Chapter 33

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 33

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

May I also say that we are gradually coming to the end of Cliff and Derek’s
school life. Their leaving school will be the last chapter of this book,
but stay tuned for “Further Adventures of Cliff and Derek” (Life after
school) coming soon.

Nothing was said the next morning at breakfast about our wild and noisy sex
romp the night before but both of Derek’s parents were quite ( maybe we got
them excited too EHEHEH).

At school we told Jason about the offer that Derek’s parents had made to
talk to his parents about his sexuality and love for his boyfriend Paul.

“I don’t know,” Said Jason, “But I suppose it’s worth a try and I think
your parents are wonderful to offer.” When Jason asked him later that day

Paul agreed it would be worth a try. We also caught up with Michael asking
him if he had settled into my old bedroom at the cottage my mum now had as
part of her job at a church school.

“It’s great guys I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done to me
especially after what I did to you Cliff.”

“That’s ok,” I replied. “There’s just one other thing.”

“What’s that”. He asked. “DON’T START FUCKING CRYING.”

We both replied with a laugh.

Michael laughed as well and then surprised us with this statement.

“I have some good news for you as well. In the church choir there is a
young guy about my age, his name is Robert and we are getting very
friendly. It’s early days yet but we both appear to like each other
although we haven’t done anything yet except cuddle and kiss.”

We all agreed that it was great news.

“I hope it all works out alright for you and Robert you deserve a break.”

“Thanks guys but no more talk like that please or else I’ll fucking cry.”

He said with a laugh.

We parted and went to classes and final exams in our school life. I had
history and geography my two favourite subjects so I found the exams pretty

We all met in the school dining room along with Ian, who told us that
everything was great with HRH and after Christmas they were moving into an
apartment in London. Our school life was slowly coming to an end and
everyone looked as if they would do well in the future.

I told them all about the Mother Goose job in Leeds and how Derek was also
working on the show. Boy did I cop a ribbing when I told them I was the

“So all you have to do is drop a gold egg out of your arse every show and
get paid for it.” Ian said with a laugh. Everyone at the table burst out

When we arrived home that evening we told Derek’s parent what Jason had
said about talking to his parents and Derek’s father said that he had been
giving it some thought and decided that they would invite both Jason and
Paul’s parents to meet them on neutral ground, possibly at a coffee shop or
somewhere like that.

We all agreed that might be the way to go.

Later that night when we went to bed. We laid in each others arms thinking
back on all the events that had happened through the year from the first
time I met Derek in the school greenhouse and he gave me an awesome blow

“I don’t know about you darling but for me it was love at first sight”. I

“I fell for you a long time before that.” My lover said.

“Every assembly when you were on stage or whenever I saw you around the
school I yearned for you to take me in your arms. I was so much in love
that it hurt, do you know I used to go to sleep every night with your name
on my lips and when ever I jacked off, well”

We both laughed at that last remark.

Derek continued, “Because you looked as if you were set for life with Gwen
I thought that I had no chance, until that day when I saw you alone in the
greenhouse and I told Ian I was going try it on and I would either succeed
or get my head kicked in. Boy was I glad I did what I did.”

“Any regrets?” I asked.

“None, how about you?”

“It was the best day of my life when you came into that greenhouse and
seduced me, I made up my mind right away that you was going to be my lover
for the rest of my life.”

We both got a bit teary, but a kiss or two settled us down.

“Do you think we made a mistake declaring our love in public?” I asked.

“I don’t know, you got hurt and quite a lot of people got involved, we made
the headlines throughout the country, and because of us my parents almost
lost their house when it was set on fire, and Mr Garth won’t be able to
work in the public school system anymore . A lot of things happened just
because we told everyone how much we were in love. Should we have done what
we did or love each other on the sly? I believe Cliff that we did the right
thing. Maybe we should have been more forthright and told everyone who
meddled in our love to piss off.”

“When you think about it,” I replied ” All of our trouble was caused by one
person, My father, and that thought hurts me so much, that my own flesh and
blood wanted me killed, as long as I live I will never understand that.”

Derek held me tight kissing me gently on the lips pausing to say, “That’s
all behind us now darling let’s forget it and get on with our lives.”

We continued to kiss and cuddle until sleep overtook us.

Next day at school our exams continued. I had maths which I hated and knew
I would fail, plus English which was my best subject. Once again we got
together at lunchtime with Ian, Jason, and Michael. We talked about Derek’s
parents meeting with Jason and Paul’s families this evening and I could
tell Jason was worried about the outcome.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m sure neither of you will get kicked out of
house and home and with school coming to an end, both of you are going on
to university so who knows what you will be able to get up to.” I said with
a grin.

Derek asked Michael how is love affair was going.

Michael blushed a deep red and said. “I forgot to tell you this morning I
actually went to choir practise last night and the organist said I had a
good voice so I joined the church choir to be near to Robert.”

“Ho,ho,ho ” Ian said.

“it looks like we have a love affair in the choir stalls.”

“Cut it out you guys,” Michael replied blushing even deeper than he had.

“I must admit it took us two hours after choir practise to get home and my
room is just across the road.”

We all clapped and cheered at that news.

“Cut it out you lot or else I’ll start crying again.”

“Oh no not that again.” I shouted.

Michael laughed and said. “I have never been happier in my life as I am
now. I was so unhappy having to play the part of bully and gang leader just
to satisfy my father, and Cliff you have the most wonderful mother in the
world, and she doesn’t miss a trick. Of course she’s thrilled that I’m in
the choir and she told me at breakfast this morning that I can bring Robert
home anytime I like just as long as we don’t carry on in front of her and
your two sisters Cliff.”

I felt tears forming in my eyes after he told us that and I felt Derek
squeezing my hand.

“Darling your mother is a great lady, don’t ever do anything to make her
sad, because if you do you will have to answer to me.”

I looked at him and could see that he was deadly serious.

I leaned over kissing him gently on the lips which brought cheers and
applause from those sat around our and surrounding tables.

The bell went for the end of lunch. As we were walking to our next class, I
had an idea and whispered in my lovers ear.

“I’ve got no more exams today do you?”

“No.” he replied “what did you have in mind?” That cheeky grin of his
spread all over his face.

“Well, I don’t think Michael as any exams this afternoon also, so why don’t
we take him to John and Bruce’s place because he owes you, If you get my

“let’s ask him.” Derek said.

We caught up with Michael and put the suggestion to him and he said.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to go behind Robert’s back, but a learning
session with you two would be a help because we are both unsure of a lot of
things sex wise. I will have to tell him because we agreed no secrets.”

“That’s the best way to be.” I told him as we turned around heading for the

Just then John Waddington came out of his classroom with his briefcase also
heading for the door.

“What are you three up to.” He asked.

“Well if you don’t mind we were heading for your place to continue
educating Michael”. I told him.

“Oh you were where you, well Bruce and I have both got the afternoon off,
but I don’t suppose that will make any difference. Come on get into my

Derek’s grin by now was all over his face and he winked at me.

Bruce was already home and with the central heating at full bore he only
had on a pair of very brief briefs. He looked surprised and said. “I didn’t
know we were having company.”

“Don’t worry about us,” Derek said. “We’ve seen you with a lot less on than

We all laughed and Michael looked a bit shocked and puzzled.

I spoke up. “Sorry Michael you haven’t been here before, this is Bruce,
John’s partner, we often come here for recreational activities if you get
my drift.”

Michael and Bruce shook hands. Just then the door to the spare room opened
and Ian along with HRH joined us in the kitchen.”

Derek spoke up this time, “You got here quick Ian.”

“HRH was waiting with the car at school, we both have the afternoon off.”

Michael looked in amazement at Ian’s partner, he had heard rumours that Ian
had a very special VIP boyfriend but was very surprised when he saw who it

Derek began singing in a soft voice. “I can feel an orgy coming on.”

We all burst out laughing as Bruce announced that some of us were

We didn’t need to be told again and soon our clothes were piled up on the
kitchen floor. Michael was a bit slower than us not sure what was going on
but he soon got the idea.

“Boy have I been missing a lot of fun,” He remarked.

HRH hadn’t said a word but I could see him looking at me and smiling. Oh
bugger I thought to myself he’s still got the hots for me.

Derek sensed the same thing and was looking daggers at HRH.

“it’s Ok you chaps, I get the message, but you can’t stop me thinking about

Ian pulled him round and began kissing him intently taking his mind off me.

Derek and I got either side of Michael kissing him in turn and fondling his

Bruce and John not to be outdone, joined in the activities.

The three of us slowly sank to the kitchen floor which had underfloor
heating making it comfortable, but hard. Talking about hard all three of us
were very hard, so off came the underwear as we continued to explore each
others bodies, while the other two couples disappeared into bedrooms
leaving the doors open .

Michael broke off kissing me to tell Derek that it was time he took his
cherry. You may recall that few days earlier I had the pleasure of being
the first and now Derek was going to be the second.

I moved down to take Michael’s cock in my mouth while my lover raised
Michael’s rear up from the floor so that he could begin loosening and
lubricating Michael with his tongue. Michael began groaning and moaning as
we went to work on him and he moved over towards me taking my hard cock
into his mouth. He tried deep throating but gagged unable to take it all. I
thought that will come with practise. Still he was becoming an accomplished
cock sucker. Derek now had three fingers inserted in Michael’s bum and was
moving them around getting him more and more excited. He took my cock out
of his mouth and told Derek to please fuck him. My baby raised Michael’s
arse right up off the ground before aiming his rigid tool towards a tight
pink hole. I continued sucking him while Michael let go of my dick which I
thought was a good idea because as Derek pushed his cock in Michael might
clamp down on my dick as the hard rod was going through the pain barrier.

Derek very slowly continued pushing in until he was fully inside him. All
this time I was still sucking on Michaels cock which remained hard and
solid as a rock.. Once again when my lover began slowly going in and out he
took my cock in his mouth. We continued in this position for quite a while
until I started to feel an orgasm coming on, Michael too began sucking me
faster as Derek speeded up his fucking. I thought with a bit of luck we
will all come at the same time, and we did with Michael filling my mouth
with his love juice and me doing the same to him. Meanwhile Derek announced
that he was coming shooting a big load right were it belonged.

Slowly we came back down from our high. Derek immediately began licking his
own cum from Michaels rear end while we swopped the love juices that were
in our mouths. There were still sounds of love making coming from the
bedrooms so we moved into the master bedroom were John was shooting his
load into Bruce. I couldn’t help it, my dick has a mind of its own when
ever I see Bruce naked. I hope Derek never catches on that this beautiful
blonde guy gets me horny. I moved over to Bruce with my cock hard again and
shoved it into his mouth. He began sucking and licking it as if his life
depended on it, meanwhile Derek invited Michael to return the favour and
fuck him. I could hear my lover giving the novice instructions of what to
do with his fingers and tongue. I also heard Michael say that he didn’t
think he was ready to use his tongue just yet.

With Bruce sucking away on my dick John completed the daisy chain by going
down on Bruce with Ian joining in along with HRH all finding a dick to suck
with HRH sucking Derek as he squatted on all fours with Michael entering
his rear and giving him a good pounding. There was moaning, humming,
groaning, sweating as everyone got stuck into someone else.

Bruce was really deep throating my cock taking his mouth right down to my
pubic hairs. Because all of us had already come once we were able to
continue for a lot longer but soon it became obvious that juices where
going to flow as one after another shot their loads down each others
throats with Michael filling my lovers arse with his spunk.

Finally we all collapse exhausted in a heap on the bed gasping for breath
and spunk flowing everywhere.

John spoke first. “Fuck, I’ve never ever had a session like that, I’m well
and truly stuffed.”

Michael was the next. “I never imagined in my wildest dreams of a scene
like this thank you guys.”

Bruce said. “I don’t know about you fellows but all that hard work as made
me hungry, let me get up and I’ll make some sandwiches and pour some
drinks. I think scotch all round might be the order of the day.”

We all agreed to that even though my lover and I drank very little but we
didn’t like to be left out.

Nobody got dressed and we all sat around the kitchen table, sipping scotch
and water eating delicious ham sandwiches.

“Well it’s been quite a year.” john said. “Lots of things happening good
and bad, sadly this will be one of our last sessions in this house. Bruce
and I will start packing next week and arrange for some of our stuff to be
moved down south to our new little cottage in Devon. Mind you we hope that
you chaps will be able to come and visit.” We all drank to that. John
continued. “For the Christmas holidays were going to spend three weeks in
Spain following the sun.”

“Don’t get your bum sunburnt will you?” Derek replied with a laugh.

“Cheeky bugger” was the reply.

“Seriously”. I said, “We will miss you two as well, You are two wonderful
guys and I hope we are always able to keep in touch.”

We drank to that as well as Derek came and sat on my knee with my cock
resting between his arse cheeks. He turned his head and we kissed when we
broke off he quietly said. “I don’t know about you but I think I’m just a
little bit drunk.” he giggled and then went back to kissing me. The next
time we came up for air I spoke with a giggle. “Me too, baby, let’s go

He stood up and hand in hand we went into the spare bedroom this time
closing the door behind us. We flopped down on the bed, and started kissing
and groping each other once more.

Derek said , “I want my husband to fuck me and lay on top of me while he is
doing it.”

“ok madam anything you say madam.” My cock slipped into him easy because of
the earlier workout and we soon had a smooth hot rhythm going, we both got
carried away and didn’t hear the bedroom door open.

The next thing I knew was a hard cock entering me. I glanced behind and saw
a smiling HRH slowly going into my arse. I was so hot to trot that I didn’t
care who it was shagging me. We soon had a rhythm going with my cock going
into Derek in time with the royal fucking I was getting. Next I felt HRH
push down extra hard and it took me a while to realise someone was using
the Royal arsehole as well. I once again looked behind to see Ian giving
his lover a pounding. John came in got onto the bed and began kissing Derek
while Bruce entered him. I heard Bruce encouraging Michael to join in and
fuck him. So there we all where I was screwing my lover while HRH was into
me and in turn he was being fucked by his partner Ian, John and Derek had
their tongues down each others throats, while Bruce was right into John and
Michael was having the time of his life pushing into Bruce’s lovely bubble
butt golden arse. We were all connected and loving every minute of it.

I think Michael was the first to shoot his load but nobody cared we were
all enjoying hot lustful sex.

Finally we all collapsed once again into a heap, kissing and generally
mauling each other.

We all finally came down to earth and agreed unanimously that was the best
session ever.

I looked at the clock and said to Derek, “We have to go Jason and Paul will
be at our place soon while our parents go to see theirs.

We started to get dressed asking Michael if he wanted to join us because my
mother was also joining Derek’s mum and dad.

“Derek’s dad will drive mum home so you can go home with her.”

Michael agreed that was a good idea.

We kissed the other four goodbye with HRH once again trying to push his
tongue down my throat, will he ever stop trying to get me?

We arrived home just as Jason and Paul arrived. In the kitchen Derek’s mum
had a meal ready for us all which we devoured in a very short space of
time. I whispered to my lover that fucking makes you hungry.

I forgot to mention my mother was also there and as they prepared to leave
we wished them the best of luck.

So there we were five young studs sitting round the kitchen table. Jason
spoke up first. “Well, what are we going to do with ourselves until they
come back with either good or bad news.”

Derek said, ‘Guys we are already a couple of fucks up on you two already
today so how about you and Paul putting on a show for us?”

Michael and I laughing applauded and said “yes come on lets see some skin”.

Both of them blushed obviously a bit embarrassed so we joined in helping
them to get out of their clothes before stripping ourselves. Although we
had been at it all afternoon my dick started to slowly come to life at the
sight of Jason and Paul naked sporting massive erections. My lover and
Michael I noticed were also hardening up.

Tentatively Jason and Paul began kissing each other and fondling their
biggest and best assets. With Michael sat on one side Derek on the other
side of me both with their arms around me playing with my nipples and
brushing their hands across my cock it was hard to concentrate on what the
two studs in front of us were doing.

Anyway Paul squatted down and took Jason’s cock into his mouth slowly
moving up and down before gently rolling Jason’s gonads around his
mouth. This went on for quite a while before Jason told him to lie down
with his legs in the air. He tongued his lovers promised land before gently
pushing his hard rigid cock into him. Paul groaned not in pain but with
lust, the both of them in between noises whispering loving words to each
other. This was love not raw sex and was wonderful to see. Michael was
there with his mouth open gazing in wonder at the love these two had for

“No matter what their parents think these two are meant for each other.”

He said.

Derek had seen enough and got down in front of the both of us sucking our
dicks in turn and even trying to get both of them into his mouth at the
same time.

Jason announced he was cumming and Paul tightened his muscles to make sure
every drop of love juice stayed inside him.

Once he had shot his load he lay down next to Paul sucking his cock hard
and fast to bring him also to a climax. Although I had shot my load several
time already today I felt my balls tightening and soon I was shooting into
my lovers mouth with Michael following suit soon after.

Neither of us had much left to shoot but Derek devoured what was there with
a look of utter pleasure on his face. He stood up and kissed me long and
hard telling me how much he loved me. I returned the compliment, while
Michael commented how much In love with each other we where, hoping that
Robert and him would feel the same.

We got dressed again in case our Parents came back early and while Derek
and I made everyone a hot drink Paul said that he was worried about what
would happen if their parents didn’t accept what they both were.

“I feel that Jason and I are just as much in love as you two, I don’t think
I could handle going through life without him.” I could see Paul getting a
bit teary, Jason too.

“I think it is time for a group hug and a kiss to cement our friendship and
love for each other for life.”

That did it they both began crying as we hugged each other. We were in that
same position when our parents came home. What surprised us most was that
both our lovers parents arrived with them.

Both sets of mums and dads gave their sons a hug and a kiss which brought
tears to all our eyes.

Eventually we all sat down with Jason’s father speaking first.

“I’m glad Derek and Cliff’s parents met with us tonight we had a long talk
realizing as the conversation went on just how much in love our boys were
and that no one was to blame it was part of their makeup. Jason, your
mother and I are finding it hard to accept the fact that you are an
homosexual. We will try hard to understand but please don’t rush us, this
is something new to both of us. Paul my son obviously loves you dearly and
I suspect the feeling is mutual, you are welcome into our home any time you
wish all we ask is that like Derek and Cliff you do not show your love and
affection off in front of us. Anyway you will both be going to university
next year so you would have done whatever it is you do anyway.”

Both Jason and Paul with tear in their eyes moved over to Jason’s parents
shaking hands with his father and kissing his mother on the cheek.

Paul’s father had been very quite since they had arrived. Paul looked
across at him with a questioning look on his face.

“Son, I never in my wildest dreams thought that you would turn out to be
gay, your mother and I are finding it very difficult to come to terms that
you are what you are.” He paused, “we both need time and we would
appreciate that you don’t sleep together or do anything under our
roof. While I can see that these feelings you have are different and
unavoidable I still can’t get my head around what you are. Jason you are
welcome at our house but only if you show no affection for each other and
you will not be able to sleep over, is that understood.”

Both boys nodded but I could see that they were not entirely happy with
what he had just stated.

Paul spoke up, “Dad while I appreciated what you have said I’m disappointed
that you haven’t fully come to terms with what we both are. We can’t help
it and we can’t help being deeply in love with each other.”

Jason held up his hand and continued, ” As Mr Garth pointed out at school
when Derek and Cliff’s partnership was announced, our love is exactly the
same as your and mum except you were boy and girl and we are boy and
boy. That is the only difference.”

Silence descended on the room which appeared to last for several minutes
but I suppose it was only a few second. Paul’s mother spoke up, “I can
understand what you are saying Jason and I hope if your togetherness
continues it will be a long and happy one, although deep down I dearly hope
that my son will realise he has made a mistake and find a nice girl to
marry and have children.”

That remark made me a little bit angry. “that will never happen, don’t you
realise this is the way we are made we are different and nothing can change
it and the sooner you realise that the better it will be for all of you.” I
paused to let all that sink in then continued, “These two are deeply in
love with each other and hopefully that love will stay with them for the
rest of their lives, unless you want to lose your son for ever I suggest
that you try very hard to understand how they feel for each other and try
to accept it.”

Derek reached over to squeeze my hand and mouthed the words well done,
while our parents were beaming all over their faces at my last statement.

Paul’s father, “We don’t want to lose our son and will do anything we can
for him. All I ask is for a little time so that we can fully comprehend
what is happening in our lives.”

Paul followed by Jason shook is fathers hand and hugged his mother. On that
note everyone prepared to leave.

Jason and Paul hugged and kissed our parents and when they went outside
came round to kiss us and thank us for helping them.

It was very late by the time my mother and Michael also departed with
Derek’s father taking them home but not before my mum gave me a kiss and
said, “You spoke so well then son, I’m so proud of you, please don’t forget
were I live.”

I promised that we wouldn’t. After everyone had gone we helped Derek’s mum
clean up and wash up before heading for our own bed.

We were both exhausted following all the sex we had, so it was just a quick
kiss and off to sleep in each others arms.

This is a big chapter folks I hope you get through it ok but things are
winding up with school almost finished, just a few loose ends to put in
place. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy