Chapter 14

Part 14
(Life After School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

As the week progressed Peter gradually became his old self although he continued to cling to either Derek or myself, spending most evenings in our bed even if he started off in his own room it wasn’t long before he was in with us.
I must admit this was playing havoc with our love life but neither Derek or myself worried too much about that because the health and welfare of our son was more important.
Derek had to take him to work every night because he refused to walk into the theatre were I was working.
I began to settle into the part of Fagin and the boys in the cast were much more relaxed and happy now that the Artful dodger had been replaced. Apparently he had terrorised several of the boys and they all hated him.
Derek’s job had become easier and easier with my lover being promoted to artistic director and more or less responsible for running the whole show.
(This play went on to be the longest running show anywhere in the World and still holds that record)
Soon it was Sunday morning and Peter had the both of us out of bed early to get ready for the trip home. He had been pining for Steve all week and I know he had several very long and expensive phone calls with his lover.
I managed to have a bit of a sleep on the train while Derek tried to keep Peter quite. The part of Fagin was very demanding and tiring, plus all the events of the week had left me drained.
Steve had talked his parents into driving in to meet us at the station and the embrace the boys went into on the platform brought a lot of stares and not very nice comments from bystanders.
We all piled into the car heading for my mums place, were as usual a terrific Sunday dinner was waiting for us.
Derek’s parents arrived not long after and we all sat down to a great meal.
I mentioned on the quite to Derek that these meals must be costing my mother a fortune, money which she didn’t really have to spare. Derek said that the last time we were home he tried to give her some money but she refused point blank.
After dinner we all sat around chatting about not much at all but I did notice Steve and Peter sneaking off to his bedroom.
I asked Derek if he thought I should check on them to make sure they weren’t doing something they shouldn’t and he told me not to be a spoilsport.
I still worried that they were a bit young to go all the way with their relationship, but even my mother said that they were both sensible and responsible boys and I should not worry about them.
Steve’s parents announced that it was time for them to go so I went to tell the two young lovers the news. I knocked quietly on the door and coughed a couple of times. I could hear a lot of scurrying inside and a few whispers which brought a smile to my face. A timid voice said come in and they were both sat on the edge of the bed pretending to be reading a book together.
I couldn’t help but burst out laughing,
“What’s funny dad? “ This innocent little voice said. Which made me laugh even harder.
“Well for a start.” I said.
“Steve has his shirt buttoned up all wrong and it looks like you put your shorts on inside out when you got dressed this morning. Funny I didn‘t notice it earlier.”
They both blushed a deep red before joining me in laughter.
“Well you know how it is dad.”
“Yes I do.” I replied still laughing. I thought to myself I dearly love these two kids.
The laughing stopped when I told them Steve’s parents were waiting to go home.
“Dad, can Steve stay the night and go to school with me in the morning?”
“It’s not for me to say, you’d better ask Steve’s mum and dad.”
Steve walked out to the lounge room timidly asking his parents if he could stay.
If you could have seen the smiles on their faces when his father said yes if it was ok with my mum.”
After we had said goodbye to Steve’s folks mum got tea ready and after that everybody wanted to listen to me on Radio Luxemburg. It sounded strange to me sitting there listening to my own voice.
Before my show was finished both of our young charges had dropped off to sleep lying in each others arms in front of the fire.
Derek and I picked them up taking them into my old room and put them to bed together I said to Derek,
“It’s a waste of time putting them in separate beds, so lets spare them the effort.”
We kissed both of them on the cheek saying goodnight as we turned off the light and gently closing door. Just before the door closed a little voice said.
“Thanks dads, I love you both.”
We turned back but both of them looked to be hard and fast asleep.
Next morning the boys were up early heading off to school on the bus after lots of hugs and kisses. We promised to see them next Sunday.
We sat around chatting to mum , had an early lunch before catching a cab to the station for our trip back to London.
We managed to get a compartment to ourselves making good use of the time alone to make out and general enjoy each others company.
Derek said.
“I hope you don’t mind but I left 100 pounds in Mum’s biscuit tin.”
I laughed and so did Derek when I told him that I left 100 pounds in the tea caddy.
“She’ll call us all the names under the sun when she finds it, but she should be able to put it to good use.” I said.
When we arrived in London it was time for both us to go to work so we grabbed a cab with Derek dropping me of first with a quick kiss.
When I walked into the theatre there was a message from my lawyer to give him a call urgently.
I rang and he told me that the date for my fathers trial was set down for next Tuesday. At this stage he wasn’t sure when I would be called to give evidence or Derek for that matter.
“Would it be a problem to get away from the theatre for you two.” He asked.
“As long as the trial doesn’t go too late in the day we should be all right.”
I hung up and then called Derek to tell him the news. He suggested that we hire a car and driver to take us to the courthouse and back to London, because we’d never make it by train.
Neither of us had a midweek matinee at the moment so that wasn’t a problem. The Midweek matinees would start again during the school holidays.
That night we both arrived home about the same time and although we were exhausted, we showered together washing each other all over taking extra care with our excitable parts. I had read somewhere that it only takes a male six seconds to be aroused and ready and I’m sure Derek and I beat the six second record every time.
After we had dried each other off Derek flung his arms around my neck deep throating me with his tongue, I picked him up and carried him into the bedroom our kiss remaining intact even as we fell onto the bed.
Our hands and lips were roaming all over our bodies until my mouth found his erect cock which I deep throated beginning to move my mouth up and down his shaft, I was hot and ready so my fingers found his hole and began preparing him for my cock.
Derek by now was hot and panting as well begging me to fuck him.
He rolled over onto all fours with his arse in the air ready for my cock to ravish his hole. Occasionally, but not very often we both get into the mood for a bit of rough and tonight was one of those nights . I pushed my dick right into the hilt making him squeal and then I began pounding into him hard and fast. All the time he was egging me on to fuck him harder and harder.
We hadn’t had sex for a couple of days so it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load deep into his guts, while his arse grabbed my cock milking all of my juice. I rolled off and he moved on top of me shoving his cock deep into my mouth making me gag at first until I got used to it. He began fucking my face at a furious pace which I knew couldn’t possibly last and true to form blast after blast of sperm went down my throat.
Panting sweating and out of breath we laid side by side slowly coming down from what was an incredible fuck.
Pretty soon we closed our eyes and dropped off to sleep.
Next morning we were able to sleep in, because neither of us had to go to work until late afternoon.
About eleven we went to our local café for brunch sitting around talking to the owner before it was time to go to work.
That was more or less our routine for the rest of week and soon the weekend came around. We decided to take the last train home on Saturday, arriving at about midnight. Unbeknown to me Derek had arranged for his father to pick us up and stay at his parents place in his old bed until Sunday when we would travel up the hill to my mum’s place.
It was fun sleeping in Derek’s old room, which is were our relationship began in earnest. We talked over old times before dropping off to sleep. Up early the next day we piled into his dads car and the minute we pulled up outside mum’s little cottage, there was a flash of speed as Peter rushed out to welcome us with hugs and kisses.
Steve must have had a sleep over because he too came running out behind my boy.
We walked up the garden path with the two boys hanging onto us.
We both greeted my mum with a kiss and a cuddle before sitting down for morning tea.
Mum came up and put her arms around Derek and I as we sat at the table.
“I’ve got a bone to pick with you two.” she said.
“Why’s that mum what have we done?’ I asked all innocent like.
“Someone left money hidden all over my kitchen after last weekend.”
“I wonder who that was?” Derek asked looking as angelic as he possibly could.
“ I have a pretty good idea, are you two sure you can afford to throw money away like that?”
“Mum, of course we can and we need to pay our way, don’t forget I know how much Peter eats and it looks like Steve is here a fair amount of the time.”
“Yes I realise that but there was more money in the cupboard which I suspect Steve’s parents left.”
We burst out laughing thinking mum was doing very well out of this but she deserved it.
The boys wanted to play monopoly and they roped us in as well. Once again Peter was ruthless with his buying and selling and by the time lunch was ready he was well in front.
“If you are as ruthless as this in real life you’ll go a long way son.” I said, then added.
“or you’ll be arrested as a con man, one or the other.”
He kissed and hugged me saying,
“I love you dad and I’ll never do anything to make you ashamed of me.”
I hugged him tight running my fingers through his hair whispering in his ear how much I loved him.
“More than you love Derek?” he said with that cheeky grin of his.
“That’s not a very fair question to ask me young man, Of course I love Derek, If I didn’t I don’t think I would have met you or achieved half the things I have achieved.”
I paused before adding,
“I love you both equally but for different reasons, and lets leave it at that.”
Derek kissed me on the lips while Peter hugged me with his arms around my neck.
“hey young man.” I said,
“There’s three of us in this huddle when there should be four someone’s missing.”
Peter broke away and pulled Steve to him kissing him on the lips.
“Now the team is complete.” he said.
Mum came out of the kitchen saying,
“I hate to break up this cosy group but lunch is ready.”
After lunch Peter and Steve asked to be excused heading for their bedroom, Peter came out a few minutes later asking if Derek and I could join them.
“Not if your going to have an orgy.” I said with a laugh
“Dad that’s not a very nice thing to say.” Peter said with a laugh.
We joined them in the bedroom were Peter and Steve sat on the edge of the bed holding hands, while I sat in a chair with Derek on my knee because there was no other chairs in the room.
“OK boy’s what’s the problem, what do you want to talk about.?”
Peter looked at Steve who nodded for Peter to continue.
“You remember last Sunday when we got off the train and I kissed and cuddled Steve without thinking of where we were.”
“yes I remember.” A bit worried wondering were this conversation was going.
“Well apparently there were a couple of parents who have boys in our class and they complained to the headmaster about our behaviour, plus the whole class and possibly the whole school knows by now.”
I looked across at Derek who was looking as worried as I was.
“I thought something like this would happen eventually.” I said.
“You may recall that’s why we told you not to hold hands or carry on in public.” Derek added.
“Peter wasn’t going to tell you but I think its best that you know.” Steve remarked.
“of course it is, for goodness sake son don’t ever keep anything like this from us.”
“Sorry dad but you have such a stressful job and I didn’t want to burden you with even more worry.”
“In future you keep nothing like this back, understand?”
“Yes dad.” He replied putting his head down so that I wouldn’t see the tears forming in his eyes.
Derek got off my knee and moved over to sit next to Steve on the bed while I got up to sit next to Peter.
I took him in my arms and held him for a while before speaking.
“Has the headmaster said anything yet?” I asked him.
“Yes he took us into his office and more or less told us what you had said, not to show our affections in public.”
“He was right wasn’t he?” I told them, thinking that I must talk to the headmaster and thank him for not making a bigger thing out of it.
“Now tell us what happened in class?”
“Some of the boys began calling us names, like Poofters, queers, homos.”
“and what did you do.”
“Nothing dad we just ignored them.”
“that’s good and did the teacher do anything?”
I asked.
“No, she just laughed and told them to be quite.”
“oh she did, did she.” I was getting angry by this time, not at the boys but at the teachers attitude.
“I will be speaking to your headmaster before we go back to London tomorrow.” I told them.
“Does this mean we’re in trouble dad?” Peter asked anxiously.
“No son, but your teacher is for not doing more to stop that sort of talk .”
Derek hadn’t said anything for a while but he could see that I was getting hot under the collar.
“Just take it easy lover, if you make waves it might bounce back on the two boys.”
As always he spoke sense, and I nodded in agreement.
“This is why we told you to not show your affection for each other in public , I don’t want either of you to get hurt like I did.”
“Sorry dad, but as you probably know it’s very hard not to hold hands or kiss when you love someone.”
That last remark brought tears to my eyes.
“Yes I know son, but Derek and I worry that you might get hurt, we both love you dearly, you too Steve and it would be devastating if anything should happen to you especially after what you have already gone through in your life.”
We had a group hug, before heading back into the lounge room.
My mother looked anxious and I told her not worry it’s all sorted. I asked Steve’s dad to join us outside, telling him what was happening at school.
“Yes, Steve told me. I don’t think we need to worry unless the name calling become more physical.”
“I still think I should talk to the headmaster about their teacher just laughing the whole thing off.”
“I agree there, do you want me to go with you?” he asked.
“No Derek and I will pop in to see him before going back to London, and if we don’t get anywhere then maybe you could have a go.” I replied.
We decided that was the action we would be taking. It was pouring rain so a game outside was out of the question which meant we just lazed around watching a lousy old cowboy movie on TV.
After tea Steve’s parents said their goodbyes, leaving Steve to go to school with Peter, Derek and I in the morning.
By now I had resigned myself to the fact that Steve and Peter were in love and sleeping together as often as they could. My only worry was for their safety.
Derek and I slept in the lounge room so any sex Olympics was out of the question.
Laughing I said to Derek,
“Here we are a married couple not able to consummate our relationship all weekend while those two young studs are in my bed doing whatever.”
Derek laughed saying,
“I do believe your jealous because your son is getting more than you.”
We both laughed before kissing each other goodnight and falling asleep in each others arms which is what we normally do. We even had to wear pyjamas, I’m sure the two boys wouldn’t have theirs on.
Next morning we had breakfast, ordered a taxi and after saying goodbye to mum we headed for our old school. Walking through the doors brought back many memories.
The headmaster recognised us as he was walking into assembly. He introduced himself as Jonathon Jenkins inviting Derek and I to join him on stage, saying the pupils would be thrilled to see them.
“Both your names are mentioned quite frequently in the school and many of the teaching staff hold you up as a fine example of what one can do if they set their mind to it.”
I thanked him telling him that I was humbled by these words. I went on to explain that we wished to talk to him after assembly.
We joined him on the stage and he introduced us as two ex pupils who everybody knew and admired, and despite lots of opposition and trouble we have gone on reaching the top of our chosen profession.
I whispered to Derek,
“He’s a bit over the top isn’t he.?”
Derek nodded his head in agreement.
He then asked us to say a few words, which caught us by surprise.
Derek as always motioned for me to speak. I stood up facing a sea of young eager faces several of which I recognised from our time at school.
“Thank you headmaster for those kind words.” I began.
“It is good to come back to this fine school, which with the help of some wonderful teaching staff helped Derek and I to achieve a lot. While at school and many of you will remember this, we made history by standing right were I am know and declaring our love for each other.”
This remark brought forth a few sniggers, laughs and the odd boo, along with scattered applause.
“And the initial reaction we received was similar to what just happened. During our final months at school a lot happened. I was beaten and put into hospital, the school was hijacked, death threats made yet we were supported by many of the students and teaching staff for which we were very grateful. I seem to recall that a certain store room was used for a variety of assignations by both sexes and I was wondering if this was still happening?”
I noticed that most of the seniors laughed or blushed including the head boy who was sitting on stage with us.
“Now my son Peter is at this school and it saddens me that history might just repeat itself with nasty rumours and comments flying around the school regarding Peter and another boy. I came to school today to talk with your headmaster about this very subject because I don’t want history to repeat itself and for my boy to end in hospital or worse.
Please be tolerant with each other stop bullying and threatening. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preferences are, each to his own his my motto and it should be yours. Accept your fellow man or in this case boy just as he is. If you know someone is a homosexual and your not, try to remember that it isn’t his or her fault how he or she is, You don’t just become gay, it is part of your makeup. We are all born different and to bully or assault someone because of this and I’m not just talking now about sexual preferences but also someone who may be overweight or wear glasses, even be shy, not mixing with others. That is their decision and we should all accepted that decision. During our time at this school one young boy took his own life, because he was confused about his sexuality and no one tried to help him. School is an important part of growing up some of you may like it others may hate it. Please accept it and love your fellow man.”
I sat down thinking that maybe I had come on too strong but I received some thunderous applause and the headmaster shook my hand thanking me for my words , while Derek just sat there nodding his approval. The thought went through my head that I should give my lover a kiss but then decided it would be a bit too much over the top.
The headmaster asked me if I would sing for them so I headed over to the music teacher sat at the piano asking if she could play ‘How great thou art’. She nodded, we worked out the key and off we went. After my performance the school as one rose to applaud me. I acknowledged their applause and when it died down the headmaster thanked me declaring assembly was over.
As I walked off the stage with Derek and the headmaster by my side Peter came rushing up hugging me and thanking me for what I had said and also for the song.
“What you said dad was just right and I love it when you sing that song.”
I noticed Steve was stood behind him and motioned for him to come forward, so I could give him a hug as well.
The two boys then headed off to their classroom and we joined the headmaster in his office for morning tea.
I told him about the attitude of Peter’s teacher when some of the boys were taunting him and Steve, and he promised to speak with the lady in question.
“I’m glad you mentioned about bullying, because it is a problem and is hard to stamp out.” he told us.
“I have declared zero tolerance on bullying threatening to suspend and even expel anyone caught bullying.”
Both Derek and I agreed that was the only action to take. Derek kept looking at his watch so we took our leave promising to come back another time. The head told us we would be welcome any time.
On the way to the station we asked the taxi driver to stop so we could get some fish and chips which we ate on the train back to London.
That night in our own bed, I said to Derek.
“I’m glad we did what we did today are you?”
Yes, I think and hope that we have sorted out Peter and Steve’s bullying and taunting problem.” he replied as we dropped off to sleep. The next problem we had to worry about was the trail which was due to start tomorrow . We were told by our solicitor that we wouldn’t be required for a couple of days as the jury selection and a few technical legal matters were dealt with.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I make no apologies for going on at length once more about bullying and bashing of gays and others.
Please let me know what you think of this chapter and I will try and answer all of them. Take care

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy