The Final Chapter

The Adventures of Cliff

This story is part truth and part fiction, and it is up to you the reader
to decide when one stops and the other starts. It is about Cliff growing up
in England in the 1950′s and sixties

If this type of written material is offensive or against the law in your
part of the World then I suggest you stop reading now.

I would like at this stage to point out that I am using some terminology
which is used these days but was not around back in the 50′s and 60′s. This
is just to make it easier for some of you young ‘uns out there to
understand what I am talking about.

This is the final chapter. The boys final week of school life, but stay
tuned for “Further Adventures of Cliff and Derek” (Life after school)
coming soon.

Next morning, Sunday, we both woke with terrible head aches. As we lay in
bed facing each other Derek remarked ” I’m never going to drink again if
this is what happens”.

“me neither” I replied. “Still it was a good night and great to see us all
together even if it was for the last time.” I continued.

I moved over to kiss my lover and the foul smell of his breath stopped me
in my tracks.

He looked at me smiled and said, “Yours is just as bad darling, let’s go
brush our teeth and have a shower maybe that will make us feel better.”

I agree and we dashed, naked as usual to the bathroom down the hall.

First we both brushed our teeth, took a leak and jumped into the
shower. I’d like to point out that showers in those days were still a bit
of a novelty. Derek’s parents where one of the first people I knew to have
one installed over the bath.

I digress, in the shower we washed each others backs before turning our
attention to the front, we both started to feel a bit better as the warm
water ran over our bodies.

We moved closer together and began kissing with out the bad breath odour.

“I love you so much baby,” Derek said.

“Ditto” I replied as our tongues began swirling around each others
mouths. Simultaneously are cocks began to harden as we moved to begin
rubbing our bodies against each other while our lips remained
attached. Both of us were moaning as we humped cock against cock and it did
not take long before we both blew our loads. Neither of us wanted to end
the kiss and I don’t know how long we would have remained locked together
if Derek’s father hadn’t knocked on the door wanting to go to the toilet
urgently. We hopped out wrapped towels around our bodies and opened the
door to let him while we headed back to our room.

Back in the bedroom we began drying each other and I burst out laughing.

“What?” said Derek.

“Did you see the green look your father had I think he is in a worst state
than we are.”

Just then his mother called up from downstairs to tell us breakfast was
almost ready if we could stomach it.

My lover told her we would be down in a minute. We dressed and headed down
the stairs to find bacon and eggs all ready to be dished up.

“Mum, I don’t think we can handle that this morning.”

“Don’t be silly, it will either make or break you. A bit of food will help
believe me I have experience of this with your father. He doesn’t get that
way very often but I always make him eat a big breakfast next day.”

I looked at his mum and thought are you for real or just punishing us.

Anyway we gingerly and slowly ate breakfast and I must admit I started to
feel a lot better.

“What are you two planning to do today, it’s too late for church.”

I looked at my lover and said, “I think we might go back to bed for a
while, to rest” I added with a smile.

My baby’s mum looked at us disbelieving, but while sex may rear it’s head
after a snooze it was just a dim thought at the moment.

Derek’s dad walked into the kitchen looked at the bacon and eggs and said
mournfully. “I suppose you want me to eat that dear.”

“yes” she replied, “You now from past experience it will do you the world
of good.”

He nodded and began slowly eating, he paused and spoke to us.

“I must admit it was a great party wasn’t it?”

We all agreed including Derek’s mum.

“Yes it was good to meet all those people again who have been so helpful
through the year, I hope we can all keep in touch and perhaps have a
reunion every year or so.”

We all agreed that was a great idea and I said I would talk to Mr Garth
about that.

Derek looked at me and inclined his head slightly indicating that it was
time to go back to bed, though my headache wasn’t quite as bad now I had
some food inside me.

We excused our selves went upstairs and we both flopped onto our bed.

“Well here we are heading into our final week of school.”

I then remembered the fantastic gift of money we received.

“That was a lot of money they gave us last night.” I said.

“Yes,” Derek said. “It will come in handy until we start getting money
coming in.”

“We’ll have to go to the bank on Monday and open a joint account if that’s
alright with you?”

“Whatever you say darling after all you’re my husband.”

I could never get my head around that remark because no one was the
dominant partner in our relationship yet Derek kept calling me his husband.

I turned on my side reaching over to kiss him before putting my arms around
him holding him close.

“I’ll always love you darling.” I said softly.

“Ditto” he replied with a grin.

We continued to hold on to each other as we slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next thing we knew was Derek’s dad knocking on the door to tell us
dinner was ready and we had guests joining us.

“I wonder who that could be?” Derek asked as we freshened ourselves up
before heading down stairs.

“I don’t know, I replied, “We didn’t invite anybody last night while we
were drunk did we?”

“I don’t think so”. We headed downstairs to find Ian and HRH already
sitting at the dining room table. We greeted both of them with a kiss on
the cheek.

“Did you two suffer as much as we did this morning?” Ian asked with a grin.

Both of us agreed that we did.

“We had planned to go to Windsor last night after the party but finished up
at my place, which was better than throwing up in the Rolls.”

“it was a jolly good party,” HRH said. “Far better than the stuffy old
gatherings my family have.”

Being Sunday we had the traditional Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with
all the trimmings followed by spotted dick which is a steamed pudding with
raisins and currents in it, delicious with hot home made custard. (If
anyone wants the recipe I will send)

While Derek’s father went out for some fresh air and wash the car (he still
looked a bit green around the gills) and his mum washed up, the four of us
went into the lounge room and switched on the television.

I haven’t a clue what was on because as soon as I sat down Derek sat on my
knee and began giving me passionate kisses.

Ian I noticed was doing the same with HRH, I wondered if my lover was doing
this on purpose to put his highness off making yet another play for me.

We kissed, moving our hands all over each others body while whispering
sweet nothings in each others ears, all a bit soppy really but that was the
way we felt.

Obviously with parents around we could not go any further than this but I
don’t think any of us yearned for sex just love.

Coming up for a breather HRH asked us when would we be leaving for Leeds .

“After Christmas lunch,” I answered. “The train leaves at 1 pm and that’s
the only one so we have to be on it.”

“It won’t be much of a Christmas for you two then.”

“Sadly no but rehearsals start boxing day for me, the principals will begin
a week earlier because we open the day after boxing day.”

All of us fell silent for a while each immersed in their own thoughts.

Ian broke the silence saying, “I’ll miss you two more than you can
imagine,” I noticed that he had tears in his eyes.

Derek looked at Ian also beginning to cry. You may recall I told you
earlier that Ian and Derek had been best friends since they were babies and
this would be the very first time they have been separated for any length
of time.

“Why don’t you two come and see us sometimes while we are in Leeds?”

HRH I could see was deep in thought after I put that question.

“Yes, I think we might be able to arrange something, I’ll get the palace to
book the accommodation with adjoining room for you two while we are there.”
said HRH with a wicked grin on his face. Ian brightened up at that remark
agreeing that it was a great idea.

Derek also looked happier but pointed out that every evening except for
Sunday we would be working .

“That won’t matter” HRH said, “We’ll go along and see Cliff pop a golden
egg out his bum each night.”

Everyone laughed and I said, “come on cut it out.”

Just then Derek’s mum knocked on the door asking if anyone wanted tea or
coffee or maybe something stronger she added with a wicked grin on her

“No coffee would be great.” we all replied.

After an afternoon tea of coffee, cake and biscuits our two guests kissed
us goodbye and left for Ian’s place to spend the night before heading off
for the last week of school .

Both Derek and I still felt a bit seedy so we headed off to bed early and
fell asleep almost straight away in each others arms.

As I closed my eyes I thought to myself, I truly love this beautiful man
laying here beside me and I will for ever.

Derek’s dad woke us next morning, suggesting that we come down stairs as
quickly as possible because they have some news for us.

Both of us did what we had to do in the bathroom before dressing and
hurrying downstairs.

Derek asked first, “What’s so important,”

His mum answered, “Steve your policeman friend just rang to say that your
father and Michael’s father have both been granted bail despite strong
opposition from the police.”

I could feel the blood draining from my face as I took this news in.

“Part of the bail conditions is that they don’t approach you, your mother
and sisters, or Michael and your school, plus they must report every day to
the police.

Derek, a worried look in his eyes glanced across at me and could see that I
was visibly shaking. He moved across putting his arm around me. “Don’t
worry darling I’m sure we will all be safe, they wouldn’t dare break their
bail conditions I’m sure.”

I slowly calmed down and could feel the colour coming back into my
cheeks. “Your not the one my father wants to kill.” I said with venom in my
voice and regretted straight away having said it.

“Sorry darling I didn’t mean it that way.”

He gently squeezed my hand, whispering softly, “Don’t worry I’ll look after
you .”

Derek’s father said that he would drive us to school and pick us up this
afternoon just in case.

Even that offer started to freak me out, “If there is nothing to worry
about why is every one making arrangements to keep me safe.” I almost
shouted these words.

“Better to be safe than sorry.” my darling’s mother said.

“and, what about my mother and poor Michael ?” I continued. “Being way out
of town they are more vulnerable than we are.” by now tears were rolling
down my cheeks and Derek could see that I was close to breaking point.

“Why don’t you phone mum now, before we go to school and make sure she has
heard the news and that all of them are OK.” Derek’s mum suggested.

I was still shaking so Derek dialled the number handing me the phone when
mum answered. I checked with mum if she had heard the news and she said yes
the police rang and told them. “How’s Michael taking it?” I asked. “Not
very well he is very scared that is father might join up with his brothers
and track him down.”

I asked mum to hang on for a minute checking with Derek’s father if he
could also pick up Michael and take him to school. He agreed and I told Mum
what the plan was, she relayed this message to Michael and I could hear
down the phone how relieved he was.

After we picked up Michael and made sure mum was ok with what was happening
Derek’s father drove us to school. We arrived a little bit late and had to
dash into assembly. Mr Garth looked sideways at me when I dashed up on
stage but didn’t say anything.

Later after assembly he asked why we were late, he obviously hadn’t heard
the news. When I told him about the bail for my father and Michael’s he
shook his head saying oh no.

“Surely they won’t do anything to break their bail will they?”

He asked me. “I certainly hope not sir.”

“I will alert all the staff and senior boys to be on the lookout just in
case they do decide to come down here. I’m more worried about your mother
up on the hill with the nearest police about 15 minutes away.”

“Me too sir, I just hope they have the sense to stay away.”

We seniors didn’t have many classes this week so I joined Derek, Ian and
Jason in the library. Where we sat around chatting pretending to read

One thing that was bugging me and I wanted advice on was the fact that I
was still booked into Agricultural college straight after the school
holidays. I still hadn’t cancelled that just in case, and if I don’t take
it I could finish up doing National service which I definitely didn’t want
to do.

Just before the lunch bell The headmasters secretary came looking for me to
tell me there was a phone call for me in her office. I looked at Derek who
shrugged his shoulders before racing off to find out who it was.

“Hello, Derek speaking.” I said into the mouth piece.

“Derek my boy, this is your favourite agent Bob, how you’re going?.”

“very well thank you er’ Bob.”

“I have another job for you straight after the pantomime in fact you’ll
finish with the Panto after six weeks and if the show is extended I’ll get
someone else to replace you.

You’ll go to Oxford to the Playhouse theatre and start rehearsals in a
brand new play, it`s only a minor part but it`s a foot in the door. The
producer will be using Oxford for the premier of the play before it goes
into the West End.”

My mind was racing because things were happening very fast and when he told
me who the rest of the cast would be I almost died.

“You’ll be working with Alec Guinness and Sybil Thorndike. They tell me
it’s not a bad play but it’s not great either. Do whatever Alec tells you
and you’ll learn a lot.”

My heart had stopped beating I think, I just managed to stammer a thank

“Oh also tell your partner we have a job for him in London when he’s
finished with the Panto. It looks like a long term position which should
work out good if your both working in London.” Before I could say any more
the phone went dead.

I must have looked like a stunned mullet because the heads secretary asked
if I was ok.

I muttered yes as I walked into the corridor heading for the dining room to
meet up with the rest of the gang.

Cliff was waiting at our usual table looking most anxious, “What’s happened
what was all that about.” he asked.

I sat down next to him still not quite understanding what was going on.

“For goodness tell me what’s happening.” he almost yelled and several
tables around stopped and looked.

“Baby, that was our agent,” and I went on to tell him all that Bob
said. When I mentioned who I would be working with he whistled softly and
said, “Fucking hell”

Ian and Jason arrived and we told them the news and they were more excited
than we were.

“A star is born,” proclaimed Jason. Mr Waddington walked past the dining
room door and Ian ran after him bringing him back and telling him the news.

Tears came in his eyes and he congratulated me on copping a part with two
theatre legends.

Slowly everyone drifted off to classes leaving Derek and I on our own
sitting there not wanting to go to classes.

We sat there chatting about everything and nothing just whiling away the
time. Finally I said, “Fuck this we might as well go home, there’s only
about an hour left anyway, and it will save your father having to come and
pick us up.”

Derek agreed and we headed out of the school gates for home which was about
a fifteen minute walk.

We didn’t rush just ambled along chatting and joking about nothing in

Have you ever had the premonition that something is about to happen? Well I
did and told Derek that I didn’t feel happy about walking down the street
and that something was going to happen.

Derek walked along and glanced over his shoulder, whispering to me that we
were being followed. I didn’t look behind but felt the hair on the back of
my neck rising We started walking a bit faster heading to the end of the
street where around the corner was a group of shops and lots more people.

Suddenly out of a narrow laneway just ahead of us came two scruffy looking
thugs, who , I noticed right away had chains wrapped round their
hands. Looking behind we saw two more coming up behind us.

Run I yelled to my lover and we crossed the street running as fast as we
could for the end of the street and the shops just round the corner.

I thought this couldn’t be happening but believe me it was. Not wasting
time to look around I knew they were gaining on us by the sound of their
boots on the road.

The next thing I knew was a hand grabbing my collar pulling me up with a
start. Derek automatically stopped to help and I yelled for him to run and
get help but it was too late as a couple of leather clad long haired louts
brought him to the ground.

They picked him up and pushed both us up against the wall.

“If you tell us what we want to know you won’t get hurt, well not very
much.” one of them said with a laugh.

“Where’s our fucking brother Michael? That’s all we want to know, his dear
daddy wants to have a chat with him.” he sneered.

“I don’t know were he his.” I stammered.

“Don’t fucking lie to me you fucking poofter cunt, you know exactly were he
is and were is he living.” This statement was followed by a punch in the
guts which left me gasping for breath.

He then turned his attention to Derek asking the same question adding that
if he didn’t tell the truth he would see his boyfriend’s arm broken.

“Look we don’t know were he is right now and if we did do you think we
would tell you.” Derek said.

“Wrong answer” was the reply as my lover got a fist into his gut like I
just had. We were both gasping for breath and hurting like hell. A couple
of them unwound the chains from around their wrists and began swinging them
around gradually getting closer to our faces.

“You’ll fucking tell us what we want to fucking know or your pretty poofter
faces will be so mashed up even your darling fucking mummy’s won’t
recognise you.”

“For the last time,” I yelled, “Hoping someone in the nearby houses would
hear us. “We don’t know were he is.”

“You fucking lying little homo cunt, you have just three seconds to tell us
were our puffy fucking brother is or your dead fucking meat and two less
arse holes the fucking world as to worry about.”

Just then we heard the sound of sirens in the distance and the three
brothers and their mate hit both of us in the guts again for good measure
leaving us gasping for breath on the ground before running down the road
away from the sirens only to be met by another police car coming in the
opposite direction.

They had no hope of getting away and were soon handcuffed and in the back
of a police car, while the other car stopped and two police men ran over to
us and to help us on our feet. Next thing we knew a ambulance came
screaming round the corner and by this time a crowd had gathered.

The ambulance men checked us over but we declined the offer of going to
hospital for a check up.

A police sergeant arrived one who looked after us at police headquarters
when my father and Michael’s father went berserk and tried to kill me.

With a smile on his face he said, “Can’t you two stay out of trouble?”

We managed to grin back and tell him no.

“What happens now?” I asked.

“Well it looks like Michael’s father and his brothers along with there mate
will be spending Christmas behind bars.” By sending his boys to get you two
he breeched his bail so back he goes and that only leaves your father who I
don’t think will try anything on his own.”

Derek’s father arrived with the car so we hopped in going back the way we
came to pick up Michael and my two sisters, taking them home.

We all went in to see mum who was worrying about what had
happened. Apparently the police had already rang to make sure she was all

We all kissed and cuddled her assuring her that we were not hurt all that
much. She spent more time fussing over Michael than us and the thought went
through my head that she had more or less adopted him as one of her
own. This made me just a little bit jealous but happy for Michael.

Just as we were about to leave Michael’s boyfriend Robert came running up
the path with a look of panic on his face. He ran up to Michael put his
arms around him kissing him and checking that everything was ok.

I looked at Derek and smiled and as if reading my mind Derek nodded in
agreement that Michael had found himself a loving caring boyfriend.

We said our goodbyes and headed for home. Derek’s father on the way back
wanted to know why we didn’t wait for him as we agreed.

“I don’t know we were bored and decided to leave a bit early and those
jerks must have been waiting outside the school for us to come out.”

I explained. Derek said, “it’s a good job Michael didn’t come with us or he
could be dead by now.”

That night in bed I said to my lover. “I hope that is the last episode in
this saga, I don’t think I could cope with any more.”

My lover agreed before moving down my body to do what he does best. Satisfy
his husband, but I had other plans deciding that this was too much of a one
way street and it didn’t take long before we were in the 69 position . It
was uncanny as I have said before, that we have the ability to almost
always cum together and tonight was no exception, as we filled our mouths
with each others juice.

Laying in each others arms after swapping our juices from one mouth to
another we declared our love before dropping off to sleep.

The rest of the week passed by with no incidents. We had no idea were my
father was and frankly didn’t care. A rumour was going round the school
that he was living with Sarah, who you may recall he was screwing around
with a few months before. She had been expelled from school so no one knew
were she was. If she was `shacked’ up with my father well good luck to them
just as long as they left us, mum and my sisters alone.

The final day of school arrived which would begin with a full school
assembly and awards presentations.

It was customary for the final year students to pull some sort of stunt and
not to be outdone we had planned several things.

First the flag pole at the top of the boiler chimney was sporting a very
large pair of old fashioned ladies bloomers, plus dozens of for sale signs
were plastered all around the outside of the school. Several of us had
arrived early and turned all the chairs in the assembly hall to face the
other way so students would have their backs to the stage. All the house
captains and prefects were stationed at the doors telling all the students
to sit down and be quite so that when the headmaster and teachers walked in
everyone was sitting the wrong way round.

Mr Garth never batted an eye lid but walked to the back of the hall facing
the students and began taking assembly from there.

We all cheered and applauded him, while everyone turned their chairs back
the right way.

He walked on stage and has he passed me said with a grin “I suppose that
was your idea?”

I laughed and said “What idea was that sir.”

The choir had several songs to sing and I had a solo, which realised Mr
Waddington and I had never practised, but it was the head’s favourite `How
great thou art’ which I knew almost backwards.

Before the presentations Mr Garth addressed the assembly and this is just
part of what he said.

“This is always a sad part of the year for me as we say goodbye to a whole
year of students who are leaving us and going out into a big wide world
full of who knows what. Some will go on to university to continue their
studies and maybe finish up as doctors lawyers scientists. We wish you well
in your endeavours. Others will join the workforce as apprentices getting
themselves a trade, but this as been a unique year with happenings which
will never be forgotten. History was made this year and our school was
placed into the headlines for some things good and some not so good.

Two of our students both males decided to break boundaries and convention
to declare their love for each other right here on this stage. I am still
not sure myself that this was the right thing to do but I admired their
bravery coupled with their belief that what they were doing was right.

I don’t intend to get into any debate of what was right or wrong, except to
say that they had the support of the majority of students and staff. Sadly
the minority made life very difficult for them for a while and I won’t
dwell on this because the memories of what happened could open old wounds.”
He paused looking across at me with a smile.

” Cliff Steele who entertained us so well just before, also helped put our
school on the map by playing the lead in two wonderful plays which had full
houses at all performances which even our critics praised us for the great
performances. So much so that Mr Steele, Oh what the heck Cliff was
recognised by one of the foremost entertainment agents in Britain and is on
his way to what I am sure will be a great career as an actor and
entertainer. In years to come when he is an household name I will be able
to boast that I helped to educate him.” This brought on a round of applause
and I began to feel quite embarrassed at the plaudits aimed at me, after
all, many other students including our head boy Jason also did very well in
their final year.

“Not only are the senior class leaving but several members of the staff
including myself. A new headmaster will be here to greet you when you come
back after the Christmas holidays.” This brought forth mutterings from some
of the juniors, who had started to like and appreciate the fairness that Mr
Garth had displayed this year.

Miss Marsden has decided to retire from teaching and I know she will be
sorely missed. She has been with this school for many years and we wish her
well in the years to come.

Our Music and Drama teacher Mr. Waddington is also leaving us to take up a
position at a private school in Devon along with his friend Bruce and I
wish them both all the best.” I thought to myself that he put the reference
to Bruce, John’s boyfriend very well.

He continued naming several other teachers also leaving.

“It is now my pleasure to present the annual awards to those who are
leaving us.” The presentations began with Jason, our head boy and all the
house captains (including myself) and Prefects (Derek). It was customary to
receive books as awards and mine was a drama book and later I saw that
Derek received one on working in the theatre.

“I have two very important special prizes to award this year to two very
special students who I have made friends with and journeyed through a host
of trials and tribulations this year. As I mentioned before these two boys
made history, put the school on the map, and showed just how brave and
forgiving they were. Mind you they also got me the sack, but I was leaving

He said that with a smile on his face, showing that he bore no malice
against us.

” I would like Derek Driscoll to join his partner on stage please.”

Derek blushing from head to toe came on stage standing beside me.

“Cliff, Derek, you are two wonderful young men who I am sure will go out
into the world and be successful at whatever you set your minds on doing.

Who ever takes over as drama and music teacher next year will find it
difficult to find an actor as accomplished and as talented as you are

The school made a lot of money out of the two plays we staged this year and
a vote among the teachers and parents association was unanimous in
presenting the two of you a percentage of the profit the school made. Even
the board of education gave their seal of approval to this idea.

I know that at a private function last Saturday we made a similar
presentation but this is different and it gives me great pleasure to
present you both with a cheque to help you on your way until you become a
household name which we all agree will happen.”

The whole school rose as one applauding and cheering as Mr Garth with tears
in his eyes presented an envelope to Derek and myself.

We shook ands and hugged our headmaster with both of us crying, tears
rolling down our cheeks. I handed the envelope to Derek drying my eyes,
walking up to the microphone.

I stood there for a while waiting for the applause to die down, which was
good because it gave me time to get my self together and more composed.

“This is a big shock and surprise for Derek and I and words are not
adequate enough to say what I would like to say what is in my heart. I’m
making a mess of this so I will just say thank you from the both of us. We
will never ever forget our school years and both hope and pray that we will
be able to stay in touch with all those who helped us on our way. Derek and
I hope that with the help of Mr Garth we will have a school reunion from
time to time, maybe not every year who knows.

I would now like the young man who through family circumstances was forced
to have me beaten up. Join us up here, Michael, please?”

I looked down at him and he had a very surprised look on his face. Slowly
he made his way onto the stage standing with Derek between us a scared look
on his face.

“All I have to say Michael is can I have first hit this time.” and I burst
out laughing.

“Only joking, Michael was made to do many cruel and nasty things because of
family pressure and now that he is free from all family ties and appears to
have been adopted by my mother, Derek and I would like to share the
contents of this envelope with you.”

All of us in the know on stage happened to hear the words Derek whispered
in to Michael’s ear and began laughing. “For fucks sake don’t start fucking

But he did.

Assembly over we all stood around talking with many people coming up to
shake hands or give us a hug.

Mr Garth with tears in his eyes said his goodbye, “My wife and I will never
forget you two fine young men, we are sure you will make it through life
together, good luck to you both and we will try and come to all your
opening nights.”

We thanked him with kisses on the cheek and big hugs, because a handshake
would not suffice.

With Mr Waddington it was a long hot kiss on the lips from both of us and
then surprise, surprise from Michael as well.

All four of us were too emotional to say anything as we headed for the
dining room where morning tea had been prepared for all those leaving.

Derek, Michael, Ian, Jason and myself sat at our usual table with Derek
taking the envelope out of his pocket, opening it and finding a cheque for
5,000 pounds. We all stared at it with open mouths not believing the sum of
money in our hands.

I whispered to Derek and he shook is head in the affirmative.

“Michael, it’s been tough for you even now you are wearing my hand me down
clothes because you have nothing so we would like you to have half of this
money to help set you up with all the things you need. There is only one

“What’s that” he stammered.

“Don’t start fucking crying.” we all yelled together.

Not that that worked as tears began rolling down his cheeks. He came up to
Derek and I kissing us both long and deep.

“You guys will remain my friends for ever.” was all he could manage to say.

We had something to eat and drink continuing to say our goodbye’s to all
and sundry, before we all headed out of the school gates hand in hand for
the very last time.


Sorry this was a long chapter but I had a lot to get in. Coming soon will
be The Further Adventures of Cliff & Derek (Life after school).

I hope that you enjoyed my story which I can know tell you was actually two
years squashed into one. Of course the names were not real but the
characters where.

I have also decided to write a couple of short spin off stories the first
being about Michael and his boy friend Robert.

Once again thank you for reading and your comments are always welcome

6 Responses to The Final Chapter

  • Ed says:

    You are wonderful. I lived the story right along with you. I will continue reading but slowly with my busy schedule. Take care. Ed

  • jono b says:

    Splendid story! Love the “ending” And of course the story continues! Excellent! look forward to the new chapters. Well done! Regards, jono

  • Steve says:

    Thank you ,Trevor, for such an exciting, sexy, and loving story. I have enjoyed reading this first part of the story. I am looking forward to start reading the next part of this story.Please continue your excellent work.


  • Chris says:

    What a wonderful story. I can’t wait to start reading the others. Your a very talented writer. Great job!!! Big Hugs and Best Regards Chris

  • Anthony (Tony) says:

    I think all the above remarks sum things up perfectly.
    I for one will continue reading.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy