Chapter 38

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

Lying together in bed when we finally got home, we discussed how wonderful an occasion it was, “I’m sure those two boys will spend the rest of their lives together just like we are.” I murmured feeling very tired. Derek kissed me long and hard before declaring his love for me once more and that is how we drifted off to sleep with our lips locked together.

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A tantalizing aroma of bacon and eggs woke us up next morning and after our usual good morning romp we got out of bed heading for the bathroom and shower and then dressing before heading off downstairs to enjoy Derek’s mom’s home cooking.

Peter and Steve had spent the night with Steve’s folks and we were due to pick them up later or should I say Gordon would because he was doing most of our driving these days and had dropped us all off last night before heading back to Michael and Robert’s complex where he stayed the night.

It was Derek’s father who over breakfast raised the question of money, “Are you two alright financially, I thought your party the other night must have cost you a fortune, you’re not living beyond your means are you?”

Derek answered, after all he handles all the money anyway, “Dad right now we have too much money and we’re spending as much as we can to avoid being slugged by supertax. Between you and us we now have a secret account in a Swiss bank.”

The look of surprise on both their faces said it all, “We never for one moment thought you were that wealthy.” His mother said. Derek and I have an uncanny ability of being able to read each other’s minds and when he looked at me with raised eyebrows and I nodded ever so slightly agreeing with what was on his mind.

“Mom, dad would you like to move into a much nicer home? You’ve been living here ever since you got married and I notice outside some repairs to the roof and guttering need to be fixed up. If you would like to live in something a bit more comfortable and cosy just say the word.”

There was silence for a while as they stared at us not sure what to say, Look I bought my mom a new home in Worthing so why not one for you two somewhere nice?”

It was Derek’s father who finally spoke, “Are you two sure you really can afford it? I mean what about your old age. I know you have a long time to go before then but you should both make sure that you’re well provided for.” Both of us couldn’t help but laugh at that remark.

“Sorry dad but we are multi-millionaires and look like being so till the day we die. The least we can do is buy you a nice house and set you up comfortable for the rest of your lives. How soon before you retire dad?”

“I’ve got about another ten years before I can afford to retire.”

“Well why not think about retiring now and maybe moving to a nicer climate like the south of France or maybe Spain or Portugal?” While the both of them laughed at this suggestion we could see the seeds of thought had been sown.

“We could do with somewhere like that where we could have a holiday now and then.” I suggested. We continued chatting for a while longer until we heard Gordon arrive with the car and it was time for us to leave.

“Derek hugged his mom and dad tightly asking them to consider our offer and make a decision soon.” With tears in their eyes they promised they would as we kissed them both goodbye.

I noticed Derek looked even more reluctant to leave than he has in the past and wondered why but didn’t say anything deciding to leave this conversation until we were together alone in our bedroom.

After we had picked up Peter and Steve we headed off to London and home. Peter as always was full of chatter and reminded us that next weekend they had an extra day off on the Monday. “Dads can we take the boat out on Sunday? It would be nice to have a day on the river and maybe we could all sleep on board overnight after all there’s room for six to sleep comfortable. Can we dads?”

Once he gets that pleading whine in his voice with the look to match there’s not much more you can do except say yes. In fact we didn’t say yes or no just maybe. Derek then reminded us that we had the Royal Command Performance in front of her majesty on the Sunday so the boat was out, much to the disappointment of the boys.

Although I still had the plaster cast on my leg and my movements were very limited I was back in the play tomorrow, Monday. Alex had made some scene changes so that I wouldn’t be moving around as much as I usually do and Roland would be doing all the matinees.

We made good time and arrived home just after lunch and while Derek and I headed straight to our room for a rest before dinner the boys met up with the rest of the household to play billiards or snooker or something on the new table we just had installed.

I must admit I was feeling very tired and my leg was aching plus my tongue was sore, I mentioned this to Derek and with that sexy smile on his face suggested that I might need some male hormone therapy. He undressed himself and then me before getting into the sixty nine position so that I could get my ‘treatment’.

Once the ‘treatment was over and my tongue had been well lubricated we fell asleep still in the same position. That’s how we were when there was a knock on the door to tell us dinner was ready. After a quick clean-up we headed downstairs realizing that this was the first time for a few days that the whole lot of us were gathered together for a meal.

Jason and Michael had spent the weekend at home along with our two resident nurses come housekeepers David and Brian along of course with Ian and Roland, and let’s not forget Peter and Steve. It was a bit more quite without John and Bruce there but we were still quite a mob when we all sat down together.

During dinner the conversation was pretty general until Michael spoke, “My father will be in London on Thursday evening and wanted to know if he could take Jason and me out to dinner that night?”

“I don’t see why not but I would be happier if one of our security people was with you if that’s ok with him; then it’s ok with us.”

Michael nodded his head but still looked a little anxious about the whole arrangement, noticing this Derek said, “If you feel you don’t want to go then just say so or better still your father could come here and have a meal. We could arrange to have it catered and with David and Brian on hand they could keep an eye on things.”

“Thank you Derek I’ll suggest that to my father.”

“You two will be more comfortable on your own turf as well, when did you tell your father about Jason?” I asked.

“Just after the trial when Jason’s father was arrested. He noticed it on the news and put two and two together.” We nodded showing that we understood. While the meal continued with just the usual small talk.

After dinner we sat around watching television, each sat with their particular partner; some making out others just being close and comfortable with each other. As one particular movie ended I suggested bed because we all had big days tomorrow. “We’ve told Gordon to pick you boys up and Derek and I will follow in the Merc. While we won’t all fit in the Humber we would like to take you to school because that’s something we haven’t done for a while. Oh and before I forget I have bought all of you tickets for the Variety Performance on Sunday. They cost us a fortune but it’s for a good cause.”

On those words we went round the room kissing each other good night before David and John helped me upstairs because of my cast. I must admit it, my leg was giving me hell and the cast was itching like mad. I had a ruler I used to put down between the cast and my leg to try and scratch the itch but half the time that didn’t work.

I told Derek that I intended to go see the doctor tomorrow morning if it isn’t any better, “Who knows it might be time for the fucking thing to come off.” Laughing Derek agreed as we climbed into bed during our usual little bit of foreplay and mucking about I remembered Derek’s look when we left his parent’s house, “You didn’t look too happy when we left your mom and dad’s this morning what’s wrong baby?”

“I noticed how they are starting to look old and a bit haggard and I really feel I should be starting to repay them for all they went through raising me.” I agreed wholeheartedly with him and suggested that we keep at them about retiring. Agreeing to do just that we kissed and promptly fell asleep.

Getting up early next morning was hard to do because I had a terrible night with my leg and no matter how hard I tried, I know this disturbed and woke Derek up. Straight after breakfast before we left with the boys for school I called the doctor and made an appointment for just after we had dropped the boys off.

Luckily he wasn’t too far from the school and our old home. Once we arrived at the school we kissed the boys wishing them a good day watching them go into school. Gordon came up to us saying, “Don’t look now but there’s a guy in a blue Morris minor who followed us almost all the way in this morning and now he’s sitting there watching us.

I may be worrying and being over cautious, but it does look suspicious.”

We both cast glances in his direction but didn’t recognize him. I said quietly to Derek and Gordon, “Maybe we should look at hiring some security here at the school to keep an eye on the boys.” Both of them agreed and I put a call through to our security company from the car phone in the Merc; a new toy which had just come onto the market.

He promised to send someone around right away and we told Gordon to remain on guard until security arrived while we went into the school to alert the headmaster and also get word to the boys to remain inside until Gordon or someone they know arrives to pick them up.

As always the headmaster was most accommodating and when we went outside the Morris was just driving away. Gordon had the number plate written down to pass onto security so they could check it out. Meanwhile we had to dash to the doctors or I would miss my appointment.

The doctor ordered an x ray so we had to wait till that was developed before going into see him, “The bones are mending well and you have haven’t been resting your leg enough, but I know I would be wasting my breath telling you to have another week or so off because I noticed in the paper this morning that you are going back into the West End tonight. Therefore I am taking the plaster off but leaving a tight bandage on which I will send a nurse around every day to change and you will obey her.”

I pointed out to my doctor that we had two male nurses on staff and there was no need for anyone to come in. That’s all well and good but they are in your pay and will do whatever you say which could mean that your bandaging is neglected or because of your stage work is not put on at all.”

Both Derek and I laughed at his reasoning but agreed that everything he said could be true. We left his surgery promising to do everything he told us and then made our way to the theatre. It felt strange driving our own car for a change. Of course Derek was in the driver’s seat.

I was welcomed back with cheers and applause by everyone as I walked in. We had a run thorough working out my moves or should I say lack of them. Although it was good to have the plaster cast off my leg, it felt very weak so I spent most of the time sitting down. It meant that I would have to work harder to get the laughs.

We broke for a late lunch and Derek, Ian and Roland joined me in my dressing room for a few drinks and some sandwiches. While we were relaxing our security rang to say that someone had been watching the school all day and that same Morris Minor was following the Humber home.

A trace of the number plate showed that it belonged to an elderly lady registered as living in a nursing home and one of our private detectives had been sent to check that out. I told the others what was happening and we all agreed it was more than a little bit suspicious.

As soon as that conversation was finished Derek got a call from our accountants telling us that the Inland Revenue were planning to audit our earnings and could they (the accountants) meet with us tomorrow morning early to go over a few things with us.

After he put the receiver down Derek said, “That’s all we need right now, to be investigated by the Tax people.” He then went on to explain what our accountants had told him.

“I don’t think we have anything to hide, Have we?” I asked

Derek smiled before informing me, “We have been sailing pretty close to wind just lately trying to avoid supertax. If they do decide to put us into that higher bracket where we pay eighty per cent tax then we might have to do what a lot of highly paid actors and entertainers do, move to Switzerland.”

“No I couldn’t stand all that snow and cold weather and what about our careers?”

“The way I understand it, we have a residential address in Switzerland but continue to work in Britain. The law requires that we spend some time each year at our residence, I think Alex does something like that so maybe we should ask him about it.” Derek told me.

We chatted in general about nothing in particular until it was time to get ready for our evening performance. I had trouble with my costume because it had been altered to cope with the plaster cast and our wardrobe mistress hadn’t had time to make a new pair for me so my baggy pants looked very lopsided which brought forth many ribald comments from my fellow actors mainly hinting that the bagginess was to cope with my dick and it didn’t quite fill the part.

As soon as the curtain rose to everyone’s surprise including me I got a standing ovation and couldn’t continue until everyone settled down. Finally I was able to say my lines and be heard and the play continued as normal.

Looking into the wings I noticed Alex was there with a big smile on his face and obviously counting the money that would be flowing back into the box office.

We had all the usual curtain calls at the end but I was glad when it was all over because my leg was giving me hell. It had swollen making the bandage very tight and uncomfortable, plus my tongue was sore through all the talking.

Everyone wanted to talk to me and I was rude to a couple of people because all I wanted to do was go to my dressing room and rest. I asked the first aid guy on duty to come and do something about my bandage and he suggested that I went to the hospital and get it checked out but I had no intention of doing any such thing.

He loosened the bandage and I took a couple of pain killers and began to feel much better straight away. Derek and the guys came in just as I had finished dressing and we headed out through the stage door to find a big crowd of fans wanting pictures and autographs.

I was finding it difficult to stand so the stage door keeper brought out his chair so I could sit and talk to the customers. I could see Derek getting anxious but I wouldn’t leave until everyone was happy. It was a bit hectic and chaotic for a while because we didn’t have Gordon with us tonight having come in our own car, but finally we got away and were soon heading home.

As soon as I got into the passenger seat I fell asleep and Derek had trouble waking me when we arrived home. Gordon was waiting for us and looked very worried, “The boys are being stalked and we have no idea yet who is responsible.” He told us, “The private detective was going to the nursing home tonight to talk to the owner of the Morris and he would be coming around early tomorrow morning.”

We thanked him for his concern making arrangements for him to pick the boys up tomorrow and take them to school and that security would ride shotgun with him. I also told him that when he came back he had to take me to the recording studio to do some final work on my album.

Bob had called earlier to tell me that record labels were falling over themselves to sign me up and he was sorting through them looking for the best deal. Just as Gordon was leaving Derek reminded me that our accountants were calling round tomorrow as well so I might have to delay my studio appointment with John Barry.

Apart from the fact that I had a splitting headache and a sore leg, all these happenings were getting on top of me and I’m afraid I snapped at Derek, “For fucks sake can’t you handle some of this and get all these people off my fucking back?”

He looked at me with a shocked and hurt look on his face as I continued, “I can’t take any more of all this fucking shit. I’m an actor and a singer and that’s all I want to do and everything and everybody else can fuck off and leave me alone.”

I tuned on my heels hobbling up the stairs to our bedroom refusing any help from any one. Slamming the door behind me I flung myself down on the bed bursting into tears. I don’t even know why I was crying but the pressure of the play, the album and the singing had all caught up with me and I felt as if I couldn’t cope anymore.

I think I only cried for a few minutes before I was asleep. The next thing I knew someone was undressing me taking care not to disturb me too much. I slowly opened my eyes to see Derek slowly removing my pants taking great care with the sore leg. I also noticed he had tears in his eyes as well as me.

“Oh Derek I’m so sorry my darling, I just reached the point when I couldn’t cope anymore and once again you were in the firing line. Please forgive me sweetheart?”

He leant forward to kiss me gently on the lips, “There’s nothing to forgive, you’re an artist and everything has just become too much for you right now so just lay back and rest while I get you ready for bed and don’t worry about the accountants, I’ll take care of them in the morning, and if you want to rest I’ll talk to John Barry and make another date for your recording session.”

Feeling very emotional towards this wonderful man who chose me to be his lifetime partner I kissed him gently and tenderly on the lips feeling his love going right through my body. He continued to undress me and when I was naked put me into bed covering me with sheets and blankets before quickly undressing himself and climbing in beside me.

We lay together feeling so much in love a fact which we kept repeating over and over to each other until I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke next morning it took me a while to realize that I was alone and that the sun was shining brightly through the window. Looking at the clock I jumped quickly out of bed almost collapsing when my leg hit the floor it was very sore and swollen. I hobbled to the bathroom took a pee and the got into the shower.

While I was busy allowing the water to flow over my body I heard the door open and thought it was Derek but a voice from outside the shower cubicle said, “Good morning Cliff, Derek asked me to come up and make sure you were ok and to change your bandage.”

It was David so I told him I was finished and would be right out. As I stepped out he handed me a towel and helped me dry off. We then went into the bedroom where he began to apply a new bandage to my leg, commenting on how swollen it was. The look on his face told me how worried he was about my leg but I didn’t say anything otherwise he would send me to the doctors, which I had no intentions of visiting.

Once all this was done and I was dressed and he helped me downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast. He informed me that the boys had already left for school and Derek was in the next room with our accountants.

Gordon arrived back just as I was finishing breakfast and I told him I had to be taken to the recording studio next. I’d completely forgotten that our private detective was also coming in and he arrived just as we were about to leave.

His report was quick and concise, “The elderly lady who owns the Morris Minor is in a home and her nephew has full use of the car. I checked and her nephew, surprise, surprise, is a member of Oswald Mosley’s fascist party.”

That announcement was no surprise because I had already suspected as much, what I didn’t understand was what was the ulterior motive. With Derek still in his meeting and I was already running late for the studio I thanked our detective and left for the recording studio.

I gave Gordon a treat by letting him drive the Merc and the look of pleasure on his face said it all. Once we got there I told him to grab a bite to eat and if I was running late ask David to go and pick up the boys.

In the studio John Barry had everything ready for me to start putting down my final vocal tracks. All the orchestrations had been done and all that was left to be mixed in was my voice. The album itself was a mixture of standard ballads and some new songs.

Once we got going I found it easy to sing my songs and most of them were done in one take. A couple of the new ones took more than one go but in the time allotted, I managed put away six tracks and we arranged for the other six to be done a couple of days later. Then all he had to do was the final mix and everything would be ready.

I was just about to leave when Bob my manager called to tell me that also on Thursday, a photographer would be there to take some pictures for the album cover. I took the opportunity to tell Bob not to book me any cabaret shows for a while until I told him to, explaining that I was mentally and physically exhausted.

He didn’t like that idea but finally agreed to my request. Gordon had to rush to get me home so I could get ready for the evening play and I already felt like shit. Derek was waiting with a kiss and hug and the boys said they had a good day at school but felt that all the time someone was watching them and they were sure they were followed home but not by the Morris this time but another car.

“Don’t worry boys I think we have everything covered and don’t forget tomorrow Michael, you and Jason will be spending the day at home with Michael’s father.”

Both had worried looks, but I assured them it would be ok and that David and Brian would be close by if anything happened.

Peter and Steve of course tried it on suggesting that they had a day off as well. If I had any idea of what was going to happen the next day I would have agreed on the spot.

The evening went as off the same as usual but as the play went on I was getting more and more tired until by the end of the night I was totally exhausted. All the way back in the car with Gordon driving I slept in the back seat with my head resting on Derek’s lap. He had trouble like the night before waking me up to go indoors and he took me straight up to bed.

Next morning I couldn’t even remember getting home I was totally out of it. Derek and the guys were getting worried and I know during the night whenever I stirred Derek had his arms around me. I remembered at breakfast that I hadn’t even asked him how the meeting with our accountants went.

“Not too bad we have to move some more money off shore very quickly and make sure we have receipts for every little bit of entertainment we do. We have four weeks to present a balance sheet to the department of taxation.” He told me.

“And if we don’t comply?”

“Then we are well and truly in the shit and they will take us to the cleaners.”

All this was worrying news and I wished I hadn’t asked. Sensing this Derek put his arms around saying quietly, “Don’t you worry about it darling, just leave that side of it to me and the people we pay big money to who look after all this for us.” I kissed him gently whispering a thank you I love you.

Roland and Ian left early because Roland had a matinee and Ian was doing the stage managing with Derek and I doing the evening show. We decided that we would spend a couple of hours on the boat moored not that far away on the river Thames so Sir Anthony Eden when he arrived would have time alone with his son Michael and his lover Jason.

The day was cloudy but quite pleasant and the trip down to the boat was very relaxing and I was feeling a lot better by the time we arrived at the boat. David had packed a picnic lunch for us including a bottle of champagne.

Once on board we settled down on deck just relaxing we didn’t take the boat out just left it moored. Being a weekday it was quiet with few people around and we lay back in each other’s arms eating salmon sandwiches and sipping on vintage champagne. After a while Derek announced he was feeling a bit sleepy and suggested we go below to lie on the big double bunk. Once we got down there we began making out and before long the gentle rocking of the boat got us both horny and we made sweet loving gentle love.

We’d just dropped off to sleep when a voice calling out to us woke us with a start. It was the guy who looked after the small marina where we were moored telling us that there was an urgent phone call for us. Derek said he would take it and headed for the small office. Meanwhile I slowly dressed and started packing up ready for the trip home and then to work.

Derek came running back yelling on the way for me to hurry up and get in the car. Not sure what was happening I hurriedly locked up the boat and threw our stuff into the car and before I even had my door shut Derek was roaring down the track and onto the main road, “What is what’s happened I yelled?”

“Michael’s been kidnapped.”

I could hardly believe what was he said and asked him to repeat it, which he did. He didn’t know a lot except that while Sir Anthony and the two boys were having lunch four men burst into the house armed with guns grabbed Michael and were gone all in the space of about three minutes.

“Oh my god that’s terrible, have they called the police and more importantly what happened to our guys on the gate? Derek answered me with all the information he had, “Apparently they were caught unawares and drugged and are only just beginning to come around it was a very professional hit.”

“Yes but why Michael, I would have thought from the information we had that Jason was more than likely the target.”

We made it home in record time and the first thing we noticed was at least half a dozen police cars parked in the drive. Parking the car we dashed inside to find a very distraught Sir Anthony and a terrified Jason along with David and Brian.

What we discovered later was a secret service agent busy taking statements while the police were searching the house and grounds for clues. Already a media frenzy was taking place at the front gate as word spread on what had happened.

Derek immediately called the theatre asking the guys if they could stay and do the evening performance explaining what had happened. In the meantime I was calming Sir Anthony down.

“But why my son?” Sir Anthony kept repeating over and over, “I’m sorry but I have no answer to that question.” I paused as a thought came into my head and I called the senior police officer and the secret service guy over so I could explain my theory to everyone, “I think they got the wrong person, I think they may have been trying to grab Jason.” I then went on to explain my theory by telling them about ‘The Strange Car’ at the boys school and the fact they were being followed, “We had tight security going to and from and while they were at school what we didn’t expect was something to happen here at home, and for that we are so very sorry.”

The police and secret service suggested we go into another room and discuss the situation. Derek suggested the cellar so we adjourned down there because it was sound proof and secure. “I think gentlemen that we should keep these events so far under wraps and tell the media as little as possible.” The secret service man suggested and the police agreed.

“If the kidnappers think they have the wrong young man then they might just do something stupid so they don’t get discovered. From what I am led to believe Jason’s father had every intension of doing his son some harm anyway.

We have a man on the inside of his organization and while the kidnap caught him by surprise he is trying to find out the location they might have taken him to.”

“So you are certain it is Oswald Mosley’s group behind this?” Asked Sir Anthony.

“It certainly looks like it. His followers were most certainly doing all the tailing and watching at the school.” The secret service guy continued to tell us. The discussion went back and forth for some time with no clear plan emerging at all.

We all trooped back upstairs feeling very unhappy and worried. Our ex-Prime Minister had gone a deadly shade of grey and looked as if he was on the verge of a heart attack. I asked David and Brian to keep an eye on him and after they had given him a shot of brandy his colour came back a little.

Derek and I took him on one side and sat him down on the sofa, “Sir Anthony, you have a very fine young man there in the shape of Michael. He is a credit to you and is deeply in love with Jason and the feeling is mutual.” I explained to him.

“Also he is very intelligent and a survivor, who I am sure, is going to be alright.” Derek added. These words of assurance appeared to cheer him up a bit and we all sat around waiting for news. By this time Peter and Steve had arrived back from school and were deeply upset at what happened.

Our head of security arrived very apologetic that this happened right under their noses and promised that everything would be tightened up from now on with extra patrols including guard dogs and electric fences. Derek Ok’d all the added expense without thinking twice about it.

As nightfall approached the media at the gate trebled with live crosses during the TV news but very little news about what had happened only speculation on their behalf. We suggested that Sir Anthony stay the night and he told us he had no intentions of going anywhere until his son was back safe and sound.

Ian and Roland meanwhile arrived home and helped to provide a calming influence on the boys who were getting more and more upset by the minute.

Close to midnight the phone rang and the police inspector sitting with us took the call. The look on his face said it all and when he rang off, he announced, “Michael’s been found.” We all breathed a sigh of relief with Jason and our two boys bursting into tears along with Michael’s father.

The inspector continued to tell us, “He was found wandering around on a country road by a patrol car about twenty miles from here and is on his way back right now. Apparently he is unharmed, just cold tired and hungry.”

Anthony Eden was beside himself with relief and we all tried to calm the boys down. Less than twenty minutes later a police car drove around the back of the house and up close to the backdoor and Michael was bundled out and indoors before prying eyes could see anything.

As soon as he was inside he burst into tears at seeing his father and boyfriend and while the police and secret service wanted to question him right away I suggested we give him a few minutes with his father and Jason before they ask him any questions.

They agreed and we left the three of them in the dining room to sort out their emotions. After hugs and tears all round Sir Anthony spoke first, “My dear Michael I love you dearly after all you are my son and when I thought I had lost you today I thought I would never forgive myself for not telling you this.”

He paused, “I was confused and misled when I discovered you were gay but after seeing you and Jason together and so much in love I realized how wrong I was. I love the both of you boys and hope and pray that you will have a long happy life together with my blessing and love.”

Both boys were amazed at what Michael’s father had just said but when it sunk in they both went around the table and hugged him bringing tears into the eyes of this hardened politician. They talked for a while more about their plans for the future and what they hoped to achieve in later life and it was three happy people who joined everyone else in the lounge room.

It was the police’s turn to question Michael next and their questioning went on for some time before he was allowed to join the rest of us. He told us what happened from the time he was taken out of the house. He knew right away they had the wrong person because they kept calling him Jason. Blindfolded he was bundled into a van and driven off for what seemed quite a while until finally he was taken into a house and left in a small room for some time all on his own.

He had been tied up and the blindfold remained in place. Finally he heard voices one which he recognized from the TV news as Jason’s father. When Jason’s father came into the room, realizing immediately that they had the wrong person and not his son he went crazy cursing and swearing and it sounded like he’d beaten up the guys who did the kidnapping.

“He was totally off his brain screaming and yelling and swearing, finally he told those in the room to get rid of me and that was when I thought I was going to die but they took me back into the van and drove off.

They drove around for what seemed like hours until finally the van stopped. The back doors opened and my hands and feet were untied before I was thrown into a ditch at the side of the road and the van drove off tires screaming. By the time I’d taken my blindfold off they were gone.

I walked along down this country road until this police car found me and brought me home.”

After he had told his tale the police began winding down their operation. After speaking in private with the ex-prime minister the secret service guy left. The police inspector said they would leave a police presence for the rest of the night just in case while our own security had been doubled.

By now my nerves were shot to hell and my leg hurt like hell so after checking that the house was secure Derek and I finally made our way upstairs. We showered together but apart from the occasional kiss and hug we were both too stressed and tired to do anything else.

Lying in bed for no reason at all I burst into tears and began sobbing uncontrollably. Derek kept asking what was wrong but I didn’t know all I could do was cry, and I don’t know why.

Hugging me close to him Derek kept saying soothing words while kissing my tears away. Finally I calmed down and kept apologizing to my lover, “everything’s just getting too much for me and I can’t take much more. I don’t even want to perform or sing anymore I don’t think I could face another audience.” I told my lover.

All Derek could do was just hang on to me until finally I went to sleep. The next thing I knew it was mid-morning and Derek was gently waking me up to tell me the doctor was here to check me out.

Still feeling groggy I couldn’t understand what was happening or why the doctor was there but he examined me and checked out my leg before talking to Derek almost as if I wasn’t there.

“He is totally exhausted both physically and mentally and must rest and I mean it this time otherwise he will have a complete breakdown and it will be months before he is back on his feet.” Thanking him for coming Derek showed the doctor out before coming back to lie beside me on the bed.

“Darling, you heard what the doctor said. You have to take a whole month off and do nothing.” He could see that I was having trouble comprehending what he was saying.

“If you don’t do this now you’re going to end up in a nursing home for a lot longer.” He leaned over to gently kiss me before continuing, “I think we should all pack up and go to the South of France or Spain for a month. Rent a villa and just relax. Take the boys out of school and hire a tutor for them while we are away, we could take our parents and hopefully find them somewhere nice to retire to.

The only one’s who won’t be able to come will be Ian and Roland who will have to keep the play going. Alex and Bob won’t be happy but they will have to learn to live with it, because I’m not taking no for an answer.” With that he clamped his mouth over mine kissing me long and hard so I couldn’t argue with him, but the way I felt I didn’t care one way or the other.

We finally got dressed and made our way downstairs for a late breakfast of steak, eggs and mushrooms; my favourite. The boys were still there and I asked why weren’t they at school, “After last night’s trauma I decided to give them a day off plus they were worried about you and wanted to find out what the doctor said.” Derek explained.

I also then found out that Sir Anthony was just about to leave and he hugged me thanking Derek and I for all we were doing for his son and Jason., “You are both wonderful people and I can’t thank you enough not only for looking after the boys but helping me understand a bit more what it is like to be an homosexual.”

After much handshaking and hugging he made his leave after we invited him to wherever we were going for a month to come along for a few days if he could get away. His final act was to take both Michael and Jason into his arms hugging and kissing them both before getting into his Government car and driving away.

I noticed both boys had tears in their eyes as they watched him disappear up the driveway. We had a group hug when they came back inside from seeing Michael’s father off and then we all sat down for a family meeting, “I call this a family meeting because we are all family here.” I pointed out before Derek took over the conversation.

He explained everything the doctor had said regarding my state of mind and the fact that we are considering a month in the South of France or Spain, “After what happened to Michael and Robert and those three adorable Spanish boys of theirs I think we should boycott Spain and concentrate on the South of France or even Portugal.” I told the gang.

“So we’ll try and find a large villa in the South of France for all of us including our parents as well.” Derek said.

This brought forth yells of delight and high fives from the boys which soon turned to moans and groans as Derek then informed them that a tutor would be engaged for the period we were away.

The doctor had pointed out that I should start resting right away so we were already planning on maybe setting all this up and leaving sometime next week, I’m obliged to perform on the Royal Command show this Sunday and also want to put down the final six tracks of my album. After that all my cabaret gigs have already been put on hold, the only thing left is to let Alex know and he won’t be very happy.” I explained.

Naturally the boys began to get very excited and were already making plans for lying on the beach swimming every day and so on, David and Brian had been silent during all this and I looked across at Derek who got the message right away, “David and Brian you will join us as well to help keep an eye on the boys and also help me keep Cliff here calm and rested.”

Everyone laughed at that last remark except me, but I let it go, knowing full well that they were right. Later that night in bed Derek held me in his arms saying, “Don’t worry baby I’ll look after you until you’re well again. I love you Cliff and if anything happened to you I don’t know what I would do.” We kissed before going to sleep still clinging to each other.

That is the exact same position we were in when we woke up next morning. The boys had already gone to school and while Derek phoned the headmaster telling him of our plans I got ready to talk to Alex and tell him the bad news.

In fact he took it quite well telling me that he has been down that same road himself and seen lots of other artists suffer just like I am right now. He then gave me a list of real estate people in the South of France who have some great properties available. I got Derek onto that while I called John Barry arranging to go in tomorrow and put down the final six vocal tracks so that by the time I got back from my break the album would more or less be ready for release.

I had a call from the police who informed me that Edward Mosley had been arrested along with several of his group. He told me the trial wouldn’t be for some months and Michael might not even have to give evidence.

It was a busy day phone wise and while I was longing to rest with my lover in my arms this wasn’t possible. Derek called his parents and they agreed to come with us and then I called my mom and she said much the same thing in fact she was quite excited about the whole thing except for my state of health.

Derek had been on the phones all day and by the time the boys came home he had a short list of three villas available for rent. We all sat around looking at the descriptions and one immediately caught all our eyes. Situated on the West side of Cap d’Antibes and within easy reach of several towns and villages on the Mediterranean Sea, this luxury villa complete with its own swimming pool, sleeps twelve and while we would have to squeeze a couple more beds in somewhere it was ideal for our needs. Set high on the hillside overlooking sandy beaches and sparkling ocean it looked just the place for me to relax for a month.

It was decided that early the next day Derek would complete the booking, book the plane flights and arrange for a couple of car rentals at the same time. We realized that we hadn’t told Gordon of our plans so I called him up telling him to put our cars into storage early next week and pack a bag. He was over the moon to think he was getting a great holiday and being paid for it as well.

I felt sorry for Ian and Roland who would be left back here all alone to keep the home fires burning so to speak. Derek and I took them on one side suggesting that each weekend after the play they catch a late flight and join us then fly back Monday in time for the evening performance.

“But what about the cost we can’t afford all those plane fares?” Ian asked.

“Don’t worry Ian, we’ll take care of all that.” Derek told him. It was then that I had another thought, “Would it work out cheaper for us to charter our own jet for a month so we can fly wherever we like whenever we like?”

Derek looked at me as if I was off my brain but didn’t discount the possibility, “I’ll look into it and find out some prices.” He said before getting that evil looking grin on his face which I was all too familiar with, “What?” I asked grinning.

“If we did that we could all join the mile high club.” Everyone’s minds went into overdrive at that thought and once again Derek was told to do what he could to make it happen, “After all we do have a lot of money we need to spend don’t we?” I added.

That night in bed I remarked to my lover that I felt much better and happier than I had for some time. Derek kissed me gently at first then more insistently before his tongue began invading my mouth and I reciprocated the feelings and emotions we were both getting.

Before very long (like sixty seconds) we were hard and ready but this time it was Derek calling the shots. He moved down my body licking and kissing on the way down my nipples and then navel before reaching my dick which he ran his tongue up and down the outside of my solid shaft before swirling my ball sac around in his mouth making me go wild with desire.

Finally he licked the tip of my dick before taking all of it into his mouth making me gasp with pleasure. I tried to reach down for his erect member but he kept pushing my hand away as he slowly began a rhythmic sucking of my dick.

It was just slow enough to bring me to a peak and then back down just not quite fast enough for me to cum. This teasing went on for some time until I was going off my brain for desire desperately wanting to be finished off so I could blow my load down my lover’s throat.

Finally he began to increase the tempo and in no time at all I was blowing one of the biggest loads ever down Derek’s throat, which he gobbled up speedily making sure that none was escaped.

With no more juice left I fully expected him to move up so I could return the favour which is what we usually do but not this time. He let go of my softening dick and continued moving down and the next thing I felt was his tongue invading my hole.

This of course got me instantly hard again and ready for seconds but my darling needed to be satisfied first. His tongue and two of fingers alternated in making my hole ready for him and once again I was screaming for him to fuck me but he had no intentions of doing any such thing until he was ready.

Finally after I called him several names and referred to the doubtful likelihood of his parentage, he pulled his face and fingers away replacing them with his dick. I think I have mentioned before that Derek is usually the bottom but the positions were switched on this occasion, not that I cared I was so hot I would have done anything right now.

He very slowly pushed the head of his dick into me and then paused to allow my body to adjust to the invasion, which wasn’t necessary because I was yearning for all of him inside me and quickly.

Sensing this he began very slowly moving further and further inside me while I kept begging him to fuck me and fuck me good. Grinning before coming down to kiss me he began slowly pulling in and out of my ass making me feel in seventh heaven and by the look on his face he was in a similar situation.

He must have fucked me gently but good for more than thirty minutes and because my leg was beginning to hurt while I didn’t want it to end I knew it had to. Sensing my pain Derek began to speed up his breath coming in short burst by this time until finally he pushed in to the hilt our pubes meshing together and I felt wave after wave of hot juice go into my guts giving me a feeling of total satisfaction.

He slowly withdrew out of me and we collapsed into each other’s arms, both of us feeling breathless but totally satisfied, “I think that kind of treatment at least once a day while we are in the south of France and you will be fit and well in no time.” He remarked with a laugh.

Kissing him long and deep I agreed wholeheartedly and we lay together in the afterglow of love until the sheets started to get a bit sticky from the juice flowing out of my butt and we headed for the shower and then the laundry closet for clean sheets.

Next morning we were both up early for once and when the boys came down they had smirks on their faces with all of them including Michael and Jason giggling and nudging each other from time to time.

We had no idea what they were on about and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and looking at them I said, “What’s the problem boys.”

That had them rolling around the floor laughing like anything and Derek and I were none the wiser, “Come on guys share the joke.”

That set them off again until finally Peter decided to put us out of our misery, “Alright dads we’ll tell you but don’t get mad at us because it was all your fault.” That got them all laughing again.

Finally when he had quietened down Peter continued, “You must admit that the two of you were very vocal last night when you went to bed and everyone else in the house could hear you yelling and screaming as you did whatever to each other.”

More laughter followed by a few of the more choice remarks I can remember Derek and I uttering. Both of us were blushing like crazy which brought more laughter and I noticed even David and Brian along with Ian and Roland, “Were we really that noisy?” I asked the more grown up members of the group in unison yelled, “YES.”

Finally the guys got tired of the joke and the subject changed to the holiday. Derek got back on the phones doing most of the arranging while Gordon arrived to take me to the recording studio for what would hopefully be my final session before the album is released.

I was most upset when John Barry showed me the morning editions of the newspapers showing that I had made the headlines again. This time I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and would be taking a month off. While the more sleazy tabloids had my career over and done with and that I had succumbed to drugs and booze.

“Don’t worry about it something else will come along and take your place tomorrow, meanwhile you have that long earned rest and when you come back we’ll have a top quality album to release.

It took us several hours to get the tracks down and to his liking and he produced a bottle of champagne when we had finished, to celebrate the completion of my debut album. We drank a toast or two, polishing off the bottle before I headed for home.

Everyone had been very busy cleaning the house and packing things we might need, while Derek informed me that he was able to hire a Lockheed Star luxury aircraft for close to two million pounds for the whole month with pilot and co-pilot and cabin crew of two available whenever we wanted them. In between they would be doing other jobs but whenever we wanted them as long as we gave twelve hours’ notice they would be there.

The villa had been booked along with a couple of cars and he had also been able to secure a four bedroom cottage next door to cope with any overflow.

I had nothing to do the next day being a Saturday but had to be at the London Palladium Sunday morning for a run through of our song with Tom Jones.

We spent the day packing getting in provisions for Ian and Roland and also the security crew some of who would be staying on the premises. Our parents were also arriving later in the day so they could attend the Royal Varity show and be ready after that for the trip away.

We had arranged for a car and driver to pick up mom and on the way through to call in for Derek’s parents. Everyone would be taken into the West End by chauffer driven limousines with no expense spared. After the show we were all going to our favourite steak house for supper, with Derek booking out almost the entire restaurant.

I kept reminding him to keep all the receipts so we could show the tax people where our money was going. None of the others could understand that we had to lose close to ten million pounds in a short space of time and we were finding it very easy to do.

I knew Sunday was going to be a long boring day with all the artists having to hang around the theatre most of the day and being a Sunday very few places in the West end were open.

As soon as I arrived at the Palladium I was shown to my dressing room were Tom Jones was waiting to greet me. I thought he was a little bit up himself and wasn’t too happy having to share the spotlight with me but like me he had to cop it sweet.

John Barry was the musical director and we had already had a run through in his studio of the song ‘Green, Green Grass of Home’. I already mentioned Tom Jones and his big dick in the last chapter so I won’t repeat it again.

Our rehearsal went off quite well. We sat on stools singing the song while several dancers pranced around us and I must admit some of the male dancers were hot. If I didn’t have Derek as my one and only partner I would have made a pig of myself that day because a couple of them came on to me pretty strong.

Although both of us had done shows in front of her majesty before we were made to practise the regal bow to the royal box before leaving the stage. Later we all had to attend a run through of the after show presentation when the Queen and her party came back stage to thank us. All very boring stuff.

To get my mind from the hot dancers I called home after we had finished to chat with Derek and he told me that everyone had arrived and were now getting ready. The dress was formal and I couldn’t wait to see Peter and Steve and for the first time Michal and Jason in dinner jackets and black bow ties. Boy did they make a very handsome looking quartet.

Finally it was curtain up time and the show was up and running. Our duet wasn’t till close to the end just before the finale so we had to sit around bored out of our brains.

Our song went down very well and in unison we bowed to her majesty who gave a gracious little wave in return. I noticed Ian’s old flame HRH sitting at the back behind his ‘mummy’ and wondered if Ian when he arrives from their theatre might spot him.

Secretly although he was now deeply in love with Roland he still had a spark somewhere in his body for his first true love who just happened to be of Royal bloodlines.

After the finale we all lined up in pecking order to meet and greet and when her majesty reached me and held out her hand she smiled thanked me for my performance and then added, “If we believe everything one reads in the newspapers you should be six foot underground by now Mr. Steele. I hope you enjoy your holiday and come back to the West End refreshed.”

Shocked that she knew so much about me I mumbled my thanks and she moved on while Prince Phillip was also outspoken asking for a signed copy of the album to be delivered to the Palace as soon as it was released.

Finally it was all over and after I got changed and took off my make-up, I met my family waiting patiently outside. Mom kissed me with tears in her eyes saying how proud she was of me and then after a quick embrace from Derek and the rest of the gang it was off to a late supper.

Sat at the table with all my family and friends around me and my lover at my side, tears began to roll down my face as I thought to myself what a lucky man I was, and tomorrow we would all be embarking on a wonderful holiday together.

To be continued.

Writers corner.

I wasn’t too happy with chapter because I thought it dragged a bit, but then I thought this is all about life and about ninety per cent of this chapter is true and occasionally life is like this chapter, ordinary.

Cliff really was heading for a breakdown and a break at this moment in his life was essential otherwise he would be sitting in a padded room talking to himself. The pressure of hundreds of people flocking into a theatre every night just to see you is a big strain especially when so many other peoples’ livelihoods depend on you. This prays on your mind and there comes a time when you have to step back and take a break.

Luckily the kidnapping didn’t amount to much and hopefully Jason’s father will give up soon and accept what his son is and where he is.

The tax laws in Britain at that time were dreadful and if you made it into the supertax bracket which so many entertainers at that time did then you had to take drastic measure otherwise you would go broke. Charlie Chaplin because he was a British subject had to live in Switzerland so he could live a reasonable life.

Many artists got into trouble over the years because they didn’t keep close enough check on their earnings. The only part of this chapter that didn’t happen was the album. It was talked about for many years and John Barry did offer to produce but for several different reasons it never did get off the ground but if it had, well the results as I see it you will read about in forth coming chapters.

As always I would love to hear from you about this chapter and any other of my stories, plus don’t forget Jacob’s great writings as well.

Until next time


Editor Jack’s Corner:

Indeed, this chapter is all about life and how Cliff and Derek manage their lives amongst all the happenings with everyone they love and hold dear. We saw a bit of drama with the kidnapping and I am pleased that it all turned out well. There is a reoccurring theme in Trevor’s and Jacob’s stories. By that I mean when there is trouble in the lives or their heroes, very often it is because a parent just can’t seem to love their child and accept him without any reservation.

Poor Cliff, he is certainly feeling the stress of his career as an entertainer. It is so easy to understand why so many celebs turn to drugs and alcohol to escape the pressure of their lives. Thank goodness, Cliff had Derek and his eclectic family around him to keep him grounded, because he would surely turn to the bottle if it were not for them. We saw several chapters back how Cliff loves his wine and it would be so easy to drown his sorrows in the fruit of the vine.

I am looking forward to read about their adventures in the south of France. Until then, keep up with all of Trevor’s and Jacob’s stories. There are also other stories hosted on Jacob’s web site, and perhaps you will find some time to read them as well.

Please leave your comments and continue to write to us. We love to hear from everyone.



4 Responses to Chapter 38

  • BowoThorny says:

    Thanks once again Trevor for another very entertaining chapter. Yes, it did move slowly for a while, but you certainly spiced it up before ending. Thanks also for a bit of insight into the reality of life at that time – taxes especially. Lots of happenings and lots of good love being shared. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Thanks to the both of you for making this such an easy reading story!!

  • Trevor says:

    Many thanks for your comments. At time real life can be a bit slow and boring. The breakdown and burn out can and does happen to so many entertainers and actors even in this day. Which is why so many of them turn to drugs and drink so they can cope with the pressure placed upon them, plus being out and gay back then made the situation all that much more difficult to cope with.
    Did I or should I say Cliff survive? This time maybe but towards the end of this story, well you’ll just have to wait and see.

  • BowoThorny says:

    Trevor, THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!! What a come-on for future action.

  • George Thoele says:

    Super chapter Trevor.These poor boys have been through HELL and deserve a vacation. Maybe take two months instead of one.
    Keep up the awesome writing Trevor. I’m going to the next chapter tomorrow.
    I just recently lost my Daughter, on 02/17, then on the 1st. of this month I lost my Wife. I have just recently started reading again to keep my mind busy.
    God be with you my Friend.


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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy