Chapter 30

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 30

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader to
decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up in
England in the 1950′s and sixties
If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your part of
the World then I suggest you stop reading now.
I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50
‘s and 60′s. This is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out
there to understand what I am talking about.

We were up early Thursday morning and after a hearty breakfast Derek’s
mum drove us to the station for our trip to London to meet Bob Jones the
supposedly well know entertainment agent.
Kissing us goodbye Derek’s mum made sure we had enough money for the
trip, food and money for a taxi’s to and from the station when we got to
On the train we managed to get a compartment to ourselves for most of the
way, so we were able to kiss , cuddle and contemplate our future. We got an
express train so we were in the big city with time to spare.
Mr Jones office was close to the heart of the London theatre district in Soho
which was also notorious for its prostitution, gambling and other criminal
activities. We found a pleasant coffee shop and had a bite to eat, sitting by
the window watching the seamier side of London pass by.
We noticed a couple of others sitting at tables holding hands one couple
were two young guys possibly in their twenties and two women one looking
very much like a man. They would have been in their mid 30′s.
All this was new to us and never realized just how many others there where
just like us. I took hold of my lovers hand giving it a gentle squeeze saying,
“We are not alone or the only one’s to come out and declare ourselves in
Soon it was time for our appointment so we made our way down a rather
dingy street to a doorway set between a betting shop and a cinema showing
xxx rated movies.
I must have looked a bit nervous because Derek squeezed my hand and
whispered. “It’ll be alright my darling”
Behind the door was a long narrow staircase leading up to a dark dingy
Down a corridor was a door with a nameplate stating Bob Jones Agent for
the stars.
I timidly knocked and a female voice said come in, I opened the door and
found a very pleasant middle aged lady sitting behind a desk. This was a
bright cheery room with posters and photos of famous entertainers and
actors many signed thanking Bob Jones for his help and support. We both
must have been staring with our mouths open at the famous names, because
the lady behind the counter said, “We have many well known people pass
through that door”. She went on “Now which one of you is Mr. Cliff
I nodded saying that I was, I then introduced Derek to her.
Smiling she went on, “if you would care to take a seat I will inform Bob that
you are here, oh by the way my name is Patricia, Trish for short and I’m
Bob’s personal secretary.
We had just sat down when the phone rang. Trish looked up at us and said.
“you can go in now.”
We went through another door into the most luxurious and lavish office I
have ever seen, Seated behind a massive carved wood desk was the man we
met on the weekend at school. He stood, shook our hands and indicated for
us to sit down in two very comfortable arm chairs.
“Let me say straight off that at first you will find it hard to find work and
some of the jobs you will get won’t be all that grand but everyone has to
start somewhere.”
I nodded my head, not knowing what to say.
“Firstly we have to get your name spread around the industry and get the
right people to look at you, I believe you have a lot of potential and am
prepared to put time and some money into getting you started on your way,”
I stammered a thank you sir. “Call me Bob everyone does if it’s good
enough for Alex Guinness then it’s good enough for you.”
The name dropping didn’t go unnoticed and I had a quick glance at Derek,
who was sitting there dumbstruck.
Bob continued, “First things first we need to prepare a biography for you,
Trish will take care of that plus a portfolio of photo’s, and I have my own
man who is only a couple of doors down the road. I took the liberty of
making an appointment for a photo shoot for 3 pm if that is OK for you.”
I answered, “yes Bob that will be great, thank you.”
Everything was happening too fast for me and I was finding it hard to
comprehend and take in everything, but his next piece of news totally
floored me.
“As you will be aware straight after Christmas we go into the pantomime
season which runs for six to eight weeks depending what part of England
you are.”
Authors note: I think I should at this stage explain what a pantomime is. It’s
origins began way back, and a pantomime these days is more of a variety
show with the plot loosely planned around a nursery rhyme or fairy tale. The
principal boy is always a girl while the comic part of the show, usually
portrayed as a more elderly mother of the heroine or hero, is played by a
man. These days usually a popular comedian of the day. The heroine is a
girl usually a singer. There is a chorus line of girls plus a few minor
characters . Is that all clear? If not don’t worry too much about it.
Bob brought up the subject of pantomimes and said, “I have a job for you
starting on boxing day for six weeks maybe eight if the houses are selling
well. This isn’t a great part, but it’s a start and it’s in the town of your birth
Leeds in Yorkshire.” He paused to let that sink in. “The Pantomime is
Mother Goose, and the part if you want it is the Goose that lays the golden
Derek burst out laughing, while I stared open mouthed at Bob.
“Ok it’s not the best job in the world but someone’s got to do it and why not
you . Plus”. And he looked across at Derek, “There is an opening for an
assistant stage manager for the show, which means your boyfriend will be
with you.”
“How soon do you want our answer?” I asked.
“Right now.” Bob replied. “I need to get this all wrapped up and done
today.” I looked across at Derek who shrugged his shoulders non-commit
ally so I said, “All right we’ll take it, just as long as the jobs get better from
here on in.”
Bob replied, “it takes time to launch a new actor onto the scene so trust me
and be patient, now head off to have your pictures taken and when you come
back Trish will have a contract drawn up allowing me to represent you and
also one for the Leeds job .”
We left his office in a daze. Everything was happening too quick.
At the bottom of the stairs I pulled Derek close to me kissing him and
saying, “What do you think of all that?’
Derek replied, “I don’t know I feel as if I’m in a dream.”
“Me too, come on let’s go get my picture taken.”
We found the photo studio quite easy and a blonde haired man in his thirties
I’d say met us and introduced himself as Tony.
Has we shook hands he rubbed my palm with his finger, which is or was the
international signal, for I want to have sex with you.
I looked at Derek and he grinned back at me.
Anyway Tony ushered us into his studio which had all the lights and
cameras required.
“Now we’ll get a few basic shots of you just to settle you down and then
we’ll try and make you look good and cute.”
When he said cute he winked at me and I thought what as this guy got in
After he had taken what appeared to be about a hundred photos of me in all sort
of poses and from all angles he then said, “Now lets have some skin shots to
attract the ladies and maybe some guys,” he added with a grin.
He told me to strip down to my underwear . This didn’t bother me after all
we often walk around naked if we can.
Soon all I had on was my briefs which showed all my attributes to the
fullest. I thought Tony was going to cream his pants the way he was lusting
after me. There appeared a tent in his pants because his cock was straining
to be released. Derek too was getting hot.
“lets take some pictures first.” said Tony.
“and then?” I asked.
He grinned and winked at me again. “Who knows.”
Tony guided me through a number of sexy poses and then suggested I do
some nude posing adding that these would be for his personal collection.
He took a number of pictures of me in the nude and slack, before inviting
Derek to strip and join me in a few’ hard’ poses.
My lover and I began kissing and playing with each both of us getting hard
and horny, while all the time Tony’s camera was clicking like crazy.
We came up for air while Tony changed films and Derek took the lead
mentioning that someone had too may clothes on. Tony didn’t need a second
bidding and soon was as naked as us and boy what a body. He had a 7 inch
cock cut, with a massive ball sac hanging down and he was a natural blonde.
In the corner of the studio was a large mattress scattered with dozens of
cushions, which he invited us to lay on while he joined us.
Derek kissed Tony their tongues exploring their mouths while I moved
down on Tony licking his balls and cock before taking him in my mouth
slowly sucking his ‘stiffy’. Meanwhile Derek had moved around so that
Tony could take his cock and my darling took my cock into his mouth. Oh
boy it was a great daisy chain all three of us able to deep throat each other.
It did not take long for Tony to start shooting in my mouth and down my
throat , prompting me to shoot into my lovers mouth who in turn came in
Tony’s mouth. We eagerly sucked each other dry before kissing each other
swapping our juices.
Tony was the first to speak, “Boys that was great, thank you very much,
whenever your in town why not give a call.”
We promised we would as we dressed, kissed him good bye, heading back
to Bob’s office.
When we walked in Trish said, “You guys were a long time, did Tony want
something a bit extra from you.” We both blushed and she burst out
laughing. “Don’t worry boys we know all about Tony and his antics, did you
enjoy yourselves.”
We mumbled yes as she produced contracts for us to sign. We both read
them through very carefully and both of us surprised at the money we would
be getting. It wasn’t a fortune but it was reasonable.
The only problem was that we had to be at the theatre for rehearsals on
Boxing day, so Christmas with our families would be short.
Once all the signing and business had been done we said goodbye and thank
you to Trish and caught a taxi back to the station just in time to catch an
express train home.
Once again we sat together in a compartment to ourselves discussing the
days events.
“To save money when we go to Leeds we could possibly stay with an aunt
of mine, I’m her favorite nephew so it shouldn’t be a problem”.
Derek replied, “That sounds wonderful baby, but what happens when that
job finishes.”
“Well hopefully Bob will have something else for us.”
When we arrived at our station Derek phoned his mum who came to pick us
and take us home.
After dinner we both showered and went to bed because frankly we were
stuffed and after a quick kiss and cuddle we both fell into a deep sleep.
Next morning being a Friday we had to go to school, and on the way, just
around the corner from the school standing in the middle of the footpath was
Michael Jefferson, who you may recall was the leader of the gang which
bashed me up and put me in hospital and of course his father and mine were
responsible for all the problems and threats which happened after.
Derek saw him first and grabbed my arm. There was still an injunction
against him not to approach either of us and also the school so I wondered what
the hell he was up to.
We stopped walking and I looked around but the street was deserted. I
looked at Derek and saw the fear in his eyes which I am sure was in mine.
Michael held up his hands and said, “it’s ok I’ on my own and haven’t any
weapons I just want to talk that’s all.”
He started to walk towards us and I whispered to my lover, “get ready to
He stopped in front of us and then totally surprised us by his words, “Cliff,
Derek I want to apologize for what I did and explain why I did it.”
He had a pitiful look on his face and I began to feel sorry for him for some
“You know you shouldn’t be talking to us, do you want to go to jail?” I
“Please guys just listen to what I have to say, I’ve been working on plucking
up courage to talk to you for a long time, in fact ever since …” He broke off
looking as if he was going to cry.
I looked at him and then at Derek who nodded his head slightly and said.
“There’s a park just up the road we can sit and talk, we’ll give you two
minutes to say what you want to say.”
He nodded and moved off towards the park with my darling and I following,
at the same time keeping a look out for the rest of his gang.
We sat down at a picnic table Michael on one side and the two of us facing
him. I was getting a bit nervous and jittery not knowing what to expect.
“Right,” I said, “You have two minutes”
He sat there looking down as if trying to get his thoughts together. Finally
he looked up at me and spoke.
“First of all I’m truly sorry for the way I treated you, you can’t even begin to
imagine the hell I’ve been going through since that day.
I started to see red and replied, “What about the hell Derek and I have been
through, doesn’t that count for anything?”
Tears began forming in his eyes and I really started to feel sorry for him.
In a much calmer voice I said, “Michael I think you should start by telling
us the whole story.”
He wiped his face paused and said, “My father is a mean nasty man who
believes that all men should be tough. He always wanted me to be the leader
of the pack and make sure everybody knows it.” he paused. “Plus he is
totally 100 percent anti-gay, as you found out. I always had to prove myself
in front of him to make sure I was king of the heap, if I didn’t or if I showed
any weakness he used to flog me with his belt on my back and arse.”
He paused again and I looked at Derek who had a shocked look on his face.
Michael continued.
“When he heard that you two were lovers, who intended to tell everyone he
told me to make sure I sorted you out good and proper, incidentally he found
out before I did about this from your father Cliff.”
I thought what a fucking bastard my father was and it all comes down to
“I had to do what I did otherwise I would have been half killed by my dad. I
didn’t intend for my guys to go as far as they did when we bashed you up
and believe me Cliff I hated every minute of it, feeling every kick and hit we
gave you.”
He began to cry, and I moved around the table to sit beside him and put my
arm around him. Derek looked surprised at my actions but then he too came
round to hold him as well.
Michael continued, “You see I think I am homosexual too, I’m all mixed up
inside not knowing what I really am, if my dad found out he would have
killed me I’m sure so I covered my feelings up by being tough and a bully.
Believe me that was just to stop my father from beating me up.”
He cried even more while we sat there trying to pacify him.
Derek looked across at me and said. “Do you believe him?”
“Yes I do,” I answered.
Michael looked up turning on the bench to look at me.
“I am truly sorry for my actions and hope you will forgive me,”
Without thinking I said, “of course I do, but why didn’t you tell us sooner
then we could have helped you.”
“I was afraid of what you might say and more than that I was frightened that
my dad would find out, if he realized that I prefer boys to girls he would
have killed me without batting an eye lid.”
We both moved closer to him to hug him, demonstrating just how we felt for
“Of course we forgive you Michael and it took a lot of guts for you to come
out and tell us just like that.”
He looked me and said, “Thank you, you don’t know what that means to
“What will happen if your father finds out about our conversation here
today.” Derek asked.
“Hopefully that will keep him locked up in jail for a long time and by then I
will have gone as far away from him as I possibly can.”
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.
“No I’ve never done anything with any one, I’ve thought about it a lot, I’ve
even gone into public toilets to maybe try something but never had the
courage to go any further.”
“Shit man, public toilets are a no no nothing a lot of weird people hang around them. ”
Derek told him.
” I’m a loser all round I hate bullying other kids and I hated what
was happening to my body and mind everything was so confusing.”
We continued to hold on to him even though it meant we would be very late
for school.
I spoke up next, “Your not a loser because you have finally stood up and
told someone your true feelings, I for one admire you for that. ”
“Thank you Cliff , I feel a lot better in my mind now that I have told you
two. I’ve always admired and loved you both for what you have done and
how you have stood up and said who and what you are.”
“So were do you go from here.” I asked.
“I don’t know ” He replied. “The way I see it I don’t have a future ahead of
me being kicked out of school, a criminal record, things don’t look too good
I’m afraid..”
The three of us sat quietly for a while each deep in thought.
“Michael, I hope that you will allow us to help you because I have a bit of
an idea.”
Derek gave me a puzzled questioning look, and I shrugged my shoulders
sort of non-committal.
“What did you have in mind? Michael asked,
“Be brave and make a clean breast of things starting off by the three of us
going to see Mr. Garth and telling him everything, You will be surprised just
how much of a caring human being he is.”
“Are you sure, that’s what I should do?”
“Trust me, everything will work out for the best.”
“After all the bad things that happened to you two you’ll actually come with
me and help me?”
“That’s what friends are for, and from now on that’s what we’re going to be
friends, if you’ll let us.” Derek said.
I was glad that my lover agreed with me in deciding to help Michael.
“Come on let’s go and get this over with.” I said.
We walked the rest of the way to school and got some funny looks as we
walked in. The rest of the school was just coming out of morning
assembly. Mr. Garth was walking out of the hall and stopped dead in
his tracks when he saw the three of us together.
I spoke up before he could say anything. “Can we talk to you in your office
please sir.”
“Err, yes come along with me.” He answered hurrying us along as if he
didn’t want anybody else to see us.
We went in and sat down. No one spoke for what seemed quite a while then
Mr Garth said , ” I must say I’m very surprised to see you three together and
am curious to know what is going on, so who is going to tell me.”
“Sir, Michael approached us today on the way to school and what he told us
put an entirely different slant on events which have taken place recently,
now I think it would be best if Michael explained everything in his own
“Ok, Michael tell me what all this is about and don’t leave anything out I
want to know everything.”
Michael looked at Derek and I, we nodded encouragingly and he began
telling the headmaster everything and not leaving anything out including the
fact that he thinks he is an homosexual.
Mr Garth listened intently all the way through without any interruptions.
When Michael had finished The head sat there deep in thought before
“Do you believe all that he has told us boys?”
We nodded and said yes.
“Michael it must have been very difficult for you to have taken the step you
did and to approach these two. What I intend to do is to reinstate you in
school effective immediately and will make sure there is no mention of what
occurred on your school record. I will be taken to task by my bosses but
that’s my worry. Cliff, the rest is up to you. If you go to see the crown
prosecutor, tell him you wish the charges to be dropped and see what
happens. I doubt if they will so then you go to Michael’s barrister and offer
to give evidence in Michael’s favor. He will then approach the prosecution
and I’m sure a suitable compromise will be found.”
We listen in awe at this plan, thinking what a devious bastard he is.
“I will do everything you say sir and thank you very much for your help and
advice.” I said.
Michael had been sitting open mouthed for quite a while until he spoke up.
“Mr Garth I can’t begin to thank you for your help and advice. When Cliff
suggested we came to see you I thought the first thing you would do would
be to call the police and have me locked up, I honestly didn’t think there
were people as nice as you three in the world, thank you all very much.”
After that statement he broke down and the tears flowed down his cheeks.
Derek and I put our arms around him to comfort him the best we could,
while Mr Garth offered his handkerchief.
When he had calmed down we thanked the Headmaster and left to sit in the
dining room until lunchtime. I asked Michael how things were at home and I
thought he was going to burst into tears again.
“I don’t have a home to live in any more, my mother after dad’s arrest shot
through, I’ve no idea were she is and my older brothers kicked me out reckoning it was my fault dad was in jail.”
“Were have you been living then?” I asked.
“Any where and every where, a couple of my mates put me up but their
parents weren’t too happy and kicked me out.”
“Derek, I think we’d better talk to your mum and dad and see what we can
“Yes, hopefully they will make the spare room available if we tell them the
full story.”
“Let’s go see your mum know, it’s not worth going to classes this late on a
Friday is it.” I replied. With Michael in tow we headed for home and found
not only Derek’s mum but his dad there as well.
I can’t begin to describe the look on their faces when we walked in with
Michael. We all sat down at the kitchen table and between the three of us
explained what had occurred so far.
When Derek asked if Michael could sleep in the spare room until he sorted
himself out his parents looked shocked and disturbed.
” I don’t know Derek, there are a lot of ifs and buts, I’m not sure if we can
do this,” his father said.
“What problems are there?” Derek asked.
“After all the things that happened to us all because of his father and yours
too Cliff I’m a bit scared of allowing Michael even if he has changed for the
better, I mean what if his father gets out of jail and comes looking for him
and you two for that matter, we could be in as much danger as we where
before.” His father explained.
I spoke up for the first time, “Michael has had the courage to come to us and
apologise which took a lot of courage plus he has explained to us all what
was happening in his life. I have forgiven him for what he did to me and I
would dearly like to help him and I beg you to give him a chance to prove
that he has changed. I firmly believe that his father and mine as well will not
be this side of prison bars for a long time.”
Derek’s father looked at me in silence then looked at his wife.
“Michael can stay with us for the time being but remember this is only a
temporary arrangement until something better is sorted out.”
Derek got up and went round to embrace his father and thank him while
Michael stammered a thank you between tears.
We took him upstairs to show him his room and explain were everything
“Where are your clothes” I asked him.
“What I am wearing is all I have, when my brothers threw me out they
wouldn’t let me take anything with me.”
“We are all about the same size so I’m sure between us we can fix you up
with some gear to wear.” Derek said.
“I can’t thank you both for what you are doing, after the way I treated you I
don’t deserve this.” He mumbled and looked as it he was going to start
crying again.
“For fucks sake don’t start crying again I’m trying so hard not to myself if
you keep it up you will have all three of us bawling our eyes out.” I said
with a laugh.
“Sorry” he said with a grin.
Tomorrow being a Saturday we are going to see my mum and your quite
welcome to come along if you want to.”
After that invite he really did start to bawl his eyes out , so my lover and I
went over to him sitting on the bed to cuddle him and reassure him. The
next thing I knew he had turned to me and moved his lips close to mine. We
kissed tenderly and gently, then our kisses got more passionate my lips
parted inviting Michael’s tongue to enter my mouth. I put my arms around
his neck pulling him closer to me before looking across at Derek who had
that silly grin of his on his face.
I winked at him and he began caressing Michael gradually moving his hands
down to his groin. Michael broke away and looked at Derek who whispered
it’s all right just sit back and enjoy.
He turned back to me and once again our lips met, while my lover began
rubbing Michael’s groin which had swollen considerably by this time.
I broke away this time and said to him, “Is this what you really want?”
“Oh yes” he whispered. “This is like a dream come true.”
Derek by now was undoing his pants while I unbuttoned his shirt. I lifted
him up in my arms so that Derek could remove his pants and his underwear
to reveal a massive uncut cock about 7 ½ inches long.
I heard Derek mutter beautiful before he went down on it deep throating as
much as he could. Michael began moaning and gasping for breath so I knew
it would not be long before he blew, and boy did he blow, wave after wave
so much that my lover couldn’t swallow it down quick enough and it
dribbled out of his mouth and down his nose. I bent down trying to
catch as much of the excess juice as possible.
Michael gave a sigh of relief and said, “Is this what I’ve been missing all
these years?” We all burst out laughing and Derek said, “This is just the
beginning of your education , There’s a lot more to cum.”
We continued laughing laid back on the bed holding on to each other.
“I can’t thank you two enough for what you are doing to help me” He said
sounding as if he was going to cry again.
“That’s alright,” I said, “Just as long as you don’t start fucking crying again.”
Once again we all laughed, before my darling and I left him to go to our
own bed and sleep.
Hope you enjoyed this chapter and please remember your comments good and bad are always welcome.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy