Chapter 22

Part 22
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

When we woke next morning I think I was still in shock that there was every possibility that I would be starring in the west end of London in a French Classic play.
During breakfast the boys never stopped talking about how famous I was going to be and that maybe a movie role would be next. Although I have a massive ego I was starting to become embarrassed by this conversation.
“All right enough about me. How’s your school work going boys? We haven’t heard too much about this lately.”
That quietened down the conversation a bit and while I knew that Peter was a brilliant student I didn’t let on all I knew. His headmaster had already contacted Derek and me advising us that next year he should sit the required exam for him receive a scholarship into an Oxford college. Normally this exam is not sat for another three years but Peter is ready now, we just have to wait another twelve months before they will allow him to sit. Passing this exam means that he will have a full scholarship to study whatever he chooses. The headmaster also told me that very few are accepted and a lot of extra study will be needed over the next twelve months for Peter to succeed. He added that the last person who passed and was accepted was more than three years ago.
I asked Peter what he intended to study, (not long after we rescued him from his cruel parents he told us he wanted to study psychiatry)
“I haven’t changed my mind dad, I want to study psychiatry.”
“And is the reason still the same?”
“Yes, I want to be able to help people just like my ex-parents were, to stop the cruelty and hate they had, so that other young people don’t get hurt.”
I knew I shouldn’t have asked him and felt guilty as the tears began to roll down his cheeks.
I moved to his side putting my arms around him as he laid his head on my shoulder I told him,
“Sorry son, I didn’t want to upset you and bring back bad memories.”
“It’s all right dad, I have to learn to cope with my own demons before I can help others.”
He kissed me on the cheek whispering so quietly that I could hardly hear him.
“I love you dad and will never forget how you saved my life because I’m sure I would be dead by now if you and Daddy Derek hadn’t taken care of me.”
With that he kissed me again as tears came flooding from my eyes as well.
I looked across at my lover and Steve noting both of them had tears running down their cheeks as well.
“Come on this won’t do.”
I said in what I thought was a tough voice.
“Let’s get you two off to school.”
Since the bashing outside school we always escorted them there and back.
Neither Derek or I had anything to do until Derek went to work later today so we lounged around watching a bit of television while hanging on to each other making out, which of course led from one thing to another and before long we were naked on the lounge with our hardened dicks in each other’s mouths .
After about ten minutes or so of this I moved down using my tongue to loosen up his hole making it ready for my cock. As always my lover was horny and panting for my erection to be right up inside him.
“Make love to me please darling fill me with your love juice give me a baby.”
I didn’t require any further encouragement before pushing into him slowly going in all the way.
“That’s better.”
My lover sighed contentedly.
“Now fuck me hard and fast.”
He instructed and that is just what I did. Pounding into his hot quivering body I slammed my cock right into his willing hole till it could go no further before pulling it out almost completely before going in again. I gradually increased my speed perspiration pouring from me dripping onto my darlings’ chest to mix with his droplets of sweat. I continued hammering home until I felt my balls tightening ready to spew my juice into his guts. All this time Derek was screaming words of love begging for more and more. Then I too joined in the screaming as shot after shot entered his body with my own body also shuddering out of control.
Slowly we came down to earth with me lying on top of my lover trying to get my breath back. We continued making out before deciding to clean ourselves up and head out for lunch.
Just as we were going out the door the phone rang and I dashed back to answer it.
It was Alec Guinness, asking us out to lunch.
“Were just going for lunch to our favourite local café would you care to join us there?”
He agreed and I gave him directions how to get there.
We’d just sat down at our regular table when Alex came in spotting us he walked over to sit down and the usual idle conversation was bandied around until it was time to order.
The patrons and staff were overawed with our guest but he brushed it off telling us that he was used to that kind of attention.
After our lunch arrived he got down to business telling us that plans for the play were getting under way and hopefully the first reading of the play will be in two weeks’ time, when the script should be ready.
“We are having a few alterations made to the script because the one you performed at school was aimed more for a younger cast and audience, also Bob and I have definitely decided that you will open in Oxford in six weeks’ time for a two week season before you go into your pantomime.
Following the pantomime which in your case can only go eight weeks we have a couple of week’s rehearsal before opening in Bernard Miles, brand new Mermaid Theatre.”
We both stared at him in amazement everything was moving so fast, my head was spinning.
Alex continued,
“Now Derek, are you definitely coming on board as artistic director because by next week we will be at the stage when we will need your input?”
Derek and I had not even discussed that bit in depth at all, so he looked at me with questioning eyebrows raised.
“That’s up to Derek.”
I said. Then my darling lover spoke up.
“I would love to be involved because it means we will be together, but I haven’t told the company I work for at present and I don’t want to leave them in the lurch.”
“Could you manage both positions for now until they get someone else?”
Alex asked.
“Yes I’m sure they would be happy with that after all I only go in three or four days a week now as it is.”
“That’s settled then. One other point we haven’t spoken about yet is the financial side of things.”
He paused to take a mouthful of food and sip of wine.
“Bob and I had a meeting this morning and would like to offer the both of you a small wage, offset by a percentage of the profits. In fact we decided that being as you are a partnership you will receive the same share of the profits that Bob and I will get, so we will be equal partners.”
I looked at Derek and could see he was as much out of his depth with this as I was.
“I can see you are both confused, simply put you will get a small wage along with a share of the profits after everything has been paid for. If the play is a success the payout will be tremendous and we will all make lots of money. If it flops, and I can see no earthly reason why it should then you will have your small wage which will be sufficient to keep the wolf from the door.”
We continued eating and thinking about the offer, still a bit unsure about it.
By this time we had finished lunch with all three of us heading off in different directions. Derek had to head off to work while it was time for me to pick up the boys from school. Everything was happening too quickly for a couple of inexperienced young men who have not long left school. I picked up the boys and while they were doing their homework I gave Derek a call at the theatre.
“Hi lover boy.”
I said,
“What did you think about today’s offer?”
“I don’t know it’s left me bewildered.”
“Me too, I was thinking maybe we should talk to John our solicitor and ask his advice on the whole project.”
“Sounds like a good idea darling. Do you want to call him now or leave it till we are both there tomorrow?”
“I’ll call now and see if he’s available, explain what the deal is because he might want to think about it over night before getting back to us.”
“Good idea, I’ll see you when I get home, love you darling.”
“Love you too.”
I said before breaking the connection.
Tonight I decided to use my limited culinary skills to cook dinner for the boys much to their dismay because they love eating out, or maybe they hate my cooking. Anyway they appeared to enjoy my spaghetti bolognaise, in fact I thought it was bloody good.
I had already called John our local home town solicitor and he said the offer sounds great but he will do some research and get back to me tomorrow.
The boys washed the dishes after we had eaten, then we sat together watching television except I felt like the odd man out because every so often the boys would get carried away making out with their hands roaming more and more into their nether regions as the night went on.
This action on the settee was getting me hot as well and I kept looking at my watch wondering how much longer it would be before Derek got home.
Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and said.
“I think you two had better take those things sticking out in front of your pants into the bedroom and fix the problem.”
Both turned a deep red before getting, up kissing me goodnight, heading hand in hand towards their bedroom.
While the TV was on I wasn’t really watching, just sitting back thinking about life in general and once more how lucky I was to have a beautiful partner who I love dearly and two great young men of whom we are so proud.
Finally Derek arrived home and I jumped up to greet him with a deep loving kiss filled passion.
“What brought that on?”
He asked,
“Not that I’m complaining in fact I’ve been thinking about that all night.”
I explained that the boys sitting next to me making out got me hot and horny as well.
He laughed, before grabbing my hand, leading me into the bedroom where he undressed me, then himself before pushing me onto the bed to begin doing wonderful things to my body. I won’t go into the gory details except to say that it was more than two hours later before we finally sated our desires and dropped off to sleep. While neither of are the dominant one of the partnership it was Derek who took all the initiative on this occasion.
Next morning we overslept which wasn’t surprising after last night’s session and the boys must have had a similar occurrence because they didn’t wake up either.
It was a mad scramble to push breakfast down the boys and rush them off to school. Just as we walked back into the apartment the phone rang and it was John our solicitor friend, who told us that the deal according to some show business friends he had spoken to was a great one which we should accept.
“Either way if it’s a winner or a flop you won’t be out of pocket, and according to a close friend of mine he tells me, with you in the lead and Alex as director then it will be a sure fire hit and make lots of money.”
I thanked him before hanging up and telling Derek what John had said.
“That’s settled then, plus until production of the new play gets closer to opening night I will be able to keep my old job going as well. I did mention to them what was happening and they said if I can hold both jobs down for the time being they would be every happy.”
Derek said.
I hugged him before saying.
“That’s settled then; I’ll ring Alex now telling him that we are on board and accept the proposition.”
Alex said that he would arrange for a press release and a photo shoot for pre-publicity, plus a copy of the script will arrive sometime today via messenger. We headed out to our favourite café for lunch where we were greeted by the owner with open arms. After shaking our hands and giving us a hug he asked if I was bringing in any more famous people today. Laughing I told him no but we might well be later on.
Whispering so only the two of us could hear him he said that the lunch today was on him. Thanking him we settled down at our favourite table, holding hands and just quietly gazing into each other’s eyes waiting for our order when a voice said,
“Look at them it’s disgusting they look like two love sick cows.”
We both jumped apart looking round expecting trouble and standing there killing himself laughing was Derek’s old school friend Ian.
It was hugs all round before inviting him to join us.
He looked around the café at the other patrons making sure they looked ok, before saying.
“I have another old friend outside I had to come in first to make sure it was safe.”
At that he walked outside returning with HRH in tow. The look on everyone’s faces said it all while the Greek café owner rushed out to bow and scrape until they were both sat down. For those of you who are new to the story Ian and HRH became items while still at school and have been together ever since.
“What brings you two down into lower class land?”
I cheekily asked them.
“We heard on the grapevine that someone had been offered the part of a lifetime and just had to come along and offer our congratulations.”
That was HRH speaking, which in itself was rare because Ian normally was the spokesperson for the two.
“Thank you, I’m going to need all the luck and good wishes I can get to pull this off.”
I told them.
Ian said,
“You’ll be great, if it’s like the school play it will run for years.”
“I wish I had your confidence right now. By the way did you know that this handsome young man sitting next to me is the artistic director for the new production?”
“Wow, that’s great news and will be the icing on the cake.”
We went on to tell them the deal offered to us and both of them thought that we would be set up for life. They asked about the boys before inviting us out to dinner tonight.
“We can’t because of the boys, we couldn’t leave them at home on their own.”
“No the boys are invited as well, after all they are also part of our group.”
HRH pointed out.
After that we settled down to a leisurely lunch sitting talking until it was time to pick up the boys from school. Because the school was only a short walk from the café they decided to tag along for the exercise. I noticed that a plain clothes bodyguard followed just a few steps behind us.
The boys walked casually out of school until they noticed who was with us then they ran to give Ian and HRH a hug and a kiss happy to see them. The stares and pointing going on it was obvious that the other pupils, staff and parents recognized our royal companion.
We told the boys about the dinner invite which delighted them both, because they loved the high life.
Ian and his lover left after giving us directions to the exclusive restaurant we were going to tonight.
We headed home so that the boys could do their homework before we got ready to go out. We had just walked in when the phone rang and it was John our solicitor. He told us that he had some disturbing news for us. This didn’t sound too good and I asked him what was going on.
“Your father has been released on parole, although I objected as strongly as I could they have still allowed him out. He will have to stay for about three months in a sort of halfway house, plus they have reinstated the court order forbidding him to contact either of you, your mother and his two daughters.”
“Well that’s one good thing, let’s hope he sticks to that and leaves us all alone. Does my mother know yet?”
“No I’ve just got back from the Parole board hearing. Do you want to call her or shall I?”
“No I’ll give her a call if that’s all right with you?”
“That’s good I’m sure she would love to hear from you anyway.”
As soon as he had rung off I told Derek what the conversation was about before calling my mother. As always she was happy that I had called plus I remembered she didn’t know about the new acting job so I told her about that first before bringing up the subject of my father. I could tell she wasn’t very happy at the news but like me she hoped he would stay away and leave us all alone. I went on to tell her that the boys would be home this weekend spending Friday night with Steve’s parents before coming up to her on the Saturday. That news cheered her up because I knew she missed the boys almost as much as she missed Derek and me.
Derek and I would be travelling home on Saturday because we both had to work Friday night.
We got ready, before calling a cab and heading off for our dinner with Ian and HRH. The restaurant was in the West End of London a very quiet exclusive place, plus HRH had booked a private dining room. Our hosts were already there, so the head waiter or whatever he is called showed us straight in to our seats. Following hugs and kisses all round, drinks were ordered and we settled down for a chat.
“Tell me first what the big occasion is? We haven’t heard from you for ages and now we are being wined and dined in fine style, why?”
“Because you have landed the role of a lifetime, that’s why.”
HRH said.
“Besides we love all four of you dearly and have missed you.”
“Sorry about that guys but we have been very busy plus the boys have school and when not at school we try at least every second weekend to take them home to see Steve’s parents and mum.”
I paused.
“By the way talking about mum we just heard that my father is out on parole.”
“Oh no, that’s terrible news.”
Ian said.
“I hope he leaves you all alone.”
I went on to tell them about the court restrictions on his movements and so on.
The first course arrived, a delicious soup, so silence reigned while we devoured that. Once those dishes were taken away an even tastier seafood dish arrived. While waiting for the main course I noticed and Ian and HRH looking at each other nervously.
“It looks like you two have something on your minds as well.”
“Yes, we have. My mother is putting pressure on me to re-join the royal household and take up more official duties including a trip to Australia. What she really wants to happen is for Ian and me to part, so that I can be married off and have children.”
He shuddered when he said that. Rather timidly Derek asked,
“So what’s going to happen to you Ian if all this takes place?”
“We don’t know, as you are aware we love each other dearly and the last thing we want to do is part but his mother is making it more and more difficult. Right now we are worried sick.”
Just then the main course of rare roast beef arrived along with hot English mustard, sautéed potatoes and a collection of vegetables all cooked to perfection.
We ate in silence with all of us extremely worried by Ian and HRH’s news.
“Ian you are the one who will suffer most because you will have no were to go, plus what will you do for a living?”
“I don’t know Derek, we are having a lot of sleepless nights and it’s not all sex either keeping us awake.”
We all smiled at that remark although it wasn’t funny. HRH spoke next.
“We are trying to work out a way we can be together in secret while carrying out my royal duties.”
“All well and good but what happens when you do get married, what happens then?”
I asked. A worried silence followed with both of them holding hands looking very sad.
“We don’t know and it is breaking our hearts right now, HRH has pleaded with his mother explaining how much we love each other but to no avail, plus she refuses to see and talk to me.”
Derek walked around the table to give both of them a hug. I must admit the gathering was not a happy one by the time we parted. The food and service were excellent and the company was great. You may recall that Ian and HRH along with Derek and me have been together for a long time, sharing in quite a few experiences and sexual romps.
Just as we were about to leave the restaurant owner came in to tell us that several people were outside carry banners saying, ‘This restaurant is a hideaway for gays’.
He also pointed out that a couple of photographers from the newspapers were also out there.
I noticed we had all gone pale, looking worried. The owner suggested that we leave by the backdoor going out through the kitchen which we did. He had also arranged for a taxi to be waiting which took us away at top speed. No one followed but the whole thing left a nasty taste in our mouths.
“I wonder who organized that and also who knew we were going to be there?”
I asked. No one answered.
That night lying next to my lover in bed I said,
“It’s strange that the day my father gets out of prison something like that happens is it just co-incidence or what?”
“I don’t know but it does seem strange.”
My lover replied and with a loving kiss and cuddle we drifted off to sleep.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy