Chapter 31

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 31

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

May I also say that we are gradually coming to the end of Cliff and Derek’s
school life. Their leaving school will be the last chapter of this book,
but stay tuned for “Further Adventures of Cliff and Derek” (Life after
school) coming soon.

The next morning true to our word we went into town along with Michael to
catch the bus on the way to visit my mother. When we got off the bus at our
stop I could see Michael was looking a bit nervous and apprehensive.

“Don’t worry Michael”. I said, “My father is in jail and my mother is the
sweetest person alive.”

Derek nodded in agreement as we climbed the stone steps to the cottage
which was now my mother and two sisters home.

Mum welcomed us with a hug and a kiss although she looked a bit surprised
to see Michael with us until we told her the whole story. After we had
something to eat we took him on a grand tour of the house and adjoining
church school. Like us he was blown away by the view along with the
peaceful tranquillity which went with it.

I suggested a walk along the hills behind the cottage to give us an
appetite for tea . As we strolled along Derek and I held hands with Michael
walking by our side not saying a word. We stopped and sat down on the rock
were we had our escapade with my father. Not much was said all three of us
had our own thoughts as we watched the sun slowly start to go down over the

Michael suddenly burst into tears, we both put our arms around him asking
what was wrong.

Between sobs he said, “You two and your families are being so good and kind
to me yet I almost got you killed, How can I ever repay your kindness. Plus
what is going to become of me, we have just a few weeks to the end of our
school life and then what? My name is know to the police and just everyone
in Britain, I have no permanent place to live and no job prospects and are
you two who I wronged so badly treating me so good.” Once more he burst
into tears and I began kissing his tears away while Derek began rubbing his
hands over his body.

Michael eventually stopped crying as I moved my lips onto his and began
kissing him gently at first before pushing my tongue between his lips. He
responded slowly and with some hesitation his tongue finally finding mine,
as we rubbed them together Derek was exploring Michael’s body including his
by now very hard cock. In fact this was a repeat of the episode last night
at Derek’s place, but it had a calming effect on this lovely young man.

Derek was already starting to go to work on Michael’s cock so I moved
slowly down his body to get my fair share. My lover moved aside to allow me
to take all of Michaels cock in my mouth so that I could begin
systematically begin sucking him. The crying by now had stopped to be
replaced by some lusty moaning and groaning. Derek meanwhile had moved
between his legs and was using his tongue on this young mans pink hole.

“oh yes, yes that’s great, oh please don’t stop, I love it I love you I
love everything your doing.” or words to that effect.

I could feel his cock beginning to stiffen even more and knew he was not
very far off shooting his load, so I intensified my sucking clamping down
on his massive cock, taking it deep down into my throat, He shouted that he
was cumming and cum he did with a vengeance, load after load of lovely
juice went down my throat. I continued sucking until there was no juice
left and his dick began to soften.

I moved back up his body to began kissing him again. Derek moved up and
whispered “Michael, can I fuck you?”

Michael thought for a few minutes before saying, “I’d love you both to do
that but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet, but I will say that when I am ready
you two will be the first to take my cherry.”

“That’s ok,” Derek said. “We don’t want to hurt you and out here in the
open is probably the wrong time and place anyway.” he began laughing and
then said to me. “It’s a good job we weren’t doing this the other day when
your father and his drunken mate came down the path.”

I burst out laughing and Michael said, “What’s so funny?”

We told him about the trouble with my drunken father and his drunken mate
and how they finished up in the lockup.

I could see tears once again forming in his eyes and said, “Don’t start
again please, what have we said to get you started again.”

“I don’t know but whenever anything happens like that to you pair it all
comes back to me and what I did to you Cliff.”

“Rubbish,” I said, “My father was an arsehole long before that.”

By now it was getting late and dark and I said, “We’d better be getting
back my mother will have tea ready and be worrying about us.”

Sure enough when we got back to the cottage mum looked relieved to se us.”

We told her that we had been talking and not taking notice of the time.

After a scrumptious tea we all sat around in the lounge and I asked mum
were dad was.

“They granted him bail and I’ve finally told him to leave, he’s living with
his drunken mate in town. I don’t think I’ll see much more of him .

While you’ve been out I’ve been thinking, what are your prospects of a job

“Nonexistent, as far as I can see.” Michael answered. I looked at Derek and
shrugged my shoulders. We where both on the same wavelength hoping that he
wouldn’t start crying again.

My mother continued, “This afternoon the headmaster of the church school
came round to see me.” She paused. “He told me that he wanted to replace
your father with a reliable handyman and I took the opportunity to tell him
about you Michael and he wants to see you tomorrow. If he is happy with you
the job is yours when you finish school. ” After those words he really did
start crying again, thanking my mother over and over again.

Mum continued, “Cliff and Derek aren’t going to be here all that much once
school is finished so I told the vicar that you could have their room and
live here with me, What do you think about that.”

Well that really did it, not only for Michael but Derek and I as well, we
all had tears rolling down.

Michael went around to were my mother was sat giving her a big hug and kiss
thanking her over and over.

Once every one had dried their tears and settled down a bit I announced
that it was time for bed. We made our way to what is now Michael’s room
while mum locked up and turned out the lights. We kissed her goodnight
closing our bedroom door, before starting to get undressed.

Derek had that cheeky grin on his face when he announced that we wouldn’t
require pyjamas. Mum had set up a single bed in the room as well as my old
double bed but I knew the single wouldn’t get much use tonight .

“Michael spoke first, “It’s now time for me to reward you two and pop my

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

He nodded saying, “Yes I’ve been thinking about it since this afternoon.”

He laid back on the bed while my lover and I began taking turns at sucking
his cock or licking and fingering his virgin hole. I reached over to the
beside table and got out the Vaseline smearing his hole our fingers and my
cock with copious quantities.

My own lover whispered to me, “You go first my husband “.

“Are you sure?” I replied.

“Yes you can have the privilege, but the next virgin we have it’s my turn.”
we laughed as I positioned myself between his legs, while Derek began
kissing him and playing with his taut erect nipples. Slowly I placed the
head of my cock inside him, feeling him tense up I stopped, waited before
slipping a bit more into him, again he winced in pain and I stopped
whispering sweet words to him and reassuring him all the time. Each time
more and more of my cock went into him until my balls were rubbing against
his body. I stopped letting Michael get his breath and getting used to
having my cock deep inside him.

I asked him if he was ok and did he want to continue. He nodded yes telling
me to fuck him and fill his body with my juice.

Slowly at first I began pistoning in and out of his body and I could tell
that he was getting hot and beginning to enjoy having a big cock inside

Derek meanwhile had moved his head down , pacing it between my body and
Michaels so that he could suck on the virgins cock, who began moaning and
loving every minute of his first arse fuck. I gradually increased my
thrusting getting ready to shoot my load. I didn’t want to prolong my
shagging for too long because being his first one he may be a little
sore. I announced that I was cumming and Michael clamped his arse muscles
onto my prick and I thought were did he learn that?

I shot my load filling his hole up while Derek took all of Michaels juice
down his throat.

We all laid on the bed together slowly getting our breath back.

Michael spoke, “Derek do want your reward now?” I thought he’s a glutton
for punishment.

“No” replied Derek, “I’ll wait till you have recovered from Cliff’s

“Thank goodness” replied Michael. “My legs feel a bit wobbly, plus my bum’s
a bit sore as well.” he added with a laugh.

I kissed him fully and deep on the lips and said, “Thank you Michael that
was great, anytime you want to return the favour just say the word.”

“You guys are wonderful.” he said with a slight tremor in his voice.

We both spoke at once saying, “For fuck’s sake don’t start crying again.”

We all laughed at this and Michael pointed out that he will get into the
single bed. Oh no you won’t we both replied.

“There’s room for all three of us” Derek said.

“Ok” Michael replied, “But let me sleep to one side that you two are

I leant over kissing him and said, “Thank you Michael we both love and your
kind and considerate a new Michael from the old one who had me bashed up,

All three of us laughed as Michael moved over and I took my lover into my
arms kissing him and whispering how much I loved him into his ear.

Sleep came very quick and it seemed like only a couple of hours before mum
was knocking on the door to tell us breakfast was ready and to hurry up or
we would be late for church.

We began to get dressed and visit the bathroom, doing all the things one
does when one wakes up, except we had no time for any sexy stuff.

As we where dressing Michael remarked, “Do you two go to church?”

“Yes, when we are here at mum’s” I replied.

” Do I have to come?” he asked

“Not if you don’t want to .”

“Well its just that I’ve never been to church before in my life, but if you
are going I’ll come along with you.”

I laughed and said, “Wow, lose your virginity one night and go to church
for the first time as well.”

We all laughed at that before making our way into the kitchen for

Well we all went to church and once again I was asked by the vicar to sing
in the choir which I did. After church Michael came up to me and said, “I
never realised what a great voice you have, you are a very talented young

“In more ways than one.” I replied rubbing my hand over his bum.

The vicar came over and my mother introduced Michael to him explaining that
he was the young man looking for a job as handyman.

The Vicar asked a few general questions and Michael took the opportunity to
be honest with him telling him all about my bashing and everything else.

“You are a honest young man who has had some bad luck mainly because of
your family, and it’s good see you know have a caring loving family. The
jobs yours if you want it. With the holidays coming up we will be able to
mange without someone until you have finished school, after that you can
start right away.”

Michael shook his hand before turning and hugging us including my mother.

Back home we all helped mum prepare the traditional roast Sunday lunch
which as always was delicious.

We had a rest after lunch until it was time to catch the bus home to
Derek’s place.

Michael was fairly quite on the way home. I asked if anything was the

“No I’m so happy and grateful to you both if I start talking about it I’m
sorry but I’ll start crying again. This weekend as been the happiest of my

We had a group hug and kiss on the bus causing the few other passengers to
stare, but we didn’t care about that anymore. We were homosexuals in love
and that’s that.

If you enjoyed this chapter or have any comments to make let me know.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy