chapter 10

Part 10
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

With the first night out of the way we more or less settled into a routine.
Rehearsals for Oliver were not going too well. The producer Cameron Macintosh was a hard task master and I was having trouble getting into the character of Fagin. I was even beginning to wish I had never taken the job on.
I explained this to Derek who said.
“Maybe your trying too hard, try and relax taking the part in your stride.”
I said that I would try and do that if I could. I was getting more and more tired and it was showing in our sex life.
Several evenings lately I have had to apologize to my lover being too tired to satisfy him. He kept saying he understood and it didn’t matter but I began to worry that he might go looking elsewhere for relief.
Finally I said to Cameron, “I badly need a break, I need to recharge my batteries otherwise I’m going to be no use to anyone.”
He told me, “yes, I think that’s a good idea because I believe you are trying too hard and it’s not working. Have a week off and rest up, you’ll still have your other play, but that’s not as taxing.”
I thanked him feeling better already.
My radio Luxemburg show wasn’t now starting for a couple of weeks, so I arranged with Derek to have next Monday off so we could go home and spend a couple of days with family and friends.
That night we went to bed early lying in each others arms.
“Derek, darling I’m sorry I have neglected you but everything was getting on top of me and the break from Oliver will give us more time together. I was frightened that I was going to lose you because I couldn’t manage to make love to you.”
“Cliff, there is no way I would ever leave you I love you dearly, I was the one worried that you had lost interest in me.”
We began making out our tongues seeking each others mouths while our hands roamed over our bodies. As always we were sleeping naked and Derek began moving down my body kissing me and nipping me as he made his way down. His tongue he swirled around my navel knowing full well that got me going. He took my balls into his wet mouth sucking gently on them before going down on my cock. I felt his fingers beginning to probe my hole first one then two and finally three. I laid back enjoying every minute of his ministrations. Using his precum as lubrication he slowly entered me reaching my sensitive spots and sending my wild. It had been a while since he had taken the incentive, being the dominant one. He was making me wild with the feeling of love which was entering my body.
It’s almost impossible to describe the love we felt for each other especially when we were in a situation like this.
We were moaning and groaning in unison as he moved his cock deep inside me. My own cock was rearing up and I knew I was also going to blow without any help from anyone. My lover tensed up and I clamped my ass as tight as I could around his member as he blew several wads of his juice inside me, while I shot everywhere all over my chest and face.
“That was beautiful darling” I said, “I love you , Love you . I love you.”
Was all I could say.
“Ditto, ditto, ditto.” Derek replied with a grin.
After cleaning ourselves up we laid together kissing, luxuriating in our love.
Next morning with me not having to dash off to rehearsal we slept in and it was lovely to be wakened by the feel of my lovers mouth on my erect penis.
This time I moved my hands around him to squeeze his buttocks before giving him the same finger treatment as he did last night.
He finally moved off my cock to lay on his back with his legs in the air, inviting me in.
Once again it was heavenly to make love to my darling and all too soon I blew my juice into him. He hadn’t cum so I began deep throating him speedily bringing him to his peak.
“Do you realise that this the best session we have had for almost a month, and I’m sorry but it was all my fault.”
Derek kissed me gently before saying, “don’t worry darling, I love you more than ever. I know the career you chose can be demanding and stressful at times and I understand and accept that.”
We laid together dozing until we really did have to get up. Showering together washing each other was also something we hadn’t done for a while. It was a bit like falling in love all over again.
We dressed going down to our local café for brunch. The café owner joined us for a cup of coffee saying.
“You both look a lot happier today, I was beginning to worry about you two.”
We laughed, thanking him for his concern. I explained that I had been working too hard and it was starting to show.
We both went off to work that night feeling happier and more relaxed than we had been for a while. My producer had arranged for my understudy to do Saturday nights performance so that I could have the weekend off.
Earlier we had rung our parents with the news and while I was talking to mum I could hear Peter screaming for joy as she relayed the news to him. It was then I realised they were on school holidays.
I mentioned that night when we got home that we could bring Peter home with us for a few days.
“That’s a great idea, but he might get a bit bored.” Derek said.
“Well we could show him a few sights because he hasn’t seen much of London.”
Friday night after work we met at the station so we could catch the last train home. We caught a taxi to Derek’s parents home. They greeted us like long lost relatives and we talked until about two in the morning before making our way up to Derek’s old room.
We made love that night (or should I say morning) which was tender and wonderful.
“it’s a long time since we did that in this bed.” Derek said.
“Yes, and a lot as happened since then .”
After a late breakfast we all piled into the family car for our trip up the hill to see mum and Peter.
Once again Peter rushed out to greet us throwing his arms around me kissing me and then Derek.
“I’ve missed having my two fathers here “he said Bringing tears to my eyes.
“I hope you’ve been good for mum and helped her with the chores.” I said.
Mum spoke up. “yes he’s a lovely young man very polite and helpful, not a bit like his Father was at his age.”
I laughed and protested at those remarks knowing full well they were true.
Michael & Robert popped in and we were shocked to see the bruises and cuts that Michael’s brothers had inflicted on them. I can’t believe that his family are still trying to harm him. They couldn’t stay, telling us about the multi million dollar contract they were chasing. Although it was the weekend they still have a couple of meetings to go to, so we agreed to meet after church tomorrow.
After lunch we decided to take Peter for a walk on the hills behind the house. We walked for a while with Peter exploring all sorts of things Derek and I walked hand in hand. Peter called us over because he had found a big frog under a rock. He picked it up to show us but soon dropped it when it pissed all over his hand. We almost pissed ourselves laughing at his antics. He found a little stream to wash his hands in before joining us again to walk further on. We sat down on a rock while Peter told us all about school. Then he went quite and I could see he had something on his mind.
“What’s the matter Peter?” I asked.
“If it is something bad then you need to bring it out in the open maybe we can help, we won’t be mad at you.
He paused for a while before speaking,
“Well there’s this guy in my class,” He paused. “Well we started talking during the lunch break, I was telling him what great guys my fathers were explaining that you were gay and I love you both dearly.” After those words I leant over to give him a hug.
“he asked me if I was gay as well.” he paused again.
“And what did you tell him?” Derek asked.
“I told him I wasn’t sure but thought I was. And he said that he thought he was as well.”
“Ok so what happened next.” I asked getting a little bit worried at were this conversation was going.
“Nothing much except we decided to be friends and see what happens.”
“and what did happen?”
“Nothing much we held hands for a while but that’s all honestly, but he is a real nice guy and I like him a lot and he says he likes me.”
“Please Peter be very careful, in fact the both of you should be very careful, don’t tell anyone about your friendship with this boy, we’d also like to meet him one day.”
“his names Steve, and why should we be careful you announced your love for each other and you weren’t much older than I am.”
“Your right and look at all the trouble and strife we went through, almost getting ourselves killed, we don’t want that happening to you.”
“All right we’ll be careful, anyway I invited him up to meet you he’s coming after church.”
“oh he is his he.” I said. Laughingly I continued.
“Aren’t you a bit young to start bringing boyfriends home to meet your parents?”
We all laughed at that.
“Well you did dad.”
I reached over to hug him and kiss him on the cheek.
“Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”
All three of us joined hands for the walk back home with Peter in the middle chattering away telling us all about school and how well he was doing. When he paused to take a breath I asked him if he would like to spend a week of the holidays with us.
He cheered and whooped for joy telling us that would be the best thing ever.
He paused and I could see him thinking so I beat him to it.
“And no you can’t bring your boyfriend “
“How did you know I was going to say that.” he replied a hurt and bewildered look on his face.
“Parents have a way of Knowing these things.” I told him with a laugh.
When we got back home mum told me that John Davies our solicitor had rang. Michael and Robert had a meeting with him and mentioned you were home so he took the opportunity to call asking if you could get back to him.
I rang his office and after exchanging the usual pleasantries he told me that next Wednesday morning would I be available to go before a judge to request guardianship over Peter.
“You don’t really have to be there but it will help if by showing up that you care.”
“of course we will. Does Peter have to be there as well.”
“No just you.”
“ok consider it fixed.”
When I put down the phone I told Peter and he burst into tears.
“Does this mean that the two of you will really be my parents.” He said between the sobs.
“Yes.” I told him wiping away his tears.
“Does this mean that my parents have no power over me anymore?”
“It will if the judge agrees.”
He joined us in a group hug.
“This is the happiest day of my life.” he said.
After tea the whole family including Derek’s parents, my two sisters and mum joined in with an hilarious game of charades.
We had teams until mum said it wasn’t fair because my team had a professional actor in it.
Later that night in bed I said to Derek,
“That was one of the happiest days of my life, and I don’t know about you but I love Peter as if he was my own flesh and blood.”
Derek nuzzled into my neck whispering,
“Me too, we can’t have kids but that is the next best thing.”
Next morning up early and off to church, this time I declined the offer of singing in the choir telling the choirmaster that I wanted to sit with my family, and I did Peter sat between Derek and I holding one or the others hands all the way through the service.
Standing outside chatting after the service, the vicar came up and asked if he could have a quite word.
We nodded and we moved away to the side of the church, Peter followed and the vicar indicated that he would like to talk to us in private.
“We won’t be long son the vicar just wants a quite word.”
Reluctantly he moved back to stand with my mother.
“This is a bit difficult for me but several parishioners have expressed concern that you two are planning on becoming guardians for Peter.”
Derek and I looked at each and a feeling of anger and disgust swept over me.
“Yes we intend to not so much to adopt him but certainly look after him making sure he has a chance in life a better chance than he would have had with his parents.”
Derek could see I was losing my temper and he butted in.
“I doubt if any of those querying our actions would realise or know that Derek saved this young man from suicide. When he approached Cliff in Manchester he had no idea which way to turn his parents had thrown him out with no clothing no food and no money. He came to us for help and that’s what we intend to do.”
I don’t think that helped because by the time he’d finished speaking he too was shaking with rage.
“While I feel sorry for the poor boy there are organisations who can look after him and help him.”
“In other words reverend you don’t want him being brought up by a couple of poofters.”
I was shouting by this time and attracting the attention of those around us. While the vicar was nervously looking around him.
“I am disappointed by your attitude sir. It is certainly not a Christian one and I for one will never enter your church again.”
At that I looked at Derek and we turned on our heels walking away beckoning to Peter and the rest of our family to follow us.
I was fuming as we walked indoors.
“How dare they insinuate that we are unfit to bring up a child just because we live together as a married couple, we are a married couple for fucks sake.”
“Language Cliff, how dare you swear in my house.”
That brought me down to earth a bit.
“Sorry mum but I am so disgusted with the narrow mindedness of some people. Derek and I will ensure that he gets the best education he can possibly get, he will want for nothing.”
I motioned for Peter to follow me and Derek into my bedroom were we all sat down on the bed.
“I’m sorry you had to witness that Peter, those people wanted to send you to an orphanage or something similar rather than have Derek and I look after you just because we are gay.”
With tears in his eyes Peter said.
“They will never make me do that as far as I’m concerned you are now my parents it doesn’t matter if the law or stupid people like that say it’s wrong you are my parents now for as long as you want to be.”
After that he burst into tears. Derek and I both consoled him telling that we would never desert him and always be there for him whenever he needed us.
My Mother came into our bedroom looking most unhappy.
“You realise that outburst will possibly lose me my job and this house.”
“After what that hypocrite said to us I’m surprised that you want to stay here mother. How dare he question our right to bring up Peter especially since he had no idea of the real facts, he just listened to a group of old biddy do-gooders and acted on their say so.”
My mother looked shocked because I have never spoken up about anything at all before in my life always being the cool calm one.
There was a knock at the door so mum went to answer it.
She came back in. “The vicar is here and he would like to talk to you outside, I think he might want to apologize.”
I motioned for Derek and Peter to join me as we walked outside shutting the front door behind us. I could see that he was surprised and upset at seeing Peter with us.
“Yes Vicar?” I asked.
“I would like to sincerely apologize to you both for what I said earlier.”
He paused as if gathering his thoughts.
“I acted on what others had told me with out having the full facts. You had every right to be angry at my words and I hope and pray that you will consider forgiving me for my actions.”
“Vicar what you insinuated today to many would be unforgivable but Derek and I have never held a grudge against anyone. Young Michael is an example of that. We accept your apology and I believe Peter will as well.”
Peter nodded his head but didn’t say anything.
The vicar continued, “I fully intend to speak about this from the pulpit next Sunday , I might lose a few parishioners but I will feel more at peace with my maker.”
I extended my hand and he shook it then Derek’s and finally Peter.
“After hearing these two young men standing up for you and what they believe is right I’m sure you will have a successful life with your adopted parents.”
“Thank you reverend we are glad that we haven’t left here with a lot of bad feeling.”
We stood together holding hands as the vicar went back across the road to the rectory.
I turned to Peter and said.
“if you every hear anyone passing remarks about how we are bringing you up and wether we have the right to do so, promise that you will let us know straight away.”
“I will dad, thank you for standing up for me I love you both.”
He reached up to kiss us both. We went inside to tell our parents that everything was now all right.
Before we sat down to a late lunch there was another knock on the door, Peter ran to answer it and came back in with a nice good looking young man the same age as Peter followed by a couple who looked very much like his parents.
“Dad,” Peter said.
“This is my friend from school that I was telling you about this is Steve.”
Nervously Steve held out his hand for us to shake it.
“Hello Steve welcome, I’m Cliff and this is Derek.”
He then introduced his parents who shook hands while I introduced them to the rest of the family. Steve’s father spoke first.
“It’s an honour to meet you Cliff, we went up to London last week to see your play and may I say you were brilliant and your performances with Arthur Askey had us in hysterics every Sunday night plus what a brilliant voice you have.”
Blushing I thanked them, before mum invited them to sit down and have dinner with us. They protested but mum wouldn’t take no for an answer. Mum always cooked more than was needed so no one went short.
We all sat down to a delicious roast dinner, and after clearing the dishes away us boys did the washing up.
Steve’s parents said they would have to go and I could see that Steve would have loved to stay a bit longer but it was getting late. Derek, Peter and I walked outside and Steve’s father took us on one side.
“I don’t quite know how to explain this but we suspect that our son might be gay. Is Peter than same way inclined.?”
“Yes we think so, is that a problem for you?”
“Not really we both realize it is the way they are and nothing can be done about it, but I worry for Steve’s safety.”
“I admire you both for adopting that kind of attitude, we have already spoken to Peter about being careful because we don’t want him going through what we did. He talked to us this afternoon about his friendship with Steve and we gave him similar advice.”
“Thank you, I can see that the both of you are very happy together and who knows maybe my boy and yours will end up the same way.”
We agreed shook hands saying that we would love to talk to them again.
After they had left we sat around watching television, Derek and I sitting together in a large armchair with Peter at our feet resting his head on our legs. Next thing I knew he was sound asleep and because he was sleeping on the lounge we all quietly left to go to bed. Derek and I tucked him in kissing him on the forehead before heading for our own bed.
“I think we’d better wear pyjamas tonight because I have a funny feeling we might get a visitor.”
Derek smiled, “I think you might be right. As we become more and more involved with young Peter I love him more and more, he will grow up to be a fine young man.”
I agreed, kissed my lover goodnight and in no time at all I was asleep.
Not sure what time it was when a young body crawled into bed between Derek and I.
I woke fairly early looking across at my new son and lover peacefully sleeping, smiling I gently got out of bed to visit the bathroom.
When I got back Peter was awake tickling poor Derek’s ear , I think my lover though it was a fly or something and kept flicking his ear without fully wakening. Peter started giggling and couldn’t stop and that woke Derek up who grabbed Peter and began tickling him in earnest. He began laughing begging him to stop finally he hopped out of bed pushing me aside yelling I’ve gotta pee.
I laid on the bed taking my lover in my arms kissing him long and deep.
“good morning lover.” I said.
“Good morning, you realize with Peter with us for the school holidays sex will be out of the question.”
I laughed agreeing with him.
“Do also realize he will run us ragged as well.” I answered.
Derek groaned at the thought as he got out of bed making his way to the bathroom just as Peter came back.
Come on you folks we’ve got to get ready and a train to catch.
We had breakfast with mum, who said it would be very quite with Peter away.
“Don’t worry mum we’ll have him back in a couple of weeks when school starts back.”
Derek’s parents had also stayed for the weekend so they took us to the station. Being an only boy whenever Derek goes away there is always a few tears not only from his parents but my darling as well.
Peter had turned into a very excitable young man jumping up and down in the train looking at the scenery, but we didn’t mind after all this was all new to him. His parents never took him anywhere. He was still a bit dubious with strangers and I’m sure he hasn’t told us everything that happened in his life. He will when he’s ready, but right know I hope he will not get bored with Derek and I.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I went on a bit about Peter because of the increasing suicide rate among young gays, pus the violence and abuse he copped from his parents also appears to be on the increase.
Once again I would appreciate your comments.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy