Chapter 21

Part 21
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

True to his word after a good night’s sleep I was awakened by someone taking my thickening dick into his mouth. (Surveys show that a stimulated penis goes from slack to full erection in under six seconds).
I kept my eyes closed pretending to be sleeping as my lover worked wonders with his mouth and tongue making me very hard and extremely horny.
Finally I couldn’t keep up the pretence any longer and began kissing my way down his body while he continued working on me. Very soon I had his hard member going down my throat and boy did it feel good. It had been a couple of days since our juices had been released so it didn’t take long for both of us to be shooting down each other’s gullets.
Coming back up for air we kissed swapping juices between each other. Derek laid his head on my chest running his hand up and down my body and this very quickly received a reaction from my dick which grew not quite as fast as last time but certainly quick enough. Once it was hard and ready again for another workout my lover whispered,
“Make love to me please darling I want all of that inside me.”
I began kissing him long and deep my tongue exploring places which I’m sure it was familiar with. I moved down putting my face between his widening thighs so that my tongue could continue its work.
I probed deep and deeper into his pink orifice until I found the spot which drives him crazy. Derek began jumping around and moaning just a bit too loud so I pulled out shushing him afraid that the boys or worse still my mother and sisters might hear him. When I thought he was hot, wet and ready I pointed my dick at his entrance slowly moving in until I felt him tense up a little. I paused, waiting for him to adjust to my intrusion before pushing onwards all the way in until my pubes were meshing with his. He began moaning again and I was trying hard to keep him quite but to no avail. I decided the best thing was to screw him hard and fast take his breath away and cum quickly with as little noise as possible. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load deep inside him.
I pulled out and lay by his side panting trying to get my breath back.
“You’re not fit that’s your trouble.”
A voice whispered in my ear. I grinned kissing my lover and marvelling yet again at how much in love we were.
Just then there was a gentle knock on the door. We quickly covered our naked bodies before calling out for whoever it was to come in.
In marched the two boys grinning from ear to ear.
“Good morning dads, we HEARD that you were awake.”
They both started laughing and Peter continued,
“What’s that familiar smell Steve, Could it be love juice?”
Again, more laughter.
“Ok point taken what do you two boys want?”
“Let me see, the same as you but with less noise.”
“If you two don’t stop it there’ll be big trouble understand?”
“Yes dad, sorry dad.”
“Come in and sit down I want to talk to you.”
They sat on the edge of the bed looking quite serious as if they’d done something wrong.
“What did you think of the wedding yesterday?”
“It was great dad and you sang fantastic and Cliff Richard was good too but not as good as you.”
“You boys know how to smooch up to me don’t you?”
“Yes dad, but what about that ‘poufy’ organist wasn’t he something else?”
We all laughed as Peter mimicked him getting his postures and facial expressions along with the voice down dead right.
I looked at my watch and said,
“Come on boys we have to get up have breakfast and get down town because were having lunch with Cliff Richards before he heads back to town.”
“Can I get him to sign a few pictures for me so I can sell them at school for two bob each?”
“Peter that’s dishonest, surely you’re not short of money, you know if ever you need anything just ask and if we can afford it we’ll get it.”
“No dad, it’s just fun taking money off other kids.”
I wasn’t too happy about his attitude and told him so.
They headed off to their room while we quickly washed, shaved and got ready before heading to the kitchen were mum had a late breakfast waiting.
Over breakfast we had to describe the wedding in detail to her and she was in stitches as Peter did his organist impression.
We took a cab down the hill back to the same hotel as last night. Cliff and his partner were waiting for us. We ordered lunch chatting in general until Cliff asked,
“What made you two come out of the closet? We are terrified of what might happen to my career if our relationship became public.”
“It wasn’t easy at first but because we were still at school and my career had not started it was easier. People already knew I was gay before my show biz career was launched.”
Cliff thought about that for a while before agreeing that it would have been easier that way.
Derek asked him,
“Do you think you’ll ever come out? After all it must be difficult keeping your private life private.”
“It is but, right from the start when I began making a name for myself I made it clear that the media had to stay right out of my private life and surprisingly enough they have. The rumours go round now and again about my sexuality, after all I am never seen in public with a girl on my arm but I just laugh it off telling them I’m too busy for girlfriends.”
Derek continued pushing,
“It must be hard on your partner here not being able to go out in public with you.”
For the first time his partner spoke after looking round to make sure no one else was listening,
“We love each and both believe in God and that is all we need. When Cliff is home we are happy just to laze around and be with each other. This is the first time I have been out with him for months although I do sit in the audience at most of his concerts, but private functions and small jobs like this I usually stay at home.”
I could see that both of them were dying to hold hands like Derek and I were and I thought what a shame that they have to hide their relationship like that but I could also understand that for a dedicated Christian like Cliff who has a fan club of thousands to be branded homosexual in the early 1960’s could be devastating.
Lunch over we said our goodbye’s once again I thanked him for helping out with the wedding surprise.
“Any time Cliff, it was a pleasure working with you and I would love to do it again.”
I agreed with him there. After they had gone I went into the hotel reception to pay for the band and Cliff’s rooms (The band had left early because they had a lunchtime gig in London). The manager came out and told me that the rooms were on the house and what a great pleasure it was to have such famous people staying at their hotel.
That was a surprise and I realized that my wedding present cost me next to nothing because last night when I went to pay the boys in the band they refused to take anything also. All I had to pay for was their transport costs.
Did I tell you that Cliff also refused to take his fee?
While down in town we decided to pop around to see Steve’s parents and they suggested that the boys might like to stay with them overnight and we could pick them up on the way back to London tomorrow (I think I told you that Monday was a public holiday)
Back in the taxi on the way home, I wondered if John and Bruce had already headed home, plus maybe we could meet up with them.
We called around to the hotel again to find we had just missed them by about ten minutes.
“That’s a pity.”
Derek said,
“If we had thought of it earlier we could have taken them up on last night’s offer, and had a session with them.”
I leant over to give my lover a kiss and the taxi screeched to a halt.
“What’s the problem driver?”
I asked.
“You are, I don’t want any queers in my cab, get out and fuck off.”
“What difference does it make if we are different and prefer our own sex we are still paying customers helping you make a living?”
“You are a couple of perverts, fucking poofters, evil people in the eyes of god I don’t want you contaminating my taxi with your vile ways, so piss off.”
I was getting hot under the collar by now and Derek was trying to pacify me but without much luck.
“Come on Cliff forget it lets get another cab and don’t worry about this bigot.”
“No I won’t get out, he was contracted to take us to our destination and is now breaking that contract because in his eyes we are different. Take us to where we requested or I’ll report you for not carrying out your duties as you should.”
He went red in the face and began shouting for us to get out. He climbed out opening my backdoor reaching in to grab me, while screaming obscenities.
“Don’t you dare touch me?”
I yelled,
“If you do you’ll find yourself in jail before you know it.”
“Me go to jail, you are the ones that need locking up and the key thrown away for being such twisted perverts.”
By now quite a crowd had gathered with people coming out of their houses to find out what all the shouting was about.
He reached in grabbing my arm, pulling me out of the cab. I stumbled and fell in the gutter were he commenced to put the boot in,
Derek rushed out of the taxi, jumping on the driver’s back, which on reflection later must have looked very funny to those watching.
The driver shook himself, grabbing behind to throw Derek onto the ground next to me. We both struggled to get up trying hard to avoid his boot which was kicking wherever it could reach. All this time he was screaming at the top of his voice how sick and perverted we were. Just then a police car came screaming round the corner and two burly policemen grabbed him pulling him off. He continued yelling and screaming that we were sick and in Gods eyes should be punished. I thought how sick is he to carry on like he is. The two policemen threw him in the back of their car just as another load of cops arrived to help. We could still hear him screaming and carrying on trying to get out of the police car.
The police car carrying the taxi driver was driven away with him still screaming in the back, while the other two took statements from Derek and me.
The local press arrived taking pictures and so on which I wasn’t happy about. We were then driven to the hospital for our injuries to be looked at even though they were fairly minor. Pictures were taken as evidence. Our good police friend Steve arrived and it was great to see a face we knew. I explained what happened and he said leave it to him he’ll sort things out.
I noticed that he had stripes on his sleeve and we congratulated him on his promotion. He also told us that Janice his wife and fellow police sergeant was pregnant with the baby due in three months.
There was hugs all round at that great news. We gave him our new phone number telling him to let us know when the baby was born.
“We certainly will.”
Steve said,
“Because we had already decided that we want the both of you as godparents.”
More hugs followed that news, both of us counting it a privilege to have been chosen.
Steve sorted everything out in quick time and I thought it’s good to have friends in the right places. Once all the paperwork was done and our injuries noted and treated, Steve said he would drive us home.
On the way up the hill he told us that the cabby would be charged with aggravated assault among other things. He pointed out that we may have to give evidence but he doubted it.
We arrived at Mum’s and she looked very anxious when we arrived by police car, then she was even more upset when she found out what happened. Steve came in for a cuppa and calmed mum down telling her not to worry that this guy would either go to jail or cop a hefty fine.
Both of us were a bit bruised and sore so after a hot bath together followed by a cup of cocoa we headed to bed for an early night.
Both us were too sore and also emotionally upset to fool around.
“I am sick and tired of this bigotry and abuse we have to endure just because our genes or whatever are different to other people.”
I said cuddling up close to my lover.
“Why, why, why when will people realise we are what we are and that’s that.”
Derek leant over to tenderly kiss me on the lips. He smiled wistfully, looking into my eyes with a questioning look.
I asked.
“We just got into bother doing exactly what we told the boys not to do, show our affections in public.”
I laughed saying.
“God, I hate it when you right. The boys will give us hell when they find out.”
He kissed me again saying,
“I love you dearly, but get scared all the time that something really bad is going to happen to us, and then something like this happens.”
I agreed before giving him a gentle kiss good night and falling asleep almost immediately in his arms.
Next morning we slept in late only wakening when there was a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
I called and mum walked in with a hot cup of coffee for us along with the daily paper. She smiled saying,
“Don’t spill your coffee when you read the paper.”
There it was on the front page both of us lying on the ground, with the caption ‘the queers in trouble again?’
I couldn’t believe it, how can the press stoop so low? It must have been what they call a quite news day.
Derek looked at the picture and the caption smiled and said in his usual peaceful calm way,
“Oh well, when their knocking us they are leaving other alone.”
I don’t know how he can remain so calm, but then again I think that that is one of the reasons I love him so much and he does help keep me more or less on the straight and narrow.
We made out for a while before getting out of bed and dressed.
In the kitchen mum had breakfast ready for us before we started to gather our things ready for the trip back to London. For once I would have liked to have spent a bit more time at home with mum. She looked lonely, tired and susceptible. Hard to explain but deep down I worry about her. Before picking up the boys we headed over to Derek’s parents because both of us felt guilty for neglecting them as well as my mum.
Derek remarked,
“Are we having an attack of the guilt’s or something, why are we suddenly worrying about our folk?”
“I reckon it’s because of what happened yesterday, I know all our families worry about us and that incident demonstrated they have every reason to do so.”
Derek’s mum and dad welcomed us with open arms with just the hint of a tear in his mum’s eyes. As soon as we pulled up Ian’s mum came from two doors down to see us, wanting to know if we had seen Ian lately because she hasn’t had a word for a while.
“I think there’re on the French Riviera with some other members of the royal family; if we see him we’ll remind him where you’re living.”
Derek told her. After a cooked lunch which my lover’s mother insisted we have his father took us round to pick up the boys and then took us to the station for the journey home.
Once in the train the boys gave us hell for kissing in the back of the cab of the cab and getting bashed for it.
“At least all we did was hold hands.”
Peter remarked.
By the time we got back to our Kensington apartment all four of us were dead tired. Derek fixed us beans on toast, a plain simple meal which we ate in the lounge watching television before heading off to bed. The boys had school tomorrow. I was in bed first feeling a bit sore and sorry, while Derek washed up the supper things I was dozing almost asleep when a knock on the door brought me round.
“Come in.”
I said, and the two boys trooped in to say goodnight, both of them gave me an extra special kiss and a hug, being careful not to hug too tight were I was bruised.
“We love very much dad, but why do some people go out of their way to hurt us? Make us feel like freaks and all that garbage in the newspapers doesn’t help does it?”
“No son it doesn’t, it’s just that some people don’t understand that we can’t help being what we are, they can’t understand that I love Derek much more deeply than many of them love their wives and girlfriends, just as you and Steve love each other deeply and dearly.”
“I understand that dad, but why?”
“I don’t have the answer to that son, hopefully in time people will be more tolerant to homosexuals, but I expect it will take a long, long time. Maybe, even after I’m dead and gone.”
“But you’re going to live for ever dad.”
He answered with a smile.
“I hope so Peter, I certainly hope so, now off you both go to bed and remember no matter what is said and done to you in the future Daddy Derek and I love you dearly and will try very hard to make sure nothing nasty happens to you ever.”
With tears in his eyes he kissed me followed by Steve. Derek had been standing in the doorway and they kissed and hugged him on the way to bed. My darling man had a tear in his eye when he got into bed beside me.
“You have a wonderful way with words darling.”
He remarked before pausing, smiling and continuing,
“At least you have when you’re not angry or someone’s upset you than you can be a right bastard with a wicked tongue.”
Laughing at the last remarked which if I cared to admit it was quite true; we kissed and cuddled as we normally do before falling asleep.
Next morning up early the boys were taken to school and Derek had to go into work early because some of the sets were showing wear and tear so he had to supervise the gang fixing them up. I was at a loose end so I popped round to my agent Bob to see what was happening.
As I walked up the stairs to his office Alex Guinness came out.
“Just the man I want to see, let’s go have a cup of coffee unless you want something stronger, although it’s a bit too early for me to have a drink.”
I told him coffee would be fine and we found a small little café just around the corner from Bob’s office.
After we ordered and got our drinks he said,
“I’ve just been talking to Bob and he tells me until the pantomime season starts you haven’t got a lot of work on, just a few singing jobs.”
“Yes that’s right but then again it’s not too far off Christmas only a couple of months and the Panto in Brighton will be on.”
He paused as if thinking what to say next.
“Bob wants me to direct you in the Moliere play you did during your last year at school.”
He paused and I was astounded at the revelation. It took a while for the fact to sink in.
“A bit of a shock to the system was it? I told Bob it would be, but every time he talks about you he raves about that play and how you held it together. I’ve read the script and can see where we can make it a bit more grown up to suit your age, plus I can think of several top actresses and actors to play opposite you.”
I actually think I was blushing; here was one of Britain’s top actors, top agent and some of the best talent around in a play which would star me.
“I’m flattered honoured and speechless but are you sure we can pull this off, I mean I was just a kid when I did that play.”
“Nonsense, it was only two years ago, not that long ago.”
“Were would we stage this play?”
I asked,
“Bob and I thought we’d open in Oxford for two weeks just to test the waters and then see what West End theatres are available.”
I thought some more all sorts of things going through my head.
“If it was a success wouldn’t this clash with my pantomime contract?”
“Yes, but we thought we would run it for just a short season then after the Brighton panto take it to some provincial cities and them maybe back to the west end. If it worked and I see no reason why not then this could keep you going for several years.”
We parted with Alex telling me to think about it and talk to Derek, because if he wanted he could be artistic director due to the fact that he too already knows the play.
In a daze I caught a cab round to Derek’s theatre arriving just in time for lunch. He had finished the job so could take the rest of the day off. We found a pub not far from the theatre ordered sandwiches and a beer. When I explained to Derek the deal Alex had offered he was speechless.
“Does that mean I won’t see you in tights in Shakespeare?”
Was the first thing that came into his sexy head? Laughing I replied,
“Well, this is a period play and I do wear sort of tights or I did.”
He thought about it a bit more and I began to worry that he didn’t like the idea.
“What’s the matter don’t you like the idea?”
“No, I think it will be great for you and I’m sure it would work because you were brilliant in the school production, but what about the boys if we are on the road?”
Well when the time comes we’ll have to work something out of course but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. At least we’ll be together when on the road.”
Derek agreed with that. After a couple more drinks it was time to go meet the boys from school. On the way we decided we’d eat out tonight to celebrate the news.
We chose a very expensive up market French restaurant, which the boys thought a bit over the top, even though they loved it.
When we told them our news they made so much noise that everyone looked around and the waiter came over to make sure everything was all right.
Later that night in bed with my beautiful lover I began to feel nervous and scared.
“What’s wrong?”
My darling asked.
“All these people are putting their faith in my ability to keep them employed for what might be some considerable time. Do you think I can do it? For once in my life I’m beginning to have doubts.”
He reached over to kiss me before saying.
“Sweetheart you do have the talent believe me, Alex and Bob are right. Just imagine how proud the boys and I will be along with your mum and all our friends when your name is up in lights in the West End as the star. It will be wonderful not only for you but all of us. I love you and I am very proud of you.”
With that he kissed me long and hard and we made love that night which was warm wonderful and fulfilling. No one could possibly understand just how much we loved each other.

I hope you enjoyed this Chapter. Cliff and Derek realised very quickly that not everyone is in agreement with their lifestyle and I’m surprised Cliff his feeling nervous about a project which can launch him into stardom.
As always your thoughts and comments are welcome, plus I would like you to take a look at my new web site and tell me what you think.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy