Chapter 16

Part 16
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

The weekend went really fast especially with the two boys keeping us on the run. Sunday we went to Regents Park zoo because the boys love animals. We spent the whole day there and Derek and I were exhausted by the time we left. Once again the boys surprised me when they declared that they would like Indian Food for dinner. We found a nice cosy Indian restaurant not far from home, and the boys ate anything and everything, boy do they have big appetites.
“It must be all this sex you guys are having which is making you so hungry.” Derek said.
Peter remarked back without any hesitation,
“Well, you two dads can’t be doing very well because you’ve eaten hardly anything.”
Even though he’s a cheeky bugger neither of us can take him to task because he looks so innocent when he’s saying it. I can’t begin to explain how much I love this boy and wish that he really was my own flesh and blood. Still he’s the next best thing.
Monday morning and it was off again to the courthouse in Worchester after dropping the boys at school, promising them that we would meet Steve’s parents at lunchtime.
We sat in court with Robert because Michael was giving evidence today. The defence barrister gave him a hard time and we all had tears in our eyes as the Barrister accused Michael of starting the whole thing.
Just before lunch Michael surprised everyone by producing signed testimonials from a couple of his ex-gang members demonstrating that his family and my father were to blame. After this revelation the judge called for a lunch break and it was during lunch at our usual café that John Davis our solicitor came running in with the news that on the strength of the new evidence my father was changing his plea to guilty. We all let out a mighty cheer. Not long after that great news Steve’s parents joined us to talk to Derek and I about the boys schooling.
Steve’s father spoke first,
“While the boys like your old school, Peter misses you both and doesn’t see enough of you. But if he moves to London, Steve and Peter will miss each other. My wife and I have discussed this together and with Steve so if you agree this is what we had in mind.”
He paused taking a sip of his drink, before continuing.
“We are not a rich family by any means but also we are not poor or destitute and if the boys went to school in London we would pay any school fees and give you whatever you think is the right amount to cover his board and food.”
I looked at Derek and he inclined his head which usually meant I had to do the talking.
“We would be happy to have the boys stay with us but what happens if, for example both Derek and I are working out of London? Mind you I can see Derek being in the West end for many years to come, but in our industry you never know. Also what about you two while young Steve is with us you won’t see very much of him except the odd weekend and school holidays.”
He replied.
“The weekends you aren’t coming home we could spend in London and maybe take the boys off your hands for a few hours.” I then took over the conversation,
“One problem I can see, well not really a problem but a worry is that the boys will be sleeping together all the time, ok Derek and I did it but I would like to see them a bit more celibate than they are considering their age.”
Steve’s dad with a smile on his face said,
“I think your fighting a losing battle there.”
“I must admit, I’m inclined to agree with you, but I worry that they may finish up like Derek and I did with a threat to our lives and like me finishing up in hospital in a pretty bad way.”
“All of us will just have to keep hammering the fact home that they have to be discreet when out in public.” Steve’s father replied.
“Now have you any ideas about which school we should send the boys to?” I asked
“The boys told my wife and I that they would like to go to the same school and teacher that the boys from Oliver go to.”
That really shook Derek and I because we had no idea that the boys new much about theatrical schooling, obviously they had been talking to the Oliver boys more than we realised.
“The only problem with that idea is that when Oliver closes what happens then? Look leave it to us and we’ll have a look around, talk to a few people and meet again soon. In any case I don’t think it would be a good idea to move them from one school to another until this term is finished which still has three weeks to go.”
So we left it at that heading back to the court house to find out the guilty plea had been accepted and sentencing would be in two weeks time with no bail.
Once again we dodged the media and were soon heading back to London, sitting in the back of our chauffer driven car discussing Peter and Steve’s schooling.
“I think we should look around for a school not too far away from our apartment.” Derek said.
“Yes, I agree with that plus now that we can afford it I suggest we look for a private school with a good reputation, after all Peter is highly intelligent so we should try and give him the best education possible.”
Derek agreed and it was decided that we would hunt around for the right school
I only had a couple of more weeks left in Oliver and so far Bob, my agent had not come up with any more work except for my regular Radio Luxemburg show. Still the part of Fagin in Oliver had totally drained me, because it was a difficult part emotionally and physically. I had lost a couple of stone in weight (Which according to Derek was a good thing), plus I was becoming very tired but also finding it hard to come down from a high after the show and go to sleep. I found myself having a few drinks with friends afterwards, and the few had now gone to quite a few. Derek was always there in the background sipping on one drink all night while I had far too much alcohol. When he thought I was getting too boisterous or stroppy he would tap me on the shoulder and suggest we went home. Sometimes I would argue with him about leaving but he would smile and say ‘come on home darling’ guiding me down to a taxi and helping me up the stairs when we got home.
The next morning I would apologise telling him how much I loved him and he would smile kiss me, telling me how he loved me.
If it was at all possible I kept falling even deeper in love with this lovely man. The bond between us was not only sexual but a deep emotional bonding and we both had realised a long time ago that we were made for each other.
One morning Derek pointed out to me that I would have to curb my drinking when Peter and Steve came to stay permanently. I agreed telling my darling that I would certainly be more celibate when it came to drinking. I also pointed out that with Fagin finishing the pressure would not be quite as intense.
The following evening after another sell out show the stage door man rang down to say there was a lady and gent wanting to see me. Said they were old school chums.
I asked him to send them down and what a surprise when I answered the knock on the door to find Gwen my first love along with a young man she introduced as Jeremy.
They had just seen the show and wanted to say hello. You may remember from earlier chapters that Gwen and I had a thing going before I met Derek, in fact you may recall I took Gwen’s virginity in the stock room at the high school were I took Derek a few months later, taking our relationship to another level.
I immediately invited them back to our place for supper and to meet Derek
We hopped in a cab arriving home at the same time as Derek. Imagine his surprise when he saw who I had with me. Derek opened a bottle of champagne and arranged a plate full of snacks (We always had stuff on hand in case visitors dropped in.
Gwen told us that they were getting married in six months time and if we could get away they would love to have us come to the wedding.
What a surprise that was, plus she asked, no, begged me to sing during the ceremony. Well how could I refuse after all I still had a soft spot in my heart for her. It appears that Jeremy was the heir to a retail empire and also the owner/skipper of the British entry in the America’s cup.
Anyway we chatted and drank until the wee small hours before they decided to head back to the Dorchester where they were staying.
Later lying in bed with my lover I said,
“Gwen’s landed on her feet with Jeremy and looks set for life. I’m glad she’s happy or appears to be.”
Derek was quite for a while before asking me,
“You still love her don’t you?”
I thought long and hard before answering,
“Yes I do but it’s a different love to ours, difficult to explain but I think my love for Gwen is on similar lines as my love for my mother.”
Derek burst out laughing rolling around the bed unable to stop.
Finally he said.
Do you really believe what you just said? For a start you’ve never screwed your mother, plus it would be impossible for you to take her virginity yet you reckon Gwen is like her, what a load of crap.”
I could see his point of view, deciding the best way out was to start kissing him to shut him up.
True to form as one show came to an end Bob my agent was on the phone next morning asking If I would like to be in Jack & The Beanstalk Pantomime in Brighton?
“What part do I play?” I asked him.
“It’s a part written in just for you, you’re a handsome villager helping everybody out, a sort of mister nice guy.”
“How come the parts especially for me?”
“The producer wanted you in the show so he had a character created just for you, plus you get to do a fair bit of singing. Interested?”
“Yes of course I am, but what about the couple of months between, do have anything else for me?”
“Not at the moment, but I’m thinking we could get a band together and send you out on the Cabaret circuit for about six weeks, what do you reckon to that?”
“I’ll talk it over with Derek and get back to you.”
I explained to Derek what Bob was proposing and he thought it would be a good idea and the experience would stand me in good stead as well.
“The only problem is I’ll more than likely be on the road for the whole six weeks.”
“Well maybe Bob would be able to book you just for the weekends say Friday, Saturday and Sunday.” (Clubs and the like were by now able to open for a while on Sunday so it would be a lunchtime show anyway)
“Yes, that might work meaning that you will only have Peter and Steve to yourself on a weekend.” I told him.
My stint in Oliver finished just in time for the start of the school holidays which meant when Peter and Steve arrived I would be home most of the time.
First I’ll tell you about my final night of Fagin. We took our usual curtain calls then Nancy announced this was my last night and I received a tumultuous standing ovation with young Oliver presenting me with a big bouquet of flowers (a theatre tradition) After the curtain went down tables were set up on stage and trays of food along with bottles of champagne and of course soft drink for the younger members of the cast. There were a few tears as all the cast including Oliver and the urchins gave me a big hug. The boys had ganged together to present me with a beautiful gold locket inscribed ‘To the best Fagin ever’ Of course that brought tears to my eyes. The rest of the cast gave me a gold watch also inscribed. Derek arrived and also shed a tear when he discovered the mementoes I had received.
That night or should I say early morning we lay in each others arms occasionally kissing, but in the main just being together.
“Do you think you will miss Fagin and Oliver?” Derek asked,
“Yes I will, they were a great bunch of people to work with and Cameron Macintosh is a brilliant producer, I wouldn’t mind working for him again.”
To tell the truth although the part was demanding I enjoyed it and would miss not being in the show.
Next Morning Peter and Steve arrived along with Steve’s parents. We all went to our favourite café for lunch and while sitting around the table we spoke about the boys schooling. I told them that Derek and I had found a small private Church of England school close to where we live which had agreed to take the boys. I pointed out that it wasn’t cheap but had a very good reputation with a significant number of ‘old boys’ going on to be Doctors, Lawyers and even politicians.
“If you find the fees are a bit out of your budget don’t worry, Derek and I will help.”
“No we don’t want you to do that; we will be able to cover all the costs.”
Steve’s father said.
I explained to them, that to make sure they got in we had already started the paper work for them to commence straight after the summer holidays. Steve’s parents were going to stay over for a couple of days so they could have a look at the school and also get Steve’s school uniforms.
“We thought we would book into a hotel close by.” His mother said.
“No need you can stay with us Steve and Peter can sleep in the lounge and you can have their bedroom.” said Derek.
All this time the two boys had sat there listening, Peter as always was the spokesman for the two of them.
“Thank you my fathers and Steve’s mum and dad, for all you are doing for us. We will never forget how kind and considerate you all are.”
I looked around and noticed we all had tears in our eyes. The boys got up from their seats with Peter coming to Derek and I while Steve went to his parents. Peter gave me a big hug and a kiss saying,
“I love you dad, without you I would be dead now.” He then went to Derek saying more or less the same thing. They both then swapped around with Steve Giving Derek and I a hug and kiss, before whispering.
“Thank you for saving Peter for me, I love you all so much.”
The tears began to flow and Derek said,
“It looks like everybody’s got something in their eyes.”
We all laughed and that helped to ease the emotion.
After lunch we took them to see the school and while we couldn’t go inside because it was the weekend it looked impressive from the outside. On Monday we would all go and get the kids organised, buy uniforms and all that sort of stuff, also on Monday I was rehearsing with the band that Bob had organised, with my first gig being in London so not too far away, plus we were booked in for Friday and Saturday.
The headmaster appeared to be a very nice friendly man who welcomed us with open arms before showing us around the school, which was quite impressive with a curriculum suitable for both boys. The uniform shop in the school was open so we kitted out the boys with everything they would require including all their school books.
We had a quick lunch before I kissed them all goodbye heading off to Bob’s rehearsal rooms, while the others headed for home.
The band Bob had organised consisted of some great musicians, piano, bass, drums and guitar. They were so good that we only needed a quick run through of my songs and we were finished.
When I got home the boys modelled their school outfits for us, both of them looking very impressive.
Next morning we all went shopping in Oxford Street and the surrounding stores, before giving Steve’s parents a big treat with afternoon tea at the Dorchester.
Steve’s father said to the boys,
“What do think of this boys?”
Peter as always answered,
“It’s not bad, of course we’ve been here before, dad is well known to the staff, if you look in the foyer you’ll see his picture between Alex Guinness and some famous American actress.”
He sounded as if he was a regular at this type of high class establishment. That evening after supper all six of us sat around talking, about nothing in particular, until Peter as always dropped another bombshell.
“Dad? You and Derek really did get married in a church didn’t you? “
I looked at the other three adults all of us wondering were this conversation was heading.
“Yes, but it wasn’t a real wedding as such.”
I then went on to explain that I was best man and Derek was groomsman and while the happy couple two police officers, Steve and Janice had helped us through a difficult time, were exchanging rings Derek and I did the same. We showed the boys the gold bands which neither of us have taken off our fingers since they were placed there.
I went on to tell them that while the register was being signed the priest blessed not only the rings but our relationship together.
Peter and Steve went quite for a while staring into each others eyes and I could tell some awkward words were coming my way.
“Dad?” Peter said
“Yes Peter” I replied,
“Would it be possible for Steve and I to get married like you two did?”
I looked at the others with a smile because I guessed that the conversation was heading in this direction.
“I don’t think it would be very wise right know, maybe in a few years time when you are both a bit older you could exchange gold rings.” I added the word gold because I knew how these two young men’s minds worked.
“You keep forgetting the advice we are always telling you, to keep your relationship quite for now. There are a lot of people who don’t understand what it is like to be homosexual. Don’t ever forget what happened to me, how I finished up in hospital after being beaten because of what I was.”
“We realise that dad, but we love each other so much that feel we want to tell the world all about it.”
Steve’s father took over from me.
“Until the world is more comfortable with homosexuals in society you must be patient and keep your love a secret between you two and of course us parents.”
That appeared to satisfy them for the time being so our conversation ended there and we decided to call it a night.
Following a round of hugs and kisses we headed off to bed.
Lying next to my lover I commented on just how intelligent Peter was.
Derek agreed with me adding that whatever he decided to do he would be great at it.
“Thinking back to the day he came into the BBC studio in Manchester a poor dejected little boy who had almost ended his life because he had no idea which way to turn. It was like a miracle that he found us out and we were able to help him.”
Derek agreed with me as I laid by his side wondering just how this all came about. I’m not a deeply religious person, but I’m certain someone was watching over us helping us to save this lovely boy.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy