Chapter 19

Part 19
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

We headed straight to my mum’s place when we got off the train leaving Peter and Steve with his parents for a while longer. We had arranged to meet them at a restaurant in town that evening.
Mum greeted us both with a hug and a kiss saying that she missed us dearly. It had been several weeks since we had been home so of course we missed her as well. Mum reminded me of an important event I had totally forgotten, Gwen’s wedding which was next Saturday and you may recall I promised to sing during the ceremony and at the reception.
That evening we all met for dinner, Peter, Steve and his parents were waiting for us at the restaurant. We walked in and both boys rushed over to greet us with a kiss and a cuddle. Peter whispered in my ear.
“I’ve missed you dad.”
“I’ve missed you too son.”
They also kissed mum and under protest did the same with my two sisters. Of course Derek couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the gang what was coming up for me, along with the news that I was doing a season of Shakespeare. Even my dear mother couldn’t control herself when Derek reminded them that I would be wearing tights.
“Even though I don’t like Shakespeare I will have to go along just to see you dressed in costume.”
She said.
While it was good to see her happy and laughing I didn’t appreciate it at my expense. Just as the laughter died down Derek then mentioned that next week I would be singing at my ex-girlfriends wedding. This also brought forth a variety of comments.
The meal was a long leisurely one, after Derek paid the bill we headed home, the boys coming with us so they could spend some time with my mum. After everyone else had gone to bed with just mum, Derek and I sat drinking hot chocolate, mum got a sad, worried look on her face.
“What’s the matter mum, is there something wrong don’t you feel well?”
She sat there in silence for quite a while before answering.
“Your father is applying for parole and your solicitor thinks he might get it because he has been good while in prison. This stunned both Derek and I.
“But I thought he would be away for much longer than that.”
“Apparently he is a model prisoner, working in the prison library; he goes before the parole board next Tuesday.”
“Is there anything we can do to stop his release?”
“I don’t think so, our solicitor said he would lodge an objection but doesn’t hold out much hope.”
Derek leant over to take me hand trying to calm me down because he could see I was getting upset.”
“Don’t worry darling, surely he has learned his lesson by now and leave us all alone.”
“Somehow I don’t think he will, once an ass hole always an ass hole.”
True to form mum said,
“Language Cliff.”
“Sorry mum, but as you know he gets me riled up.”
Derek put his bit in by saying,
“We should still make sure that the court order barring him from coming into contact with us is still in force.”
We agreed with that as mum continued,
“He has instructed his solicitor to apply for him to have access to the two girls and I don’t think there is anything we can do about that.”
“I will talk to our solicitor on Monday and see what he can do, maybe we can say the girls would be in jeopardy because he had sex with an underage girl once before.”
Derek said, he continued,
“Do the girls want to see him?”
“They said no, but I think that was just to please me.”
I wasn’t very happy about the whole thing and later lying next to Derek in bed I told him that we must do everything we can to make sure he doesn’t cause any more trouble.
Derek agreed before snuggling up closer to me giving me a kiss before saying goodnight and dropping off to sleep. I stayed awake for a bit longer thinking about my father and what a terrible man he was.
I looked at my darling sleeping peacefully next to me his mouth slightly open almost as if he was pouting just a little bit. His dark curly hair contrasting with the pure white pillow. I thought yet again what a lucky man I was to have such a beautiful lover by my side.
Next morning we slept in till quite late and it was an incessant tapping on the door which woke us from our slumbers.
“Come in.”
Derek said. The door opened slowly and Peter and Steve walked in with a tray loaded with tea, toast and marmalade.
“Why thank you that’s very thoughtful of you, but as always I suspect there is an ulterior motive to this.”
‘Dad, don’t you think once in a while we might just do something to please or help you without wanting something in return?”
“Yes I suppose so my apologies boys.”
We sat up in bed and began to eat with the boys sat on the bed either side of us.
“Yes, Peter.”
“It’s your mother’s birthday in two weeks and we may not see her before then, do you think we could go down town this morning and see what we can get her for her birthday?”
“A good idea Peter, you two go get ready and we’ll join you as soon as we’ve had a shower and got dressed.”
“Thanks dad, and remember you don’t have time for any’ hanky panky’.”
“Get out you cheeky pair of buggers we’ll be out shortly.”
In actual fact we did have a shower and got dressed without any ‘Hanky Panky’ just the odd kiss and cuddle.
We called for a taxi and headed down the hill to town.
“What did you have in mind for mum’s birthday?”
I asked the boys.
“What can you afford dad?”
Derek laughed and I joined in,
“Do you have any ideas and don’t worry about the cost after all she is my mother and the best in the world.”
We wandered round town for a long time not having much luck in finding that special present for a lovely lady. We were walking past a pet shop when the boys stopped looking into the window at a little fox terrier pup.
“Now that we have all left home how about a little dog to keep her company? She told me when I was living there before I joined you and daddy Derek in London that you used to have a lovely collie dog called Laddie who died some years back.”
That brought a lot of memories flooding back and I said,
“Yes mum and I loved that dog and missed him dearly, what do you think Derek.”
“I think it would make a great present and give her something to occupy her while we are away.”
We went into the shop and the owner told us the dog was twelve weeks old, a pedigree with all its injections up to date. He got it out of the display cabinet in the window and the boys fell in love with it straight away. I must admit it was a bit expensive, but as Derek pointed out she was worth it. The boys both had a pleading look in their eyes which turned to joy when I said yes. We paid the money did all the paperwork and received the pedigree papers, plus as the boys pointed out we had to buy food, bowls, collars and leads, before we left the shop.
Going back home the boys held on to the dog until it pee’d on Peters lap, then Derek had to hold it. The taxi driver wasn’t too happy but we were soon home. The boys couldn’t wait to get out of the taxi and run up the path with their gift.
By the time we got through the door mum was already holding her present looking very happy.
She put the dog down to allow it to get used to its new home before giving all of us a hug and a kiss with tears in her eyes.
“Thank you all what a lovely early birthday present, I love all you boys.”
She gave me a big kiss and hug whispering in my ear,
“Thank you son, I love you more than you can imagine, you are my first born so will always be my favourite. You have I hope a wonderful life ahead of you with a beautiful partner and two lovely boys. Please take care and look after yourselves.”
“We will mum we promise.”
I whispered with tears in my eyes. Derek put his arms around me giving me a big hug before grabbing my mum to include her in our group hug.
After tea we all decided to make an early night of it, because we had church tomorrow. I confided in mum that we only manage to get to church these days when we are home. She scolded us mildly before saying,
“Don’t worry; I’m sure the man upstairs understands.”
Later as we lay in bed Derek was very quiet and looked rather pensive,
“What’s the matter darling?”
“I don’t think your mother is very well, she is pale and looks worn out, while the arrival of the dog cheered her up I think she is worried about your father coming back to cause trouble.”
I was silent for a while cursing myself for not seeing the signs. As her son I should have noticed and didn’t.
“Do you really think he will cause trouble?”
I asked.
“I don’t know darling, maybe prison has changed him, plus after all he will be on parole so the minute he does something wrong he will be back behind bars.”
I kissed him lightly on the lips, not for any particular reason except I loved him so much.
“We’ll talk to our solicitor before we go back to London and make sure all our bases are covered.”
Derek then raised a point which I had not even thought about.
“Are the boys invited to the wedding next Saturday? If not we will have to make arrangements for them to stay with Steve’s folk for another weekend.”
“I have no idea but I will be talking to Gwen about the final arrangements during the week.”
We lay close together in silence each with our own thoughts. Derek broke the silence.
“Are you happy about attending Gwen’s wedding, after all if I hadn’t come on the scene and seduced you in the school greenhouse it could well be you walking down the aisle on Saturday.”
“I must admit I’m a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, but I’m just treating it like a normal singing gig.”
Laughing Derek said,
“I bet you cry during the ceremony, because deep down as I’ve said many times you still have a soft spot in your heart for her and it’s no good denying it.”
I hate it when he’s right which is usually all the time. I didn’t answer him because he knew what the answer was, I just leaned across kissing him gently on the lips before pushing my tongue against his teeth until he opened up to allow my tongue to do it’s stuff. I could feel him hardening up as I pulled him closer and of course my little ‘soldier’ wasn’t lying idle either.
I don’t think either of us planned to go all the way when we went to bed but these things happen as I think we all know. Our hands began roaming, touching, teasing, feeling until we both reached each other’s manhood, rubbing our hands slowly up and down teasing each other as we continued to kiss each other deeply, with our breathing becoming more and more ragged. We both sped up our jacking of each other’s tool trying hard to make the other come first. Neither of us willing to give in and we certainly had no intension right then and there to go any further with our sexual romp. This was one big game and I for one was making sure that I wasn’t the first to shoot. My lover was using his hands every which way he could, but so was I, his breathing became more intense as he tried so hard not to blow but I knew I had him on the ropes so I began to increase my speed but at the same time relax a bit more because I knew I had him beat, Mistake, because suddenly I could feel myself losing control and shooting into his hand which naturally set my darling off but of course I was first and I lost. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth grinning from ear to ear because it is not very often that he wins.
He moved his hand full to overflowing with my juice up to his lips licking it up while I followed suit with his sperm enjoying the sweet pleasant texture.
We lay back recovering our breath, Derek with a big smile or should I say smirk on his face.
“Of course I let you win.”
I remarked laughing.
“Oh yes sure and pigs can fly.”
He replied before reaching over once again to kiss me without the tongue this time.
“Best of three?”
I said.
“You’ll still lose; anyway you’ll never get it up in time.”
Laughing we both hugged and kissed each other before I decided that he was right and we dropped off to sleep totally in love with each other.
Next morning Mum had us up early for church and again I sang with the choir which always made the family happy along with the vicar and the entire congregation. We were hoping to catch up with Michael and Robert but found out that they were in Spain on business. This news also disappointed the boys who thought a lot of our two dear friends.
After church we were as always required to hang around outside and chat to all and sundry while mum headed home to prepare Sunday roast dinner. Steve’s parents arrived and Steve’s mum helped get everything ready. When we got home once again the main topic was
my Shakespeare gig which was beginning to bore me and generally piss me off.
“Just shut up a minute and listen, I am wearing tights on stage and I’m sure Derek will agree with me that when I strut my stuff all the ladies will swoon and have hot flushes while the gentlemen will be jealous or wanting to get into my pants, end of subject.”
There was a lot of jeering and rude comments but gradually they tired of the subject.
Later Derek confided in me that the only reason he brought the subject up was to cheer up mum and make her forget if only for a short time about my father coming out of jail. I contacted our solicitor John Jones who told me that he would do whatever he can to keep my father locked up, plus he would also apply to the court for a further extension of the court order banning him to coming anywhere near us or mum, he would also oppose him having access to my two sisters on the grounds that he had sexual intercourse with a minor.
“I don’t think there is anything else we can do, so let’s hope he stays locked up and if he does get out that he behaves himself. I took the liberty of speaking to your police constable friend Steve and he assured me that he would keep an eye out for him as well.”
I thanked him for all his efforts telling him to send the bill to me not my mother.
As always on a Sunday night everyone had to gather round the radio to listen to me presenting the Coca-Cola top 20 from Radio Luxemburg, which I explained was one of my last shows because I was being rested and Pete Murray (No not that Pete Murray) but another radio friend of mine would be taking over again.
Reception wasn’t too good which happened from time to time, but the boys enjoyed what they heard anyway.
Next day, Monday it was back to London but not till later in the day because as I explained it was a public holiday. We spent the whole day lazing around not doing much just relaxing. Even the boys didn’t want to play soccer or rugby just take things easy.
We decided not to be too late getting home because the boys had school next day. I and the guitar player in my band had decided to have a shot at song writing. So Tuesday morning he came round and we spent a couple of hours trying to come up with an award winning song. While it wasn’t a winner we penned a love song with a bit of a beat and were quite happy with the result.
Derek had to go to work tonight and I picked up the boys from school, because after what happened to them we don’t allow them to walk to school or come home on their own.
After they had done homework we went out to an Indian restaurant just round the corner before getting a cab and meeting Derek as he came out of the stage door. We often surprised each other that way. Why? Because we’re in love.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to your comments good bad or indifferent I will endeavour to answer each and every one.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy