliff.” Jason was looking decidedly worried, “Does this mean that my father will be there?”

“Yes Jason, we are obliged to inform him of what is happening and provide him with a copy of your statement, but don’t worry his lawyer will question you as well, but I will make sure that he doesn’t upset you if I can.” We all felt for poor Jason who was looking very pale and frightened and as Peter remarked to me later, his father has him terrified.

Our lawyer left and I gathered all the boys together to explain what was happening, “Brian Jenkins is adamant that at this stage, no mention of Jason’s sexual preferences should be made known and Michael you must remain very much in the background for now.” I told the guys.

“The mere fact that we are applying for custody will set off warning bells ringing in Jason’s father’s camp so we have to be very careful.” I added.

It was a somber group who sat down to dinner that night. Poor Jason ate hardly anything with him and Michael heading off to their room straight after the meal. I had already been on the phone to Derek and explained what was happening.

Next Morning we were up early and off to court in the city. Myself, Derek, Jason with Ian and Roland for moral support, Plus we took Gordon along just in case Jason’s fathers supporters tried anything funny. Our Lawyer was waiting for us in the corridor and rushed us into an interview room because Jason’s father was heading towards us. We posted Gordon outside the door and before we had sat down we heard a scuffle as Oswald Mosley tried to come in. Brian Jenkins got onto the phone in the room calling the bailiffs to tell them of the trouble we were having and soon help arrived to back up Gordon.

“Good morning guys,” Brian said, “I’m afraid this is going to be a dirty case. Jason’s father has hired the services of one of the most devious and nasty lawyers in London so they are going to give us a hard time. They are claiming that Jason was taken by you Cliff and Derek against his will and is being held captive in your home.”

“But that’s not true, “Jason proclaimed. “We know that and it is up to me to convince the judge that it’s true.” Brian explained.

Gordon opened the door to tell us that we were needed in court. Jason’s father was nowhere to be seen as we headed for the courtroom. We all sat in the seats behind Brian and his assistant waiting to be called. We were surprised when the judge came in and we all stood up because it was a woman, one of the few women on the bench in the 1960’s.

Proceedings got under way with Brian presenting the petition to the court for Jason to be temporarily put into our care because of neglect and abuse at home. Jason’s father’s lawyer immediately jumped up protesting and laying down a whole heap of precedents and other legal mumbo jumbo which we had no idea about. Our guy responded and the argument went back and forth until the judge called a halt, “Gentlemen this argument is getting us nowhere so I will allow the petition and hear both sides of the story more clearly than it is right now.”

Brian went on to explain how come Jason came to be at our home because of the abuse he was getting at home, plus he made a big thing of the fact that Jason’s disappearance had not been reported to the police. Which brought raised eyebrows from the judge. He then presented Jason’s statement as evidence before calling Jason to give evidence.

We felt so sorry for him because he was trembling with fear as he went into the witness box facing his father who was glaring at him across the room. The judge noticed his distressed state and said, “Young man I know this must be very difficult for you and I’m sorry that you have to go through this. If at any time you feel like taking a break and it is all too much for you just say so and I will stop proceedings so you can take a breather, do you understand all that?”

Jason nodded his head mumbling a thank you. Brian stood up and asked Jason to relate to the court everything that happened before he decided to leave home. Jason stumbled and stuttered at first before gaining in confidence and he told of his father’s iron fist which ruled the household, how they were given no freedom and if they incurred their fathers wrath, a beating followed.

Brian then played his trump card, “Jason do you see your mother in court today?” Jason said he did and on Brian’s prompting he pointed his mother out in the courtroom. “So she is the lady with bruises and a black eye is that right Jason?”

“Yes sir that’s my mother.”

“Does she often have bruises and black eyes?” His father’s lawyer was on feet in an instant, questioning where Brian was heading with these questions. The judge answered him saying, “I think these questions are important so we get some idea of the family life Jason has, please continue Mr. Jenkins.”

“Could you please answer my question Jason?”

“Yes she always has bruises and black eyes.” Jason answered. “And have you ever had similar injuries?”

Hanging his head down Jason softly said, “Yes” nodding his head at the same time. “You lying no good son of mine, you’ve been brainwashed by the bureaucrats to say that. You know nothing like that happens in my house.” Jason’s father yelled and had to be restrained by his lawyer and a couple of bailiffs.

The judge looked at him when he had been subdued. “Mr. Mosley another outburst like that and you will find yourself in serious trouble. Mr. Jenkins, I have heard enough for me to make a decision on this case.”

Before she could continue Mr. Mosley’s lawyer jumped up demanding that she hears Jason’s father’s side of the story. The judge silenced him saying, “I have heard enough of your side of the story from that last outburst along with the fact that the police were not informed when Jason went missing, and I find there is a case of neglect and abuse. I therefore grant temporary custody of Jason Mosley to Mr. Clifford Steele pending further enquiries and a full court appearance. Plus, I grant the injunction requested preventing Mr. Mosley or any one in his pay or company to come within one hundred yards of Mr. Steele and of his family and that includes his home and also his place of employment. This court is adjourned.”

Jason was still in a state of shock when he came out of the witness box to join us in congratulating Brian Jenkins on a job well done, “Does this mean I can stay with you guys from now on?”

“Well the process has just begun, but for the time being, you are under Cliff’s care. The next part of the process to make it all permanent will be a much longer and more drawn out process; mainly between myself and your father’s lawyer. Brian explained before continuing, “We were also very lucky to get one of the very few woman judges who was obviously on our side right from the start.”

Just as we started to leave the courtroom we heard a lot of shouting and screaming on the other side of the room and witnessed Jason’s father dragging his mother out of the court yelling obscenities at her blaming her for everything which had happened. Seeing this Jason began to cry as several policemen arrived to arrest Mr. Mosley and took him away in handcuffs.

I took Jason across the room to his mother who he embraced, both of them crying and saying sorry over and over again. “Mrs. Mosley is there anything we can do to help; do you have anywhere to go?”

“Thank you Mr. Steele you are a very kind man, but in answer to your questions I am going to live with my parents in Ireland and have also instructed a lawyer to stop my husband contacting me. I have endured his cruelty long enough.” She was crying softly, hanging on to her son, “Please look after my son, I know he is gay like yourself, but make sure that he is brought up correctly to understand what is right and wrong, and if possible I would like to see him from time to time?”

“Of course you can see your son anytime you wish. I was going to say before you told us about going to your parents in Ireland that you can move in with us. We have plenty of room and in return you could help around the place, but that is entirely up to you.”

“That is very kind of you and once I have settled in with my parents who aren’t getting any younger and could do with some help around the home as well, I would love to be able to visit my son and maybe stay for a couple of weeks.”

I explained to Jason’s mother that she would be welcome any time at all to stay as long as she wished. I then whispered in Jason’s ear that now might be a good time to tell your mother about Michael. He looked at me with a look of uncertainty on his face and I nodded encouragingly. I left them alone walking back over to Derek and the group explaining to them what was happening. By the time I had finished they had tears in their eyes as well.

Once Jason had finished talking to his mother they both walked over with their arms around each other. “Thank you all for being so kind to my son and one day soon I would like to meet Michael the young man who has captured my son’s heart. I hope they will be happy together because from what my son just told me they are very much in love.”

After hugs and kisses all round we went our separate ways. We all went to lunch to celebrate and then Roland and Ian headed off to the theatre, while we headed back home to wait for the boys to come home from school because we knew they would be bursting to know what happened in court.

In fact if you listened to the news broadcasts on radio and TV you would be aware of the outcome because once again we made the headlines. The main story was of course the arrest of Jason’s father followed by the fact that I had taken his son under my wing. The media had done their homework because they mentioned my adoption of Peter but none of them knew that I had also agreed to look after Michael because that was a private deal between Sir Anthony Eden and myself.

It always upset me when I was singled out as the sole guardian and parent because a same sex partnership wasn’t recognized at this time. After all, Derek was just as much a parent to these guys as I was.

A couple of days later with the stitches in my tongue dissolved and my wound healing, I was into the recording studio to put down some basic vocal tracks. John Barry was ahead of his time with his recording techniques. In the past an artist went into the studio and recorded along with the orchestra or band he was using, but John had me do some rough vocals so that he could get the musicians into the studio and get the instrumental beds down and then when that was done I would go back in and record my vocals properly.

