Chapter 23

Part 23
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

We were still both thinking about the incident at the restaurant when we woke next morning. Thinking about it I realised it was highly unlikely that it was my father who organised it, after all he had just been released on parole and would have no idea of our movements so quickly.
Derek finally came up with a suggestion which sounded feasible.
“Do you think the palace would stoop low enough to stage an event like that in an effort to convince HRH to change his ways?”
I thought about it for a while before answering.
“It’s possible I suppose or a newspaper could be seeking headlines by following him and then putting on a show after all some press photographers were apparently there.”
We continued to eat breakfast in silence. The two boys didn’t enter into the conversation but it was obvious last night that the whole event shook them up.
“I’m worried about what is going to happen to poor Ian; after all he has no trade, being as he says ‘a kept man’ since leaving school.”
I could see that Derek was very worried about his old friend.
“Is there anything we can do to help him?”
I asked.
“I don’t know what we can do right now. The both of them are very much in love, Ian more so than HRH. If the worst happens then he could always come and live here till he sorted himself out, we’d fit him in somehow.”
After taking the boys to school we intended to do a bit of shopping but decided to call round to Ian and his partner’s apartment first. As the cab drove up I noticed a car parked across the road with two men in it and one had a camera pointed our way.
“We’re having our picture taken.”
I told Robert as we hurried into the grand old Victorian mansion which had been converted into luxury apartments. We rang the bell to their apartment and Ian came to the door looking absolutely dreadful. He was unshaven his hair all over the place and it looked like he had been crying. Derek hugged and kissed him with me following suit as we walked into the dining room. I said that I would make us all a cup of coffee leaving Derek to talk to his best friend. I walked back in from the kitchen to see Ian sobbing his heart out on Derek’s shoulder.
My lover looked at me and shook his head which I understood to mean don’t say anything for now. I sat opposite them while Ian continued to cry on Derek’s shoulder. He looked so dejected and unhappy and I felt like crying along with him.
Gradually he calmed down and I invited him to have a drink of coffee which he did. He looked across at me apologizing for his behaviour.
“Please don’t apologize Ian your among friends and we will do all we can to help you.”
Ian then proceeded to tell me what had happened since we left them last night. He said,
“When we got home HRH was totally freaked out and when he looked out the window and saw photographers out there waiting that was the last straw. We talked and talked all night trying to find a way out and in the end he announced that there was no option except to do what his mother asked, go back to the palace, find a woman, get married and have children. I asked him what about me? Am I to be thrown on the scrapheap like a worthless piece of junk? He told me he truly does love me and whatever happens he will always love me. This morning he packed some stuff crept out the back way through the underground garage I presume home to mummy, the fucking bitch.”
He began crying again unable to control his emotions,
“But I love him.”
He wailed and both of us had tears in our eyes feeling so sorry for our friend yet not knowing what we could do to help him.
“This weekend we are going home to our parents. The boys are going straight after school tomorrow. Both of us have to work and we will catch the very first train out Saturday Morning. Why don’t you come and stay with us tonight and travel home with us for the weekend. I bet you haven’t seen your mum and dad for a while have you?”
He admitted that he hadn’t. So it was settled. I rang a friendly cabby who did favours for us asking him to discreetly drive into the downstairs garage and wait for us to come down, then get us away quick making sure no one followed. He told me he was about thirty minutes away and would call when he arrived.
That settled we helped Ian pack a few things and waited for the call.
When it came we quietly made our way down to the basement hoping no one noticed us on the way down. We jumped into the cab and our driver told us to lie down on the floor because a couple of guys with cameras were just around the corner. We did his bidding as he sped off leaving a trail of diesel fumes in his wake. He took us on a roundabout way to our place assuring us that no one was following.
While I paid him off giving him a handsome tip thanking him for his help, he told me any time you like ‘governor’.
Back in our own place we gave Ian a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of pain pills suggesting that he lies down on our bed and try to get some sleep. He looked like a zombie as Derek guided him to our room. Not long after Derek came out saying that he was sleeping like a baby.
“I wish we could do more to help him but what can we do except just be there for him.”
Derek agreed feeling and looking terribly sad for his dear friend who he has known from the age of about three. I left Derek to stay and keep an eye on Ian while I went to collect the boys from school and do a bit of shopping because we had very little food in the place.
I explained to the boys what was happening and they were both upset about today’s events. When got back home Derek was sat watching television informing us that Ian was still asleep. The boys went to their room to do homework and I sat cuddling my lover. We sat for a while not saying much both engrossed in our own thoughts when there was a knock on the door. We both jumped not expecting it. I went to the door looking through the spy hole to see who it was but it was hard to make out. I opened the door to find a messenger had arrived with the script for the play. I signed for it and just as I was about to close the door a strange figure approached dressed in a shabby raincoat with a cloth cap pulled over his eyes. I thought he looked familiar but wasn’t sure. I was just about to dash back in and lock the door when a familiar voice called out for me to wait.
After looking round to make sure if one else was around he took off the cap and I recognized HRH. Holding the door open for him he dashed in with me hot on his heels. I closed and locked the door, while HRH took off the raincoat.
“I’m looking for Ian, he wasn’t answering the phone in the apartment and too many press people were hanging around for me to go in, so I thought if he had gone anywhere it would be here.”
“Yes he’s here asleep in our room.”
Derek told him. He continued.
“He was very upset so we gave him a couple of pain tablets and put him to bed.”
HRH nodded before saying.
“Is it all right if I go into him, we need to have a long talk and sort a lot of things out?”
“Of course it is and while you’re in there we’ll get dinner ready for all of us, you are going to stay for dinner?”
I said with just a hint of sarcasm.
“Thank you for the kind invitation and I will stay if you don’t mind.”
He went into our bedroom closing the door behind him, while my lover and I started preparing dinner.
The boys came out of their room looking hot and flushed so I think a bit than homework went on. Derek knocked on our bedroom door when dinner was ready. A few minutes later HRH and Ian came out hand in hand. Nobody spoke; I think we all decided to wait until they wanted to tell us what was going on. The whole meal was eaten more or less in silence; it was until we all had coffee that HRH spoke up first.
“We’re sorry that all of you had to be burdened with our problems and unfortunately they are not yet solved.”
Derek replied,
“Ian has been my friend almost from birth, plus we have known you for a while as well so your problems are our problems as well.”
Ian spoke up next.
“You are all wonderful people and I suppose deep down when I entered this relationship I knew it would be difficult and fraught with problems but I never imagined it would be as bad as this. I just can’t comprehend why his mother and father would stoop as low as they did.”
We all stared in amazement at this statement, while we had some idea that the Palace was involved never did we think his parents would be behind it wholly and solely.
Have you worked out what is going to happen to the both of you?”
Derek asked.
“Not really, except that we love each other dearly and don’t want to be parted. I certainly do not want to be married and have children but it looks like I will have to. We just have to work out how this can happen while we remain lovers.”
I was beginning to get angry over this and his attitude because it looked to me as if he wanted his cake and eat it as well.
“That’s all well and good for you, but what about poor Ian do you expect him to sit around all day waiting just on the off chance that you just might be able to sneak away from your mummy and daddy, and the little wifey just to make love to him. I don’t think that’s very fair, do you?”
By know I was shouting and Derek came over to be putting his arm around me calming me down.
“I don’t know of any other way.”
HRH wailed tears forming in his eyes.
“I think your being a bit too harsh Cliff, I love this man so much that I would do anything to be with him if it is even for a few hours now and then and I’m sure he loves me.”
Ian walked over to comfort HRH and I knew I had overstepped the mark.
“I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean to lose my temper like that; it’s just that I find it all so frustrating. And like the rest of you I don’t know what is for the best. It’s the eternal triangle with a twist.”
We all sat around in silence for a while until my Derek spoke.
“So where do we go from here? Are you going back to the palace or your apartment tonight or staying here, which you are quite welcome to do.”
“We would like to spend the night together, but until the bloodhounds get tired of stalking us we can’t go back to our apartment, so if we could stay we would be eternally grateful.”
“No Problem.”
I said.
“Boys, would you mind if Ian and HRH slept in your room tonight, with you guys sharing the lounge?”
“We don’t mind dad, it’s very cosy two people on the lounge.”
Peter replied with a grin.
“That’s settled then and you can stay as long as you like. Tomorrow the boys are going home and we are going the next morning as well, so you are welcome to stay all weekend if you like.”
“I have some official duties over the weekend and Ian told me that he might go home with you and see his parents. For the time being we are going to see as much of each other as we can until we can work something out”
“Personally all I can see is that you are prolonging the agony and the main one to suffer is Ian.”
I said. HRH didn’t like it but it was the truth.
We decided to have an early night and headed off to bed because the boys still had school tomorrow and they required the lounge.
In our own room and alone at last Derek and I kissed and cuddled for a while but I could tell that like me, my lovers heart wasn’t in it.
“Your just as worried as I am over Ian aren’t you?”
I asked.
“Yes no matter what he is going to get hurt and I don’t want to see that happen.”
“If he comes to live with us do you think that will make any difference to our relationship?
I turned to look at Derek not sure where he was coming from with that remark.
“Don’t get me wrong, but just remember we used to include him from time to time in our sex romps, what happens if that started up again?”
I thought for quite a while before answering in fact I took so long that Derek was beginning to look worried.
“That would be all right it was no big deal before with us and as more mature adults than we used to be I’m sure we can handle it right just as long as it is with the two of us. I wouldn’t like it to be one on one with Ian if you understand.”
“Cliff darling, don’t get me wrong I know before you came into my life Ian was there and we had some good times, from the moment I met you all that changed. You and only you are for me and will be until our dying day. I love you Cliff, I love you dearly, I love you so much that at times it hurts especially when you are away for any length of time. Nothing and no one, not even Ian who I love as a brother will never, ever come between us, not that I believe he will.”
I think that was one of the longest sentences I have ever heard Derek utter and it brought me very close to tears.
“I love you Derek so much as well, when we placed those rings on our fingers it was for life and I feel just as strong now as I did back then. First off when we got together ok we had feelings for each other but the raw sex got in the way, but now sex is just a small part of our love. If for some reason we didn’t have sex it wouldn’t make any difference to my love for you. Well maybe a little bit.”
I added with a grin. My lover also laughed saying.
“Without the sex I would still love you dearly but that part of our relationship is good and I wouldn’t like to do without it.”
We both burst out laughing falling into each other’s arms, other people’s problems fading into the background.
Next Morning after breakfast we took the boys to school leaving Ian and HRH still in bed. When we got back they were sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.
“Thank you for allowing us to stay last night, it allowed us to show each other just how much we do love one another.”
HRH said.
“No problem you are both welcome any time you wish.”
I said. Derek cooked breakfast for them and we sat around till lunchtime when it was suggested that we all go round our local café.
They accepted the invite hoping that no news hounds would be sniffing around.
“They haven’t fully connected us with you yet although in time I expect they will.”
Derek told them.
Of course when we walked in to our café with the prince in tow the owner came dashing out bowing and scraping. I took him quietly to one side saying.
“We would appreciate if you kept our visits with the prince a secret because he is having trouble with photographers making a nuisance of themselves.”
He assured me he would be discreet making sure that is staff did the same.
During lunch we talked about many things steering clear of the current problem. Ian told us that he would like to travel home with us tomorrow morning if that was all right. We assured him it was, plus he could stay the night as well, we would both be working late, but the boys would be already gone so he could use their bed. HRH announced that he had an official function to attend tomorrow but had arranged to travel to Ian’s parents place on the Sunday, which cheered Ian up no end. They intended to stay a couple of days before HRH had to be back at the palace.
“I’ll tell mummy that I am going to see some old school chums for a couple of days, which should keep her happy.”
We left the café Derek going outside first to make sure no suspicious characters armed with cameras was around.
We said our goodbye’s on the footpath and I could see HRH would have loved to have kissed Ian goodbye but wasn’t game. He took a taxi, while we walked to the school to collect the boys, and then caught a cab to the station.
We put Peter and Steve on the train telling them to behave. With a cheeky grin on his face Peter replied.
“Don’t we always dad?”
I didn’t answer just grinned back knowing full well if the chance arose they would be making out like crazy and hopefully not getting caught.
“Maybe I should go along as chaperone?”
Ian said with a grin. The look on the boy’s faces said it all in answer to that remark. We all waved as the train pulled out. They would be met at the other end by Steve’s parents so they should be ok.
We made our way back home with Derek and me getting ready for work. I had a band job tonight in a London club so I didn’t have far to go, while Derek went to the theatre. We left Ian watching television and looking a bit happier than he did.
The job I had wasn’t bad in fact very easy, all I had to do was two forty minute cabaret spots with the band while they played music for dancing. During the evening I sensed a bit of tension between the band and me and didn’t quite understand why. During each band break they gave me more or less the cold shoulder and it was getting on my nerves. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer.
“Listen guys I don’t know what I have said or done wrong but there’s tension in this dressing room tonight and I’d like to know what is causing it?”
All five of them hung their heads not looking at me waiting for each other to speak up.
“Come on doesn’t at least one of you have the guts to speak up and tell me what’s wrong, it’s obviously something to do with me and I want to know what it is.”
Finally Jason the bass player spoke.
“Well it’s just, we have nothing against you personally and you’re a great entertainer, it’s just that, well you see.”
He paused looking at the others who all averted their eyes.
“Putting it bluntly because you are a homo, we are also being tarred with the same brush. Not only is it cramping our style with the chicks but we have weird guys trying to latch on to us plus and this is the most important bit we are missing out on other band work because they don’t want to employ a bunch of ‘puffs’.”
Once he’d got all that of his chest he visibly started to relax.
“So what it boils down to is that you don’t want to work with me because I’m gay, is that it?”
They all started talking at once denying that was the reason saying that they loved working with me and it was opening a lot of doors workwise which had been closed to them.
“Well what the fucks the problem then? You like working with me so I don’t understand what you’re fucking on about.”
I did understand but and so did they but weren’t game to speak out about it.
“Ok, I prefer boys to girls, well one boy in fact and only one. I don’t sleep around in fact I’m a boring fart in love with one person and none other unless you include my mother and my names not Oedipus, So I don’t have sex with her. I see nothing wrong with that and I see no reason why that should impact on the work we do together. If you can show me different I’ll be happy to listen but in the meantime you have shown that you don’t want to work with me so after tonight’s job I will tell Bob our illustrious agent that we are no longer a band and let him sort it out. But when I tell Bob that you don’t want me because I’m gay and cramp you style, I doubt if you’ll get much more work from him.”
They looked at me in stunned silence realizing that every word I had spoken was the truth, plus if BOB really went to town and put the word out about these guys no other agent would use them either, and they knew it.
“Know it’s time for my second set and then I’m out of here and you can all go screw yourselves.”
I paused for a moment, before adding.
“Plus if any of you fuck up my songs it’s the last time you’ll work in this industry believe me.”
I did my show and must admit just to show those pricks what a great entertainer I was put more into it than I usually do finishing up with a standing ovation did my encore walked off stage straight outside hailing a cab and went home.
The next morning before we left London I called Bob told him what happened, I also asked him to cancel all the bookings I had with that band. He was livid because I was one of his major bread winners and for me to be upset was a worry. He suggested that we audition for a new band, but I told him “
What’s the point I’m going to do the play, plus the pantomime so I won’t have time for a lot of band gigs.
He explained that he was getting a lot of enquiries for me to do cabaret and I should try and do some when I can.
“Sorry Bob, that sounds like too much hard work and stress which I don’t need.”
Reluctantly he agreed before we finished our conversation. All this time Derek had been getting anxious because he knows when I lose my temper I’m inclined to say things I regret after. Thinking back with the work load coming up I felt happier in myself that I didn’t have to do cabaret for a while. I put everything I had into my singing and performance and often finished up totally spent hardly able to talk and walk. The audience don’t realise the stress and pressure involved when you are the only one in the spotlight, working your butt of to please those watching and listening who quite often have paid good money to see you. It is stressful and wearying.
I’m getting ahead of myself. When I arrived home it was just after Derek, Ian was in bed asleep. I was uptight and no way ready for bed yet,so Derek fixed me a drink and we sat together watching some dreadful old black and white western. We had our arms around each other or should I say Derek had his arms around me making me feel more and more relaxed by the minute. He was so good at bringing me down after a show like that. I turned to him looking into his gorgeous blue eyes.
“I love you more and more every day do you know that?”
He nodded saying,
“And I love you more and more everyday as well, did you know that?”
We both leaned in to kiss tenderly and lovingly before bursting out laughing at the soppy things we kept saying to each other.
My lover took my hand pulling me up, leading me into the bedroom, closing the door before pushing me onto the bed stripping all my clothes off me, quickly undressing himself then laying gently on top of me making slow passionate love for the next two hours.

I’ll leave the love making to your imagination. I’ll just say it was full of love and tenderness.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter and as usual I would appreciate your thoughts and comments and will try and answer each and every one.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy