Chapter 3

Part 3
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission
of the author.

We slept in again next morning, heading out to the kitchen just in time for lunch. I told aunty that we would do some shopping, get some food in because we couldn’t eat her out of house and home, after all she was living on the pension and a few little investments that she had.
The dear soul had a worried look on her face and I asked, “What’s the matter you don’t look too happy?”
“I’m a bit worried about your father coming for tea tonight,”
“Don’t worry aunty we won’t be here so it should be ok, anyway I’m interested in what sort of story he’s going to tell you. Why don’t you invite Stanley and his girl friend or better still his parents, they say there’s safety in numbers.”
“A good idea young Cliff I’ll do that.”
After lunch we decided to take a trip into the city in daylight and have a look around the shops.
We wandered aimlessly around looking but not looking if you get my drift.
Leeds also had trams, they didn’t go out to were aunty lived, but Derek had never been on one before in fact he’d never seen a tram except in pictures, so we went for a tram ride. It was a double decker so we went up stairs sitting right up the front over the driver ( my favourite spot when I was a little kid I used to pretend to be the driver). I pointed out to him were I was born and the hospital were I had my tonsils out, plus we passed the end of the street were my old primary school was. It was great to look at the places were I grew up and tell my lover all about them. He held my hand all the way looking at me and smiling every time I got excited about an old haunt or landmark.
He looked around noticing that we were the only people up stairs in the tram which was going right out to the outskirts before heading back to the city.
He reached over kissing me gently, slowly rubbing my groin making my cock grow harder. The tram stopped at a cross roads and another tram had pulled up alongside us. We hadn’t noticed until we heard banging on the window and looking up we noticed four or five teenagers watching us and cheering. We both blushed like mad and as the trams moved off we waved to them.
“We’ll have to be more careful.” I said.
“Either that or sell tickets.” Derek declared with a laugh.
When we got to the end of line the conductor told us that the tram would be heading back in about 10 minutes, so we got off taking a little stroll getting some fresh air into our lungs before going back to the smoggy dirty city.
The ride back was a bit crowded so we just sat up top again watching the city sites go by. We got off the tram just a short walk from the theatre. When we arrived we noticed people had already began queuing up for the unbooked seats right up the top at the back of the top circle as it was called. I think I explained before that the theatre had seating on the floor then a mezzanine level with private boxes on both sides, then there was the balcony followed by the top balcony right at the top of the auditorium at rooftop level.
Also up there were the spotlights and the lighting technician.
Derek went to get the stage ready for curtain up and I just wandered around soaking up the atmosphere.
I went to the dressing to find Tom in there getting ready. We chatted as he got dressed into his costume, (God he had a great looking ass)
Then the sleaze came in sneered at Tom and I before proceeding to get ready putting on far too much makeup.
Tom left to go up stairs ready for Showtime and I intended to follow, but Old King Cole said, “I saw your father today.”
That stopped me dead in my tracks I turned and stared at him.
“Yes, I had lunch with your father, we are old friends known each other for years.”
I thought what would my father be doing knowing a queen like this?
“We went to school together and have always kept in touch.” He said by way of explanation.
“I’m surprised that you have treated him so badly, he tells me you want your father your own flesh and blood to go to jail.”
I couldn’t believe my ears and I was quickly losing my temper.
“What did he tell you.” I almost shouted.
“That you caused a lot of trouble when you and your boyfriend announced you were gay and because he objected you had him arrested.”
“He tried to fucking kill me and my lover.”
“He went crazy and tried to set fire to a house plus he kept my school teacher hostage, all because Derek and I announced we were gay.”
“That’s not the way he told it to me and I’d rather take the word of your father than an arsehole like you.”
Derek came rushing in telling us to be quite because we could be heard shouting all over the place.
He took me by the hand leading me upstairs and sitting me down in a corner. The curtain was just about to go up so he couldn’t stay long. I very quickly explained what had happened.
Derek looked shocked and stunned at the news about my father.
“Sorry darling I’ve gotta go, we’ll talk later.” He gave me a quick kiss before dashing off.
The show went off without a hitch and when we arrived back at aunties she made us a hot drink while we asked how things went with my father.
“He told us a different story to what you told me, I don’t know what to believe.”
Although it was very late I decided to phone mum and get her to talk to aunty explaining what really had happened. Plus I wanted to tell mum to listen in to the show on Sunday night and tell the rest of the gang.
I assured aunty that I would pay for the call Michael answered it telling me that mum had just gone to bed. I asked him to get her please after I told him the news about the radio show.
A worried mum came on the phone and I assured her everything was alright. I told her about the radio show and she cried a little bit so happy for me. Then I asked her to explain to aunty what happened to my father.
She was talking to aunty for about 20 minutes, and when she rang off aunty told us that was an entirely different story she had from my father.
“I’m sorry but he has turned into a real bad un’ in fact I think there always was something fishy if he knows people like Old King Cole. “
I then told her the story from the theatre.
Naturally aunty was very upset and she had a little cry while Derek and I pacified her.
Still a bit upset she said goodnight and headed for bed. We cleaned up turned off the lights and got ready for bed as well.
After kissing each other goodnight I lay thinking when will my father give up and leave us alone. It was obvious that he had only come here to cause trouble for us.
I drifted off to sleep. Sleeping soundly before being wakened by a kiss on the lips from the man in my life.
We hugged and made out before getting out of bed to wash and get ready
For the trip into the city, a bit earlier because being Wednesday we had a matinee at 2 PM with an evening show at 7.
Wednesday back then was half day closing when all the shops, banks and other retail businesses closed down at lunchtime.
The day and evening went along quite smoothly. Whenever I saw Old King Cole coming my way I dodged him.
Back home that night aunty said she had some news for us.
“Your mother rang to say that the police had given him permission to travel to Leeds because he told them a close family member was very sick and dying. He still has to report to the police every two days.”
“The lying cheating mongrel.” I said.
Aunty continued,” Anyway, your mum rang the police and told them what was happening and a warrant for his arrest has been sent to the police here in Leeds and he will be taken back south and kept in jail till the trial.”
Derek and I both breathed a sigh of relief, giving aunty a cuddle for giving us the good news. Aunty suggested that we all have a tot of whiskey before going to bed. I never knew she drank but she had a bottle of scotch stashed away at the back of a cupboard, telling us that she liked a little nip now and again.
We drank to each others health before heading for bed.
Once we were in bed, Derek moved over to me whispering in my ear, “I want you to screw me tonight please .“
We began kissing and moving our hands all over each others bodies before Derek laid on his back with his legs in the air. He didn’t have to say anything the look of lustful want on his face said it all.
I positioned my cock at his welcome entrance, then I pushed in gently and began to slowly fuck him. The look on his face told me that he was enjoying my cock inside just as much as I was loving having it there.
I settled back slowly fucking him making the enjoyment last as long as possible. All too soon I felt my cock stiffen getting ready to blow my load.
It had been a couple of days since we had made love so when I did cum it was a massive load and once again without his cock being touched Derek came at the same time his sperm spreading all over our bodies.
I moved off my lover to the side and we continued kissing before cleaning ourselves up and after declaring our love for each other we drifted off to sleep.
The next two or three days went quickly and we got into a routine. The Pantomime was going well with house full signs going up every show.
We didn’t make love every night but rest assured our love for each other didn’t wane in fact we were more and more in love with each other.
Sunday Morning came and Arthur picked us up promptly at nine am for the trip to Manchester which if my memory serves me right took about three hours Leeds is in the county of Yorkshire while Manchester is in Lancashire the other side of the Pennine range of hills.
I was surprised to see that the BBC studios were quite large and that Arthur’s show was always in front of a live audience.
While Derek came with me this time I don’t think he will all the time because he had nothing to do but sit around getting bored.
I met the band leader who told me that the band for this show was part of the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra.
I told him that I had no music charts or anything like that with me and he said not to worry bringing out some music of one of the latest popular songs suggesting that we try that first to see how we go.
He played the piano while I sang and he expressed surprise that I picked it up so quickly.
“You have a great voice.” he said, “We may be able to find you a bit more work if your interested.”
I told him, ” I was still finding my way in the industry and would welcome any work at all.”
We had a break for lunch and then I had a couple of run throughs with the full band. The musicians proved to be very professional and helpful, so it only took a couple of run throughs, with the musical director happy with my efforts.
I found that I had about 3 hours before I needed to be back for the start of the show. Derek and I decided to go for a walk around the city.
Manchester we thought was a boring place, just as dirty as Leeds from all the industry surrounding it.
No pubs were open being a Sunday so we stopped at a café to have something to eat and drink. I sat quietly feeling just a little apprehensive, this being my first live radio broadcast.
We arrived back at the studio with plenty of time to spare to find that the producer had been looking all over for me.
“Arthur wants you to help out in one of the comedy sketches, here is your script there waiting for you in the studio for a run through but it will have to be quick because we let the audience in soon.”
I rushed in and we had a run through, my script showed that I was playing the straight guy to Arthur’s comedy and believe me it was very funny.
All too soon it was time for the show to go to air live throughout Great Britain. I had been told that even the Queen and Duke listen in whenever they can.
The comedy sketch came before I was due to sing so I stood before a microphone with the words in my hand, but nobody told me that the star was a master at ad lib and very rarely kept to the script. Luckily I was able to give him all the right answers back and I could tell that he was impressed with my performance. A few minutes later it was time for my song and that too went down very well with the studio audience yelling for more. While singing I looked to the back of the studio and there was Cliff looking like a proud parent, the look of love in his eyes said it all.
All too soon the show was over and it sounded strange to hear the announcer mention my name during the closing.
Arthur rushed over to thank me giving me a big hug, while his producer told me that he would like to talk to my agent about a permanent place on the show.
To say I was over the moon would be an understatement. From performing in a school play and singing in the choir to being permanent on the number one rating show in Britain was incredible.
I found a phone booth and called mum straight away. When I told her the news she burst in to tears, Michael came on to say everyone there cried tears of joy through the whole show. Apparently they had decided to make a night of it and Roberts parents along with Derek’s and Ian’s were there as well.
Derek had the opportunity to chat with his mum and dad at the same time.
We went back to our hotel after that and Arthur told us we were all meeting in his hotel room for a celebratory drink and supper.
Most of the cast and crew had already arrived when we got there and the drink was flowing fast. I was so high that I started knocking back the drink while Derek sat quietly back sipping on one drink all the time.
I was drunk, there was no getting away from it and getting a bit loud. Derek took me by the hand saying,” Come on darling I think it’s time we went to bed, I protested but he firmly walked me out of the door to our own room.
I fell onto the bed and the room started swaying and I felt sick so Derek picked me up and guided me into the bathroom were I was sick leaning over the toilet bowl.
When I felt I couldn’t be sick any more my lover helped me into bed slowly undressing me.
I giggled and said, “Sorry my baby but I think my little ’soldier’ is too drunk to stand up tonight.”
Derek with a grin on his face said , “That’s alright darling, my big ‘soldier’ can wait.”
I started giggling again at that remark, before suddenly becoming very sleepy.
“I’m sorry darling” I said with tears in my eyes suddenly feeling very remorseful.
“It must have been boring for you sweetheart,” I said feeling very sad.
“No baby I was proud of you tonight, you really was the star of the show.”
Very sleepily I replied, “Yes I was wasn’t I”.
That was the last words I said as I fell into a deep drunken fuelled sleep.
Of course next morning I had a terrible headache, finding it hard to get out of bed.
Derek wasn’t in the room and I wondered what had happened to him. I had a sudden feeling of the guilt’s because of my actions last night, hoping that my partner was not too upset.
I got into the shower which helped my headache. I was drying myself when my lover came back.
“Were have you been darling?” I asked.
“I went down to breakfast, and I’ve brought you a couple of bread rolls and some bacon along with coffee.”
I kissed him long and hard, “Thank you darling, did I disappoint you last night? I’m sorry if I did, let’s face it I made a bit of a fool of myself.”
He thought for a minute then said, “Yes I was a little disappointed but you can make amends now by not getting dressed yet and waiting for me to get undressed.”
I did has he told me and once he was naked we got together kissing and rubbing our cocks against each other, moaning at the same time and getting very hard. Derek led me through to the bedroom laid me on the bed before he assumed the 69 position.
We slowly began sucking each others cocks, humming at the same time.
It was wonderful, but once again I felt a bit sad that I had ignored him last night letting my ego take over and I vowed to myself that I would never let that happen again.
We got faster and faster with our sucking and all too soon we blew almost together into each others mouths.
“Does this mean I am forgiven?” I asked after swallowing all his juice.
“There is nothing to forgive baby, I love you too much to get upset with you.”
After those words I started crying like a baby, with my lover finding it hard to understand why.
He dried my eyes telling me we should get dressed when there was a knock on the door and a hotel staff member telling us that Mr Askey wanted to leave in five minutes time.
We scrambled to get ready and pack our bags rushing down to the foyer for the trip back to Leeds.
Arthur had the morning papers and he handed the entertainment section back to me. I could hardly believe what I was reading.
“The new kid on the block Cliff Steele astounded listeners last night with his fine voice and the quick witted ability he showed when playing the part of Arthur Askey’s fall guy. I expect we will hear a lot more from this new talent to hit radio land.”
I read it through three times before handing it to Derek.
After reading it he leant over to kiss me whispering in my ear. “A star is born.”
We arrived back in Leeds with just enough time to grab a bite to eat before getting ready for the evening show.
Most of the crew came up to congratulate me on last nights radio show. The theatre owner said that he was altering the posters outside to display my name as being part of Arthur Askey’s radio show.
When we arrived back at Auntie’s she got the scotch out telling me that she cried all the way through the radio show.
That night in bed I had a talk with Derek about our life.
I was worried, because it looked like I was going to be travelling all over Britain, while he stayed home.
I pointed this out to my lover, “I’ll miss you, honey but there’s nothing I can do about it if I want to become known in the industry and make good money.”
Looking quite miserable Derek agreed but wasn’t happy. I took him in my arms and said, ‘I hope darling this won’t get in the way of our love for each other.”
“Never,” He replied, “I will always love you but I will also miss you terribly, but it is important that we don’t let our relationship get in the way of our careers.”
I kissed him gently on the lips. “Baby, I promise you that I will always stay faithful wherever I am.”
“I believe you, but if you find you have a need, both of us for that matter, to relieve that need then we should. I said this when we first met and fell in love, that there is a big difference between sex and love and I’m sure both of us if we are apart for long periods will indulge in sex, but will always come back for love.”
Tears formed in my eyes and in his too as we hugged each other hard and kissed both of not wanting to be the first to let go.
Finally we drifted off to sleep still holding on to each other, and that’s how we were when we woke up next morning.
There was a message for us at the stage door when we got to the theatre that evening telling us that Ian and HRH would be in Leeds tomorrow, would be coming to see the show and inviting us to stay over with them at the Grand Hotel, the cities largest five star hotel.
That news cheered us heaps, and the news spread like wildfire all around the cast and crew. The theatre manager was running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off when he found out royalty had booked one of the private boxes. Everything in sight was cleaned and polished, plus he was surprised that HRH was coming to see us two.
Arthur came into our dressing room and said to me, “You know all the right people don’t you young Cliff,”
Tongue in cheek I replied, “Well I know you Arthur.”
“Cheeky young bugger.” he said laughing.
“Anyway the boss has arranged a little meet and greet for all of us after the show.”
I looked out from the wings once the show got underway and could see Ian and HRH sat in the royal box with a couple of bodyguards sitting behind them.
I swear when I waddled out in my goose outfit I could hear Ian and his lover laughing themselves silly.
After the final curtain they came back stage for drinks with Ian rushing up to give Derek a kiss and a cuddle before greeting me the same way.
“I hope your looking after my mate?” he asked.
Derek and Ian had grown up together from early infancy right through the school years.
I could see Derek had tears in his eyes. It was HRH’s turn next and he shocked everyone watching by kissing me forcing his tongue into my mouth. When he broke away I said.
“You never give up do you?”
“I miss you too.” He replied.
“You’d better circulate around but watch old king Cole he’s more of a Queen than your mother.”
He grinned nodded and moved away. Derek, Ian and I found a corner to have quite time together swapping stories.
Ian told us that HRH was being a good boy so far and their love affair was great. “It couldn’t be better.” He told us.
Finally it was time to go and we headed off in a chauffer driven car to the Grand Hotel which we could have walked because it is only round the corner from the theatre.

I hope you are enjoying my story and as always comments are most welcome and I will try and answer all of them.
Thanks for reading and be careful out there.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy