Chapter 24

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 24

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

I f this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

Monday was also a public holiday so after spending the night with Derek’s
parents and telling them all about our royal adventure we headed to my
folks new place about 10 miles away.

We got a lift from Derek’s dad otherwise it would have been a long bus
trip. Mum greeted us with open arms saying that she had missed us a lot and
after we both gave her a kiss and cuddle she made us lunch and while we sat
around the kitchen table we told her the royal story.

She remarked “You boys have already done more in your life than I have in

Mum showed us around the new abode pointing out which one was our room (Not
mine but ours) which had a beautiful view of the valley stretching for
miles almost to the Welsh border.

“oh mum it’s so lovely and peaceful up here, but how are you getting on
with dad has he been ok?”

She was silent for a moment, “Yes he is much better except he’s drinking a
lot more than he used to but then again he’s not a violent drunk just a
stupid one”.

I agreed with that, but I was happy that he was not screwing anything and

After a while I think it was about mid afternoon I suggested to Derek that
we go for walk up the hills behind our cottage.

As we climbed higher the views became even more outstanding, we walked
along holding hands not saying much just enjoying each others company. We
came to a flat piece of rock sticking out of the ground and sat down
holding on to each other. I turned to face Derek and he turned to me and I
gazed into his clear blue eyes thinking how lucky I am to have a lover as
beautiful and caring as he was.

“I love you Cliff Steele” he said moving forward to kiss me tenderly but
deeply his tongue moving slowly around my mouth.

We moved apart briefly and I said.

“Does it ever get better than this my darling, I love you too Derek

We began kissing again until we heard voices coming down the path.

“Well, well here’s my ex son the poofter and his slutty partner”.

I jumped up and there was my father and another guy about the same age. It
was obvious that they were both very drunk and could only walk if they held
on to each other.

“Did you know the son I used to have is a fuckin puff?”

The man with him stared at us and said, “You poor thing Sam having a shirt
lifter for a son, what went fucking wrong did you fuck your missus up the
arse or something”

They both laughed so much at that they almost fell over and had to hang on
to each other.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer, “Looking at you too sorry clowns
I’d say neither of you would be able to fuck anything including each

“What did you say you fucking cheeky cunt” that was my dad.

“You heard, you both look like a couple of old queens the way your hanging
on a pawing each other”.

Derek said “Come let’s go and leave these two to get on with whatever they
were going to do”.

I was trying very hard to keep my temper under control but it was very

“I think we should teach these two fucking cunts a lesson don’t you, said
my father.

“Yes, you stay here I can handle these two nancy boys on my own”. this was
the man who was with my dad speaking. Dad sat or should I say fell down
onto a rock and said, “Go ahead my friend just shout if you need help.

He began walking unsteadily towards us with his fists clenched muttering to
himself, “I hate fucking puffs and I’ll soon finish these two off.

I whispered to Derek, “What are we going to do because it won’t take much
to knock this dickhead down, but I don’t like taking advantage of someone
who’s so pissed”.

“I agree, but I also don’t feel we should run away either, and your mother
wouldn’t be happy if she found out you’d beaten up your own father”.

Just then the whole situation was taken out of our hands when two policemen
appeared round a bend in the path.

One of them was our friend Steve.

“What’s the problem here” Steve said pretending not to know us but giving
us a sly wink and at the same time saying something quietly to his partner.

My father spoke up first. “Constable, am I glad to see you, We witnessed
these two performing a lewd and very distasteful sexual act and were about
to make a citizens arrest when luckily you arrived to take over”,

Steve looked at my father with a look of disgust on his face. It was
obvious that my father did not recognise him after seeing him when I was in

Steve’s partner spoke up. “Excuse me sir”. he said to my father, “have you
been drinking?”

“Only a couple of beers at the local”. My dad replied.

The other man spoke up a bit more bravely, “Are you accusing us of being

“Well yes sir you do appear to be in an intoxicated state in a public place
which is against the law.”

“Bullshit”, he replied. “We were performing a public duty by taking to task
these two poofters who were fucking each other in public, you ought to be
thanking us for doing your job for you”.

All the time he was slurring his words worse than ever.

Steve spoke up this time and I could tell that he was having trouble
controlling his temper.

“I happen to know these two young lads and I know for a fact that while
they are lovers they would not do what you are accusing them of in public”.

My dad jumped up after hearing that remark.

“fucking hell we’ve even got poofters in the police force now whatever

“We’d better do our duty and sort these two out as well”. The other one
said as he went to grab Steve with one hand and smack him in the jaw with
the other, while my father staggered towards the other police man.

Steve grabbed the mans hand and twisted it behind his back at the same
producing handcuffs which he slipped on his wrists.

“Your under arrest”. he said.

My father stopped dead in his tracks thought for a minute and yelled.

“You can’t do that we are two law abiding citizens”.

“Yes” said Steve “And your both going to jail until you sober up”.

His partner slipped handcuffs on dad as well and sat them both down on the

Steve came up to us and said. “Sorry Cliff I’ve got to take him in, we’d
already got a complaint from the publican because they were causing trouble
in the pub and got kicked out of there”.

“That’s ok Steve they both deserve everything they get”. I replied.

“We’ll keep them in overnight and let them out in the morning,”

“Thanks Steve it was turning nasty and we didn’t want to hurt them but we
would still have had to defend ourselves.”.

“That’s Ok”. Steve said. “Will you explain to your mother what happened or
do you want me to go see her”.

I sighed, “No I’ll do it”.

“You two will have to come round for tea one night soon and tell us all
about the royal visit, leaving out the sexy bits of course”.

We all laughed at that, except for the two drunks of course.

Steve and his partner hauled them onto their feet and headed down the path
to their police car.

I hugged Derek and said with tears in my eyes.

“Why does he have to be such a fucking arsehole”.

Derek didn’t speak he held me tight kissing and caressing me, wiping away
my tears.

We went back down to the cottage and told my mother what had happened. She
burst into tears saying “I wish he could be more sensible and act like a
father and a husband. Instead of being against you he should be taking
lessons from you on how to be kind and loving”.

We both hugged my mum until she stopped crying.

“I’d better get tea ready your sisters will be starving as usual and I
suppose you boys must be peckish by now”.

We admitted we were and headed off to wash up and then set the table for

After tea we went and sat in the lounge room and mum turned on the radio,
she always liked to listen to the wireless as she called it most evenings
saying it relaxed her. My two young sisters sat on the floor drawing
pictures. Derek snuggled up to me with his arm around my shoulder. I knew
he was dying to kiss me but we promised mum not in front of my sisters.

It got to about 9 O’ clock and the girls went off to bed after kissing mum,
Derek and myself goodnight. I remarked to mum about our goodnight kisses
and said that the girls we so much nicer to us now they knew we were

“They are good girls” Mum said.

I yawned and pointed out to Derek that we have school tomorrow so we had
better get to bed as well.

“Will you be alright when dad comes home tomorrow mum”. I asked.

Wearily she said “yes he’ll come back all sad and sorry for himself as

“Really mum I wish there was some way out and you where able to leave him”.

“Derek, I’m sorry but deep down I do love him, OK the spark as gone out of
our marriage and can never be rekindled, but”.

She stopped there and tears once again were beginning to form in her eyes.

“I’m sorry mum, I shouldn’t have said that, I suppose deep down I have some
affection for him I suppose”.

Derek put his arm around me and said.

“Come on lover, let’s go to bed. Goodnight mum we both love you very much.”

We kissed her goodnight and headed off to our bedroom.

We undressed silently and slipped between the sheets. Derek took me in his
arms and kissed me deeply and lovingly.

“Don’t worry too much about your mum, she can handle your father”.

I agreed with him and said, “Do you want to make love tonight?”

“Would you mind if I just laid in your arms, feeling you close to me

“No” I replied. “We don’t have to have sex every night to stay in love with
each other. Right now I’m happy just to lie here knowing I have the most
beautiful man in the world lying next to me”.

Derek kissed me long and deep we nuzzled into each others necks and
gradually drifted off to sleep.

Mum woke us up early next morning because we had to catch a bus to school
which took about an hour . Naturally we both woke up hard and randy but had
no time to do anything about it.

Mum cooked a great big breakfast for us and then we had to run for the bus
along with my sisters. The bus trip was boring and I said to my lover it
was a good job we didn’t have to do the trip every day.

At school we went into assembly which was just the same as any other day
except Mr Waddington announced that the Overseas service of the BBC were
coming tomorrow to record the school choir for a programme going out to all
our troops overseas. Therefore straight after assembly we had choir
practise. I had a couple of solo lines to sing and I had skipped the last
couple of practises so I had to work extra hard learning this new song
which had my solos in it. Meanwhile Derek went off to his classes so we
made arrangement to meet up at lunch time. After practise Mr Waddington
asked about the weekend, then before I could answer invited Derek and I to
tea that night so we could also tell Bruce his lover all about it as well.

“Is it alright if we bring Ian as well?” I asked.

“No problem” was the reply.

He then went on to talk about the play which once again was only a couple
of weeks away and we had, had not many rehearsals.

By the time we had finished talking it was lunch time and I hurried off to
find my darling who was sitting in the school dining room with Ian waiting
for me. I told them about the invite for tea and winked at Derek. Ian
noticed this and said, “What are you too up to, I saw that wink”.

“Nothing much”, Derek replied looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his

Ian laughed and said, “Something’s cooking I can always tell Derek, that
look in your eyes is a dead give a way”.

We laughed and I said, “just wait and see”. and left it at that.

Ian had his love heart round his neck and kept touching it to make sure it
was still there.

“When will you see your lover again”. I asked.

A sad look came on his face as he replied, “Not till next Monday, a whole
week without him”.

“Why” Derek asked.

“He’s got some public duties to do with his older brother and also his
parents, he hates all that public stuff”.

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry time will fly and just think how horny the
both of you will be when you do get together. By the way now that you are
both officially an item will he be able to sleep in your bed if he gets the

Beaming all over his face Ian replied, “Yes, mum reckons if his mother
allows it then why not her.”

The bell rang signalling the end of lunch and we went our separate ways to
class. The afternoon was boring, I was really beginning to hate
school. When the bell finally rang I raced to get out of the place. I
waited at the front gate for my darling and Ian, and when they arrived we
left for John Waddington’s place.

John Waddington and his cute partner Bruce were waiting for us and we all
sat down to a great meal. it appears that Bruce is a pretty good cook and
after that meal I concur.

Over coffee we then had to relate the weekends happenings. When Ian showed
them the love heart they both had tears in their eyes giving Ian a kiss and
hug by way of congratulations.

“Do we get a kiss and a hug as well”, Derek said with pouted lips.

“Oh no” Replied John. “the last time we did that we all finished up doing
something which we shouldn’t have”.

We all burst out laughing and I grabbed hold of Bruce who happened to be
the nearest, I put my hands round his waist reaching over to kiss him on
his luscious full lips. Unable to help himself he responded with open mouth
and willing tongue I heard Derek say to Ian come on we don’t want to be
left out and it sounded as if they were bearing down on John, who no longer
protested like he normally does but gave in without a fight.

Bruce took the initiative reaching down and rubbing my cock to a full
hardness while our lips remained locked together. I reached down undid his
pants and felt his rampant cock straining against his underwear. With our
members loose we drew together pressing them together and slowly moving and
thrusting making them even harder. Bruce began moaning loving every minute.

He reached round me picked me up and carried me into the bedroom placing me
on the bed and laying on top of me with out breaking our kiss. My cock was
throbbing and I knew if this continued I would blow far too early. I broke
away gasping for breath and whispered “Slow down Bruce, I want this to

Bruce grinned and said ok before he began to undress me and then himself.

Meanwhile the other three had joined us and were also naked on the bed. I’m
not sure what they were doing because it was obvious that Bruce wanted me
tonight all to himself and I wasn’t complaining, after all he was a 25 year
old hunk with a gorgeous body and cock.

The next thing I knew his mouth was licking and sucking my cock deep
throating me one minute and then putting his tongue into my slit to taste
my precum which was flowing freely.

I thought this guy knows how to make another guy feel special. He then took
my testicles into his mouth sucking them and rolling them around his
mouth. His next movement was to insert a wet finger into my willing hole
immediately finding and rubbing my prostrate causing me to jump around the
bed, by now my breath was coming in short burst as he continued to bring me
up to the point of no return then easing off just in time. I thought again
boy is he good. By now I was laying on my back with my legs in the air
waiting for Bruce’s cock to enter my pink hole.

He positioned himself above me and slowly pushed into me, pausing after
each little push to make sure I wasn’t hurting not that it mattered I was
high with lust that he could do anything he liked at that moment in time.

Slowly his cock went into me until his blonde pubic hairs were rubbing
against me. A little bit faster this time he began pulling out and pushing
back in again each time getting just that little bit faster.

I was totally out of it loving every movement he made. I knew it would not
be long before I blew my load without even having my dick touched, also by
now my legs were wrapped around his neck and his face was getting closer to
mine until we were once again kissing and using our tongues. Bruce kept on
fucking me for about half an hour before he began getting faster and faster
and I knew he was getting ready to fill me with his juice.

“I’m Cumming he grunted and stiffened up before I felt his spunk pouring
out of his cock head to fill me up.

My own cock which had a mind of it’s own shot load after load all over my
stomach and chest.

We were both breathless and perspiring as we came back down from our sexual
high. Bruce collapsed on top of me kissing me, not only on the mouth but my
neck, chest and just about every other part of my body he could
reach. Finally he rolled over and lay panting beside me and it was then
that we both realised the other three had been watching our performance and
they began applauding and cheering.

John spoke first “Fuck” he said “What a fucking performance boy did you two
look as if you were enjoying yourselves”.

I blushed and laughed nervously because I had been fucked by someone other
than my lover and must admit I enjoyed it just as much, although I
naturally didn’t let on that that was the case.

Derek was grinning but he also had a look on his face showing that he
wasn’t totally happy with what took place.

Apparently the other three had finished and climaxed long before we did due
to the fact that they were fucking each other and watching us which got
them so hot that they couldn’t hold on.

It was getting quite late by now so we cleaned ourselves up got dressed,
thanking our hosts for a great evening before we left for home.

Both Derek and Ian were very quite on the way home hardly saying a word
which was a bit strange. We kissed Ian goodnight when we got to his place,
before continuing the short distance to his place. Because it was late we
said goodnight to Derek’s parents and went straight to bed.

Derek undressed in silence and got between the sheets, I got in beside him
and went to cuddle him. He half heartedly came a bit closer to me but said
nothing. I couldn’t stand this any longer.

“My love, what it? What wrong?”

“What’s wrong” he said quietly. “Well, did you have to look as if you were
enjoying Bruce so much. I thought that kind of love making was just between
us two, now I’m not too sure”.

“Darling I’m sorry I just got carried away I couldn’t help myself, he got
me so hot and horny I was totally out of it.”

“And I don’t, is that it.”

“Derek, baby of course you do, nothing comes anywhere near to our love
making. That was just raw sex nothing else believe me”. I was close to
tears by this time.

I put my arms around him which he reluctantly allowed and I continued.

“Nothing and nobody can replace you and our love making is different it is
just that loving and caring. Derek I love you so much I would never do
anything to hurt you and if I hurt you tonight I’m truly sorry. I’ll do
anything you like to make it up to you. I’ll never do anything with Bruce
ever again I promise. Please my lover forgive me because I certainly didn’t
realise what I was doing had that effect on you he had me in a trance under
his influence call it what you like, but I love you and no one else, please
believe me”. After that tirade I burst into tears holding on to my lover
afraid I was going to lose him.

He moved closer and began gently licking my tears away and very quietly he
said. “You should be forgiving me Cliff because I was as jealous as hell at
what he was doing to you and the state he was getting you in”. He kissed me
gently on the lips hugging me closer.

“Cliff I love you so much more than I realised, seeing you tonight with
Bruce made me realise just how much I do love you and never want to lose

It was my turn to apologise now I said, “Derek I will never have sex with
another person with out you being there and being involved or giving me
your blessing”.

We kissed and cuddled some more reinforcing our love, until a small grin
appeared on my lovers face.

“What?” I asked.

” That Bruce is some sexy stud isn’t he?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Did you notice that John was almost as jealous as I was”. he said

“Shit was he?”

My darling nodded, kissed me and whispered goodnight, and we both drifted
off to sleep content in each others arms.

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  • BowoThorny says:

    Another wonderful chapter! Just one comment – I think something is missing. End of Chapter 23 we are told that the next chapter will tell us of the next day’s happenings; however, Chapter 24 starts with the boys back home – no more about their visit with HRH. Also, in Chapter 24, we read that Ian has “his love heart around his neck”. Did he receive that from HRH? Did I miss something along the way? Thanks for sharing such a delightful story and fun-filled experiences!!

    • Stories says:

      Hi thanks for your comments. Actually a chapter went missing when my home was flooded and i lost everyhting. At the time i was posting on Nifty and for some strange reason they lost the chapter as well. Both HRH and Ian had half love hearts.

  • BowoThorny says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the time and effort you took to answer my question. Sorry for the loss of not only some of your work, but also for your loss caused by the flood. I do enjoy the story very much.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy