Chapter 7

Part 7
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Derek gave me a big kiss, whispering, “break a leg” a saying used in the theatre instead of good luck which is supposed to bring you bad luck.
My lover left heading for the front of house to take his seat which I purposely had booked him several rows back because if I saw him in the front row I’m sure that would put me off.
Alex and then Sybil came by, Alex hugged me telling me of course to Break a leg, with Sybil doing the same. The girl playing the part of the maid who’s name for the life of me I can’t remember also came by and I wished her well with the usual saying.
I walked onto the stage area, standing in the wings taking deep breaths and completely clearing my mind of everything except the character I was playing.
Curtain up with Alex and Sybil starting the play. As the curtain rose they received thunderous applause. Once it died down they began speaking. Soon it was my turn to go on stage and I was surprised that I too received applause. Everything went smoothly with no hiccups and before I realised we were up to the intermission.
Alex hugged me again, telling me how great I was, and I couldn’t help think that my part would have been nothing without him.
The second act went just as well with no errors and soon it was time for curtain call. First the maid went out to take a bow followed by me and once again the applause I received took me by surprise. Then Alex and Sybil took their bow. Now it is traditional that all shows have a pecking order with the minor actors standing back while the major players take their bows, but Alex motioned for me to join them up front while Sybil did the same with the girl actor.
We took our bows together as the audience stood to give us a standing ovation. I know that I have had standing ovations before while in school plays but never imagined this would happen during my first professional performance.
The curtain dropped and Alex said, “Stay there,” Just then the curtain rose again showing the audience still on there feet applauding and cheering.
Alex pushed me forward either that or he stood back so that I was out front on my own and the applause grew louder.
I stepped back to join the others and the curtain dropped again.
I was amazed and humbled that we took seven curtain calls that night.
Finally the producer came out with tears in his eyes thanking us all and we actually got into a group hug. I couldn’t believe this was happening.
Next thing I knew we were surrounded by VIP’s with Derek coming up and standing behind me not saying anything just beaming all over his face.
I was surprised to see Arthur Askey there along with Bob our agent with a lot of other people I didn’t know.
Finally people began drifting off to join the party which had been arranged in the stall bar just off the auditorium.
I took Derek by the hand down to my dressing room so I could get changed and take off my makeup.
I felt I was on cloud nine, everything that was happening was like being in a dream.
I fell into Derek’s arms as we kissed and hugged each other.
“What did you think of that darling?” I asked my lover.
“You were brilliant Cliff, and being alongside such great actors you shone out, but,”
“But what” I asked
“The play is shit, the story is old hat and frankly I don’t think it will run very long in the west end.”
I agreed telling him that Alex and Sybil both said the same thing.
We kissed and made out for while until the producer called down to say that I was wanted in the bar.
I got changed quickly before Derek or myself for that matter got any sexy ideas and hand in hand we made our way into the bar.
A loud cheer went up as we entered and a glass of champagne was shoved into my hand.
I noticed that Peter and Jeffrey were there and I smiled and winked at them plus those two old ladies who we upset by kissing on the train were also present. I found out later that they were long standing patrons of the Playhouse Theatre, Oxford.
So many people kept coming up to me shaking my hand or kissing my cheek .
Derek stayed by my side and after my third of fourth glass of champagne whispered ,”Don’t drink too much darling, we don’t want your ‘little soldier’ going to sleep do we?”
I laughed before turning round giving him a kiss.
Peter and Jeffrey came up to us and I introduced them to Derek.
“We never realised just how great an actor you are Cliff.” Peter said with Jeffrey nodding his head in agreement.
I mumbled a thank you, still finding it hard to cope with all the plaudits coming my way.
It was getting late and the party was still in full swing so I said to Derek, “I think it would be ok if you and I along with Peter and Jeffrey took our leave.”
We didn’t say any goodbye’s just left quietly, back to my hotel room.
As we walked in the manager was at reception. He walked around the counter shook my hand and thanked me for a great performance.
I didn’t realised how many people were in the audience, then I realised he would have had free tickets as part of the deal for accommodating the actors.
I got my key and we walked up stairs both couples hand in hand. Another surprise was waiting when we entered my room with a big bouquet of flowers and a magnum of champagne compliments of the management.
“I must admit I enjoy the little bonuses on the side one gets.”
Derek just smiled and suggested that we all take our clothes off.
“My you are being forward Mr Driscoll, you don’t intend to take advantage of me and these two lovely gentlemen do you?”
Derek laughed, “What do you think darling.”
Soon we had completely undressed with all four of us hard and ready.
I noticed that Peter and Jeffrey were both cut and had massive cocks, at a guess I would say about eight inches.
I laid back on the bed and said, “Ok isn’t any body going to take advantage of my body?”
Peter hesitated before coming towards me.
“I hope you two realised we have never been in a foursome before.”
“Believe me,” I replied. “You won’t be disappointed.”
I reached up grabbed his hand pulling him towards me while Derek moved in on Jeffrey kissing him and fondling his rampant cock.
With Peter on top of me we began making out our cocks rubbing together, I moaned saying how good this was as my hands moved round to his buttocks squeezing them and slowly fingering his hole. It was his turn to start moaning as he pushed is ass back on to my fingers trying to get them even further up inside him.
“Will you fuck me please Cliff?” He asked so I rolled him over onto his back. I positioned myself with my cock ready and able to enter him. As I pushed inside he said over and over , “Oh yes that feels so good please push right in fuck me harder.”
Once my cock was right inside his willing hole I began fucking him in earnest. The only problem was I hadn’t had a session with Derek for a few days now and it didn’t take long before I was ready to blow a larger than usual load of sperm inside him. I pulled out turned around very quickly to position my hole over his eight inch cock. I yelped with pain because it isn’t very often I take one that big and I was so horny and wanting him inside me that I didn’t do any preparation to receive him.
“Do you want me to stop?” He panted.
“No keep going it will be all right soon.”
Slowly I moved up and down on his big cock and with the pain subsiding quickly I started to enjoy the screwing he was giving me.
I felt someone’s cock on my cheek and found Derek on one side and Jeffrey on the other side of me wanting me to suck their cocks.
I obliged taking them both in turn, after trying to get both of them in my mouth with little success. They were both making out with their tongues.
Peter was lifting his ass off the bed trying to get more of his cock inside me and I could feel that he was coming very close to filling me with his load.
I took Derek’s cock into my mouth sucking him hard, while wanking Jeffrey as hard as I could. I wanted all of them to cum at the same time.
They did, no sooner had I felt Peters juice filling me, that my own lover shot into my mouth while Jeffrey shot his load all over me.
Slowly we came back to earth completely spent, separating so that we could kiss and cuddle our respective partners.
Jeffrey spoke first, “That was totally awesome.”
Derek said, “Yes it was and Jeffrey you are one hot fuck.”
I hadn’t noticed that my lover had fucked Peters lover, but then I was pretty busy at the time.
Peter said, “I don’t know about the rest of you but I’d like to do that again some time.”
I agreed suggesting that during their holidays they come up to London and join us in our apartment.
We had some more champagne and I started to feel very tired.
“I don’t know about you three but I’m well and truly fucked, do you mind if I have a snooze?”
Both Jeffrey and Peter said that they had better go saying their goodbyes with kisses all around.
“They are two nice guys, “ I said to my lover as we got between the sheets cuddling each other.
“Yes and like us they are both deeply in love with each other.”
We laid for a while in each others arms and I thought Derek had drifted off to sleep until he said,
“You are a fantastic actor darling, your performance tonight was absolutely brilliant, do you realise that both Alex and Sybil two of the countries top actors were totally in awe of you.”
“I doubt it,” I said with a laugh.
“Yes they are, I overheard them talking to Bob our agent commenting on how brilliant you were and Bob was lucky to have signed you up because if he hadn’t someone else certainly would have.”
“Did they say that?” I asked sleepily.
“Yes and I’m the luckiest man alive to find a lover like you who hopefully will be my partner for life.”
“Yes you are,” I replied with a grin before dropping off to sleep.
We slept in, which was only natural after the day and night we had before.
This meant that Derek had to rush off to catch the train back to London to start his job in a west end theatre. We decided that if he was going to be late anyway we might has well have breakfast together before he caught a later train.
The two main actors were already in the dining room and they beckoned us to join them. Alex was studying the daily papers and said.
“Well young Cliff it looks as if you upstaged the both of us yesterday.”
I had no idea what he meant until he began reading from the Times,
“Last night at the playhouse theatre Oxford I had the pleasure of being entertained by two of Britains top actors Alex Guinness and Sybil Thorndike, performing in what was a rather mediocre play, but the outstanding newcomer who demonstrated that he was a brilliant actor in the making was Cliff Steele making his debut.
I predict that this straight from school actor who I am led to believe as had no training as a member of his chosen profession will enjoy a highly successful career.”.
“This kind of writing is similar in all the morning papers of note. The play is woeful but you are brilliant is how one of them described your performance. Sybil and I are both honoured to work alongside you and I will tell Bob out esteemed agent that I dearly want to continue our association.”
I for once was speechless, while Derek put his arm round me whispering,
“I’m so proud of you darling.”
Alex overheard me and said, “And so you should be. I say again look after this boy his kind are a rare breed.”
I suddenly realised that I had not rang my mother as I promised to do after the performance last night so I excused myself heading for a phone.
When mum answered she was in tears having just received phone calls of congratulations from many of our friends and neighbours.
“The newspapers and the radio are singing your praises to no end.” she told me.
“Hang on Peter wants to talk to you.”
“Cliff, well done, you are a very kind and talented man, but what’s going to become of me? Do you know?”
“Don’t you worry about anything Peter, Derek and I intend to start the ball rolling straight away to go to the courts so that we can become your lawful guardians, if that is what you want?”
Tearfully, he replied, “That would be wonderful, I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for me. Michael and Robert have bought me some lovely clothes and when your mother tried to pay them out of the money you left they refused saying it was a personal gift from them to me.”
I told him that was great news. ”Rest assured if Derek or myself are not there to look after you there will always be some nice people around to take care of you.”
I rang off as Derek came into the foyer . I told him what had taken pace asking if he approved of my actions.
“Darling, I have no problems with that but I’m still a bit worried that we won’t have the time to look after him as a mother or father would.”
“I know but, we have a lot of other people who will be only too happy to help bring him up on the straight and narrow.”
Derek kissed me and we headed out to catch a taxi to the station. Once again I was shocked that the cab driver had been to see the play last night refusing to take any money for the fare.
We had to run for the train and only had time for a quick peck before the train disappeared out of sight taking my loved one to London.
Both of us are finding it hard to cope with us being separated and I told myself that I must get over this because it is going to happen a lot in our lives.
Feeling down I decided to walk around the town for a while, but eventually gave that up as a bad job because so many people recognised me, wanting pictures taken or autographs.
I went back to the hotel lying on my bed watching television which was woeful. Back then only kids shows were shown during the day .
I dropped off to sleep finally waking just as it was getting dark. I had a shower before leaving to walk to the theatre.
Once again the performance went well, with standing ovations for all of us.
I was still on a high so I decided to walk to my favourite fish and chip shop which stayed open late for the benefit of the students . I was hoping to meet up with Peter and Jeffrey for a bit of company which was my own age. I was in luck after getting my cod and chips I headed for the park and there they were sitting on our usual park bench. They both kissed me telling me that they hoped I would find my way to the park.
“To tell you the truth guys I was hoping and praying that you both would be here because I needed to talk to someone of my own age.”
“I can’t imagine a talented guy like you being lonely” Peter said.
“You have no idea how lonely we get.” I replied.
“Your constantly on the move so you don’t have a chance of making friends, plus Derek and I have never been separated for any length of time and we miss each other dearly.”
Jeffery spoke next, I realised last night that he was the quite one of the two and a deep thinker.
“It was wonderful to see two people so much in love as you and Derek, just watching him standing in the background while you wallowed in the glory after the play when we gathered in the bar He just stood beside you slightly behind looking on like a proud spouse.”
“Yes he is so good to me, I think sometimes I could treat him better than I do because I love him and he loves me, just like you two.”
“Yes we love each other dearly but I don’t think our love Is anywhere near as intense and deep as yours and Derek’s is.”
Following that remark Peter looked at his partner with a puzzled look on his face. It was obvious that he thought differently than Jeffrey did regarding their relationship.
Not wanting to get involved in what was a private matter I changed the subject asking them both about college life.
Peter first said, “it’s not bad they don’t exactly over work you in fact it’s up to you jut how hard you work, but if you want to achieve your goals you have to keep at it.”
“I agree, “ said Jeffrey, “Some of the professors are getting past their use by date and it’s hard to cope with some of their eccentricities.”
They both laughed as Peter agreed with his mate.
I thought about the last remark Jeffrey had made about their relationship thinking what the heck I’d like to find out a bit more.
“You said that your relationship wasn’t as strong as ours what did you mean by that?”
“Don’t get me wrong, Cliff, we love each other dearly but, but when we graduate I can’t envisage both getting employment close to each other and I’m not sure if our love will be strong enough to survive. I hope it is but …..”
I could see that Peter was upset at this remark with tears forming in his eyes. “He leant over to hold his partner and said.
“Do you really think we won’t be together after university?”
“I don’t know but I do have some doubts that it wont be possible.”
They moved closer to each other and I did think of leaving them to their devices and discreetly leave. Before I did I thought I would leave them some words of advice.
“You two are in love, blind Freddy could see that, and like Derek and I you are going to be split up, we have discussed this problem and we believe that our love is strong enough to keep us together and I’m sure that will happen to you two, Jeffrey if I was you I’d try and get rid of those negative thoughts, think positive and it will happen trust me.”
Jeffrey looked sheepishly at me and kissed his partner saying.
“Your right Cliff thank you and Peter I’m sorry I upset because I do love you dearly and want to stay with you for ever.”
I think they forgot I was there as they started making out so I quietly stood up and without saying a word walked back to the hotel.
Next morning it was breakfast as usual with the other cast members before I phoned Derek catching him before he went to work.
It was so good to hear his voice, he told me all about his job and how easy it was. The play had been running for some time, it had a cast of five with hardly any big scene changes just a few props we have to make sure are in the right place at the right time.
He told me he had three staff under him and the job was a piece of cake.
I told him about last nights performance and then mentioned what occurred between Peter and Jeffrey.
Derek then said, Don’t forget baby we had our doubts at school in those final days especially regarding our being apart and I don’t know about you but I miss you so much that it hurts.”
“I agree darling, and I miss you too. When I’m not working I get so lonely thinking of you, so were not much different than they are, but I’m sure they’ll make it.”
I rang off promising to call him again tomorrow.
That is basically how the rest of the week went doing the show to full houses each evening, with a matinee on Wednesday. Then just moping around being bored to tears thinking of my lover.
On the Saturday night we had a little celebration this time at the hotel. We had a week off before we opened in the west end which I thought was good news.
Sunday morning I was up very early to catch the first train to London and my lover.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter which in fact was more or less a true account of what happened, including the romp with a couple of guys in Oxford. Next week I début in London with some good news and not so good.
Once again your comments are welcome and appreciated. You can contact me at

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy