Chapter 26


This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to
decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in
England in the 1950′s and sixties.

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology which
is used these days but was not around back in the 50
‘s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there
to understand what I am talking about.

It only took about 30 minutes for the police to arrive in the form of two
detectives. We all sat down in the kitchen with Derek sitting next to me
holding my hand giving it an encouraging squeeze.

One of the detectives placed the note in a plastic sleeve and studied it, while
the other took down all the family details. He asked to use the phone and we
heard him talking to someone who was obviously his superior. When he had
finished talking he came back and spoke to us all. “We have to take any
threat like this seriously and we have already sent a police car to you home
Cliff to check on your mother and your two sisters. They will stay guarding
them until we decide what action is going to be taken. We have taken Michael
Jefferson and his two cronies back into custody for questioning, but we might
not be able to hold them”.

Just then the phone rang. Derek’s father answered it and told the detective it
was for him. After what was quite a long conversation he came back and
announced that my mother and two sisters were going to Yorkshire to stay
with my grandmother until all this was over. No mention was made about my
father, but I didn’t care what happened to him.

The detective continued, “Cliff we want you and Derek to stay here and for
the time being not venture outside. We will arrange for two police officers to
be here at all times.”

“What about school?” I asked.

“We are still working on that, it may be that you will have to miss school until
after the trial”.

“But we have a school play to do and exams coming up in a few weeks as

“Let’s not worry about that for now. We must make every effort to protect all
of you.”

Another police car pulled up and both Derek and I were happy to see Steve
and Janice join us in the kitchen.

The senior detective said, “These two uniformed officers will remain here to
guard you, in the morning another crew will replace them.”

We smiled at Steve and Janice knowing them very well of course from their
wedding and ours as well for that matter.

The detective continued, “Tomorrow you will all be taken to Police
Headquarters for a meeting with our chief and also the head prosecutor to
decided what action to take from then on. In the meantime carry on as you
normally would and try not to worry, I’m sure these two (pointing to Steve
and Janice) will take good care of you.”

They left having given our two police friends instructions. We all sat around
the kitchen table not talking just thinking and worrying about the future.

Derek’s mother got up and started to get dinner ready while we just sat,
Derek was still holding my hand, he turned to me saying. “would this have
happened if we had kept quite about our sexuality?”

“I don’t think baby that we could have kept it quite for much longer anyway.”

I leaned over to give him a reassuring kiss on the lips and he responded by
pushing his tongue gently into my mouth.

Derek’s father discreetly coughed and we broke apart remembering that he
had requested no kissing and so on in front of other people.

“Sorry dad” Derek said.

We all sat around making general conversation until dinner was ready.

Derek’s mum had made enough for Steve and Janice to join us. After we had
eaten, Derek’s mum told our two police friends that they could use the spare
bedroom to sleep.

Steve said, “We won’t be sleeping, we will be taking turns at patrolling
outside and we will be checking with the police station every hour anyway.”

I took hold of Derek’s hand and announced that we are going to bed.

Steve said, “Just a minute, I’ll check upstairs first just in case.”

I was beginning to get freaked out with all of this. Just then there was a
knock on the door Derek’s dad went to answer it but Janice stepped in front
of him and she opened the door.

It was another policeman with our headmaster Mr Garth.

Janice invited him in. He sat down in the lounge.

“Why have you got a police escort ?” Derek asked.

“I got a threatening letter as well and so did the Janitor, until the police find
out who’s behind it we are all being protected. I just came round to see how
you were all getting on.”

“I must admit sir” I said, “I’m getting scared about the whole thing, at least
we have two police officers that we know very well.”

Just then Steve came back down stairs telling us that everything was ok up

I was so drained and Derek didn’t look too good either so we gave our
apologies and went up to our bedroom. Mr Garth said goodnight to us all and
left with his policeman in tow.

I walked into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed staring at the
ceiling, Derek joined me and we both remained silent for quite a while.

Derek turned onto his side reaching over to cuddle me and kiss my neck. I
also turned and our lips met in a soft gentle loving kiss.

“I love you,” said my lover, “I love you too”. I replied.

We went back to kissing and our hands roamed over our bodies, both of our
cocks were slow to react due I expect to the stress and worry we had.

Eventually we both got hard and I moved down to get my lovers cock into my
mouth while he reached over to do the same to me. We slowly sucked each
other both taking our hardness deep into our throats. I’m sure we are
telepathic because simultaneously we began probing each others holes first
with one finger and then with two. Our sucking became more intense with
our climaxes coming quickly. We both blew together and I marvelled just how
often we were able to cum together.

With our mouths full of each others lovely sweet juice we kissed and swapped
our spunk.

After we had swallowed we lay silent and close in each others arms.

We drifted off to sleep after once again declaring our love for each other,
using each other as a security blanket not wanting to let go.

It was still dark when we both were wakened by shouting and people running

Steve knocked on our door and came in, “Hurry up and get out someone has
started a fire at the backdoor.”

We jumped out of bed scrambling to find the clothes we had discarded when
undressing earlier in the evening. Has we ran down the stairs we heard sirens
in the distance getting louder, the front door was open and we went into the
small garden at the front. Derek’s parents were there holding on to each
other his mother was crying. We joined them clinging to each other. Three
fire engines arrived and hoses were played out around to the back of the
house. Other police cars also arrived and the two detectives we spoke to
earlier also ran up to us making sure we were ok.

I was holding on to my sweetheart and sobbing into his shoulder.

“Why?” I shouted. “What have we done to deserve this, all we want is to be
left in peace to love each other”.

Derek kissed my tears soothing and calming me down, while tears also ran
down his own cheeks.

An ambulance arrived and we were ushered into it while the medics checked
us out. Another ambulance arrived soon after and went to the back of the
house. I thought that strange, but found out later that Janice suffered minor
burns trying to put out the blaze. It was lucky that one of our guards was
patrolling outside and spotted the fire almost straight away.

Once the medics were satisfied that we were all ok we were bundled into a
police car and driven into the town centre to a hotel near the police station.

Hot drinks were served and then all four of us were shown our rooms which
were on the top floor with police guards outside our doors and also at every
entrance of the hotel.

Derek’s father wanted to go back to the house and make sure it was safe but
our detective escorts told us the house would be made secure and kept under

We were told that Janice observed two men running away from the scene but
it was dark and she was unable to give an accurate description.

Derek and I went into our room and laid on the bed holding each other. We
tried to sleep but it was impossible every time we heard a slight noise we
were alert, wondering what it was.

Daylight came and we had a shower together kissing and cuddling, washing
each other but too upset to do anything else. After drying each other and
dressing in the same clothes that we wore last night we made it downstairs
for breakfast. Neither of us had appetites and just picked at our food.

Suddenly there was shouting and a commotion at the door. It was John
Waddington and his partner Bruce trying to get past three policemen.

I shouted, “It’s alright constable they are friends of ours”.

They rushed in taking both of us in their arms , kissing and hugging us.

“When we heard what had happened we rushed round to your house Derek.

Luckily Steve was still there and he told us to come here.”

“What on earth is happening” said Bruce. “What is happening to the world.”

We related to them all that had happened over the past few hours. Both of
them were distraught and worried.

They both left to go to their respective schools and our next visitors were Ian
and HRH. The police recognised our VIP friend so they got in with a minimum
of fuss. Once again kisses and cuddles all round including Derek’s parents.

HRH said, “If you like I will talk to the police and you can both come and stay
at Windsor”.

“Thank you that’s a wonderful gesture but we will have to get their
permission first plus there is the problem of going to school”. Derek said.

“yes I don’t want to miss the school play”. I added.

“That’s OK I can arrange for a car to take you to school and back. One with
bullet proof windows if need be”.

I kissed him and said thank you for thinking of us but we’ll see what happens.

Breakfast over we were escorted to Police Headquarters were we had to fight
our way through a throng of newspaper reporters and cameramen.

The questions that were hurled at us also frightened the shit out of me.

“Why should a couple of poofters be guarded by so many cops, wasting
public money.”

“Do you wish you had stayed in the closet and performed your sexual acts in

“We always made love in private” I yelled
Our police escort told me to ignore them and don’t say anything.

“Are you worried abut being arrested for performing illegal sex on each other”

Was another question I heard.

Inside the police station we finished up in the office of the chief constable
who apologised for the crush outside.

“They caught us unawares”. He said.

The office we where in gradually filled up with police in plain clothes and

The chief constable asked for quite and then spoke up.

“These two young men havebeen placed in a difficult situation and it our duty
to make sure they are kept safe until after the trial. I want you to disregard
their sexual preferences and admiration for each other, that is not our

The detective who was with us last night appeared to be in charge and he
spoke up next.

“We have made arrangements for them to be put up in a house which is
secure and safe with a high fence all the way round in open countryside
making it difficult for anyone to approach without being spotted. Last night
they caught us unaware because we did not take the notes as serious as we
should have. I have also been told that Windsor castle has been made
available as a safe haven.”

This brought gasps of surprise from everyone in the room. The chief
constable spoke.

“That is a very generous offer but won’t this make the Royal household also a
possible target.”

Anyway the conversation carried on but I didn’t hear much more because I
was so traumatized by the whole affair and all I wanted to do was run away
with my lover until the whole thing went away.

It was decided that the safe house was the best option, while Derek’s parents
,against their will where going to be driven to Derek’s grandparents in Devon.

They weren’t very happy about this because they didn’t want to leave Derek
and myself at the mercy of these people.

We rather tearfully said goodbye to Derek’s mum and dad and I thought at
least he saw his parents off my mother and sisters I didn’t even have contact
before they were rushed away.

Everything was getting on top of me I was so depressed and I could tell that
Derek was not fairing much better.

Derek whispered to me as we sat in the police station waiting for the safe
house to be fixed up.

“At least on our own at the house we’ll be able to relax and love each other to

At least that brought a smile to our faces for a few brief seconds.

I then had a wicked thought. “It would be even better if we had a nice sexy

Our transport arrived in the shape of a panel van. We went out of the station
by a back door and into the back of the van. It was uncomfortable and we
hung on to each other as we swerved round corners and down dirt tracks
until we arrived at a farmhouse in the middle of a field.

The van pulled into a barn attached to the side of the house and we went into
the house by a side door. The décor and furniture was plain but the house
was spotless plus there was plenty of food in the larder and a TV set as well.

Our detective pointed out that there was a phone but we must never answer
it and would only be able to use it under supervision, plus all calls would be
recorded. We were also told that we could call our parents every night, but
they could not call us because this number was not listed .

I asked about school and was told that arrangements were being made for us
to be taken to and from school but not until more plans for our safety had
been made.

“I expect you will be able to go back to school by Monday” He told us.

Derek wanted to know if any of our friends could visit like Ian and RHR.

“NO” the detective said, “Definitely not, it would be far too dangerous”

He left but not before introducing us to our bodyguards, two plain clothes
constables from a special protection squad based at Scotland Yard.

First thing we noticed was that both of them were armed with guns in
holsters strapped to their chests and under the armpits. The head policeman
was in his mid 30′s I guess, but the younger one was like a dream come true.

About 20 or so years old with blonde curly hair the cutest smile you’ve ever
seen. He had a pair of jeans on which left nothing to the imagination showing
the outline of a massive cock.

I noticed Derek could hardly take is eyes off the man’s crotch but then he
wasn’t the only one.

He noticed us both staring and he looked the both of us with a smile on his
face and he gave us a sly wink.

I started to get hard and had to sit down to cover up the mound rising in my
pants. Derek excused himself and headed for the bathroom to cover up his

The blonde extended his hand introducing himself as Peter while the other
policeman was called John.

“I suppose you two must be hungry by now so if you like I’ll fix you some
lunch” said Peter while John announced that he was going to take a tour
around the outside of the house.

While this conversation was taking place my lover came back announcing that
he was starving.

We sat close together in the lounge while our guards checked the grounds
and made lunch .

“I feel a bit safer now” I said, giving my lover a gentle kiss.

“yes”, he replied, “I just hope they catch them soon so that our lives can get
back to normal”.

I nodded in agreement then said with a smile, “What about that gorgeous
hunk Peter, I bet we could have some fun with him”

“Yes and I don’t think he would knock us back either, I’m sure his sexual
preferences are the same as ours.”

Just then Peter called out from the kitchen to say lunch was ready so hand in
hand we went and sat down at the kitchen table.

Peter was certainly a good cook, we had cheese omelettes with thick slices of
bread and butter along with percolated coffee.

We wolfed our lunch down, both being hungry having not eaten very much
since that dreaded note had arrived.

After lunch we asked John if we could go for a walk around the grounds and
he curtly replied no. “Sorry but you can’t leave the house under any
circumstances unless it is in the back of the van and I would be happier if you
stayed away from the windows as well.”

“I’m sorry but we have to take all these precautions considering what has
happened so far.”

Just then the phone rang and Peter answered it. It must have been their boss
because he answered with a lot of yes sir, no sir etc.

After he put the phone down he came and sat at the table looking decidedly
worried. John his partner asked what had happened.

“The police station, our school and our friend Ian have all been receiving
threatening phone calls.

“They have been unable so far to trace them except for the last one which
was made from a public phone box only two miles away from here”.

That did it I totally freaked out and began sobbing and yelling.


I was sobbing uncontrollably, shaking like a leaf. Derek put his arms around
me to try and calm me down while Peter came round on the other side of me
and he also put his arms around me hugging me and saying soothing words
to calm me down. John got up and went to the phone obviously to report
what was happening.

Derek began kissing my neck and cheeks trying to kiss my tears away and I
suddenly felt Peters hands roaming over my body while he was whispering in
my ear to try and calm down that I was in safe hands, not to worry. Derek
was still holding and nuzzling into my neck but stopped when he saw what
Peter was doing. I was also getting hard unable to control my dick.

Peter said, “Let’s go to your room before John comes back”.

We all stood up and moved towards the stairs with my lover holding my hand.

Peter stopped and said. “oh I thought just you and I Cliff could go to the
bedroom, while Derek stayed here to keep John in conversation.”

Derek answered him, “We are a team, a partnership and we have no
intension of ever parting. We both go or not at all.”

“Do you agree with him Cliff or would you rather have me on my own?”

“You heard what he said” I replied.

“We are a loving couple and no one and I mean no one splits us up. You can
join us in a threesome or you can fuck off and mind your own business.”

Peter thought for a minute then said, “Well it’s your loss but I don’t play third
fiddle to anyone”.

“Suits us”. Derek said. “We’re going to our room and don’t want to be

Hand in hand we climbed the stairs leaving a very pissed off Peter at the
bottom. We closed and locked the bedroom door and the curtains were
already closed.

I spoke first “What the fuck have I let us in for, I can’t take much more of this
baby, please hold me kiss me love me”.

Derek did just that “Why are we having to go through this and the media are
going to make us look terrible once the trial starts”.

I nodded laying on the bed with Derek half on top of me kissing and
caressing my body. He stopped and with a hint of urgency in his voice said,
“lets get naked quick.”

I was surprised but agreed and was soon stripped and laying back on the bed
again. With my naked lover pressing his body against mine. Both were hard
by this time and began moving into a 69 position except while I was going
down on my darlings cock he was stretching my ass hole with his hands and
pushing his tongue in as far as it would go.

The feeling was sensational as I slurped on his cock and he pushed his
tongue and then his fingers into my hole. He found my ‘spot’ and I began
squirming and moaning getting turned on in a big way.

It flashed through my head that I have the best lover in the world as my
partner. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and moved on top of me
squatting over my face so that I could go to work on his hole as well.

He had his back to my face so he lent forward to take my cock into his mouth
while I tongued his hole. By now we were both hot and ready so my lover
turned around and positioned his ass over my upright stiff cock.

I guided my stiffy into his hole and he sank down slowly until all of me was
embedded in his ass. He looked down at me with love in his eyes and smiling
whispered, “I love you and always will”. Once again my emotions began to
get the better of me and I got teary eyed. Derek began Moving slowly up and
down my pole moaning and telling me over and over how much he loved me.

I too was getting very hot and almost ready to shoot my load, while telling
my lover what a wonderful lover he was and how much I loved him.

Any one listening would have thought what a pair of soppy silly boys we
where but we didn’t care the only thing that mattered to us was our love for
each other.

Derek began to speed up and I could feel his body getting tense, plus I was
ready to shoot as well. “I’m Cumming” I said in a fairly soft voice, while Derek
gasping for breath nodded so hot and ready that he couldn’t speak.

Suddenly he came shooting his load over my chest on my face some even got
it my mouth which I gobbled up. This was enough to set me off and I sent
wave after wave into his body, thinking I wish I was giving him a baby.

Exhausted my baby collapsed on top of me spreading his juice all over our
bodies. I softened and came out of his hole allowing some of my juice to flow
out down my leg.

My lover moved off of me and began lapping up all the juice on my body
which was mainly his. When he had a mouth full he kissed me pushing juice
into my mouth and swirling it around with his tongue.

John knocked on the door to tell us that dinner was ready so we dressed and
went down to eat smelling of love and sex.

We had steak for dinner along with fresh vegetables all cooked to perfection
by Peter who I thought would make some man a good wife one day.

After dinner we both said we where tired so we headed for the bathroom had
a shower together washing each others bodies before going to bed. Both of
us were so tired that we dropped of to sleep straight away lying peacefully in
each others arms, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

The guys are going through a rough patch at the moment and it doesn’t get
any better for a while Let me know what you think

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy