Chapter 34

Adventures of Cliff Chapter 34

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

May I also say that we are gradually coming to the end of Cliff and Derek’s
school life. Their leaving school will be the last chapter of this book,
but stay tuned for “Further Adventures of Cliff and Derek” (Life after
school) coming soon.

Next Morning, when we arrived at school I asked Mr. Garth about getting in
touch with the crown prosecutor regarding Michael.

“Don’t worry.” he said, “I have already spoken to him and he has arranged
for the defense council to meet with him today with a view of dropping the
charges. He appears confident that this will happen, thanks to you and your

I actually blushed, being embarrassed that I was being singled out as the
big forgiving hero.

“It was nothing sir, all I want is for everybody to be happy and live

He smiled and walked away as Derek came up wanting to know what it was all

I told him then asked him were Michael was.

“I just saw him going into the senior toilets.” my man replied.

“Good,” I said. “Let’s go talk to him, tell him the good news.”

Michael was just washing his hands when we walked in and he looked
surprised when I put my arm around him and walked with him down to the
bottom end of the toilets to our favorite cubicle.

“What’s happening boys?” he asked.

“I have some good news for you Michael, Mr Garth tells me that the crown
prosecutor is talking to your lawyer today and there is a very good chance
the charges will be dropped.”

Michael just stood there with his mouth open slowly taking in the news.

Derek said, “Watch him, He’s going to cry again.”

We all had a little laugh at this, with Michael reaching over to kiss me
and then Derek.

“I will always be in your debt, you are the best friends a fellow could

Even I had started to get a bit teary and emotional.

“Michael all we ask is that you remain our friend for life, we love you
dearly and we’re proud and happy that you have got out from under your
fathers spell. We both wish and hope that you will find peace and happiness
with either your current boyfriend or if that don’t work out someone else.”

We all had a little cry and cuddle after that. Just then a message came
over the loudspeakers system requesting that we three along with Ian and
Jason report to Mr. Waddington’s classroom.

“I wonder what he wants?” Derek asked.

“You never know he might want another orgy.” I replied.

Michael said. “Yes please.”

In his classroom was Mr. Waddington, Miss Marsden and Mr. Garth, all three
looked quite happy and cheerful so I thought it can’t be anything bad.

At Mr Garth’s invitation we all sat down.

The head spoke first, “Next week is the end of your school life and we will
all go our separate ways.” He paused. “Some of the teaching staff have got
together and decided to give you young men a special farewell party. It
will be at John Waddington’s place with a couple of other special guests,
plus we would like to ask your parents to come along.”

“This also means there will be no hanky-panky.” Mr. Waddington said with a

We all laughed and I spoke up. “You must be able to read Derek’s mind sir.”

“Yes, and yours as well.”

“Is there anyone else special that you would like to ask along?” Mr. Garth

“Well sir,” I said, “Our two police friends Steve and his wife Janice are
two good friends, who have helped us immensely. We would love to include
them in our farewell gathering.”

Mr. Garth nodded and said that would be ok.

The date was set for next Saturday evening and just as we were about to
leave Michael spoke up. “Sir I have a friend I would love to bring along if
that is ok.”

Derek and I smiled at each other and winked.

“Sir, Michael’s met a very nice boy called Robert and quite frankly we are
all dying to meet his boyfriend anyway.” Derek said.

Everybody laughed at that and Michael blushed his usual shade of deep red.

“Of course bring anyone you like, Ian I believe Mr. Waddington’s partner as
already invited your special person.” Mr. Garth said .

With the gathering finished we all headed out and noticed it was almost
time for the going home bell it also occurred to me that we were spending
less and less time in the classroom and I can’t remember when we last had

Ian headed off straight away to invite his parents while Derek and I said
we would go and see if Steve and Janice were home.

Just before we left Jason spoke up. “Do you think I should invite mine and
Paul’s parents?”

“I don’t see why not” I said. “Don’t forget to invite Paul as well.” I
added with a laugh.

Jason pulled a face at me, before heading home.

As luck would have it both Steve and Janice were home and they invited us
to stay for tea. Derek rang his mother , who told him that she hadn’t
started to cook tea yet so it would be all right.

Janice cooked a beautiful meal and after the dishes had been cleared away
we sat around the table going over all the events that had happened during
the year.

Steve said. “I will never forget the day we first met when I walked into
your hospital room and caught you two kissing and cuddling. It was a lovely
sight seeing two young people obviously so much in love. I’ll let you into
a little secret, when I got back into my police car I cried and cried
thinking about what happened to you both, but it was also tears of joy
seeing young lovers together.”

“Yes, that evening when he told me all about you we both sat on the lounge
and shed a tear.” Janice said. “We will miss you both. Please stay in touch
and good luck in whatever you do.”

We promised we would as we left for home after kissing them both goodnight
and reminding them not to miss Saturdays party.

Back home Derek’s parents were thrilled at the invitation. We also
discussed how we were getting to Leeds because rehearsals started on Boxing

“You will have to leave on Christmas day.” Derek’s mum pointed out.

There are only a couple of trains because of the holiday, with one leaving
about midday”.

She was not too happy about us missing out on the festive season, but there
is nothing we can do about it.

The rest of the week was boring and time dragged, the weekend couldn’t come
quick enough . Saturday finally came as we gathered at Derek’s place so we
could all go to the party together. There was Mum, my sisters, Derek’s
parent’s, Ian and his folk, along with Michael and for the first time we
got to meet Robert from the church choir who had caught Michael’s eye.

Michael was beaming all over his face looking a bit like a Cheshire cat as
he introduced us to his boyfriend. Robert was the same height as Michael, a
bit on the thin side but good looking with a short back and sides haircut,
in fact a very clean cut young man, poles apart from Michael. Meeting us
for the first time I could see he was very nervous. Afterwards Derek agreed
with me that he looked like being a perfect partner for Michael and he
should be able to keep him on the straight and narrow.

We all headed off to John and Bruce’s place and when we arrived we were
amazed at the bright array of colored lights and streamers along with a
Christmas Tree complete with a fairy on top (No comments please).

Christmas music was blaring out from a gramophone as John greeted us all
inviting us in. Most of the furniture was already gone to their new home in
Devon which was a good thing because that way we could all fit into the
house. The kitchen table was still there groaning under the weight of food
and drink. Our two teachers had excelled themselves and both of them were
beaming from ear to ear as the congratulations flowed around the room.

Jason and Paul arrived along with their parents who didn’t appear to be
upset by the fact that their respective sons walked in holding hands. I
pointed this out to Derek who smiled and whispered in my ear that it looked
as if the parents were getting used to the idea.

Suddenly Derek started to laugh and I couldn’t see any reason why.

“What?” I asked, “What’s so funny.”

In between giggles he whispered once again in my ear , “I hope Bruce
scrubbed the kitchen table before he put the food out after all we’ve both
shot our load on there and not all that long ago.”

That set me off then laughing. Ian looked at us with a questioning look on
his face until Derek pointed discreetly to my crotch and then the table and
he too got the message. Soon all those in the know got the message. Bruce
came over and in a quite voice said that he had scrubbed the table well and
there was nothing to worry about.

Ian’s boyfriend HRH had not arrived yet, because he had to be driven down
from Windsor. Ian told us that both of them were a bit nervous about being
seen together in such a large gathering.

By now the drinks were beginning to flow and Mr. Garth introduced us to his
wife who was a charming lady perhaps a bit older than he was but very sweet
and understanding. She commented on the tough times we had been through
this year and hoped that life would be a lot better for us in the
future. No mention was made of the fact that her husband was being
dismissed from his post as headmaster because of us, still I believe he has
a cushy job at a select private school to go to in the new year.

Steve and Janice arrived along with a couple more teachers, in fact the
only one missing now was the royal one.

I had just finished pointing that fact out to my lover when he came through
the door. Quite a few people at the party had no idea who Ian’s boyfriend
was therefore when he walked in everyone stopped talking and watched HRH

I must admit even I was surprised at what happened next because Ian’s
prince walked straight up to Ian said hello and gave him a quick kiss on
the lips before putting his arm around his boyfriend. This exhibition
brought forth a gasp or two from around the room but this didn’t faze the
prince one bit as he continued to cuddle Ian, who I must admit looked a bit
nervous at the right royal treatment he was receiving. Derek and I walked
over to greet him which started the normal conversation among the other
guests going again.

“Well, you certainly know how to stop a party in it’s tracks.” Derek said
with a laugh.

HRH looked at him and grinned, “I hope I didn’t upset anybody but I must
admit I had a couple of drinks with my brother before leaving the castle
and I think I might be just a little bit drunk. Anyway what’s wrong with
walking into a room and greeting your loved one in that fashion.”

I looked at Derek and he glanced back at me with a bit of a surprised look
on his face.

“Yes I know” HRH continued. “I’ve never mentioned how much I love Ian in
public before but believe me I do, I love him dearly and I believe he loves
me just as much.”

Ian grinned and snuggled up closer to his boyfriend.

“oh I know I was always chasing you Cliff, but I have come to realize that
wasn’t really love, just lust, Ian my darling Ian as always been the one.”

“This calls for a group hug no matter who is watching.” I announced and all
four of us hugged each other so happy and contented with our lot.

The food was devoured and the drinks flowed, in fact my lover and I both
began to feel a bit tipsy and giggled at the slightest thing.

Paul and Jason joined us with Paul saying that he had some good news to
tell us.

“My mother and father had a long talk to Jason and I just before we came
here tonight and told us that they are becoming used to the fact that we
are different, we are lovers and there is nothing can be done to change

We congratulated them on the news. Paul continued.

“My father also said that Jason could share my bed any time we liked, just
make sure that we are both safe and happy.”

Derek replied, “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sure
you will both have a wonderful loving and lasting relationship .”

We hugged each other and I said to my own lover. ” it’s strange how
everything is working out for all and sundry.”

“This is one of the happiest nights of my life sweetheart.” he replied
kissing me on the lips not caring who was watching.

Mr Garth called for us all to be quite for a moment. I pointed out to my
lover that he too was looking a bit drunk.

“Friends, I won’t bore you with a long speech.” He said and we all cheered
and laughed.

“This year as to say the least has been a memorable one, with lots of drama
and adventure. It all began when two young men declared their love for each
other .” I squeezed my lovers hand as he looked at me smiled his face
showing how deeply he was in love with me and I thought I must be the
luckiest person in the world.

Mr Garth continued, “Talking about drama I would just like to add that this
school has also had the pleasure of helping one student develop and nurture
his talent as an actor, singer and performer.” he looked at me and said, “I
am sure you and Derek will have a long happy life together and it won’t be
long before we see your name in lights in the theatre district of London
and who knows the world.”

There was a lot of cheering and applause at these remarks and I actually
felt myself going a deep red.

“With the help and guidance of Cliff and Derek other same sex romances have
emerged and I hope they will all be happy in their relationships. It
brought tears to my eyes when young Michael, who after all was responsible
for a lot of the damage done, which put Cliff into hospital. Now that we
have the full story of how this young man was treated by his family, I hope
and pray now that he is out and away from family pressure that he continues
on his way achieving all he desires. Also late yesterday I heard that all
the charges against Michael have been dropped. So young man I only have one
important thing to say to you and that is, FOR FUCKS SAKE DON’T START

This remark brought forth some gasps of surprise from the elder one’s there
and loud raucous Laughter from the rest of us.

He continued.” I would also like to thank you all for coming here tonight
as we send these young one’s out into the world and ask Cliff and Derek to
come forward.” hand in hand we walked over to join our headmaster.

“It was decided quite a while ago that we would give you two young lovers.”
A ripple of laughter went round the room at that remark.

“One big Christmas Present from all of us. Mr. Waddington suggested a 10
year supply of condoms, and Bruce asked why they’ll never use them.”

Once again a few surprised looks went round the room at our head masters
remarks which were totally out of character.

“Boys here is a Christmas card signed by all of us here and also a few who
couldn’t make it tonight, along with a little something inside to help you
on your way.”

We both took hold of this massive card and has I opened it a cheque fell
out. I picked it up and showed to my lover and we both started in amazement
at the sum written there.

2,000 pounds (That equates to about $4000 Aussie dollars) we couldn’t
believe our eyes, we both felt moisture welling up inside us with tears
starting to roll down our cheeks.

Mr. Garth. “Finally, I’m sure all of you would love to see a demonstration
from Cliff, no not that kind of demonstration you dirty minded little boy.”
Once again this brought loud laughter from all and sundry and I blushed
again especially when Derek announced in a loud voice, “Later?”

“Finally,” Mr. Garth announced, ” We would like to see how Cliff is going
to lay a golden egg when the pantomime season starts, come on Cliff show us
how it’s done and don’t make a mess in your pants.”

I thought wow he must be drunk to make some of those remarks. Everyone
started clapping and yelling for the Goose so I made a fool of myself
strutting around the kitchen, straining and pretending to lay an egg which
I pretended to give to Derek with the words, `it’s a boy’

Once everyone quietened down there were a few calls for me to make a

“Firstly thank you all for your help and friendship which Derek and I will
treasure and remember for the rest of our lives. Let’s face it we did make
the school year more interesting than it would have been. It would be
unfair for me to mention individually all those who helped us through some
difficult times because I’m sure I’ll forget someone. Thank you all for the
card and tremendous gift which I feel we don’t deserve, but we won’t be
returning it either. Finally I believe that we have paved the way for
others to `come out’ and declare their love and affection in public. Derek
and I will never forget you and I’m going to stop now and quote Mr. Garth’s

This was followed by cheers and applause, with partygoers coming up to
shake our hands or giving us a kiss and a cuddle, wishing us both the best
of luck and so on.

Most of them had tears in their eyes as the party began to wind up
following a rousing chorus of the traditional new years song.

By know most of us were pretty drunk Derek and I holding on to each other
so we didn’t fall down.

After a long goodbye my mother, sisters, Michael and his lover Robert were
taken home by Mr. Garth, with his wife driving, I remarked it’s a good job
he had a big car.

Steve and Janice came over to say goodbye with tears in their eyes.

“I hope you will stay in touch and if you ever need any help regarding
anything at all don’t hesitate to call us. After all we did celebrate a
double wedding together.”

“We’ll never forget all you did for us” I said tears rolling down my cheeks
as well.

Derek’s mum came up to us to tell us that they where ready to go home and
that she would be driving because Derek’s dad was too drunk.

“Why is it the women always have to drive home after a party like this?”
she asked.

Cheeky Derek replied, “maybe you can hold your liquor better than dad.”

“We just have to say goodbye to a couple of people and we’ll be right out.”
I told her.

Ian and HRH along with Ian’s parents were next in line.

“mum and dad are so excited because they are being taken home in the Rolls
Royce, while I’m going to Windsor for the rest of the weekend.”

With a twinkle in his eye HRH said. “Do you two want to come as well?”

I said, “define the word come?’ We all laughed including Ian’s mum who
probably had no idea what we meant.

Once again HRH kissed me hard and deep trying to force his tongue into my
mouth. “You never fucking give up do you.” I remarked angrily.

“Only joking just wanted to see what reaction I got.” he replied.

Ian smiled but I could see that he was hurting too, so I hugged him and
whispered “I hope he stays faithful but you’ll have to watch him.”

Ian nodded and said I will. “He really does love me but can’t help himself,
he will always come back to me.”

For his sake I hope that he will. Both Derek and I love Ian dearly and
would sort out anyone who hurt him.

Jason and Paul had left a bit earlier with the news that they were staying
at Paul’s house tonight with the blessing of his parents . Another happy
ending. That left just John and Bruce who we hugged and kissed thanked,
cried over and so on.

We said that we would come around tomorrow, Sunday and help clean up.

I looked at Derek and he had that sexy cheeky grin on his face. John
noticed it too and smiling said. “I don’t think we’ll have time for that
but we’ll see.

On the way home we sat in the back of the car kissing and cuddling each
other not saying anything, just languishing in each others love .

Back home getting up the stairs proved to be a bit difficult. Holding on to
each other we took two steps up and one back giggling like little
schoolgirls until we finally made the bedroom and we both flopped on the
bed, which for me was a mistake because the room started to spin and I
rushed through to the bathroom just managing to get my head into the toilet
bowl in time. I heard the rush of feet and Derek saying move over or you’ll
wear it as he too stuck his head in the bowl.

We cleaned ourselves up and made it back into bed. Although we were drunk
and sick we still managed to hold on to each other in bed with no thought
of sex, in fact I think the little soldier between my legs was sicker than

Just one more chapter to go before the gang leave school but that final
week will not go by without a little bit of bother and drama.

I have decided to write a couple of spin off stories from this one and of
course the Further adventures of Cliff & Derek (life after school) I will
start writing soon.

Any comments good or bad are most welcum

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy