Chapter 39

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter


Sitting at the table with all my family and friends around me and my lover at my side, tears began to roll down my face as I thought to myself what a lucky man I was, and tomorrow we would all be embarking on a wonderful holiday together.

Now read on.

Derek grabbed my hand worried and wondering why I was crying, “It’s so wonderful to see my family and friends here under the one roof ready for a magic holiday in the South of France.”

Reaching over to hug me Derek whispered have I got a surprise for you and the rest of them.”

With a look of surprise on my face Derek grabbed hold of my hand before getting everyone’s attention, “For a start we are not going to the South of France I thought about it and decided to surprise you all. I cancelled the holiday in France and we are now are going to Italy and the Tuscany region where we are going to stay in a thousand year old castle which sleeps twenty and has all the latest amenities plus some old world charm. It even has its own private chapel.

It has a beautiful swimming pool and fabulous gardens looking over the Tuscany hillside.” He then went on to describe the place in detail before setting up a projector so he could show us all were we would be living for a month.

“And before anyone asks how much this is costing, don’t. Oh and did I say it has its own staff complete with chef, maids and gardeners.”

We sat watching the short movie that the letting agent had supplied and marvelled at the luxury and opulence, with an outdoor courtyard complete with pergolas for al fresco dining.

By the time the ten minute film had finished everyone was far more excited about going to Italy than they were about France. I looked across at Derek smiling and mouthed the words, “Thank You.”

Derek continued giving us all the details, the charter flight we have booked for the month will still be able to take us to and fro, plus there will be a fleet of limousine’s at the landing strip which we will be using to take us to the castle.”

I looked across at my mom and Derek’s parents and they still looked to be in a state of shock, “Is everyone happy with the arrangements so far?” I asked.

“Yes.” Was the loud yell from the younger members of the group while the older ones just nodded their heads. The only two who didn’t look very happy was of course Ian and Roland who had to stay behind and work.

I looked at Derek nodding towards the two of them and he shook his head the smile leaving his face. I stood up beckoning for the two of them to follow Derek and I and the four of us headed for the kitchen, “Guys I’m so sorry that you aren’t joining us for the full month, but we will see you I’m sure on the Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning and you won’t need to fly back until the Monday morning.”

“That’s ok.” Ian said, “You two deserve a break although with the mob you’re taking with you I don’t think you’ll have a lot of rest.”

Laughing Derek said, “Don’t worry about us everyone will be expected to look after themselves and make their own entertainment. With catering staff and people to do all the work there is no need for anyone at all to lift a finger by way of work and Cliff and I intend to make full use of the grand old four poster bed in our room to its fullest.”

“That’s not resting.” Roland remarked with a laugh.

We went back and joined the others suggesting that everyone make it an early night because cars had been booked for very early in the morning to take us to the airport. After the usual round of goodnight kisses and hugs finally everyone headed for their beds with quite a few having to double up with their being so many of us.

No one needed to be called twice for breakfast with David and Brian putting on a mighty big spread, mainly to use up some of the food which would be wasted while most of us were away.

Before we had finished breakfast the cars arrived along with a van to take all our luggage. We got the boys to help with the washing up so that our two resident gay housekeepers cum nurses would also be ready to go. Ian and Roland said that they would clean up the dishes but we wouldn’t allow that and soon everything was ready the luggage was loaded and the van despatched to the airport and then everyone on the flight headed outside.

Derek and I stayed behind to give Ian and Roland a special kiss goodbye and I felt so sorry that they weren’t coming with us, “Don’t worry with all you away we’ll have fun in the house on our own, we plan to have sex in every room in the house including the cellar.” We all laughed and wished them good luck with that one telling them not to leave stains on our bed sheets.

Finally we were all on our way. Mom and Derek’s parents travelled with us and once we were underway Derek again broached the question of retirement with his parents, “We gave it a lot of thought son and while living in Spain, Portugal or somewhere like that was tempting we both decided we would like a nice retirement place near Worthing so we are close to your mom Cliff.”

We were delighted that they were going to be close so they could look out for each other. After telling them to start looking at properties and letting us know what they wanted my mom suggested that after the holiday they go down to her place for a few days so they could look around.

We made good time to the airport and the great thing was being on a charter flight we didn’t have to join the crowd in the airport lounge or stand in line to check our luggage. In fact we were taken straight away onto the tarmac right up to our luxury aircraft.

Immigration and customs were waiting for us to check our passports and the luggage had already been stowed away so as soon all the formalities were done we took our seats, buckled up and prepared for take-off.

Just as soon as we were airborne our air hostess served morning tea and for those who wanted it champagne. I noticed Peter and Steve sneaking off to the rear of the plane were the restrooms were and I whispered to Derek, “It looks like someone is already on their way to join the mile high club.”

The rest of the flight was uneventful and we were soon on the approach to our own private landing strip with a runway which was just long enough for our aircraft with little to spare.

With Derek’s ability of being able to organize everything down to the tiniest detail as we taxied up to the tiny shed which was the only building in sight we noticed a fleet of vehicles and a small truck waiting to take us the rest of way which my lover told us was about five miles.

The weather was perfect a pleasant temperature with the just a light breeze blowing as we went down the steps onto the tarmac. An Italian custom official greeted us and with the minimum of formality we were on our way down wooded leafy lanes hiding rows upon rows of Olive trees.

We turned into a long driveway with trees lining either side of the narrow laneway, as we manoeuvred around a gentle bend we got our first glimpse of the castle looking glorious and majestic in the sunlight. We pulled up at the front doors to see all the staff assembled on the steps waiting to greet us.

After the introductions were made we all went inside gaping open mouthed at this wonderful place. Priceless antiques were everywhere and I mentioned to Derek that we must give all the boys a lecture about being careful not to break anything.

Our chef announced that lunch would be served in the courtyard in thirty minutes time, just enough to check out our bedrooms, have a quick freshen up and be back down in time to eat.

Our bedroom was medieval luxury plus with a gigantic four poster bed resplendent with gold leaf coat of arms. A massive marble fireplace took up almost one wall while French windows opened onto our own private walled garden.

“I wish we had time to test out the bed.” I suggested grabbing Derek around the waist and throwing him down onto the silk cover which in turn hid from view velvet sheets and pillow cases. “If we get around to doing what you’re thinking Cliff we would miss not only lunch but dinner as well.”

With some reluctance we washed up in our bathroom before heading down to the courtyard and a display of local cured leg ham, Pork, chicken and a variety of fresh garden salads which the chef explained were was all local grown produce. A very nice local white wine was also served with the boys and those who did not drink enjoying freshly made lemonade.

The main topic of conversation throughout lunch was the castle. The boys had already explored a fair bit of the grounds and castle and never stopped talking about how great the place was. Mom was sitting there listening and eating taking it all in and when there was a lull in the conversation she said, “I spent about thirty minutes in the chapel sitting and thinking and found it was so peaceful and tranquil almost as if the rest of the world had stopped.

It was wonderful. I didn’t say any prayers or anything like that I just sat and enjoyed the peace.”

This surprised me because mom had never been much of a church goer.

Once lunch had finished which took about two hours anyway, after all, why rush something so nice. Derek asked the chef if he could hold off on dinner until eight even eight thirty and he agreed.

Derek then whispered to me, “Want to go try out the bed now?” The problem was his whispers were inclined to be a bit loud and Peter and the guys gave us hell, until I mentioned the mile high club and Steve began to blush.

“I expect most of us would like an after lunch sleep anyway.” My mom suggested and everyone split up to do whatever they were planning. It wouldn’t have taken much guesswork to figure out what my lover and I had in mind and it was over two hours later that we finally dropped off to sleep.

It was the sound of Peter banging on the bedroom door that woke us and the first thing we noticed was it was dark outside. Jumping out of bed putting some clothes on I let Peter in who has always had Steve in tow, “This room reeks of sex.” He stated before continuing, “The staff are ready to serve dinner and its way after eight, but they won’t start until the two masters are there.

So get your bums into gear and hurry up because the rest of us are sitting waiting.” After saying that they left and we hurried to dress for dinner, which was for tonight in the grand formal dining room.

Both Derek and I dressed formal in our dinner jackets and were surprised to find everyone else dressed the same. Pater and Steve must have rushed to get changed after waking us up and admitted after that they wore ordinary clothes to wake us in the hopes that we would dress the same and embarrass ourselves.

Dinner was a grand affair with some great food and even greater wines which we discovered later came from the owner’s private cellar and were part of a collection of wines he bought at a certain auction in London. We laughed when we realized that we were drinking wine which used to belong to us anyway.

Our parents in fact everyone looked splendid with mom having a glow on her face indicating that she might have had just one glass of wine too many. We helped her to her feet before getting one on either side guiding her to her room. We helped her undress down to her underwear and get into bed and as she lay there, this tiny lady in a big king size bed; I thanked her for being my mom, “Thank you mom. Without you to help bring me up right and looking after me as a baby and young child I would never be in the position I am right now surrounded by a wonderful group of family and friends.”

Tears formed in his mom’s eyes and with both of us on either side lying next to her giving her a big cuddle she calmed down thanking us for everything, before closing her eyes and dropping off to sleep. Both of us stayed with her lost in our own thoughts.

Finally Derek said, “Come on darling lets join the others for coffee and brandy. Before we do are you pleased with me changing the plans and coming here instead of France?”

“Oh yes this place is great so relaxing and nice, except the boys have already mentioned several times they want to go to the beach and that’s about an hour’s drive away I believe.”

Back downstairs in the lounge We settled back with a fine brandy and a strong cup of coffee to chat with Derek’s parent’s, David and Brian and of course our bodyguard Gordon being the only members of the party right now old enough to drink alcohol although Derek and the rest of us suspected that the youngsters sneaked a drink now and again.

Peter brought up the subject of going to the beach again and Derek said that a car maybe two would be leaving tomorrow depending on who wanted to go.

After a while I indicated to Derek that I would like to go to bed because I was feeling a bit stressed out and tired.

Derek led me by the hand after saying goodnight to everyone, on the way up the grand staircase he put his arm around his lover guiding him to their bedroom, heading straight for the bath and shower where he undressed his lover before getting the water ready for our shower.

Derek then did a slow striptease in front of his partner delighting in seeing a grin appearing on his face and his dick getting hard and ready. All this time neither of us had spoken a single word.

Once Derek was totally naked he once again took my hand guiding me into the shower and standing me under the water before soaping up a sponge and gently washing his boyfriend all over paying special attention of course to all the parts of the anatomy that matter.

After a while I began to return the favour and almost by chance our lips met and mouths opened, well you know the score by now.

Derek felt Cliff beginning to weaken and slide down so he shut off the water and almost carried his lover out of the shower drying him off and then himself before half carrying me into the bedroom laying his sweetheart gently on the bed and covering him with a sheet.

Earlier one of the staff had lit a fire and while it was dying down now the room was warm and cosy. Once his lover was comfortable Derek climbed in beside him holding him in his arms gently rubbing his arms and shoulders while gently covering him with kisses.

“I love you so much Derek, please don’t ever leave me. I want you by my side until our days on earth are over.”

Covering his mouth to stop him talking like that Derek whispered, “Please darling don’t talk like that, I’m sure we are going to be together for ever.”

“My leg hurts like hell and I feel like I want to cry but trying hard not to, please forgive me for acting like this.”

“There’s nothing to forgive Cliff, you just need some rest and tender loving care and I intend to make sure that’s what you get.” Before Cliff could say anything else he covered my mouth with his and we kissed until sleep overtook us.

Next morning I felt much better and over breakfast once again outside in the courtyard because the weather was perfect we had fresh ham, sausages, eggs done to your liking with cereal, fresh local grown fruit some of which was from the castles own orchards, along with freshly squeezed fruit juice and coffee.

Cliff and Derek decided that they would go to the beach with the boys along with David, John and Gordon, so two cars were ordered, a picnic lunch packed into the trunk and they were off.

In fact it only took about forty minutes and when they arrived the sand was a golden colour and the sea a crystal clear light blue. Not all that many people were on the beach and we soon set up ‘camp’ with the boys dashing off into the water, while we relaxed on the beach and the other three kept an eye on the boys.

It was so relaxing and peaceful. Gordon got the picnic baskets out of the car and with the help of the drivers set up a feast of cold chicken and salad followed by strawberries and cream. After lunch everyone settled down to rest and the four boys; Peter, Steve, Jason and Michael headed off for a stroll down the beach.

About an hour went by before the peace was shattered by two police cars racing down the beach and around a bend in the coastline. Jokingly David said, “I hope the boys haven’t got into any trouble.” The others agreed with him but thought no more about it until the two police cars came back down the beach about twenty minutes later and stopped right in front of us.

Four policemen two in each vehicle got out along with the four boys in handcuffs. That woke everyone up very quickly and Gordon got one of our drivers to act as interpreter because none of the police officers spoke English and we didn’t speak Italian.

All four of the boys were being charged with having sex in a public place namely, the sand dunes. Someone had spotted them naked and having intercourse, had taken offence and called the police. At least the boys were dressed but the police weren’t very happy and both Derek and I were livid.

Displays of affection in public were not acceptable. We had been drumming that into them in England and we thought they had enough sense to do the same in a foreign country, now they were in big trouble. The police explained that they would be taking the boys to the local police station and we could arrange for them to be bailed once the paperwork was done.

One of our drivers suggested the name of a good local lawyer and we arranged to meet him at the police station. We packed up heading into the small town where we found our lawyer waiting outside the police station.

We went inside and found the boys sat together on a bench looking very unhappy. Luckily our legal representative spoke English and he told us that bail had been set but first the boys had to go before a magistrate so we had about thirty minutes to wait for him to arrive.

All this time we had no opportunity to talk to the boys, which is just as well because both of us were seething with anger at their stupid activity.

Once the magistrate arrived we all trooped into the tiny courthouse next door to the police station and the first thing we noticed was the number of local residents who had arrived to witness what was going on including the woman who lodged the complaint to the police.

The magistrate looked to be aged about hundred and four and wanted to try the boys there and then but our lawyer argued that there was a language problem and asked for an adjournment so that a court interpreter could be brought in so that the boys knew what was going on.

Reluctantly this was agreed upon and bail was set at ten thousand lire each a paltry sum by British standards. The boys were instructed to appear in a weeks’ time and once we had paid the money into the court we were allowed to leave.

The mood in the car going back to the castle was to say the least not good. Both Derek and I did not say anything because we knew if we did we would say things which weren’t very nice. When we got back to the castle the boys headed to their rooms to have showers and get ready for dinner, while Derek and I discussed what action we were going to take with the boys.

“I don’t think it would do any good to punish the boys. They know they have done wrong and all we can do is speak to them about doing things in public and make sure we get the message across.

Italy is a strong Catholic country and this type of public exhibition especially in a small rural community is against their teachings and beliefs so we must make sure the boys get that message.”

Derek agreed with everything I said and we arranged to talk with them after dinner making them wait for our tirade which they knew was coming. We also decided not to make a big thing of it and tell the rest of the group especially our mothers and fathers.

We headed upstairs to dress for dinner which was going to be a bit more casual tonight because we decided because it was a very pleasant warm evening to have dinner on the courtyard. Once again we enjoyed an excellent meal and Derek remarked that by the time we head for home our waistlines would have increased somewhat.

Once coffee was served we excused ourselves asking the boys to join us in the garden. It was four unhappy young men who joined us outside where I started the conversation.

“Boys, boys, boys what were you thinking out there in the sand dunes? Well I know it wasn’t with your heads but with your dicks. How many times do we have to drill it into your heads about showing affection for one another in public?

Obviously not enough times. In England when we spoke about this it was just a case of holding hands and the odd little kiss that could and once did get you into trouble but this time you had to be caught fucking each other. Good Lord are you boys stupid or something?

Peter you have an incredible IQ so how about sharing some it with your dick and not keep it all in your head. Anyway I hope this serves as a lesson to you all and that you have learnt something from it. Derek and I don’t mind what happens in your bedrooms just as long as no one gets hurt but please not in public.”

Derek took over then, “Our lawyer suggests that we plead guilty because with a not guilty plea we don’t have a leg to stand on. He believes and will ask for a fine which we pay willingly and apologize to the court and the lady you offended, so that hopefully it will all go away, but bear in mind you will always have a criminal record here in Italy for the rest of your lives.”

Derek allowed all that to sink in before he continued, “We have decided not to punish you because we believe you have learnt your lesson or at least we bloody well hope so and ask, no beg you to think before you do anything like that again. Understood?”

All four nodded their heads saying yes in a low voice before sent them in for a final drink before heading for bed.

The boys moved away but did not go inside right away. They stood talking quietly among themselves before Peter led them back to us, “Dad’s we are sorry for what we did and admit that it was a stupid thing to do and thank you for not punishing us and we promise that nothing like that will ever happen like that again.

We love you very much and what we put you through today especially you Daddy Cliff and the way you’re feeling right now was so wrong. You are wonderful parents the best we could possibly wish for and I’m running out of words to say right now to show how much we love and care for you.”

“Thank you boys we love you too, now run inside and finish supper before Derek and I start crying.”

We slowly made our way back in to join the others our arms around each other. Sitting down in one armchair Derek was just about sitting on my knee as we sipped very old and very fine brandy and making general conversation.

Mom and Derek’s parents said their goodnights and headed for bed and the rest of us followed soon after. Both of us were very tired after the fateful trip to the beach and decided to shower in the morning after all we didn’t actually go into the ocean today so we had no salt water on us.

I know we might sound as if we are going to bed dirty but we were too tired to care. We didn’t even have time to have our usual pillow talk, but fell asleep right away.

The next few days passed uneventful with the boys staying close to home while our parents went on a shopping spree buying souvenirs and stuff like that. In fact they looked to be enjoying themselves more than the young ones.

One day it poured rain all day and was a very chilly miserable and we had a lot of fun playing board games and charades and stuff like that which I believe brought the family closer together, and which I found very relaxing.

The weekend and the end of our first week came up all too quickly and I for one was beginning to think that a month was not long enough, but we would have to go home at the end of the time to get that boys back to school.

We were all quite excited that Ian and Roland would be joining us late Saturday night early Sunday morning. Our pilot had been given permission to land at night on the strip but we had to organize for a crew to go in and light flares along the runway.

The boys and most of the adults except for our parents decided to go along for the ride and help. It was about three in the morning when we arrived at the landing strip and a couple of locals had everything ready so that the flight path could be lit when the time came.

When the call came that the aircraft was about fifteen minutes away everyone raced in cars down the runway lighting kerosene lamps onto the way. Once they were lit it looked quite impressive and soon we heard the drone of aircraft engines getting louder and then the planes search lights being turned on as our pilot made a perfect landing.

He taxied up to the shed and soon the steps were lowered and Ian and Roland looking very weary came down the steps. No customs or immigration turned up although we had informed them of the flight. Our crew came and joined us next telling us they can’t take off till daylight and because they had no other work this weekend they would stay at a local hotel and return with the our two actor guests on Monday morning.

Derek and I would have none of that and invited the three of them to stay at the castle as our guests which put smiles on their faces. Going back to the castle in the car we asked Ian and Roland how things were going and both of them said together not good and they would talk to us about that when we got to the castle or later in the morning.

That didn’t sound too good but we waited. We had arranged for the floodlights on the castle to be on as we approached and the look on their two faces said it all. We pulled up at the entrance and invited all our guests inside. We then had to shuffle the sleeping arrangements around a bit to fit the aircrew in but that didn’t take long.

We settled down in the lounge with Ian and Roland and a couple of drinks eager to find out what the bad news was, “The audience numbers have gone right down and Alex is panicking that the play may have to close even before you come back Cliff.” Roland sadly told us.

Ian then took up the story, “This play was adapted to suit you Cliff and while Roland is excellent in your part the audience want you so they are staying away in droves. All the matinees have been cancelled and we no longer have a Monday night performance either so we don’t really have to go back until Tuesday.”

“Alex is going to call you and talk to you about it but he wants you to have the full month off and fully recover.” Ian added.

“Oh guys I’m so sorry that so many of you rely on me for your livelihood and I have let you down. I’ll talk to Alex in the morning and see about coming back early.”

Derek grabbed my hand say quite firmly, “No you are spending the full month here and that’s that. If you go back early you will soon be back to square one mentally and have to take an even longer break, so no don’t even think about it darling.”

It had been a long time since my lover had spoken to me so forcefully and he took me by surprise but I agreed that I would spend the full month here. That decided and all of us feeling very tired we headed off to bed.

Lying next to my Derek I began to get tears in my eyes as I thought of all the people I was letting down back in London, “Please don’t cry my darling you need this rest badly. If you do go back now you will be no use to anyone.

Please put those thoughts out of your head and just concentrate on taking life easy in the beautiful part of the world.”

“I will do as you say Derek. I love you so much my darling please stay with me and be good to me I could never live without you.”

He turned and looked at me surprised by that last statement, “You should know by now that I will never leave you Cliff and what brought that on?”

“I don’t know just a feeling I suddenly had. Please kiss me and lets go to sleep, I love you Derek Driscoll.”

While still surprised by Cliff’s words, Derek said nothing but kissed his darling goodnight and they both fell asleep almost right away.

They didn’t wake until lunchtime and were still sleepy as they made their way downstairs, into the courtyard just in time for lunch. Ian and Roland along with the rest of the gang were already there with our new guest ranting and raving about the castle.

Straight after lunch the aircrew left to check on the plane and make sure it was secure and safe while the rest of us just lazed around doing very little except talking and relaxing.

That was more or less how the weekend went by. The aircraft crew asked if they could leave before dark on Monday, and Roland and I agreed, so just before dinner on Monday night just Derek and I along with Ian, Roland and the aircrew made our way to the landing strip.

Everyone was surprised that none of the Italian authorities had approached us about our landing or take off, but the pilot still had to request permission to take off before he could leave, but this was granted almost immediately.

We kissed and cuddled Ian and Roland and they thanked us for the great weekend before they boarded the aircraft for their flight back to London. It was with some sadness that watched them disappear into the dying sunset.

Next morning I got a call from Sir Alex who told me more or less what the other two guys had, “What I’m looking at is a big relaunch of the play when you return from your break. We will have a first night all over again almost starting from scratch.

What I want to know form you is, will you be fit and ready to take on the role again and do every performance including matinees, and we will only have one matinée on a Wednesday?”

“Alex I’m feeling better every day and if this continues I will be in peak condition when I come back.” I told him.

“Well that’s promising news Cliff, all I want is for you to rest up and be ready and raring to go, because the public want you and only you in this play.”

“Thank you for the confidence you have in me and I promise I won’t let you or any of the cast down.” On that note he ended the call and I settled back telling Derek everything that had been said and what was going to happen, “Are you sure you can handle seven performances a week?”

“I’m sure I can in fact I’m already looking forward to it.” I told him. The next big hurdle was tomorrow morning when the boys had to appear in court on their sex charges and it was a sombre group at dinner that night.

Next morning early we headed down to the seaside town and the quaint tiny courthouse. When we arrived we found it packed tight with locals and had to fight our way through to the front of the room.

I asked out lawyer why so many people and chuckling he told me that they expected the boys to plead not guilty and wanted to hear all the sexy evidence which would follow. “Well we’re going to disappoint them aren’t we?” I told him.

The court was called to order and the hundred and four year old judge as I called him came in and sat down. The charges were read with gasps and yells from the onlookers until the judge ordered them to be quiet.

Through an interpreter they were asked how they pleaded and all four said guilty. Once they heard that the courtroom just about emptied as the disappointed locals went about their business.

The judge listened to the prosecution who demanded a severe sentence to set an example to others while our lawyer pleaded the fact they were just young boys experimenting and how we all were like that when growing up and discovering ourselves.

I turned to Derek whispering, “He’s good.” Derek nodded in agreement and when he had finished the judge looked down at his notes before deciding on the sentence.

He went on about morality and performing such acts in public before handing down his sentence. This is what he decided the punishment should be. First he fined each of them the equivalent of a thousand pounds sterling and placed them on what amounted to a twelve month good behaviour bond.

Personally we thought they got off lightly and we paid the money to the court right away before Derek wrote a big check for our lawyer who earnt every lire of it.

It was four much happier boys who travelled back to the castle with us. Once again the next few days went by with a lot of relaxation and for Derek and I, a lot of love making and rediscovering each other’s bodies, not that our love had waned any but we had more time for it.

One of the Castles gardeners was a young seventeen year old who was as cute as hell. Unlike most Italians who are dark and swarthy this guy was blonde about five foot ten and cute as hell. All of us guys had commented on him and I know for a fact the younger guys in the group had made a play for him without any success.

The trouble was he was infatuated with Derek and whenever we were in the garden he would follow us around and if Derek took a walk around on his own he was always there waiting for him to say hello.

His English wasn’t much but he always wore tight jeans which showed off a massive package. One day Derek and I were sitting in the garden when I got called back into the house to discuss menus with the chef, I told Derek to stay where he was and I’d be back in no time at all.

As soon as I had disappeared from sight this young guy came along and sat next to Derek and said hello. Derek spoke to him wanting to be polite and it was then that he moved closer putting his hand on Derek’s thigh right at the top only inches from his dick.

Derek quickly moved his hand away saying no but the guy kept persisting and the bulge in the front of jeans had grown to massive proportions. In the end Derek had to appear to be quite angry and tell him in no uncertain terms to fuck off and that he was married to me but this didn’t get through and the guy was getting quite rough with Derek obviously intent on having sex with him even if it came down to rape.

Derek got quite loud in his yells hoping that someone would come to his help because by now he had Derek lying across the bench pinned down by his body barely even able to move because this young guy obviously worked out and was pretty strong.

He felt the guy’s hand on his bulge and of course being human, his body responded and he started to get hard, much to his own disgust. The guy, we never did find out his name thought that he had won and relaxed a bit and it was then that my boyfriend was able to throw him off and escape running back to the house.

He came running in to where I was talking to the chef out of breath and looking very angry. I jumped up and when he put his arms around and told me what happened I was ready to go out and knock his block off but the chef who spoke and understood English quite well calmed me down telling me that he would take care of it and have him escorted of the grounds straight away.

The chef disappeared to talk to the head gardener and we never saw the guy again. Derek was shaking like a leaf and kept apologizing to me for letting him get that far. I told him he had no control over it and it wasn’t his fault, but he said he was sorry for attracting him over and over again.

We finished up spending the rest of the day in our room just lying in each other’s arms, until it was time for dinner. We had just settled down to dinner when one of the staff said there was a phone call for me from London.

On the phone was my manager Bob which made me angry because I gave him strict instructions not to call me for a whole month, “I hate to be rude Bob but what the fuck do you want?”

“Well that’s a lovely greeting that is. I called with the news that your album is ready for release and I’m shipping a copy out to you now. It’s fantastic and believe will sell a million.”

“Well thanks for that Bob I appreciate it and I’m looking forward to hearing it, but knowing you there is an ulterior motive.”

“Well the record company thought because you were in Italy they would launch it there and want to know if you could do some radio and TV interviews in Rome for them, plus there are a couple of live TV shows where you could perform a track live and sell heaps of copies.”

He paused expecting a tirade of abuse from me but when I said nothing he continued, “It will only be one day. We’ll fly you and Derek out and back so you won’t be away from your castle hide-a-way for even one night.”

“Bob I am supposed to be recovering from what you might call a nervous breakdown or close to it and want to put all this stress on me in a country where I don’t even speak the language.”

“But you will do this just for me won’t you Cliff?”

“Of course I fucking will but I still think you’re an asshole and I hate you for this. If you weren’t the best manager in Britain I’d tell you to get fucked right now.”

Chuckling he said, “I knew you would see it my way Shirley will fax the entire details later, bye.”

And he was gone; I was almost in tears as I headed back into the dining room. Derek spotted this almost right away and whispered, “What’s happened?”

I was unable to hold back and let forth with a tired of abuse about my manager explaining to everyone what was happening next weekend and I must admit I used a lot of abusive language in the hopes of helping to release my frustrations.

All my mother said, “You know I don’t like that kind of language Cliff.”

The tone she used cracked everybody up and helped relieve the tension and my temper; while Derek worked to help ease my state of mind some more.

Straight after dinner I grabbed a bottle of brandy and announced I was going to bed and stormed out of the room. Derek went to go after me but the look I gave him stopped him in his tracks and he went back into the others.

They were all very quiet and subdued and I think I put a damper on the whole evening. I made my way to our room where I sat down on the bed and poured myself an almost full tumbler full of Brandy which I continually sipped until it was soon empty. I refilled it and then began to get stuck into that as well I was so upset, uptight and at odds with everyone I didn’t know really what I was doing.

It was only about fifteen minutes later that Derek came into the room and I had already consumed half a bottle of brandy and was feeling inebriated to say the least. Derek came and sat down beside me putting his arm around me saying, “that isn’t the way to solve or relieve your frustrations darling.”

He put his arm around me gently taking the bottle off me and putting it out of reach before nuzzling into my neck and kissing me whispering how much he loved me and didn’t want me to ruin my life this way.

I went to take a sip out of my glass and he gently took that off me as well before continuing to kiss and cuddle me until I finally relaxed and broke down, “I’m sorry Derek I’m being more and more a burden on you and wouldn’t be surprised if you left me after telling me to fuck off. I’m so weak and useless, I can’t stand pressure and I turn to the bottle to get over it. Forget me darling go and find someone more stable and secure than a broken down old hack like me. I’m twenty years old and finished, can’t cope with life anymore.”

I burst into tears sobbing on his shoulder as he soothed me kissed me telling me over and over how much he loved me and would never leave me for anyone else. Finally I felt my eyes closing and he lowered me onto the bed on my back.

No sooner had I done that when I felt the nausea rising and tried to get up to reach the bathroom in time. Noticing this Derek half dragged half carried me into the bathroom positioning my head over the toilet bowl. I brought up my dinner along with all that brandy I had poured down my throat.

All the while Derek held me saying soothing kind words all the time until I had finally finished vomiting. He stood me up undressed me and put me in the shower following suit and as he washed me all over he proclaimed his love for me over and over again.

Finally when we were both showered and I was beginning to feel a lot better we headed for our bed and this time when I lay back on the velvet pillows I felt much better.

“Make love to me darling.” I asked in a quiet voice and while I laid back and enjoyed it Derek made great gentle love to me doing all the work including climbing on top of me and making sure my erect dick went all the way into him so I could leave my seed behind.

Next morning the promised fax from Bob’s office was there waiting for me along with my schedule for that day which to say the least was hectic. After breakfast the boys a bit hesitantly approached us about another trip to the beach but not the one they went to before, but another location.

We agreed and were soon on our way dropping the older members of the group off at a small fishing village so they could have a look around with Gordon offering to keep an eye on them.

We headed out about another seven miles to a nice secluded beach or so we thought until we noticed on the approach quite a few parked cars in the car park. Without thinking we all piled out and headed for the beach until one of the drivers pointed out a sign, which he translated for and it said Nude beach all clothes to be left in vehicles. And then another sign which pointed out that gay nude beach was 500 yards further on.

Of course our horny boys were thrilled by the second sign although Derek and I along with David and John were not too sure. Finally the boys talked us into moving down to the gay end of the beach after we took our clothes off leaving them with the drivers who decided to stay with the cars.

It felt exhilarating walking hand in hand with my boyfriend down the beach and being completely naked. Down at the gay end there were a few older guys eyeing up the younger of which there weren’t many. “Not much eye candy.” Derek grumbled to me.

Laughing I agreed as we noticed one or two guys in a variety of embraces and sexual situations including one older guy lying with a mouthful of dick which belonged to a guy at least half his age.

By now all of us were pretty hard and we laid down starting to make out after I gave strict instructions to the boys to remain with their own partners and not go with any unknown people.

While we all fooled around a bit, not a lot I don’t think any of us went all the way being too self-conscious with all these people looking on, plus we had no idea who was hanging around with a camera.

On the way back every time one of the oldies asked about our beach trip everyone burst out laughing but no one really said what we did or where we were.

Dinner that night was quite a jovial affair with everyone in a happy mood and it brought our Italian holiday almost to the half-way point. Tomorrow early Derek and I would be heading for Roma and a busy schedule and while the boys in fact everyone would have loved to have come with us we decided to make it a strictly business trip.

To be continued.

Writer’s corner.

Once again I was struggling to get this chapter finished before the deadline so it hasn’t been edited properly so if you find a few mistakes I’ll apologize in advance.

Everything in this chapter is true and did happen. The big surprise of course was when Derek switched the holiday destinations on us and what a great surprise that was. That Castle really does exist and I checked before I started to write and it is still available for rent.

We had a lot of money back then and it was no problem for us to spend big on a trip like this. This was also the very last holiday we had with my dear mother but that story is for the future.

The sex on the beach well I played this down a bit because it was so embarrassing and found its way into the Italian and also the British press much to our dismay.

And for once I think we all felt a bit shy during our one and only visit to a gay nude beach.

I really was close to a breakdown during this period the stress of being and actor/entertainer was really beginning to tell and I can relate to the artist these days that turn to drugs. I was tempted but never ever did drugs but I must admit I drank far too much, because it helped to escape into that drunken haze. Something which many artists do to this day.

The holiday will continue into the next chapter followed by the new breath of life being injected into the paly and of course the record release.

Until then please let me know how I am doing and don’t forget all the other stories posted on the site.



Jack’s Corner:

Except for the beach – courtroom drama, this was a nice delightful chapter. Each and every one of us needs to step back once in a while, take in the whole view, stop to smell the flowers, and do whatever it is that we need to do to heal and maintain our mental health. Visiting a luxurious castle is one way. Lounging around with the phone turned off so that we could just read a book or listen to music is another. What you do does not need to cost a fortune, sometimes the simplest of activities can provide just what is needed.

Trevor said that he was concerned that he needed to get this chapter completed and that he feared there would be lots of errors. Well he did complete it and got it to me, begging for a very quick turnaround. Trevor is such a terrific person that I find it very difficult not to honour his request, so in a matter of just a few hours, I gave it a once through edit so that I could return it to him as soon as possible. I must say, I only found a few very minor things to correct, but it is possible that in my haste, I might have missed one or two things. Please forgive me and Trevor if you find any errors.

Please try to keep up with all the other stories, things are getting very interesting in the lives of all these characters. Until next time, keep smiling, keep hugging, and keep loving.



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  • JC says:

    Hey Trevor

    Thanks for another wonderful chapter. As I have noted in the past your story is always interesting because it is a story of your life. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your work and I can’t wait for the next chapter in the lives of Cliff and Derek. Thanks.


  • BowoThorny says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful chapter!! What a great way to relax and return to “normal” – spending a month in a castle in the Italian countryside. Even the beach/court issue didn’t detract from the overall impact of the chapter. I have just one question/comment. Once in a while reference is made to “David and John” – shouldn’t that be “David and Brian”?? It has happened in several chapters. Not that I am complaining, just an observation. Thanks again for sharing this fantastic story! I eagerly await the next chapter!

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy