Chapter 18

Part 18
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Steve’s parents arrived with worried looks on their faces. I explained what happened and what the doctor had told us.
His mother was very upset telling her husband that they should take Steve home and look after him.
Peter wasn’t happy about this idea telling Steve’s parents in no uncertain terms that he was going to stay with Steve.
Steve’s father asked Derek would he like to take is wife out for a cup of coffee while he talked to the boys.
“Would you like me to leave you alone with the boys?”
I asked.
“No, I think it might require the both of us here.”
After Derek and Steve’s mum had reluctantly left the four of us alone, Steve’s father spoke first.
“How many times boys have we told you about showing affection to each other in public. I have been dreading this day was going to happen for a long time.”
“I’m sorry I guess it was my fault I can’t seem to keep my hands off your son.”
“No Peter it’s just as much my fault because I’m always grabbing your hand or putting my arm around you.”
Steve said. As tears once again began flowing from both of them
“it doesn’t matter who is to blame the fact is that you both got carried away when you should have been on the lookout making sure this didn’t happen.”
I added my little bit at this point.
“When we keep warning you don’t forget Derek and I are speaking from experience after what happened to us and now it’s happened to you two.”
“Steve, Peter, I’ll talk to my wife about what happened and calm her down but you must promise Cliff and myself that you will be extra careful and never, ever let your guard down in public again.”
Both boys nodded and promised it would never happen again.
“Boys, I don’t want to be the one who has to call Steve’s mother to tell her that something more drastic as happened to you two. We all love you both very much as much as you obviously love each other.”
Steve’s mum and Derek walked back in and we all hugged the boys telling them how much we loved them before leaving them alone together.
We saw the doctor on the way out and he told us that all the tests he had done looked good so more than likely after a good night’s sleep Steve should be able to go home tomorrow.
I asked the doctor about Peter staying the night and while he was a bit hesitant at first he went on to give is ok just as long as they are quite and Steve gets some rest.
I popped back into the room while the others headed for the car to tell Peter he could stay. I opened the door to find both of them in bed arms around each other fast asleep. With tears in my eyes I went back into the corridor gently closing the door behind me. These two reminded me so much of Derek and me.
Back at our apartment we sat around drinking coffee and talking about the day’s events. I expressed disappointment that no one from the school had contacted us to find out how the boys were, and said that I would be taking this up with the headmaster tomorrow.
Steve’s parents accepted our invitation to stay the night, before we headed out for dinner.
From the restaurant I phoned the hospital to find out how the boys were and the duty nurse told me they were both sleeping peacefully. She then surprised me with her next comment.
“While I don’t condone or fully understand homosexuality, to see these two young men sleeping together so content in each other’s arms brought tears to my eyes.”
I agreed that the both of them had a similar effect on us. Before hanging up I gave her the phone number of the restaurant in case there was any problems.
Steve’s mother had calmed down by now but I could see that the whole affair had been a shock to her.
“What sickens me.”
I said,
“Is that no one cares, or came to their aid, while the police have made only a token effort to find the perpetrators.”
Derek very rarely spoke up about matters regarding our way of life and the general public but even he was not happy at the way no one helped and the first doctor at the hospital didn’t care if Steve lived or died.
“It saddens me that we are treated as second class citizens of no consequence. We are what we are not by choice and should be able to lead a normal life without being treated like a piece of dirt.
I hope as we grow older the world will gradually learn a bit more about homosexuality and begin to accept it.”
Everyone at the table agreed with him.
When we got back to our apartment I phoned the hospital once more and was told by the same nurse that both boys were still sleeping soundly and she expected them to do so right through the night.
“Don’t worry dad, your boy and his friend will be all right.”
I was surprised by that statement and told Derek all about my conversation with the nurse as we lay in bed.
“At least there are some nice, understanding people in this world.”
Derek remarked.
“I was worried today darling, because it was almost a re-enactment of what happened to me.”
My lover began kissing me making further conversation impossible not that I had anything to say while his tongue was in my mouth.
We continued making out for what seemed like ages until sleep overtook us. I think both of us were far too emotionally upset to go all the way.
Next morning after an early breakfast it was off to the hospital, stopping off at the school on the way.
We were immediately shown into the headmaster’s office and he looked very worried.
“I must apologize to you all but I had no idea anything had happened to your two boys yesterday until someone mentioned it this morning.”
“You mean to tell me that no one at this school had the decency to inform you that two of your boys had been beaten up and taken to hospital?”
I was fuming by now and Derek took hold of my hand rubbing it to try and calm me down.
“No one in the school apparently had any idea a bashing had taken place.”
Weren’t the boys missed in the afternoon when they didn’t turn up for classes?”
“Well, er no and I will be demanding to know why straight away, this is unforgivable, and I am truly very sorry for what happened, plus in future no boy will be allowed off the school premises to go to the shop at lunchtime or any other time for that matter.”
“What about the teacher they had in the afternoon? Don’t they have a roll call after lunch? And if not why not?”
I was getting very hot under the collar. So Derek interrupted.
“I hope headmaster that plans are being made to ensure this does not happen again.”
“I can assure you they certainly will.”
Derek stood up indicating that we should get to the hospital and see how the boys are doing.
The headmaster followed us all the way to the front door, apologizing
all the way. We hailed a cab and once we had settled in to it I said.
“What a fucking grovelling creep he is.” Suddenly I remembered that we had Steve’s mum with us and apologized for my bad language.
“That’s all right Cliff, he was getting right up my nose as well.”
“Do you think we should look at changing schools?”
I asked.
After thinking about it for a while Steve’s father said,
“I don’t think so, you put the fear of god up the headmaster, plus the boys are doing so well, getting top marks in all their subjects.”
We left it at that. When we arrived at the hospital, we found both boys remarkably chirpy, but hungry because the only food they had was Steve’s breakfast which he had shared with Peter.
The doctor arrived on his rounds and after examining Steve declared that he could go home, but take it easy for a few days.
“He received quite a bump on the head so if he complains of headaches give him a couple of pills and if he gets dizzy or sick bring him straight back in.”
Once back at the apartment I put Steve into bed with a hot drink and couple of pain relief pills. Peter was a bit put out that he wasn’t allowed to stay with him but I explained he wants rest right now and no hanky panky.
Peter smiled but didn’t push his luck. We all sat around drinking coffee and not saying much for the next couple of hours until Steve
came out of the bedroom saying he was hungry. Derek fixed us all up with a snack and then it was time for him to go to the theatre, while I grabbed a cab so we could all go to the station to see Steve’s parents off. While waiting for the train Steve’s mum and dad walked up the platform with him. Peter went to follow until I told him to stay here. When they came back I could see that Steve had been crying and so had his mother. Nothing was said as they kissed goodbye and boarded the train.
We left the station and I suggested we find a Lyons corner house or a wimpy bar and get something to eat.
Steve was very quiet in fact both boys didn’t say much at all.
We got our meal and sat in a corner more or less on our own. I asked Steve if he was alright and he said,
“Yes dad number two, I suppose I am it’s just that mum and dad are very worried for me.”
“Well I can understand that, you gave them quite a fright yesterday.”
Tears started to well up in his eyes and Peter went to hold his hand, but suddenly remembered where they were. He looked at me grinned saying,
“Sorry dad it’s hard not to hold hands with someone you love.”
“You don’t have to tell me that son, been there done that and have the scars to prove it.”
I continued,
“Just be very, very careful and only show your love when you are in private, hopefully one day people will be more understanding and considerate towards people like us, but in the meantime we must err on the side of caution.”
We decided to go to the movies and picked a comedy which hopefully would cheers us all up.
We entered the theatre which wasn’t very full and I suggested that I sit between them so nothing happened.
Peter said,
“Over my dead body, dad.”
Then he realized what he had said and burst into tears.
“I’m sorry I didn’t realize what I’d said, it nearly was over our dead bodies.”
I put my arm around him calming him down.
“It’s ok son, it’s all over now, let’s put the whole incident behind us.”
We settled down to watch the movie; Peter sat next to me and Steve on the other side. Once the lights went down two young hands moved closer together to hold on to each other in the darkness. I smiled thinking once again how much alike they are to Derek and I.
The movie was very funny and we all enjoyed it. When the lights went up the boys moved apart and laughing I said,
“It’s alright for you two I had to sit here all on my own with no one’s hand to hold onto.”
“You could always have held my other hand dad”
Peter told me.
Naturally once we got out of the pictures the boys announced they were hungry so we found a small coffee shop still open. I phoned Derek at the theatre telling him where we were and arranged for him to meet us there we he had finished work.
In the corner was a young thin weedy looking guy with a small goatee beard playing a guitar and singing folk songs. This folk song thing was becoming all the rage. I thought he looked familiar and when he took a break he came over to our table, introducing himself as Frederick but he preferred Fred for short.
“I know you.” He said.
“Yes I thought your face was familiar as well.”
I replied. Then it came to me he used to play in the school band when I first started at high school. He was in his final year back then so I didn’t have much to do with him.
I also discovered that he was making a living of sorts playing every night and some lunchtime’s in coffee bars.
“It’s not a bad job and just about pays all the bills plus I get free coffee and burgers.”
We chatted some more until it was time for his next set.
“Would you like to sing a couple of songs for me?”
He asked.
“Oh I don’t think so we haven’t practised and I don’t know any folk songs.”
I told him.
“Go on dad we haven’t heard you sing for a long time, please dad?”
I finally agreed and joined Fred on the tiny stage.
He made a big thing of introducing me as being direct from the Royal Command Variety show and Oliver; he even mentioned Arthur Askey’s radio show. I thought wow this guy’s been following my career.
We quickly worked out the chords and keys for a couple of songs.
I sat on a stool next to him and quietly sang my songs. The whole place went quite as the audience listened intently and when I had finished I got rousing applause and shouts of encore. While I was singing Derek walked in sitting down with the boys and all three had looks of admiration and love on their faces.
Of course the audience wanted more; I thanked them before sitting down next to my lover.
“Dad that was beautiful thanks, Steve and I love you dearly.”
Another voice whispered in my ear,
“So does daddy Derek.”
I gave him a quick peck on the cheek which brought protests from the two young un’s, because they weren’t allowed to do that in public.
The coffee shop proprietor came over with drinks all round asking us if we wanted anything to eat. The boys ordered more burgers while Derek and I declined.
“That was wonderful Mr Steele, thank you for coming into my café and you will be most welcome anytime.”
I thanked him for the offer introducing the boys and Derek to him.
He also offered me a job which I had to decline telling him that I was fully booked most day’s right through to next year. I didn’t tell him that he couldn’t afford me and that my agent would have a fit if I started working in places like this.
By now the boys were beginning to look weary and so was Derek. We headed outside and caught a cab home.
“Do we have to go to school tomorrow dad?”
Peter asked,
Tongue in cheek I told him,
“Well, Steve should have at least another day off but you can go.”
Derek burst out laughing at the looks on the boys faces,
“You’re joking of course dad.”
“Yes I suppose I am, now off you go to bed and nothing too strenuous you understand Steve.”
He nodded saying he understood.
As they walked off Peter whispered in Steve’s ear and I’m sure he didn’t intend for us to hear.
“Nothing strenuous so that means you’re on the bottom.”
“Peter Steele,” I called after him. He turned, looked, realizing that we had heard.
“Sorry dad, I didn’t think you had heard what I said.”
“I’m sure you didn’t and you’ll be in big trouble if I catch you talking like that again.”
Both Derek and I were trying so hard to keep straight faces without much success.
“Sorry dad, goodnight.”
Once he’d closed the bedroom door we erupted into laughter.
“He’s so quick witted and bright you’ll never beat him down.” Derek said.
I agreed as we headed for the bedroom.
Once we were in bed, Derek said
“Hearing you sing gets me horny.”
“I suppose that means I have to be on the bottom?”
We both laughed before Derek placed his mouth over mine. Following was a couple of hours of glorious loving sex. I won’t go into details because you know by now how we make love.
Next morning I had a rehearsal with my band to learn a couple more songs so I left my lover and the boys to their own devices.
I think I’ve mentioned before that the musicians Bob, my agent had picked for my band were all top musos’, so rehearsal didn’t take long.
I got a call to pop in and see Bob in his office which was close by to the rehearsal rooms.
Shirley his secretary told me to go straight in. Bob as always got right down to business.
“The pantomime in Brighton has been confirmed, but Coca-Cola is hiring a new disc jockey just before Christmas so that will fit in nicely with the Brighton job. They don’t usually keep the same voice doing their top twenty shows for as long as they did. I have enough work for you and the band till Christmas anyway.”
I thanked him for that and for keeping me employed in what is a tough business.
“There is one other thing.”
He said rather tentatively, making me wonder what was coming next.
“How do you feel about playing a short season of Shakespeare?”
I laughed nervously saying,
“Who me?”
“Yes you, I don’t doubt for one minute that you can handle the job. Anyway Sir Alec Guinness made the request; he is doing a short season next year at Stratford-on- Avon and hoped you would join him. He is till raving about your debut performance in that dreadful play you did with him.”
“Well, if he thinks I can do it I’m willing to give it a try.
“Good I thought you would, the other thing is that the money isn’t much in fact all the major actors get the same money so you will be getting just as much as Sir Alec is.”
I was stunned by that news as well.
“How much notice will I have and how soon can I get some scripts?”
I asked, still a bit worried about the whole thing.
“Alec will organize all that because he is directing as well, I hope you don’t mind but I gave him your phone number.”
“That’s ok I just hope that he is doing the right thing including me.”
“Don’t worry young Cliff you’ll be all right.”
I was in a daze as I walked out of his office and Shirley had to call me back to sign some contracts for my band gigs and the pantomime.
When I looked down at the amount I was getting to sing two songs in a pantomime I queried it, Shirley smiling told me that I was in demand, so the money goes up.
I grabbed a cab home, walking in looking very smug and pleased with myself.
All three on my companions looked up from watching television with Derek giving me a welcome home kiss.
“Oh boy do I have some news for you.”
I went on to tell them about the money I was getting for the panto which surprised Derek while Peter remarked.
“You’re worth every penny dad and a bit more.”
I thanked him and went on to tell them about the Shakespeare gig and got a very different reaction. They all burst out laughing so much that tears rolled down their cheeks.
I asked. Peter when he brought is laughter under control said.
“You in tights dad, showing off your biggest asset.”
That set me off laughing as well because I had never thought of that.
It took a while for the mirth to subside. With all three coming over to give me a kiss and a cuddle.
“Well done dad, I’m very proud of you and it’s an honour for someone like Alec Guinness to consider you.”
Derek whispered in my ear,
“If I see you on stage in tights I’m just as likely to leap up and rape you on the spot.”
“We’d have to charge extra admission for that.” I jokingly replied.
“You’d better give mum a call and pass on the news.”
Derek said.
“No, I’ll leave it till Sunday when we go visit.”
The boys were going on the train to Steve’s parents place on Friday while Derek and I would be travelling home on the Sunday coming back on Monday because it was a public holiday (Bank holidays they used to call them) so no school for the boys till Tuesday.
The boys went back to school the next day and the rest of the week went by uneventful.
We saw the boys off on the train once again warning them about how they should act in public.
Both Derek and I had to work for the next two days before we also headed home.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to your comments. I will try and answer them all.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy