Chapter 6

Part 6
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Next morning we woke fairly early because I had to get back to Oxford in time for rehearsals. Because most of us were away for the weekend doing performances or whatever rehearsals didn’t start on Monday until 2 pm. We ordered breakfast in the room and when it arrived Peter was still asleep on the lounge, I shook him awake and once again he cowered and covered his face with his hands. I could tell this young man had been severely mistreated in the past. I showed him were the shower and soap was and when he took off his shirt I looked in horror at the cuts and weals across his back and buttocks.
“Who on earth did that to you Peter?” I asked.
He was quite, a sad look on his face and close to tears. In a soft voice I repeated the question, “Who did these terrible things to you Peter was it your father?”
He shook his head saying, “No, my mother.”
I took him in my arms and hugged him gently.
“I promise you Peter as long as I am alive no one will ever do anything like that to you again.”
I helped him into the shower and left him going back into the lounge room for some breakfast. I told Derek what I had just seen and heard in the bathroom .
Derek and I looked at each other finding it hard to believe someone could do such terrible things to another human being. What my father, Michael and his family did to me was nothing compared to the atrocities that Peter had endured. He came out of the bedroom dressed in the clothes he had worn last night and I went through my bag finding a shirt and cargo style pants that he could wear.
“They’ll be a bit big on you but they will do till you get to my place and my mother can find some of the clothes I have grown out of.”
He thanked us both before tucking in to a hearty breakfast. Arthur knocked on the door and came in telling Derek that he was ready to go. He looked at Peter with a puzzled look on his face and Derek explained what was happening.
“You two really take the cake, you know that? You’ll have to be careful Cliff because if people find out that you are a soft touch they will be coming out of the woodwork.”
Derek told Arthur that he would tell him the full story on the way back to Leeds.
This would be the last show in Manchester because it was the final week of the panto, so we would be in London next weekend.
I kissed Derek goodbye telling him that I would call and let him know how Peter was and that we would meet up next week end in London.
After they had gone Peter thanked us for all we were doing for him and he began to cry again.
I hugged and kissed his cheek holding him in my arms, until I felt his throbbing cock rubbing up and down against my thigh. The trouble was I was getting hard as well. I pulled away saying we’d better hurry up or we’ll miss our train.
I thought to myself this is going to take a lot of self control after all he is only a young school boy and forbidden fruit.
“Peter, “ I said, “While you are a big temptation and I would love to take you to bed, you must realise that you are still too young, for you and I to make love, I’m sorry because you are a beautiful young man, and If I was the same age as you everything would be different.”
He nodded his head, “I’m sorry Cliff, I understand but I couldn’t help getting hard just then being so close to someone who cares.”
I finished packing before heading to the station and having to run to catch our train.
On the way we engaged in light conversation about nothing in particular because I did not want to bring back any bad memories that would upset Peter.
My young companion after a while fell asleep, with me dozing next to him.
Finally we arrived in Oxford and I was able to put him on another train almost straight away. While I headed off to rehearsals.
By now the new play was well and truly in the bag as far as Alex, Sybil, myself and the maid who’s name escapes me for the moment. The director was more than happy with our performances so it was decided that we would have a run through every day to keep our minds fresh, and the rest of the time was ours.
I rang mum to make sure Peter had arrived all right and she told me that Michael & Robert had one of the their staff take them to the station to pick him up. Mum remarked that the two boys have more or less taken him under their wing
Arrangements were being made for Peter to go to my old school when it resumes next week, plus their solicitor was making enquires and doing all the legal stuff to make sure his parents don’t try to find him and take him back.
Mum cried when she spoke about his injuries and how badly he’d been treated.
“The poor boy is terrified and deeply hurt it will be a long time before he is right if he ever is.”
Peter came on the line to thank me for everything I had done.
“Your mother is a wonderful lady I wish I had a mum like yours,” he said.
“Michael and Robert are coming round in the morning to take me shopping for some clothes, I will never be able to repay you all.” At that he started crying and mum came back on the phone, telling me to take care and she would do everything possible to help Peter.
After I put the phone down I too had a little cry, before going to dinner and then getting an early night.
Friday after a final run through before our debut performance on Monday, we had a little celebration at the theatre, before heading off for the weekend.
Earlier in the day I rang aunty and spoke to my darling lover and we arranged to meet on Sunday in London. Bob our agent had phoned Derek during the week telling him that he had found a small reasonably priced one bedroom apartment in Kensington. The rent was not too bad and the place was furnished. Derek gave me the address saying he would meet me outside so I could carry my ‘Bride’ over the threshold. He had some strange ways of saying things sometimes but I loved him for it.
At a loose end I phoned Peter and Jeffrey the two guys I met the other night in the fish and chip shop . They told me they had planned to go to the pictures and I was welcome to go along with them if I wished.
We arranged to meet in a pub close to the cinema.
I was first there so I bought my drink and sat in a corner waiting for them to arrive. They both gave me a peck on the cheek before getting drinks and sitting down at the table.
We chatted for a while and I told them about Peter from Manchester and how badly he had been treated.
I was surprised that it brought tears to their eyes, they both hugged me assuring me that I had done the right thing.
I told them that all being well Derek would be in Oxford for the premier of the play. Both of them looked at each other with a cheeky smirk on their faces.
“So you never know what might happen,” I said with a grin.
“Anyway I have a surprise for you both here are tickets for the first night front row seats.”
The thanked me profusely and kissed me on the cheek again. I suggested we skip the cinema and go get some fish and chips.
They agreed and once again we sat in the park chatting, until quite late.
I left them with a kiss and a hug agreeing to meet them after the play in the pub and introduce them to Derek.
Lying in bed in my hotel room I thought Monday night could be a long and interesting one.
Next day, Saturday I caught the train home to see mum and check up on Peter, plus I was looking forward to catching up with Michael and Robert who I hadn’t seen since the terrible accident which took the lives of Roberts parents.
I knew it would be a quick visit but I hadn’t seen mum since Christmas eve.
Peter was in the kitchen with mum when I walked in and he rushed up with open arms to give me a big hug and a kiss, It was so good to see him looking a lot happier and mum told me that he was slowly getting over the trauma he had endured.
Mum rang Michael and Robert and they came round straight away. Michael hugged and kissed me. I put my arms around Robert expressing my condolences at his parents death. Both of them had tears in their eyes as they held on to me.
“ You have no idea Cliff how much we miss them.” Robert remarked.
“And now we are owners of the biggest plumbing business in the region and know nothing about Plumbing.” Michael said with a laugh.
Mum cooked a roast dinner for us all and after helping with the washing up, we sat around talking. They were very interested in learning all about the Panto and Arthur Askey and what it was like to work on his radio show.
Peter had said very little until we spoke about the radio program.
“Cliff was brilliant in last Sunday’s show.” he excitedly told them.
“He has such a beautiful voice and him and Arthur have a lot of fun trying to outdo each other.”
I explained that we seldom stuck to the script which often finished up on the studio floor.
“The audience loved him, did you know he gets mobbed after each show and spends hours signing autographs.”
All the time he was telling his tale, his eyes had a sparkle in them and he glowed with pride almost as if I was his father or at least he would have liked me to be.
He sat next to me holding my hand, squeezing it occasionally.
A thought went through my head, No not a dirty one and I decided that I would have to talk to Derek before I said anything to anyone.
We talked until well past midnight and mum suggested that we all stayed the night.
A small single bed was put up in my old room with Peter sleeping on it while Michael and Robert slept in my old bed and I bunked on the lounge.
I took Michael to one side and whispered.
“For Peters sake can you and Robert do without a bit of sex tonight?”
I continued, “I know Peter is gay but he is also a lot younger than we are and still unsure of himself, I think we should be careful around him, he almost committed suicide once because he wasn’t sure about himself and I don’t want anything likethat to happen again.”
Michael was a bit put out that I would even think they would harm this young man.
“What do you take us for? A couple of perverts, Of course we will be discreet and not do anything, and I mean anything in front of him.”
I hugged him and apologised explaining that I felt responsible for Peter.
Eventually we all got to bed.
I thought it wonderful to be home among friends but I did so wish Derek was with me.
Next morning after an early breakfast I caught a taxi to the station to catch the London train. I realised that I wouldn’t have time to look at the apartment before I rehearsed for the Sunday night radio show, and hoped Derek would realise this and go straight to the BBC centre. It never occurred to me that he would be travelling down from Leeds with Arthur, so of course he was waiting for me. He took my hand and said come with me, puzzled I did as he said. He took me into the male toilets to the cubicle at the end pushing me in and closing the door.
“Remember when we used to do this at school?” he whispered I nodded has he began kissing me forcing his tongue between my teeth while his hand went down to rub my groin.
“I missed you so much baby.” he said between kisses.
“I missed you too ” I said also moving my hand down to rub his hard erection. We began to undress each other and although it was a bit cramped in the cubicle we were soon almost naked. At Derek’s invitation I sat on the toilet seat with my legs apart while my lover sat on my knee facing me. We kissed and caressed each other before Derek raised up off my knee and proceeded to guide my rampant cock into his willing hole.
He slowly lowered himself onto my pole pausing now and then until he felt totally comfortable. Once my cock was right inside me he slowly began moving his body up and down gradually increasing the pace. At the same time he was kissing me and nipping at my neck leaving love bites all over me.
It didn’t take long for me to get that glazed sort of look on my face as I approached the point of no return, when I would be shooting my load of love juice into his willing body.
I reached down and began jacking his cock, which squirted his goo all over our bodies.
Out of breath he collapsed on to me with his head on my chest. We stayed like that for some time until we slowly came back to earth. One final kiss and my lover stood up his legs so shaky that I had to grab him to stop him falling over. We cleaned ourselves up the best we could, dressed and headed for the studio were Arthur was patiently waiting for us.
“I’m glad you’ve only been apart for a week.” he said, “if it had been any longer we’d never get any rehearsing done.”
Everyone laughed before we got down to the serious business of making people laugh.
Being back in London we had a new musical director who gave me the impression that he disliked homosexuals. He didn’t come out and say anything but he left that impression if you know what I mean.
The rehearsal went off ok and my song wasn’t too bad, considering this new bandleader was not as helpful as his Northern England counterpart.
The BBC canteen was open so we retired there to grab a bite to eat and rest up before the show.
Derek asked how Peter was, so I brought him up to date with all the news.
I got quite and thoughtful not sure how to bring up what I had in mind with Derek.
“Come on Cliff, I can always tell when you have something on your mind so out with it.”
I sat for a while saying nothing gathering my thoughts. Finally I said.
“Regarding Peter, how do you feel about you and I becoming his legal guardians, adopting him so to speak.”
Derek looked at me for what appeared to be a long time and I was beginning to think I’d put my foot in it and upset him. Finally he said,
“I think that’s a wonderful idea darling, but what happens to him when were on the road or away for a long period of time. Until he finishes school he won’t be able to travel with us, so what happens then.”
Trust Derek to think the thing through better than me.
“I don’t know, we will have to take all that into account and think things through, plus Peter may not want us to be his parents so to speak.”
“Yes baby there are a lot of ifs and buts before we do anything, but I’m more than happy to go along with your idea and see what can be done to make his life a lot better than it has been.”
As always the radio show went off without a hitch, Arthur was brilliant as always. I think he is happier now that he is on his home turf.
Once again I had to sign a stack of autographs and have my picture taken with Aunty Mary or Grandma or whatever. I was beginning to find this a bit of a chore, but realized that it is an important part of the industry.
Derek waited patiently by my side until all the fans had gone. Taking my hand we walked out of the BBC Centre, hailed a cab with Derek giving the driver our address which I realized I’d forgotten and had no idea were we where living.
When we got to the suburb of Kensington I noticed lots of stately type homes one after another which had been made into apartments.
Derek paid of the cab and we entered this delightful looking house. Derek explained that our flat was on the top floor so off we went up three flights of stairs. The top floor had two apartments or flats as the British call them. My lover produced a set of keys, opened the door instructing me to carry him over the threshold. For once I felt a bit embarrassed, as my lover put his arms around me kissing me as we walked into our new home.
I was surprised at how big it was with a bedroom, sitting room, small kitchen and a bathroom complete with shower. The furniture was old but clean and there was even a TV in the corner.
“Bob, did us proud,” Derek said.
“He certainly did plus the rent is so reasonable I wonder how he managed to find us such a place.”
We later found out that Bob owned the building and most of the people living there were on his books.
We started making out in the sitting room before slowly heading for the bedroom taking our clothes off as we went. By the time we reached the double bed we were naked and ready for love.
I have described our love making in great detail on several occasions so I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty except to say when we finally drifted off to sleep it was beginning to get light outside.
We only had about two hours sleep before it was time to leave for Oxford.
At the station we grabbed a bite to eat at the refreshment rooms before jumping on the train.
We found a couple of vacant seats with some difficulty because the train was crowded, mainly with students heading back to college after the weekend.
As soon as we sat down I fell asleep my head resting on my lovers chest, much to the disgust of two elderly ladies sitting opposite.
Derek shook me awake to tell me we would be in Oxford in about five minutes. I looked at my lover and grinned thinking I’ll put on a bit of a show for these two ladies.
I reached up put my arm around my lovers neck pulling him down towards my lips, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He of course responded kissing me long and hard until the gasps of indignation from the two ladies cracked us up unable to stop laughing.
I looked across at the ladies saying,
“You should try it sometime it’s better than being miserable.”
Derek couldn’t control himself trying so hard not to laugh. The other occupants of the carriage who looked like students also laughed and applauded.
Our two ladies got up and stormed out of the compartment.
The funny thing was later that night during the play I noticed them sitting in the front row next to Peter and Jeffery who were holding hands. I almost burst out laughing and got a puzzled stare from Alex.
But I’m getting in front of myself. Once we left the train at Oxford, it was straight round to the theatre for a final full dress rehearsal.
Everything went smoothly. Afterwards I introduced my lover to the rest of the cast, with Derek in awe of the two stars of the play.
“You have a very talented young partner,” Alex said.
“Look after him because young people with that talent are few and far between.”
I actually blushed when I heard those words , while Derek looked on like a proud spouse.
With only a few hours before curtain up we went to get something to eat at the pub around the corner, but I was unable to eat much, (to this day I am unable to eat before a big performance).
Then it was back to the theatre to get ready for my acting debut on a professional stage.
I took Derek with me to show him my dressing room, and was astounded to see bouquets of flowers all over the place.
There was one from Alex, Sybil, Bob our agent, even one from Arthur Askey, but the two which brought tears to my eyes was a dozen red roses from my mother, Peter, Michael and Robert along with another dozen from Ian and HRH.
So here I was surrounded by flowers from some wonderful friends, about to step out on stage for the first time in a professional play.

In the next chapter we have the play and what follows after, plus my father’s trial is looming closer and closer, and of Course I make it to the West End. While Derek takes up his position as stage manager in his own theatre.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter and don’t forget comments are always welcome.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy