Chapter 1

Part One
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission
of the author.
So here we are two young men deeply in love, school is over and a whole new
world is out there beckoning.
Financially thanks to the generosity of the school and friends we are quite
well off. The first thing we did was to open a joint account together. With just
three weeks to go to Christmas and the start of our first jobs there was a lot
to do. First of all we spent a fair bit of time Christmas shopping and because
of the extra cash we had were able to buy our family and friends some decent
presents. The hardest part is trying to find something really nice for my lover,
Because Michael is now permanently ensconced in my old bedroom we are living
most of the time with Derek’s parents which will change on Christmas day when we
travel to Leeds for me to play the part of the goose in the pantomime Mother
Goose while Derek has the post of assistant stage manager, plus six weeks after
we start the ‘Panto’ I travel to Oxford and the Playhouse theatre to begin
rehearsals for a new play starring Alec Guinness and Sybil Thorndike two of
Britain’s top actors at the time.
Meanwhile our sexual activities settled into a pattern, not every night but
rarely did a day go by without something sexy happening. Ian and HRH (See
adventures of Cliff) relationship is going along well with the both of them
living together in HRH’s London apartment.
Michael of course has his lover Robert so it looked like life after school
was going along quite well for all of us.
My father who tried to have me killed when he discovered I was gay is out on
bail waiting for his court case to come up which hopefully will put him away for
a long time.
My mother is living in a beautiful stone cottage attached to the church
school, some distance out of town where she works, with Michael taking up the job
of handyman for the school after Christmas.
I remarked to Derek that everything was going too smooth and something must
happen soon and happen it did.
We had a fair covering of snow during the day and my mother rang at about tea
time to say that Michael had been savagely raped by the local garage proprietor
. Unfortunately it was a couple of days before we could get driven up the hill
to mum’s new home due to too much snow on the roads.
I won’t go into great detail about the attack because you can read all about
it in the story of Michael and Robert.
Both Derek and I cried tears of sorrow for Michael who had a dreadful
childhood and had finally got out of the clutches of his evil family, only to have his body ravaged by an evil man.
So the days went by, Christmas loomed and all too soon we would make the long
trip north to our first job.
It was decided that all our families including Ian’s would gather at my
mothers place on Christmas eve during the day to celebrate, with the day
finishing at the midnight service in the village church.
The exchange of presents would take place that evening before we went to
We also invited our police friends Steve and Janice but they were heading off
to Janice’s parents for the holidays.
The day finally arrived. We left early in the morning so that my mother would
have help to prepare the Christmas dinner and all the other chores which would
be needed to cater for such a large group.
Because there was not enough space in the cottage for everyone the school
hall was going to be used. It was next door to the cottage which made cooking
and transporting of food easy.
It was good to see everyone in a happy mood although Ian was missing HRH who
was in Scotland for the traditional gathering of the royal family. Ian could
have gone with him but decided to spend Christmas with his family and friends.
He told us that he is still an outsider with some members of the Royal family so most of the time he would be lonely and left to his own devices.
Both Derek and I noticed that Michael while he was smiling when anyone spoke
to him he had a sad look on his face at other times.
I said to Derek that he must still be feeling traumatized from the rape. We
both expressed a hope that it would not interfere with his relationship with
It was about noon when we all sat down to Christmas dinner even though it was
a day early. My mother had cooked a gigantic turkey which she had trouble
fitting into the oven, plus there were all the trimmings that went with it. Has
we sat there eating I looked around the room thinking how lucky I was to be
surrounded by such wonderful people. I leaned over and gently kissed Derek on
the cheek. “What was that for?” He asked. “Nothing I just felt like doing it,
I’m so happy and contented being here with family and friends and most
importantly my lover and partner.”
I noticed my mother looking at me and smiling and I thought that I had never
seen her happier than she is today.
We had plenty to drink but no were near as much as we did at the school break
up party, so no one was anywhere near drunk, plus Michael, Robert and myself
were singing in the choir during the midnight service.
After dinner the ladies went off to do the washing up while us men sat around
talking. The talk in general was about the meal we had just enjoyed along with
the plans for the future. All of us school leavers looked as if we were set for
life career wise, although I still had the worry that I may be forced to do
national service.
When the ladies came back it was time to hand out and open our presents.
Derek and I mostly got socks and underwear from our parents a couple of
shirts from Mathew, Robert and Ian. I had kept Derek’s present in my pocket so
that I could give it to him personally, but first of all I will tell you that
Mathew and Robert exchanged rings similar to Derek’s and mine, except their’s
had a heart with their initials through it, they were beautiful and I think we
all had tears in our eyes when they stood in front of us to officially place the
rings on each other’s fingers. Robert’s parents were there and while his mother
cried tears of joy his father just sat there with a smile on his face. He is still finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that his son is gay.
When that ceremony was over everyone looked over expectantly at my lover and I.
Standing up I motioned for Derek to stand next to me as I took a small
wrapped package out of my pocket and he did the same.
Now you must understand that both of us had no idea what the other had
We unwrapped our presents opened similar looking jewellery boxes and we both
burst out laughing because we had bought each other identical gifts. We both had
silver lockets, I opened mine to see a picture of Derek and a lock of his hair
with the words ‘I Love You’ engraved on the opposite side to the picture. Derek
opened his to find that I had done exactly the same. We both placed our presents
around each other’s necks and not worrying that everyone was watching we kissed
each other long and deep.
When we broke apart I noticed that most of those there had tears rolling down
their faces including Robert’s father.
I decided that I would make a speech so I called for silence.
“I would like to thank all of you for your great presents, also to thank you
for your friendships over the past years, Derek and I may not see you as often
as we would like but we will never forget any of you. Will you please raise your
glasses as we wish each other a happy Christmas and may the New Year be
everything you would like it to be.”
After we toasted each other and few more speeches followed it was time to get ready for church.
We all trooped across the road to the stone church, and while us three
choirboys got ready our family and friends took their seats in church.
The service to herald the birth of Jesus was wonderful and I sang the carol
‘Oh Holy Night’ as a solo. All the time I was singing Derek was blowing kisses
and I was finding it hard to concentrate on the music and finished up not
looking at him at all.
As we left the church the vicar shook our hands wishing us a Happy Christmas
thanking me for singing and hoping our careers would be a success.
We all trooped back to the cottage for a hot drink, which I suspect was laced
with brandy, than we wished each other all the best before getting ready to head
As we said our goodbyes I gave Michael a kiss and a hug saying, “Don’t worry
I’m sure everything will be all right, because you have a good man there who
will love you and look after you”.
Michael hugged me and kissed me back saying, “Thank you Cliff, please make
sure we stay in touch, I love you and Derek dearly and I’m certain Robert and I
will find happiness except for me to go all the way is going to take time.”
I nodded, “Don’t worry, when the time comes it will be wonderful for you both
and I’m sure Robert will wait.”
The hardest part for me was saying goodbye to my mother and I must admit the
tears fell freely, Mum told me to be careful and look after Derek and I told her
the same telling her to look after herself, my sisters and Michael.
On the way home we chatted together commenting on what a great day it had
Even thought it was about 2 am when we got home and went to bed we still made
passionate love for a couple of hours. Both of us are so deeply in love with
each other.
Next morning we had to be up no later than about 9 am. We had packed a couple
of days earlier so after a hearty breakfast we carried our luggage out to the
car. Derek’s parents drove us to the station in silence, my lover kept squeezing
my hand and I could tell that he was feeling nervous, he wasn’t the only one,
after all we were embarking on an adventure which would finish up who knows
We arrived at the station to find Ian and his parents waiting to see us off.
This would be the first time Derek and Ian would be apart since they were
babies. As we said our goodbyes both Derek and Ian broke down and cried on each
other shoulders, it was an emotional goodbye for all of us because neither of us
had ever been away from home for any length of time.
When the train arrived (the only one for the day) we found seats to ourselves
in fact the train was almost empty. Both of us were clinging to each other,
crying and waving goodbye to those we love dearly.
The train left the station heading north and I began to feel a little anxious
wondering what was in store for us in the future.
I had already contacted my maiden aunt in Leeds asking if we could stay with
her and she readily agreed, after all I was her favourite nephew. She had spoilt
me as a baby and youngster with presents and treats so how could she refuse. The
journey was a slow tedious one stopping at lots of stations along the way. The
dining car and bar was closed because of Christmas day, but Derek’s mum and mine
had prepared sandwiches and Christmas goodies such as Christmas cake to keep us going till we arrived at our destination.
It didn’t take long before we fell asleep in each other’s arms, only to be
woken about an hour later by the inspector checking our tickets. He sneered at
us when he saw us cuddled up together mumbling under his breath about bloody
poofters on my train or something like that. After he had gone grumbling on his
way Derek faced me putting his face close to me kissing me gently and then a
little more forcefully on the lips. As always I got hard straight away and I
could feel Derek’s manhood pushing against my leg.
“We’ve never done it on a train.” he said with that cheeky grin of his.
“No” I replied, “what did you have in mind?”
“Well, we could put the blinds down but we can’t lock the door, so what about
the toilet?”
It was my turn to have a cheeky grin on my face as I stood up grabbed his
hand and said, “Come on.”
We headed down to the end of the corridor passing nothing but empty
compartments so I doubt if we would be disturbed.
I was surprised just how roomy the toilet compartment was as we went in
locking the door behind us.
Straight away we began kissing and undressing each other (Good job the train
was heated) Once naked I motioned for Derek to sit on the toilet seat while I
knelt down in front of him, parting his legs before taking his cock into my
mouth. The swaying of the train added to the pleasure we both were feeling as I
speeded up bringing my lover to a great climax, with me swallowing all of his
Derek got up and told me to sit on the seat and I thought he was going to do
the same to me as I had done to him, but no my darling had other ideas sitting
astride my body facing me he guided my cock into his willing hole. Once again
the rocking of the train added to my pleasure and I just sat back enjoying the
feel of my cock deep inside my lovers hole while he and the train did all the
I fucked him for what appeared to be quite a long time. Because he was facing
me we were able to keep our mouths locked together our tongues working in and
Finally Derek speeded up his rocking and I felt my balls tightening, my cock
swelling ready for my juice to burst into my lovers guts and burst it did wave
after wave it seemed to go on for ever.
We finished just as the train came into a station and while we remained in
the same position getting our breaths back, there was a knock on the door and a
voice saying , “This is the guard, don’t forget you’re not allowed to do anything
while stationary in the station.”
We both burst out laughing before we realized that he would get suspicious if
he heard two voices. I clamped my hand over Derek’s mouth to keep him quiet and
I yelled out. “It’s Ok, I finished before we got to the station.” That really
started Derek laughing and I had a job keeping him quite until we heard the
guard walking away.
“Shit that was close.” I said laughing.
“Yes,” My lover replied, “What would we have done if we got put off the train
on Christmas Day.
I just laughed. We dressed and made our way back to our compartment, spending
the rest of the journey in each other’s arms dozing.
Finally we arrived in Leeds and quickly left the train because it was
travelling even further north.
Leeds Central station is a grand imposing building of steel and Granite,
built during the industrial revolution. It was dark as we gathered our luggage
and headed towards the taxi rank. No one was around hardly a soul in sight. The
snow had been cleared but piles of black slushy muck laid in the gutter.
Our luck was in because just then a taxi pulled up. We loaded the luggage in
the front next to the driver because Leeds had cabs similar to those in
“Were dos thar want to go” The driver said in a broad Yorkshire accent which
I hadn’t heard in years, plus Derek had no idea what he said.
I gave him the address and also bunged on the accent so the driver might
think I was a local and not take us for a ride to build up the fare.
Luckily he remained silent for the rest of the journey concentrating on the
slushy icy roads.
Derek spent most of the time looking out of the window at the sights having
never been this far away from home in his life.
It took a good thirty minutes to arrive at my aunt’s apartment which was 9
stories up in a big tenement block.
I knocked on the door and it was opened straight away, she kissed and hugged
me and I introduced Derek to her. I was worried and not sure how to explain to
my aunt about our relationship because she had led a sheltered life and more than
likely had no idea what homosexuality was all about..
What happened when I tried to explain the facts of life to her will be in the next
I hope you enjoyed reading the first chapter of Cliff & Derek’s new
adventure. They have left school and are now out in the big wide world.
Your comments are more than welcome and I will try and reply to them

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy