Chapter 25

Part 25
(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy to boy sexual activity and if you
don’t enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story may not be published or reprinted without the express permission of the author.

We kept trying to phone mum at fifteen minute intervals with no luck. After about two hours of trying we finally got her on the phone. She explained what had happened with Michael and Robert’s home being blown up, and the assassins blowing themselves up as well but not till they had killed a security guard.
“At least they are all safe. “Mum said. She then told us to quickly turn on the TV because they were holding a press conference.
Michael was just walking up to the microphones when we turned on and the sight of the house or what was left of it in the background made us all feel sick in the stomach.
Tears began flowing when we saw and heard Michael explaining what happened and those three boys along with Robert standing there looking sad and crying. All four of us clung to each other joining in shedding tears of sorrow for our friends. When the story was finished we asked mum to contact Michael and Robert to offer our condolences and invite them to come up to London for a few days and stay with us bringing those wonderful sweet boys with them. We also told her to tell Michael and Robert that we would be in touch once the situation cools down.
Later that night in bed we discussed what had happened and I asked Derek if he would have saved those boys knowing the trouble he would be causing.
“I certainly would have saved them no matter what, no child should have to suffer and lead the life they were.” I agreed pointing out that we rescued Peter under similar circumstances if not quite as violent.
No lovemaking tonight we were far too traumatized so we settled for just a kiss and a cuddle before falling asleep in each other’s arms.
Next morning after the boys were taken to school I had my first reading of the play with the rest of the main characters. Who I might add I had no idea who they were going to be. I just hoped and prayed they would be easy to get on with.
We all met in a small dingy rehearsal room in Soho, with Alex Guinness there to greet us. I was introduced to the other main actors and immediately sensed a feeling of animosity from some of them. Not sure why at that stage but thought that all would be revealed in time. Because there had been only slight alterations to the original script I learnt at school my lines came very easy to me, which I suspect also pissed a couple of the others off. We worked for a couple of hours before Alex called a lunch break. He told me he had a meeting with Bob our agent but would have lunch with me tomorrow.
It was times like this that I missed Derek because we always did everything together.
All the others had disappeared so I wandered down the street till I found a half decent café. After a quick snack I was daydreaming I suppose, thinking that this is the first time I had a meal on my own since I don’t know when. I began to feel terribly depressed but was brought out of my daydream by a voice asking if they could sit with me. I looked up and say the most gorgeous looking young man with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He smiled and asked again if he could join me.
“Of course you can, sorry for appearing rude I was sitting here feeling a bit sorry for myself.”
He sat down opposite and I realized then that he was one of the cast members who had a relatively small part in the play. I must admit I had noticed him earlier this morning but was concentrating on the play reading so much that it didn’t fully register what he looked like. I suppose his age was about my own maybe a year younger.
“My names Roland and this is my first acting part since leaving drama school.”
He paused to take a sip of his coffee, before continuing,
“I saw your first play with Alex and also your part as Fagin in Oliver; in fact I went three times to see that just to study your performance.”
I could feel my self-going deep red with embarrassment thinking that why anyone would want to study my acting so closely. Jokingly I said,
“And did you notice all the things that you shouldn’t do on stage?”
He didn’t laugh just got more serious,
“Every time I watched you your performance was flawless, plus the young boys in the show looked up to you and some of your ability I could see was rubbing off on them.”
“Please stop it your embarrassing me to no end, let’s talk about you, how did you manage to get into this play?”
“I auditioned for Bob and Alex and they took me on straight away, it’s not a big part but it’s a start.”
“Alex assures me that we should run for a couple of years maybe even more.”
I told him.
“Only, if you stay in the lead.”
“For goodness sake Roland stop putting me up on a pedestal, I’m not the only actor in this play.”
“True, but you are the best and this play is tailor made for you.”
I changed the subject because this praise was making me feel uncomfortable.
“Were did the rest of them of them go for lunch?”
I asked him.
“By the time I walked out everyone had disappeared.”
“They went to the pub across the road, but I left because all they were doing was knocking you. They called you a poofter upstart with little experience in the industry and should never have been given the lead role.”
“So that’s what was wrong this morning, I could feel the tension but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So why did you leave them in the pub?”
“I couldn’t stand the way they were bagging you and would have made a fool of myself if I had stayed. So I walked out and was just wandering around when I spotted you in here and I hope you don’t mind me coming in and joining you?”
“Not at all, I’m glad you did, you’ve got me out of my depression by saying all those nice things about me.”
I said with a laugh. He looked into my eyes as if he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to put it.
“There’s something on your mind isn’t there? Don’t hang back you can talk to me about anything even in confidence.”
“Well, it’s just that, well you see, I’m just like you a homosexual.”
It was his turn to blush this time and look embarrassed.
“Don’t be upset for being what you are it’s not your fault, that’s how you were made.”
“I know but, there’s something else as well.”
He paused not sure how to continue.
“Don’t worry, you can say anything you like to me and if you want it kept secret so be it.”
He was silent for a while longer before blurting out.
“From the moment I saw you on stage I fell in love with you.”
I was stunned by this revelation and didn’t quite know how to answer, finally,
“You realize that I am happily ‘Married’ to the most wonderful man in the world, and we vowed never to be unfaithful to each other. If ever we have someone else it is with the other partner there as well.”
I paused and noticed a hint of sadness come into his eyes.
“May I also add that in the past we have never indulged in casual sex with someone we didn’t know well.”
After a moments silence he said,
“I understand that and while I’m disappointed I would dearly like to be you and your partner’s friend. I don’t know many people who are like us and lead a lonely life.”
“That’s fine by me and I know Derek will have no problems with that as well plus my adopted son Peter and his partner Steve will love to have you as a friend.”
“There is also another reason.”
“And what’s that?”
“Staying close to you I know I will learn a lot more about acting and the industry.”
I laughed saying,
“You’ll do well you have your head screwed on right and I’m sure you will become a famous actor in time. I got lucky being in the right place at the right school at the right time. Can you sing? I hope so because that is a good way of earning a living when you are between parts.”
“I sang with a band at school and did a bit at drama school, thinking that I might get into musicals if I can.”
I looked at my watch realizing that we should have been back at rehearsals by now. We rushed back to find everyone waiting impatiently for us. I apologized to Alex who said no worries you’re only a few minutes adrift. I noticed this once again brought sneers and knowing looks from some of the senior cast members and I decided to talk to Alex straight after we had finished for the day.
To make matters worse during this afternoon’s session, Alex asked me to demonstrate how he wanted particular lines spoken by some of the senior cast members. I could see this was totally pissing them off. I was puzzled that Alex hadn’t spotted what was happening or had he and was choosing to ignore it? I certainly intended to speak with him after. Roland sat next to me all afternoon with a look of adoration in his eyes whenever I spoke. This was beginning to worry me and I thought I will have to speak to Derek about this tonight.
Rehearsal ended and I went to speak to Alex but he said he didn’t have time he was late for a meeting but if I came in early tomorrow we could chat. I left it at that. Roland waited to walk out with me and surprise, surprise there was Derek with the two boys come to take me out to dinner. I introduced Roland to Derek, Peter and Steve, with the two boys getting a lusting look in their eyes when they saw Roland. Then Derek said the one thing I hoped he wouldn’t say,
“Were going to dinner would you like to join us?”
“I would love to but my limited funds don’t allow such luxuries.”
Roland said looking embarrassed.
“Don’t worry about that, we invited you so you’re our guest.”
He stammered his thanks, as Derek asked the boys if they wanted Indian or steak.
“I think steak would be nice today because I’m sure dad needs a bit of stamina and lead in his pencil.”
Peter said roaring with laughter. I hated him being so outspoken even if what he said was true. Again Roland blushed. We headed down the street to an Angus steak house noted for its rump steak with mushrooms and mashed potato. We sat at the table with Peter and Steve opposite, while Derek was on my left and Roland on the right. We talked generally about our day with the boys complaining at all the homework they were getting. Meanwhile I told them,
“Pretty good really, I’m having some problems with a few of the senior cast members but hopefully a chat with Alex tomorrow morning will put a stop to it or sort it out one way or the other.”
Derek then asked Roland how he got into acting and he told us all about drama school and how difficult he found it.
Peter, ever the outspoken one spoke up,
“Are you homosexual like the rest of us Roland?”
“Peter that’s far too a personal question to ask someone especially when you’ve only just met.”
Roland was blushing deep red but spoke up anyway,
“No honestly it’s better to come out to people like you than keep it bottled up. Yes I am one of you and I am also very much in love with Cliff even though I know I have no chance at all against Derek.”
There was silence for quite a while as everyone digested this statement. Roland went to get up and leave saying.
“Sorry I overstepped the mark I’d better leave; I’ll call Alex in the morning telling him that I can’t do the part.”
Derek got up moved quickly to Roland’s chair pushing him back down in it.
“You’ll do no such thing; you have a lot to learn not only about business but about life. OK you love my partner I reckon you’re not the only one with a crush on my hunky man and won’t be the last but that is no reason to throw away an opportunity that this play is giving you so sit down and enjoy your meal.”
Derek started to move back to his chair giving me a kiss on the neck on the way.
“Roland, I accept and am flattered that you have some affection for me which sadly will not be reciprocated, you are a sweet very attractive young man and I’m sure before long you will find another young man who is attracted to you, when this happens it will be the happiest day of your life. In the meantime Derek the two boys and I would be honoured to have you as a friend and I will help you in your career as much as I can.”
Roland looked at me with the hint of a tear in his eyes before saying,
“Thank you so much, you are understanding and kind people.”
Just then the waiter arrived with our meal and we tucked in with gusto. I had forgotten that Derek didn’t have to work tonight, although he had a meeting tomorrow with Alex and the stage manager about the set for the play.
We had my favourite, sticky date pudding and custard for dessert. Derek payed the bill tonight not that it mattered because our money went into a central account with both of us having access to it.
We caught a cab offering to give Roland a lift home which he readily accepted and we discovered that he had a tiny one room flat not far from us. We pulled up outside the building and as we said goodnight I reached over to kiss him on the cheek and Derek did the same. He blushed a deep red especially when Peter and Steve followed suit.
Just before he closed the cab door I suggested that we pick him up tomorrow on the way to rehearsal. He stammered thanks before heading indoors. Nothing was said in the cab going home but I could see Peters mind working overtime.
Over a cup of hot chocolate Peter remarked,
“Roland is one hot hunk of a boy isn’t he dad?”
“Yes he is and I don’t want you two corrupting him, understand?”
“Dad, as if we would.”
He replied with a smirk on his face, plus I noticed Steve was smiling too.
“With Roland I think we all have to be very careful and not lead him on too much because he appears to be a sensitive young man who could quite easily get hurt.”
Derek backed up what I said, before suggesting that we all head for bed because it was getting late. In our own bedroom with the door locked we quickly undressed and I wrapped my arms around my lover kissing him fervently on the lips before he allowed my tongue to enter and fence with his. We both got very hard almost straight away and began humping our rampant cocks against each other. I moved my arms around him to grasp his butt cheeks pulling them apart and at the same time pulling him even closer to me. I could feel his hot cock rubbing against mine and thought that I had better progress further otherwise our seed would be wasted.
Pushing him back onto the bed I moved on top of him with my hands trapped under him. He wriggled his body around so I could have access to his hole. I moved my fingers around until they could enter him and he squirmed with delight trying to get more and more of my digits deeper inside. He was already breathing heavy and I guessed it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting a load of love juice.
“Take me please honey, let me feel your cock right inside me, give me a baby.”
He hadn’t used that phrase for a long time and I briefly wondered what brought it on. I leant back on my haunches, lifting his legs high in the air and slowly entered him pushing gently and smoothly hoping that I wouldn’t cause him any pain. The smile of ecstasy and love on his face said it all as I slowly pushed deep inside him. He began gently moaning with joy as I slowly began to move in and out of him he used his muscles to make everything tighter and I knew if he kept that up I would cum far too soon. To take my mind off the job in hand I began silently reciting the words of the play a trick I used to do when we first met and I thought to myself our love making tonight is so hot and intense it’s almost like our first time. Slowly I increased the pace and Derek began muttering,
“Fuck me, fuck me harder, give me that baby, I want your baby.”
These remarks may sound strange to someone else but to me they were words of love and affection. By now I was pounding in and out of his hole and knew that my climax was very close. He too was close to blowing even though no one had touched his hard cock. Just as I announced I was cumming he also blew a massive load all over his stomach, chest and face, while my juice went deep into his guts. Wad after wad flew out of my cock, one of the biggest loads I have shot for a long time. The smile of satisfaction on my lovers face said it all as I slowly pulled out moving down his body to lick up all his juice. I worked up his stomach and chest until I reached his face removing all his sperm before kissing him and sharing what was in my mouth with him.
Our mouths remained locked together for some time until our sweaty bodies became too much to bear and we headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Mind you with two people like us in the shower there is no such thing as a quick one.
Back in the bedroom after drying each other off I looked at the clock and realized we had been making love for almost two hours.
“That was the hottest and best love making session we have had for a long time, I wonder what brought that on?”
I asked my darling.
“Maybe I wanted to prove to you that you are still mine and always will be.”
My lover replied. “Don’t tell me you were feeling threatened by Roland?” I asked. “Well let’s face it he is a handsome hunk and very tempting with those deep blue come to bed eyes.”
I felt a little bit hurt that he should think I would go behind his back with someone else and I told him so.
“No baby, I know you wouldn’t do that, you might suggest that we have a session with him so that you could have your way with him but not without telling me first, and if you wanted I would give my permission, and if you did I would be upset and hurt but accept it.”
I leaned into him saying,
“Darling Derek I would never ever be unfaithful to you and I made that perfectly clear to Roland. I think we should look around for a boyfriend for a lonely young man.”
A sneaky grin appeared on Derek’s face and I knew his devious mind was working overtime.
I asked. He didn’t answer right away and I began to get impatient.
“What? You’re plotting something and I want to know what it is.”
“Well, if Ian and HRH look like finishing their relationship through no fault of their own what if …”
He broke off grinning like a Cheshire cat. I then caught on what he was thinking.
“Yes, maybe we should introduce him to Ian.”
I thought about this statement for a minute,
“What about HRH?”
“Let’s face it he’s going to do what ‘mummy’ says and get married and breed, while poor Ian is going to sit around waiting for the odd fuck when His Royal Arsehole can get away.”
I stared at Derek with a shocked look on my face because I had never heard him speak like that about anyone ever.
“I can’t believe you said that but your right of course and while Roland appears to be a very nice young man if we can get his mind off my body and onto Ian’s we would solve quite a few problems at one go.”
Derek leant over kissed me fully on the lips before whispering in my ear,
“I love you so much Cliff Steele, my greatest wish is for a miracle to happen so that I can have your baby.”
“My Darling Derek you say the strangest things sometimes but oh how I wish that could happen.”
Suddenly he burst out laughing quite loud and shushed him trying to quieten him down, but not having much success,
“What is it what’s so funny?”
He could hardly speak for laughing and giggling but finally he got it out,
“Just imagine me having an arse with a womb.”
He burst out laughing again and so did I. I threw a pillow at him and before we knew it we were having a pillow fight and making a hell of a racket. The next thing we heard was knocking on the door and Peter calling out,
“Would you two sex kittens please be quite some of us have to go to school tomorrow.”
That remark brought more laughter as we carried on like a couple of young school kids. Finally we calmed down clinging on to each other so deeply in love we felt we didn’t have a care in the world. When sleep finally overtook us, Derek had his back to me with me curled up against his back my slack ‘little soldier’ against his butt just waiting to be called up for duty in the morning.
That call to duty never came, because we slept in and it was the sound of Peter banging on the bedroom door which woke us and we had to rush to get the boys off to school on time. Over a quick breakfast Peter and Steve made it known that they became very jealous last night hearing us carrying on the way we did. We apologized, but Peter kept on that maybe I should meet a few more Roland’s to make Derek jealous because it certainly sounded like it spiced up our sex life.
“Peter, I wish you’d stop being so cheeky and outspoken and show some respect.”
“Sorry dad, it’s just that I’m so bored at school and your antics are so tempting.”
“Just keep on studying for that Oxford university exam and make us all very proud of you.”
“Don’t worry I will dad, but it’s hard to concentrate at school when you know more than the teacher.”
We left the conversation at that but I did worry that he might become too disruptive at school and cause problems. Being super intelligent was almost as bad as being super dumb.
It was good that Derek would be with me today. We miss each other so much when we are apart even for a few short hours. On the way we picked up Roland who was anxiously waiting for us. We both kissed him on the cheek as a way of greeting. Alex was waiting for me when we arrived and we walked into a small room nearby to be alone and out of sight and sound of the others.
“I know exactly what you’re going to talk about.”
Alex said he continued before I could get a word in,
“Some of the senior members of the cast aren’t too happy that you have the lead and think you are a gay upstart with no talent.”
I was amazed that he hadn’t missed anything that was going on yesterday.
“Your spot on, and don’t miss a trick do you?”
He smiled and nodded before continuing,
“I think the best way to handle these men and women is to ignore them. I’m sure in time they will realize that yes this play is tailor made for you and yes it would fail without you. Now I want you to really go in there and upset them big time because I want you to run the rehearsal while I discuss the sets with Derek and the design people. Also would you and Derek care to join me for lunch, we have a few things to talk over.”
I agreed to his request and we walked back into the rehearsal room where everyone was patiently waiting. I noticed Derek was in deep conversation with Roland and wondered what was being discussed, was I too a bit jealous of my boyfriend chatting to him?
I can’t possibly describe the looks on their faces when Alex announced that I was taking the rehearsal while he was meeting with Derek.
To rub salt into the wounds Derek with that sexy smirk on his face blew me a kiss that all could see as he went into the other room with Alex. I burst out laughing and even Roland couldn’t resist a smile.
I took control and worked every one very hard knocking the play into shape as I thought Alex would want it.
Just on lunch time they re-joined us, and as the three of us left for lunch I noticed Roland looking a bit lost and bewildered so I asked Alex if he could join us. He looked a bit surprised and hesitant at the request at first but agreed. Roland quietly thanked me as we made it down the street to a restaurant which appeared to be out of even our price range.
Now much was said during the meal just idle general chatter it wasn’t till the coffee and brandy arrived that Alex got down to business.
“I take it because you invited Roland along to lunch that he is gay like you?”
Roland blushed deeply.
“Yes and I believe he has a lot of potential as an actor as well.”
“I agree that is why we took him because both Bob and I initially thought he might be a bit too young and inexperienced, but I see Cliff as taken you under his wing so you will do well.”
“You never miss a trick do you?”
“I like to keep my finger on the pulse, especially when a large amount of my own money is invested in this play.”
I was surprised because I hadn’t realized that he was also an investor as well as director.
“One thing we have to decide Cliff is who is going to be your understudy. Your character is on stage for almost the whole of the duration and doing seven performances a week for up to two years will take its toll on you. “
I hadn’t thought of that but realized that he was right. Without giving it much thought I said,
“I think Roland here would make an ideal understudy, I’ve been watching him during rehearsal especially today and he has a raw talent which if nurtured right will make him ideal for the part. Plus everyone else in the cast is inclined to be too old to take it on.”
“You will do well also in this industry Cliff because that is who I was going to suggest as well. You have an eye for talent as well as for a sexy body.”
He remarked with a laugh. Meanwhile Roland was once again blushing madly not sure where to look or what to do.
Derek had an amused look on his fire and I couldn’t wait to get him alone and find out what was going through his mind.
“Would you be happy to take on the role?”
Alex asked Roland. Nodding he stammered his thanks,
“I hope I will be able to do the part justice sir.”
“I’m sure you will, just watch and learn from Cliff, and you’ll do well.”
It was time for us to go back and as we walked out Roland shook my hand saying,
“Thank you Cliff I won’t let you down.”
I kissed him on the cheek giving him a hug as we walked into the street. Back at the rooms the rest of the cast were waiting impatiently and the shocked, surprised looks on their faces when Alex announced that Roland would be my understudy said lots. Alex looked at me grinned and winked. He then announced that we had finished for the day. As everyone was leaving he said to me,
“I don’t think you need to come in tomorrow, perhaps you would like to start rehearsing Roland for your part?”
I agreed, arranging for him to come to our apartment tomorrow morning after we had taken the boys to school. We dropped Roland off on the way to pick up the boys arranging for him to be at our place by about ten tomorrow morning. I won’t go into great details about the remarks we received from the boys when we told them about Roland coming to our place tomorrow, except to say their dirty minds were working overtime.
After the boys had their showers I suggested to Derek that we take ours and get an early night. Of course Peter latched onto that right away.
“Make sure ‘it’s’ nice and clean for Roland, won’t you.”
“I get the distinct feeling that you two are jealous and want Roland for yourselves.”
I remarked with a laugh. Peter candidly replied,
“Actually dad, we are, last night we talked about what we would like to do with darling Roland, after all he’s certainly a hunk.”
Derek decided to join in the conversation telling the boys about his scheme to match up Ian and Roland.
“Is that before or after you and dad have sampled him?”
Peter asked with him and Steve roaring with laughter. Smiling Derek replied,
“I’m not sure yet if your father and I want to do that Peter, he certainly is tempting but we haven’t strayed for a while, in fact not since school.”
Peter got thoughtful but didn’t say anything I think Derek’s statement shut him up, for a while anyway. Before we took our shower we decided to have a bedtime drink because the boys were getting tired. We kissed them both goodnight, with Peter putting his arms round me, saying quietly,
“I love you dearly dad sorry if I upset you sometimes with the things I say but you know it’s all in fun.”
“Yes son I do and I know your overactive brain can’t help it. I love you and Derek loves very much.”
He kissed both of us again saying,
“Goodnight dads, I love you both.”
“And we love you too son, more than you can ever imagine.”
As soon as the boys entered their bedroom hand in hand we walked into the bathroom, closing and locking the door. Kissing each other gently and tenderly, nothing like the rough and tumble of the night before we slowly undressed each other, until all we had on were our briefs. It was obvious that we were both aroused by the bulge in our underwear with our cocks straining against the cotton to be set free. I knelt in front of my lover and slowly pulled his briefs down with my teeth. As soon as his seven inch piece of gristle sprang free I began kissing up and down the shaft, fondling his ball sac at the same time.
He began running his hands through my hair gently pushing my face more and more into his cock. I raised my head away from him looking up and smiling before slowly going down on his cock all the way till his pubes were tickling my lips. Slowly I began sucking up and down the shaft not rushing just taking it easy slowly bringing my darling towards a climax. All the time he continued rubbing his hands through my hair and caressing my neck. We made sure not to make any noise tonight to upset the boys in the next room. Finally Derek reached a point when his hand movements became more jerky and demanding pushing me forcible onto his cock and I knew he wasn’t too far off blowing. I tried to ease off and make the point of noreturn go away but I left it too late as he tensed up and blew his hot sweet sperm down my willing throat. I made sure not a drop was wasted continuing to suck until he was completely slack. We kissed passionately for several minutes then my darling man moved down to remove my underwear and it wasn’t until then I realized that I too had blown my load soaking my briefs well and truly the thing being that I didn’t even realize that I had done cum.
“What a waste.”
I heard Derek mutter as he came back up to kiss and cuddle me some more.
“Never mind lover there’s a lot more where that came from believe me.”
He smiled kissed me again before turning on and adjusting the water temperature of the shower. We stepped in washing each other in turn with a lot of making out in between before getting out drying each other and making the way to our bedroom.
As we lay in bed telling each other how much we loved them and so on, in fact getting really soppy and lovey dovey with each, which can get a bit sickening sometimes but we love it. Lying next to each other I asked Derek something which I know we had both been thinking about since lunch time.
“Shall we both seduce Roland or leave him to Ian?”
“I’ve been thinking about that as well.” Derek said with a laugh.
“Let’s just play it cool and not upset him because I think he’s shy and nervous especially in your presence and we don’t want to scare the living daylights out of him do we?”
I agreed with him but then added,
“But, he is a cute hunk at the same time isn’t he? I know my’ little soldier’ gets a bit twitchy every time I see him.”
“Me too, so maybe we should invite Ian over for lunch.”
“Good idea and I bet that’ll turn into a full scale orgy and we have to pick the boys up from school so it can’t go on too long.”
I kissed him goodnight telling him how much I loved him adding that we should play it by ear tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter which for some reason had more sex in it than usual. As always I would appreciate and love to hear your thoughts and comments and will of course answer all your e mails.
Hugs Trevor

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Cliff Steele at the age of about 15 met and became the Partner of Derek Driscoll. The first part of the story deals with their school life and adventures of discovering each other and coming out to the world. This is followed by their life and adventures after school and is filled with lots of happenings and events. Based on my life these stories are part fact and part fiction. Which is which is for me to know and you to think about. Enjoy