Bob my manager, never one to let me relax and do nothing, announced that he had signed a contract on my behalf with a company called Burton Tailoring, a British company making quality clothing for men. I was to be their “Figurehead” in all their advertising and I had already put down several ads for radio, to go out to European radio stations and also to pirate radio which operate off shore because commercial radio is still not allowed in Britain at that time. Plus my picture wearing their suits appeared in every major newspaper, magazine, billboard and cinema screen the length and breadth of the country. Financially it was great, but it was becoming more and more difficult to be seen in public without being mobbed.

Once the plaster is off my leg I will also be doing some television commercials once again for Europe. The other added bonus is that I have quality made to measure suits which I have to wear when in public. I was also able to get some suits made for Derek so that he looked good beside me.

All this was taking place while I was supposed to be resting my broken leg, but as Derek remarked the money keeps on pouring into our bank account. The next thing on the agenda was another car. So early one Saturday morning, because all the boys wanted some input into what we were going to buy. Our first stop was a Mercedes Benz dealership where we purchased the very latest model a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster much to the salesman’s delight as the whole deal was done in less than thirty minutes.

Being a two door sports car we also decided to buy a second more conventional car so that David and John had a vehicle they could use for shopping and running the boys to and from school. It had to have enough room for about six people but we finally decided on another luxury car, the Humber Hawk [see: ]. It was a squeeze getting six people in but five could travel in comfort and style. Money was no object because apart from the insurance being paid out on our wrecked car we also had to spend some money quickly to avoid going into the super tax bracket.

Acting on advice from our accountants we now had some funds stowed away in a Swiss numbered account which while it wasn’t illegal to do, it was a grey area as far as the tax office was concerned.

Our new cars arrived just days before the big party to send John and Bruce on their way. Both of them had been very quiet of late and John went back into hospital to have the more minor burns on his chest fixed and he was now as good as new. Both Derek and I suspected that their sex life had also been rejuvenated judging by the love bites on both their necks.

We had just about taken over a nearby hotel booking all the rooms for the many guests travelling some distance, plus we had filled the house with extra beds. Acting on our security guys advice we got extra people in to keep the paparazzi at bay, plus our own private detective had heard on the grapevine that Jason’s father might try to do something to disrupt the evening.

I asked Derek what all this was costing and he laughed saying did I really want to know? When I said yes, he replied, “How does eleven thousand pounds sound to you?”

“Is that all?” I replied, “Can we write it off on tax?”

“Yes we are putting it down as entertainment expenses.” I kissed him fully on the lips before once more proclaiming my love for him, which was something we did at least a dozen times a day.

I had arranged for my own band to play along with a few surprise guest singers. I had added a string section and a brass section as well, making it into a big orchestra. A big circus tent had been erected in the backyard of the house with a gigantic polished wooden dance floor. David and John had thought of everything including a shuttle bus to carry guests from the hotel to the house and also another bus going to a local school car park to pick up those driving to the party. We liked to think that we had thought of everything.

It was wonderful to see both our parents again and also Steve’s mom and dad along with my sisters and their partners. Alex Guinness and Bob Potter, my manager, and because it was held on a Sunday, all the cast and crew from the theatre were amongst the attendees. Our doctor from Brighton and his partner arrived causing Peter and the other young guys to begin drooling at the mouth when they saw how hot his partner was.

He was a natural blonde almost pure white hair with bright blue eyes. He was wearing a shirt, no tie with a skin tight white T shirt underneath which showed what a great upper torso he had but when your eyes went lower he had tight light brown slacks on which showed enough of his package to make you want to grab a hold of it and the most beautiful bubble butt you have ever seen. Believe me it wasn’t only the boys who were drooling but every gay male who was there.

We estimated that about two hundred guests were there, which was above out previous number but we kept adding people. The big stir of the evening was caused when Michael and Robert arrived with their cute Spanish boys along with their boyfriends and some of their fathers; all hot looking people. Derek whispered to me, “Lover we could have one of the biggest gay orgies ever if we wished.”

“Don’t tempt me gorgeous, the thought was already going through my head but I think we have too many underage guys here for that to happen, don’t you?”

Reluctantly Derek agreed. We spent some time talking to our parents who we hadn’t seen for some time. While we phone them two or three times week, it is nice to see them in the flesh. Both of us remarked just how well my mom was looking and she told us her health was much better. “Of course it would be mom, without the worry of having our father around.” The minute I said that I felt guilty but mom put all those thoughts aside when she replied, “I hate to admit it son but you right.”

Everything was going along smoothly until the head of our security came running up to us whispering that he had called the police because of a demonstration forming at the gates to the house, “What kind of demonstration?” I asked thinking that it might be similar to the anti-gay ones we had at the theatre.

“We have a crowd of about thirty skinheads wearing swastika t-shirts and armed with baseball bats, and the numbers are growing.”

“I suppose this has something to do with Jason’s father. What did the police say?”

“They are sending a response team down along with an anti-riot squad and they should be here in about five minutes, in the mean time we will try and hold them off.”

We thanked him as he dashed back to his post, while I went onto the bandstand asking my band leader to stop playing. Stepping up to the microphone I asked for everyone’s attention, “ it appears that we have attracted the attention of some radicals who are gathered outside threatening us, but be assured the security we have on hand are keeping them out and a large contingent of police should here in a matter of minutes. Could you all please remain at the back of the house and if any police officers give you a command please do as they say without question. I am sure we are all safe if we do as we are told. If we are threatened out here in the open, please go into the house. We do have a large secure cellar but it will not accommodate all of us, so it will be a case of women and children first, but I am certain it will not come to that.”

No one appeared to worry as they kept on dancing and chatting. Derek and I went to have a look out of the front windows and it looked like a pitched battle was taking place outside the gates with what looked like more media than skinheads and I remarked to my lover this looks like a publicity stunt. We heard sirens in the distance and before we realized there was about fifty police helping out our security people.

Then it was over before it started. After a few kisses and a quick grope we joined our guests because it was time to toast our guests of honor. Once more I was helped onto the stage, “Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered tonight to honor a couple of guys who are at last able to rejoin the workforce. You are all aware of, and in fact some of you were involved in, the tragedy which befell us last Christmas in Brighton. We were beginning to think that one of us wasn’t going to survive that ordeal but he did. After several miracle operations, he is as good as new and ready to go back with his partner to the south of England and return to teaching.

Believe me they are both brilliant teachers and I have to thank John especially for having the faith in me to encourage me to follow a career in acting and entertainment. Derek and I along with all of us here would like to wish John and Bruce all the very best and good luck for the future. So please raise your glasses to two of the nicest guys who we are privileged to call our friends, John and Bruce.”

We all drank a toast and then I announced a big surprise, I know both of these guys love the music being created by this brand new group on the scene and would you please now welcome ‘The Rolling Stones’”

Well the looks on people’s faces when Mick Jagger and the rest of the band came on stage said it all. They entertained us for almost an hour and then my band went back on and the chant went up for me to join them so I got up and sang about four songs before introducing another great entertainer who had become a close friend, Cliff Richard with his group The Shadows who did an hour show before the band took over for the rest of the night.

The unrest at the main gate had died down with the police arresting about fifteen people on a variety of charges. Some of our security group required first aid on the spot for a few cuts and bruises but nothing dramatic. My mom along with Derek’s parents announced they were getting tired so we arranged for them to be driven back to the hotel in the Humber.

We finally got the opportunity to talk to Michael and Robert and found out that business was booming so much that they were thinking of selling up and retiring. Serge and David were so much in love and I remarked to Derek later that they reminded me of us at that age just discovering each other and falling in love more every day. Miguel and Ferdy too I noticed were very close and obviously in love.

“I’ve arranged for all you guys to stay the night so we can spend some time together tomorrow as well. We have arranged for the caterers to serve brunch at about ten with our parents joining us as well. We also quietly talked to Michael and Robert about the forthcoming ‘wedding’ of Serge and David which was next weekend.

When we finally made it to bed we both lay in each other’s arms so happy that we had such a wonderful evening with all our friends old and new. “We have some lovely people who we can call true friends.” I whispered to my lover as we began kissing and cuddling each other, with both of us lying naked on the bed.

Derek kissed me long and hard and I could feel the love flowing between us, “I love you so much my darling, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want us to make sure that we remain together.” Tears began to flow not only from Derek but my eyes also. At that moment in time I don’t think there was any other couple male or female so much in love as we were.

Next morning, we made it just in time for brunch with about forty of us sitting down to a massive breakfast. Nobody really wanted to go home but at about two in the afternoon Derek, Ian and Roland had to leave for the theatre while we had given the boys the day off school because no way in the world would they have been able to get up in time.

The next day John and Bruce were leaving and they began to pack that afternoon which brought an air of sadness to the day. Our parents left about the same time as the boys left for the theatre. Another good piece of news was that I was due to have the plaster taken off my leg, X Rays taken and if they looked good I wouldn’t need another one on.

Alex Guinness was keen to get me back into the play because while Roland was brilliant in the lead role bookings were dropping slightly and as Alex pointed out, “The ones not booking are the ones who want to see you.”

So Next Monday I would be back at work with a vengeance, spending time in the recording studio, doing cabaret on the weekends and making public appearances all over the country for Burton Tailoring.

I had also been approached by an organization providing audio books for the blind and whenever I could I went into their studio reading a variety of books so those without any sight could enjoy listening to their favorite authors.

Derek too was busy being asked to design several stage sets for new shows and musicals opening in the west end. We set up a company and Derek now had several people on the payroll working out of an office building in the middle of theatre land.

The following Saturday we went back to our old home town for the nuptials between Serge and David and what a memorable day that was. We arrived early and had a late breakfast with Derek’s mom and dad before heading to the massive building which Michael and Robert now had.

The guys met us telling us that the two young lovers had been taken out by David’s father and his boyfriend so they had no idea what was being arranged. First the guys took us on a guided tour of the whole complex and we couldn’t get over how big and luxurious it was.

Later that afternoon my band arrived and we set up on a special stage in the corner of the conference room behind a curtain. The plan was that I would sing a special wedding song written specially for me by an Australian songwriter Ian Muir. This was to be performed as they walked down towards the priest, who was the same one who blessed our rings. Then as they left the room I would sing another song.

“The guests began to arrive so Derek and I joined the band behind the curtain to remain there until we got our cue from Michael. Once everyone was in place we got the nod and as soon as the curtains opened Derek went to his seat and I began singing. The two boys hand in hand looked so small and fragile as they slowly walked down aisle. They were dressed in identical white suits, White shirts even white shoes and Red bow ties. I couldn’t help it as I watched them walk down I lost it beginning to cry thinking about Derek and I in similar circumstances not that many years ago. The band kept going but I was having trouble getting the words out until I felt Derek take my hand squeezing it and whispering, “It’s alright darling you can do it.”

By the time they reached the priest I was a total wreck and Derek took me to one side wiping my face and tidying up my clothes all the time whispering how much he loved me. The whole ceremony was beautiful and looking around I noticed I wasn’t the only one a blubbering mess, in fact there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

They didn’t exchange rings but had half pendants each which when put together made up one heart. They were eighteen carat gold and must have cost a small fortune. Once the ceremony was over and the applause died down I began another song as they walked back down being hugged and kissed by everyone on the way plus every guest had a large box of rose petals to shower the happy couple with. Everyone was then invited onto the top floor which was the roof for photos and while that was happening, the band moved all their gear and set it up next to the swimming pool which had been covered by a dance floor.

We all sat down to a great meal and the speeches were short and sweet but emotional except for Serge’s of course which had us all roaring with laughter as he recounted some of their adventures and stories with Michael having to step in and censor a couple of them.

While I did get up and sing a few songs during the night, with the plaster off, I was able to dance with Derek a lot of the time. Although my leg did get a bit sore and tired towards the end of the evening, I wasn’t going to let on that it was.

While Michael and Robert did ask us to stay the night we politely refused deciding to sleep in Derek’s old bed so we could spend Sunday with his parent’s. I forgot to mention that Peter and Steve were with us but the other guys had to work, while Michael and Jason preferred to stay home and enjoy each other’s company.

Lying together in bed when we finally got home, we discussed how wonderful an occasion it was, “I’m sure those two boys will spend the rest of their lives together just like we are.” I murmured feeling very tired. Derek kissed me long and hard before declaring his love for me once more and that is how we drifted off to sleep with our lips locked together.

To Be Continued……

Writers Corner.

Once again a lot happened in this chapter, plus I gave you a look at what Britain was like in the early sixties, Cliff Richard, The Rolling Stones were just starting out while in America a new singer called Elvis Presley was making a name for himself and the Twist was around at that time with Chubby Checker. In the late sixties the Liverpool sound came along thanks to the Beatles.

Back to the story and sorry but no cliffhanger this time. I don’t know about you but I felt so sorry for poor Jason being brought up in a household were his father was lord and master and you obeyed or suffered the consequences and I’m sure if he hadn’t left home and joined us if his father discovered the truth that he was gay he would have been killed.

Mind you that story isn’t over, not by any means so please stay tuned as Jason’s story continues. The car accident really did happen and I tried to describe it as accurately as my old memory would allow. Bear in mind that there were no air bags, seat belts or other safety items in cars back then. No cell phones either so you had to wait for someone to come along to help you.

And yes we did buy a boat which cost a fortune to maintain and run, but the boys got more pleasure out of it than we did because we were always busy or on the road. As plane travel improved in the 60’s I was doing more and more work overseas with regular trips to do shows in Germany and Holland where I was very popular.

In fact Derek and I had several very good years with few dramas and a lot of money flowing into the bank. Before anyone asks, the stories I told you about singer Tom Jones are true. He is a big boy and he had a few problems controlling his third leg in his younger days.

After reading Jack’s comments about our new motor cars I did add to the story that Derek and mine own Mercedes was a two seater sports car and believe me it was luxury plus.

Once again we ask for your comments and thoughts on this and indeed all our stories. We love hearing from you. Oh and before I forget I think it is sometime in March that I will be celebrating my third year of writing and I would like to thank a friend of mine in Melbourne, Jamie who first encourage me to start writing gay stories for his web site. Jamie and his partner Ace, like Derek and me first began their relationship at about thirteen years of age and they are now twenty seven I think and still as happy as ever.

Till next time

Jack’s Corner:

What an exciting chapter. I was on the edge of my seat when the accident happened, waiting anxiously for the emergency crews to rescue our heroes. I was also brought to tears a few times during the more emotional and loving scenes and cried when I learned about how Jason was being treated by his father. I am so impressed with how the judge handled the court proceedings. She reminded me of Judge Harold introduced by Jacob in his stories. I am so grateful that there are real jurists in this world who stand up for the oppressed and who are not influenced by political pressure, but do the “right thing” because it is the right thing to do.

Like most American males, I am “In Love with the Automobile” and it warmed my heart to read about Cliff’s and Derek’s adventures when buying the two new cars. I too, always wanted to own a Mercedes-Benz and just recently purchased a pre-owned certified low mileage beauty. I know just how thrilled Cliff and Derek felt as they purchased their first Mercedes. I just wish Trevor would have given us a bit of a description of the model or class as we now refer to the designs. The second car they bought, the Humber Hawk, is a vehicle I never heard of before. Perhaps some of you know of the Humber Hawk, and like myself, would recognize it when you see it. I just had to stop reading and editing to “Google” it. When I saw the photos of the various models, I recognized it immediately, having been used in a number of British motion pictures over the decades. I embedded the link in the story text and placed it here as well. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I did: .

I was so pleased to see Michael and Robert and the boys show up at John’s and Bruce’s party, and being able to read about Serge and David as they committed themselves to each other. Well done Trevor!

I just have to comment about that “third leg” on Tom Jones. I recall Tom’s early television appearances here in the U.S. and how scandalous it was for someone to show his package like that. At that time I secretly wished I was there to grab hold of that third leg and polish it to a very slick shine. I would wager that many of you had similar thoughts.

So my fellow readers, please write to Trevor and me and share your thoughts about these wonderful characters brought to life in Trevor’s story. We love hearing from you, and remember your interest is the only form of payment Trevor receives.

Till next time, Huggs


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  • James says:

    This story is so well written and because it is taken from real life it makes it all that much more exciting. Thanks very much Trevor for this story and of course the story of Michael and Robert. I continue to enjoy the story very much. As far as Tom Jones my mother was a big fan as well and that’s how I came to like his music as well. Keep up the goof work. Thanks.

  • George Thoele says:

    Awesome chapter Trevor. More good things happening than bad. Jason’s dad needs to be locked in a dark hole and the keys lost permanently. I will definitely be back to see what new adventures the boys get into. Keep up the awesome writing Trevor.


  • Ken says:

    spent most of the night finishing what you have completed on this story. Keep up the wonderful writing.

  • BowoThorny says:

    Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a great story. Lots of things happening which can and will, I am certain, lead into more great chapters. I can hardly wait to read what the next adventures will be. Again, a big thank you to Trevor and Jack!

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy