Chapter 24

Part 24
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

Next morning I was still upset with my band saying what they did last night. I must admit the two hour session in bed that my darling lover instigated was great and maybe the tiredness from our sexual Olympics also had something to do with my feelings. Don’t get me wrong my adorable boyfriend as this wonderful knack of calming me down and last night he put out my burning fuse in more ways than one.

After a quick breakfast it was off to the railway station for our trip home. Ian was in a much better mood enjoying our company, laughing and joking. We were met at our home town station by Steve’s parents along with the boys who as always were pleased to see us. We put Ian into a taxi so he could go home to his parents because the car wasn’t quite big enough for all of us. The next stop was at Derek’s parent’s place who made a big fuss of welcoming us. Derek and I stayed for lunch while the boys and Steve’s parents went shopping; we had all arranged to meet up later today at my mother’s place. I had already phoned mum telling her not to cook anything because there would be too many and we would go out to dinner, our treat.
Over lunch we brought Derek’s parents up to date with all our news and they were thrilled to hear about my play plus the fact that Derek would be joining me as artistic director.
“And to think he wanted to be a mechanic when he left school.”
His mother remarked,
“Who would have thought he would be working in the west end of London in a top theatrical job, hobnobbing with Royalty and such.”
“I would never have got the chance without my darling boyfriend and life time partner.”
Derek replied gazing into my eyes, holding my hand while mouthing the words ‘I love you’.
“You’re not going to go all soppy on us are?”
Derek’s father said with a laugh. With a smile I said,
“It’s quite possible we’ve been very soppy with each other a lot lately.”
After lunch we helped clear the dishes and do the washing up before we all got into the car heading up the hill to mum’s.
It had been quite a few weeks since we’d seen mum and it was a bit of a shock to see how she had aged over those few weeks. We all had a cup of tea, before sitting down in front of the TV to wait for the others. Derek and I had a quite word in the kitchen with mum telling her own drawn and pale she looked.
“What’s wrong mum? You don’t look too good.”
I asked,
“I get very tired and the odd pains in the chest. I’ve been to the doctors and he said my heart isn’t too good and I should give up working and take things easy.”
“Why don’t you mum, because of my hopeless father you have had to work hard all your life and now you should be taking things easy.”
“I can’t afford to give up work and don’t forget this house goes with the school job as well where would I live?”
“Were would you like to live, mum, We’ll buy you a nice home wherever you like, just say were?”
She thought for a while and I could see tears forming in her eyes so I went to cuddle her assuring her that everything would be all right if she wanted to give up work.
“I did think I wouldn’t mind moving to Worthing to be close to your grandmother who also isn’t getting any younger, but what about the girls and what about your father?”
“Forget about my no good father, he doesn’t even need to know where you have moved to, and the girls finish school this year and don’t have long to go, after that they can live with you or go their own way.”
“I’ll think about it.”
She said, just as the rest of them arrived and of course seeing the two boys cheered her up a lot.
The last to arrive was Ian and his parents. Ian told us that HRH hoped to arrive sometime this evening, hopefully while we are still at the Restaurant.
We sat around talking in general until it was time to go to dinner.
Crowding into three cars we headed down the hill to sample the cuisine at a newly opened steak restaurant.
I had virtually booked the restaurant out, because it wasn’t very big but nice and cosy with soft lights and a pleasant ambience. We had the whole of the big room leaving about 12 seats for other guests in a little alcove set to one side.
After we had sat down Mum said that we should have invited Michael and Robert along with their three adopted Spanish boys.
“Mum, I thought about that but I heard they were having security problems, but we will try and see them tomorrow sometime.”
We told everyone to order whatever they liked and Peter of course asked if he could have some oysters because he heard they were good for the libido.
“You don’t need any help there.”
I said with a laugh.
“Cliff don’t be rude and crude and I’m sure Peter will enjoy oysters so he should have them if he wants.”
“Yes mum.”
I replied with Peter and Steve laughing at me and pulling faces. We had just finished the main course when HRH arrived which caused a big stir among the staff and the few other patrons.
We quickly made a space for him next to Ian and I could see they both wanted to kiss and hug but weren’t game with everyone looking on.
After dessert I ordered brandy along with coffee or tea for the adults and mock Irish coffee for the younger one’s (This is coffee with cream on top and laced with a whiskey essence totally non-alcoholic).
When everyone was served I stood up banging my glass with my spoon for silence.
“I would like to propose a toast to all of you here tonight, you are true friends and lovers and it’s mine and Derek’s wish that you all have a long happy and prosperous life with the one you love. Before we drink that toast I would like to add a very special lady who I know we all love and cherish dearly. My mother.”
We all drank to a toast to mum, and then Peter stood up.”
“I would like to add to that toast and thank two wonderful people, who not only saved me, but went on to provide me with opportunities for the future which other boys my age can only dream about. Two nicer people you will never find anywhere else on this earth. My two fathers.”
Both Derek and I got a bit teary after that speech, while Peter and Steve got up, coming round to us to give us a kiss and hug.
“I love you dad.”
He whispered in my ear before doing the same to my lover.
I noticed while the toasts were on even customers sitting in the alcove joined in. By now it was getting late so we headed out to our cars and our own homes. The boys were staying with us tonight, while HRH and Ian headed home with his parents. Derek’s parents went home alone so we promised them we would be down tomorrow afternoon and stay till Monday morning deciding on the spur of the moment to give the boys the day off school.
Back home the boys headed off to bed while we sat chatting to mum over a cup of hot chocolate.
“Have you heard anything about dad?”
I asked mum.
“For some strange reason he targeted Michael and Robert when they took their Spanish boys fishing and because of the extra security he finished up back in jail.”
“What did he do?”
“He was waving banners or something about how evil they were by being homosexuals and bringing homosexual boys into the country.”
“He’s losing his mind, going a bit crazy.”
I said.
“He’s certainly acting very strange, and I hope it didn’t upset those poor boys that were being held in Spain as sex slaves. They are three lovely boys very polite and charming and can’t help being what they are.”
Mum started to tear up and I just knew Derek and I would have to meet these three young men.
“We’ll try and see Michael, Robert and the boy’s tomorrow morning, now I think it’s time we headed off to bed.”
Kissing mum goodnight we headed off to bed.
“What a wonderful evening, we have some great people around us.”
I said as I cuddled up to my lover,
“Yes, I wonder how many more times we will all be together like that?”
My darling replied.
“I’m very worried about mum, she’s not at all well and needs a holiday, but I know she won’t take one because of the job at the school.”
“We’ll just have to keep on to her about settling down somewhere, especially now both your sisters have steady boyfriends and look like settling down once they have left school.”
Further conversation was impossible because my lips and tongue got in the way. We made out for a while until sleep overtook us.
It was just on three o’clock, when a massive explosion somewhere close rocked the building with the windows rattling furniture shaking. We jumped out of bed tried the lights but they weren’t working.
We felt our way in the blackness to the door were we met Peter and Steve shaking like leaves wondering what was happening, we moved in a chain towards the kitchen to find mum already lighting candles.
“Is everyone all right?”
Mum asked. We acknowledge in turn that we were ok.
“What on earth happened?”
I asked,
“That was certainly some big bang.”
Mum opened the front door to find the whole village in total darkness, some candle light was appearing in some windows while quite a large group of people had assembled in the street. We joined them trying to find out what was wrong, but no one appeared to know.
I quietly said to Derek,
“I hope nothing has happened to Michael and Robert.”
“Oh dear I hope not.”
We could hear the sound of sirens in the distance getting closer until a police car came into the street using a loudspeaker telling us all to go back into our homes and stay there until otherwise instructed.
Mum made us all a hot drink and bacon sandwiches. We all sat around in the kitchen until the dawn came creeping over the horizon.
Looking out of the window we could see smoke rising in the distance but weren’t sure where it was coming from.
(The full details of the explosion and what caused it will be covered in detail in the next chapter of Michael and Robert so I will skip what happened the rest of that day.)
Naturally we were all shook up but life must go on. In view of what happened we decided that we would meet in town at another favourite restaurant of ours for lunch. By now power had been restored to most areas and rumours around the town were getting more and more outlandish as the day went on.
That night we slept at Derek’s old home, while the boys went to Steve’s parents, Ian and HRH stayed with Ian’s folks, while mum insisted on going back home even though everyone offered her and my two sisters beds for the night.
As we kissed her goodbye I told her to think carefully about retiring and moving into a nice comfortable home somewhere.
“Don’t worry about the money mum, Derek and I will either buy you a house or rent you somewhere if that is what you want. You will have the age pension and we will set up something to supplement that as well.”
She began to cry saying that she didn’t want to be a burden to us because she was sure we couldn’t afford to do that.
“Mum, if we couldn’t afford it we wouldn’t have offered, we have no money problems and you have worked hard all your life making sure we always had food on the table and clothes on our backs. Our no good father did little to help you. We can afford this it is our way of saying thank you for being a wonderful understanding mother.”
“Thank you son, thank you Derek, look after my boy he’s one in a million, I love him and you.”
We kissed and hugged her before she headed back home in a taxi.
We stood at the kerb waving and watching until the cab turned the corner. With tears in our eyes I hung on to Derek saying.
“I have a feeling that we are going to lose my mother before very long, she’s a lot sicker than she will admit.”
“Yes, I got that impression as well, she is a lovely lady and I love her just as much as I do my own.”
The day dragged on and was very depressing and sad. That night neither of us felt like making love preferring to just lie in each other’s arms. Next morning being a Monday and time for us to return to London we said goodbye to Derek’s parents before heading to Steve’s parents’ home. From there it was off to the station. Apparently HRH got summoned back to the palace after the explosion and Ian went back to London with him. He rang us later to say that the media had given up staking out their apartment so he was back home for now.
The journey home was done in comparative silence. Nothing had so far been released about the explosion and communication within the area was difficult. We tried calling mum but all the lines were still out. It was a worry, but the boys needed feeding as always so we headed out to our favourite café, and as always we were treated like royalty.
We had just ordered when Ian appeared followed by a scruffy looking individual dressed in an old pair of jeans, the owner came running out ready to throw the tramp out until Ian pointed out that he was with us.
I then realized right away that it was HRH.
Ian was anxious to know if we had any news from home but we had to say no. He had been trying to call his parents all day with no luck.
The first edition of the evening newspapers was already out but the only news was of a mysterious explosion and no further details.
After lunch we all headed back to our place where we all played Monopoly to help take our minds off things. Peter as always won. We prepared a light snack instead of a big meal after which our two guests took their leave promising to keep in touch and let us know if they heard anything before we did.
Next morning after a fairly restless night we took the boys to school then I settled down to learn my part for the start of rehearsals in a weeks’ time.
Derek moped around the kitchen for a while before sitting next to me putting his arm around me giving me an occasional kiss on the cheek or blowing in my ear.
“You’re making it very difficult for me to learn my lines.”
I said with a laugh.
“I know.”
He replied with that cheeky sexy grin of his.
I put down the script and he immediately pounced on my lips pushing into my mouth so he could kiss me properly. I naturally responded and before long we were both naked on the floor in front of the TV which by the way wasn’t on. He parted my knees by placing his legs between them and then moved his hands down to replacing his legs with his long fingers seeking out my pink hole. He moved on in seeking the right spots to set me off, finding them straight away. He finished up with three fingers moving around inside me bringing me to an exciting climax before removing them, replacing them with his hard rampant tool. Slowly he entered me leaning forward to kiss me as he paused to allow me to adjust to his length and width. Once I was settled he went right inside me, his pubic hairs scratching my posterior. My own penis and testicles were wedged between our bodies and has he slowly begun to move in and out of me my own member began to once more shoot its own juice. Speeding up my lover was thrusting harder and harder into me and it did not take long for me to yell that I was cumming yet again which spurred him to shoot his load inside me filling my depths with copious quantities of love juice.
We lay panting on the carpet slowly coming down from what was a heavenly climax. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes the feeling of love and tenderness passing between us made me feel quite emotional towards this wonderful young man.
“I love you so much Derek that it’s impossible to put into words.”
He reached over putting his fingers on my lips making further speech impossible.
“You don’t have to say anything my darling, the feeling is mutual, because I love you just as much and always will.”
He leaned in further to kiss me gently and tenderly on the lips.
We lay together on the carpet until it was time to collect the boys from school. After cleaning ourselves up, and dressing we headed out to walk slowly to the boys school. We didn’t say much to each other on the way nor hold hands, just walked close to each other our bodies occasionally touching sending electric like shocks and thrills through us every time we touched.
The boys came out of school took one look at us and burst out laughing.
“What’s wrong boys?”
I questioned, both us checking our clothing to make sure everything was in order.
“It’s a dead giveaway dads. You two have been at it all day haven’t you?”
Grinning I replied,
“What makes you think that?”
“It’s written all over your faces, along with the glint in your eyes, both your bodies are oozing sex and love.”
We all burst out laughing, but I was blowed if I could figure out how they knew and I asked them that. Peter said,
“Apart from the way you both keep looking at each other you both smell of sex anyway and lots of it, boy you both must have had a hot session and Steve and I are jealous.”
On the way home I remarked to Derek,
“That’s the problem with having a son with such a high IQ.”
We hadn’t been home very long when the phone rang. I ran to pick it up and found mum on the end of the line.
“This is the first time I’ve been able to phone you.”
She said,
“The whole area has been in lockdown, no one allowed outside, no phones or anything.”
She told us.
“What’s the story mum what actually happened?”
“Oh Cliff you’ll never believe what caused that terrible explosion.”
Just as she was about to tell us the whole story the line went dead again. We tried calling her back but kept getting told by the operator that lines were down and it could be as late as tomorrow evening before they are fixed.

I know quite a few of you will be cursing me for keeping the cliff hanger from Michael and Robert going on even further. Any ideas? Please let me know what you think and I will try to reply to you all. Meanwhile you will have to wait for the next chapter of Michael & Robert coming out soon.

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy