Chapter 9

Part 9
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Cameron Macintosh the producer of Lionel Bart’s Oliver, was a hard task master making sure that everything was perfect, which I didn’t mind but by the end of the first day of rehearsals I was exhausted. Thursday I had rehearsal for the play I was opening in the West end with next Monday. This was just to refresh our minds and get used to working on a different stage. Everything went smoothly and our producer decided that we wouldn’t need to come in tomorrow, Friday. Which unknown to everybody I was taking off anyway so that Derek and I could go home to see our parents and friends.
Derek had swapped with one of his people so he could have Friday and Saturday off, so we didn’t have to come back to London till Sunday afternoon for my radio show.
Friday morning we were up early had a quick breakfast before grabbing a cab to the station for the train journey home.
My mother had rang yesterday to say that she had invited Derek’s parents up for the weekend, and they would sleep in my old room with Peter bunking on a makeshift bed in the lounge . When I asked were Derek and I were sleeping she chuckled saying that she had arranged with Michael & Robert for us to sleep there.
“Will that be all right ?” she asked with just a hint of mischief in her voice.
When I told Derek about the sleeping arrangements he laughed saying,
“Your mother managing our love life now?”
It was mid morning when we arrived home and it was good to see my mum, who I missed, and I worried about her too.
I must admit she looked wonderful. Derek was also happy as he was able to catch up with his parents as well.
The minute the cab which brought us from the station pulled up Peter came rushing down the path to hug us both. He was so excited to meet us. He told us school was going well with everyone bragging that you were educated their.
“They have photos and posters all over the place of you and at assembly yesterday we were told you would be in Oliver.”
“Yes things are going well Peter, but why aren’t you at school today?”
“Your mum said I could have the day off to be here when my new fathers arrive.”
That did it I had tears in my eyes as I hugged him.
“That’s not official yet, but hopefully soon. Mind you is that what you want? It’s up to you Peter.”
He teared up before hugging me again whispering in my ear,
“I want you and Derek to be my parents more than anything else in the world.”
With his arm around me not wanting to let go he walked me up the path to mum’s cottage.
It was kisses and cuddles all round, Derek had tears in his eyes when he spoke to his parents.
Michael & Robert arrived not long after with more kisses and cuddles.
After lunch the four of us with Peter in tow, (He clung to me like glue).
Went into the garden and onto the hills behind the cottage. We walked along before sitting on our favourite rock.
We talked about all the things that was happening in our lives and Derek and I were amazed at how well their business was doing.
Derek and I told them our news and they said that they listen to radio Luxemburg every Sunday night and the Coca-cola top 20 show. They thought it was great that I would soon be doing show.
Michael winked at me and said,
“As your mother told you that your staying at our place with us.”
“Yes I suppose we’ll be in separate bedrooms?” I replied with a laugh.
“What do you think.” Robert said.
Peter spoke up,
“I suppose you four will be doing sexy stuff all night, gee I wish I could join in.”
I put my arm around him.
“Peter my son, when you are old enough you will I am sure find a good looking nice boyfriend and together you will discover each others bodies and hopefully fall in love.”
Derek added,
“For you to get involved with us romantically would be wrong and against the law. We would love to have you join in with us but I’m sorry, it cannot be.”
I took over again.
“So for the time being you will have to be satisfied with widow hand and her five lovely daughter’s.”
He looked puzzled for a minute till he realized what I meant then he blushed as we all laughed.
“Don’t worry.” Michael said, “We all started that way.”
“You mean all guys do it or did it.”
Laughing I said, “Yes and sometimes when we are apart for a time still do, your not the only one in the world who pulls his dick.”
I leant over to hug him telling him that we all loved him as a son.
It was almost dinner time so we headed back to find that mum had set up a big table in the school hall like she did for Christmas.
Derek’s parents helped her set up and put the food on the table and what a spread it was Roast beef and Pork with all the trimmings Roast potatoes, vegetables.
It felt good to be home surrounded by our friends and relatives, our adopted son Peter had never seen anything like it and I don’t think he’d ever had a meal like that either. He looked so happy. I whispered to Derek,
“I hope we can convince the courts to allow us to look after him.”
Derek nodded in agreement. By the time we had dessert of creamed rice with tinned fruit were had eaten so much we could hardly move.
“Mum if there’s one thing I miss it’s your cooking, thank you.”
I got up from the table giving her a big kiss and a hug. Derek followed suit with the rest of the boys following on.
“Right you guys, lets get organised and do the washing up for mum.”
Gathering up the plates and things we trooped into the kitchen and with every one ‘muckin’ in all the chores were done.
Michael said, “I don’t know about you lot but I think it’s time we went to bed.”
He looked at me, winked, while Derek had that famous cheeky grin. We said our goodnights gave Peter a hug and a kiss, he looked at me with a pleading look on his face and I could read his mind.
“Sorry son, it’s widow and her daughters for you.”
He laughed and blushed at the same time, before kissing me on the lips again before saying “goodnight dads,” I don’t know about Derek but that brought tears to my eyes.
Hand in hand with our partners we walked down the road to Michael and Robert’s place.
Once inside we went straight up to the bedroom. As soon as we got through the door Michael grabbed me in a passionate kiss parting my lips with his tongue and we took turns at entering each others mouths.
I looked across to see Derek and Robert already naked and on the bed making out.
“Were a bit behind on the action.” I whispered to Michael before I started to undress him. We soon caught up joining the other pair on the bed. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up in a daisy chain sucking on each others cocks. I had Robert in my mouth with Michael latched on to mine Derek had Michael in his mouth while Robert was devouring my lovers hard penis.
We deep throated each other because by now we were all expert cock suckers and it didn’t take too long before the juices started flowing into willing mouths.
After we all swallowed what we could it was time for kisses all round and the chance to catch our breaths.
I laid back in the bed with my lover resting his head on my chest, while Robert was next to him and Michael at my other side.
“Is everybody happy?” I asked.
“Very.” was the answer from the others. It was a good job they had a king size bed making it very comfortable for us all.
We laid back savouring each others company and gradually dropping off to sleep.
It was just getting light when I was awaken by someone caressing my cock and balls and someone else using his tongue on my hole, then my lover leant over to kiss me gently at first and then with a bit more passion. Meanwhile I was getting very hard and hot.
I raised my legs into the air giving the message to whoever it was that my hole was ready for them.
I glanced down to see Robert pointing his hard cock at me before slowly pushing in. Michael began sucking on my cock while Derek moved around to work on Michael and I was in a position to suck Derek.
The feeling was heavenly and I wished we didn’t have to end it by shooting our load. I’d heard of guys who could keep going for hours without shooting but all four of us were always so hot and horny that no matter how hard we tried we tended to come too soon.
I was the first to cum filling Michael’s mouth then I think it was Robert shooting a load up inside me before Derek shot into my mouth.
Derek said, “That was breakfast my darling.”
I laughed asking for seconds. I got them too because Michael being the only one that hadn’t cum sat over me with his cock in my mouth.
I just laid there with my mouth open while he fucked my face.
When we had all finished with kisses all round we headed for the bathroom but only two at a time could fit in the shower As guests we got to go first soaping each other up and making out before washing each other taking extra time in the groin area. While all this was going on the others sat on the bathroom floor watching us and making comments, which at times were not very complimentary.
Soon it was their turn , time for us to get our own back.
We went down stairs for breakfast and I asked if I could use the phone to talk to our solicitor.
I rang John Davies asking if he was free to talk about Peter and our plans to become his guardians.
“ I’ll bring you up to date Cliff, we contacted Peters parents who said they didn’t care what happened to the fucking poofter, Their words. So it looks as if there will be no opposition to our petition to the court. “
“That’s good news, how do you think we’ll go?”
“The main thing we have to do is convince the judge you can support him and make sure he gets a good education, and also, this is the main point that you don’t interfere with him sexually.”
“My god what do you think I am, he dearly wanted to be with us last night when we had a session with Michael and Robert and I had a job convincing him to wait till he found the right man and he was holder.”
“Cliff., what age were you and Derek when you got together?”
He said that with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“Ok we were his age fourteen, but this is a case of do as I say not do as I do.”
John laughed arranging to see us later in the day.
Before he rang off I asked him about my fathers court case.
“it looks like it will be heard in about four weeks time.”
“Will we have to be there?”
“I’m afraid so because he is pleading guilty, not only you but Mr Garth, a couple of other teachers and a few of your school chums will also be called. The trial is expected to take about four months.”
I groaned at that news, wondering how we were going to work things.
I rang off and passed all the news on to the others.
After breakfast we headed for mums place and once again as soon as the gate opened, Peter came rushing out to meet us giving Derek and I a big hug.
With a cheeky grin on his face he said.
“Did you enjoy yourselves?’
“Did you enjoy the widow?” I replied with a laugh.
He blushed while Derek and I laughed.
I then told him what our solicitor had said, playing down a bit what is parents reaction had been.
“As far as we are concerned you are already our son and we will fight tooth and nail to make that officially happen.”
At that he burst into tears hanging on to both of us. I bent down kissing him gently on the cheeks before wiping away his tears.
“The sad part is that because of our jobs you won’t be with us all the time but there will be lots of people around to look after you and bring you up the right way while Derek and I will see you as much as we can.”
After lunch we all went out the back of the cottage for an impromptu game of cricket with even mum and Derek’s parents joining in.
We all laughed and had fun all afternoon never have I seen all of us gathered together having such a good time.
After tea we headed home and to bed with all of us tired so there was no hanky panky just a bit of making out with our respective partners.
Next morning we were up early heading for church after a quick breakfast. The minute we walked through the doors there was a lot of pointing and whispering.
The choir master came up asking if I would care to join them in the choir. Robert and Michael had already gone to get ready. I looked at Derek and he nodded so I joined them. Once again I was asked to sing a solo, which I did.
After the service everyone wanted to talk to me and once more Derek patiently stood next to me but this time I had a proud looking Peter stood on the other side.
Finally after a few photos and autographs we got away for a quick snack at mum’s before heading back to London for Arthur’s show.
After kisses all round and a few tears from mum and Peter, plus I noticed Derek’s parents also getting a bit teary, we caught a cab to the station and then the trip home.
“What a great weekend,” Derek said.
“Yes, I miss them all don’t you?”
“I’d like to see mum and dad more often.” Derek replied
“Anyway back to the grindstone.”
The rehearsal went well.
Afterwards Arthur took me to one side, “I hear that your going to radio Luxemburg.”
“Yes with your show finishing soon, it’s a good offer hard to refuse.”
“You realise you’ll never be able to work at the BBC again.”
“Yes I gathered that, but I’ve got plenty of offers at the moment so I don’t think that will bother me.”
Arthur nodded and agreed with me.
“What will you do for the final four weeks before your show finishes?” I asked
“I think were going out with a bang and have some real big stars as guests for the four weeks. Anyway next week will be your last won’t it?”
“Yes it will and I’ll miss working with you, It had been a great experience working with you, I’ll miss you a lot.”
I reached down to give him a hug and he said he would miss me as well.
After the show and the usual meet and greet session we headed home very tired and ready for bed. We laid next to each other.
Derek spoke first, “Peter really loves us doesn’t he?”
“Yes and I don’t know about you but I love him as if he was my very own son.”
“During the school holidays do you think it would work out alright if he came to stay with us?”
I thought about that for a while before answering.
“I think so but we will have to careful that we don’t lead him astray or bring him up the wrong way, he might get a bit bored and what would we do with him at night when we are at work?”
“I’d imagine he would want to come with us, with you anyway.”
“Yes that was one thing John Jones mentioned. We can’t both have custody of him because same sex couples aren’t recognized, so I will have to do this on my own, are you happy with this?”
“Of course I am darling whatever you do is fine by me.”
I kissed him passionately, breaking away to tell him once again that I love him.
“I love you as well my darling.” He whispered .
Sleep soon overtook us. Next morning we slept in but it didn’t matter I should have gone to rehearsal for Oliver, but I did say I might not make it today and Derek had another day off so he could be with all of our family who were coming up for my first night.
We’d booked rooms at a small Private hotel just a couple of doors away, with Michael and Robert staying with us in the spare room. I also suggested to Derek that Peter would be upset if he didn’t stay with us.
“This means no sex orgy’s with the other two, but if we are to have a son we should pay attention to him and make him feel that we want him and not just palm him off on other members of the family.”
Derek agreed with everything I said.
We went to a local café for lunch before heading to the theatre for my final run through before the Monday night performance.
Alex pointed out to me that most of the audience will be theatre critics and it’s their reviews we rely on to survive.
“I think we’ll get about three months work out of this play but not much more.” he pointed out to me.
“If you didn’t have Oliver to go to I could have got you a nice part in my next movie, could you see your self as a starving prisoner of war?”
“No I’m too well fed.” I answered with a laugh. In actual fact I would have given anything to be in a major movie with this man. (I wish now that I’d taken him up on his offer, after all the Bridge Over the River Kwai was an Academy Award winner.)
The opening night in the west end of London went well with a heap of curtain calls, (I lost count)
We had a little on stage function after and I introduced our extended family to Alex and Sybil.
We needed three cabs for us to get home dropping some of them at the hotel, agreeing to meet at our local café next morning for breakfast before heading for our own apartment.
I had already warned Michael and Robert that we couldn’t have any hanky panky with Peter being there so after kisses all round they headed for our spare room while Peter was bedded down on the lounge.
We went into our own room and I suggested to Derek that we’d better wear pyjamas tonight.
“Why” he asked.
“I’ve got a funny feeling we might get some company during the night.”
He nodded catching on to what I was thinking.”
We laid together gently kissing and caressing each other so that we didn’t get carried away.
“How was my performance tonight.” I asked my lover.
“Brilliant as always, you should have heard all the comments from people around us, all complimentary except for the play which lets face it stinks.”
I agreed with him there.
“Did you know that Peter made a point of telling everyone sat around him that ‘that’s my dad up there’ he was so excited and happy for you.”
“Don’t say anymore darling or I’ll cry.”
We finally slept and I’m not sure what time it was but I half woke when someone joined us in bed putting his arm around me, and sure enough when we woke next morning there was Peter cuddled up next to me sleeping peacefully with his head on my chest.
Looking down at his sweet young face with just the hint of a smile I couldn’t help think how on earth anyone and especially his own flesh and blood could treat him so badly.
I didn’t want to get out of bed because I would have woke him up but finally my bladder took control.
I moved him gently to one side but he was immediately wide awake.
“Were you going?” he asked anxiously.
“I gotta take a pee.” I said laughing.
He got out of bed to let me out and I raced to the bathroom, I then hopped into the shower and was soaping myself up when I realized I was not alone.
There was Peter watching my every move.
“Peter.” I said “Sometimes your dad would like a bit of privacy and this is one of those times.”
“Sorry dad, I just feel that I want to be near you all the time.”
I thought what the heck, I love him so dearly I don’t think I would ever be able to discipline him over things like this.
Once I got out he hopped in and I stood there staring at him. He blushed and said.
“Sometimes your son would like a bit of privacy and this is one of those times.”
We both burst out laughing, got dressed going through to the kitchen to find Derek had coffee made for us all. Michael and Robert appeared looking sleepy and worn out. I think they did more than sleep last night.
Already a bit late we headed for our café to find the older members of the family already eating breakfast getting tired of waiting for us.
The café owner greeted us like old friends and produced several newspaper so I could read the revues. They all gave the actors rave notices while panning the play. They were especially kind to me the new kid on the block.
Derek and I paid for everyone’s breakfast, and I had a quite word with mum about Peter. I told her that he made is way into our bed during the night and she told met that he often climbs in with her at home.
“He is still very insecure within himself and doesn’t know what is going to happen”
“I think he’ll gradually get over that mum but it will take a long time.”
It was soon time for us to go with them to the station and see them off as they headed for home.
I slipped my mum a couple of hundred pounds to cover expenses with instructions to buy Peter anything he might need.
After we waved them off with tears in our eyes Derek said to me.
“I hope you don’t mind but I gave Peter a couple of hundred pounds so he can buy whatever he wants and needs.”
We both laughed when we realised what we had both done.
“never mind he will need all of that and some.” I said as hand in hand we headed out of the station, wondering when we would be able to catch up with them again.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter a bit longer than usual. A lot is happening at the moment in both of their lives.
I would appreciate any comments or thoughts on my writings. I will always try to answer every one.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy