Chapter 8

Part 8
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

We had arranged to meet at BBC House, and as I walked through the front door into the foyer there was my lover eagerly waiting for me. We rode the lift (elevator) up to the studio and on the way we kissed and cuddled.
We were fairly early so instead of going into the studio we headed for the dressing rooms going into the one reserved for me locking the door behind us.
Ok, were a couple of horny buggers but just remember we haven’t seen each other for five days, which seems like fifteen.
We started making out humping each other feeling our thickening cocks rubbing together.
“I’ve missed you so much.” Derek said.
“Do you now last night I had a wet dream and made a mess of the sheets. I haven’t done that since I was about twelve years old.”
We both laughed at that and I didn’t admit that yesterday morning I just had to jack off I was so hot and horny.
We both grasped each others buttocks squeezing them and feeling the sensations of our actions going right through our bodies.
We carried on like that for a while knowing full well that we didn’t have time to go all the way.
I broke off checking the time saying, “That will have to do for now till we get home.”
Derek pretended to look hurt and upset before saying in a non committal way,
We went through to the studio for my song run through before we rehearsed the funny bits.
I didn’t get on too well with this musical director, I don’t think he liked gays and the song he had chosen was a very difficult one to sing. I can’t recall the title, but it wasn’t easy plus he had it in a key a bit too high for me and refused to drop it down, using the excuse that all the band parts were written and it would take too long to transpose.
I whispered to Derek, “That’s a load of bullshit, but he’s not going to beat me.”
I was determined to handle the song no matter.
It was a strain on my throat which by the time the show was over it was a
sore but I wasn’t gonna’ let that bastard get me down.
Arthur came in for the comedy run through which as always went well. I looked at Arthur and he was pale, not looking too well, I asked,
“What’s the matter you don’t look too good?”
“No I get very tired easily these days in fact at the end of the show I want to talk to all of the cast before we go.”
I thought that doesn’t sound too good. Derek and I headed for the canteen to find it full of audience members. It was raining outside so they let the queue in to the canteen.
I was recognised straight away and wondered were we could go, being Sunday nothing was open close by. Just then the Canteen manageress came up telling us that the executive dining room was available if we wanted some privacy.
We thanked her as she showed us the way into a small dining room with leather chairs, white tablecloths and flowers on every table. It had oak panelling on the walls and lush carpet on the floor, sheer luxury.
“So this is where the taxpayers money is spent.” remarked Derek.
“Yes, how the other half live.” I replied.
We ordered scones and coffee and sat chatting all on our own holding hands gazing into each others eyes like a couple of love sick cows.
Derek told me that his job was so easy that he had worked out a roster so that every member of his team (all three of them four with Derek) got an extra day off each week.
With Sundays off as well he was only working a five day week which also meant we would have more time together.
“ I’ll try and make sure that my days off don’t clash with your matinee days as well.” he added
“Plus,” he continued,
“I’ve got next Friday and Saturday off and you don’t start till the following Monday so how about we spend a couple of days with our parents.”
I leant over to kiss him before telling him what a great idea that was.
“I have arranged for Mum and Peter along with Michael , Robert and your mum and dad to come along to my first night in the west end, do you think we could fit them all into our flat?”
Derek laughed saying, “I don’t think so, we’ll have to put them up in a nearby hotel.”
The he got that cheeky grin on his face.
“What? I asked laughing, “Have you got in mind.”
“I’m sure we could find room for Michael and Robert.”
Once again I laughed out loud,
“You sexy devious devil you, what a great idea.”
One of the studio engineers came in to tell us it was almost Showtime so we hurried into the studio.
The audience were already in place and I received a big round of applause as I walked in.
Acknowledging the audience with a wave I took my position at the microphone and away we went. Arthur although looking terrible was in top form and went out of his way to put the rest of us off, so much so that I couldn’t stop laughing. In the end I threw my script into the air much to the audience delight. We were so far off the script it didn’t matter anyway.
I laughed so much that I actually wet my pants, a little bit.
I managed to control myself in time for my song which I made an extra effort of just to show that prick of an MD I could do it.
After I had finished I wished it was television because I got a standing ovation. I had tears in my eyes and I noticed Derek and Arthur did too.
After the show the audience were moved out to wait for the man and the rest of us to go out to do the meet and greet.
Arthur called for all of us to gather round.
“First of all congratulations to young Cliff here I’ve never seen a radio audience give a standing ovation. Now I have some bad news, I’m not getting any younger and my heath could be a bit better, plus television will soon impact on what people listen to on radio, so I spoke to the BBC bosses yesterday and my show will end in three months time and then I will retire.”
There was silence for a minute or so and then applause and good wishes for the king of British comedy.
I shook his hand gave him a hug thanking him for everything he taught me and believe me those weeks in pantomime and on his show taught me a hell of a lot about this industry I will never forget him.
In fact Arthur lived till he was eighty two and his favourite catch phrases I can still remember, ‘Hello playmates’, ‘”I thank you all” (pronounced “Ay-Thang-Yaw’ll”), and “Before your very eyes”, the phrase he always used when introducing me.
While the news came as a bit of a shock it didn’t worry me because Derek and I were quite well off by now with both of our jobs paying well.
The BBC publicity guy told us not to tell anybody about the show ending just yet as we walked into the crowded foyer to sign autographs, hand out signed pictures and have our own pictures taken. A lot of people that day wanted Arthur and I to pose together, which always looked odd because he was five foot two and I was six inches taller than him.
It was getting late as we headed for home and to tell you the truth I was really tired.
Jokingly I suggested that Derek carry me over the threshold this time, and he did, taking me through to the bedroom and throwing me down on the bed with himself on top of me.
What followed next was the nicest thing that could happen to a couple of randy young guys.
We began by probing our tongues into each others mouths while our lips were locked together.
At the same time our hands were loosening as much clothing of each others that we could reach without breaking apart. When we had to break to removed the rest of our clothing it was with reluctance. I don’t know about my partner but I was so hot I was leaking precum like crazy.
Derek rolled over onto his back saying,
“Make love to me darling, give me a baby.” once again when he says that it freaks me out. I got down between his legs to use my tongue inside his hole and I could feel him slapping his dick against the top of my head. I was trying so hard not laugh at this finally I looked up,
“What?” I said,
“I think my soldier needs to go into someone’s mouth .”
I placed my lips on the tip of his cock licking up the precum before deepthroating him, going down so fast that it took his breath away. Meanwhile I had replaced my tongue with my fingers probing deep into his body making him jump and wriggle all over the bed with joy.
I pulled my mouth away from his cock to position myself over his hole pushing in all the way before gently moving in and out of him.
“Now I’m going to give you a baby” I grunted.
A look of joy went across my lovers face as I began pounding into him. This wasn’t sex but pure unadulterated love.
With his legs wrapped around me so I couldn’t escape (as if I wanted to) I pulled and pushed in and out of his hole.
Both of us were in seventh heaven and I’m not sure how long I was making love to him but eventually I found that I couldn’t hold off much longer from sending several waves of juice deep into his body. Thinking ‘if only I was giving him a baby’
Wallowing in the afterglow of glorious sex we lay side by side not speaking just enjoying being with each other.
Derek turned to face me,
“Still happy to be with me darling?”
I thought what a funny thing to say right now.
“Why wouldn’t I be sweetheart.”
“I don’t know what made me say that I guess from time to time I like to be reassured that our love is still strong. I have moments of panic especially when your away wondering if your coming back or if you’ve found somebody else.”
I was beginning to feel angry that he would even doubt my love for him. I raised my voice maybe a bit too much as I replied,
“What makes you think that I would ever give you up or are you hoping that will happen, what a strange thing to say after we have made beautiful love which I don’t know about you but there was tenderness and love in every part of my loving making and it was love for you.”
I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I moved away turning my back on him.
I felt terribly hurt that he should say that right then at that particular moment.
I felt the bed shaking and heard Derek sobbing his heart out. I turned to face him immediately feeling sorry for what I had said.
I moved over close to him kissing his neck and shoulders, “I’m sorry darling I didn’t mean to snap it’s just well your words caught me unawares do you really think I would go behind your back and find someone else?
Fuck, I don’t even chat up other guys even though sometimes I feel like it.
Derek please understand I’m yours, I’m yours for life I couldn’t stand not having you as my companion and lover.
He turned to face me, tears running down his cheeks.
“I’m sorry darling this is all my fault, when I see you on stage with all those people looking at you and loving what you do I get worried that some of those cute guys in the audience are going to take you away. You have the opportunity to fuck as many guys as you can. Lets face it I’m a jealous bitch.” A smile came on his face as he said that.
He reached over to gently kiss me before saying.
“The trouble is I love you too much Cliff if that’s possible.”
“But I love you more.” I said with a grin.
“No you don’t “ he replied laughing and this continued for while till we collapsed in fits of laughter in each others arms.
We became quite for a while then Derek said,
“I’m sorry darling I don’t know why I said what I did, I hate it when we row, thank goodness it’s not very often, I must try and control my jealousy and doubts.”
“Just remember my darling Derek, when we placed those rings on each others fingers as far as I was concerned it was for life.”
“It was for me too.”
We continued to make out gently until sleep overtook us.
Next morning we slept till about nine, showered and had breakfast, Derek had been shopping so we had plenty of food in the pantry and fridge , plus he hadn’t told me that we had the phone on. I didn’t know this until I heard it ring.
Derek answered it telling me it was the first call since it went in last Friday. It was our agent Bob, to talk to me.
“I hear Arthur’s retiring, but don’t worry the hardest part of my job is to pick the jobs which are best for you, they are coming in quick and fast. I want you at the Piccadilly Theatre for an audition at 12 noon. Christopher is the man to see .”
“OK, but what’s the job?” I asked.
“He is the producer of Lionel Bart’s, show Oliver, currently the part of Fagin is being played by Australian actor Barry Humphries, who has to take six months off because of some contractual deals in Australia, so the part is for just six months, Interested.?”
“Interested what do you fucking think, of course I’m interested, but what about the play I’m in now?”
“Don’t worry that’s not going to last the distance the actors are great but the plays crap.”
“OK I’ll be there.”
“Good, the next thing is once Arthur’s show finishes I might have a radio job for you every weekend in Luxemburg.”
“Luxemburg, what’s happening there?”
“As you know there is no commercial radio in Britain yet. It will come but it may be a few years. The Coca-Cola company are broadcasting the top twenty from Luxemburg every Sunday night and by all accounts it is capturing a vast radio audience here and in France and other surrounding countries. The money’s not great but the exposure will be. The only trouble is they want you to start in two weeks time and once you do BBC radio will ban you from their shows. It’s a stupid fucking set up but there it is.”
“Give me time to think about that will you.”
Sure call me tomorrow.”
“How do I get from the theatre in time to go to Luxemburg and back?”
“Apparently Coca-cola have a launch to take you there and back, it’s one of those big high speed jobs so it’s only a couple of hours I believe.”
“Ok, I’ll get back to you on that one.”
I told Derek everything Bob had said.
Both of us were very excited about the part of Fagin in Oliver, this show was playing to full houses all the time and looks set to run for years.
Derek put his arm around saying.
“You really are a star Cliff and not only in bed.” he laughed.
I kissed him then said.
“I’d better get ready for this audition, are you coming with me?”
“Yes I’ll have time before going to work I don’t have to be there till about four.”
We took a taxi to the Piccadilly Theatre were I met the producer Christopher, a real nice friendly guy. He had me sing a couple of songs and gave me some lines to read before asking me if I could dance. I told him I had never danced but was willing to give it a go.
“We’ll see about that later.” he said.
He asked a lot of questions before telling me that one of the problems was that I wasn’t quite tall enough, but he would think about it and let me know.
I thought well this is one job I’m not going to get. I left and Derek suggested we get something to eat. We found a nice little café right in the middle of theatre land.
“I don’t think I got that job, do you.” I asked Derek.
“I don’t know he spent a lot of time with you, who knows.”
Being at a loose end I asked Derek if I could go along and watch him at work for a change. He laughed saying why not.
We slowly strolled along to his theatre were I sat in the wings while he got the set ready for the nights performance.
The actors began to arrive and a couple of them came up to me introducing themselves and congratulating me on my radio performances and what they had heard of my acting.
I still haven’t got over the fact that I have become so well known.
Derek came up with the latest edition of Stage, our industry weekly newspaper and showed that I had made the front page.
I actually blushed when I read all the wonderful things they said about me.
When the show was over we headed home catching a cab as always.
I can never understand why any one would want to drive in London the traffic is a nightmare, plus back then cab fares were quite reasonable.
We had a hot drink before heading for bed. No sex just the pleasure of lying in each others arms.
Derek woke first hearing the phone ringing, he came back into the bedroom woke me with the news that Bob wanted to talk to me.
Half asleep I asked him what he wanted.
“Get dressed go straight round to the Piccadilly for a second audition.”
“When is it for?” I asked still not fully awake.
“Now, so get your arse into gear.” then the phone went dead.
I went back into the bedroom telling Derek what it was all about, before staring to get showered and dressed.
“Do you want me to come with you.” he asked.
“No I’ll go on my own if you like I don’t expect to be long.”
I got a cab straight away and ten minutes later was walking on stage.
Christopher the producer once again put me through my paces, making me work very hard. I sang several songs, this time he had a pianist to back me. Then Barry Humphries the Australian guy I was replacing arrived and showed me some of the dance movements. He told me he had never danced in his life either.
Incidentally Barry Humphries is the guy who created Dame Edna Everage a funny lady? Dressed in drag and with some very funny lines he made Dame Edna a household word in Australia, great Britain and many other countries. (Not sure if he is known in the USA)
Anyway I digress. After about two hours of solid auditioning I was getting a bit pissed off, wondering if I was getting the job or not.
I asked this Christopher guy if I had the part or what and he said.
“Oh yes I decided that yesterday, you’ll be ideal.”
“Well what the fuck have I been doing here today?”
“You’ve got to learn the part haven’t you?”
I nodded and he continued, “Well that’s what you’ve been doing today, I’ll contact Bob and talk money, plus would you be able to start rehearsing during the day from next Monday.”
“Not Monday because that’s our opening night in the west end but certainly Tuesday.”
He said he would fix everything up with Bob and see me at 10 am next Tuesday.
He was a slave master but a bloody good producer.
I rushed home to tell Derek the news. He kissed me saying.
“After just four months in the industry you have landed one of the top parts going in the west end,”
“Yes I have haven’t I.” It was becoming hard to understand and to grasp all that had happened in such a short time.
“You’d better call your mother to tell her the news, plus we still haven’t done anything about Peter.”
“Yes, I’ll call he now and get her to arrange for our solicitor to get the ball rolling regarding becoming Peter’s guardians.”
“I’ve got to go to work, are you coming today or staying home?”
“I’d better stay home, Chris gave me the script for Oliver so I’d better knuckle down and start learning my words.”
We kissed and cuddled before Derek left for work, while I settled on the couch thinking about all that was happening in our lives. I had a nagging feeling that my luck couldn’t possible continue like it was.

I hope that you enjoyed that chapter and of course I would appreciate any feedback you could give me.

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  • BowoThorny says:

    Wonderful! I started reading this book and could not stop. I finally forced myself to stop to write and tell you that I enjoy this so very much. The story simply carries me along – I feel as if I am standing to the side witnessing the story as it unfolds. thanks so very much! Great work!

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy