Chapter 11

Part 11
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Before heading back to the apartment we called into our café for lunch, introducing Peter to the owner. After we had finished our meal we headed home Peter was fascinated by our small but adequate apartment.
“Were do I sleep?” he asked.
We showed him the little area with a single bed in it.
“It’s very small.” he remarked.
“yes, and it’s all your’s so you won’t need to join us in our bed, understand?” I said with a smile on my face.
It was getting late so I told him we had to get ready for work and who did he want to go to work with tonight.
He put his arms around me giving me a big hug saying,
“Can I go with you tonight dad?”
“Yes if you like but Derek might get upset if you leave him out after all he’s your daddy too.”
Looking wistful he went over to Derek for a hug saying,
“I love you just as much daddy Derek.”
We all burst out laughing at that last remark. We went outside and grabbed a cab dropping Derek off first both of us kissing him goodbye and then going just around the corner to my theatre.
We walked into the theatre through the stage door and almost bumped into Alex and Sybil. I introduced them to Peter as my adopted son. Very politely he shook hands with them, answering all there questions in a quite polished voice.
We then headed to my dressing room and he was fascinated that I had my own room with my name on the door. He sat down watching my every move as I changed into my stage dress and applied my make up.
Dressed just in my underwear Peter remarked.
“Will mine get as big as yours dad?”
I couldn’t help but laugh as I scolded him telling him that he shouldn’t be watching.
“Sorry, but will it.”
“I expect so it could even be bigger.”
“Wow that would be cool.”
He then surprised me even more.
“Will it hurt Steve when we finally do it.”
Trying so hard not to laugh I said.
“That’s enough of that talk and I hope you won’t do that until you are both much older and absolutely certain that is what you both want to do.”
Just a bit too casually for my liking he said,
We went upstairs to the wings were I sat him down telling him to be very quite and don’t move around.”
Curtain up and it was soon time for my cue. I was a bit worried because with Peter there I hadn’t had time to sit quietly and immerse myself in my role. Still the play went well and soon we were taking our bows and curtain calls. Then it was all over for another night.
I spoke to the producer telling him that I had to go to court on Wednesday and could my understudy do the matinee. He moaned and groaned a bit because Alex and Sybil both had the matinee off as well so it would be all understudies. Not that it mattered the matinee shows were not exactly sell outs.
I found Peter still sitting were I left him asleep. I shook him gently telling him that it was time to go home. I went to my dressing room got changed and took off the makeup before heading outside to grab a cab home.
We got home just a few minutes before Derek. I made a cup of hot chocolate for all three of us before we headed for bed. Peter was exhausted and falling asleep on the chair so I gently lifted him up in my arms taking him to his bed. Derek followed me in and we both kissed him goodnight. With his eyes closed he murmured.
“Goodnight daddies, I love you both.”
Tears came into my eyes as we both stood our arms around each other watching our beautiful young boy go off to sleep.
When we got into bed I cuddled Derek saying,
“He’s a lovely boy isn’t he?”
“Yes, I’m glad we rescued him in time, he’s going to grow up to be a credit to the world.”
Soon we were asleep, the next thing I knew the alarm was ringing. After a trip to the bathroom we both dressed going into the kitchen to get breakfast ready. Rehearsals for Oliver restarted for me today, which I wasn’t looking forward to. We looked in on Peter to find him sound asleep still and in his own bed.
We sat down to breakfast before we heard the patter of feet heading for the bathroom. He came into the kitchen kissing us both before saying ,
“Good morning, my fathers.”
I laughed and said,
“You make us sound like a couple of priests.”
After breakfast I had to leave for Oliver rehearsal while Derek took Peter shopping in Oxford street. We arranged to meet for lunch.
I went into the rehearsal with an open mind taking everything as it came and found that I was suddenly going ahead in leaps and bounds. By lunchtime I felt that I had achieved more in one day than the last couple of weeks.
Cameron was delighted telling me that I was much improved. My next rehearsal was in a music studio when the musical director would concentrate on the songs, this wasn’t till Thursday.
I met my two compadres Derek and Peter in a small café which served the best roast beef dinners you could ever get outside of the family home.
Peter was all excited because Derek had spent far too much money on him buying him some great clothes which he insisted on showing me in the restaurant. He had some fancy shirts and a couple of pair of slacks in the latest colours he even bought him a tie.
“How many more extra jobs do we have to get to pay for all this?” I asked laughing.
Derek said, “Don’t worry we can afford it have you any idea how much we have in our bank account?”
‘I wouldn’t have a clue.” I said.
“Well you should have a look one day you’ll be presently surprised, in fact I was thinking, with Peter spending time with us now and then maybe we could look at a slightly larger apartment, we can afford it.”
I thought for a minute then I said,
“Why not at least he’ll have his own room, a bit bigger than the cupboard he sleeps in now.”
So it was decided that we would look around for something.
Peter decided that he would stay with Derek and go to work with him tonight. We took Peter to the pictures which he loved and we were both surprised when he told us that he had never been to a cinema. He got that sad look on his face telling us that his parents never allowed him to go to anything like that.
“Peter,” I said. “I don’t want to upset you but when your ready we would like to hear more about your parents.”
A scared look came on his face and he whispered.
“Why do you want to know, your not going to send me back to them are you?”
“oh Peter, don’t even think about that we would never ever do that to you, please forgive me for asking about things you don’t want to talk about I’m sorry“
He nodded but I could see tears in his eyes. After the movies we parted Peter kissing me on the lips for the first time when he said goodbye which surprised both of us.
That night I got back home just after my two men and once again Peter was dog tired so we put him straight to bed. Yet again he kissed us both on the lips telling us that he dearly loved us both.
Next morning we had to be up fairly early because I was due in court seeking guardianship over Peter. All three of us went. ‘The Three Musketeers’ Peter called us.
We wouldn’t have time to see the rest of the family so I was surprised and pleased to see my mum and Derek’s mum as well waiting for us.
“We thought we’d come and give you some moral support .” mum said.
Our solicitor john Davies came in loaded down with paperwork and we introduced him to everyone.
“It’s good to see a show of support that always helps in these cases.”
We sat around for a while before our names were called and we trooped into the courtroom.
The judge arrived and John bowed then our case was presented to him.
“Is Mr Steele in court today?” the judge asked.
John told him that I was and had travelled up from London especially.
“Mr Steel would you come forward please.” I moved to the front of the court.
“Mr Steele, I am sure by the work you have in the west end of London and the radio jobs you have that you will be able to adequately support this young man, what is worrying me is the fact that you are an homosexual living in an homosexual relationship.”
“That is correct sir,”
A voice shouted from the back of the court.
“What’s that got to do with it both my dads are good people.”
The judge looked up and said. “I suppose you are the young man in question, please come forward and if your male partner is with you Mr Steele I would like him to join you as well.”
Both of them came forward and stood with me in the middle both of them holding my hand. John Davies said.
“Excuse me your worship but this is most unusual these sort of cases are normally handled with non of the parties present.”
“Yes Mr Davies but seeing that they are I will deal with this matter in my own way.” he paused looking at his notes.
“I believe if what I have read in the papers that your male companion also works in the theatre?”
“Ye sir, my lover works in the west end.” I emphasized the word lover.
Looking a bit startled the judge continued.
“Young man may I call you Peter?”
“Yes sir.”
“Peter looking at the facts which Mr Davies has presented to me you suffered very badly at the hands of your parents and they have no interest in taking you back, is that correct?”
“yes sir.”
“I won’t read all of this in the court because I’m sure you would find it distressing, and I am so sorry that you have been treated this way, and in fact you went looking for Mr Steele when he was in Manchester with the Arthur Askey show.”
“Yes sir.”
“Well you have done a lot more than I have because I would love to have been able to be in the audience of an Arthur Askey show when Mr Steele was there.”
Everyone in the court laughed at this last remark.
“The law only allows one male person to be a guardian not two especially if they are in a relationship, but I am sure you , has you so rightly told me have two fathers, who will bring you up the right way and provide a life far better than the one you endured with your parents. Therefore I grant custody to Mr Steele to be your guardian until you reach the age of twenty one.”
There was a cheer from the back of the court and Peter burst into tears hugging both us. Soon the tears were flowing from Derek and myself.
The judge coughed to show that he was still there.
“Mr Steel, I wish you well with your chosen career, which I am sure will be successful. I only have one request to make and that is my wife and I would like front row seats for your first night in Oliver.”
I assured him I would make sure through my solicitor that he got them.
With congratulations all round we left the court room and adjourned to a nearby restaurant for a quick bite of lunch before heading back to London.
As we walked out I noticed Steve and his parents standing at the back of the court. Peter ran over and hugged his friend.
“I’m surprised to see you hear.” I said.
“Steve wanted to come along and make sure that Peter got you as his father.” Steve’s dad said with a laugh.
We invited them for lunch which really pleased the two boys who sat next to each other chattering away.
When it was time to go Peter came up to us looking very sheepish. I had an idea what was coming but pretended not to know.
“Dad, can Steve come back with us for a couple of days. It will be good to have someone my own age and I won’t wear you two out as much will I?”
We both laughed because he had obviously hatched this with Steve over lunch.
“I don’t think so we don’t really have the room do we?”
“He can sleep on the lounge.” was the reply.
They both looked up at us with a pleading look which I was finding it hard to resist. I looked at Derek but he was no help just shrugging his shoulders.
“And what about Steve’s parents they might not want him to go.”
His father spoke up again.
“Steve already asked us early this morning I don’t think you are aware just like we weren’t but they hatched this plan over the telephone yesterday.”
“Oh they did, did they?”
I said trying to look stern but failing miserably.
I turned to his parents and said.
“Do you have any objections?”
“No just as long as it’s all right with you, but we insist on giving you some money towards his keep.”
“No that will be all right money’s not the problem. The only worry I have is that they may decide to take their relationship a step further and I’m not too sure about that.” Peter spoke up this time.
“What about when you and my other dad were at my age what were you doing?”
Derek and I couldn’t help it he had us over a barrel and we all laughed.
I turned to Steve’s parents and said.
“I suppose he has a bag packed as well?”
“Yes he has, he told me it was just in case.”
“Well I think they’ve worked it out between themselves what are we do but go along with it.”
Peter jumped into my arms yelling,
“Do you mean he can come with us.”
“Yes” I said sounding exasperated,
“But no hanky panky.” I added.
So that was it we said goodbye to our mum’s and Steve said goodbye to his parents as we boarded the train back to London.
We dropped Steve’s stuff of at the apartment before heading for work.
Peter and Steve elected to come with me tonight so as usual we dropped Derek off before heading for my theatre.
In my dressing room I had an audience of two watching me get ready and I heard Peter whisper to Steve.
“There I told you he had a big one.”
I could help it but laugh, when I should have been scolding him.
Tonight I arranged for them to have a seat in the audience because Steve had never seen the play. They were about halfway back so that I couldn’t see them and get put off.
Afterwards they joined me in the dressing room while I changed and Steve said to me.
“I loved the play Mr Steele, you are a very good actor and at the end Peter told everyone around us that you were his dad.”
He paused for a minute before continuing.
“While we are here with you is it all right if I call you dad as well?”
“of course you can but don’t forget Derek you can call him dad as well if you like.”
He agreed to that and we headed out leaving the theatre the same time as Alex.
Peter introduced Steve to him, saying,
“This is my boyfriend Steve.”
That surprised Alex and me for that matter. Alex asked me how things went in court today and I told him I was now Peter’s guardian.
“That’s good, Peter I’m sure you will never want for anything and be brought up right.”
I thanked him for those kind words as we headed home.
Derek was already there, with hot chocolate ready for us. We made up a bed on the lounge for Steve, tucked them both into their own beds before heading for the bedroom.
“Do you think they will behave themselves?” I asked Derek.
With a smile he replied,
“Not if they are following in our shoes.”
It’s funny that Derek and I broke all the rules when we first got together, yet I’m worried that my new son might just go the same way, in fact I’m sure he will. I don’t really know how to handle this situation and Derek is not much help either.
“Just roll with the flow darling.” was all Derek had to say and I suppose he’s right.
We got ready for bed deciding not to wear anything tonight. Derek snuggled up to me and we started making out our tongues seeking each other in passionate kisses.
“I love you darling.” Derek whispered.
“Ditto.” I replied with a bit of a smirk.
My lover started to move down my body until his mouth could reach my hard cock.
He began slowly sucking it and running his tongue up and down. His cock was by now only a few inches from my willing mouth so we gradually and gently began ‘sixty nineing’ This was the first time for a couple of days so we were both hot and ready to blow. Taking my cue from my darling Derek I followed all his actions, as he sped up so did I. We got faster and faster until neither of us could hold on to our love juice any longer, blasting a big load from both of us into our mouths.
When we had finished Derek moved up to kiss me swapping what sperm we had left in our mouths.
“That was beautiful darling.” I said
“Ditto” was the reply as we both laughed, stifling our mirth in case the boys heard us.
We drifted off to sleep happy and contented in each others arms.
I woke early next morning and dashed to the bathroom before looking in at our two charges.
I suppose I expected to see what I did. The both of them were asleep on the lounge with their arms wrapped around each other.
I went back into the bedroom to find Derek awake and told him to go and have a look in the lounge room.
He came back with a big grin from ear to ear.
“What are we going to do?” I asked.
“I don’t think we should do anything after all we were acting just like they are at their age.”
“I’m still worried about them.” I said. We got dressed and went out towards the kitchen I was in front and as I walked around the corner I could see that our two young friends were also awake and making out kissing each other softly and tenderly. I ducked back around the corner describing to my lover what was happening. We went back into the bedroom and started to make a noise pretending to get ready, plus before I went into the room I discreetly coughed.
There was a scrambling and lots of whispering which made us both laugh. We entered the room to find Steve still under the covers while Peter was just about to go into the kitchen.
He turned round grinning like a Cheshire cat saying.
“Good morning dad’s.”
We replied and both burst out laughing because while he was trying so hard to act the innocent he forgot that his cock hadn’t quite gone down.
Steve also noticed and also burst out laughing.
“What?” said Peter.
“Never mind son, Steve might tell you later.”
Steve was discreetly pointing and Peter got the message looking down and blushing a deep red.
Derek and I got breakfast ready and we all sat around eating.
“OK.” I said to get their attention.
“While we can’t really get mad at the two of you for what you are getting up to, because as you keep reminding us we acted the same when we were your age. I worry about you two and I don’t want you to get hurt like we did, please be very careful and I beg you not to go all the way until you are absolutely certain that it is what you both want, understand?”
Looking very solemn they nodded and said yes.
“You both have to be certain that there is love in what you are doing, not just sex, if you remember that when the time comes to go all the way it will be a loving caring and enjoyable occasion.”
Peter came and hugged me while Steve hugged Derek then they swapped over.
I had a feeling that while I had explained myself clearly they were going to do what they wanted anyway. The phone rang, with Peter dashing to answer it saying,
“Hello this is Mr Steele’s son Peter speaking.”
It was my agent Bob, who wanted to know who Peter was so I had to explain everything which had taken place.
“That’s great Cliff, look you don’t have to go to Luxemburg this weekend, they are going to record it in London and ship it over. Would you have time Saturday morning to do it?”
I replied that would be fine. He gave me the address of the studio and was gone. I explained it all to Derek and the boys who were very happy because that meant we all had Sunday off.
I had to go to music rehearsal so Derek took the boys on an open top bus sightseeing tour. I didn’t want them with me while I was learning the songs because thy were difficult enough anyway.
I met them outside the houses of parliament and they told me they had a fantastic time. We walked around for a while until we found a nice restaurant. Peter wanted to know how my music lesson had gone asking if I could sing to them right there in the restaurant.
After a late lunch we headed home to get ready for the evening show. The boys elected to stay with Derek this time, I think mainly because he told them they could open and close the curtains.
Later I sat in my dressing room reflecting on all the things that were happening in our lives and especially the young man who entered it quietly and sadly but had now turned into a cyclone who we both dearly loved.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter which focused on the young man who came into our lives. Derek and I love him dearly and always will.
Once again I appreciate your comments.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy