Chapter 20

Part 20
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

The week passed without any dramas or anything untoward happening. I spoke to Gwen regarding the final wedding arrangements and she answered one question for me before I asked therefore saving me some embarrassment. During our telephone conversation she said,
“Of course you know your two boys are on the invitation list.”
I thanked her, breathing a sigh of relief because they desperately wanted to go.
“We want to see the only girl you went to bed with walk down the aisle dad.”
Said Peter with that cheeky grin of his.
“How do you know she’s the only one I took to bed?”
“Come on dad your talking to me now, just after that you met Derek and the rest as they say is history, unless you’ve been fooling around behind our backs and I can’t see you doing that with a girl.”
“That’s enough you’re getting far too cheeky boy,”
He grinned again and Derek changed the subject.
Because the wedding was in the Parish Church of our home town we travelled home on Friday. I had no gigs that weekend having told Bob not to book me, plus Derek took the weekend off. Besides I had a surprise for Gwen and her intended, Clive which involved the entertainment industry.
We all stayed at mum’s which was handy because she was able to iron all our clothes a job we hated.
I had to be at the church early for a quick run through; I was using backing tapes so Derek had to be there to handle the technicalities of the sound for me.
We were setting up when this young upstart came into the church looked us up and down asking what on earth we were doing.
I introduced us telling him that we were the music for the wedding.
“I’m the organist and musical director of this church and no one told me.”
I apologized explaining that the bride arranged it some weeks ago.
“Well, I’m the musical director and no one performs in my church without my express permission.”
I looked across at Derek, who noticed that I was getting hot under the collar and he shook his head mouthing the words no. As if that calmed me down anyway.
“Well, I am the singer performing for the bride at this wedding and no one except my manager and agent tells me if I can sing or not without their express permission, so take your organ and your musical direction and piss off.”
The shocked look on his face set Derek off laughing which only made matters worse and he went red then purple and back to red spluttering all down his shirt front.
“Well if you’re going to be singing maybe you can sing the wedding march as well because I’m certainly not going to play it.”
Just then the Vicar walked in spotted me and came over.
“Hello Cliff,”
He said extending his hand in welcome.
“Hello Jeffery, good to see you again, it’s been a long time. This is my partner Derek who I think you already know and the two boys laughing over there are my adopted son Peter and his partner Steve, of course you know your ‘puffy’ organist here, don’t you?”
“Oh dear Cliff, don’t tell me you’ve upset him already. I knew you two wouldn’t get on but I didn’t think you’d cross swords this early in the day.”
We all burst out laughing except the organist and my two boys sitting in the pews watching the drama unfold were pissing themselves laughing.
The organist turned on his heels and stormed off to play with his organ, while we continued chatting and setting up. As soon as I started to practice the wedding March began on the organ at maximum decibels. I just stopped until he finished then started again and as soon as I did he started up again. I was losing my cool very quickly.
Jeffrey came rushing out from the vestry going up to the organist and I didn’t quite catch what was said but I don’t think it was very nice.
Once everything was quite, the vicar came down apologizing.
“Sorry Cliff, I just reminded him that his contract was coming up for renewal so he’d better be careful. Little does he know that the Parish Council has already decided to get rid of him because he is so temperamental and hard to get on with, we’ve already lost some fine singers from the choir, plus we pay him quite a substantial stipend. Personally, I think he has PMT from when his boyfriend walked out on him a week or so ago.”
“That explains a lot I said and I can’t blame the boyfriend either, I wouldn’t live with him no matter how good he was in bed. Ooops! Sorry vicar.”
“Don’t worry Cliff I’ve heard a lot worse said about him. Anyway I’ll leave you to finish your practice in peace.”
I ran through my songs a couple of times while Derek got the sound levels right and then we headed off to the local pub for lunch. They had a restaurant as so the boys could join us.
Derek had been looking a bit worried ever since we arrived home last night and I think I knew why.
Grabbing hold of his hand, giving it a squeeze, and getting some knowing looks from our two young charges, I said.
“You’re worried about me doing this today aren’t you?”
He didn’t answer straight away.
“As I’ve said before you still have a soft spot for Gwen don’t you?”
It was my turn to pause now.
“Yes, I suppose I have, I’ve told you before she was the first for me and I did love her until I met you, but that’s all changed because I love you and only you. Nevertheless I will always remember Gwen.”
The two boys couldn’t hold back and control themselves.
“Dad, can Steve and I go outside and be sick?”
“Why do feel ill?”
“No, but all this soppy lovey talk is making us that way.”
Derek couldn’t keep a straight face as I replied.
“I suppose you two don’t declare your love for each other? Or is it just raw sex between you.”
That did it. Peter flared up and I thought for a minute he was going to hit me.
“You know perfectly well we both love each other dearly and like you and daddy Derek we don’t have sex we make love.”
He sat down again grabbing his partners hand as if to prove a point. Other patrons in the restaurant were looking at us, Derek pointed out, no hand holding in public. Peter looked around noticed everyone staring and pulled his hand away blushing a deep red. He turned to me whispering,
“Can we leave now please dad?”
I nodded sparing him and Steve any more embarrassment.
Back at the church people had begun arriving so we took our places in the choir stalls which is where the microphone and sound equipment was set up. I suggested to Derek that he check the sound levels just in case and sure enough in our absence they had been altered by a very smug looking organist. I turned around raising my fist which took the smile off his face.
Gwen’s husband to be arrived, complete with top hat and tails, which the boys laughed at. Jeffrey the vicar took his place winking at Derek and I. Only five minutes late the bride arrived and I had tears in my eyes as she walked down the aisle with her father by her side. She looked radiant in the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever seen. I couldn’t help it tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably, Derek leant over offering his handkerchief which I accepted willingly. Gwen looked across at me with a wistful look in her eyes. My own lover must have felt a twinge of jealousy because he moved closer taking my hand in his gently squeezing it to remind me who I belonged to. Even the two boys looked as if they felt sorry for me.
As Clive, slipped the ring on her finger, Derek began fingering the gold ring I wore that he had slipped on my finger what seemed a long time ago but was only a few years. I leaned across to hold his ring finger so that he understood no matter how I felt about Gwen he was the only one for me.
I looked at Peter and he was smiling with tears in his eyes holding on to Steve at the same time.
I thought what a soppy lot we are.
It was normal in those days for the bridal party to move into the vestry to sign the register, but Gwen had insisted that they sit at a table in the knave of the church so that she could hear me sing.
I stood composed myself and began to sing a brand new song that a musician friend of mine who had recently moved to Australia wrote for me. Simply called, ‘The Wedding Song’, It contained some lovely words relevant to the occasion. Looking around I could see Gwen’s mum wiping her eyes and then I spotted my old headmaster Mr. Garth having a sniffle, plus several other teachers were in the congregation.
I then moved on to ‘How great thou art’, noticing that the wedding party had finished the paperwork but were quite happy to sit there listening. I must admit that I excelled myself, Derek remarked after that was the best he had ever heard me sing.
He nudged me pointing behind at the organ. I took a quick look noticing our organist bawling his eyes out tears flowing freely down his face.
When I finished even hitting the top c crisply and clearly (something I don’t always achieve) , the congregation then did something which is unheard of in a church, they gave me a standing ovation. Gwen left her husband’s side racing over to give me a quick kiss on the cheek and hug. Then it was all over and time for us to pack up the gear and move on to a local five star hotel were the reception was being held.
It was at the reception that I had a big surprise for Gwen and her husband, Clive. Out of my own pocket I had paid for my full band of eight musicians to play for the guests. Let me explain I normally had just four musicians but for big gigs I took a brass section as extra. Gwen had planned to have a DJ which was becoming all the rage so I used him to fill in during the band breaks.
We had just arrived at the hotel walking into the room to wait for the bridal party to arrive when I felt a tap on my shoulder, turning round I found my old music and drama teacher John Waddington with his boyfriend and lifetime partner Bruce. You may remember in my early school days story that John was responsible for helping me get a start in the industry, Plus the use of his spare bedroom allowed Derek and I to discover each other.
We kissed and hugged introducing them to Peter and Steve explaining without going into too much detail how we had adopted Peter. I whispered that I would tell them the full story later.
I didn’t want to talk too much about Peter’s previous life in front of him because I know he gets upset over it.
I left them with Derek and the boys while I went and organized the band. Not long after, the MC announced the Bride and Groom had arrived. Just as they walked in I began singing a love song (the title of which I’ve forgotten, sorry) the look on Gwen’s face said it all while I think Clive was a bit jealous. Gwen had told him a long time ago that I was her first boyfriend, I am sure he realized that I also took her virginity. Anyway she stood there at the entrance to the room totally entranced in my performance. I’m sure if I whispered to her ‘come on let’s find an empty storeroom’ she would have been in it.
When I’d finished the band took over playing soft dinner type music as Gwen crossed the room taking me into her arms kissing me and whispering,
“I wish it was you by my side today Cliff, I still love you.”
“Be careful or Derek will scratch your eyes out.”
I replied with a laugh.
“Plus Clive’s looking daggers at me wishing I was dead.”
Gwen laughed this time saying,
“Come over and meet Clive he might be my second choice but he’s a wonderful man.”
We walked over hand in hand with Derek and the boys following. Gwen introduced me and we shook hands with me telling him what a lucky man he was. I then introduced Derek as my boyfriend and lover, which jolted him a little bit and was even more surprised when I introduced my son Peter and his boyfriend Steve. Just then John came up congratulating Gwen and introducing Bruce as his partner. Looking stunned Clive exclaimed,
“My God, were surrounded by them.”
We all burst out laughing with Gwen stating that we were the nicest people she has ever had the privilege of being friends with.
Just then the MC announced dinner was served and we all moved to our places, while my band took a break and the DJ played background music. I was surprised that our table was just in front of the bridal one with their respective parents on either side. Sitting at our table were John and Bruce, Mr. Garth and his wife, Miss Marsden my old Geography teacher plus our old head boy, Jason with his partner Paul. You may remember we had a romp with both of them plus we helped them ‘come out’ to their parents.
They told us that they were living in an apartment close to their university and both were very happy.
“Thanks to you two we are looking forward to a long and happy life together, plus our parents are also now on side and fully understand. I’m sure if you two hadn’t come along with us that night to explain to our parents they would never have agreed to our relationship.”
Explained Jason, with Paul nodding his head in agreement.
The meal was excellent which of course it should be being five stars. After the meal came the speeches and when Clive rose to answer on behalf of his wife and himself he thanked everyone, declared how lucky he was to have Gwen as his wife and surprised us by saying,
“May I also say that I almost missed out meeting this beautiful young lady, because if the very talented entertainer in our midst, Cliff Steele hadn’t found someone else then he would be in my place today.”
This brought forth muttered conversation from those who didn’t know the full story.
Clive continued.
“I would also like to thank Cliff for the beautiful singing in church.”
This brought on more applause and another standing ovation for me.
“Plus I am told that he has supplied this wonderful band as a wedding gift to us.”
More applause and I whispered to Derek,
“Just wait till they see what else I have organized.”
With the speeches over it was time for the bridal waltz and I stepped up to the microphone not to sing but to announce my next big surprise.
“Ladies and Gentlemen Gwen’s favorite singer is Cliff Richard, after me of course, would you Please welcome a very special guest and friend of mine. Cliff Richard.”
As Cliff walked in there was tremendous round of applause and the look of surprise on Gwen’s face was reward enough. Once more she rushed over to kiss and hug me repeating thank you, thank you over and over again.
“I love you Cliff Steele.”
She whispered in my ear before heading back to begin the bridal waltz with her husband.
Smiling Derek said,
“If you keep this up there’ll be a divorce tonight.”
“Who, you or Clive?’
I asked with a smile.
“Who knows, but you’d better be fit and ready for a hot session tonight.”
“Is that a promise?”
I asked laughing and enjoying every minute with the man I love.
As the rest of the wedding party joined in the dancing Peter asked,
“You and daddy Derek aren’t going to get up and dances together, are you?”
“No, but I’m certainly going to have a bit of a swirl around the dance floor with Gwen, meanwhile you can dance with Clive if you like,”
We all burst out laughing at that remark as I walked over and excused Clive taking Gwen into my arms.
I asked.
“Oh yes you have made my wedding day one I will never forget, thank you Cliff.”
I kissed her lightly on the cheek before surrendering her to Derek who whirled her around the dance floor. Meanwhile I was grabbed by Gwen’s mother who also danced me round the room.
“Thank you Cliff for helping to make this a great day for our lovely daughter. You know at one time I really thought it would be you marrying my daughter but it was not to be.”
She paused, thinking of what to say next.
“You and Derek look very happy together and Gwen told us about you adopting that young boy to save him from who knows what. That was a wonderful thoughtful act, your mother must be very proud of you.”
I was lost for words and could only sort of mumble my thanks. Just then the music stopped so I was saved from any further embarrassment
Cliff Richard called me to the stage and suggested we do a duet together which I counted as an honor and later he told me he counted it an honor to sing with me. So you could say we were all honored.
In fact we sang a couple of songs much to the wedding guests delight. I think one was Bachelor Boy and the other Summer Holiday we sang those because I didn’t know any more or his songs.
After we had finished I told the band to take a break and the DJ took over. I made my way over to our table to find Derek in deep conversation with Mr. Garth. He told us that he and his wife went to see me in Oliver and thought I was terrific. “You should have come back stage after and joined me for a drink we could have met up with Derek and had some supper.”
John, Bruce, Jason and Paul joined us at the table
Mr. Garth asked me about Peter. The boys were sat in a corner and it looked like they were holding hands while in deep conversation. So Derek and I between us told them the full story and by the time we had finished all of them had tears in their eyes.
John leaned over to squeeze my hand saying,
“What a wonderful man you are, I’m sure all of us here are proud to have known you.”
I blushed not knowing what to say and was saved from further embarrassment when Cliff Richards (I called him by his full name so as not to confuse you) came over asking if he could join us. I introduced him to everyone at the table, surprising him with the fact that the only hetero couple was our old schoolmaster.
“In that case do you think I could bring my friend in to sit with us?”
This surprised Derek and I because he likes to keep his private life separate from his career. Naturally we said we had no objections in fact would love to have him join us.
He left the room and came back with his longtime partner whose name I won’t mention because Cliff does not like all the publicity which would go with the fact that he was gay with a gay partner.
(In fact it was only in 2009 that the public found out that he had a male partner the same one for over 40 years.)
We all chatted away for a while with Peter and Steve joining us as well. The MC announced the cutting of the cake so everyone gathered round with cameras flashing like crazy. After that part of the ceremony the band came back on and everyone got on the dance floor, while the bride and groom slipped away to change into their going away outfits. Of course we didn’t dance although Mrs. Garth got Derek and I up a couple of times. We just sat around drinking and chatting, with my lover monitoring my drinks so I didn’t make a fool of myself. Cliff and his partner drank only orange juice because they are both teetotalers. With a roll of the drums the MC announced that the bridal couple would be leaving so we all formed a circle with Gwen going clockwise while Clive went anticlockwise saying goodbye to all their guests. Meanwhile the band played Old Lang Syne. When Gwen got to Derek and me she gave us both a big kiss and a cuddle thanking us for all we had done and demanding that we keep in touch. She moved on then stopped, returning to give me a big passionate kiss her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, with loud cheers and whistles she finally broke free telling me that it was something to remember her by. Clive arrived in front of us shaking my hand he said,
“I’m a lucky man if you and Derek hadn’t found each other I would have missed marrying the girl of my dreams. Thank you for all you’ve done.”
With a tear in his eye he moved on. We all trooped out to the car to wave them off with confetti and rice going everywhere and has the car disappeared down the road I held Derek’s hand while once again tears rolled down my cheeks.
Derek not caring were we were took my in his arms cuddling me, kissing me on the cheek. Back in side we got fresh drinks and sat down. John and Bruce spoke quietly to us inviting the both of us along with Jason and Pete to join them in their room upstairs.
“I’m sorry guys but we have Peter and Steve to consider what would I do with them? Put them in a taxi and send them home to mum while we went to an orgy, No sorry but that wouldn’t be right.”
John and Bruce looked at me in amazement.
“My you’ve changed a lot just a couple of years ago you would be the one suggesting it.”
John said with Bruce nodding in agreement.
“Sorry, much as we would love to recreate old times with the four of you on this occasion we can’t.”
The boys themselves were beginning to fall asleep, plus the band asked me on stage for the last song of the night, so I invited Cliff Richard to join me as well. After that I thanked the guys in the band for a great job and gave Cliff Richard a big hug for coming along to perform, after that everyone gradually drifted off. We said goodbye to Mr. Garth and Miss Marsden. Jason and Pete came over saying that they preferred to go to their own bed, not being into the orgy scene, so John and Bruce said their goodbyes before heading upstairs alone.
We gathered our two very tired boys heading outside to a waiting taxi.
By the time we arrived at Mums place we were almost asleep and we half carried the boys up the path into their bedroom. We undressed them put them into bed, and as we turned out the light a little voice said.
“Goodnight Dad, Goodnight Daddy Derek, I love you both very much.”
As we closed the door another little voice said,
“Me too.”
In our room we both undressed quickly got between the sheets kissing each other deeply, telling each other how much we loved them before falling asleep. The sexual romp Derek promised me would have to wait till the morning.

Another long chapter, with lots happening. I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your comments and thoughts. I will endeavor to answer each and every one of them.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy