Chapter 28

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 28

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to
decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in
England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of
the World then I suggest you stop reading now.
I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology which
is used these days but was not around back in the 50
‘s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there
to understand what I am talking about.
So that was that we headed off to school to face who knows what.
A low brick wall surrounds the school at the front and as we approached we
could see the front page of the paper plastered at intervals all along the wall.
“just fuckin ignore it” I told Derek. Then we saw the schools head boy, Jason
(who we knew was gay), Ian and several others ripping the pages off the wall.
We walked over to talk to them I said. “Thank you guys, but don’t get
yourselves into trouble, we’re in enough already for all of you.”
Jason came over and said, “While I think you guys we’re a bit premature in
announcing your love for each other I still admire you, and my boyfriend and I
would love to meet up with you guys for a chat .”
I looked at Derek and got that cheeky grin back from him knowing full well
what was going through his mind.
I answered Jason, “That would be great Jason, we’ll talk about it later.”
He nodded and I’m sure he had a cheeky grin on his face as well.
We went into school and noticed papers stuck around everywhere with Mr.
Garth organizing a team to take them down, he saw us and came over. “I’m
sorry boys but this is what greeted me when I arrived this morning, I feel so
sorry and blame myself for persuading you to declare yourselves to the
“Please sir your not to blame we were the ones who took the step and told
everyone.” Derek told him.
“We never in a million years guessed that the outcome would be as bad as
this.” I added.
“I’m also angry because these pictures where taken in my school and if I find
the one who took them there will be trouble.”
We trooped into morning assembly and of course there was a lot of
whispering and finger pointing.
At the end of assembly Mr. Garth stood up to address the school.
“A lot has happened this term, some good things and some not so good. You
may recall two of your fellow students declared their homosexuality and love
for each other right on this stage in front of the senior school. I admire these
brave young men as did many other members of this school. Unfortunately
the minority decided to cause trouble, which put one of those boys into
hospital and charges being laid against the perpetrators . Two cowardly
gentlemen.” He paused and looked me with an apologetic look on his face.
” Thought they should take the law into their own hands causing major
problems for our fine police force and upsetting the running of this school. To
cap it all someone either from within this school or an intruder took
photographs which finished up on the front page of a national newspaper.
These pictures distorted the truth and believe me if I find out who took those
photographs they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, plus if it was
a student they will never pass through it’s doors again and if it is a member of
the staff they will find themselves looking for a another teaching position.
Now I want every single one of those pictures plastered around the school to
be removed and destroyed immediately. If myself or any of our prefects and
staff see someone walking past a picture and not removing it they must
report who ever it is to me for disciplinary action to be taken.
Assembly is over go to your classes.” The whole school including the staff
walked out of the main hall in complete silence.
“Thank you sir,” I said to our head. He nodded and walked quickly away
hoping I wouldn’t see the tears glistening in his eyes.
Derek and Ian joined me at the side of the stage. Ian said, “well that put
everyone in there place didn’t it?”
We agreed and began walking towards our first class of the day.
“By the way guys I have some news for you”.
Ian added. “HRH and I spent some time talking last night at John and Bruce’s
“I doubt if there was much talking” I interrupted with a laugh.
Ian true to form blushed and then continued, “Yes well you know how it is ,
but we did talk mainly about the future and he had a long talk with his
parents about his future and they agreed that he could go into theatre
production, which is what he wanted to do and his mother agreed that I
would be employed as his right hand man, which is all right but because I am
being paid does this make me a prostitute?”
We had to laugh at that thought and he got a bit annoyed. “Seriously should I
take the job or what?”
“You love him don’t you?” Derek asked.
“of course I do.” was the reply.
“and he loves you?”
“he says he does and I believe him.”
“well go for it.” Derek said.
“This calls for a hug.” I declared and we did right in the middle of the main
corridor but no one was around. We wished him the best of luck and he went
off to his class beaming all over his face.
“Well there goes one very happy boy.” I said, “I hope it goes well and the two
of them are very happy together”
“I think they will.” Derek said.
Lunchtime we gathered as usual in the dining room with just three of us
sitting at a table, I noticed the rest of the students were giving us plenty of
room because the tables around us were vacant while the rest of them were
crowded around the other tables. Ian also noticed it and said, “Do they think
we’re going to be blown up or something.”
“It certainly looks that way.” I replied.
Just then I noticed an older looking student, which I didn’t recognize sitting
just a couple of tables away with a black bag which he had placed on the
table. He had brown hair and looked just a bit too scruffy to be one of our
“I whispered to Ian and Derek, “Don’t look round too quick but do you
recognize the guy with the brown hair and black bag? I don’t think I’ve seen
him before and I know most of the students here.”
The both casually looked round and said that they had never seen him
before. I said to Ian who was sat nearest to the door, “Go get Mr. Garth and
tell him to bring some help with him because I’m sure he is an impostor”.
Ian got up and casually went out to find the headmaster.
He was back in a matter of minutes with the head, three male teachers and
the janitor in tow. Our mysterious friend as soon as he saw who came
through the door got up and started moving towards the door leading into the
Mr Garth shouted for attention and ordered every one to remain were they
where. Our friend then panicked and started running sending any student in
his way flying.
“Stop him” Shouted Mr. Garth, but he had already reached the door and
dashed into the playground straight into the arms of two police officers which
Mr Garth had telephoned for.
We followed our boss outside to find the police placing him in handcuffs while
the head opened the bag he had with him to find a camera and a hole cut
into the side of the bag.
We heard later that he was a freelance photographer noted for taking
compromising pictures. HRH also told us that he was well know at the palace
and had an injunction against him taking pictures of royalty.
“Well another problem solved”. said Derek. As we sat down and some sort of
order returned to the dining room.
Derek had obviously been thinking instead of listening in class this morning
because he brought up the subject of Jason and his boyfriend wanting to
meet up with us.
“I’ve been thinking,” he said. “O I bet that hurt.” Ian quipped.
“Very funny ha-ha” he replied. “Why don’t we ask John Waddington if we can
take Jason and his mate to their place for a private chat?’
Once again I caught a glimpse of that wicked grin of his.
“Sounds like a good idea to me lets go see him before the bell goes.” I said.
We caught up with John outside the staff room on his way back to class and
explained about Jason and his boy friend wanting to have a chat and could
we use his place. John laughed and said, “Do you really think I was gullible to
believe that crap about having a chat? You are a devious pair with ulterior
motives I bet”.
We laughed and I said, “Well is it ok?’
“Bruce and I are going out tonight and won’t be back till very late so you can
use the house but please be very discreet and extra careful. It is obvious that
the press are keeping a very close eye on you two so watch your backs”
We told him we would and thanked him.
We then headed off to find Jason and give him directions and details about
the set up.
“Thanks guys, we’re really looking forward to chatting with you two.”
And I swear that he winked at us and grinned.
Derek remarked when he had moved off, “I think tonight is going to be a
good one.”
I nodded in agreement as we went to our classes.
Afternoon classes went rather slowly and the final bell was a welcome sound.
I met up with Derek and Ian at the gate and we chatted for a while before
Ian said goodbye giving the both of us a kiss on the cheek. (we had all
decided that now our lives were exposed in the media we might as well carry
on as homosexual people do).
Just as Ian left Jason came along to tell us that is boyfriend would be here
any minute now if we would like to wait.
Jason was a bit taller than most of us with a mop of dark slightly curly hair,
today he had on a pair if slacks on which were just a bit tight around the
groin area showing a very nice tempting bulge.
I could see my lover looking at him and drooling. I nudged him and
whispered, “Calm down boy, you’ll get a taste real soon”.
I wasn’t quite soft enough and Jason heard me. He burst out laughing but
blushed as well at the same time.
Just then another cutie walked down the road, carrying a school bag.
He was the same height as Jason, but with long blonde hair reaching down to
his shoulders, as he got closer I noticed he had the nicest big deep blue eyes
I have ever seen. I started to get hard straight away. He came up to Jason
subtly squeezing his hand. Jason introduced him as Paul and we shook hands
I think both Derek and I were speechless at the sight of these two hunks
standing side by side.
“Will you two stop drooling so we can get going” Jason laughed.
We headed off for John and Bruce’s place, with both Derek and I keeping a
look out making sure we weren’t being followed. We had already worked out
that we would walk past John’s house and down a little laneway a couple of
houses past so that we would come in through the back garden. We went
inside and I told them to keep still and not put any lights on until I had
checked out of the window. Nobody was in sight so we went into the back
room and put on the light.
I noticed that both Jason and Paul were looking a bit nervous so I started the
conversation off by inviting them to sit on the bed.
I took the bull by the horns then and said, “ok you guys lets get the chat out
if the way first and then we’ll see what happens”
My three companions all grinned at my remark.
Jason spoke first. “As I said before we admire you chaps for declaring your
love to all and sundry, it’s a pity that it hasn’t been smooth sailing. The point
is Paul and I are, like you two are very much in love, but we’re getting a bit
tired of having to sneak around, not being able to see each other as much as
we would like. We were hoping that you two might have some ideas to help
our relationship go a bit further than it is.”
Derek and I didn’t reply straight away, we just sat there thinking.
I spoke up first. “What about your parents? If you approached them first how
do you think they would react?”
Paul spoke for the first time, “I think my parents already suspect something is
going on, but whether they are happy about it or would understand if I told
them I’m not sure”.
Jason looking very unhappy said, “My folk are very antigay, you should have
heard what they said about you two when they heard about it on the news, I
dread to think how they would carry on if I told them I was a homosexual.”
“It would be a good start if you could get your parents on side” Derek
explained. He continued, “We were very lucky with our parents, while Ian had
a few worries at the start with his mother, but she got over the initial shock
Silence descended on the room all four of us toying with our own thoughts
and ideas.
“The way I see it.” I said, “Is to approach your parents and have it out with
them, you may not like what they say but sometime your sexual preferences
have to come out. Do you think it would help if we went along with you when
you spoke to them. That tactic worked quite well when Ian told his folk.”
Jason with a doubtful look on his face said, “If you had heard the way my
parents went on when they found out about you two, you would have second
thoughts about meeting them.”
“Maybe if they met us and allowed us to explain a few things to them they
just might change their attitude.”
Derek added, “It’s worth a try, I still reckon you guys have to go for broke
with your parents, if they throw you out, which I doubt they will do then I will
talk to my folks and maybe you will be able to live with us.”
My prick went rock solid after that remark, the thought of those two hunks
living with us sounded heavenly.
Jason spoke again, “Both Paul and I are also a bit naïve when it comes to sex,
before we met we had no knowledge about sexual things either with girls or
I was a bit stunned at that finding it hard to imagine boys of their age not
knowing the facts of life.
“Do either of you have particular preferences when it comes to sex? ” They
both looked a bit puzzled at my remark.
“Well does one of you prefer to be on top and other underneath if you get
what I mean”.
Jason answered, “Neither of us have thought about that although I usually
finish on top and Paul’s quite happy to receive, but we swap around from
time to time.”
“That’s same as us more or less, whoever wants what at the time gets it.”
Paul’s turn to speak now,” We don’t indulge in a lot of foreplay, which I think
is what it’s called.”
I looked across at Derek smiled and said. “I think the best way to go from
here is for us all to get naked and let us show you a few moves and holds.”
We all burst out laughing and Jason stood up to start undressing.
“Wait up”. I said, “That’s wrong for a start. Why don’t I undress you Paul and
Derek can start on you Jason.”
I thought to myself this is good I got in first and get to undress Paul who I
reckon is a ‘hottie’.
Both Derek and I moved up to our targets and began gently kissing with our
tongues moving between their lips to fence with our tongues. Clothing was
disposed of slowly as we all continued to kiss and I could feel Paul getting
more and more excited.
He soon got the idea because he also started to remove my clothing getting
me just as excited as he was.
Both naked, in fact all four of us naked I laid this gorgeous hunk on the bed
next to his lover, Jason while Derek and I went to town on them both.
I continued kissing him while my hands began roaming over his body
checking out what he had got, and wow I got a big surprise when I began
rubbing my hand up and down a massive 8 inches of cut cock. I thought to
myself I must try getting all of that into my mouth. I glanced across to my
lover and noticed he was already orally satisfying Jason who had a slightly
smaller dick about 7 ½ inches uncut.
I started moving down his body kissing on the way, stopping for a suck on his
nipples which grew hard and pointy, next came his navel which I found like
me was an area which got him hot. Paul began moaning and jumping about
the bed just like his partner Jason.
I finally moved down to his cock licking up the precum from the tip before
slowly taking his thick solid cock into my mouth. I slowly moved down on him
taking a deep breath and then breathing through my nose so that I could
take him deep into my throat, the first couple of tries I started to gag but
soon I was able to take the full 8 inches into my throat. Paul was going off his
brain it was obvious that he had never experienced deep throating before and
he was loving it.
Increasing my speed I felt his balls tighten and new he was getting close to
his climax.
“I’m Cumming” He whispered hoarsely finding it hard to talk and blow he did
spurt after spurt of lovely juice right down my throat. I kept on sucking until
his cock began to soften, then I climbed up his body to kiss and push what
sperm was left in my mouth into his.
All four of us lay side by side with Derek and I kissing our trainees.
Jason got his breath back first, “Fuck that was fantastic, it was never quite
like that when we did it, we have a lot to learn”
Paul said, “Yes, I’ve never been satisfied like that, don’t get me wrong when
we do it is good but not as good as that”.
My lover and I laughed and I said, “That was just the first part of the lesson
the best is yet to come”.
Paul indicated that they should return the favor because both of us were still
hard. He moved down to take me in his mouth and I must admit he was
pretty good.
I reached down moving my fingers around his body to play with his beautiful
arse. He moved round a bit so I had easier access. Gradually my finger went
inside him two for starters and I soon found his prostrate, which immediately
gave him a big boner.
His sucking continued at quite a rate but I wanted to cum somewhere else,
not in his mouth. I moved his mouth off my cock and asked him to lie down
with his legs in the air, while I got between him and slowly pushed into his
hole. He gasped as my cock entered and I stopped, waiting for the pain to go
away before continuing to push all the way in.
Paul began moaning and I asked if he was ok.
“Fuck yes”, he said. “Keep on fucking me I love it, fuck me harder fill me with
your juice.”
I thought this guys right into it and I began to fuck him faster and faster and
he responded by pushing his body up so he got all my cock inside him. By this
time my balls were banging against his body and the perspiration was
dripping off my body onto his.
Our fucking reached a point were I couldn’t hold back any longer and I
shouted I’m cumming and cum I did sending wave after wave into his willing
I collapsed on top of him, kissing him. It was then that I felt Paul’s juice on
our stomachs and chest and realized he had shot another big load for the
second time.
I rolled to one side and noticed that my lover was still being fucked by Jason
who was just about to shoot into my lover. Both looked to be enjoying
themselves and a tinge of jealousy swept across me before realizing that I
had just done the same with another guy anyway and enjoyed it just as
Jason finally rolled off and laid by the side of his partner and Derek climbed
over them both to take me in his arms. We kissed, then my darling said,
“That was a great session did you enjoy it?”
“Fuck yes,” I replied. “These two are really hot, hot, hot”.
Derek whispered in my ear, “Were you jealous?”
“Yes” I replied, “What about you?”
“Shit yes I looked across, noticed you going at it hammer and tongs and the
thought flashed through my head, I hope I don’t lose him to this stud.”
I got serious and maybe just a little angry. “You should know by now that I
love only one person and that’s you, there is no need to doubt my love unless
you are having second thoughts”.
Derek looked at me with hurt in his eyes and I immediately felt a hell for
talking to him like that.
“Jason looked over and said, “hey you two, we didn’t want to cause any
problems between you , we both love each other as much as you two do so
don’t get any silly ideas into your heads. Shit if I’d known we were going to
come between you two I would never have mentioned that we get together.”
Derek spoke, “it’s ok guys I was just being a bit silly and said words that I
shouldn’t have. Nothing and no one will between us, will they Cliff.”
I answered by kissing him firmly and passionately on the lips, when we broke
apart I said “No way baby, sorry.”
He kissed me softly and tenderly, smiled and said, “We’re together for ever.”
We continued to kiss our tongues going to town on each others, I started to
harden up again with Derek’s soft hands helping me along. My fingers found
my lovers hole and began to do there stuff until he was begging me to fuck
I moved behind him this time and he got on all fours getting himself fully
prepared for my prick entering him.
Jason and Paul were watching us and mirroring our movements at the same
I pointed my rock hard prick at my darlings hole and he moved a hand behind
him to guide me it into the promised land. Derek pushed back helping my
cock slide in easy and all the way.
Meanwhile Jason was slowly shagging Paul who was groaning and moaning
with pleasure. I began slowly going in and out of my baby who also was
making pleasurable noises moving his body back in rhythm to my movements, it
felt great and I could see our two buddies next us were also having a great
Feeling myself heading towards a climax I speeded up my fucking and I
noticed the other two doing the same.
“O fuck, yes fuck, I’m cumming, Oh baby I love you” I muttered these words
over and over as my juice burst into my lovers arse. I continued pumping
until my cock started to soften , I moved off to the side with my arms
wrapped around my darling all the time both of us were whispering words of
love to each other.
Paul spoke out loud first saying, “That was the best fuck we have ever had
Jason, God I love you so much”.
“And I love you too my darling”.
Jason went on, “We have never felt so much in love before as we do tonight
and we have you both to thank for that. I think our relationship went up a
notch tonight”.
“Yes” said Paul, “that was fantastic, I hope we can get together again
“Anytime you two want another lesson just let us know” Derek said.
Jason looked at the clock and said that he had to get going so we cleaned
ourselves up got dressed, tidied up the room and went out the back way and
down the lane the way we came in.
At the end of the lane we kissed the both of them goodbye and Paul said,
“Thank you both that was great and yes we both learnt something new
tonight. We’ll have a think and talk some more about telling our parents and
let you know.”
“That’s OK,” I replied, If you want us to come along and talk to your parents
or to give you moral support just let us know.”
Later that night as we laid side by side in our own bed I said, “I feel
contented and happy that we have been able to make those two happy.”
“Yes, it is so good to see two young men deeply in love with each other just
like we are.”
I nodded in agreement before kissing my lover goodnight and dropping off to
My final thought was, tomorrow is the final rehearsal of the play and I have
to kiss and cuddle my ex girlfriend Gwen on stage in front of the whole

I hope you are still enjoying my story. Your comments are always most welcome

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy