Chapter 13

Part 13
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

My opening night in Oliver finally arrived and I was getting stressed about playing the part of Fagin. It was a difficult role and I felt that I still hadn’t got it right.
I mentioned to Derek that this was the first time I had felt tense and unhappy about going on stage.
He leant over kissed me gently on the lips saying,
“Don’t worry darling just take it as it comes, I love you and have every confidence that you will do all right.”
I kissed him back feeling much better than I did. Derek was always a calming influence on me and would always be so. The whole family was once again making the trip to London for my debut in a musical on a west end stage. Plus I was looking forward to seeing my adopted son Peter once again. He might be a bit cheeky some times and outspoken but both Derek and I loved him dearly.
I had booked rooms in a local hotel for the family, with Michael and Robert along with Peter and Steve staying with us.
I forgot to tell you that a week earlier Bob our manger /agent found us a reasonably priced larger apartment with two bedrooms and a foldout bed in the lounge with a separate kitchen/dining area. Bathroom with a walk in shower plus and this is a bonus a secure car parking area underneath. Not that we needed that at the moment, not having a car. We went on a spending spree and also bought some furniture of our own although the apartment was partly furnished.
Anyway back to Oliver the night before I went to bed early leaving my lover watching a movie on TV . I was finding it difficult to sleep and when Derek came to bed I was tossing and turning and very restless.
Derek got undressed, jumped into bed wrapping his arms around me gently kissing me on the lips with his tongue exploring my mouth, after a while he moved under the blankets kissing me all the way down my body paying particular attention to my nipples which he sucked and teased causing them to stand upright, while by now my cock was doing the same. Bypassing my groin area he moved down to my feet licking and sucking each toe in turn. This is a very sensitive part of my body and I began jerking my feet all over the place and giggling at the same time.
Laughing he moved up to my groin area kissing the inside of my thighs before taking my ball sack into his mouth and gently sucking my balls.
It was heavenly and driving me crazy. Finally he arrived at my rampant penis rolling his tongue around the tip transferring all my pre cum into his mouth, before slowly lowering his mouth all the way down my shaft till he reached my pubic hairs. He slowly pulled out again to the tip of my cock before slowly moving his mouth downwards again. By this time I was going crazy begging him for relief , he had me so hot, I was dizzy with ecstasy unable to control my self, yet he was not quite bringing me to the top so I could blow my juice into his mouth. Derek knew this and continued to slowly torment me with his mouth. I couldn’t stand it any longer, putting my hands around his head I made him go faster and faster until at last my cock exploded with juice flowing in copious quantities into his willing mouth. When I was completely drained he moved off my body coming out from under the blankets to kiss me, transferring some of the my left over juice into my mouth. It tasted heavenly. We broke off and I whispered.
“I love you Derek, I love you so much, making love to you is the best thing on this earth and I don’t want us to ever stop.”
Derek never said a word just went back to kissing me and I could feel his hard penis against my body so I whispered to him again.
“Would you like to fuck me my darling?”
Once again my lover never spoke just nodded. I kicked off the blankets laying flat on my back with my legs in the air I made my hole available for him. He used his tongue to lubricate me before positioning his hard cock at my entrance. Slowly he pushed in waiting every now and then till I got used to having his pole inside me before pushing in even further until he was totally inside me. He paused, leant forward to kiss me before starting to pump his cock in and out of me. It had been a while since he had been inside me, although I had fucked him several times over the past week or so, it was great to feel him moving in and out gradually increasing the tempo until he was screwing me hard and long. He was so hot that he blew right into me all too soon leaving a hot load of sperm.
When he was totally finished he lay by my side and spoke for the first time since coming into the room.
“I love you Cliff, please never leave me I don’t think I could cope without you.”
I was a bit surprised at these words wondering if he doubted me and thinking maybe I would find another which was so far from the truth.
“I will never ever leave you, I love you and want you by my side for ever.”
We kissed before going into the bathroom to clean up. We had a lady who came in twice a week to clean and do the washing etc. and we didn’t want her to discover sheets starched by cum.
Back in bed we kissed and hugged before dropping off to sleep and this time I was able to sleep soundly feeling more relaxed and ready to face my debut in a musical.
We arose early the next morning and Derek cooked bacon and eggs. I had to be at the theatre early for a final run through, while Derek headed off to the railway station to meet the family.
He took them to the hotel making arrangements for them to be picked up later today and taken to the theatre.
Peter and Steve remained with Derek and they joined me for lunch.
All three of them came in through the stage door just as I came off stage.
Peter bounded up throwing his arms around me kissing and hugging me.
“I missed you dad.” he said.
“It’s only been about a week. “ I told him.
“It seemed a lot longer than that .” he replied.
:Have you been behaving yourself?” I asked. He looked at me as if to say how dare you ask me that.
“Of course I have dad, don’t I always?”
I laughed and hugged him.
“Of course you do, I think.”
He playfully punched me before letting me go.
We left the theatre heading for a Lyons corner house for a bite of lunch.
I didn’t eat much being a bit uptight and tense. Derek leant over and whispered.
“If we weren’t in such a public place I could relieve that tension for you”
Peter overheard him and said to Steve,
“ the oldies are at it again.”
We all laughed while Peter had a cheeky grin. I thought he has a grin just like Derek’s when he’s thinking of something devious or sexy.
While having lunch we spoke about school and Peter said that he was the top of the class in all his subjects. I queried this and Steve explained that Peter was the brainiest kid in the whole school.
I raised the subject of what he would like to do career wise when he left school and without any hesitation he said he wanted to be a doctor.
Derek looked at me in amazement and I’m sure I had a similar expression on my face.
“What sort of doctor?” I asked.
“one that deals with people who are troubled with mental problems.”
“You’ve obviously thought this out.”
“Yes I decided as soon as I realised my parents didn’t want me.” I noticed a tear forming in his eye. He continued.
“For anyone to treat another like they did to me must have something wrong with their brain and I intend to help people like that.”
Tears started to form in my eyes after that last statement and it was clear that he had thought this through .
He was sitting next to me and I put my arm around him giving him a hug.
“You really are something else son and I love you dearly.”
We sat in silence for a while each coping with their own thoughts.
After lunch I suggested that we got to Hyde Park and just laze around. I didn’t want to do anything strenuous just relax for a while with people I love dearly.
The Serpentine, which is the lake in the middle of Hyde Park is beautifully kept with flower beds and loads of swans and ducks who kids love to come along and feed.
I bought a couple of bags of bread from an old lady selling them at the gate and Derek and I sat down while Peter and Steve went to feed the birds.
I slowly began to relax and enjoy the sunshine and peaceful scene.
The two boys were happy together feeding the ducks and pigeons while Derek reached over to hold my hand something we haven’t done in public for a while.
All too soon the sun started to go down and it was time for me to go and get ready. For Fagin I had my own make up artist and it took over an hour for her to get me made up with whiskers and of course I had skin as smooth as a baby’s bum so she had to make sure I looked a lot older with wrinkles and all.
Anyway Derek and the boys dropped me off at the stage door while they headed home to get ready for the show. Derek had arranged for a couple of cabs to pick up all our guests and once again I had booked seats about half way back from the stage so I couldn’t see them and be put off.
In my dressing room there were several bouquets of flowers from well wishers including one from Mum and Peter and a dozen red roses with a note saying ‘break a leg darling, I love you’ and it was signed Derek.
I started to tear up after reading the note and my make up lady told me to stop it or my mascara would run.
We both laughed and the tension was gone. I put on my platform shoes along with my costume and my big and very hot overcoat. The props guy made sure I had handkerchiefs in the right pockets and my fob watch on the chain. This was a different world to the play I had just finished were I more or less wore my normal clothes.
Soon it was curtain up which meant that I had about 40 minutes before I was on.
Let me tell you a bit about the other main players in Oliver. If I remember rightly Harry Secombe was Mr bumble (he also played that part in the movie) and Shani Wallace was Nancy, I forget who Bill Sykes was and there were three Oliver’s due to the child work regulations. Them and the other kids in the show had their own teacher so that they didn’t miss out on their schooling.
The artful Dodger (Who’s name I won’t mention for fear of being sued) was in actual fact only about six months younger than me but of course he played the part of a 15 year old.
Dodger was a very talented young man who finished up with his own TV show making quite a name for himself. He was gay which didn’t bother anyone except that he had a liking for younger boys, sometimes much younger, but more of that later.
Soon it was my turn on stage and I was feeling decidedly shaky until I was on stage and in character and away we went.
Once I’d settled down into character I felt at ease and immersed myself in Fagin.
During the finale when It was my turn to come out and take a bow I got a standing ovation. Mind you all the other principals did as well.
Soon it was all over and I began to wonder what all the worrying was for.
Cameron McIntosh the producer came back stage full of compliments, followed by my agent Bob and then Derek and the two boys.
All three kissed and hugged me (getting make up on themselves at the same time).
“You were great dad.” Peter said.
“I’m so proud of you.” he added sounding more like a father figure than a young son.
Back in the dressing room it took me quite a while to get my make up off and to tell you the truth I was exhausted.
Peter and Steve went exploring backstage. Suddenly we heard an almighty scream.
“That’s Peter.” I yelled to Derek as I raced down the corridor. The screaming continued coming from a dressing room at the end of the corridor I raced in to find the artful dodger his pants around his ankles trying to force his cock into Peter’s bum. Peter’s pants had been ripped off him and he was struggling to get away while Steve was out cold on the floor having been hit by Dodger to keep him quite.
I got old of Dodger and swung him round my fist landing on his nose and my knee in his balls.
“You fucking perverted little swine how dare you treat my son like that.”
He fell to the ground and I picked him up by the scruff of the neck and hit him as hard as I could knocking him out cold.
I grabbed hold of Peter taking him in my arms, trying to calm him down.
Meanwhile Derek had picked up Dodger and proceeded in knocking him down again, while he was down Derek kicked him in the balls. He screamed in pain as security arrived along with Cameron.
I took Peter back to my dressing with Derek half carrying Steve who was just starting to come round.
I closed the door while we began cleaning up the two boys hugging them and calming them down.
I had an old pair of track suit pants a bit tight on me but a bit big on Peter which I dressed him in his own pants being ripped.
There was a knock on the door and Cameron McIntosh came in with two policemen.
“These two police officers would like to question your son.”
“Not now there not.” I said.
‘He is far too upset to talk about what happened right now and that goes for his friend Steve.”
The older police officer smiled saying that was ok they would be round tomorrow to take their statement. I gave them my address and told them to leave it till about 10 am so they could both rest up and settle down.
“What’s going to happen to that fucking pervert?” I asked.
Cameron explained that for the time being his understudy would be in the show.
“I know this is hard thing to ask Cliff, but I would appreciate if this was kept out of the papers for the sake of the show.”
Grudgingly I agreed and we left to take our charges home.
Steve’s parents along with my mum and sisters were waiting for us at the apartment wondering what was going on.
I explained what happened and that I thought the boys would be ok.
Derek and I had champagne and some savouries on hand to celebrate my performance and we invited everyone to get stuck in even though none of us felt like it.
Peter was still sobbing and shaking and he clung to me not wanting to let go.
Soon after everyone headed for bed. Mum, Derek’s parents agreed with me, that it might be better if Michael & Robert also went to the hotel and they agreed it might be best.
Poor Steve was just sitting there with a stunned look on his face. He complained of a violent headache so I gave him a couple of pain killers. I told Derek that it might be best if we all slept in the one room tonight. We had a king size bed so there was plenty of room.
Once we were all settled in bed Peter asked if a light could be kept on which we agreed. He laid in my arms sobbing occasionally.
I was shocked at what he told me next.
“I love you both and thank you for rescuing me not only from that horrid man but from my parents as well.”
“We both love you dearly Peter and will do anything to make sure you are kept safe.”
“What he was doing to me tonight brought it all back.” He said.
Puzzled I asked ,
“Brought what back.?”
He waited gathering his thoughts before he spoke again.
“My father used to come into my bedroom and do that to me, in front of my mother who used to egg him on.” He began crying again.
“He used to delight in making me bleed, when he had finished my mother used to beat me with a stick telling me I was a bad boy.”
He sobbed between each word and my anger was reaching breaking point.
He continued,
“One time they caught me pulling my dick under the bed covers, they had crept in without me hearing them threw back the covers catching me in the act. They told me I was wicked and evil, my mother got a razor blade and while dad held me down she made cuts all the way down my dick, if you look close you can still see the scars. They told me every time I did it, it would hurt and it did, plus when I peed the cuts used to sting like crazy.”
Steve was lying on the other side of him and he began crying as well holding on to Peter telling him that he loved him.
I found I couldn’t talk I was so angry and shocked at what my poor boy was telling me. Derek put his arms around me spooning into my back his tears wetting me as he also cried his eyes out.
“Peter I promise you as long as I am alive I will make sure that nothing like that ever happens to you again. Derek and I will protect you I promise you sincerely, you are now mine and Derek’s responsibility, we love you and will take care of you.”
Steve spoke up for the first time,
“Don’t forget I love you as well and if anybody tries to harm you ever again I will kill them and that’s a promise.”
I continued to hold on to both of them as they gradually stopped sobbing and sleep overtook them. Derek leaned over kissing me, telling me how much he loved not only me but Peter and Steve.
Finally we all drifted off to sleep.
We had only been asleep about an hour when Peter began yelling,
“No, No leave me alone, please dad not again it hurts.”
I took him in my arms comforting him saying soothing words. It was then I noticed that he was still asleep. He calmed down again clinging on to me for the rest of the night.
I woke about seven heading for the bathroom and a couple of minutes later Derek followed me. We had a quick shower together interspersed by the odd kiss neither in the mood for anything else.
I made coffee and toast after making sure the boys were all right.
They certainly looked a lot more peaceful lying with their arms around each other.
“They look a bit better this morning.” Derek said.
I was still seething with anger at what happened last night and then the revelations of what his parents did.
Mum phoned about eight thirty checking up on the boys and I told her what had been revealed last night and that was the first and only time I heard my mother swear.
Steve’s parents came on the line suggesting that after the police have taken their statements they thought it best if they took Steve home.
I suggested that this might upset both boys and at the moment they are relying on each other for strength.
Reluctantly they agreed that they should have a few more days off school to help get over what happened.
We said goodbye to our parents telling them that we would try and get home on Sunday.
Just as we hung up the phone Steve came out of the bedroom heading for the bathroom with Peter following not long after. They got dressed with Peter coming up to me and sitting on my knee, while Steve sat on Derek’s knee, both of them were still shaking from the evenings drama.
Derek made them some toast and strong coffee and we all sat around in silence.
Promptly at ten the two policemen from last night arrived and all four of us made statements of what happened.
I asked the senior one what would happen to the artful dodger.
“He flew out to America late last night, and were not sure where he is at the moment he went into hiding in New York.”
I wasn’t happy about hearing that but we were told that a warrant would be issued for his arrest and the FBI would be notified.
In actual fact about six months later he had his own show on American TV and it was a kids one to boot.
The whole episode was hushed up and I was warned by my agent not to make waves because if I did I would never be able to get a decent job ever again in the theatre.
Later in the morning all the family called round to say goodbye before heading home. Steve’s parents said that they would like to take their son home, Steve and Peter didn’t want to be parted but Steve’s parents insisted, so the boys kissed each other goodbye promising to meet up again next Sunday.
We spent the rest of the day just laying around the apartment with Peter hanging on to either Derek or me.
I left them at home to go into work, (Derek had made arrangements to take another evening off). Everyone was very quite even the young kids talking in hushed tones whenever it was necessary. Cameron McIntosh called every one together asking them not to talk about what happened to any one outside the theatre and especially the press.
“If this gets out we will all find ourselves out of work.”
The stand in artful dodger was a 17 year old actor who had far more ability than the deviate he was replacing and he was a pleasure to work with.
Once again the show went well and I headed for home to find Derek and Peter already in bed asleep. I undressed and crept in between them with both of them hugging me with out waking up.
I looked down at Peter quietly snoring looking so peaceful and content and I although I wasn’t a particularly religious kind of guy, I thanked the Lord for giving me a wonderful, caring partner and a beautiful son.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy