Chapter 5

Part 5
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

With the Pantomime coming to an end. For me anyway, while Derek had to work for two more weeks before heading off to his next job in the West End of London. We were not very happy. Since we had first met almost two years ago at school and instantly fell in love, we had always been together, but now it looked as if we would be spending a lot more time apart as our careers went different ways.
“It will only be temporary.” Derek said, “After all you’ll be back in the west end as well in about three weeks time.”
“Yes, but I’ve also got radio on a Sunday at the BBC, plus they still want me to travel once a week to Manchester to record with the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra .”
This conversation was taking place in our bedroom at my aunties place in Leeds, Yorkshire were we had been staying for the past six weeks.
I was thoughtful for a while before turning to my lover gently kissing him on the lips before continuing our conversation.
“I will have to go to London before heading for Oxford to talk to Bob our agent. I think I will have to tell him that I just can’t fit the Manchester job in. After all it’s only singing with a band my name gets mentioned once at the end when they are reading the credits so it’s not much of a job anyway.”
Derek agreed with me and snuggled up closer to me, both of were naked under the sheets and feeling horny, after all this might be the last time we make love for a couple of weeks.
“My darling,” Derek whispered, “Make love to me my husband, leave your juice inside me to remember you by.”
It always freaked me out when he spoke like that and also made me love him more and more.
We restarted making out more fiercely, before Derek began moving down my body kissing and licking all the way down to my nipples then my navel before reaching my rampant cock. He bypassed my throbbing pole and swirled my balls around in his mouth before slowly taking my cock deep into his mouth. I began moaning has my lover got me hotter and hotter. He reached up putting a hand to my lips to try and keep me quieter so my aunt wouldn’t hear us.
He slowly sucked my cock for some considerable time almost making me blow my load on several occasions. He just managed to back off in time. He rolled onto his back taking me with him making his way back up my body so that I was on top of him our lips touching and our erect cocks rubbing against each other. Slowly he spread his legs so they were either side of me and he then raised them into the air and around my neck. I didn’t require any prompting on what to do next. I raised myself up pointing my cock at his round pink hole and slowly pushed in, I could tell by the look of pleasure on my lovers face that I was doing everything right, just as he wanted.
Slowly I began to fuck him tenderly and lovingly, getting enjoyment not only in what I was doing but at the look on his face which was one of pure love. I thought, God I love this boy, before thinking he’s not a boy anymore he’s a man and a wonderful man at that.
I continued at that slow loving pace for some time until he whispered for me to speed up and give him my juice.
“Faster and faster my darling,” He said, “Give me all your juice, give me a baby.”
That was a term which I hadn’t heard him use for a long time and as always it surprised me.
I went in and out of him harder and harder faster and faster until I reached the point of no return with wave after wave of hot spunk pouring out of me into my lover.
I laid on top of my lover kissing him taking it in turns with our tongues exploring each others mouths. Finally I began to move slowly down his body until I reached his cock. Taking it deep into my throat I began sucking his hard solid piece at a fast rate and it didn’t take long for my throat to be filled with his hot sweet juice. I made sure that not one drop was wasted before moving up to kiss him again before rolling over to lie at his side facing him.
“Thanks you darling, I love you.”
Derek smiled that cheeky wicked smile of his saying, “Ditto”.
A phrase which I usually use.
We laid in that position occasionally kissing and hugging until sleep finally overtook us. I think neither of wanted tonight to end.
Next morning we slept until about 10 am before getting up having a bit of breakfast.
I cuddled my aunt who had tears in her eyes because after tonight’s show, my last, I would be catching the overnight train to London.
When we finally left for the theatre we all broke down and cried. I had a feeling because of her age that I would never see aunty again. (Sadly I was right on that score).
It had been a wonderful six weeks, working with one of the greatest comedians of our time, Arthur Askey and of course becoming a regular on his radio show one of the top rating shows at that time.
Although I only had a very minor part I learnt a lot about the industry , which I am sure would help me in the future.
Another full house and has the curtain rose, our resident Queen, Old king Cole came up behind me whispering in my ear. “Don’t worry while your gone I’ll look after and satisfy your boy friend”.
I spun around out of control after that remark and with clenched fist smacked him square on the nose. He fell to the ground not moving and at first I thought fuck, I’ve killed him. Then he started moving clutching his nose, which had began bleeding quite profusely, all the time he was groaning and moaning bringing the stage manager and my Derek rushing to see what happened.
I explained to both of them what he had said and Derek declared that he wanted to have a go as well.
The stage manager said, “He’s been asking for someone to have a go at him all season and he finally got his just deserts.”
He called a couple of stage hands to carry him down to the dressing room and make sure he kept quite. “If he starts yelling, hit the bugger again.” He ordered.
The next thing was to tell those on stage that Old King Cole was out of the show and everything then ran smoothly.
When I went out to drop my golden egg for the last time I took two eggs trying to put Arthur off, but he never batted an eyelid just said “oh twins,”
Whispering to me, “Smart Bugger”.
After the show a table of food and drink was set up on the stage and everyone drank to my health, then it was time to catch my train. All the crew congratulated me on breaking old king Cole’s nose.
Derek came with me to the station which was just a short distance from the theatre. The train was waiting at the platform and Derek and I found a quite corner to say goodbye before I got on board.
We kissed and hugged, both with tears in our eyes. The guard blew his whistle, but we were both reluctant to let the other one go until the train began to slowly pull out of the station and I had to run to get on board. I stood at the doorway waving to my partner until he was out of sight.
I found a seat in an empty compartment and bawled my eyes out. Derek told me later that he did the same standing on the station platform.
Finally sleep overtook me, with the gentle rocking of the train lulling me to slumber land.
It was beginning to get light when I woke up wondering at first were I was. I checked my watch and realised that we were only about 30 minutes out of London.
It was still pretty early when we arrived and I knew Bob, my agent wouldn’t be in his office before nine so I found a café that was open and ordered breakfast. I sat there for a couple of hours before catching a taxi to Soho, making my way to Bob’s office.
As I climbed the dark narrow wooden staircase to his office I thought about Derek probably still in bed, wishing that I was with him.
Shirley his secretary was already behind her desk and she greeted me like a long lost brother .
She explained Bob was on his way in and wouldn’t be long. She made me a cup of coffee and I sat there waiting for about ten minutes.
Bob walked in shook my hand inviting me into his office.
I was surprised that on his wall among all the big stars he looked after was my photo, which he asked me to sign.
I explained to him that it was almost impossible for me to keep on the Northern Dance Orchestra job. He agreed saying that he would get Shirley to cancel our contract with them when Arthur’s show moves back to London.
He asked me if I had received my script for the play I was going into at Oxford and I said, “Yes, I was quite surprised that my part is quite a big one, You told me it was small.”
“Yes I think I lied.” He said with a laugh.
“What do you think of the play?”
“Not much,” I replied.
“No Alex phoned me last week to make sure he had something else to go to because he didn’t think the play would run too long.”
“So what happens to me if it doesn’t last long, do you have anything in the pipeline for me?”
“Actually, I have but I can’t say too much about it yet, a few things have to be worked out.”
On that note we shook hands and I left. I was at a loose end what to do for the rest of the day because I wasn’t due in Oxford until tomorrow morning. I didn’t have enough time to go and see mum. Anyway I wasn’t in the mood to face Michael & Robert after the tragic death of Robert’s parents. Derek and I had already spoken to them by phone offering our support, and to see them one on one I would prefer Derek to be with me.
Maybe I’m a coward when it comes to death and disaster but I don’t like funerals even to this very day.
I wandered around Soho taking in the sights before grabbing a bit of lunch. Then I found a phone box and with a heap of coins I phoned aunties apartment hoping to speak with my lover.
First I got auntie who wanted to know everything then Derek came on the phone. I told him about my meeting with Bob before telling him how much I loved and missed him, it was then that he told me how he cried all the way home and half the night. I also informed him that I also cried myself to sleep.
“This is something that we really have to get over baby.” I said
“Let’s face it we’re going to be apart quite often I’m afraid.”
Derek said, “Yes I know, but I miss you so much my husband.”
He then told me that he was coming to Manchester with Arthur so we would meet up at the weekend.
“Just wait till I get you into the hotel room,” I told him
“You won’t be able to sit down all the next day.” I continued with a laugh.
I then told him that I would have to go because I was running out of coin.
We continued making small talk, until the phone cut out. I left the phone booth with tears in my eyes and said to myself, this is fucking stupid we’ve got to over this and act like adults instead of love sick kids.
I found a nice comfortable hotel close to the Railway station were I would be catching the train to Oxford.
It was still only late afternoon so I went for a walk finding a cinema close by. I can’t remember what the movie was I don’t think it was much good. Boy I was so lonely and depressed. I thought about going to the pub but decided against that because I would only get pissed and feel like shit in the morning.
I just went up to my room watched a bit of TV before going to sleep. Next morning I was up early had a great breakfast then went to catch the train to Oxford.
I arrived at Oxford by midmorning and found the theatre and I got that same feeling as I did in Leeds when I went through the stage door.
Once again there was an older chap sat in his little cubby at the door and I thought all theatres must have one.
He directed me to the stage were I met the director who greeted me warmly. He told me the rest of the cast had not arrived yet but wouldn’t be long.
As soon as he finished speaking a tall distinguished man with a moustache walked onto the stage and I recognised Alex Guinness, one of my idols.
Our director introduced me to the man and has we shook hands he remarked,
“I have never heard Bob our illustrious agent rant and rave about a new talent as much as he is about you.”
I could feel myself going a deep red and I haven’t a clue what I said after that.
Sybil Thorndike walked onto the stage and I stared in awe at this great lady one of Britains top actresses.
She greeted Alex with open arms and a kiss, doing the same to me when I was introduced. I blushed for the second time in as many minutes. The only other person in the play was a young girl called Janet who was the maid.
Let me explain, this play is set in a mansion were the lord and lady Alex & Sybil after 45 years of marriage have decided to divorce. I am their young teenage son who is disgusted with the both of them and is trying hard to save the marriage. Janet is the maid who has been not only seduced by the lord, but by his son., me.
The maid hasn’t told us yet but she is pregnant and doesn’t know if the child belongs to the father or the son .
That roughly is the plot. First we had a read through sat on chairs in a circle.
While my part was a big one, the words were simple and easy so I had no trouble picking things up.
We worked for the rest of the afternoon before the director called it a day.
Alex invited me to join him and Sybil for a drink in the pub next door.
He got the drinks in and we sat at a table away from the other patrons although the pub wasn’t crowded.
“I am very impressed with the way you read today young man.” Said Alex with Sybil agreeing with him.
“Thank you sir.” I replied.
“Less of the sir, I haven’t got one yet.” he laughed at that remark.
“It’s not young man either my name is Cliff.” I thought after I’d said it, it might have been a bit cheeky, but Alex laughed and said.
“Do you have a girl friend Derek, I noticed the ring on your finger surely your not married already.”
“No, not to a member of the opposite sex anyway. I have a male partner Derek, who I love dearly.”
Both of them were silent for a while and I thought I had put my foot in it but Alex said.
“That’s what I like someone who’s honest and open, well done Cliff. I hope you will both be very happy.” At that they both drank a toast to Derek and I.
“Thanks, I believe in not beating about the bush, homosexuality has been hidden away for far too long.”
“I remember now you and your boyfriend were in the news because someone tried to kill you after you declared your love for each other at school. I thought at the time you were very brave.”
I thanked him before going to the bar and buying the next round of drinks.
“What do you think of the play?” he asked.
“Not a lot the plot isn’t very exciting is it?”
“No I have already suggested to Bob that he find some more work for us in about a months time.”
“Yes he mentioned that to me yesterday.” I replied.
“I should be alright,” he remarked. “I have a movie coming up soon, a war one. We’re prisoners of war building a railway bridge for the Japanese.”
“Sounds good,” I said.
Sybil had been quite just listening, she finally piped up and said,
“Of course, you’re the new young man in the Arthur Askey show aren’t you?”
“Yes I’ve just had a six weeks in Pantomime with him and I will be going up to Manchester again for his show this weekend.”
“My you are doing well and making a name for himself And were is your boyfriend?”
I told her that he was still working in the panto and I will see him in Manchester this weekend.
Sir Alex roaring with laughter said.
“Oh Oh the bed springs in the hotel will get a workout this weekend.”
Once again I went a deep red but joined in the laughter just the same.
I then excused myself making my way to my hotel and to bed. I felt hungry and realised I had nothing to eat since before lunch so I walked around Oxford a bit till I found a fish and chip shop. This was obviously were the college guys hung out because there was a couple of cute looking fellows in front of me in the line up. I also noticed that every so often their hands would touch and a look would pass between them. I thought I wish that was Derek and I standing there right now.
I must have been staring because they turned looked at me, winked and the one chap kissed the other one gently on the lips.
“Good for you,” I said quietly.
They got their order and left, when I had my cod and chips and went outside I noticed they were waiting for me.
I apologised to them saying, “Sorry guys I didn’t mean to stare but I’m missing my boyfriend at the moment he’s working in Leeds and I’m here. It’s the first time we’ve been separated.”
After I said that I thought why the hell did I pass on all that information.
Anyway one of the young men said, “that’s sad, why don’t you come and sit in the park, eat your supper and tell us all about yourself.”
I agreed on condition that they tell me about themselves as well.
Apparently Peter and Jeffery met last year at the university, with both of them getting over a broken romance which started at high school and ended when they came to Oxford.
“We found that we had been allotted quarters in college together and it didn’t take long to find that we were attracted to each other.”
I told them all about Derek and myself how my father tried to kill me in fact I didn’t leave anything out .
“What an incredible but at the same time beautiful love story.”
Said Jeffery.
“You certainly have already had a full life.” Peter added.
We sat quietly for a while then Jeffrey spoke up.
“We would invite you to join us for the night but we made a vow that we would not introduce any one else to our relationship because that is what caused both of our relationships to break up before.”
“I don’t think at this stage I would take you up anyway.”
I paused then continued.
“Derek and I have had a few romps with others but both of us have always been there and I wouldn’t do anything with anyone without him.”
Jeffrey put his arm around me kissing me on the cheek saying.
“That’s a wonderful arrangement you have with your lover and I hope you stay together for a long time, if he ever makes it to Oxford to see you please look us up.” He gave me the phone number of the college which they were in, and I told them that if Derek did make it here we would get in touch.
We kissed and hugged each other before heading home. I promised them tickets for the play.
In bed that night I thought of Derek hoping that he was all right finally dropping off to sleep dreaming about him.
The week of rehearsals went quite quickly and well. Working with two professionals I learnt a lot about our craft and by Friday I felt quite confident.
Saturday morning I headed for Manchester which meant two train changes and a long boring journey.
I had a recording on the Saturday afternoon with the dance orchestra one of my last and the conductor said he was sad to see me go because they had lots of mail commenting on my ability.
That night in the hotel I was restless and couldn’t sleep counting down the hours when my lover would be joining me.
I slept in, waking and realising what the time was I dashed into the shower, while I was washing myself I thought I heard the door open but thought it might have been room service because I’d ordered toast and coffee.
Suddenly the shower door opened, I turned round with a start wondering who the fuck it was to find my lover standing there totally naked and very hard. Not a word was spoken as he got into the shower with me. We immediately began kissing our tongues travelling around our mouths with our hands stroking each others very hard cocks.
Derek broke off , turning around positioning himself against the shower wall with his bum sticking out supporting himself with his hands.
Neither had spoken yet, as I entered his willing hole and began screwing him hard and long, pulling right out before slamming into him again and again
By now we were both moaning and grunting like a couple of wild animals in heat, plus I was getting very close to the point of no return.
I thrust in hard as my load began shooting wave after wave of juice into him. I purposely had resisted wanking all week so I could fill my lover and boy did I fill him but good.
We both stayed in each others arms in the shower catching our breath till finally one of us spoke.
“Hi darling, it’s good to see you.” Derek said with a smile.
“Ditto” I replied and we both burst out laughing.
Realising that Derek had not yet cum I turned around offering my bum to him and he returned the favour not going at it quite as wild as I did, but he gave me a pretty good fucking.
We finished showering taking turns to dry each other before going into the bedroom to get dressed. My breakfast sometime during our frantic love making had arrived and we snatched something to eat and drink while getting dressed.
We dashed round to the studio to find the audience for that nights show were already beginning to line up.
Arthur was waiting for us looking just a little bit angry.
“here they are looking like a couple of tom cats on heat.”
He burst out laughing and we both blushed and laughed along with him.
“Well at least, you’ve made Derek look a lot happier .” He said.
“I thought we were performing in a tragedy all week instead of a pantomime.”
More laughter and then we got into rehearsals. This week I was in both comedy segments so I had a lot to say but the run though went well and then I sang my song with the band with no problems.
Derek and I dashed out of the studio to our favourite café just around the corner. It was run by a Greek and he welcomed us with open arms. I noticed that the signed photo which I had given him a couple of weeks ago had pride of place on the café wall.
We had a quick snack, with our host refusing to take any payment, and headed back to the studio.
The show went well with a very receptive audience helping it along. Sometimes we had a bit of a dull crowd and Arthur would have to work extra hard to get them going.
Arthur congratulated me on a great performance as we made out way into the foyer for the usual meet and greet to sign autographs have our pictures taken with ‘aunty Mary’ and give our own signed photo’s away.
I noticed one young man waiting for me, looking very nervous and worried.
I pointed him out to Derek and I checked him out a bit more as he came closer. He had dark brown eyes shoulder length brown hair looking about two years younger than me. He had a frighted look on his face that was hard to describe, but it was obvious that he had major problems and needed help.
When it was is turn I held out my hand introducing myself, while he said his name was Peter. His handshake was soft but friendly so I took the bull by the horns taking hold of his arm guiding him to some armchairs in a corner of the foyer.
Derek followed and we all sat down with my lover next to me.
“Peter, you can tell me to piss off and mind my own business if you like, but if you want to talk to someone about what’s troubling you we are both very good listeners.”
He was silent for a while before making his mind up to talk.
“I’ve been following all the things that have been happening to the both of you in the papers and on TV and I admire the bravery you showed.”
He paused taking a deep breath.
“I’m not in anything like the trouble you two were in but let me say I am like you are I love other boys.”
“Peter that is nothing to be worried or ashamed of some of us are like that and it is just the way we are. I love Derek and he loves me just as if we were boy and girl and that’s that we can’t change the way we are.”
“I know all that but I have parents who are anti-gay and while only a few kids at school know what I am they make life hell for me.”
I could see tears forming in his eyes, looking at Derek I said.
“I think it might be better if we continued this back at our hotel.”
Peter looked at me with a horrified look on his face.
“Don’t worry Peter we don’t intend to rape you or anything like but hopefully when we have heard your story we might be able to pass on some of our experiences and advice.”
After a while he nodded saying ok.
We stood up I said goodbye to Arthur and we left walking to the hotel.
In our room I offered Peter a soft drink or a coffee or something while Derek and I had scotch and ginger ale our favourite tipple.
“Now Peter just relax and tell us all about it in you own time. We’ve got all night.”
He thought for a while I think he was trying to get his thoughts in order before he spoke. I must admit I was getting to like this guy, he was a lot like Derek and I.
“A couple of years ago I began to realise that I was different, I had no interest in girls while all my friends were starting to talk about little else. It worried me because I knew very little about homosexuals yet I was beginning to believe that I was one.” He paused taking a sip of the lemonade I had given him.
“My father was always on my back about not having a girl friend, one day he said I hope your not turning into a puff and I burst into tears. Well he put two and two together and got the right answer. For weeks he ranted and raved calling me all the names under the sun threatening to thrash the ‘queerness’ out of me. My life was becoming unbearable especially when he told all my friends to keep their backs to the wall when I was around.”
I looked at Derek and he already had tears in his eyes.
“How could anyone be so cruel.” I said putting my arm around Peter. He began crying but continued with his story this time with his head on my chest and my arm around him.
“ I’ve never actually, you know done anything with a boy, so I’m not even sure if I’m what I say I am.”
“Peter,” I said, “I think you can truthfully say you are gay and there is nothing you can do about it.”
He nodded quietly crying on my chest.
“Have all you friends turned away from you?” I asked.
He nodded and then said, “There is one boy at school in my class who came up to me yesterday, telling me that he would like to talk to me and be my friend.”
“Well there you go you have at least one friend who may even be like you.”
“Yes but , but everyone makes my life a misery, especially my parents. I can’t live at home any more, I can’t stand the taunts and beatings I get day after day.”
All this time his voice was getting louder and louder. I put my arm around him running my fingers through his hair. Calming him down. Derek looked on not saying anything.
Peter lifted up his head and kissed me gently on the lips. He was much calmer now.
“Do you have anything else to tell us?” I asked.
Earlier today I went down and stood on the bank of the Manchester ship canal, I was going to jump in and never come out then I thought about you and Derek how you were treated so badly with your own father almost killing you, so on the spur of the moment I decided to go to the show in hope of seeing you.”
This time when I looked at Derek like me he had a horrified look on his face.
“Peter, believe me suicide is not the way to go. We know of two young men who did just that, one was the son of our headmaster who took his life because his parents just didn’t understand.”
“ I’m sorry Peter,” I continued, “If you thought that I or Derek would make love to you, I’m sorry, while I am sure my lover is just as tempted as I am you are far to young for us to take advantage of you.”
“It’s getting late, do you want to go home tonight?” said Derek
“No I don’t want to go home at all and I’m sure my parents don’t want me. My fathers last words before he kicked me into the street early this morning was don’t come back until you are straight.”
These words were getting me angry, but the main problem was what to do with him.
“Why don’t you lie down on the lounge and have a rest, while Derek and I get ready for bed , have a shower and discuss your problem.”
For the first time Peter smiled looking up at us both he said.
“Thank you, you are both very kind and loving.”
He closed his eyes and was asleep almost straight away.
My lover and I went into the bedroom, laid side by side wondering what to do. We were silent for a long time, then I had a great idea.
“Derek,” I said.
“Yes darling,”
“Now that Michael has moved in with Robert, my old room is vacant, I wonder if mum would like to take Peter under her wing and look after him for a while till his life becomes more stable.”
“What a great idea, Darling.”
“I know it’s late but I’ll ring mum now and see if she can help.”
We went out into the lounge, were Peter was sleeping peacefully. I rang mum getting her out of bed for which I apologized. She agreed to look after Peter after I told her how he was being treated and how he almost took his life earlier today.
It was decided that he would travel back to Oxford with me and I would put him on a train to mum who would make arrangements for him to be met at the station.
I woke Peter up be gently shaking his shoulder and he woke with a start immediately cowering down and protecting his head until he realised were he was. I explained what I had worked out for him asking if he was interested, he burst into tears saying thank you over and over again.
Both Derek and I kissed and hugged him until he went back to sleep.
We both walked arm in arm into the bedroom. Laying on the bed kissing and hugging Derek said.
“You are a very kind and loving man Cliff Steele and I love you dearly.”
That night we made gentle love for most of the night and I certainly believe our love for each other went up another notch if that was possible.

Wow and long chapter this time guys. With a few twists and turns with a lot more to come including Cliff’s fathers trial.
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this chapter
Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy