Chapter 4

Part 4
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission
of the author.

We arrived at the Grand Hotel, Leeds with the hotel manager and a heap of other flunkeys hanging around to look after HRH. While he was being greeted and so on. Derek whispered in my ear,
“Is it alright with you darling if I have some quite time with Ian?”
“You mean your going to leave me alone with HRH? He’ll think all his birthdays have cum at once.”
Derek laughed, “No, that’s not quite what I meant, I’ll make sure we stay in the same room, I’ll never leave you alone with him.”
More laughter,
“But I miss my Ian terribly after all we have been together since we were babies, and while I dearly love you, I love Ian but in different way, It’s difficult to explain.”
I reached over putting a finger to his lips saying,
“You don’t have to explain to me I know before I came along you and Ian were very close and I hope you will continue to be close, I love Ian as well he is a very kind considerate person, believe me I would never do anything to hurt his feelings.”
Right there in the foyer Derek leant over to kiss me.
“Thank you darling,” he whispered.
We finally got led up to the royal suite, which the manager informed us has over the years accommodated a lot of royalty including his mother and his late grandfather.
Believe me it was very palatial and even had it’s own private spa which was a novelty back then.
Naturally HRH’s mind was working overtime when he suggested we all get naked and into the spa.
We all found a spot to sit with bubbles and jets of water all around us, it was very soothing and relaxing. Derek was sitting next to Ian and they were bringing each other up to date with all the latest gossip from home while HRH put his arm around me, giving me a hug before turning my face sideways to look at him.
“I know Cliff that I can never have you and believe me I am very, very happy with Ian. We love each other dearly, and I hope that we will be together for a long, long time.”
He reached over to kiss me his tongue going between my teeth. This time I did not resist convincing myself that this was just sex not love.
He broke off and continued speaking,
“I still love you as well Cliff, I’m just sorry that Derek got to you first.”
I’m sorry too in a way but you wouldn’t have stood a chance.”
He looked disappointed at that remark but continued making out with me.
“Just for tonight?” He continued.
“Just for tonight, could I have you just once to myself?”
I looked across to Derek and raised my eyebrows, I also noticed that he was getting very hot with Ian both sporting very hard cocks being caressed by the partner.
Derek nodded, with HRH noticing and mouthing the words Thank You to my lover. I suspect that he had already worked something out with Ian before hand.
We continued making out in the spa with his hands beginning to roam all over my body, before settling on my hard cock.
I moved up out of the water to sit on the edge of the spa with HRH moving between my legs taking my cock deep into his mouth. I thought, God, he’s an expert at this. I felt his fingers reaching my hole and moved a bit more so he could get them into my willing hole. I was slowly getting hot and ready for anything. HRH jumped out laying a towel by the side of the spa inviting me to lay down on it.
When I was settled and comfortable with a cushion under my head, he once again got between my legs using his tongue to loosen up my hole, He followed that with a couple of fingers before rubbing his precum all over his seven and a half inch cock positioning it at my hot and ready entrance. I glanced across the room to my lover who was about to be ravished by his old school chum, Ian.
I must admit HRH was being very gentle and loving not like the previous get togethers we had when he was inclined to be a bit rough and ready not caring if he hurt you or not.
Slowly he entered me as I raised my legs up and lifted my ass off the floor so he could penetrate even further.
He started fucking me slowly and gently going all the way in, before pulling out so just the tip of his cock was in me.
I began moaning softly loving the screwing I was getting from this expert.
I was getting hotter and hotter spurred on by the sound of my lover making similar noises as Ian was pounding into him.
Gradually my royal prince got faster and faster and I could see by the look on his face that the end was cumming soon. Plus my own cock with no one touching it also began spewing juice everywhere.
HRH jerked rapidly, shooting his juice into me. He let out a loud haaaaaaaaa, before stopping letting nature and gravity? Fill me up.
He pulled me to him kissing, and licking all my sperm from my stomach and chest.
“Let’s get back into the spa and clean ourselves up.” He suggested.
Derek and Ian also got back in moving over to us with Derek making out with me and Ian with his prince. Both of them like old tom cats putting their mark on us to say he’s mine.
We got into a group hug after HRH said “Thank you guys,”
“The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting up with you three.”
Still hugging he continued, “Mummy and daddy never thought I would find someone that I would settle down with, I wouldn’t be surprised if she offered Ian a knighthood,” He added with a laugh.
We were all getting wrinkly after being in the water for so long, plus Derek and I were getting just a little bit tired. After all we had to work for a living. We kissed our hosts goodnight heading for our bedroom and the biggest bed we’ve ever seen.
“I could handle this luxury all the time,” Derek remarked.
“You never know we might be able to afford it one day.”
Once in bed Derek got a worried look on his face and I could tell something was worrying him.
“What’s the matter darling?” I asked.
“My being with the prince upset you?”
“No I don’t worry about you and the prince anymore although I do feel a few pangs of jealousy, but I had Ian so it was all equal.”
“Well then what’s the problem.?”
He thought for a moment before speaking.
“Ian had a quite word with me and he’s worried about his lifestyle, you see he doesn’t do any work, he’s just there to satisfy his lover. You may remember when he entered into this relationship while we were still at school, he felt he was turning into a prostitute giving himself to HRH in return for a comfortable living.”
“So, at the time we persuaded him to go for it and enjoy.” I said.
“yes well that’s all we’ll and good but he’s getting bored with nothing to do and often he is left on his own in their luxury apartment in London while HRH is on official business. Don’t get him wrong he’s deeply in love and I’m sure HRH is with him. What it boils down to is that he doesn’t know how to tell his lover and partner that he would like to get a job.”
“What sort of job would he be able to do? After all he’s not had any training in anything.”
“He didn’t say and that’s one of the other things he’s worried about.”
We lay there for a few minutes thinking about Ian’s problem, before I spoke up.
“I think he’s got to sit down with HRH and talk the whole thing through.”
“I agree,” Derek said, “I don’t think we can be of much help, do you?”
“No,” I answered, “We’ll just have to make sure that we are there for him.”
I kissed my lover goodnight and we drifted off to sleep.
It was just getting light when I was awakened by the gentle touch of someone’s hand on my cock softly touching it and rubbing it.
I kept my eyes closed pretending to still be asleep, enjoying the ‘cock’ massage I was getting.
The rubbing got more persistent and my breathing became a bit more erratic as my cock got hard. I slowly opened my eyes to see Ian gazing fondly at me.
“You have a magic touch.” I whispered. Without say a word he placed his lips on mine gradually increasing the pressure until my mouth opened to allow him entry.
I could hear that my partner was receiving the same sort of treatment from HRH.
Ian moved down my body taking my cock into his mouth, while his fingers got to work on my pink hole.
One, two and then three fingers began loosening me up. I laid on my stomach with arse in the air and Ian slowly but surely entered me, boy it felt good as he slipped his cock in and out of me. I felt movement behind us and suddenly Ian’s cock when in even further and I realised that my darling Derek had entered Ian, this was followed by another push as HRH drove his cock into my lover.
So there we were Ian in me Derek in Ian and HRH on top driving Ian’s cock into my arse. It felt terrific and didn’t take long before all three started to blow their loads one after the other.
Slowly everyone disentangled themselves and I rolled over onto my back my own cock the only one still not emptied of juice.
All three lovers moved around me taking it in turns to suck my cock, balls and lick Ian’s juice up which was dribbling out of me.
This kind of ministrations worked wonders on my dick and it wasn’t long before I began shooting my spunk everywhere with all three trying to lap up as much as possible.
We all laid back on this massive bed luxuriating in the after glow of great sex. HRH said, “Thank you for a great evening and I must say you fuck pretty good for a goose.”
Of course after that remark they all rolled around on the bed laughing at my expense.
We rested and chatted for a while before Derek and I went to our shower while Ian and HRH went to theirs.
After showering and dressing we all met in the lounge room and before long breakfast arrived which was a great feast.
HRH told us that he was going on a royal tour of Canada and hopefully Ian would be able to come with him.
“I hope so, “ said Derek, “I think my buddy gets a bit lonely when your away HRH.”
“Yes well this time I’ve persuaded Mummy that he comes with us as my personal secretary.”
“Sounds good enough to me, “ I said.
HRH looked at the clock and said well chaps we’ve got to go we’re staying at Windsor tonight, we have a banquet on for some foreign chap it will be fucking boring but someone’s got to do it.” he said with a laugh.
“Will Ian be able to go with you?”
“Oh yes, he gets invited to all these things now, if I’ve got to suffer then why shouldn’t he.”
We packed up our things and went down stairs were a limo was waiting to take them back to Windsor.
HRH Kissed me goodbye saying. “I wish you had time to visit us, between you and me Ian gets a bit homesick for you two.”
“Don’t worry we’ll try and keep in touch more, we love you two and miss you as well.”
With goodbyes over we waved them off before heading towards the theatre. It was a bit early but too late to go to aunties.
The stage door guy greeted us telling me that I had a message to ring my agent, Bob.
I found a spare phone and gave him a call.
“Well young Cliff your really making a name for yourself, I’ve got offers of work coming from everywhere. Arthur’s producer wants you to be a regular on the show for the next 3 months and they are paying good money.
Once the panto is over the show will come back to the BBC here in London which will be better, but the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra also want you on a three month contract for their regular dance and music shows which means travelling to Manchester once a week on your day off.”
He paused to get his breath back.
“Plus when your back in London I’ve arranged for an audition in a brand new musical starting in March , but I’ll talk to you about that when your in London next.
Tell Derek that the theatre in the West End where he goes to after the Panto want to sign a 12 month contract to make sure they keep him.”
Before I could say anything more he’d rang off.
We left the theatre and went top a small café just around the corner.
I explained to him every thing Bob had said and he just sat there with a stunned look on his face.
When he finally spoke he said, “Well it looks like we’re set for at least twelve months.”
“Yes darling but, I’m going to be on the road a lot with no time off so we may not see as much of each other as we would like.”
We both sat there looking a bit gloomy as that thought sank in. Lets face it we hated to be apart from each other but that is something we will have to contend and come to terms with in the future.
For the next few weeks we got into a bit of a routine with both of us travelling to Manchester every Sunday and coming back on the Monday .
Aunty couldn’t get over how hard a job I had although the ‘Panto’ was a piece of cake. I had arranged for Aunty and three of her friends from her church to see the show from the royal box which she thought was marvellous. When we were in Manchester Derek spent a lot of time in the control booth learning all about the business, which would come in handy in years to come. I would rehearse with Arthur in the morning then run through my song with the band before going into another studio to record with the full Northern Dance Orchestra. The guys were so professional that a full one hour show we would record in under 2 hours.
The bandleader told me that I was replacing a singer called Gerry Dorsey who was changing his name and going to try and make it big in America.
He changed his name to Engelbert Humperdink, and as they say the rest is history.
Rehearsal over Derek and I usually had about an hour to have something to eat before Showtime.
By the time we left the BBC Centre we were both very tired and usually went straight back to the hotel and collapse.
Another new novelty for me was that I had to join Arthur in the foyer after the show to sign autographs. Bob my agent had sent a stack of photos for me to sign and give away to fans.
My darling lover always patiently stood by my side waiting for the fans to leave along with acting as my bodyguard to keep the girls away because as one newspaper put it ‘I was the new heart throb of radio’
Personally I thought it was a heap of bull shit but my ego loved the attention.
The money was also rolling in. I was earning a fair bit more than Derek was but that didn’t bother me although my lover now and then passed a few comments, but we seldom argued about money.
Our love life also settled into a routine and our love for each other continued to grow and grow if that was at all possible.
Both of us had by now turned seventeen and I suggested that we look around and think about buying a car, but Derek wasn’t too bothered.
“Would we get much use out of a car?” he queried
“I think so, it would be more convenient with all the travelling we do.” I pointed out.
“Yes” he agreed, “But when we are both working in London it will be a waste because of the traffic and parking in the west end.”
He had a point, so we left the car buying business go for now.
The pantomime season, for me anyway was coming to a close and I would be heading to Oxford to begin rehearsing for a new West End play. The pantomime had been extended for another two weeks due to the sell out audiences. Old King Cole the queen of panto stayed pretty much out of my way sneering every time he came close to me.
Tom, Mother Goose’s son in the show invited both of us to the wedding which was to be on a Monday morning at 9 am, so that the cast and crew could attend before the Monday night show. A understudy was taking over for a week while Tom and his bride were on their Honeymoon .
The week before Tom approached me asking if I could sing a love song while they were signing the register, to which I readily agreed.
Laying side by side in bed one night Derek said,
“When in Oxford will you have any time off?”
I said, “As far as I can tell while we are rehearsing we have the weekend off, but don’t forget I will have Arthur’s show to do and the dance orchestra recording which is going to be awkward now I will be back down South.”
I paused wondering why he wanted to know this.
“Why do you ask darling?”
“I don’t know about you but I’d like to spend a weekend soon with mum and dad. I miss them, I didn’t think I would but I would like to go home now and again and with you.”
“I agree sweetheart, I’ll have to talk to Bob because I don’t think I’ll be able to do the Manchester trip once we leave Leeds.”
He was very quite for a while then he spoke up again.
“I hope that you don’t knock back work because of us.”
Puzzled I replied, “What do you mean?”
“Well, we are clinging to each other at the moment, but this might not be possible all the time and I think we should prepare ourselves for the eventuality.”
I turned to face him looking into his eyes, before leaning forward and kissing him tenderly and softly.
“Baby, I’d rather stay with you than run all around the country, your love and mine is more important than money.”
Well that did it tears formed in his eyes as he clung to me whispering sweet words of love.
Before we left Leeds, we decided to take a night off in order to take Aunty out to dinner by way of thanks for her hospitality. An understudy was brought in to play my part and the stage manager said they could cope for one night without Derek.
Derek and I decided to go all the way with Aunty, ordering a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to take us to the Grand Hotel for a slap up dinner.
Aunty thought she was royalty sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce with a glass of champagne in her hand.
At the Grand hotel we were instantly recognized as being connected with HRH so we were given the royal treatment. I ordered more champagne and Aunty was getting a bit tipsy, she actually started to chat up the young waiter who was looking after us.
Derek and I couldn’t stop laughing, with Aunty wanting to know what was so funny. We couldn’t bring ourselves to tell her what was so funny.
Then the penny dropped and she looked closely at the waiter who also was trying hard not to laugh.
“Oh dear,” she said. “Is he one of your’s ?”
We nodded and we all burst out laughing including our young waiter who kept winking at Derek and I.
“Are there no ordinary people left these days? She remarked with a laugh.
On the way home in the Rolls Aunty got a bit weepy putting her arms round both of us, telling us that the last six weeks had been the best days of her life.
In the next chapter we say goodbye to Leeds and the north of England while I go to Oxford and Derek a couple of weeks later goes into the West end of London.

Once again I hope you are enjoying my story and remember all comments good and bad are welcome.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy