Chapter 17

Part 17
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read
no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations
have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Before we get much further, I should tell you all about the Royal Command Performance. This is an annual charity event held in front of the Royal Family featuring a variety of artists and acts, which appear by invitation only. I was delighted when Cameron Macintosh the producer of Oliver told me that the Concert organizers would like an excerpt from Oliver and they wanted the one featuring Oliver, the boys including the Artful Dodger, and me. The show was scheduled for the Sunday a week after I had left the show and it was at the London Palladium which at that time was the finest most modern theatre in the West End.
After the show we would all line up on stage while her Majesty came down the line thanking us.
For a start it was going to cost me a fortune because there was no such thing as free seats for this show, so I had to buy tickets for Mum, my two sisters, Peter, Steve, his parents, and Derek’s parents. Luckily Michael & Robert couldn’t make it because they were in Scotland.
The show itself was a mixture of acts from Jugglers, and other novelty acts as we called them to comedians and singers. Top of the bill was Bob Hope, who I’m sorry to say was a bit of a snob and didn’t mix with the rest of us.
Several old time comedians appeared together, including my old friend Arthur Askey who you may remember was in my first pantomime and also had me on his radio show for a short season.
After you had finished your part of the program while the audience was applauding you had to turn to face the Royal Box and bow to her majesty.
Anyway, backstage was mayhem with everyone sharing dressing rooms with everyone else. The Oliver crew and don’t forget there were about a dozen of us and that’s not including dressers and make up people crammed into this tiny room not much bigger than a phone box.
Still we survived. I didn’t have to buy Derek a ticket because he volunteered his services backstage and was assistant stage manager.
Because our set was quite elaborate we went on straight after the interval. The bit we were doing is when I teach Oliver how to pick pockets and the song was, “You’ve got to pick a pocket or two”.
Anyway it went off without a hitch; after all we had been doing this song eight times a week for over six months.
While on stage I noticed at the back of the royal box was HRH with Ian, they were out of sight of the audience and making rude gestures trying very hard to put me off but not succeeding.
We got some great applause and we all turned as one bowing to HM, before the curtain closed. HM Smiled and waved not realizing that two hoons behind her were pulling faces and acting like monkeys.
Our only other appearance was in the finale and then the curtains closed for the last time. After which everyone lined up and waited for the royal party to arrive.
There was the Queen, the Duke, Princess Margaret, The Queen Mother, Charles and HRH (I bet most of you have guessed who that is by now?) Of course Ian wasn’t allowed to take part and he just stood back pulling faces at me until Derek crept up behind him and kicked him gently up the bum.
Surprised he turned round and Derek promptly kissed him on the cheek causing him to blush a deep red.
Soon it was my turn to meet the Royals, I was introduced (still in costume) by the shows director, HM shook my hand thanking me for a great performance and was going to move on but stopped short turning back to me saying.
“Your one of my sons friends aren’t you?”
“Yes Ma’am”. I replied.
“Is he behaving himself when I’m not around?” she asked,
This remark took all those around us by surprise.
“Yes Ma’am, he’s always well behaved”.
“I don’t believe you,” she remarked leaning closing and whispering,
“He can be a bit of a bugger sometimes but your friend Ian appears to be able to control him.”
I was dumfounded that she even remembered or knew about Ian, all I could do was stammer,
“Thank you Ma’am”.
She moved on and Philip took her place. After shaking hands he too made a remark about us boys.
“Did you enjoy your time at Windsor with our youngest boy?”
“Yes sir,” I stammered.
Grinning all over his face he said,
“I bet he showed you his secret picnic spot in the park?”
“Yes, “
“It’s the worst kept secret on earth, everybody knows about it right down to the valet who polishes our shoes.”
He moved off laughing.
The rest of the royals went past without any comments just a thank you or I enjoyed your performance.
When it was HRH turn he shook my hand rubbing his finger up and down my palm which I think we all know is an indication that they want to have sex with you.
He winked and I looked him straight in the eyes saying,
“You never give up trying, do you?”
Laughing he walked on turning back to look at me mouthing the word NO.
When the royal party moved on I went over to meet Ian who was chatting to Derek, I kissed him on the cheek causing him once again to blush a deep red. Ian told us that his relationship with HRH was great and he truly felt they were both in love. I told him what the Queen had whispered and he was amazed that she knew as much as she did.
We chatted some more for a while before moving outside to catch up with the family. Although it was very late we found a restaurant still open and we all had something to eat and drink.
We had decided that we would put everyone up in our two bedroomed flat but still hadn’t worked out the sleeping arrangements. We had borrowed a couple of portable beds and set them up in the living room area. We finally decided, Steve’s parents would take the boys bed, Mum and the girls our bed, while the two boys slept on the lounge and Derek and I on the portable beds.
After every one had said goodnight and gone to their respective beds I told Peter and Steve,
“Just for one night can you boys please wear pajamas and no funny business, for a start if Steve’s parents or my mum or sisters come out and see you up to something it wouldn’t be very nice and I don’t see why you two should have fun when your parents can’t.”
They both burst out laughing and Derek joined them but I said a bit angrily I suppose,
“It’s not funny; we all need to have some discipline while we have visitors,”
Trying to keep a straight face Peter said,
“Yes dad”.
Then also trying not to laugh Steve said,
“Yes dad”.
We all then burst out laughing and I thought it’s almost impossible to discipline these two.
Mind you Derek and I pushed our small beds together throwing a sheet over and then a blanket which covered both of us.
Steve nudged Peter whispering something and looking our way before they burst out laughing.
“What now?” I asked.
Peter replied,
“Is this a case of doing as I say not do?”
He had that innocent look in his eye.
“Get to sleep and shut up”.
Was the only reply I could think of. Next morning was a Monday and also a school day, but it was very difficult trying to get the boys up and out of bed, after all it was gone two am before we finally went to sleep. Even my mother slept in. I kissed my lover good morning whispering for him to wait for the boys to start making excuses not to go to school. No sooner had I said that than Peter piped up,
“Yes what do you want Peter?”
“Do we really have to go to school? We are very tired and Steve would love to spend a bit more time with his mum and dad?”
Derek giggled pointing out that I was dead right.
“But surely your education is more important and you’ll see Steve’s parents next weekend.”
“That’s five days away dad.”
“I know. I might have failed math’s but I can count that far.”
Silence followed by whispering,
“Yes Peter,”
“Your mother is always saying she doesn’t see enough of us these days so a day at home with her would make her very happy”.
“If you don’t pull that sheet up a bit more she’ll see a lot more of you than she should, and I thought I told you two to wear pajamas?”
“Well yes Dad, but they fell off during the night”.
That did it Derek and I could no longer keep a straight face and burst out laughing.
“Dad, does this mean we can have the day off?”
“Yes, I suppose so.”
He leapt off the lounge to give us both a kiss and a hug then remembered he had no clothes on and scrambled back under the sheets. Derek remarked quietly to me, that our son was developing into a big boy if you get my drift.
We quickly got up dressed and tidied the lounge up before the rest of them came out. After breakfast we asked everyone what they wanted to do before they caught the train home. After much discussion it was decided that they would head for Oxford Street to look at the shops before heading for the train station.
After an exhausting couple of hours looking at one shop after another we caught a couple of cabs to our favorite restaurant for lunch.
During lunch mum came up with the same old matter regarding money.
“You keep spending a lot of money on all of us are you sure you two can afford it?”
“Yes mum we can so please don’t worry about money, we are both earning enough to live reasonably well and work in the future is looking good, I’m booked solid until February next year and Derek will be in his job for years to come.”
This appeared to satisfy her but she still wasn’t sure if I was telling her the truth or not.
Back into taxis again for the trip to the station with hugs and kisses all round we said our goodbyes, before heading back home for a rest.
The boys headed for their bedroom locking the door behind them. So Derek and I decided to follow suit and go to our room. As soon as he locked the door Derek took me in his arms kissing me long and deep before guiding me to the bed.
“ been wanting to do that since last night.”
He remarked, at the same time unbuttoning my pants and pulling off my shirt. We undressed each other and I lay on my back on the bed while my lover began kissing me all over gradually moving down my body until he reached my hard wanton cock. Much to my surprise he by-passed my cock and moved between my legs his fingers opening my hole making an entrance wide enough for his tongue to enter what I thought was a long way. I began moaning with pleasure as he used his tongue to bring me to a climax I hadn’t experienced for quite a while. His tongue was so far in that I began to ejaculate unable to control it and this was without anyone touching it. My juice splattered all over me into my hair and face.
Derek stopped what he was doing to lick the juice from my body before kissing me and transferring some of it into my mouth. Once I was clean he positioned his cock at the entrance of my hole and slowly entered me pausing to allow my body to adjust to the invasion.
I nodded indicating that I was ready. My lover then slowly entered me pushing his manhood all the way in to the hilt. Again he paused before slowly beginning a leisurely fucking of my hole.
The feeling of love we had for each other was transferred between us both enjoying our bodies joining together.
My lover increased the tempo gradually until he was finally ramming into me preparing to fill me with his love juice. I pushed upwards making sure that my he penetrated even further, until with a guttural roar he shot endless loads into my willing arse. He collapsed on top of me gasping for breath before kissing me, our tongues fighting with each other both trying to reach deep down inside us.
Eventually he rolled off me and we lay side by side holding hands.
“I love you so much, words can’t explain or describe it.”
My lover said.
“Ditto” I replied.
“I will always love you, and be your partner for life.”
I continued.
Reaching over putting his arms around me Derek whispered.
“I never believed I could ever love anyone as much as I love you.”
We kissed tenderly gradually allowing sleep to overtake us.
Next morning over breakfast Peter remarked that we were a bit noisy last night.
“It’s rude to listen in to other peoples conversations.”
I told him.
“Dad, that was no conversation, just raw sex.”
“And I suppose you two were lying there saying your prayers.”
“Well, those noises got the both of us very excited that we had to work hard to keep up.”
Laughter all round followed and then it was off to school. Just as we were doing the washing up we got a phone call from Gwen reminding me that I promised to sing at her wedding which was only a few days off. To be honest I had forgotten all about it but promised we would be there. I also asked if Peter and Steve could come along and she instantly agreed.
I had nothing to do today with no work until the weekend and Derek had the day off. We decided to just laze around the house not doing anything.
It was just after lunch that the phone rang again, with Derek answering. His face went deathly pale as he listened to whoever was on the other end of the phone.
He got up rushing to his side as Derek told whoever it was we would be right over.
He explained to me that Peter and Steve had been assaulted by a group of teenagers outside the school during lunch.
They had both been taken to hospital, but Peter just had a few cuts and bruises, but Steve was in a more serious condition.
Derek rang Steve’s parents while I dashed out to hail a cab. We both jumped in and headed for the hospital.
I kept repeating over and over again,
“I knew this would happen eventually, they always acted too close to each other.”
Derek hushed me saying,
“We don’t know that is the reason why that bashed, let’s just wait and see.”
The cab dropped us off at the emergency department and while Derek paid the cabbie I ran inside. I saw Peter sitting on a bed in a cubicle with a nurse caring for his cuts and bruises. The minute he saw me he burst into tears. I explained to the nurse that Iw as his father before taking him into my arms.
Sobbing he said to me,
“I think they’ve killed Steve.”
I looked at the nurse and she shook her head saying that Steve was in a coma at the moment due to a savage blow on the head but doctors are sure that he will be ok.
Hearing this Peter calmed down just as Derek came rushing in.
I brought my lover up to date on what little we knew and he went in search of Steve to try and find out more.
“How did it happen, son?”
“We made the silly mistake of holding hands as we walked out of school to go to the shop up the road, as soon as we stepped onto the footpath we let go but it was too late. This gang of about eight youths noticed us and began calling us names, We turned to go back into school out of the way but they grabbed us and started to beat us up while yelling horrible things.”
He paused as the tears began to flow again.
“Dad, I’m so sorry you warned us time and time again but it’s hard not to do little things like holding hands when you love each other.”
I held him close, tears forming in my eyes as well.
“I know son, that’s how I ended up in hospital, just because we declared our love.”
Derek came back to tell us that it looked as if Steve was coming round and we can go see him. We followed Derek down corridors into a single room were Steve lay very pale with several tubes attached to different parts of his body. Once again Peter burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably on my shoulder.
“Please god don’t take him yet, he’s too young to die like this.”
Derek and I looked in amazement at each other because we had never heard either of them talk about religion, but then they were going to a Christian school.
The doctor came back in to ask where his parents were. I explained the situation that Peter was our adopted son and Steve was in our care because the boys where partners like we were.
The look of disgust on the doctors’ face said it all. Without saying another word he stormed out of the room and I ran after him.
“Excuse me doctor, but do you have a problem with that.”
“Yes, it is disgusting that those two young boys are being raised in that kind of environment, No wonder they have gone gay themselves after being exposed to your relationship with another man.”
“How dare you carry on like that you obviously are not aware of all the facts yet you condemn us. You disgust me and I am going to see your superiors to have you replaced by a doctor who cares.”
“Go ahead, I would feel better if I didn’t have to treat anyone who is abnormal like those boys and you are.”
He doesn’t know how close he came to having his teeth knocked down his throat. I was seething with rage as I went in search of someone in charge.
By the time I had found a senior doctor my temper had subsided as I explained what had taken place.
This doctor was more sympathetic and explained that while he did not condone or agree with the boy’s relationship with each he agreed that this should not mean that Steve’s health and treatment should suffer.
He said that he would take over and look after him.
Feeling much calmer I thanked him as we walked back to Steve’s room.
I was surprised and relived to see Steve was now conscious but still looking very weak and dazed. Peter was sitting at Steve’s bedside holding his hand, tears still flowing down his face.
The doctor gave Steve a full examination, ordering several x-rays and tests to be done.
When he had finished he invited Derek and I to go into the passageway where he explained what was happening.
“He suffered a terrible blow to the head which has given him a severe concussion. I have ordered several tests and we will be keeping him in overnight and possibly a bit longer depending on the outcome of the tests, but I think he will make a full recovery.”
We thanked him, explaining that his parents should be here very soon.
The doctor pointed out that Steve now needs rest so his body can recover.
“I suspect that Peter will want to stay with him.”
I said.
“That’s all right with me but once his parents have been and gone Steve should be alone to have a good night’s sleep.”
I nodded wondering how I was going to persuade my boy to leave his lovers bedside.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. A lot happened in a short space of time.
Your comments are most welcome and I will answer them all.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy