Chapter 2

Part 2
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission
of the author.

My ancient Auntie made us feel very welcome, a cup of tea and something to eat was up first. I then went on to tell her all about mine and Derek’s job in the pantomime, and I promised her free tickets because I know she’s being going to the annual panto’ for many years.
She was quite thrilled at that. I told her that we were both tired and we had an early start tomorrow, Boxing day. She had trouble getting it into her head that we had to work on a holiday.
Anyway she showed us our bedroom and the two single beds. Derek looked at me and grinned while I tried to keep a straight face. Auntie had had such a sheltered life I’m sure she had no idea what a homosexual was or what they did. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain that we slept together and were lovers. We both had our gold rings which we had exchanged during a wedding when I was best man and Derek was groomsmen.
I thought well here goes.
“Auntie, we always sleep together so if you don’t mind we’ll push the beds together and drape the sheets over both of them.”
A puzzled look came on her face, but she didn’t say anything.
“Sit down Auntie and let me explain something to you.”
We all sat on the end of the beds, I moved close to Auntie with Derek on my other side with his arm around me. She didn’t notice that bit.
“I don’t know if you know anything about homosexuality Auntie, that’s were people of the same sex love each other like boy to boy.”
I paused to let that sink in and she shocked me with her reply.
“Oh you mean gay people, I’ve read all about them.” she paused and then it suddenly dawned on her.
“Oh, you mean you and your friend are well are you?”
She was obviously at a loss for words and a little confused.
“Yes, Derek and I are very much in love with each other.”
“What does your mother think of this?” she asked.
“Mum thinks it wonderful and is very happy just as long as we are safe and well, plus Derek’s parents agree as well.”
“Well I never.” she answered.
“But, but what do you do I mean your both boys, so what sort of happens?”
This was getting all too much for her I could tell.
“Don’t worry about that just now auntie, I’ll explain in more detail when I get the chance. Derek and I are the same as a married couple, I think that’s all you have to worry about.”
She still had a very puzzled look on her face.
“Anyway we are both very tired so if you don’t mind we’ll go to bed now and talk to you some more tomorrow.”
We both kissed her goodnight on the cheek which she thought was “Real Grand’.
There was no lock on the bedroom door so I said to Derek.
“I hope she doesn’t sleep walk she might see something to give her an heart attack.”
‘Yes, she will have to learn to knock before she comes in.” my lover replied.
The bathroom was down the hall so we also had to make sure that we were decently dressed before heading to the toilet.
Once we had got beneath the covers we began kissing and cuddling each other before going to sleep.
“I don’t think we’d better get carried away tonight in case she comes snooping.” I said and Derek agreed.
He kissed me long, deep and hard before telling me that he loved me. I returned the compliment, and it wasn’t long before we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The alarm clock woke us up all too soon and with no time for sex we visited the bathroom, got dressed and went into the kitchen were auntie was cooking bacon and eggs.
“You don’t have to do anything special for us auntie.” I told her.
“Well it is boxing day I thought we might have a good breakfast.”
I went round the table and gave her a kiss and a hug.
After breakfast we helped wash up much to her disgust and then phone for a taxi to take us into the city there being no public transport on the holiday.
We noticed that the snow was slowly melting, leaving the city looking just as dirty as I remembered it as a boy.
We arrived at the stage door and a feeling of something strange went through my body. Hard to explain, I don’t think it was nerves but it well may have been.
After paying off the cabby we went through this small wooden door to be met by a little wizen old man with a pipe in his mouth sat in a little cubicle just inside the door.
“Wat doe thar want?” he asked in a very broad Yorkshire accent.
Derek looked at him as if he was from another planet.
I introduced us explaining that I was Mother Goose and Derek was the assistant stage manager.
“Alright, ther all ont stage,” he said (I think for the sake of those of you reading this from other countries and indeed other parts of England I’ll write it in a more understandable language)
I thanked him and we headed in the direction of the stage.
A large flowery sort of man looked up and said.
“Ah here comes Mother Goose and my assistant manager.”
He held out his hand saying, “I’m John Gentry, producer and let me introduce you to the rest of the cast.”
We shook his hand, introducing ourselves. I looked around the at the rest of the cast and got a big shock because the star of the show was Arthur Askey a legendary comedian back then who had his own radio show which everyone just had to listen to every Sunday night.
We met the rest of the gang, then Derek went off with the stage manager while we got ready for a full rehearsal. You may remember that all the principals had been in rehearsal already for a week only taking Christmas Day off and we open tomorrow night.
The wardrobe mistress who looked and reminded me of my own mother took me downstairs under the stage where the dressing rooms were and helped me get into my costume which was very hot and itchy with two very tiny holes for my eyes so my vision was pretty limited. The Golden egg was just a bit of plastic wrapped in gold foil. During the show I would have to get dressed in the wings because the costume was hard to get up and down the stairs with me in it.
Anyway it was soon time for my appearance and I pranced around the stage before making a big show of laying the golden egg. When I came off stage and took my costume off I noticed Derek pissing himself laughing.
“What,” I asked.
“If the gang at school could only see you now.”
I burst out laughing too. My lover looked around to see if anyone was watching before giving me a kiss.
We had a couple more run throughs and then the producer declared it a day. I got changed and hung around waiting for Derek who had to get the sets and everything ready for curtain up tomorrow night at 7 pm with a final rehearsal in the afternoon.
On the way back to auntie’s I asked Derek how his day went because I didn’t see too much of him.
“Pretty good the stage manager’s a decent chap who explained things very well, the job isn’t all that hard just a couple of really quick scenes were I have to be on my toes. “
When we got home, auntie had tea ready and one of my cousins was there, Stanley was my age and as kids we used to fool around, jack each other off and stuff like that but nothing serious just experimenting.
When I introduced Derek as my partner he went a deep red and looked away not knowing what to say. Auntie made a point of telling me that he has a lovely girlfriend.
Derek and I smiled, Stanley had tea with us but didn’t say too much, I suspect he was finding it difficult to come to terms with my sexuality.
We sat in the tiny lounge room after tea watching television and chatting mainly about the pantomime.
I promised Stanley free tickets and suggested that he bring his girlfriend along.
He finally left and we headed for the bathroom to have a shower before going to bed. We told Auntie not to bother waking us because we didn’t have to go to work till noon when we would have a final run through.
I jumped into bed first with my lover hopping in on top of me kissing me fierce and hard his tongue probing my mouth like there was no tomorrow.
“I’ve been wanting to do that all fucking day.” He gasped.
He then began moving down my body sucking and biting my nipples before giving me a love bite on my navel which actually hurt like hell.
When I protested he laughed and moved down under the sheets gobbling my dick up and deep throating it taking me right down to my ball sack.
He was like a wild animal I’d never seen him this wild, mind you I liked it.
He kept sucking me hard a fast, humming along as he did. This was a trick which he hadn’t done for quite a while.
Pretty soon I felt my balls moving up and tightening getting ready to blow. He sensed this and speeded up sucking my cock like crazy. I didn’t have time to warn him I was cumming not that he would have taken any notice the state he was in. I blew stream after stream of spunk down his throat which he eagerly swallowed.
He moved off to my side panting and totally out of breath, I kissed him and said.
“Fuck, what brought that session on?”
“I got so horny during the day I just had to have you and have you quick, didn’t you enjoy it that rough?” he replied a worried note in his voice.
“Hell no, I loved it, just surprised me that’s all. Don’t tell me you get horny seeing me dressed as a goose?” I said with a laugh.
“Fuck no, but when you get changed in the wings with just your whity tighties, your arse looks tempting.”
We both laughed and I started to go down on him to return the favour but he pushed me away saying.
“Didn’t you notice I shot my load everywhere when you came in my mouth and I didn’t even touch my cock.”
“Shit you really were horny.” I replied.
We lay back not saying much until I remembered one member of the cast I wanted to talk about.
“Did you see that big guy dressed as Old King Cole?”
“Yes a bit of a weird one wasn’t he.”
“He kept looking at me and I could feel him undressing me with his eyes, plus did you notice when he left he had make up on. I think he’s a bit of an old queen. Still the way he looked at me scared me a bit.”
“yes I think darling you’ll have to watch him.”
I nodded in agreement before kissing my kissing him goodnight.
I woke early, it was just beginning to get light outside, when I realised someone was in the bedroom walking around. I turned on the bedside lamp to find Auntie standing just inside the door.
“What do you want auntie?” I asked.
“Nothing I just wanted to see you two boys sleeping together.”
“Why? We are no different than any two people in love believe me.”
“I still haven’t got used to the idea of two boys being together like well you know what I mean.”
I realized that I had to sort this out straight away.
“Come and sit down auntie.” I said making room for her to sit on the bed next to me.
“It must be hard for you to grasp what his happening here because of the sheltered life you have led.”
I paused waiting for that to sink in.
“Derek and I are just as much in love with each other as two people of opposite sex would be. Some people are made different and there’s nothing they can do about it , even girls fall in love with other girls. Sexually we do things which you may find unnatural and perhaps a bit weird. You have to understand we don’t think our sexuality is wrong but some people take offence, like my father, I’m not sure if you know but he tried to have me killed because of what I am, gay.”
The look on her face when I told her that was one of horror.
“Your father did that?” She asked with a look of disbelief on her face.
“I’m afraid so. He is out on bail waiting to go to trial and he is expected to go to jail for many years.”
“Oh dear, I forgot to tell you last night, your father rang to say that he was coming to see me for a couple of days.”
I shuddered and began shaking after hearing what she had said.
I could feel Derek stirring next to me putting an arm around me, I guess he had heard what auntie had said.
“ Did you tell him that we were here?”
“yes, I told him I didn’t have any room, so he said he would contact Stanley’s parents to see if he could stay there for a few days, but he didn’t say anything about the trouble he must be in.”
To say I was scared by what she told us would be an understatement.
“How did he manage to get permission to come here. His bail terms stated that he must remain in the district and report every second day to a police station.”
Auntie spoke up. “His he in that much trouble. He never mentioned it to me.”
“No he wouldn’t but believe me he is in a lot of trouble, plus he is not allowed to come anywhere near the two of us or mum and my two sisters.”
The look on her face showed that she was very troubled by what I had told her.
“I didn’t know, I invited him to tea tomorrow.”
“Well we will be at work so that should be ok, but be very careful because he is not the same man who you last saw before he went south.”
Looking very worried, Auntie stood up staring at both of us.
“I’m so sorry Cliff, I had no idea.” she said.
“Don’t worry he wouldn’t be game to try anything on considering the trouble he’s in. Now Auntie could I also ask that you respect our privacy and always knock before you come in to our bedroom.”
She nodded and said, “alright, sorry about that.”
Auntie left closing the door behind her, while I turned to face my lover.
“I hope he doesn’t cause any trouble, what made him come to Leeds anyway. I know it’s the city of his birth but he also knows we would be here.”
Derek kissed me before saying,” don’t worry baby, I’ll look after you.”
I kissed him again before throwing the sheets and blankets off laying flat on my back with my legs in the air.
“How would you like to ravage my arse and fill it with your juice.”
“Is that a request or an order sir?”
“Whatever you want it to be just do it.”
Without any lubrication he positioned his cock at the entrance to my bum and slowly pushed, making me wince a bit at first but then settling down to take his big juicy cock.
“ I want a good hard fucking darling so do what you have to do.” I said with a smile on my face.
“Yes sir, at once sir, whatever you say sir.” he said with a laugh.
He began pumping my arse with his 7 inches of solid muscle hanging on to my legs for support. I closed my eyes thinking this is heavenly I could take it all day.
Derek paused reaching down to kiss me before pumping me even faster and harder. I knew this was going to be a quickie because both of us were hot and horny.
“I’m cumming darling.” he said in a very quite voice so that our hostess wouldn’t hear, although the thought went through my head that she’s probably listening at the door.
I felt his hot juice going into my guts and my feelings of love and affection for the man on top of me increased a hundred fold.
“I love you I love you I love you” I kept repeating over and over. Derek pulled out and laid on top of me kissing and caressing me all over.
“I love you too, Cliff Steele.”
Totally spent we lay in each others arms slowly going back to sleep.
The next time I awoke and looked at the clock I noticed it was eleven o’clock time for us to get up and get down to the theatre for our final run through before the grand opening tonight.
After washing, dressing and all that stuff we went though to the kitchen to find a note saying that Auntie had gone shopping with her neighbour.
We grabbed some toast and coffee before heading out the door to catch a bus into the city.
The same old man was sitting at the stage door, greeting us as we went in.
With a quick kiss in the corridor we parted.
I found the wardrobe mistress, who gave me my goose outfit to take up stairs ready for me to get into. I went into the dressing I was sharing with some of the other male cast members to find Old King Cole getting ready applying make up (although I thought he was overdoing it)
He turned to look at me with a leer on his face. I shivered thinking this guy was weird. I’d better watch my step.
He stood up extending his hand, saying.
“Hello my name’s Horace, Horace Goode, and you’re the sexy Cliff Steele.”
I mumbled my hello as I shook his hand which felt like shaking hands with a dead fish. He scratched the palm of my hand as he stopped shaking it, looking into my eyes with that wicked looking leer still on his face.
I thought my god what a sleeze.
He was looking me up and down before walking all around me obviously checking out my arse.
“I hope you and I could become well aquainted and look after each others needs.”
I was getting pretty wild with this person and I decided the best thing was to be firm with him right from the start.
“Look, I’m not interested in what you have in mind, plus my boyfriend who I love dearly is also working here as assistant stage manager, so get it into your head that I don’t want anything to do with you, understand?”
“How dare you speak to me like that you little pipsqueak , I have no intention of doing anything with you and I don’t know were you got the idea that I was.”
I turned around and stormed out of the room before I said and did something I might regret.
On the way up the stairs I almost bumped into the young guy who was playing the part of mother goose’s son.
“Sorry.” I said “I wasn’t looking were I was going.”
“That’s alright, judging by the look on your face and voices I heard you had a run in with our resident queen.”
I smiled and said.”Oh you know him do you.”
“Yes, he tries it on with every young man, although I heard that he prefers them a bit younger if you get my drift.”
“Yuk, what a fucking arsehole.” I replied not realising what I was saying.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to swear.”
“That’s ok, by the way my names Tom, Tom Draper.”
We shook hands and I told him that the assistant stage manager was Derek my boyfriend.
“No worries there, I’m engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world.”
I congratulated him and he went on to tell me that they were getting married in May.
Just then we heard the call boy shouting “Overture and beginners please in three minutes.”
“That’s me.” he said. “Catch you later.”
He dashed off up the stairs while I followed a little slower.
The full dress rehearsal was soon underway, and I got undressed in the wings ready to put my costume on when I felt somebody behind me. I turned round to see Old King Cole studying my body.
“Piss of you fucking old pervert.” I whispered.
No sooner had I finshed talking when Derek was at my side.
“Everything ok my darling” he said.
“Yes just as soon as that fucking old tart pisses off.”
The old fart in question turned on his heels and moved away.
“He put the hard word on me before.” I told my lover.
“We’ll have to keep our eye on him“ he replied.
It was now almost time for me to make my grand entrance so Derek helped me dress gave me the gold egg and off I went.
Everyone was pleased with the rehearsal and we had about 2 hours before curtain up.
Tom came along just as we were deciding what to do.
“Hey guys some of us are going to the pub over the road to get something to eat and drink do you want to join us.?”
We said yes and followed him to the pub straight across from the stage door.
We went in to the loungue bar and found most of the cast already there including Arthur Askey and sitting on his own in the corner still with make up on was our resident queen.
Arthur shouted us all a drink and Derek and I for the first time sampled Yorkshire beer which was a pretty strong brew.
“I don’t think I’ll be having too many pints of these.” I told my lover
“We can’t have a pissed goose on the first night.”
Derek laughed but agreed with me it was a strong drop.
The conversation was mainly about show business and what every one had done or was going to do.
Arthur asked me if I had anything to go to after the Panto and I told him the play I was going into in Oxford before going to the west end. When I mentioned who I was performing with Alex Guinness and Sybil Thorndike everyone congratulated me, some calling me a lucky bugger and so on.
When asked Derek told them about his forthcoming job in the west end and all agreed we had fallen on our feet.
Arthur questioned me a bit more about my ability and what I had been doing. I told him that I sing as well as act.
He then put me on the spot asking me to sing something right now.
I stammered and hummed and arred. Derek said “Go on have a go” so I sang how ‘great thou art’ my party piece. There was no accompaniment but the whole of the pub went quite as every one stopped talking to hear me sing. When I finished I got applause and cries for more.
Arthur came up to put his arm around my shoulder, which was difficult for him because he’s only four foot six. “Would you like to be on my radio show next Sunday?”
I was speechless. So Derek piped up and said, “Of course he would.”
“Right we are broadcasting out of Manchester while I’m in Panto, but you can come with me in my car, we leave at about nine, go straight into rehearsal then do the show live that night coming back to Leeds early the next morning.”
I stammered a thank you at a loss for words. It was then time to get ready for the show so we all trooped across the road.
Derek gave me a quick peck on the cheek before heading for the other side of the stage while I sat down waiting for curtain to go up.
I peeped through a small hole in the side of the stage used to check out the audience noticing a full house half kids and half adults.
Right on time the house lights went down and the orchestra went into the overture while the dancing girls got ready for their opening number.
Curtain up and we were off.
Soon it was time for me to get ready so I stripped off. No sooner had I started when Derek came round to watch.
“Are you turning into a perve too?” I asked laughing.
“If you don’t put that costume on right now I’ll fucking rape you.”
He replied.
“Yes please” I whispered.
Dressed and ready to go I suddenly realised the golden egg had disappeared. Big panic because my entrance was coming up very quick.
It was then that I noticed our dirty old queen laughing his head off.
“Quick run down to the prop room there’s a spare egg.” I told Derek. Meanwhile it was time for my entrance so I waddled out onto the stage taking my time doing a couple of extra waddles around before coming up to Arthur dressed as Mother Goose. He said his lines about laying him a golden egg. I reached up and whispered in his ear. “The eggs gone missing”. Not batting an eye lid he said.
“You want go now, couldn’t you have gone before.” I caught on straight away and nodded my head crossing my legs at the same time.
Well the audience loved it.
Arthur said, Alright off you go but don’t be long.”
I started to waddle off noticing that Derek had the spare egg.
Arthur called out after me.
“Don’t forget to pull the chain.”
More laughter with the audience loving it. I got the egg came back and did my thing.
It all went down so well that we kept that joke in for the rest of the season.
Old King Cole was livid because his joke backfired and I was as popular as ever with the producer and the rest of the crew.
The theatre manager had arranged a little on stage party when the show was over telling us that the whole six weeks was almost completely sold out.
Heading for home I couldn’t get over how everything was falling into place career wise.
We went straight to bed exhausted and fell asleep almost straight away after declaring our love for each other.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter and as always I look forward to your comments good or bad.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy