Chapter 29

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 29

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to
decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in
England in the 1950′s and sixties
If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part
of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.
I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50
‘s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out
there to understand what I am talking about.

After school assembly the next day it was straight into rehearsals for the
school play. Once again we had three performances one a sort of dress
rehearsal in front of the whole school followed by a Friday night and
Saturday Night show. According to Mr. Waddington both performances
where a total sell out.
Derek was there doing some final adjustments to the scenery and props
when Gwen walked up put her arms around me gave me a peck on the
cheek asking how I was after the ordeal with dad.
In answering her I made a point of including Derek when I said, “Derek
and I were well looked after by the police and so was our families, but I
think my mother is finding it hard to come to terms with it.”
Gwen was still hanging on to me and I was a bit puzzled by this. I looked
across the stage, saw Derek watching and gave him a non-committal
Gwen had been silent then she said, “You realize Cliff if you had stayed
on as my boyfriend none of this would have happened.”
“Quite true,” I replied, “But, I would never have found Derek the love of
my life, plus I would never have entered into a relationship with the man I
love and want to spend my life with.”
That statement floored her she let go of me and stormed off to the
dressing room. I thought should I go after her or leave it go?
I went across the stage to Derek. “What was all that about?” he asked.
“nothing much she was pointing out that if I’d stayed with her none of the
problems with my father and so on would have happened.”
“What did you say to that,” He asked.
“I told her that if I stayed with her I wouldn’t meet the man I want to
spend the rest of my life with.”
Derek grinned and hugged me tight. “Thank you darling I love you so
much and those words made me love you even more.”
We kissed lightly and held on to each other, I then realized everything
had gone quite. We both looked around to see the whole of the cast, Mr.
Waddington and another couple of teachers looking at us. We both went
a deep red, moving apart as the cast and crew applauded.
“Cut it out you guys” I said.
Derek spoke up, “Haven’t you seen a couple of people in love before?”
John Waddington was laughing so hard that tears began rolling down his
“You pair really take the cake, I think your both wonderful, I love you
At that remark there was a couple of hoo’s and haa’s, Mr. W clapped his
hands asking for order and telling us to get ready for act one.
The rehearsal went well till towards the end of the second act when I
have to kiss the heroine (Gwen) as the curtains close for the interval.
Gwen had been ok with her lines and acting, but when it came to the
kissing bit we got into an embrace I moved my lips up to hers for the kiss
and she bit down hard onto my bottom lip.
I couldn’t help myself and shouted out, “What the fuck” As blood began
pouring from my lip all down my shirt.
Gwen looked at me with a oh dear what have I done look on her face said
she was sorry and run off the stage leaving me with blood pouring
everywhere. I never realised that so much blood was in one’s lips.
Mr. W came running up with a towel for my to hold to my mouth in an
effort to stop the flow.
Derek rushed up, “how is it?”
“It’s fucking hurting like hell.” I snapped back, “How the hell do you think
it is”
My lover looked shocked at the way I had spoken to him and I
immediately apologized to my darling.
I muttered through the towel at my mouth, “I’m sorry darling, I didn’t
mean it but it does hurt.”
He held me and whispered, “I understand, but why did she do it?”
“I’m blowed if I know, I didn’t even see it coming, what made her act like
that she’s been quite calm regarding our relationship until now”
Mr W sent me with Derek in tow to the first aid room were the school
nurse applied some stuff to stop the bleeding saying that I would survive
but would have a fat lip for a few days . “No kissing anyone for a few
days” she said looking straight at Derek with a big grin on her face.
I had my lip patched and cleaned up but it was pretty well swollen and
hurt like hell.
We went back to the hall to be met by Mr. W. who took me on one side
and whispered, “Gwen is in my classroom feeling pretty sorry for herself
and confused into the bargain, I suggest you go and see her right now so
we can get on with the rehearsal.”
I nodded said ok starting to walk towards his classroom when Derek
stopped me.
“where you going.” he asked.
“Gwen in Mr. W’s room and wants to talk to me.”
“Oh, do you want me to come with you.”
I paused and thought for a while. “if you don’t mind baby, I think I’d
better sort this out myself, is that ok?”
“Yes” my lover said but I could see he wasn’t very happy. I gave him a
kiss, squeezed his hand saying, “Don’t worry darling, your still and always
will be the only one” I walked off but I could see that he was not entirely
Gwen was sat on a chair looking out of the window when I entered. She
turned and looked at me with a sorrowful luck tears staining her face.
“I’m sorry Cliff, I don’t know what made me do that.”
“What was going through your mind when you bit my lips, that was the
most idiotic and stupid thing to do”
“I know “she replied, “I’m so sorry, but I still love you so much. When you
and Derek first told about your relationship I thought OK I’ve lost him, I’ll
just have to get over it, but that’s easier said than done. I love you so
much Cliff and I really thought we would finish up spending our life
together raising children, being happy and contented for life.”
Wow I thought, I never in a million years realized she loved me that
“but why wait all this time?”
She thought for a minute and then said, “I thought I could get over it,
find another boyfriend, just walk away from our relationship but I can’t.”
She began sobbing again but I stayed my distance away from her
because I knew if I got too close I would capitulate because deep down I
was still very fond of her.
She continued, “I even broke a promise I gave to my parents and had sex
with you, just to keep you . I promised mum and dad that I would remain
a virgin until my wedding day.”
The crying started again.
“I’m sorry Gwen that I have hurt you, because I am still very fond of you,
believe it or not you were my first as well, (girl that is) and until Derek
came along I thought you were the one for me, but it just can’t happen
and I hoped that you understood that and realized that it was over. My
greatest wish was that we would remain good friends and I still hope that
will happen.”
There was silence for what seemed several minutes then Gwen spoke.
“So that’s it, you have Derek and I have no one. ”
“I’m sorry Gwen but I can’t do anything about the way I feel for Derek, he
is my lover and will be for life all being well, but I will always have a place
in my heart for you.”
I walked over to her gave her a kiss on the cheek, turned and walked out.
Derek was waiting for me a anxious look on his face. I took him by the
arm and led him into the male toilets into our favourite end cubicle.
I closed the door, took him in my arms and said, “Derek darling I love you
and always will, but I will always have a soft spot for Gwen who after all
was the first and I will always remember her for that.”
I kissed him long and deep holding him tight in my arms, tears rolling
down our cheeks. We stayed there not moving for quite sometime until
one of the boys came looking for us. Mr. Waddington thought you might
be in here he said. Then told us I was wanted urgently for rehearsal.
Holding hands we went back into the hall and Mr. W came over to tell us
that Jennifer, Gwen’s understudy would be taking over the leading ladies
He took me on one side and said, “You have broken a lovely young ladies
heart, but I don’t think you could have handled it any other way.”
‘I know sir, but I agree with you what else could I have done.”
We got stuck into rehearsals with a vengeance, luckily Jennifer knew the
part quite well and the kissing scenes went ok as well. (someone later
told me Jennifer was a lesbian but they may have been saying that to
make me feel good).
The big day was tomorrow so we all went home early, and Derek’s dad
took us in his car to stay the night with my mother who I haven’t spoke to
very much since my father was arrested.
Mum and my two sisters were very happy to see us. We sat down for tea,
but I could tell there was a sombre feeling in the air.
“How are you going mum? ” I asked, “Not too good son, I can’t get over
what you father did to you and Derek, he isn’t the same man that I
“I heard they have refused him bail, which is a good thing, seriously mum
you have to forget him and get on with your life, and that goes for all of
us if we don’t then he will continue to ruin our lives every time we think of
I went around the table to hold on to mum and give her a big kiss as
tears began rolling down her cheeks. I changed the subject and asked
how the job was going.
“It’s wonderful son and every one has been so good to us, helping us.”
She continued. “it would be lovely if we could all go to church on Sunday
just like we used to.”
“That’s a great idea mum and can we have a Sunday roast just like we
used to.”
She turned to Derek and said, “Would you and your mum and dad like to
join us?”
Derek was quite for a minute not quite knowing how to answer, because
they are not church goers so I stepped in so that he wouldn’t be
embarrassed . “Mum they don’t go to church but I’m sure they would love
to join us for lunch.”
Derek nodded and said, “yes I’m sure they will come ,but Cliff is my
lifetime partner and if he wants to go to church I will join him.”
I reached over squeezed his hand and said thank you. Those few words
from my lover made me feel even more in love with him if that was at all
We washed up, with mum protesting that was her job, then we
announced we where going to bed. Kissing every one goodnight we
headed for the bathroom and then into bed were we lay next to each
other our bodies touching, our love flowing between us. (If you’ve never
been deeply in love you will never know what that feeling is like).
We didn’t make love that night, we didn’t need to, just being next to each
other was sufficient. Mind you we woke early the next morning while it
was still dark, both of us horny as hell and at my lovers request I
finished up fucking him long and hard with both of us ending up totally
spent but happily in love.
We then had to rush to catch the bus to school, going straight into the
hall to get ready for our full rehearsal in front of the school.
The play went well with no dramas and the school audience laughed in
the right places which was good.
Once again we got a standing ovation, making Mr. Waddington and Mr.
Garth very happy.
Mr. Garth had not mentioned any of the problems and trouble he was in
regarding our coming out, the suicide and also the hostage problem. I
had heard that he had several writs brought against him and the school
board were seeking to have him dismissed but it didn’t appear to worry
our wonderful headmaster much.
Since my talk with Gwen earlier in the day no one had seen hide nor’ hair
of her either (I found out several days later that her parents had taken
her out of school early and she was waiting to be accepted into
It was later rumoured that she had a nervous breakdown, but this was
never confirmed.
After the afternoon play Derek and I went back to John W’s place but did
not do anything sexy but just sat around talking.
For several days I had a strange feeling that something was going to
happen. I don’t know if anyone else has these premonitions but I have
had them off and on throughout my life.
One thing we talked about was the future, and when John went off in his
car to pick up his partner Bruce I said to Derek, “The end of the year is
coming very fast, what about our future. Let’s face it since we declared
our love we have had non-stop love and sex not only together but with a
variety of other people which was great, but we have been living in a bit
of a fantasy world.” Derek nodded his head and said, “yes, your right
darling, I’ve been thinking about the future a lot too, what is going to
happen when we do leave school. So far we have been fed and looked
after by our families but we can’t expect that to continue for ever, but I
also never ever want us to part.” On those words he came around the
table sat on my knee with his arms around me and kissed me gently
before putting his head on my shoulder. I felt his body shaking and knew
that he was crying.
“Please don’t cry my darling”. I said, “I’m sure everything will work out
He lifted his head. “You keep saying that every time we start talking
about the future but we don’t do anything about it to make sure it will be
“I know, I say that because at the moment I don’t know what the solution
is.” We kissed each other tenderly and lovingly, no sexual behaviour just
love and emotion.
John Waddington and Bruce came in to see Derek still sat on my knee
with our arms wrapped tightly round each other.
“What’s the problem boys?” A worried John asked.
“We’re just talking about the future and what is to become of us.”
“I see.” He replied, “I am sure everything will work out right for you two.”
Derek answered raising his voice a bit, “That’s what we say every time
the subject comes up but it doesn’t solve the problem, Why are we
finding it hard to come up with something more concrete.”
Bruce spoke up this time, “maybe your love for each other is crowding
your judgment, also because of your love and how strong it is you don’t
really want to face what lies ahead of you both.”
John’s turn he said, “So much as happened in such a short space of time
that you are confused and unable to grasp or should I say see into the
Silence fell and we all sat there contemplating what may or may not lie
John stood up and said, “Come on you guys cheer up we have to get Cliff
motivated so that he can give the performance of his life tonight. Now
we’ve got to get going so look lively.”
It was several minutes later when it hit me what John had said about
giving the performance of my life.
“John,” I asked when we got into the car to go back to school.
“What did you mean about performance of my life?”
I noticed him glancing sideways at Bruce and smiling before he answered,
Oh nothing just a bit of encouragement to get you motivated.”
By then we had arrived and still a bit puzzled I shrugged it off and went
to get changed and ready.
As mentioned before it was a full house and I guess I did work very hard
at making it the best performance of my life.
Once again a standing ovation happened and we took eight curtain calls
which was unbelievable.
We had drinks and sandwiches after the show, which Derek and I
devoured realizing we were very hungry.
While we were eating John came over with a gentleman neatly dressed of
average height, he had a lady in tow who I assumed was his wife.
“This gentleman would like to meet you,” john said, “Plus he has an
interesting proposition to make to you.”
I must have looked worried because the man said, “Nothing to worry
about Cliff, my name is Robert Jones, a theatrical agent.”
I’m sure for a minute i stopped breathing and I glanced at Derek before
putting out my hand to shake his.
“I have an aunt who lives near to the school and she contacted me after
your last performance, when you played the lead in Moliere’s classic ‘The
Prodigious Snob’ telling me what a great actor you were, and when she
told me you were playing the lead in this play I came down to see for
I was at a loss for words and looked at Derek who was grinning away like
a Cheshire cat and at John who also had a happy look on his face.
Mr. Jones continued, “You are a very talented actor young man and I
would like to take you under my wing, because I’m sure you are destined
for bigger and better things”
I stammered a thank you Mr. Jones.
“Please call me Bob, and here’s my card, I would like you to phone my
London office next week to make an appointment to come and see me.”
He looked across at Derek and said, “and this must be your boyfriend,
Don’t panic we know all about you two from the newspapers and radio.
You have had a pretty rough time I believe.”
I nodded my head unable to come to terms at the offer I had just
I too had heard about Robert Jones and his agency he was one of the top
men in the business and I knew there were many first class artists trying
hard to get onto his books. Plus he already managed many top acts and
famous actors.
“There is one thing sir err Bob, Derek and I has you now are lovers and
we will always be together so any deal involving me must also include
The look on John Waddington’s face told me that he thought I’d blown a
great chance, but Bob replied.
“No worries, my spies tell me that Derek helped to design the sets for
your play here tonight so we may be able to work something out for him
as well.”
I smiled, no beamed all over my face and thanked him profusely.
We shook hands again and this time he included Derek reminding me to
call as he left the room.
I was speechless. John came up to me kissed me lightly and gave me a
big hug whispering in my ear. “you could be on your way into something
big, congratulations.”
Everyone wondered off leaving my lover and I looking at each in
“I told you something would turn up maybe this is it.” I said.
Derek looked worried when he replied, “Yes it sounds great for you but
I’m not sure if that is what I want to do.”
“Don’t worry about it for now baby let’s go up to London and see what
I reached over kissed him and said, “Now lets head for home I’m dead
Derek gave me that sexy grin of is and said. “I hope your not too tired for
what I have in mind.”
WE both laughed and headed home holding hands, feeling so much in
Although it was late when we got home to Derek’s place, his mum had
supper waiting for us. When we told them about the visit from the agent
they sounded delighted although his mum remarked that it was a tough
business to be in and perhaps we should both think about something else
we could fall back on.
I said to Derek, “That’s food for thought, what if I’m not good enough as
an actor”.
Derek’s comment was “let’s wait and see”.
All very well but will it keep us fed and a roof over our heads. We can’t go
through life sponging off our parents.
After supper we headed for the bathroom and then to bed.
I laid back in bed feeling totally exhausted, but my lover had other ideas,
after kissing me and moving his hands all over my body he sucked my
nipples on the way down making them stick out like little hard erect dicks,
once he got to my navel and his tongue was swirled around inside it I
went off my brain, boy does that get me going . Slowly he moved down
until his mouth was over hovering over my cock with his tongue licking
the tip and devouring my precum. By now I was hot, hot , hot waiting for
his mouth to take me to heaven, but he had different ideas. My lover took
my hand putting it behind his back pointing it to his hole. Knowing exactly
what he wanted I began fingering his arse getting him ready for my cock
and of course my tiredness was gone. I pushed my finger in to the
knuckle while my darling began slowly sucking my cock, two fingers came
next and then three which I rotated around his hole to make it wide and
ready for me.
Derek took his mouth off my cock and raised himself onto his haunches
while I guided my hot throbbing prick into his willing hole. With a sigh and
a grimace he lowered himself down until my pole was inside him to the
hilt. We both groaned with pleasure, my baby smiled at me then he
began moving up and down slowly and gently on my cock. The feeling
was fantastic for me and I could see by the look in his eyes that he was
also enjoying what we where doing.
He began increasing his gyrations and I could feel my balls tightening
getting ready to shoot.
“Oh fuck,” I moaned over and over again until my juice began to come in
mighty spurts. Derek clamped down on my cock taking all my baby juice
into his more than willing hole. He pumped me dry but still remained in
the same position savouring the sensation of my hot juice inside him. It
was then I noticed my stomach and chest was covered in my lovers
sperm and that he had cum without any manual help, something that I
haven’t managed yet.
Finally he rolled off panting for breath by my side.
I rolled on to my side and reached over to kiss him.
“Thank you darling, that was great, you know just what I need and when
I need it and I love you just that little bit more for that.”
He laughed and said, “I’m not the only one in this relationship who is
accomplished in the art of satisfying.”
We lay kissing and cuddling for a while and I felt my eyes getting heavy
so I suggested we went back into the bathroom to clean up before going
to sleep.
The next morning being Saturday we were able to sleep late. After brunch
we sat watching television until it was time to go to school for the
Saturday evening performance.
A full house, a performance with no hitches and once again several
standing ovations and it was all over. Both of our parents were in the
audience tonight and you could see they all three were bursting with
Derek’s parents accepted me as one of the family and I know mum did
the same with Derek.
Mum officially invited Derek’s parents to Sunday lunch and they surprised
both my lover and I by saying that they would join us in church.
My lover and I where delighted that we would all be together and hoped
that more days like that would follow. Anyway I’m getting ahead of
We left the hall got home and after a quick cup of cocoa headed for bed.
No sex just a cuddle, kiss and a few words of love and we fell asleep.
It was hard getting up early to go to church next morning because Mum
and the girls lived a fair way out of town.
When we walked into church the reverend recognized me, and asked if I
would join the choir for today’s service. I thought about it and was going
to say no because I wanted to be with my lover, but Derek beat me to the
punch and told the vicar I would be delighted. He introduced me to the
organist/choirmaster who on the spot arranged for me to sing a solo,
‘How great thou art’.
Although it is not a done thing in church when I had finished singing I
received a standing ovation.
After the service was finished it took me ages to get away because
everyone wanted to thank me for singing, plus quite a few had witnessed
my performances of the school play.
When we sat down for Sunday lunch, Derek’s father remarked that I was
already on my way to being famous. I blushed at this remark but thinking
about it this is something I must get used to if I am to pursue a career in
the entertainment industry.
We stayed with mum and my sisters that night heading off to school on
Monday morning. Once again during morning assembly Mr. Garth paid
tribute to my acting abilities. Looking across at my lover I noticed he
looked so proud as if to say ‘That’s my husband, isn’t he good?
Later that day I asked the headmaster if I could use the phone and I
contacted Bob Jones agency to make an appointment, to meet with him
at his London office. His secretary said that she was told by Bob Jones to
expect a call and would Thursday afternoon at 2 pm be all right?
Naturally I said that would be great and passed the news on to my baby
and Mr. Garth.
The rest of the week was boring and mundane both of us excited and
wondering what the future held for us and especially me.

This is a pretty big chapter, but I hope you will enjoy it. Not many more
chapters to go in this story.

Sorry about the mix up with the chapters I had computer troubles and lost
some chapters but a friend of mine who always looks at my chapters before I
send them off had some backup copies.

Don’t forget I love to get your comments so keep writing to me.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy