Chapter 12

Part 12
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Next morning when we woke up Peter and Steve were once again together on the lounge asleep in each others arms.
Derek smiled at me and said,
“Remind you of a couple of other young guys?
“yes, I suppose it does,” I answered with a smile.
“I guess we’ll just have to trust them not to do anything silly, because I haven’t the heart to stop them.”
Derek said.
“I think they really do love each other, don’t you.”
Yes, and they look so good together ”
We started to quietly get breakfast ready and our two charges began to wake up. They both looked our way and we pretended not to be looking as they kissed each other deeply and affectionately on the lips. I must admit seeing the two of them looking so in love brought a lump into my throat.
I leant over to give Derek a kiss which turned out to be a bit more passionate than I think we both intended, we remained lip locked until we heard a loud whisper,
“look at the oldies at it again.”
Well that did it we both burst out laughing I turned trying to look stern and angry saying,
“What do you mean oldies? Were not much older than you two.”
Laughing they both headed for the bath room with me yelling in vain.
“Only one at a time in the bathroom please.”
When they came out and got dressed they sat down to breakfast.
“What do you two boys want to do today?” I asked.
“I have a Oliver rehearsal this morning and theatre tonight.”
“Can we come to your rehearsal today dad?” Peter asked.
“Yes just as long as you keep very quite and behave.”
Derek said that he would come with me as well and then when the boys got bored he’d take them shopping again.
“Can we buy something to take home for your mum Cliff, and also Steve’s mum and dad?”
“of course you can, do you have anything in mind?” I asked.
They both thought for a minute and then said.
“I don’t know, I thought a nice piece of jewellery or something like that.”
Peter said.
“I suppose you’ll want some money as well?” I asked.
“Yes please.” he paused. I could hear his mind working overtime.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Do I get an allowance or pocket money?”
“I suppose we can work something out, remember son you only have to ask and if I can manage it I will give it.”
He walked around the kitchen table to give me a hug and a kiss, then with quite a serious look on his face he said.
“I do so love you and Derek, don’t ever send me back will you?”
“Peter, that is something we will never ever do, after all you have been through you deserve a much better life and if we can give you that life we will.”
“Thank you dad, thank you Derek.”
After breakfast we headed out to catch a cab to the theatre. The two boys sat with Derek in the auditorium while I struggled with the part of Fagin.
It was difficult for me to get into character . I wasn’t really cut out for this part, but it was only for six months. For a start some of the boys in Fagin’s gang were almost as tall as I was. Cameron the shows producer had already had me fitted for a pair of specially made platform shoes. (How women can walk on those stiletto heels has got me beat.)
Plus I always had to make sure I stood forward to the boys so I looked taller.
I was also having a lot of trouble with the voice but slowly I was getting the hang of it.
The rehearsal dragged on till lunch time when Cameron called a break for the day and I took the boys to a Wimpy bar for lunch (Wimpy bars are the British fore-runner to McDonalds),
After burgers and chips (fry’s) we went shopping in Oxford street before heading to Harrods which totally amazed the young guys. After an hour touring the store (not buying anything at those prices) we found an ice cream shop and all four of us walked along with ice cream cones in our hands.
I noticed that the boys had no inhibitions at holding hands as they walked down the street. I mentioned to Derek that we will have to talk to them about displaying their affections in public because we didn’t want them to end up in hospital like I did.
It was soon time for work and once again the boys decided to go with Derek because it was less boring than being with me. After all they could be around my lover all the time while I am on stage more than off.
I kissed all three of them goodbye before heading inside.
Before we went on stage the producer called us together and told us all that next week would be the last and no more matinees .
Alex remarked,
“Well we knew it wouldn’t last, it was such a rotten script, but Cliff, Sybil, it’s been a privilege to work with you both especially you Cliff making your debut and showing what a great actor you are.”
Both of them came up to give me a hug. I must admit playing to a half full theatre was a bit off putting but that is something I have to get used to.
Later that night we all arrived home at about the same time, with our two young charges looking very tired. We all sat at the table drinking cocoa.
I decided to talk to the boys about behaving when in public.
“Boys today we noticed you walking hand in hand, which to us is wonderful but, we would be happier if you didn’t show any affection while out in public.”
“Why’s that ?” Peter asked.
“There are a lot of people out there who are anti-gay, that’s why I finished up in hospital half dead and I don’t want anything like that happening to you.”
“Ok dad, we’ll be more careful, won’t we Steve?”
Steve nodded, reaching over to hold Peter’s hand. He looked at Peter questioning and my boy nodded.
“Dads.” He said.
When we answered yes he continued.
“Can Steve and I sleep together tonight?”
He had a pleading look on his face which was making it very hard to say no.
“What would happen if we said no?” I asked.
“ I suppose we’d wait till you were asleep .” He replied with a cheeky grin.
“We’ll leave it up to you guys to be responsible and careful and no heavy sex.”
Steve grinned from ear to ear and Peter did the hug’s round again.
We all headed for bed with kisses and hugs.
As I laid in bed with my lover, I began to softly cry.
With a worried look on his face Derek said.
“What’s the matter darling are you all right have I done something wrong?”
“No, it’s not you I was just thinking about Peter, I love him just as much as if he was my own and I can’t get it out of my head that his own flesh and blood could treat him like they did. How could anyone beat and injure such a sweet boy.”
Derek leaned over to gently take me in his arms, lightly kissing my lips, running his hands through my hair.
“You are the most caring person on the world.” he whispered .
“I love you Cliff Steele, more than you will ever know.”
I responded with a more fervent kiss my tongue seeking his as our mouths opened.
“You are so good for me.” I replied.
For a while we were silent savouring each other as slowly our body heat intensified and we both got harder and harder. I moved down to take his solid member into my mouth with my lover seeking mine. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft making him squirm with ecstasy.
He began humming as he moved slowly up and down on my very hard cock. He hadn’t done that for a long time and he knew the vibration of the hum made me wild and wanton.
I moved off his cock ordering him,
“Fuck me, fuck me hard my darling.”
Still sucking me his fingers found my hole to begin loosening me up and making me ready for him.
I was so horny and ready I almost screamed out,
“Fuck me NOW,”
He put his hand over my mouth saying,
“Hush, those two horny toads out there will hear you.”
I laughed but agreed. He got on top and positioned his cock at my entrance before slowly pushing in till he was fully inside me.
“Oh Derek, do it, do it now.”
Slowly at first he began pushing in and out of my willing hole gradually speeding up till he was slamming his cock into me, his breath getting shorter and shorter perspiration forming on his brow.
Deeper and deeper his cock seemed to be going in and the feeling of love was jumping from one to the other,
“I’m cumming “ he panted as his body went rigid enabling him to pump wave after wave of his hot juice right in me.
When there was no more to pump he quickly moved off to take my cock into his mouth sucking it up and down like crazy until I shot my load deep down his throat.
Totally spent we collapsed clinging on to each other as we came back to earth.
Kissing each other tenderly whispering sweet words of love we drifted off to sleep.
My thoughts as sleep overtook me was surely no one could love any one like I loved my Derek.
After a dreamless night we both woke more or less at the same time, kissing before heading for the bathroom. We dressed heading for the lounge room to find out two charges still asleep. Steve was lying on his side with Peter spooned up to his back, his arms around him.
Both of them were naked and Peters cock was very close to Steve’s bum.
“Do you think they did what I think they did?” I asked Derek.
“It looks like it lover, what are we going to do about it?”
I thought for a while, what could we do they love each other it was almost a natural progression to this.
I put my arms around Derek whispering in his ear.
“I don’t know what to do or how to handle this, we did it so we can’t really chastise them , can we?”
Derek nodded a no, then shrugged his shoulders. Our two young lovers began to wake up. Peter jumping up covering himself when he noticed we were there.
“Good morning dads” he said nervously.
“Put some pants on and come here.” I said. Looking very scared he put his shorts on coming to stand in front of us. I reached out to take him in my arms and he cowered on the floor in a ball yelling,
“Please don’t hurt me mum I didn’t mean it please mum don’t hit me again.” He began to cry still curled up on the floor. Steve had woke by now watching the scene unfolding looking just as scared as his young lover.
“Peter, don’t worry baby, it me Cliff and this is Derek,” I reached down taking him into my arms to kiss and cuddle him until he gradually calmed down and stopped crying replacing it with a whimper.
“Peter, my son don’t cry your safe with us we’ll look after you and never let you go.” He calmed down a little.
“But you saw what we did last night aren’t you going to be mad at me?”
“Well, I’m a little sad that you let this happen so soon. I did hope that you would have waited till you were a bit older, but Derek and I love you too much to arm you.” I smoothed his hair and wiped his tears away from his cheeks as he gradually calmed down.
“Tell me, is that how your parents treated you all the time?”
“Yes, they caught me jerking off one night in bed, got a razor blade and almost cut off my dick. They cut it and it was sore for a long time until the cuts healed. Every time I peed it would get into the cuts and hurt like hell but they said they would make it worse if I cried out.”
By now both Derek and I were crying with. I looked across to see tears streaming down Steve’s face.
“Come on Steve, we need a group hug here quite badly.”
Gradually the tears dried up and I began tickling Peter to make him laugh. Steve joined in and then Derek, soon we were all rolling around on the floor laughing.
We slowly calmed down and I sent the boys to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed while we prepared breakfast.
“If ever I catch up with his parents, I’ll fucking kill them.” I snarled.
“You’ll have to get past me first.” my lover said.
On the spur of the moment I phoned Cameron McIntosh to tell him that I wasn’t feeling too good and wouldn’t be in this morning.
“Why not?” Derek asked.
“I think we’ll spend the day close to home with the boys.” I told him.
“ I don’t have to go in at all today.” he told me.
When the boys came back and sat at the table I said,
“Did you two boys finish up going all the way last night?”
Neither spoke for a while they just looked at each other.
“Yes,” said Peter.
“And I know you said not to but we heard you two and we found that once we started kissing we couldn’t stop.”
“oh so your blaming us are you?” I said pretending to be upset.
“Well,” he paused and got that cheeky look on his face again.
“It sounded so hot that we got hot as well.”
“And what about you Steve do you have any regrets after what happened last night?”
I asked that just in case Peter forced him to do what they did.
“No regrets, it was wonderful, we love each other so much.”
Satisfied with the answer, I asked the boys what would they like to do and the both of them asked if we could go to Regent’s Park zoo. We agreed so straight after breakfast we headed for the zoo. The two boys loved it running all over the place looking at all the exotic animals. Derek and I wandered around hand in hand . We ate lunch in the zoo’s cafeteria before heading for the lions and tigers to watch them being fed. Peter and Steve chatted non stop all the time so happy, which made the both of us happy as well.
As the afternoon went on and we had seen just about all there was to see we headed out. All four of us were decently dressed so I whispered to Derek.
“Shall we give the boys a surprise treat and take them to The Dorchester for high tea.”
“That would make not only them but me happy as well.” he answered with a laugh.
We hailed a cab and as we settled down in the back the boys asked where were we going.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” I answered winking at Derek.
The boys eyes grew wide in wonderment when we pulled up outside the Dorchester were a liveried flunky opened the cab door, welcoming us to the hotel.
We walked in through the revolving doors which fascinated the boys who had never seen anything like it.
We went through to the dining room and the head waiter showed us to a table overlooking the river Thames.
“Dad this is wonderful but can we afford it,” Peter said after looking at the menu.
Laughing I said,
“I don’t know we might have to work the bill off doing the washing up.”
Peter looked at me wondering if I was telling the truth or not. I laughed.
“Don’t worry about the money Peter, as I said many times before I’ll look after you.”
“I love you dad and I love you daddy Derek just as much.”
We ordered a variety of Sandwiches the boys had a soft drink each while Derek and I had coffee. The waiter (who was very cute looking with a tight bubble butt arse) brought a trolley loaded with all sorts of cake. It took us all quite a while to decide what we wanted. A string quartet were set up in a corner playing semi classical music which the boys loved. Just then the manager walked into the room looking round and our waiter pointed to our table. I thought , what the hell is going on here.
The Manager walked over to our table introduced himself, then he surprised the hell out of me by asking for my autograph and could I please send them a signed picture for their foyer which had on display all the famous people who had stayed or had eaten in the Dorchester.
Peter just sat there is a big grin on his face looking very proud of his new dad.
(A friend of mine visited the Dorchester a several years ago sending me a text to say I was still there between Shirley Bassey and Frank Sinatra.)
It was getting close for me to go to work so I asked for the bill only to be told that our meal was on the house.
We went outside and the door man got a cab for us with the boys dropping me off at the theatre before they headed home.
Before I got out of the cab I asked the boys if they had enjoyed the day and all three said.
“yes, it was great.”
After kisses all round I got out waving them goodbye.
Being a Friday night the house was pretty full which makes the job so much easier.
Tomorrow morning I was recording Sunday evenings Coca-cola top 20 show, Which would be broadcast to the whole of Britain and Europe on Radio Luxemburg.
A quick breakfast and we all went to the recording studio were it took me no time at all to put down my bit. (They add the songs later)
The boys thought it was great that they could all the coke they wanted.
We then went shopping for some gifts for the boys to take back to my mum and Steve’s mum and dad.
The boys chose a lovely gold necklace with a Emerald pendant (Cost me a fortune) for my mum, while for Steve’s parents they got earrings for his mother and some very expensive but nice after shave for his dad.
Once again that evening they went with Derek because he allowed them to open and close the curtains and do other little jobs backstage which they loved .
We were all very tired and went straight to bed when we got home, again our two young charges slept together.
Up early the next day to catch the train back home. The boys had one more week of the holidays left but would be back for a couple of days soon along with the grown ups for my debut as Fagin in Oliver.
Steve’s parents met us at the station. With hugs all round. His father asked me quietly .
“How did the boys get on?”
“They were very well behaved the only thing that worried me was the fact that they took their relationship a lot further than they should.”
His father was quite for a while then he pointed out to me that he didn’t worry just as long as they were safe.
I told him that they were holding hands in public and I told them not to do that, fearing for their safety.
We all got into their car and headed for mum’s.
She was so happy to see us all again,
“I missed you all.” she said Peter all smiles gave her the present they had got her and she shed a few tears before hugging and kissing both of the boys.
Steve’s parents stayed for tea with the two boys chatting away like mad. I said to Derek,
“What’s the betting that before very long someone will ask if someone else can stay the night.”
Derek laughed saying that was too safe a bet to put money on . Sure enough while we all sat around drinking tea and coffee, Peter came up to sit on my knee.
“Dad?” he said sheepishly.
“yes Peter.”
“Would it be all right if Steve stayed the night?”
I paused pretending to be thinking about it before saying.
“I think that might be ok, he can sleep on the sofa.”
“Oh dad, what’s wrong with sleeping in my room?”
“Do you promise to behave?”
“Don’t we always dad.”
“You don’t really want me to answer that truthfully do you?”
I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer, giving him a hug and a kiss I told him it would be all right for Steve to sleep in his room.
“Thank you dad, I love you.” Speaking quietly so no one else could hear I asked,
“Do you really love Steve or is it just lust, I mean are you sleeping with him just for the sex or love”
He thought for a minute before saying.
“I think I love him dad, it’s not the same love that I have for you , Derek and mum, but he’s a lovely nice boy and I think he loves me.”
I kissed him on the cheek telling him to go give Steve the good news.
That night Derek and I slept in the lounge room because Peter now had my old room my two sisters were in the other room, mum in her room so we slept on the floor in the lounge .
Early next morning we headed back to London the final week of my debut play and with just two weeks to go before I start in Oliver as Fagin., it was a very busy time.
Those two weeks flew by and soon it was time for my musical debut on the west end stage.

I hope you enjoyed this Chapter. I had trouble with Peter and Steve going ‘all the way’ in their relationship. Do you think I handled it right? Would you have handled it different?
Please let me know your thoughts. Please e mail me and let me know what you think I will try and answer you all.

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  • James says:

    Hey Trevor

    I liked the chapter very much and I think you handled the boys going all the way very well. Kids their age will go that far and as long as they are in a safe environment like the one in the story I think it was the best way to go. Cliff and Derrick we always thinking about how to keep them safe so it worked out good on the end. Yes the pun was intended. Thanks

    • Stories says:

      Hi James, Thanks for your comment. Keep reading bearing in mind that the early part of the story is based on fact,
      Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy