Chapter 27

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 27

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

It was still dark when sounds outside the house under our bedroom window
had me wide awake. I jumped out of bed to peep through the curtains. It was
our two bodyguards having a smoke outside. I wondered when they sleep, but
then remembered that another crew would be along to relieve them today.

I went back to bed and laid there looking at the ceiling thinking of what
was going to happen to us. I turned to look at Derek and noticed he too was
awake just staring into space.

I leant over kissed him gently on the lips and said hello my darling.

“Hello”. he replied. He then said what was in my mind as well.

“What’s going to become of us?”

I held him closer kissing him a bit more persistently this time. “Who knows
baby, I think we went too far declaring our love to everyone”.

“Any regrets?” he asked.

“What do you mean?’ I quizzed him back.

“Getting hooked up with me? All I’ve managed to give you is trouble”

I sat up in bed looking deep into his eyes.

“Let’s get this straight nothing you have done as been trouble,” I paused.

“Your not having second thoughts about our relationship are you?”

“No. are you” he replied with a tremble in his voice.

“Derek I love you dearly, I love you so much it hurts and I want that hurt
to stay with me for ever.”

“I love you too Cliff and that hurt is intense I don’t want you to get hurt
and like you I want to stay with you for the rest of my life”.

Tears began rolling down his cheeks and a wetness came into my eyes as

We kissed, this time our tongues began exploring each others mouths and our
hands started to wander down our bodies. We both began hardening up, with
our cocks touching each other. We began a slow circular motion grinding our
cocks together our lips still locked. I moved my hand around to his willing
hole and slowly inserted a finger, causing my lover to jerk and moan before
he relaxed his body allowing my digit to go right in him.

A second finger and then a third went in to massage his prostrate and
prepare him for my hot stiff member.

Our lips parted and he looked me straight in the eyes and said.

“Make love to me my darling, I want you inside me filling me with your cum,
bonding the both of us together making us once again husband and wife.”

He spoke those beautiful words softly and with meaning, while the pleading
little boy look on his face displayed just how much he loved me.

I laid my lover onto his back and he automatically raised his legs up. I
placed a pillow underneath him giving me better access to his willing
hole. Slowly I entered him leaning forward to kiss him again and again.

He uttered a sigh of contentment as I pushed all the way in, waiting
briefly for him to recover from the initial push before I began slowly and
rhythmically fucking him.

I didn’t rush because I wanted our love making to last for ever and
ever. This rhythm continued for quite a while , not sure how long because
right now time didn’t matter. We were so engrossed in our love making that
the end of the world arriving would not have been able to stop us.

Between kisses Derek kept repeating I love you, I love you over and over
again, with a gentle soft smile on his lips.

This was not sex but true love and it was wonderful. I thought if only this
could last.

My balls began to tightening and I knew I was getting very close to filling
my lover with my juice. He too was tensing up getting prepared to shoot.

A stiffening of my body alerted my darling that I was close and he clamped
his ring tightly around my cock so that not a drop would be
wasted. Grunting like an animal I shot load after load of love juice into
my lover while he shot copious quantities of his juice between our
pulsating bodies. I began to go slack and moved off to the side, and my
lover proceeded to lick up his juice from my stomach and chest.

When he had done I moved down his body cleaning him up.

It was starting to get light by this time and we heard a knocking on the
door and Peter telling us that breakfast was almost ready, plus
arrangements had been made for us to go to school.

“I hope they are able to look after us at school” I said with a hint of
panic in my voice.

“These guys appear to know what they are doing so it should be OK” my lover

We dashed to the bathroom, showering together with just the hint of
foreplay, before dressing and going down stairs.

Peter and John were already sat at the kitchen table eating and two other
men came in from outside to be introduced as our escorts for today.

After we had finished eating we where taken out the side door into the barn
and got into the back of the van.

The doors were closed and then we started off with our companions sitting
in the front. We went by a more direct route and we were both surprised
that the trip only lasted about 10 minutes so we were not as far out of
town as we thought.

The van pulled up at the school loading dock and we were taken through the
kitchen into the hall in time for assembly.

Mr Garth our headmaster was there to greet us asking how we where.

Looking around I could see people who obviously where plain clothes police
standing everywhere.

Our headmaster was looking very haggard and worn and I felt sorry for him
that we had brought this trouble on his head.

After assembly during which the head laid down some rules for the rest of
the school body regarding leaving the school and other things.

He told us that we would have to stay together for our classes because
there was not enough protection for us to be apart and this suited us fine.

The day progressed with a lot of kids staring at us but nobody saying

During the lunch break we had to take our lunch in John Waddington’s
classroom with the door locked but we did manage to get permission for Ian
to join us.

Poor Ian he looked so worried, shaking like a leaf. Both Derek and I
cuddled and kissed him telling him that everything would be OK.

Apparently until the trial was over HRH was not allowed to communicate with
Ian and was confined to staying at the palace.

Just then the fire bell began ringing and the loudspeakers told every one
to evacuate the school and that this was not a drill.

We could hear people running out of the school, while a policeman came in
and told us to stay put for the time being until he received further

All three of us huddled together shaking and wondering what was happening.

The two who drove us in this morning came rushing in and told us to follow
them. We went out into the corridor surrounded by police, Ian was with
us. We ran down the corridor and down the steps into the boiler room were
the janitor was waiting looking very scared as well. You may remember that
he was the one who identified my attackers and was one of the prosecutions
main witnesses. He had also had threats made against him. He joined us as
we scrambled out of the boiler room using the chute which the coke was
pushed down.

A police car was waiting for us and with sirens blaring and lights flashing
we sped away to police headquarters.

We finished up in the police canteen still not sure about what was going

Peter our farm house guard came in and told us that there was a hostage
situation at the school. The two men who had been causing all this trouble
were holed up in a classroom with one of the teachers as hostage.

We found out later that Miss Marsden our dear Geography teacher was the one
being held prisoner.

Peter got us some food and we settled or tried to settle down. All three of
us found it hard to eat being worried sick what was going to happen.

After about three hours a police man came in and said it was all over and
the two men were now in custody. Just then another policeman came to take
us into the chief constables office.

Ushered in and sat down the chief looked very sad and spoke to me.

“I’m terribly sorry Cliff to have to tell you that one of the men we have
arrested is your father”.

Derek grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I could feel the blood draining from
my face as the news sank in. I burst into tears with Derek and Ian on
either side holding me and trying to calm me down.

“Why” was all I could say repeating it over and over.

Finally the Chief spoke again. “I’m so sorry for you Cliff, Do you want to
talk to your mother once I have rang and given her the news”.

“if it’s alright with you sir, I’d like to be the one to tell her”.

The Chief nodded and said ok.

I was handed the phone along with the number to call, they then all left
the room leaving just Derek and Ian with me.

I dialed the number and my mother came on the phone straight away.

“Hi mum” I said trying to be cheerful but failing miserably.

“They’ve caught the men responsible,”

“Oh good” mum said.

I began sobbing. “What’s the matter Cliff are you both alright?”

“I’m sorry mum, I can’t help it.”

I burst into tears and handed the phone to Derek.

“This is Derek. Mum, what Cliff is trying to tell you is that one of the
men is your husband”

I grabbed the phone back off my lover. “I’m so sorry mum, so sorry, if we
hadn’t declared our love none of this would happen.”

I could hear mum crying down the phone along with my two younger sisters
who I could hear sobbing.

“It’s not your fault Cliff, your father was heading towards something like
this it was just a matter of time. I’m just happy that you and Derek are

We talked a bit more and then said our goodbyes, mum saying she would be
back as soon as the police said it was ok .

Still sobbing I said to Derek and Ian, “Were will mum and the girls live
the cottage they have now goes with my fathers job”.

Derek hugged me and replied, “Don’t worry about that for now you keep
saying to me everything will work out right and I’m sure it will.”

Derek then got onto the phone to his mum and dad, relating to them all that
had happened.

Once again they were shocked by what my father had done.

Ian then made a quick call to his folk to assure them that he was ok.

All three of us then sat on silence pondering our future.

The chief constable came back in to tell us that Steve and Janice our two
police friends have made arrangements for us to stay with them until our
parents got back and if we were ready they are waiting in the canteen.

The phone rang and the chief answered it. He put the phone down and told us
that the Chief prosecutor would like to see us before we left.

Thanking the chief constable for all his help we shook his hand before
being escorted to the prosecutors office.

We all trooped in to his office and sat down. I asked if it was ok for Ian
to stay even thought he his not involved in the case.

The prosecutor agreed and the said. “I’m so sorry to hear that your father
was involved along with Michael Jefferson’s father, apparently they met in
a pub and hatched this plot so his son wouldn’t be sent to jail and your
father hoped that you would be accused of sodomy and also get jail time.

I was stunned at this news but not all together surprised.

“How could any father do that to his son”. Derek said.

No one answered him because their just wasn’t one.

The prosecutor spoke again, “The good news is that Michael Jefferson has at
least some decency in him and has decided to plead guilty saving you an
appearance in court.”

“Thank goodness,” I replied. “I was dreading facing all those reporters

“A word of advice Cliff and you too Derek, you will find that you will be
approached by dozens of newspapers and magazines offering you a lot of
money for your story. Now it’s entirely up to you but I suggest that you
tell them what to do with their money.”

“Don’t worry sir,” Derek said. “All we want is to be left alone to lead a
happy, loving life.”

“I admire you boys, and I hope that all you wish does come true.”

With at least some good news at last we left to join Steve and Janice in
the canteen were we had lunch before returning to their house, on the way
Ian was dropped off at his home.

Once indoors we both hugged Steve and Janice thanking them for all they
have done for us.

Bot of us were absolutely knackered and stressed out so we excused
ourselves telling our hosts that we wanted to go to our room and rest.

Steve looked at us both and grinned.

I said “Honestly Steve we are both stuffed and we really are going for a
rest and nothing else, well maybe nothing else” .

We all laughed, the first time for a while and hand in hand we headed for
the spare room.

We both flopped down on the bed beside each other.

“Honestly darling I could not have taken much more of that, there are some
cruel people in the world and my bastard of a father is the worst”. I burst
into tears and Derek put his arms around me hugging me tight and whispering
lovely words in to my ear.

We both remained still and gradually my tears stopped flowing and my eyes
got heavy as sleep finally came and I fell into a deep dreamless sleep in
my baby’s arms.

We both slept soundly right through the night before being wakened by a
knocking on the bedroom door. It was Janice.

“Wake up you two we have visitors so hurry up and get downstairs.”

No time for anything except a quick good morning kiss we did what we had to
do in the bathroom before dressing and heading down stairs.

There in the kitchen tucking into a hearty breakfast Janice had cooked, was
my mother and my two sisters.

It was great to see them and after kisses and hugs all round we also sat
down to a breakfast of bacon, eggs, baked beans and toast.

My mother also had some good news, the chairman of the board from the small
school for whom my father was working had contacted mum to tell her that
they were very happy with her work and would she consider staying on as
housekeeper and they would employ a handyman to do the work dad was doing.

“That’s great news mum because that’s a lovely cottage and the job isn’t
all that hard is it?” I asked.

“No” she replied ” and don’t forget there will always be a room for you and

More kissing and cuddling followed, before mum and my sisters were taken
home by police car.

The next good news was a phone call from Derek’s parents to say they had
just arrived home. We promised them we would be round to see them soon.

Before we left our two wonderful friends Derek and I hugged them both,
before Derek spoke up for the both of us.

“We will never be able to repay the kindness you two have given us, thank
you so much for every thing you have done. We both wish we could find some
way to thank you.”

With tears in our eyes we hugged them both before leaving for Derek’s

We arrived home to find a big lunch waiting for us. We also noticed that
the damaged back door and porch which had been set alight had all been
fixed with no sign of what happened a couple of nights ago.

Derek was the first to notice that the phone was off the hook and
questioned his parents about this.

His father told him, “We are getting lots of nasty obscene calls calling
you two nasty vile names, plus newspapers and magazines also keep calling
wanting to pay lots of money for our story and we are sick of it.”

“I’ll talk to Steve maybe they will be able to get you a private number in
a hurry.” I replied.

Derek added, ” the prosecutor told us not to be taken in by these offers, I
told him all we want is a bit of peace and quite.”

We went into the lounge and sat together on the sofa watching TV. It was
kids TV at that time of the day (There was only the BBC in those days so
the choices were very limited) but we didn’t care all we needed was time on
our own. We sat very close to each other as much of our bodies touching as
possible our arms around each other with Derek’s head resting on my
chest. We didn’t talk just sat there enjoying the closeness and the aura of
love which was around us. I think I may have dozed off to sleep, because it
was getting dark and Derek’s mother came in announcing tea was ready.

After tea Derek announced that we would do the washing up, which surprised
me because I had noticed he never did anything around the house for his
parents. His mother jokingly asked if he was ill or something. We laughed
at that before clearing the table and going into the kitchen. I offered to
wash if he dried and we made quite a nice domestic picture. In between
drying just about every plate cup and saucer Derek would lean in and kiss
me on the cheek, the neck, and the lips.

“If your trying to get me horny your succeeding,” I laughed.

“Good because that’s what I had in mind.”

“Keep that up and I’ll fuck you on the kitchen table right now”. I said.

“Good.” he replied with that wicked grin on his face.

We finished our chore and announcing to his parents that we were going to

Derek was in front of me going up the stairs and he kept wagging his bum in
my face, laughing I slapped him on the bum a couple of times.

Once up stairs my lover suggested a bath so we headed for the bathroom ran
some hot water into the tub at the same time undressing each other with our
hands roaming everywhere, touching and prodding and generally arousing each
other until both of us became hard and ready for anything.

Good job it was a fairly wide bath tub because we got in head to tail so we
could take each others cock into our mouths.

It had been a while since we had a good loving session so it wasn’t very
long before our juices were flowing down each others throats. I changed
ends so I could kiss my darling our tongues fencing with each other as we
softly moaned our cocks slowly getting hard again, ready for whatever came

It became a bit uncomfortable and restrictive in the bath so we quickly
washed each other from top to toe and then got out drying each other and of
course paying more attention than need be to our reproductive organs.

Rather than dress again we dashed naked down the hall into our bedroom were
we fell into each others arms carrying on where we left off.

We wrestled around the bed for a while each one trying to get on top of the
other, but in the end we were both laughing so much that we fell back on
the bed to get our breath back.

Derek raised his legs in the air and began moving his bum around as if to
attract my attention. Of course he didn’t have to try very hard because I
was hard and ready to plunge my cock deep into him.

“Make love to me darling, fill me with your love juice, don’t just give me
a baby, make it twins.”

I was always surprised when ever Derek spoke like that, laughing at his

He put a serious look on his face and said. “Don’t laugh I’m serious I want
you and I want you NOW, so don’t just laugh, do it”.

I don’t think I will ever fully understand my lover and the way he thinks.

Getting between his legs I pushed straight in as far as my dick could go
without waiting for my baby to get over the initial shock.

“Wow, I love it when you go in like that”. He moaned. I slowly began
pushing in and out of his willing hole while he moved his body around my
hard member. The feeling was incredible and I thought, this gets better
every time.

My pounding of his arse got quicker and more forceful until I felt my balls
tightening until I blasted my love juice into my lover and he tightened his
ring making sure non of it escaped.

Derek had not cum which was unusual because we normally blow together, so I
pulled my softening prick out of him and laid flat on my back with my legs
in the air.

Derek very quickly climbed on top of me entering me just as hard and
quickly as I had to him.

I gasped as I felt his cock enter but soon got over the initial shock,
willing him to fuck me hard and quick.

He grinned and proceeded to do just that. It didn’t take him long before he
announced he was coming, with spurt after spurt entering me.

My baby laid on top of me trying to catch his breath, while perspiration
was dripping from both of us.

“Lover, that was the best ever.” he whispered.

“yes” I replied, “I love you so much my baby” I added.

We laid like that for a while until Derek moved off me and suggested that
we head for the bathroom to clean ourselves up. He began laughing and I
asked him what was funny.

“Mum will have to get back into the habit of washing sheets again”.

I agreed heading for the bathroom to clean ourselves up.

Derek ripped off some toilet paper and proceeded to clean the juice which
was dripping from me. Momentarily this freaked me out that he would do what
I considered a personal thing, he must have read my mind because he
said. “Don’t worry babe I put it there so I’ll clean it up”

I grinned and thought, well I should do the same for him, but it did feel
strange wiping someone else’s bum. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to

Back in bed sleep came very quickly.

Derek’s father woke us up by knocking on the door to tell us breakfast was
almost ready. After a quick kiss we dashed to the bathroom for a pee to
relieve the morning `woody’ before dressing and heading down stairs.

After breakfast we headed off to school and assembly. Mr. Garth our
headmaster looked a lot better than he did the day before.

He told the whole school that hopefully everything would be back to normal
today and to remind us all that the next school play was happening this
coming weekend.

I felt panic getting hold of me when I realized just how close our
performance was. We had very little rehearsal, although I think I can
remember most of my lines.

After assembly john Waddington came up to tell us that all day today would
be rehearsals and Derek would have to work on the sets.

We stayed in the hall and when everyone had gone we got stuck into

You may recall that Gwen my ex was also my leading lady in the play and
that we had a couple of romantic moments during the play.

Gwen came up to me giving me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, asking if
I was OK.

I nodded in the affirmative and she said.

“I’m glad your all right, everyone was worried about you and Derek plus I
cried when it was announced that your own father was involved. I know he
wasn’t a very nice man but to try and kill your own son”, unable to
continue she broke down and started to cry. I took her in my arms to
comfort her noticing that Cliff was staring at me with a puzzled look on
his face .

Gwen dried her eyes and said sorry and I told her not to worry and that
Derek and I had cried almost continually for a couple of days. Not quite
true but it made her feel better.

Gwen then whispered in my ear, “Cliff I still love you and always will.”

Oh shit I thought if I’m not careful this could get ugly.

John Waddington saved the day by calling us all to get into our places so
we could run the play through from beginning to end.

Everything went fairly smoothly and I only forgot my lines a couple of
times although I did confuse some of the other by adlibbing when I couldn’t
remember exact words.

Gwen and my romantic scenes came and went with Gwen trying so very hard to
force her tongue into my mouth while rubbing herself against my cock. It
took a lot of self control but I managed to keep `little willy’ soft.

We took a break for lunch, Mr. Waddington announcing that after lunch we
would have a final run through.

We joined Ian during the break and I noticed that Derek was unusually

“What’s the matter baby?” I enquired.

“Nothing” was his reply, which I knew was a lie.

“Come on what’s bothering you” I persisted.

“Nothing I’m just being a jealous bitch I suppose.”

“You have nothing to worry about my darling, I am totally over Gwen, what
you see on stage is acting that’s all”.

“I know that lover but I can’t help feeling that I’m going to lose you”.

Not caring that hundreds of students were all around us I took him into my
arms and kissed him.

A few cheers went up and I thought I heard a strange clicking noise but did
not think anything about it.

The final rehearsal went well and I knew it would be all right on the
night. During my final kissing scene with Gwen I thought I heard that
clicking noise again but dismissed it as being my imagination.

After school we walked home with Ian who told us that his lover HRH was
back at his school and they were meeting at John and Bruce’s place tonight.

Laughing I pointed out that there would be a flood of spunk in town
tonight. Ian blushed but agreed with me.

Derek and I had our tea with his parents, watched a bit of TV before
heading for bed. Both of us were tired so we had a little kiss and cuddle
before going to sleep in each others arms.

Next morning we awoke to Derek’s father banging on the door asking if he
could come in. Both of us although naked had a sheet over us so Derek
called him in.

He walked in with the morning newspaper, showing us the front page.

I could feel the blood draining from my face as I stared at the headline.

`IS HE OR ISN’T HE’ Beneath the caption was two photos one of me kissing
Derek and the other of me kissing Gwen.

I was stunned unable to speak while Derek looked haggard and worried.

“Why can’t they leave us alone”. I sobbed completely breaking down

” I can’t take much more of this” I uttered, Derek took me in his arms
trying to comfort me but not having much luck.

Derek’s father didn’t know what to do he just stood there staring at us and
the newspaper. I suddenly realized that the clicking I heard yesterday was
a camera capturing those moments during the lunch break when I kissed my
lover and during rehearsals when I kissed Gwen as part of the play.

I took the newspaper and turned to page two which was where the story
was. The article was just a rehash of all the events that had happened in
the past few days along with a couple more photos of Derek and I holding
hands and another of Gwen and I holding hands as part of the play.

I turned to Derek and said, “Darling what are we going to do? Lets just run
away set up on our own and fuck the lot of em.”

Derek’s father spoke up, “I play golf quite regularly with a solicitor
friend of mine I will talk to him today and see if he has any ideas on what
action can be taken.” he paused as if thinking what to say next. “I don’t
think running away is the right answer, that means they, whoever they are
have won. We love you Cliff just as much as we do our own son and it hurts
us just as much as it hurts you to see how so many people are trying to
ruin your lives together.”

Derek spoke next, “Thanks dad we will be guided by what your golfing friend
says, we love you and mum very much and this must be hurting you both and
Cliff’s mum and sisters as well.”

I hugged my partner and said, “Hopefully life will be easier when we have
left school”

I continued, “Do we go to school today and face what is going to be a tough
day or stay at home until the fuss or whatever ends”.

Derek with a determined tone in his voice said “We will go to school and
act as if nothing is wrong and if anyone mentions the story to us we will
tell them to go get fucked”.

(The guys are going through a bad patch at the moment but I’m sure
everything will settle down soon. Or will it?)

Let me know what you think

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy