Chapter 23


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

Once in the Rolls Royce Ian and HRH sat together while Derek and I sat in
the seat facing them.

HRH noticed that we still had our rings on and said. “Didn’t Ian tell you
that it would be better if you didn’t wear your rings?”

“Yes”. Derek said. “And we made a vow when they were placed on our fingers
never to take them off”.

“But what if mummy or daddy noticed them they could ask awkward questions”.

“And we will tell them the truth”. I answered. “We will tell them what we
have told everyone else that we are lovers and partners for life, and I’m
sorry but if they don’t like it’s too bad”.

The look on his face told us that he was not happy about this. He turned to
Ian and said “What are your thoughts on this because we might get asked
about our relationship”.

Ian was quite and thoughtful for a while before answering. “if they ask me
I will tell them the truth that we are lovers. They will either say nothing
or kick me out, but I’m quite happy for our relationship to be out in the
open. After all my parents and friends now all about it. They don’t all
know who my lover is and I think if we are truly in love with each other,
and I know I’m deeply in love with you that it should be out in the open.”

I looked at Ian in amazement because that is the most I have ever heard Ian
say in one sentence.

A silence descended in the car with HRH having a worried thoughtful look on
his face, then he reached over and took Ian in his arms and said. “If that
is what it is going to take to keep you and for you to be my lover then so
be it”. After those words he kissed Ian long and deep while Derek and I
looked at each other smiling and both thinking that he really does love

“it’s not going to be easy explaining all this to mummy, but I think daddy
will understand”.

I must admit this mummy and daddy bit was giving me the shits but each to
his own.

The journey to Windsor took about two hours, but it appeared to go much
quicker than that as all four of us kissed and cuddled our respective
partners. This was all ok but I kept watching HRH and he kept looking at
what I was doing to Derek and the thought flashed through my mind that
there could still be a problem with this spoilt royal brat.

The Car went through the gates and up the hill to the castle stopping in
front of big oak doors which opened as the rolls came to a halt.

Derek and I got out of the car while HRH waited for the liveried servant to
open his door.

We were ushered inside into a majestic hallway decorated with pictures of
HRH’s ancestors. Directly in front of us was a marble staircase with a
giant stained glass window on the landing. You could have got all three of
our parents houses in the hallway alone.

Another young man slightly older than our host came out of a room on the
left. I realised who he was straight away, the heir to the throne and the
first thing to go through my mind was how ugly he looked compared to his
younger brother and I couldn’t help but keep staring at his big nose and
elephant ears. I told myself I must let Derek now my thoughts when we get a
minute alone.

HRH introduced us to his brother who shook hands with us in turn before
telling his younger brother that dinner was at seven with the whole family

HRH groaned and said “Even grandma?”

“yes Grandma told me she is keen to meet your friends”.

“Oh fuck that’ll be great” HRH said.

Nobody batted an eyelid at the foul language he used not even his brother,
who noticed my look of amazement and said “Don’t worry even royals swear
you know”.

Another tall member of the royal household approached and introduced
himself as the head butler.

He welcomed HRH and said ” your guests rooms are all ready sire if they
would care to retire and prepare for dinner”.

He then escorted us up the marble staircase and then another smaller set of
stairs to a long corridor with doors on both sides.

HRH explained. “This is the guest wing and your rooms are just down here”.

He opened a door and explained that this was Derek’s and my room, while
Ian’s was next door.

“Where’s your room” Ian asked.

“My room is in the family wing”. He said. “but don’t worry” he
whispered. “I don’t think I’ll be spending much time in it”. He squeezed
Ian’s hand out of site of the major domo.

We entered our room and closed the door to find we had a room which was big
enough for fifty people to live in no problem.

“I notice we have single beds” Derek pointed out with a giggle.

” No problem” I replied laughing. “It’s cosier in a small bed.

The room had portraits of ancient members of the family and a couple of
doors which we explored to reveal a massive ensuite complete with bath and
shower, while behind the other door was another large room which was our
dressing room complete with wardrobes and dressing tables.

Our clothes had already been hung up. We both had our best Sunday suits
(our only suits) to wear to dinner tonight.

Derek put his arms around me and said. “What do you think about all this

“it’s a load of bullshit. I could never get used to living like this”.

“Me neither. Let’s go next door and see poor Ian he must be shitting bricks
by now”.

We knocked on Ian’s door and a tentative face looked out. When he saw who
it was a look of relief came over him.

“Come in guys”.

His room was similar to ours except he had a queen size four poster bed
with an elaborate silk canopy.

“HRH told me that we won’t have any time together till after dinner when
everyone retires”.

“Well” I explained. “We have about an hour before we have to get ready for
dinner, any ideas of what we can do”.

Derek had the wicked grin on his face when he said he had a couple of

“I think you and I Cliff should loosen up young Ian’s hole ready for a
royal pounding, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me what about you Ian”.

“I thought you’d never get around to suggesting it”.

My lover and I guided Ian towards the queen size bed pushing him back on to
the bed before removing his clothing. He lay back naked with his 6 inches
of manhood reaching up to the ceiling. Derek and I quickly got rid of our
clothes and while Derek went to work on Ian’s throbbing cock I began
kissing him and probing my tongue deeply into his mouth. I slowly worked my
mouth down his body pausing for a while to suckle his nipples before
carrying on down to my next stop which was his navel. I inserted my tongue
and swirled it around his belly button hole which coupled with my lovers
cock sucking sent him wild. I continued my downward journey taking over
from Derek running my mouth up and down his rampant cock while Derek went
down between Ian’s legs to insert his tongue into his lovely pink hole. I
deep throated him while my sweetheart inserted his tongue in as far as it
would go.

Ian was whimpering and moaning loving every second of the treatment he was
receiving. Derek exchanged his tongue for two fingers which probed his hole
going in all the way while his mouth concentrated on Ian’s balls taking
them in his mouth while I continued sucking his dick. Finally Ian could
take no more and said “For fuck’s will someone fuck me please I want a cock
up my arse. I want to be fucked by the both of you”.

We certainly did not need a second invitation. Derek laid on the bed with
Ian sitting on his cock. I instructed him to lay back a bit so that I could
also enter him. We did this and the feeling was incredible with two cocks
deep inside young Ian and the feeling of my lovers cock rubbing against
mine soon made me ready for my climax.

All three of us were moaning and groaning too hot to care. “I’m Cumming” I
shouted and that set the other two off as well and all three of us shot our
loads Derek and mine going deep into Ian while his spurted everywhere some
even reaching his face. We lay still recovering then Derek and I came out
of Ian’s hole and licked up all the left over sperm.

Ian finally spoke “Thank you two that was fantastic I love you both your so
good to me”.

We kissed and cuddled him before going back to our own room to get ready
for dinner.

At about ten minutes to seven their was a knock on the door. I opened it
and there was the most gorgeous looking blonde guy dressed in the fancy
clothes that the royal household wear. He must have been about 17 years old
and I immediately noticed that his cock was beginning to rise in his
pants. He saw me looking and blushed. “Sorry about that “. he muttered
“Sometimes it has a mind of its own”. I laughed and invited him in
introducing him to Derek he said his name was David.

He shook hands with us and I could see that he was eyeing both of us up and
down while his cock continued to grow. I winked at Derek who winked back
and I moved over to David, my hand gently caressing his cock through his
liveried pants.

“Don’t do too much of that” he said “I won’t be able to help serve dinner
with cum stains on my pants”.

We both laughed and I undid his trousers lowing them to the ground, while
Derek came over to help me by kissing this young Adonis with beautiful
clear blue eyes. His cock sprang free and was rock hard by now circumcised
and a massive eight or so inches long. I got down on my knees and proceeded
to take as much as I could into my mouth it was certainly the biggest I had
ever had.

“We’ll have to be going” David said “There waiting for you in the dining

On hearing this I speeded up and began sucking him in earnest deep
throating him and going at it hell for leather. Soon I felt the tell tale
signs of a climax on the way and took his cock all the in ready to swallow
his love juice. He came with such a force that I almost choked with the
amount of jism going into my gut.

When he had finished shooting I moved away and he quickly pulled up his
pants and adjusted his clothing and we went next door to collect Ian before
heading downstairs to the dining room.

On the way David asked if we were here for the weekend to have a session
with HRH. We told him all about us and how Ian was his lover and he
smiled. By then we had arrived at the dining room and in we went.

The dining room was big like a football stadium with the biggest table I’ve
ever seen. Servants lined the room and already several people were there
chatting away but no sign of mummy and daddy.

HRH came over to greet us asking if we had a good rest this afternoon, he
then whispered in my ear. “I don’t think we’ll get much sleep tonight”.

I smiled and nodded non-committal, just then double doors at the other end
of the room opened and in walked her majesty with the Duke and HRH’s
grandmother along with his older brother and another brother who I had
totally forgotten about. The Queen’s sister was also in tow so we had the
full set tonight.

HRH went and kissed mummy on the cheek shaking hands with daddy. Then he
beckoned us over introducing Ian as a good friend of his then Derek and I
as friends of Ian who have become friends with him as well.

Her majesty smiled and said welcome while the duke asked us about school
and our interests and so on. He was very interested in my acting ability
and surprised me by saying that HRH wanted to go into the theatre.

Some big wig waiter then announced that dinner was served and we were all
guided to our seats at the table. HRH had obviously arranged things because
he sat between Ian and myself with Derek across the table from me.

If looks could kill HRH would be dead by now I could see my lover was
absolutely livid. It was clear to us that the seating arrangements had been
made by you know who.

Ian was embarrassed by it all and suggested that he change places and that
HRH move into his place so that Derek could sit next to me but HRH would
have non of it.

I was totally baffled by the arrangement of knife, fork and spoons and was
sure I was going to make an idiot of myself.

The main royals were more or less down the other end of the table which was

First we had soup which was delicious. While the soup dishes were being
cleared away I felt HRH’s hand on my knee heading for my groin. I knocked
it away and he looked surprised and angry. I looked across and raised my
eye brows at Derek so that he had a good idea of what was happening.

There was some general conversation going on but I didn’t have a clue what
they were talking about.

David our very friendly servant then brought the fish dish in and placed it
in front of me smiling at me and giving a sly wink across the table to
Derek. I thought I could get to like this guy and hoped we would see more
of him over the weekend.

Anyway the dinner progressed , the food was great the conversation boring
when dinner was finished her majesty said that we should all retire to the
sitting room for coffee and a chat.

“I would like to meet HRH’s friends” she said.

When she stood every one else did and I scooted around the table to be next
to Derek as we moved on mass to the room next door.

Derek was fuming. “Was he up to any sneaky tricks”.

“Yes” I told him .”and I soon put a stop to it. Stay close to me “. I
pleaded. “I don’t want to be left alone with him I don’t trust him”.

As we walked through to the next room I held Derek’s hand. At first he
looked surprised then that cheeky sexy grin came on his face and he
muttered why the hell not. HRH noticed what was going on and went a deep

We all stood around with cups of coffee while the older one’s had port or
brandy. Her Majesty came up to us and said “hello boys how is school
going?” she then made idle chatter asking us various questions as mothers

Finally she asked the question we had been dreading but which we both
agreed we would tell the truth.

“I notice you two boys are wearing wedding rings, surely you are two young
to be married although I would think any young gal who captured either of
you two would be doing alright”.

Derek and I looked at each and Derek nodded. “Actually Maam we are married
to each other and love each other very much”. I said

Silence descended all around us and for one minute I thought oh shit I’ve
done it now me and my big mouth.

“Well while I don’t really approve of same sex marriages I can see that you
two are very happy with whatever arrangements you have entered into. What
about your parents?’ she asked.

“Our parents are very supportive and so are most of the teaching staff and
pupils at our school”.

“Well that’s wonderful boys but do be careful there are some who don’t
approve of that sort of thing.”

We both nodded and said yes maam.

She continued. “I suspect that my son is friends with you because he has
similar ideals as you do, although he thinks I don’t know”.

She then turned to Ian who was visibly trembling by now and spoke
again. “Are you my sons lover?”

A pregnant pause came over the room, And Ian turned a deep red. she
continued. “I hope so because you look to me to be a boy who will be
faithful and true and keep my youngest son on the straight and narrow”.

Her majesty then leant forward to whisper in Ian’s ear just loud enough for
us to hear .” Just watch my son because he can be a right bastard at times,
I hope that he stays faithful to you and you young men are welcome any

While this conversation was going on HRH was going redder and redder and he
appeared to be getting smaller as he slumped down.

On those words of invitation the audience was over and she proceeded to
leave the room with the other royals in tow.

We left by the same door which we had entered and with David as our guide
headed back to our rooms. HRH didn’t say a word but I could see that he was
most unhappy with the conversation which had just taken place.

We arrived at our room and HRH suggested that we all go into Ian’s room,
which we did.

“Well thanks to you two everyone in the castles knows that I’m gay. News
travels fast around here”.

“Oh come on”. I said “They all knew long before tonight”.

“Maybe but it has never been discussed openly and for you two to declare
your love for each other in front of mummy that really was too much, and
Ian what did she whisper to you? I didn’t quite catch it”.

Ian with an innocent look on his face replied. “She is a very nice lady all
she said was she hopes we would be happy together”.

“Are you sure that all she said” HRH said. “She can be a real bitch when
she wants to be”.

I was shocked to hear anyone say something like that about the Queen even
if it was his mother, sorry Mummy.

Derek then spoke up and brought the conversation to an end. “I don’t know
about you guys but I want a fuck do I have any takers?”

I put my hand up and said. “Pick me pick me”.

We all laughed and HRH moved over to my side and began kissing me on the
neck and nibbling at my ear lobes. Derek approached on my other side and
also began kissing and cuddling, while Ian not to be left out unfastened my
pants and began licking and kissing my dick through my underwear. I thought
wow this is good three on one. Just then there was a discreet knock on the
door and HRH annoyed at the disruption went to see who was there. It was
our friend and super stud David.

“I’ve brought some drinks and nibbles sire “. he said to HRH. Who stood
aside to allow him entry. He placed the tray of goodies on a bedside table
bowed and was about to leave the room when I spoke up.

“Are you off duty now David?”

He nodded yes.

“In that case why don’t you join us for the evening”.

A smile came on his face. “I’d love to”.

HRH was looking daggers at me obviously not approving of the hired help
being part of our sex games.

Derek said. “Come on guys let’s get naked and have fun”.

None of us needed a second bidding and soon there was a tangle of clothing
on the floor .

I grabbed my lover and proceeded to kiss and cuddle him while HRH came
behind me and after wetting a finger began inserting it into my bum.

Not to be left out David and Ian went into a clinch rubbing their cocks
together as they kissed and tongued like there was no tomorrow .

I must admit I would rather have had David working on my hole than HRH but
any port in a storm and I’m sure my turn would come before the weekend was

The two working on me gradually pushed me over to the bed and I landed on
my back with my lover going to work on my cock while HRH was using his
tongue on my pink hole. I kept thinking ‘God he’s got a long tongue’
because it felt as if it was going right up into my guts. I was beginning
to moan and squirm under their ministrations and saying to no one in
particular. “Would someone like to fuck me please”.

HRH responded quickly before any one else could get in by jumping up and
placing his rampant cock against my moist hole. He slowly pushed in past
the pain barrier and all the way in as far as he could. God it felt
incredible as he slowly began fucking me while Derek continued sucking my
cock. Then Ian came over and started to work on HRH’s cock and David took
Derek’s cock into his mouth. It was an incredible mass of young guys
sucking and fucking for all they were worth. HRH was slowly screwing me
pushing his big cock in to the hilt and then pulling all the way out, while
my lover was deep throating my cock in rhythm to the fuck I was receiving
Derek too was getting hot and excited because David was really going to
town making my lover come very close to shooting. Let’s not forget Ian who
was sucking on David’s cock while fingering his beautiful bubble butt arse.

HRH began to speed up leaning forward to whisper in my ear Cliff Steele I
love you and dearly want you for my own. I broke away from him but still
kept his cock up me and said. “How many times do I have to tell you NO
FUCKING WAY”. Derek let go of my cock looking angry and I could tell he was
going to have a go at HRH. I said to Derek “It’s OK baby I can handle it”.

A angry look came on HRH face and he began to push into me harder and
faster trying hard to hurt me his fucking turned from loving to brutal as
he slammed into me muttering under his breath. He was beginning to hurt me
but I was determined not to let him see that.

Derek realised what was happening and stood up grabbing the prince by the
shoulders and throwing him off me onto the floor.

“That’s it I’ve had it with you, why can’t you be content with our
relationships. Why did you have to spoilt it by turning into a heartless
bastard. Your mother warned us about this, and how do you think Ian feels
at being treated like he his while you try and get someone else’s partner
away from them. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m ready to go home
right now and fuck you”.

HRH lay on the floor looking stunned, I guess it was the first time anyone
had spoken to him like that. Ian and David just stood there looking

Tears formed in HRH eyes as he stood up all our cocks by now were deflated
and the heat of the moment was gone.

“Your right Derek, I’ve always got my own way with everything in my
life. I’m truly sorry both of you It was wrong for me to try and split up
such a beautiful loving partnership. Please forgive me and while I will
always have love in my heart for you Cliff I will never ever try to break
you two up. And Ian I’ve been a cad to you as well, I do love you and I
hope that you will continue to love me. Mummy was right I can be a bastard
and an arsehole. Please forgive me and lets try again as friends and you
Ian as my lover and the only one I want”.

Everyone of us started at him for several minutes in silence. Then I walked
over to him gave him a kiss and a cuddle and said. “If what you say is true
and you stick to it I’ll be happy to be your friend”.

I looked across at Derek who was still looking a bit angry, so I walked
over took him in my arms and said. “What do you say we give him another

Derek nodded and said.” OK”

HRH moved over to Ian put his arms around him and kissed him lovingly and
deeply. “I do love you Ian, I’m sorry for the way I have treated you.

Just then David who had been standing back not saying anything spoke
up. “If that’s settled can some one please come over here and fuck me?”

That remark relieved the tension and everyone laughed and Derek and I went
over to do his bidding while Ian and HRH coupled up together to kiss and
make up.

So for the next three or was it four hours we fucked, sucked, kissed and
cuddled each other before all five of us collapsed on the big four poster
and went to sleep in each others arms. My lover and I were in each others
arms and HRH with Ian and David not to be left out went to sleep with his
dick resting inside Derek’s lovely pink hole.

What happened next Morning in the next chapter.

If you have any comments or would like to talk about Cliffs adventures
please let me know at

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy